Are you feeling spiritually dull, lacking sharpness in your life? Pastor Mike draws from the tale of the young versus the older lumberjack to illustrate the significance of a sharpened ax. This message serves as a reminder: it’s time to get your edge back! The pathway to staying sharp this year lies in the practice of prayer and fasting. This sermon delves into techniques for regaining your edge: embracing food exit, engaging with the Father, forfeiting entertainment, and directing our focus toward the eternal. Welcome to your best year yet! Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 10:10 NLT 2 Kings 6:1-7 NLT #StartSharp Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege as

serving as one of the leaders here at

Transformation Church I just want to say

thank you so much for tuning in from

wherever you are watching from and if

you haven’t already be sure to like And

subscribe we believe that God has such

an incredible word for you today so

let’s jump into this amazing

message this is week

one somebody say week one one of a

series that I’m about to do called very

simply start

sharp everybody say start sharp start

sharp say it fast start

sharp everybody say it

loud we are about to start 2024 sharper

than any year as a church that I believe

I’ve been in leadership of um in this

this capacity this going to be our


Year God gave me this vision and and and

the plan is a little different usually

on the first Sunday of the year somebody

else preaches usually I’m away right now

just trying to make sure the word of the

year is right just trying all right Lord

one more time confirm it to me tell me

this is it he confirmed what he was

going to do three days into my sabatical


July the word of the Year this year

going to change everybody’s life but

then he gave me new instruction he said

you cannot share the word of the year

until you build value into what I’m

going to

say cuz many of us fumble what God gives

us because we didn’t think it was

valuable it came in a regular package so

I guess the seat some of the greatest

advice that I’ve ever gotten is from the

woman I sleep next to every

night and because her voice is familiar

if somebody else that was on a big

platform said it I’m telling on myself

right now i’ be like oh that’s such

Revelation but she said it last night

while I was on my way to sleep she said

stop fooling with them people and I was

like but they and then somebody else say

it and it’s like oh he gave me a

revelation no no no no you devalued the

package you you became too familiar with

the way that it

came and God said the word of the year

is simple this year but if you don’t

find it valuable you’ll fumble it

again so I’m about to spend four weeks

building value of how we start sharp and

then I’m going to release the word that

God gave me and then I literally y’all

ever seen like um um Star Trek where

they go in the warp speed some of like

Star Trek Star Wars star

okay but there there’s there’s a mode

that happens when you when it acceler


everything and I believe that’s what God

is about to do in this year but I got to

do it how God told me to do it so

everybody say start sharp start sharp um

I’m going to go ahead and start with an

analogy that really really really really

changed my life I was reading a book

called The fasting Edge by Jensen

Franklin and there was this story in it

um that really captured my attention and

um I’m going to set this story just for

everybody the mind of everybody’s

imagination I want to set it in like a

forest back in the day no

chainsaws no uh um no modern technology

there were two

Lumberjacks and um there was a young

Lumberjack that was

jacked strong buff and there was a OG

Lumberjack older hands big and

callous and the young man wanted to make

a name for himself so he came to the

older man and he said hey OG I want to

challenge you to a tree chopping contest

and the OG said Young

Buck I don’t even got energy for all of

that and the young man said come on what

you scared you think you you still got

it and the old man said pick up your

ax and they went and the goal was to

spend all day chopping down as many

trees as

possible so the young man said I’m about

to kill this OG I’m young I am fit and I

got way more energy than him it comes to

the point where it’s time to start all

the other Lumberjacks are around putting

their bets in on who’s going to win and

this young Lumberjack goes

to trees falling everywhere

and the older

gentleman is sitting

down and watching the younger

gentleman the Young Guy’s like oh my

gosh I’m about to kill him tree after

tree they Fallen he looks back again and

the Old

Gentleman sitting on the

stump they’re waiting at the end of the

day for the official count of the trees

and the young man’s chest is pumped up

sweat dropping saying hi to the

ladies cuz he knows he has this in the

bag the official count comes

back and the young man chopped about 20

trees and the older man chopped about 40

trees and the young man said what in the

world is going on there’s no way this

old man beat me cuz because every time I

looked at him he was taking a

break and the young the young man

Furious went up to the older man and

said I guess you

won and the older man looked at his a

and he said Son every time you thought I

was taking a break I was sharpening my

axe the young man used all his effort


energy because his axe was

dull and every time that that old man

sat down to everybody else it looked

like nothing to everybody else it looked

like fanatical Christians doing

Christian things to everybody else it

looked like y’all y’all y’all going oh

that’s what religious people do no no no

we’re taking the first 21 days of this

year and we’re putting friction on our


and we’re

sharpening our

act what would happen if this year it

was the less you had to swing in the


natural what if this year your finances

went up because of the direction God

gave you as you were not three

jobs three instructions oh what if this

year you didn’t go through relationships

to find the right one but what if this

year in sharpening God says it it’ll be


May don’t accept any

counterfeits until I confirm it and

everybody find coming after you starting


14th but God gave you a word while you

were sharpening your

act most people are starting this year

dull and they’re going to get tired and

worn out

relationally spiritually mentally

because they will not set aside time to

just what are you saying

father God I know that was a plan for

last year but what are you saying this

year God I was successful at

that but what are you saying


see the hardest thing for many of you is

to stop doing what worked in another

season you think success is that it

worked success is

obedience so if God told you to do it in

one season and it worked and now he’s

telling you to

stop but many of us won’t stop long

enough to even

see and I have one question for

everybody that came to church today and

this is is very

simple it’s very and I need this is not

for your neighbor this is just for you

everybody say just for me not the hair

product but this is a word from

God and I need you to really answer this

internally on the first Sunday of this

year have you lost your

Edge I can’t answer it for

you but is there an area of your life

that you’ve lost your Edge

have you lost your age in your

speech so loose with words now

everything that comes out is

negative no faith anymore no

expectation have you have have you lost

your Edge in your

thinking every morning you wake up

you’re thinking about what could go

wrong and why why why should I even try

have you lost your age I believe believe

that God is coming to ask his

people do you want your Edge

back do you want to walk into situations

and barely have to use any of your

effort and energy but because you came

into that thing

short do you want to be the solution to

the problem or do you want to just keep

complaining about the problem and hope

somebody else becomes the

solution God is saying to every person

in this room when I thought about that

analogy I wrote this down the Trees of

trouble in your life fall faster when

you’re spiritually

sharp most of our life looks like this

let’s be

honest there’s stuff this could be a

house this could be a a boat this could

be but it’s all in a form that has to be

removed to find out its

potential God doesn’t give us house he

gives us

trees God doesn’t give us boats he gives


trees and God’s saying there’s some

things in your life I need you to chop

down but you are going to be too tired

to even do the work after you chop the


down cuz you did not sharpen your

Edge now the only thing that I want to

say about sharpening an axe cuz most of

us don’t mess with axes unless you’re a

fire person in of in this place the only

way you sharpen an axe is through


friction so this year I just want to let

you know that the friction is not always

bad okay I I know I know you want to be

comfortable but before you get

sharp something has to rub

off the parts of

you that cannot no longer go into this


season so hello everybody I’m your

pastor and I’m about to be friction to

your faith this

year oh no no no no no no no no no no no

we going to laugh we going to cry we’re

going to shout and I’m going challenge

you cuz some of us have not taken a step

forward in our faith in a

decade and you think God is proud cuz



here you think that he’s jumping up and

down he said I would rather them

actually obey what I say to

do then to get brownie points for

sitting in a chair and not


okay hello I’m

friction and the reason I have to be

this is because I spiritually did not

develop until somebody challenged

me and if you want a church where you

can get three points in a poem and

nobody body’s ever going to challenge

you and ask you to do anything go up the

street but the sign of spiritual growth

is spiritual maturity and what we have

to do is grow up I have a prophetic word

for you it’s not the word of the year

but it’s the word for every year of your

life grow

up some of y’all complaining about stuff

God asked you to do every single day and

it’s been 13 years and you’re mad at the

outcome but but you are not mad when he

ask you to do the step it’s time to be

obedient I’m on another level today

church because I don’t want you to be at

this altar at the end of the year

praying for things that you can make a

decision to change

today oh God y’all see them clap I’m

going to need help from the sanctuary

because the western church has gotten so

comfortable with frictionless


I want it to change but please don’t


me I want it to grow but I’m not really

good with my hands in the dirt is there

a way we can artificially inseminate

this growth can we get a hydroponic

growth um chamber where everything is


free how we going to get fruit and we do

not have any dirt on our

hands how are you okay ah and I think

the church today is playing themselves

because we want to be effective and we

have no proof of wanting to rub up


anybody some of us haven’t come we come

late on purpose so we don’t have to talk

to nobody

Okay the reason you got to talk to

somebody is because you’ve been hiding

all those things that God wants to

expose but you cannot get exposed by

yourself and God’s bringing people in

your life to be what

frictional the reason we read the word

of God every day is cuz it rubs up

against my flesh every day forgive them

I want to slap

them but when I read that scripture it’s

friction to my

faith pray for my enemies I’ll pray they

die come on y y’all come

on but when I do that if you are not

having your flesh against some friction

you will never become

sharp Ecclesiastes

10:10 using a dull axe requires great

strength so sharpen your

blade like the Bible is telling you at

the beginning of this year for what I

have for you to do you’re too

dull you’re too

apathetic you’re too

like you want the purpose of God in your

life you want to be in a healthy

thriving relationship I mean I guess

like you’re going to use your finances

to further the kingdom of God if I have

enough everything is he says sharpen

your blade that’s the value of wisdom it

helps you succeed have you lost your

Edge the title of my sermon today is is

really to talk to every person that has

become dull and and I want you to

understand this all of us at some point

in our life no matter how close we think

we are with God have become

dull your pastor has areas in his life

that I used to be very sharp in that the

holy spirit said

ooh that don’t even that doesn’t even

excite you me or anybody you’re you’re

so dull in that area that now I’m going

to have to reframe reshape remake you in


area and and I just want to encourage

everybody cuz somebody like 2024 he just

telling me I’m dull no no no no no no

dullness comes from

discouragement many people are dull

because you actually been

fighting and I’ve been chopping at

something that I haven’t seen no

breakthrough in and I’ve really been

trying to fight for my marriage and I

really been trying to fight for my

children and I really been trying to

fight for my mind and I really been

trying to fight for my Purity but

nothing has changed and so something

that once was very

sharp if this was real

sharp there’s no way I should be able to

put this axe up to my

neck there’s no way I should be a

there’s no way

if it was actually sharp it could this

be what happens when your co-workers run


you could this be why the church is

ineffective in

culture because at the moment we rub up

against somebody they said that

tickled I thought you were a Christian I

thought you had the word of God on the

inside of you I thought the word was

sharper than any two-edged

but the the word of God in your mouth is


when stuff comes up in your life you

reach for the meds before you

pray I’m not saying nothing wrong with

the medicine or the aspirin but you

didn’t go to the father that created the

body to say father in the name of Jesus

I’m experiencing a headache father you

know this body and I thank you that by

your stripes I am

healed you used to say it but you don’t

say it no more because that scripture in

your heart got

though but I Believe by the presence of

God at the end of this series somebody

say I’m getting my Edge

back I’m getting my Edge back somebody

say by faith I’m getting my Edge back in

my finances I’m getting my Edge back in

my mind I’m


getting somebody say I’m getting my Edge

back there’s nothing where than being D

has anybody opened up a fresh bag of

chips and then they was all stale and

D I mean that is one of the things that

takes me out that’s one of the things

that frustrates me who put this crusty

bag of

Doritos and then you bite into them no

crunch nobody wants to be dull but many

of many of us live in that tension every

day I’m going to tell you a secret that

will help change you and get your Edge

back what’s going to help everybody get

your Edge back what’s helped me every

time I’ve gone through something get my

Edge back is prayer and

fasting now I I know cuz some of y’all

anytime prayer and fasting comes in your

mind that something in you shuts

off cuz the one thing you love is

food you somebody said preach I am you

you love your food actually it’s has

become a stronghold in your

life and I’m not talking about weight

class or big bone I’m not talking about

anything I’m talking about

self-control I’m talking about some of

y’all God can say it but if Wendy says

it come on and now they got GrubHub and

uh what’s the other one Uber Eats and

what door look at y’all door



D you have more faith than door Dash

than you do in the god of the

universe don’t even care if these people

put their hands on your food dirty cars

all kind of stuff as long as your

McDouble get

there she said

McDouble all I’m saying is this is an

ancient spiritual

principle that has gotten people back on

the right spiritual path

path for years before any of us were

here even our savior Jesus if anybody

could have not

fasted it could have been Jesus yet

several times right after he got

baptized the Bible says and the Holy

Spirit led him into the Wilderness for a

40-day everybody shout at me this

four-letter word fast

f as a church we’re going into 21 days

of prayer and fasting tomorrow

and and and and the reason why some

people are getting excited about it is

because these are the moments that have

changed our life These are the moments

where we were going One Direction and

God said you turn these are the moments

where God gave answers and there was a

somebody shot at me breakthrough some of

y’all need a breakthrough you don’t need

a couple of things to happen you don’t

need just a little bit more money you

need a

breakthrough and I’m telling you there

is nothing that starts to move things

like when you deny your flesh and you

get hungry after the things of God okay

what is fasting Pastor Mike fasting is

abstaining from food for Spiritual

purposes and I’m going to keep saying

this because I see the eyebrows going up

people right now getting uncomfortable

in they seat they’re like not Me Maybe

not but maybe it’s the very thing that

would change the rest of 2024 for

you the fasting Edge comes back I’m

going to give you points right now get

ready to write them

down fasting Edge this is how we get it

back it comes when food exits and God

deals with your

desire you want your fasting Edge back

let food exit for 21 days some of y’all

going to do a Daniels fast no Meats no

sweets some of y’all going to do nothing

some of y’all GNA fast till a certain

time some of y’all are going to fast the

thing that you love the most some of

y’all all the greatest fast you could do

is no ice cream

that was convicting to somebody see it

took her

out no no no I I’m just saying there’s

something that needs to be denied watch

this that you

won’t fasting celery is not an issue for

me never will

be but there are some some of us need to

fast social

media cuz the thing that you are well

I’ll talk about it in a second okay food

exit so God can deal with your desires

you want your fasting Edge back watch

this you have to have father

engagement so he can deal with your

discernment we’re not just we’re just

not not eating yeah that’s a diet and

those haven’t work for you either so

what I’m telling

you let’s be

honest they got your

money okay let’s be

honest we’re not giving up food just so

we can lose 10 pounds that we could do

that a different way you just start

walking and drinking water you’re

goingon to be fine what I’m saying is I

need to be connected to the father so

every time I would sit down with a big

spread I’m going to sit down with the

bread of

life I’m going sit down with the word of

God I’m G I’m going to devour that I’m

going to pray I’m going to have father

engagement so that he can deal with my

discernment the truth of the matter is

some of y’all pick her is off

you get options and you just pick

wrong cuz you’re picking from your

trauma you’re picking from somebody

else’s comparison measure in your

mind you’re picking not even for what

you want you picking based on what the

people around you will think is

good okay and God says can I fine-tune

your discernment this year can you just

not make plans proverb says acknowledge

God in all your ways and he will Direct

he’ll give you discernment on which path

to take you want to get the fasting Edge

back third thing you need to Forfeit

entertainment we are so entertained that

we don’t think about things that are

Eternal y’all see how quiet it is in

here this is a sign that maybe some of

the things you’ve been focusing on God’s

saying that’s why you lost your a every

Tik Tock is not going to teach you where

your purpose lies you over here about to

start a business that don’t even make no

sense cuz of a Tik Tok you saw and a

woman doing something with cookies and

now you want to open a bakery and God’s

like oh my

goodness no I’m I’m I’m telling you

what’s happen cuz everybody wants

something to work so

bad that they’ll be willing to go to

sources and just put Place do copy and

paste on the things that never have

anything to do with your

purpose and God’s saying I need you to

start forfeiting some entertainment why

cuz I need to deal with your

distractions if you don’t allow God to

sit with you and you to sit with him

long enough to sharpen you you’ll never

ever be able to see what God can do not

because he didn’t plan it it’s because

you were distracted fourth thing if you

want to get your fast and Edge back you

have to focus ET eternally cuz God wants

to deal with your

direction if you do not think fasting or

eating is a big deal I just want to say

it to you like this the original sin of

man had something to do with what people

put in their

mouth Adam and Eve the reason why we

here today and not in

aan is because they could not

deny what was presented to them and

their flesh

wanted when is the last time you told

your flesh

no if as a Believer you’re not telling

your flesh no it is controlling

you okay that’s just me Pastor Mike we

know you’re the

devil cuz the truth of the matter is

many of the things that we’re doing it’s

leading us away from God and leading us

to death and God wanted me to come tell

you there’s a way to get your Edge back

there’s a way for you to actually be so

sharp this year when stuff comes in your

way when people start hating you’ll be

able to see all oh that’s just a

distraction there’s no way that I’m

going to get off course for that you

going to be like Nehemiah you said um

the work I’m doing is too great I cannot

come off of building this wall to go

meet with somebody else that will bring

me down this is the year you get your


back and I want to be a pastor that

keeps it a 100 with you not 99 and a


100 somebody’s like Sally 100


okay fasting is not a

requirement see I I like to do real

church you can be saved and never

fast you can go to

heaven and never

fast my question is but why would you

if you go to the

hotel and they say we got the penthouse

suite for you for no extra

charge why wouldn’t you take the

upgrade fasting is not a requirement

it’s a

choice but it’s a choice that breaks the

routine in your life and draws you

closer to

God so I’m trying to tell everybody some

people are making a decision right now

they’re hearing me right now it’s like

fasting I’m done with you you I’m done

with this church I’ll see y’all when you

do something on relationships

cool but so you don’t get brokenhearted

again so so you don’t start another

thing that God has to allow to

fall why don’t you get closer to him by

doing this spiritual PR practice that

watch is a gateway through which God

releases his Supernatural power into

your life but it’s still a choice you

can hear it and go with it or you can

ignore it so watch this fasting is a

short season of sacrifice that produces


success Pastor Mike how are you telling

me that cuz all my life I have not known

what to

do everything that God has called me to

I was not prepared for didn’t have a

degree for it didn’t have a certificate

for it didn’t have nothing God was like

I want you to lead this

how come here sharpen

yourself I’ll tell

you what do that

mean when you on vacation this year

fast but Lord we’re going to Disney

World and the only thing that helps me

make it

through this



drudgery of walking all day is is them


slushies and God said but I’m calling

you somewhere

higher I’ll give you instructions if you


close I’m not going to yell these

instructions I’m going whisper

them this really is not about a


fast we’re doing this together so that

everybody can get in the Rhythm but I

really believe we’re not supposed to

fast one time a year I think we’re

supposed to live a fasted life

some of us have so much that God’s doing

that I can’t walk into this without

Clarity put the year on the screen for

me put 365 days on on the screen just an

example of it like if you got something

that could show what it looks like for

it to be a whole year y’all got it yay

nay okay 21 days of prayer and fasting

there it is this is the whole year show

me what 21 days looks like in this whole

365 day Continuum I

have would you give up sacrificially


much to have the rest of this

blessed some of y’all can’t even see it

on the screen right now there like Come

a Little Closer all right come on put

the shot up get get get get the shot

bigger this little


this little bit right

here this is what God’s

requiring for all of

that to have his mind wisdom and

blessing on it now I need everybody to

see this because you think somebody’s

trying to take something from

you and what God is trying to do is get

something to

you but if you do not see what God is

doing you will take the

first and not allow God to bless the

rest okay so this is this is how we go

second Kings chapter 6 and then we gonna

go she like I need some more Bible for

this okay second king chapter 6 one day

there was a group of pro prophets in my

mind they’re like a gang they all wore

red and they were like we’ll prophesy to

you but it’s just this is in my mind

they came to Elijah and told him as you

can see the place where we meet um it’s

too small let’s go down to the Jordan

River where there are plenty of logs and

there we can build a new place for us to

meet they wanted to build something new

they wanted to come into a new place

they wanted to come into a new territory

just like we’re coming into a new year

all right he told them go ahead please

come with us someone suggested he said

I’ll come so he went with them when they

arrived at the Jordan they begin cutting


trees but as one of them was cutting a

tree his ax head fell into the river oh

sir he cried it was a borrowed

axe I ain’t even pay for

this I borrowed this where did it fall

the prophet said when he showed him the

place Elijah cut a stick and threw it

into the water and at that

spot then the ax head floated to the

surface grab it Elijah said and the man

reached out and grabbed it

I’ve been talking about sharpening your

Edge but the truth is some of y’all have

lost your ax

head the reason why none of the message

up until this point has even like

resonated with you cuz you don’t even

feel that at

all you talking about sharpening

something ain’t nothing

there you talking about getting stronger

stuff it fell

off I’m here out of ritualistic I’m I’m

here cuz I want something different but

I don’t even have it no more I started

good but somewhere along the way I

dropped that thing so how do you get

your Edge back o I love this story

because it’s so simple and this is how

you going to get your Edge back the

first thing you have to do is admit you

lost your

Axe and some of y’all so prideful in

this place that you won’t even do what

this man did he

chops and he literally looks up and all

he got is

this and this is what some of y’all year

has been looking

like effort and

energy but I don’t even have what I

need to get anything

done and God said would you let

me do a miracle Mike why would this be a

miracle because iron does not

float this is an ax head this is heavier

than water so when it falls into the

Jordan it’s

lost cuz some of the things we lose our

spiritual Edge in are things that are

dark we lost it when we lost that loved


we we don’t even know we’re so far in

grief right

now that we can’t see and some people be

like just pick the picked it up he he

hit it he lost his Edge pick it up

that’s what religious people tell you

they act like everything’s so simple

yeah yeah just

worship you don’t think I’ve tried

that just just get you don’t think I’ve

tried that see the thing about the

Jordan River if if you’ve ever seen it

the Jordan River actually is Muddy it’s

murky you you you can’t see to the

bottom of it and so this would be a

miracle but the young man does this he


out as soon as it happened boom oh

shoot I lost

it I lost my mind this past

year I lost my Purity I don’t even care

no more

I’ve lost

discipline I don’t stick to a

budget I’m talking about real things I’m

not talking about spiritual God’s saying

if you want it to be sharp again you got

to cry out and you got to tell me where

it’s at I

lost my ability even want amend the

relationship with my

family I don’t want to forgive no

more I want to be bitter

I lost

it I was Hur in the last church I don’t

want to do Church no

more cry

out this is the way that The Miracle

Worker knows where he needs to work the

miracle he needs his children to

identify be specific during this 21 days

of prayer and fasting be

specific of what you are believing God

somebody shout at me cry out cry out if

this young man would have lost his ex

head and was like oh shoot okay

well well maybe nobody will


yeah I’mma

just playing the water what y’all

doing what y’all


like starts entertaining people

cuz he doesn’t want to admit he lost

something I think the most spiritual

thing we can do this year is admit we

lost it I wasn’t excited about this

prayer and fasting cuz last one I quit

on day

two and so now it’s praying fasting and

it feels like another thing I’mma fail

at and I work in the food industry

I work at chick

fila come on these are real people’s

issues I’m a caterer for a living how

how I’m a how I’m a not and I

not come on let’s be

real and God said would you just do me a

favor and admit you lost the AE and this

is the other thing cuz there’s some

religious people in here that I I feel

you right now stop denying your


your prayer life hasn’t been on fire in


months today

God is is asking us y’all know there’s

two two two rivers in Egypt right it’s

the Jordan and what

denial and some of y’all dog Christians

been in

denial okay all I’m asking you to do

today is cry out third thing do the

natural so you can experience the

miracle did y’all see what Elijah did

Elijah didn’t walk over to it and go

deep sea diving for the

axe he took a

stick something very practical and

everybody else would be like what is he

doing he did something very natural

threw the stick into the water and then

something Supernatural

happened which lets me know that natural


Supernatural somebody’s like how’s this

fast going to help anything it’s just a

natural part of it when we push away

that food when we make that declaration

when we decide to do this it’s just the

natural part of it what we believe is

that God’s going to get somewhere in the

mix of this and he’s going to do

something everybody say Supernatural

superal nobody was expecting metal to

float after a stick was thrown

in and nobody will be expecting the

Miracles that happen in your life as you

do 21 days of prayer and fasting we

going to meet here every night some of

y’all can’t come every night that’s okay

I want you to watch online put it in the

background while you meal prepping do

the different things as many of y’all

can get in here I want you to bring your

kids this was the atmosphere the fire of

God was birthing me in I wasn’t paying

attention I was just in the atmosphere I

was affected while I was coloring and

playing on the seats and my mom and dad

was praying this is the change for your

whole family husbands and wives you

can’t talk talk together right now but

you can pray and God will be speaking to

you while you walking over there and God

will be speaking to you while you crying

over there and God can make you meet in

the middle I’m talking about we going to

do the natural and God’s going to do the


supernatural but even right now you’re

looking for it to make

sense and God said I use the foolish

things to make sure none of y’all can

take credit for this I use it to

confound the wise I’m telling you right

now if some of y’all take this

challenge this spiritual growth Journey

moment to go on a fast with us it’s

going to change everything last

thing how do you get your Edge back you

have to take action and pick your Edge

back up what do you mean Pastor Mike the

man loses his ax

head he cries out Elijah throws the

stick in there the miracle happens but

watch this Elijah doesn’t pick it up and

hand it to him

he tells him you

go obey pick it up what sense does it

make for us to get instructions from God

and then disobey them right after he


them the crazy thing about it is people

get what to what I call the the the

almost end of the

fast they cry out they deny themselves

food they pray God gives an answer and

then they

disobey that’s fumbling the ball at the

one yard line

what you have to do at this point is

actually everybody say take action take

AC during this fast God’s going to tell

some of you it’s time to let them

go but God you you you you already know

we got we got best friend

tattoos should have talked to me about


that but God I you you’ve already made

your announcement to where you’re moving

if y’all want to bless me as I’m moov

into California uh to I got a gofund me

I I made it to

La you’re going to have to send them

people their money


no you’ve already accepted the

job and I’m not this is why you need to

pray and fast cuz some people are trying

to make decisions off of what I’m saying

it’s not what I’m

saying it’s what he

say he may be asking you to go to

counseling twice a week and stop buying

clothes nothing’s wrong with your screen



just cuz the trauma you need to

unpack is going to be better for you

than anything you could pack for a

vacation why would you get an answer

from God and then


I believe

today it’s time to get our Edge

back your family needs you to be

sharper you’ve invited snakes into your

house and you’re letting your kids

befriend them

cuz you became spiritually

dope you’re actually the answer to what

the church

needs God’s been calling you to be a

leader but because of the things the

sins the weights you’re mixed up in the

enemy has convinced

you that you couldn’t let that thing

go so the church suffers as a

whole cuz you’re spiritually

dull ior Mike why are you bringing this

message God told me this year he was

going to build this church in a way that

only he could take credit

for and I’ve just been praying I said

God where are the people where where are

the people you promised me where I

didn’t set out from North we could have

stayed in North Tulsa and then I didn’t

I didn’t trust you and believe you in

Crazy Faith so we could come here and

put on a performance every

week we have to reach the whole city

God you told us that we had to take this

thing to the

nation you said I didn’t ask for

this but in a time of me stopping and

sharpening you told me to write things

down and put them on a paper and the

spirit Bank Event Center would be

Transformation Church that was in a time

where I was stopping and fasting and

praying and asking for what was next

when I was walking around 7425 Garnett

trying to figure out should I be a

pastor you told me all where are all the

people he said Michael they’re here and

they’re coming but they’re discouraged

in their

D and during this fast I’m going to give


back their Cutting

Edge one of my friends told me he said

in the church if we’re not on The

Cutting Edge we’re on the judging

Edge and if you look at the landscape of

the church right now


most people are on the judging

Edge not The Cutting Edge but I declare

by the power of the spirit of God during

this 21 days of prayer and fasting

Transformation Church I don’t know about

everybody else but somebody’s about to

receive this we’re about to be on The

Cutting Edge of business we’re going to

be on The Cutting Edge of raising

families we’re going to be on The

Cutting Edge of spiritual discernment

we’re going to be I need somebody to

agree with me we’re going to be on The

Cutting Edge of knowing what God is

saying about our city about our home

about the Nation about our world we are

going to be on The Cutting Edge because

we are close to the

Creator you don’t got to yell it to me

I’m close enough to hear a

whisper I’m getting my Edge

back would everybody just


today I want to pray for everybody

that’s deciding I’m not going to live

though if that’s you as we start this 21

days of prayer and fasting and I know

everybody’s going to try to rush out

just give me five minutes cuz I want to

pray you into this next season in this

year in the Bible they would call for

the Elders of the church to pray for

people and I I just feel like I don’t

want to just go into this with a program

I want to pray over



this won’t be another dull year for

us it won’t be another dull year for

you by faith I’m declaring that this is

going to be the sharpest year of your

life but now we got to make a decision

how do we get our fasted Edge back how

do we get our our our our Edge sharp we

going to

fast my last example that I didn’t know

as an example is this was sharper than I

thought it


um when I when I did

this I cut myself at the beginning of


message I’ve been wiping my hand so

y’all wouldn’t notice

uh but what I found out is God told me

he said things that look

dull still have the

ability to be

sharp and some of y’all been judging how



and God said you still got cut in


you your greatest days were not back in

the 90s and back in the 2000s he said

look at your neighbor and say you still

got some cut in you come on hey I feel

that thing you still got some cutting

you that your greatest message your


idea your greatest

contribution may be

hidden cuz the I didn’t recognize is

while I was doing the

example what was I

doing so what was

dull in run

through I did it just an hour ago and

nothing but what was

dull and run

through became sharp enough to leave a

mark y’all this ain’t going to take long

it’s going to take 21 days of us being

intent oh I feel this thing it’s going

to take 21 days of us saying God more of

you and less of me it’s going to take 21


days and what look the

say is going to be

sharp hands lifted every oh I feel the

presence of God right here y’all lift y

hands father I pray for every person

under the sound of my voice

and I command the spiritual dullness

that’s been on our

life that’s been over our eyes that’s

been on our

minds I pray right now in the name of

Jesus that you are bringing us into

another level of

sharpness Speak Lord your children are

listening God over this next 21 days

when doubt tries to creep in I pray that


spirit of the Living God will come in

and give us hope wisdom joy and Faith to

continue on Father build endurance in

US father as we Feast on your word I

thank you that you are changing

situations that we don’t even know about

right now God I’m thanking you by the

beginning of February there is a


turnaround in everybody’s

mind and a complete turnaround in our

situation father even in the things that

will not be finished we will see your


God I thank you for every person that’s

making the decision to fast for the

first time who are in the building

watching online father I thank you that

this will become a spiritual discipline

that will be a cheap code to any moment

that they feel dull that father you’re

about to do something on the inside of

them that’s going to keep them sharp we

ain’t just going to start sharp we’re

going to stay

sharp and I pray that what we do in this

next 21 days as a church will bleed over

into every area of our life I pray the

best year over trans Transformation

Church I pray a year father of God’s

blessings understanding wisdom and

success I pray over their businesses

their families father God I thank you

for Unity and I pray that this church

will reach more

people For Your

Glory than ever before today we’re

making a decision we will no longer be

dull or discouraged that we’re starting

2024 Sharp

have your way in us and through Us in

Jesus name everybody say we agree age

say we expect we expect amen will

somebody give God a huge shout of Praise

In This Place oh come



listen there are people that need

further prayer and there are people that

need the opportunity to accept Jesus but

tomorrow we will be right here at 6


an hour of power come in your work

clothes come with your wig on or

off like this is not to impress nobody

this is to get with God and we’re going

to pray this thing through amen if

you’re in this room listen to me I know

there’s so many people saying God I need

more of you but some of you need to just

get him in your life for the first time

if you’re in this room and you want to

make Jesus Christ your lord and savior

in an atmosphere that is built for this

cuz it’s our church Vision this is who

we pray for every day people to come to

Christ if that’s you on the count of

three I just want you to shoot your hand

up easy and all we going to do is he

said I’m here right now come on one 2 3

I’m so proud of you what a way to start

this year I see you what a way what a

way come on I see you I see you glory to

God this is the way to start

shark Transformation Church we’re a

family nobody prays alone let’s pray

this prayer together everybody say

father father father I thank Youk for

sending Jesus just for me for me today

today I accept you accept as my Lord and

Savior Lord change me change renew me

Transform Me trans sharpen me I’m yours

in Jesus name amen can we thank God for

every person oh y’all come on these are

our first salvations of 2024 so proud of

you brother it’s going to be the best

year of your life we want to walk with

you there’s a QR code on the screen and

I want you to let us know the

information we got something for you we

got a Bible for you we have information

that’ll help you walk this out and we

want you to get plugged in next week I

got three more weeks before I give you

the word of the year you don’t want to

miss one week cuz they going to all

build on top of each other okay watch

this back share this with people if you

need prayer for anything some of y’all

just need prayer personal agreement to

start the year you’re facing something

I’m going to ask the altar workers to

come right now and people are going to

leave the worship team’s going to sing

another song if you’re online and you

need prayer for something I want you to

type it in the chat this going to be our

best year yet because it’s going to be

our best year spiritually everybody just

say start sharp start Shar after I pray

if you need prayer for anything I want

you to come to the altar thank you Lord

for what you did today thank you that we

started off this year in the house of

God and God I thank you that you’re

blessing your people thank you that this

will be the best week of our lives and

we’ll give you all the glory for it as

we start fasting tomorrow in Jesus name

we agree somebody say Amen go out and

live a transformed life we love you so

much thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

here at Transformation Church our vision

is to represent God to the lost and the

found for transformation in Christ and

if you would like to partner with us in

giving you can text give to 8282 82 or

you can visit on our website also be

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well as watching our live Sunday

experience that begins at 10:45 a.m.

Central Standard Time now go out and

live a transformed