What if the next thing God wants to do with you isn’t new but fresh? Pastor Mike challenges us to consider that the next phase of God’s work may not be entirely new but rather a fresh perspective on what already exists. We’re encouraged to make space for expansion and growth in order to fully embrace the fresh blessings God wants to impart. At the end of this message, Pastor Mike shares with us the gateway to a fresh perspective; gratitude. We pray this message encourages you to receive the freshness that God has in store for you. Scripture References: John 15:16 NIV 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV Mathew 9:14-17 NLT Psalms 100:4 NLT Psalms 100:4 MSG 00:00 – Intro 02:56 – John chapter 15 verse 16 NIV 14:30 – A life with Christ is not about what I get that’s new, it’s about what I keep fresh 15:40 – Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 9 KJV 16:01 – Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 9 NIV 17:04 – Culture desires new. Christ desires fresh. 20:48 – Because I have Jesus, I don’t need something new. I need something fresh. 21:50 – 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 ESV 22:52 – This revelation lets you know where you’re at and what you have is enough 26:08 – Matthew chapter 9 verses 14 through 17 NLT 28:36 – God’s not pouring new unless the vessel is fresh 32:27 – How do you stay fresh? Gratitude is the gateway to a fresh perspective 34:01 – Psalms chapter 100 verse 4 NLT 34:13 – Psalms chapter 100 verse 4 MSG 34:23 – The passcode to the presences of God is “Thank you” Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ: http://transformchurch.us/saved

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what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege of

serving as one of the leaders here at

Transformation Church I just want to say

thank you so much for tuning in from

wherever you are watching from and if

you haven’t already be sure to like And

subscribe we believe that God has such

an incredible word for you today so

let’s jump in this amazing

message this is week

one of a series we’re calling somebody

Shout at me fresh

fruit does anybody love fresh

fruit now now maybe I should ask does

anybody like stale

fruit cuz sometimes you can find the

value of something in the

opposite CU if somebody offered you

something that was dull and nasty your

your your your response would be no

thank you but when somebody offers you

something everybody shout at me fresh

fresh it Chang the dynamic of how you

approach it um today as we start this

brand new series I want to let you know

that God has given us a word as a church

and for the year of 2024 prophetically

we are declaring that this is the year

of what fruit say it again fruit say it

with faith fruit I’m talking about fruit

in every area of your

life only 13 people believed it but I’m

going to say it one more time I’m

talking about fruit in every area of

your life


and over the next nine weeks all the way

up to

Easter I’m just going to be

sharing this thing that God has given me

to release to the body of

Christ and I’m going to go ahead and

give you a spoil alert I’m not talking

about the fruits of the spirit none of

these nine weeks no don’t you need those

don’t don’t yell for that what what what

I’mma do that she was

like thank you God we’re not talking

about your word hold on listen

um what I’m trying to say is I believe

God’s given me fresh Revelation to build

up the idea of why we need fruit in our

lives more than ever

before and then in the

fall from from September to Christmas

I’mma wear out the fruits of the spirit

and I’m I’m telling y’all the things

that God has already showing me for 9

months from

now but but I got to start building

value today so so John 15:16 is going to

be our anchor scripture and I got 27

minutes to do this in so I need y’all to

rock with me I’m a I’mma whip through

this but it’s so dense and packed that

this fruit is

Juicy and you going you going to have

some dripping dripping okay you going

have to go back this week John

15:16 this is Jes Jesus talking this is

our anchor scripture for the year look

at him talking to you so strong you did

not choose

me but I chose you yes sir yes sir

Pastor Charles so so so eloquently

coined at conference God chose

me and today Jesus is saying that and

he’s saying I chose you and watch this I

appointed you

why did why did God appoint me I mean

there could be a lot of reasons why he

appointed me why he put me in position

why he said you why he said your name

why he said this family why he said this

era I appointed you for one reason so

that you might go and bear

fruit I was expecting something else

there but God said you ain’t choose me I

chose you and I chose you for one reason

bear fruit

that is so strong and then he doubles

down and he said I don’t just want any

type of

fruit I want fruit that will

last and so that whatever you ask in my

name the father will give you somebody

shout at me fruit fruit when I when when

God gave me this on July 3rd I wrote it

down and and these words came out on my

ey message it said fruit stands for

Faith repeating until it

transforms you want to see fruit you’re

going to have to use your faith over and


repeating until whatever you put in the

ground starts

transforming and many of us get lost and

left behind because we want fruit and we

don’t want to plant

nothing I can’t stay here today but what

I want to let you know is that you can’t

be fruitful if you’re

seedless I’m going to say it one more

time cuz some of y’all somebody sneezed

over there and you missed it you cannot


fruitful if you are

seedless yes sir and in this series I’m

going to teach you how to take the seeds

that God’s already planted on the inside

of you and plant them somewhere and

watch it and water it and pray over it

and wait on it and it will be your faith

repeating until it

transforms I was going to just name this

series fruit but the holy spirit said I

don’t want it to be

stale people if you name the series

fruit they going to think they already

know what I’m

saying oh fruit fruit love joy peace


can they’re they’re going to they’re

going to hit the religious hierarchy on


series he said but nobody can argue with

something that’s

fresh and so then I begin to look at

that word fresh and then I was thinking

about my own life and in this last

season as I’ve transitioned in sizes in

my clothes practically I’ve been giving

away a lot of clothes and you know I’ve

been giving a lot away a lot of clothes

with tags on them with inboxes and all

that other stuff and and you know when

you’re in the moment giving away the

clothes it becomes overwhelming because

you’re frustrated that you’re even

dealing with this and so you start

looking at stuff differently and you’re

like no just give it away just give it

away just give it away give it and then

come on I’ve come into a couple of

places and I’ve seen some people with

the clothes I discarded

on and for some reason it it was more

appealing to me on them than it was on


rack and I was trying to figure out why

I liked my clothes

again that I gave

away it’s because whatever they put it

with however they matched it however

they wor their own swag and energy it

wasn’t new cuz I gave it to them it was

old to me but the way they put it

together was

fresh they had a fresh perspective on it

they had a fresh outlook on it they had

a fresh um um idea about how to wear

this and I want to know is the place

that God is bringing you into in

2024 is this a place that’s supposed to

be new

or is it a place that God desires to

take what is already there on and make


fresh okay okay I was telling my friend

that next week I’m preaching the vision

Series in this for our church but but I

I couldn’t do it without laying the

foundation of what fresh looks like

because next week I’m going to share the

vision of this church and I want to let

you know it’s not new

but it’s

fresh the way that God has given me what

this church is about to do and how you

play a part in it is so fresh but it’s

still representing God to the lost and

found for transformation in

Christ it’s not new it’s why do you keep

saying that cuz it’s the title of my

message it’s not

new it’s fresh you going to go back to

your apartment

today and you going to stop begging for

another house

house you going to look around what you

already have and say God give me fresh

vision for what you have for me in here

because you know what I don’t need

nothing new if I just would get a fresh

perspective on what God has already

trusted in my hand it can change and

transform into something completely

different somebody say it’s not new it’s

not new it’s fresh it’s frh when I told

this friend that I was a a about to do a

vision series next week he said bro you

need to go check out that new Apple


Pro and I said what you talking about he

said Apple just put out some crazy

technology you need to see it and I said

why do I need to see see that I’m a

grown man I don’t need I don’t I don’t

need that and he was like yeah just go

see so my wife was shopping the other

night and I just you know she was in the

the lady store and I was like I don’t

want to go in here with you I’m going to

go over to the Apple Store I went to the

Apple Store and I I I asked for a demo

of this new little

situation and and I know I have kids but

they they

disappeared I put the goggles on Ava and

Bella were there and then for 35 minutes

I was in this

world matter of fact y’all they got me

bring them here real quick hurry hurry

hurry hurry hurry bring them here cuz I

want to show you what the Lord did for

me take

that here

I went

um and I really I want to make a

confession to my wife cuz I don’t think

she knew I had these

uh um they got

me because I went into that

store and I I put on these uh these

goggles and uh the technology that is in

these things I know y’all looking at me

crazy right now but I’m looking at you

crazy cuz I can see

everything but now I can see

everything with other things in front of

it like black panther is playing right

here you’re laughing but I’m watching a

movie and not paying attention to you

laughing at me my my eye message is


here I’m about I’m about to FaceTime

somebody right here and I’m literally

looking at all of these things oh my


this looks crazy to

you but to me I’m actually sending

things you’re

laughing but I just send somebody


yeah I full surround sound on right

now I’m really trying not to get

distracted but I


wow somebody told me yeah get the new

goggles and as I walked out and they

said new

goggles I started to think


technology is not


it’s this is just pictures and video and


goggles and text

messages but because somebody got a


perspective on what was already

available the value of what was regular

went up

tremendous that is so good now the

church has been asking God to do

something new for years when he said if

you would just take what I’ve already

given you and ask for a fresh

Revelation Fresh Fire fresh anointing it

would be something that would become

valuable not just to you but to the

whole world and what does the church do

we take these goggles

off and we put these


you’re laughing so is the

culture we’re in an environment that is

changing the way I

talk I don’t even need these in


environment I walk into the restaurant

with Antiquated

love walk into the business Place fill

with the Holy Spirit no

kindness and I just I begin to think my

last 17 minutes God could you be trying

to do

something to let us know that you’re not

going to do a new

thing you want to do a fresh

thing and when I looked at this

technology and literally my friends were

all tripping out over the technology

some of them started

hating why do you need that this where

it’s gonna take over the world you’re

hating because you don’t have

it you’re hating because you’ve never

experienced what’s on the other side of


fresh and I just wanted to build the

value today before I give you fresh

Vision next

week that if you don’t stop Desiring

new you will discount what God’s trying

to do in the place you’re already

at write this down a life with Christ is

not about what I get that’s new it’s

about what I keep

fresh I don’t need nothing new in Christ

after I get

salvation I just got to keep my prayer


fresh my community fresh my ability to

be transparent fresh and some of y’all’s

ability to be honest is stale and crusty

and so God says tell the truth to your

brother God says join a small group God

says go write that book and you have not

done your part in the equation of the

Christian Life you have not kept your

relationship with him

Fresh So I go to other things looking

for something

new that’s so true and God said you

ain’t prayed to me in two years

W no you’ve begged me for things and

asked me to save you but a relationship

that’s fresh that’s you don’t care to

spend time with me you you care that I


you good

God Ecclesiastes 1

19 the things that have been it is that

which shall be and that which is done is

that which shall be done you know the

Bible try to make you confused it’ll

bring it together right here and there

is no new thing under the

Sun what has been is what will be and

what has been done is what will be done

and there is nothing new Under the Sun

so if there’s nothing new Under the Sun

why does God want to have a fresh

relationship with me he says because I

have reveal truth or Revelation under

what you think is

regular I will use a hard situation and

if you keep your relationship with me

fresh I’ll make you into a person you

never thought possible when me and my

wife got the diagnose with our son

having autism I thought it was the worst

thing that ever happened to us and it

sucks but who I’ve

become at having to go to God daily to

stay fresh just to get back in the race

to be able to believe

him there was something under what I

thought was

normal that made me somebody shout at me


fresh and this is what I I need to be

able to pinpoint real quick because I’m

going come for you just for one second

culture desires new Christ desires

fresh if you keep going to C culture and

you keep doing it what’s new on the

feed what’s the next thing who’s putting

out a new

song God I I’m just I’m just submitting

to you that God might not want to do


new in

2024 what if he took everything you


got and gave you a fresh

perspective a fresh Spirit a fresh

attitude on it you don’t need a new

marriage you need a fresh marriage

you don’t need a new

car someone like Pastor you don’t even

know my car you

situation someone’s like I might need a

new car

but but I’m

saying what

if stewardship is a real thing to

God and what if the way you’re taking

care of what you don’t see value

in it’s part of the


of when something fresh is coming all

I’m saying to you is I don’t want you to

get played like Michael Jordan shoe

company is playing all of


us somebody like

what this man hasn’t played basketball


decades but has billion dooll shoe

industry and you know what they

do they take the

shoes that are old

and they tell

you that they’re

reimagined and they give them to you and

people stand in line to buy the same old

thing and they call him what retro y’all

know what that word means

old oh you get them retro you get the

old is that what you’re saying to me and

they have made billions of dollars

selling old things to people with new


excitement could it be that you have

been sold by the

enemy I’m done with that relationship

and now you have a re-imagined

one but it looks just like the old one

with a different name on the reimagine

Ricky and you showing up hey bro you see

these new

uh I got the


he all these old

things and somebody somebody is like

Pastor Mike what are you

saying if you don’t look for for fresh

you’ll settle for

old the enemy would love for you to buy

the old thing with new

excitement that’s good but I’m not

falling for it this year somebody say I

want what’s fresh I want what’s no say

it like you mean it with faith I want

what’s fresh I want what’s fresh write

this down because I have

Jesus I don’t need something new I need

something fresh you’re going to look

look back over these notes and it’s

going to be the same thing with small

nuances because what God is trying to

get you to understand is the fruit he

wants in your life he does not want the

fruit your mom and him

had he does I’m not saying that what

they had wasn’t good but if you still

living off their

prayers and the only scriptures you know

is the three that they told you and the

one you got tatted across your

stomach God saying I want to give you

fresh Rama I want to give you word I

want to give you I want to give you my

heart I want to give you my mind

somebody yell at me fresh frh okay

Corinthians 5:17 this is very important

this is why I’m trying to get this into

you that God wants to do something fresh

in you somebody just say God wants to do

something fresh in

me because the time he does something

new is at Salvation Corinthians 5:17

therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a

new creation

the old has

passed and the new behold the new has

what spiritually you are new at the

point you are saved so good but I got to

keep my prayer life fresh I got to keep

my accountability fresh I got to keep my

community fresh I got to keep my heart

to give have you ever been real generous

in one season and stingy in another

why is that because something in me did

not do what was

necessary to keep it fresh perfect

example is that of this is if you ever

work out really hard for a season and

then you take four months

off it’s almost as if you never ever did

anything it’s because you didn’t keep


muscles this Revelation watch this this

is what I want you to go home with today

and then I’m going to share Vision with

you next week but I need you to get this

this Revelation lets you know where

you’re at and what you have is

enough and this is the place where most

of us are not watch this word

content great great the reason you have

so much anxiety the reason why you

trying to find where where we at we

outside where we going on vacation who’s

this where’s my new job where’s my new

bay where’s it’s my new it’s cuffing SE

all of

these all of

that what’s the new trend what’s the new

Tik Tok What new weave am I getting what

wig is it am I getting Priscilla or I

getting Paris what you trying to do I

need a new look I need a new why are you

doing all of that cuz you’re actually


content and you cannot be content with a

mind that thinks here is not enough that

is so good this is hard for me to preach

because literally the Lord had to strip

me for two

years and I’ll talk about the pruning

season when you want fresh

fruit but he had to strip me for two

years to let me realize that here is

enough if nobody else comes to our

church whoever shows up it’s

enough if if if the songs never get out

but we just had that experience that we

just had in this place


today somebody say it’s enough it’s

enough this is going to release you so

that you can have fresh fruit in your

life where you’re at is enough and even

when I say that some of y’all got mad

cuz I serve a God that can do


abundantly above all I as think or

imagine he can do that but if he

doesn’t is he still still good is he

still worthy does he still deserve your

devotion and so many of us want a new

word from God a new thing from God and

he is begging

you would you let me just give you a

fresh perspective on what I’ve already

placed in your

hands cuz what is not new can feel

new some of the best gifts I’ve ever

gotten were not things that came fresh

out of the store good God it was stuff

that other people had

yeah yeah that they said man this watch

would look good on you and they gave it

to me I was like this watch does look

good on

me and the value was put there because

it was not new to them but it was fresh

to me Matthew chapter 9:14 this is where

we going to end today o the disciples

are asked about fasting while Jesus is

sitting there and these people of the

day are trying to do things to make

religious status instead of doing the

things that were asked of them so there

was only one fast that they needed to do

but they started doing it as a ritual to

actually boost their confidence and

their view in other people’s eyes so

they asked Jesus why your disciples not

fasting and Jesus said bro let me break

this down with a parable real quick

Matthew chapter 9:14 and no one puts new

wine into old wine

skins for the old skins would burst from

the pressure spilling the wine and

ruining the skins new wine watch this is

stored in new wine skins so that both


preserved hold on God wants to do

something new but he wants to put it in


fresh if God is going to pour new wine

into our lives he’s not going to pour it

into Old

vessels you want a new thing from God

you need a new vessel Lord Lord let me

prove it to you so I did a little Greek

and Hebrew study on this right here that

word that says new wine is stored in new

wine Skins new wine the Greek word is

NEOS and that means not fully developed

so it’s saying the not fully developed

wine cannot be stored and then it uses

the same word new right here but this is

the Greek word Kos and you know I don’t

even know the right pronunciation but

that feels good Kos and I’ll put it up


but that word translates to

Fresh So in the original translation it

says new wine is stored cannot be is

stored in new wine skins this is why we

got to study our Bible what it really is

saying is not fully


wine cannot be stored or has to be

stored in fresh vessels God I’m going

say it one more time the new wine that

God wants to pour has to be stored in

fresh vessels or watch this The Vessel

breaks the reason why this is so

important cuz everybody’s crying out for

something new God I want my business to

crack off this year God I want my

relationship he said if I give it to you

with that old vessel so good sir so good

if I give you what I have I got it for

you I’m not short on what I have for

Transformation Church I’m not short on

what I have for your marriage I’m not

short and what I have for your life but

if I give you this new

juice with that old wine

skin God’s not pouring new unless the

vessel is

fresh that’s all I came to tell you

today so good next week I’m going to

pour some fresh Vision into you that I

believe is going to literally not just

transform Our Lives it’s going to

transform the world

but I let I needed to come let you know

today that if you approach next Sunday’s

Vision that God has poured into me and

is going to pour into you with old wine

skin I just came to warn you it might


you y’all don’t listen to the word it

might be the thing that makes it


or we can decide today great Lord give

me a fresh

perspective whatever you want to do

whatever you want to do whatever you

want to do have your way have that’s not


song that’s me renewing my mind so that

I can have a fresh vessel to receive

everything God has for me write this

down cuz some of y’all like well why

would God give us something new that

would not be able to be held within who

I am today because the thing you have to

realize is just like back in that day

new wind had a property that would

expand right so if the vessel did not

have the ability to expand with it it

would actually put pressure on it to the

point where it would break God’s saying

if you’re not flexible in this next year

to be able to expand with what I’m doing

that’s not a part of your personality

type that you’ve never seen anybody do

in your family that’s outside of your

comfort zone man that’s a lot of black

people that go there and you was raised

with all white people what I’m saying to

you is if you don’t stretch

you won’t be able to hold what’s

fresh and God’s requirement for fresh is

not a limitation it’s for

preservation he doesn’t want to waste


wine great great great what God’s about

to pour into your life he doesn’t want

it to waste so he’s telling you change


vessel wake up

earlier get in your word stop talking

talking to them change the vessel don’t

watch that no more delete that social

media account I had to delete a very

famous rapper who used to be a

Christian rapper kind of for a season

and has made a

transition and is posting very lwd

pictures on their Instagram and the

first thing I wake up into the morning

is his wife half naked

now I could have been like ah man my man

going through praying for him done I’m

doing all of that but to keep this




block and y’all know who I’m talking

about cuz you’re still following

them I’m not talking about being popular

I’m talking about being pure I’m talking

about being ready as a vessel to be able

to hold what God has for you and you

gonna be crying that God didn’t do what

he said he said no you wasted the

wine I want this thing to be

fresh and I can’t put what’s new and

something that’s

old what if this year we got familiar


fresh Pastor Mike how do you stay fresh

this is it gratitude

how do you stay fresh gratitude yes

gratitude is the gateway to a fresh

perspective so good everything in your

life that you hate act like it wasn’t

there and act like you never had it you

hate that

house but act like God didn’t come

through for

you so that you couldn’t even had a

house that you hate right now you could

be living with your

in-laws I love you Mama Dana but I’m not

living with you

no I no no I’m

just when you begin to begin become

thankful when you begin to become

thankful for what God has already done

it becomes the Gateway into you actually

living a life that is

fresh and the truth of the matter I came

to tell everybody that God God really

wants to do something in us this year

but if our gratitude doesn’t come to


level we will have the wrong perspective

on what God is asking us to enjoy and we

will be calling that thing something

that we have to endure because we have

the wrong perspective I can tell how I’m

preaching right now and how quiet it is

in this room that y’all wish I came in

here and tell you this year fresh fruit

is new new new new everything


and I came to tell you that in

Christ it’s

fresh Psalms

104 enter his gates

with and go into his courts with praise

give thanks to him and praise His name I

found it in the message version Look at

this enter with the password thank



you write this down the code to the

presence of God is thank

you thank you for this

marriage I know it’s hard right now God

and I know that we’re not seeing eye to

eye but thank you that you gave me

somebody to work on it

with father thank you for these kids

they look like me and they act like the

devil but Lord at this moment I thank

you that you trusted me to raise them to

know you father thank

you for this hard

situation thank you that I found out

about the diagnosis and it didn’t just

take me out

suddenly I’m just saying I’m I don’t

want it yeah yeah God thank you for this

job I I know it’s not the final thing

for me but father there are people right

now that don’t have

anything I thank you for what you’re

teaching me in this like the password to

God’s presence is what thank

you so next week I’m I’mma share some

Vision I’mma pour some wine

in but the only people that will be able

to receive it is those who don’t want

something new but people who are okay

with fresh stand up all over this

building please


yeah can we just lift our hands and ask

God for a fresh

perspective come on hands

lifted God I thank you that


we don’t need nothing

new today we need a fresh word fresh

Vision fresh

relationships fresh


passion God today we need fresh wisdom

come on hands lifted right there come on

father right now we need something from

you something that doesn’t come from

new we want you to take over and re over

father so today we’re calling on

Yahweh for every person that is under

the sound of my voice father I pray that

this year would be a year of fresh

fruit that everything that they produce

in their life would be something father

that is not old not stale not something

from a last season but it’ll be

something that you will give them every

single day father thank you for fresh

fruit in

relationships fresh fruit in parenting

fresh fruit in ideas fresh fruit in kn

KN what you’re trying to do father I

pray that we would become father God

enamored with what you can do with

what’s already

there let us divorce culture’s idea that

new is


God we commit to being new wine skins

fresh wine

skins show us the areas father God that

we have want walked away from what you

desire for us

and God I thank you that everything in


life that is a part of their purpose

would become fresh again fresh passion


year fresh prayer

life fresh

love fresh

Joy fresh

peace fresh patience God come on


y’all today God we are making making a

decision that we’ll use whatever you’ve

placed in our

hands and if your hands are on top of

our hands we know there’s anything

there’s nothing that’s


impossible today if you’re in this room

I I feel this very strong God wants to

offer you a new

life by accepting Jesus Christ so you

can have a fresh outlook on everything

and I’m telling you this is the thing

that transformed my life

if you want to accept Jesus in this

place any man that be in Christ he is a

new creation it’s going to give you a

fresh outlook on everything I need

everybody to start praying right now cuz

there are people in here that what what

better thing could you have at the

beginning of 20124 is a fresh way of

living something that changes you from

the inside out if you’re in here and you

want to accept Jesus Christ as your

personal Lord and Savior I’m telling you

this is the vessel that he wants to use

you he chooses to do something with you

that is unlike anything else in this

world and he wants to

live walk

talk lead

guide he wants to give you everything

that you need to live this life

successfully if that’s you on a count of

three I want you to lift your hands and

this is the decision that took me from

being a liar manipulator addicted to

pornography all kinds of crazy stuff and

it didn’t make me perfect but it allowed

me to become a man that’s progressing if

that’s you can you want that in this

room or watching online I just want you

to lift your hand this is a holy moment

cuz God is renewing somebody right now

one you’re making the greatest decision

of your life two I’m proud of you but

more than that your name is going to be

written in the Lamb’s Book of Life three

I see Hands already right there put your

hand up I see you my brother I see you

my brother I see oh y’all come on

transformation chur I see you I see you

I see you but more than I see you God

sees you online Hey listen

Transformation Church you know we’re a

family nobody prays alone would

everybody lift their hands right now

father we thank you for who you are ah

and I thank you for a fresh start

today Father I declare and I believe

that even in this place right now father

for what you did on the cross it gives

us the ability to walk in a fresh life

so I want everybody to repeat after me

say God God thank you thank for sending

Jesus send Jes just for me just for me

today today I give you my life I give

you my life I believe you lived I

believe you you died you and you Rose

again just for me just for me today

today I want a new start I want a new

start change me CH renew me R transform

me I’m yours in Jesus name Inus I will

live I will live with fresh fruit in

every area of my life in Jesus name can

we shout unto God with the voice of

church oh come on y’all this is the real

reason we

come listen if you just made that

decision I want you to click the QR code

on the screen if the worship team would

come up I feel there’s a moment that God

is about to renew somebody’s going to

run out I know you got to go but maybe

there’s just a few moments in the

presence of God that’s going to renew

you and I’m going to have y’all sing

Yahweh again just from that chorus but

I’m telling everybody under the sound of

my voice

next week changes

everything come in here with fresh

vessels fresh

vessels fresh vessels to be able to

ready to receive father I thank you for

every person that came today bless them

is my prayer father I thank you that

their lives will be transformed and this

week everything St and dull in their

life they would throw it away and they

would only work with what you are

calling fresh have your way as our

prayer in Jesus name if you need prayer

for anything we have Wednesday night

prayer and then we got prayer in here

today if you need prayer the altar

workers are going to come to the front

and I don’t want you to leave this place

cuz some of y’all are hungering for

something I can hear it I can sense it I

don’t care how much money you have in

the bank others have to go do not be

pressured to leave the presence of God

if you need something right now if

somebody was giving away money couldn’t

nobody let me leave

they couldn’t make me

leave and if God is giving you a fresh

perspective a fresh

desire I just want you to raise your

hands and just say Yahweh come on just

lift your hands say

Yahweh thank you so much for watching

this message we pray that it encouraged

you here at Transformation Church our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and the found for transformation in

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