God is not just the god of beginnings. He’s also the God of endings. He lets us go through things, and sometimes, He never explains why. Lead pastor of Change Church Dr. Dharius Daniels brought us a powerful message on how we can exit situations the Godly way. Even when we don’t know why God is taking us through something, we can rest in knowing that it was for our good and His glory. If you’re wondering what to do in a season of transition, this message is for you!

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word for you so let’s jump into this

amazing message


we’re in a season of overflow


79 of y’all received that I said we’re

in a season of overflow


to talk to you about something that

really gripped my heart and I have

literally reframed and redefined success

for my life and it is faithfulness

success is for me faithfulness

and um I want to be more than I am

convinced of God’s love for me and

hopefully you are too but now I’m trying

to move from the place where I know I’m

a man that’s loved I want to be a man

that’s trusted

I want him to trust me

his love for me says something about him

his trust for me says some about me

I want him to be able to look at me and

say that guy is going to do what I tell

him to do regardless


so I I want to Steward the trust of God

and the trust of your pastor well by

just Faithfully unloading what’s on my


and so I believe what I what God wants

to talk to us about

is something we can’t step over if we’re

trying to step into overflow

we got to get this and so I want to read

just a few verses I’ll just read the

first three for the sake of time uh The

Book of Job chapter number 42 beginning

at verse number one The Book of Job

chapter number 42 beginning at verse one

I’m going to read just a few verses

from The New International Version of

the scriptures

it says this then job replied to the


I know that you can do all things

no purpose of yours can be thwarted

you ask who is this that obscures my

plans without knowledge


I spoke of things I did not understand

things too wonderful

for me to know

I want to stop right there I want to tag

a title to this text and hopefully this

will be if it is not hopefully it will

be your confession when we’re done with

our time together here it is family I

don’t need closure


I don’t need closure

I want to begin our time together by

informing some and reminding others of a

truth that I think is foundational and

important and Salient to this sermon and

this truth can really be captured in

this phrase here it is for my

note-takers God is not just the god

who arranges entrances

he is also the god that orchestrates


God is not just the god

that arranges


God is also the god

that orchestrates endings

entrances into New Seasons

must be preceded by exits from Owens

if I want to step into something new

I need to be willing to step out of

something old

if I want to say hello hello to my


I must be willing to say goodbye to my


and the imagery that the scriptures use

to describe God’s influence on our life

is Shepherd like imagery he’s a Shepherd

that David said will lead you to Green

Pastures well if he’s going to lead you

to Green Pastures it means you’ve got to

let him lead you out of pastures that he

used to be green but are turning brown

you see and a message like this is not

for people who love mediocrity

a message like this is for people who

are allergic to average a message like

this is for people who if you are hot

you have to admit you dealing with

conflicting emotions you grateful for

what you have but something on the

inside of you is telling you there’s

more who am I talking to today I said

you’re not unappreciative of what God

has done but there’s something on the

inside of you that’s creating some

expectation that causes you to believe

The Best Is Yet To Come and I want to

pause because I’m trying to locate

people who are honest enough to say I’m

grateful but I’m still frustrated

I’m thankful but I believe God is

getting ready to do what my eyes haven’t

seen and my ears haven’t heard and there

are people around me who are

misunderstanding me and they’re telling

me that I should be satisfied that I

should be stagnant I’m not built for the

boat you stay in the boat I gotta walk

on water I got wavy faith

is not just the god that arranges

entrances he is the god that

orchestrates exits and I am telling you

that this is the reason that many

individuals do not reach their

Redemptive potential what do I mean by

that I mean when you everybody has

potential but when you get redeemed your

potential changes you can go further you

can go faster you can do more you can go

higher and the reason some people do not

reach their Redemptive potential is not

because they don’t have a desire for

something new

is because they do not have the ability

to let go of something old


and I believe

even some of God’s best

have struggled with this

we see it clearly in the book of the

Bible called First Samuel right when a

religious and civil leader that the

Bible calls a judge named Samuel hears a

word from God and God says to Samuel uh

Samuel how long are you going to mourn

over that which I rejected

there was a king that Samuel had

selected and Samuel wanted that King to

succeed he wanted that King to win that

king’s name was Saul

but Saul got infected with arrogance and

arrogance is insecurity playing dress-up


he gets infected with arrogance and God

says watch this okay I gotta pick

another king now this is what’s

interesting the pink the king that God

is getting ready to pick David will be a

king that most of us would say is

morally inferior to solve when you look

at what Saul issue was and what David

issue was we would say Saul is probably

the more moral man

but God picks David because he said this

a man after my own heart

he said I can use people that aren’t

perfect I just can’t use people I can’t



so he asked Samuel he say how long are

you going to mourn over that which I

rejected watch this how long are you

going to nurture an emotional attachment

to something I’m through it


I used it but I’m through with it I

blessed it but I’m through with it it

served its purpose but I’m through with

it and I know you love it but I’m

through with it and if you’re gonna

follow me you gotta learn how to perfect

the goodbye oh I heard that some of you

are in a season where God’s trying to

perfect your goodbye

God says to Samuel he says listen

he served his purpose

and if you don’t Master the art

Samuel of goodbye to that era you’re

gonna wake up and you’re going to be

where I was

not where I am

he says I want you to feel your horn

and go down to Jesse’s house

because that’s what I selected my king

he said you got oil but I no longer want

you to pour it in that place

I’m getting ready to show you what a

pour your oil I don’t even know why I’m

talking about this it’s not even in my

notes but I want to let somebody know

ain’t nothing wrong with your oil

nothing wrong with your anointing

nothing wrong with your ability just

because they don’t value it doesn’t mean

it’s not valuable but if you will let

God help you perfect the art of goodbye

he’s going to show you where to pour

your oil because for everybody that

don’t want to listen to you won’t take

your advice won’t appreciate you God’s

got somebody who is waiting on the oil

he’s put on your life

if we’re going to advance

we have to embrace the reality

that endings are not always evil

Henry Cloud calls them necessary

if adolescence doesn’t end I never get

to adulthood

if spring doesn’t end I never get to


am I making sense

and if we don’t understand that God is

the god that sometimes orchestrates

endings we will end up in seasons of

life where we are crediting the devil

with something that God did God’s like

all of that not the devil some of that

is me that wasn’t rejection that was

protection that wasn’t rejection that

was direction that wasn’t a breakup that

was a breakthrough that wasn’t the devil

that was me



and anyone that’s going to continue to


must master


of exits

and if you’re going to master the art of

exes are you all ready for this

if you’re ready say yes

come on if you’re ready say yes here it

is if you’re going to master the art of

exits listen TC Nation

you must learn

how to exit

without explanations

imma go sit down

did you hear what I just said yeah yeah

if you’re going to master the art of

exits you must learn how to master

making exits when you do not have

explanations people who plateau in their

progress are people who require an

explanation before they advance

but sword and Kierkegaard says life is

lived forward but it is only understood

backwards in other words you gotta get

to a certain season of your life in your

future so that you can make sense out of

some things in your past and when you

don’t get this you’ll be in the middle

of it calling it one thing and then two

years from now you’ll look back at it

and you’ll be calling it something else

right now you may be like this is the

greatest pain of my life and two years

from now you’ll be saying that was the

biggest breakthrough of my life

we’ve got to be able to advance

see I’m analytical

I’m inquisitive

I like reasons

I don’t even just want to know where we


I want to know why we’re going this way

some of y’all judging me and you just if

you just like me wave at me come on

let’s be hot you’re just yeah I just I I

I like I like reasons

sometimes even I would catch myself

asking my kids you know and you know and

it’s not always a reason I just they do

something I’m just like

can you just tell me


but if you’re gonna Master the art of



without explanations

and this is why I think ladies and

gentlemen it’s important for us to have

this conversation about this gentleman

named Job in the Bible because job I

believe his story is a teaching tool

that can equip all of us on advancing

without explanations as a matter of fact

I think it’s an amazing teaching tool

not just because of the content in job

but because of the context of job job is

in a part of the Bible called wisdom

literature see the Bible is not arranged

in chronological order it’s arranged

according to sections like a bookstore

got me and so there’s a section of the

Bible called wisdom literature and job

is in that section because God says I’m

gonna put all these books in the Bible

because I need you to be more than

righteous I need you to be wise

whoa is there anybody here that’s honest

enough to admit that there are some

problems that were in my life cause

wisdom was out my life is there anybody

honest enough to say that there’s some

relationship problems that weren’t

relationship problems they were wisdom

problems but I believe this is your

season and your time where God’s Not

Just Gonna Make You as righteous as

you’ve ever been he’s gonna make you

wiser than you’ve ever been is that come

on somebody’s believing for clothes cars

and Cribs somebody paused for the cause

and Shout that wisdom is coming your way

I need I need wisdom

I need wisdom I got too many decisions

to make to be rolling a dice on my

decisions I need wisdom I got too many

people in my life I don’t know who for

me who not for me I need wisdom there’s

so many things I want to say and I don’t

want to say the wrong thing at the wrong

time so Lord give me wisdom with my

tongue is there anybody in a season

where you need wisdom


I need I need wisdom

this is wisdom literature

that helps us

this is so interesting to me

it’s wisdom literature

that helps us to endure

job like seasons

what’s that Darius

unexpected seasons of adversity

that you have to endure without God

giving you an explanation

unexpected seasons of adversity that you

have to endure without explanation

seasons of pain where you do not

immediately see the purpose

and I know some of y’all in here y’all

got a different kind of relationship

with God where you know the reason that

you have gone through every single thing

you’ve gone through in your life but for

the 29 of us

that are in this room and that are in a

place where we say I trust God but the

reason trust is present is because

understanding is absent

that there are some things I’ve gone

through and I’m going through that I

believe he’s working together for my

good I just don’t see the good yet we’re

the real where’s the real

it’s it’s right here this is exactly

what happened in job story y’all all

right are y’all tired y’all ready

yeah you good okay okay here it is here

it is here it is this is this is

interesting this is interesting because

Joe’s story we’re introduced I want you

to see this I picked up I picked up in

verse chapter 42 but we’re introduced to

job in Joe chapter number one and this

is how we’re introduced to him it says

in the land of us that lived a man whose

name was job and he was blameless and

upright he feared God and shunned evil

okay I’m feeling this

he’s blameless he’s upright

he feared God he shunned evil make sense

to me

seemed like a pretty good resume to me

then all of a sudden though the story


it says that the angels are aligned and

having audiences with God


has to stand in line


did you hear what I just said I said it

says that the sons are the Angels of God

are having an audience with God and

Satan has to stand in line just to get

an audience you see you need to know

this because the Bible calls him the

Prince of Darkness and darkness is not

just a metaphor for evil it’s a metaphor

for ignorance the devil wants to keep

you in the dark he wants to keep you

ignorant because whatever area you

ignorant in you suffer in and he wants

to keep you ignorant about what he can

and can’t do he wants you to think he’s

stronger than he is he’s more powerful

than he is he’s bigger than he is but he

got to stand in line just to get an

audience with God I want to let you know

the devil is a liar he might be

whispering in your ear what he’s going

to do he can’t do nothing when God has

his hand on your life somebody say get

in line devil

I’m gonna kill you you can’t


imma destroy your family you can’t


I’m gonna tear your business down you


you don’t have the authority you gotta

get in line just to get permission to

consider doing what you want to do to me

he’s standing in line

and he

he gets the guy God said what up though

he say

man I’m chilling you say where you been

say you know I just been on the North

side I’ve been

I’ve been

I’ve been all throughout to and fro

I’ve been in Tulsa I’ve been in Dallas

I’ve been in Atlanta I’ve been

I’ve been I’ve been looking for somebody

life to you know

to mess with

and God says something that confused me

just confusing

this one point in the sermon I’m okay if

you’re confused

God says have you considered

my servant job wait a minute

you just said

he’s blameless he’s upright he fears God

and shuns evil


you are recommending him

to be the object of satanic adversity it

would seem like to me based on his

resume job would be the person you

didn’t pick

am I making sense this seems unfair to


until I connected this to Something in

scripture known as a representative


yeah we see this with David and Goliath

it is where opposing armies would choose

their best warriors and say you two

fight individually and you’re fighting

individually will be representative of

Victory collectively so David if you win

Israel in Goliath if you win the

Philistines wins so in my mind it’s like

man that’s foul that God picked job but

once I got a revelation of

Representative Warfare I saw that’s

amazing that God picked Joe’s because it

was God’s way of saying to Satan you

can’t break him


I got one for you that you can’t break I

got one for you that won’t leave me I

got one for you that will stay faithful

to me regardless of what happens he’s

gonna be my representative and when he

win my whole team win

this is crazy guys because

it reveals to me God’s highest level of


is when he trusts you with trouble

he said that man will lose it all and

not lose me

trust him like that

this this this this is crazy guys this

is crazy because God asked a question

but Satan give an answer he said have

you considered my servant job

Satan said watch this

he says

does Joel fear God for nothing

we’ll spend the block come back to that

because he’s saying of course he


look how blessed he is

watch what he says he says have you not

put a hedge around him

and his household and everything he has

wait a minute

have you not put a hedge around him his

household and everything he has God

didn’t say to Satan I put a hedge around

him his household and everything he has

Satan says to God have you not put a

hedge around him his household

everything he has so here my question

Satan if God didn’t tell you there was a

hedge around job and job didn’t tell you

there was a hedge around him how do you

know there was a hedge around him unless

you tried to get to him

and you couldn’t get through me because

the heads was protecting him and I know

there are times when we complain about

and we are upset about the adversity we

do experience I want you to know every

now and then you ought to praise God for

the adversity you didn’t experience that

you don’t even know about because

there’s been a hedge around you

somebody give him a hedge praise right

here this praise is for the Hedge this

praise is for the accident you prevented

I didn’t know about this praise is for

the sickness you bought I didn’t know

about this praise is for the door you

close I didn’t know about here’s a hedge

praise I’m sorry y’all

I live in Atlanta now but I grew up in

Mississippi so I still got a little old

school country in me so this is only for

my church mothers this only for people

55 and older that’s got a little church

church in you when I think of the

goodness of Jesus


and all he’s done for me my soul Cries

Out Hallelujah

thank God for saving me



text says there’s a hedge

around job

but that’s not it

his household

and everything he possessed

now we know his children weren’t aligned

in the faith

because Joe’s story tells us he offers a

sacrifice for them daily

so they don’t even know

they’re probably resenting their

father’s commitment to a faith that’s

actually got a hedge around them

see come on come on come on did you hear

what I just said they’re probably why he

always at that church and why he always

giving our money to that church and why

is he always doing this not realizing

the very thing they’re complaining about

is the thing that they’re benefiting

from and there are some people in your

life who criticize your commitment you

always running down at a transformation

why you always online there’s plenty

good churches in our city not realizing

that the only reason that you hadn’t

gone through some of the things that you

could go through is because the Hedge

that’s around you because of me

always running down yeah Church

good well for this church I couldn’t

wouldn’t be able to stand you

see that’s the real let me go to this

side because I feel I feel the real

Vibes right I said you always no no if

it wasn’t for that church I wouldn’t

have the strength to handle you I

wouldn’t be handling you with the grace

that I handle you I wouldn’t be handling

you with the wisdom with which I’m

handling you you always talking about

what Pastor Mike said if it went for

Pastor Mike saying what he said me and

you wouldn’t even be talking right now


y’all okay I’m about to sit down hear


it is here it is


so God says all right

it’s so powerful he even demonstrates

his sovereignty in job’s suffering he

says uh

touch everything but but him

you can’t touch him

he demonstrates his sovereignty even in

job’s suffering

so I’m gonna tell you what happens next

this is this this is really interesting

what happens next is this it says so job

has oxen and Donkey they get seized or

taken away by this rebellious this wild

Rebel group called sabians then another

message that comes to job and says not

only are the ox and donkeys gone but the

sheep and the servants got burned up in

a fire then another messenger comes and

says not only are your ox and Donkey

stolen not only your sheep and servants

burned in a fire but there was a

windstorm that took place and it took

all your children’s lives

do you see this I want you to see the

nature of the way this is happening it’s

happening back to back to back I want

you to see

Satan’s strategy

of trying to overwhelm us

with stuff that’s happening back

to back to back have you ever

felt like

stuff is happening

back to back to back have you ever been

at a place where you’re like God I know

it’s not perfect

and I don’t expect life to be perfect

but can we press pause for a little bit

maybe I’m the only one you you’ve never

been there you’re like God listen I

ain’t I’m not even asking for a perfect

life just can I have a season to breathe

can I have a season where I’m not trying

to fix something can I have a season

where I’m not worried about something

back to back to back

now Lord show me something

this is this is a satanic strategy

I don’t wanna get too weird here but

there’s this principle of biblical

interpretation called The Law of first

mentioned and what that basically says

is if you want to understand something

in the Bible

you want to begin with exploring the

first time it’s mentioned

because that’s going to give you a

clearer picture of the way that issue is

going to express itself all throughout

scripture and it caused me to see that a

lot of talk about spiritual warfare

is a lot of conjecture

that’s not really based on what we see

in Genesis

the First Act of spiritual warfare

is Satan in the garden in the form of a


with Eve

why is he in the garden in the form of a


because snakes aren’t out of place in a


if you have a garden you wouldn’t be

surprised to see a snake

because Satan shows up looking like he


this is the first first principle

spiritual warfare the devil don’t always

show up looking like the devil

and so here’s what happens what does he

do he engages in his conversation with

Eve and if Eve cuts the conversation off

and this quick then she never and she

never eats the fruit she never gives it

to Adam Adam doesn’t eat the fruit but

because he was because he was persistent

when he was persistent

he was successful because he realized

sometimes to take you out I got to wear

you down

who am I preaching to right now I said

who am I preaching to right now that’s

honest enough to say I’m in a season I

feel like the devil’s trying to wear me

down and I’m trying to do all I can to

have faith but I feel like my faith is

fragile in this season if I’m going to

be honest because I felt like I used my

big Faith to survive 2021 and I use my

other Faith to survive 2020 and I’m

trying to believe but I feel like it’s

happening back to back



the average man

it doesn’t mean

that they’re weak it just means that

they’re human

this is what the Bible says

job engaged in an act that expressed



shaves his head

but he falls on the floor

and the Bible says he worshiped

come on now I I grew up I grew up we

used to read the King James Bible in the

church I grew up in and this is the way

this is the way you should say it all

the time

job said the good lord giveth

y’all better come get me today I feel

the good lord giveth and the good lord

taketh away but blessed be the name of

the Lord in other words my praise is not

predicated on my predicament

I’m not praising my circumstances I’m

praising God so the question isn’t is it

good the question is is God good and as

long as God is good in the midst of my

loss I’m going to open my mouth and

bless the name of the Lord

I’m almost done so so this is what


Satan go back John Chapter 2 say Satan

come back to God

stand in line I’m back

you step up God say I can imagine God

just smirking

what’s the problem

and say he starts to have a conversation

so in my mind I’m like

saying you took all of that

why are you back

he’s back

because what he took wasn’t what he was


he wasn’t after the ox he wasn’t after

the donkey he wasn’t after the Sheep he

wasn’t after the service he went after

the kids he was after job’s commitment

and I’m telling you the thing he messing

with in your life ain’t the thing he


did you hear what I just said I said the

thing he is messing with is not the

thing he is after he is using the thing

he is messing with to get to the real

thing he’s after and the real thing he’s

after is your commitment to God and you

got him frustrated spinning the block

coming back to God cause he don’t know

what to do to you because he’s thrown

everything he can at you and you write

in TC this morning you logged on online

this morning some of you working and

logged on you cutting the grass and

logged on because you say devil you can

take this and you can take that but you

cannot take what you after


so now job

gets Afflicted in his health

and his precious wife

starts to suffer

from caregiver fatigue

don’t judge her

what she said was wrong

but pressure will make you say things

you know me


so she’s looking at her husband

who suffer now for you justice woman

remember now

Ox donkey dong

sheep servants gone

and all her children gone

now she’s watching her husband suffer

she’s got to be confused

so she said won’t you just Curse God and


here’s why that’s significant

because when Satan engages with God in

chapter one

you know what Satan says to God

if you let me mess with his stuff he’s

going to curse you to your face and die

so the words that his wife said to him

were the words that Satan said to God


because Satan used the pressure she was


to implant a thought into her head

because he wanted to use her to

influence him

to align his behavior in a way that was

consistent with what Satan said I’m not

going to bother this

uh just a little bit because this ain’t

my but he uh

the uh


you gotta okay now uh

trying to figure out the right way to

say this uh


some of us think the only person Satan

use is people that hate you

that’s the best way I can say a doctor

but sometimes

some of the worst trauma you go through

let me go back to my side here I said

Sometimes some of the worst trauma you

go through some of the greatest

heartbreak you experience some of the

most emotional damage that is Afflicted

upon you comes from people where you

never expected it to come from


his wife says this he corrects his wife

then his friends come

I need a whole nother sermon to talk

about them

because they come they come deep

they come deep you know I was in prayer

and the lord gave me a word for you and


all three of them

right so they in agreement they all in

agreement but they wrong

because I know in the church we talk a

lot about confirmation we need to talk

more about confirmation bias

I got confirmation but I’m biased

people who get something out of you

making this decision you got it from

people that’s just trying to please you



here it is

say we just heard you know you just need

to you need to repent

it’s some sin in your life and you need

to get rid of it

and I know this was tough for Joe

and it was tough for him

watch this it had to be tough for him

because their activity was a revelation

that their relationship has served their



sometimes it takes pain to find out

this relationship has served this season


say they’re in a bit like

their inability to speak into his

president to his future was was a

revelation that was a painful one

watch this I’m wrapping up now here it


here it is

so this is what happens

his friend leaves and finally Joe breaks


says nothing to job until chapter 38.

and the Bible says he speaks out of the

World when they say Joe I just want to

ask you something since you’re telling

me what should be going on with your

life I need to ask you something

where were you

like you know Stars that’s that’s

hanging in the sky on nothing where were

you when I did that

since you know what I should be doing

with your life

tell me where were you

and job gets a revelation and he says

man surely I spoke of things that I did

not understand things too wonderful for

me to know and the Bible says job did

this he forgave his friends

and it says when he forgave his friends

God restored unto him double gosh I want

you to catch this he forgave his friends

and God restored unto him double I want

you to catch this it reveals to us a

Biblical explanation of restoration

restoration is not God giving you back

what you lost TC I want you to hear this

in the spirit imma say it one more time

restoration biblically is not God giving

you back what you lost you will never

see an instance of restoration in the

Bible where people got back what they

lost TC Nation listen to me restoration

biblically is not God giving you back

what you lost you don’t see that in

scripture every time God restores in

scripture he doesn’t give you back what

you lost he give you back

somebody say overflow I feel something

getting ready to break in here I said

somebody say overflow he said I’m not

gonna give you back what you lost I’m

getting ready to give you back double

I’m getting ready to give you back

triple I’m getting ready to feel you

until your cup runs over now everybody

that’s never lost anything be quiet but

for those of us that are believing for

God to restore some things in your life

Make some noise

doesn’t give you back I’m done what’s

your loss

he gives you back more

but it is predicated

on you enduring

Seasons where you don’t have an

explanation listen to this I’m done

I’m done

this is my assignment

I’m getting ready to go eat

here it is listen to me

this is something we don’t talk about

enough with job’s story

he went through all of that got double

for his trouble and God still never told

him why


we know what happened because the

writers give us the back story but there

is nothing in scripture that says to us

that God ever tells job why

and I’m done

and I want to tell you

that was a season in my life where

I’m talking 2015 specifically I know

what season I’m talking about I went

through the worst

pain in my life

and it was so painful because I had to

deal with it in private

and then some sometimes you got to

suffer in silence to protect the person

that hurt you

and I’m like okay I know I got to move

on I know I can’t

keep this with me I know God’s got

something else for me I know I can’t

keep harboring on this I know I can’t I

can’t keep talking about Shoulda Coulda

Woulda I I can’t where will my life be

if this wouldn’t happen I know I can’t

do that but it’s just like but in my

mind because I’m so inquisitive I’m like

God I need closure I need something I

need I need a reason I need this person

to apologize I need like I need


Holy Spirit spoke to me and said Darius

do you believe I supply all your need

say yes

he say so if you needed an explanation I

would have gave you one

you prefer one

but you don’t need one


he’s saying Darris the reason I’m not

going to give you one

is because there’s no one I could give

you that will satisfy you


whatever explanation I gave you Darius

you will still come back to me and say

but couldn’t you have done it another


so I had to make a shift in my life that

some of you have to make right now

and this is why I’m here and that is I

had to make a decision

am I going to be controlled

the rest of my life by what I don’t know

or am I going to make a decision

to lean into what I do know

I don’t know why he let me cry

but I do know he’ll wipe away every tear

from us

I don’t know why that happened but I do

know he takes what the enemy meant for

evil and he turns it around for good I

don’t know why he allowed my heart to be

broken but I do know he heals the

Brokenhearted and he binds up their

wounds and I’m telling you today I don’t

know I wish I know I wish I knew why you

got that diagnosis I wish I knew why you

had to raise yourself I wish I knew why

you had to drop out of school I wish I

knew why you didn’t get a responsible

set of parents I wish I knew why you

were the one who gave what you feel like

are the best years of your life to that


to someone who was not equally committed

don’t know

but instead of obsessing about

what I don’t know

you got to lean into

what you do

that is

let me go back to Mississippi

I don’t feel no Ways Tired

I’ve come too far from where I started


nobody told me

the road would be easy

but I don’t believe he brought me this


to leave me


and so I’m done but I’m praying right

now for

at least at this point in my life is the

biggest Miracle I’ve gotten which are

emotional miracles

is when God does something in my heart

instantaneously that I’ve been trying to

get over for years

I’ve walked through that and I know

there’s an anointing on my life for that

so I’m done but I’m praying right now in

this room online all over the world

for emotional miracles

that God will give you the grace

to move on

without an explanation

some of you are waiting to hear

apologies from people

who are not self-aware enough to even

realize they wrong

God’s gonna give you the grace

to move on that heart us

stone is about to become a heart of


father I pray right now for every person

watching this whenever they watch this I

Pray for the great physician to perform

spiritual surgery and work in emotional

miracle I pray that you go right to the

heart in Jesus name and that you bind up

their wounds father I pray that you

would uproot bitterness and cynicism and

anger and Malice and wrath and I pray

for an overflow of joy and peace and

contentment I thank you Father that as

things are changing on the inside

they’re getting ready to change on the

outside I thank you that overflow is

going to overwhelm every area of their

life and as we walk in this healing and

wholeness as we Master exits it will be

said of us as it was said of the early


these are they

that have turned the world

upside down

in Jesus name


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