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they’re in a series called unwrapped

everybody say unwrapped and the thought

behind this series is what if this

Christmas the greatest gift that you

unwrapped was you like like that was the

whole thing I mean we’re gonna be

unwrapping all kinds of stuff we’re

gonna be giving gifts we’re gonna be

getting gifts we’re going to be watching

others get gifts and all these other

stuff but what if the greatest gift was

not a thing but it was what God placed

on the inside of you being unwrapped to

the world and I counsel a lot of people

and I see a lot and I hear a lot and one

of the things that keeps coming up

because at the end of the year I’m like

your spiritual tour guide at the end of

the year I try to help refocus us as we

go into this next year because people

want to get all extra excited about

starting something in January but I

really believe the way you end the thing

is the way you start a thing so so I

want us to end the year right getting

focused around our purpose and what God

has called us to do and how he’s called

us to be a gift to the world not to just

get gifts from the world God wants us to

be an answer to somebody’s prayer and so

I said God how do we get unwrapped and

he began to give us keys to being

unwrapped if you were here last week we

started off talking about that we have a

gift according to first Peter chapter 4

verse 10 I want you to look at it

because this is kind of our anchor

scripture for this entire thing it says

God has given each of you a gift

somebody say I have a gift from his

variety of spiritual gifts then it tells

us to use them well and to serve one

another so so if you want a 10 second

recap from last week number one you have

a gift number two use your gift number

three your gift is not about you and

when you start understanding that God’s

intention for making you was to give

something to the earth that is not

currently here see most of us life

happens to us but it’s time for us to

believe that we’re supposed to happen to


we were sent here with purpose that

means nobody here no matter how you got

here is an accident you have the cure

for something you have the solution for

something you are somebody who’s

supposed to make impact everybody say

impact now I want you to say it with

impact say impact multiplets never will

live this life and make impact not

because God didn’t give us the ability

because we never chose to be available

to allow him to use us and I said god I

don’t want to leave the church who comes

here week after week and it’s wrapped up

wrapped up in my own things wrapped up

in money wrapped up in and what I can

get out of it but it’s time for us to be

unwrapped so the only way that we can be

unwrapped is if we start with what I

call the Keystone gift that God has

given every person as the gift of

generosity and I just want to take a

moment because as we started talking

about that last week

some of y’all was quiet and stiff and

just sitting there just I don’t want to

even nod my head because that may mean I

have to be generous after this people

were just but but God told me he said

whenever you talk about money and

generosity it’s heart surgery and people

don’t move and a man when there’s heart

surgery they’re sedated and last week a

lot of us were sedated because God came

for our heart because where our treasure

is our heart will be so when we start

talking about doing random acts of

kindness and giving a special offering

and every everybody just sedated just

like just Lord to work on my heart Lord

but I’m so proud of you and I want to

say that as a pastor because many times

we go on to the next thing but I want to

say I’m so proud of you because we’re

taking actual steps to move in our faith

towards being generous and doing those

things and we gave out random acts of

kindness cards last week and I’ve heard

of so many people going and doing random

acts of kindness one person told me that

God put it on their heart to give their

neighbor a hundred dollars and the woman

started bawling and crying and saying

how much God meant that that $100 could

have been honest

shoes that were to get scuffed but that

hundred dollars went into an act of

kindness that may be the thing to make

somebody’s heart soft enough to receive

Jesus we talked about giving up parking

spaces how many people tried to give up

a parking space this week listen to

people three people okay listen

look God’s still working on somebody say

guys still working on me he’s still

working on yeah but we’re talking about

doing random things that may be the hope

somebody else needs to keep going and

I’m so proud of you Church because we’ve

been doing that the other thing I’m

super excited about you just heard Jules

say it but I got to reiterate it to you

y’all we were able by your generosity

and your commitment to come outside of

yourself in the Christmas season we were

able to impact over 200 children’s lives

yesterday oh we can give God praise with

that with toys and we partnered with

Kirk of the hills another Church in the

city because we believe in unity as well

as organization that helps people get

toys for parents who were in prison and

we were able to make impact and

transformation in somebody else’s life

because we were everybody say generous

and then we get to step further into

this next week in the season where some

of us are trying to figure out how to do

all of these other things God said I

really want to check your heart in the

season that it bears my name in Christ

Tomas I want to check your heart and the

only way I can check your heart is by

asking you to give a legacy offering to

give an offering to my house and God’s

the one thing the two things I told God

when I started ministry I said God I’ll

do whatever you ask but I won’t lose my

family I won’t sacrifice my family for

ministry and I said number two I won’t

fight with money and literally for three

and a half years God has supernaturally

provided because we have obeyed him and

so today I’m not up here doing something

because the church needs money this has

been the best fiscal year of generosity

and giving that our church has ever had

oh we can give God pray that’s that’s

that’s that’s you this is this is not

about money but part of my opportunity

as your pastor is give you opportunities

to grow in your faith

and next week some of y’all are gonna be

out of town and different things are

gonna happen and all this other stuff

God’s putting it out there I want this

church to sow a seed to realign your

heart for my house and for the vision

that I’m going to do through this church

and so we’re not asking for amounts or

asking for anything we want you to pray

pray about it pray about and whatever

God says to do do that we’ve made it

very simple you can go online you can do

it some of y’all just need to get it

done now you just think that can’t wait

till next week cuz I know there’s a sale

that makes these tomorrow and do it if

you go online you just go to where it

says legacy or on the app and you give

whatever God tells you and I promise you

look at me I promise you if you obey God

you can never ever beat God giving ever

he’s looking for a heart because he

gives seed to the sower

so church I’m excited because we get to

rise to another occasion and build our

faith next week it doesn’t matter your

color your socioeconomic class if you’re

a college student there was a story in

the Bible that talked about people

giving hundreds of thousands of dollars

worth of gift and a woman walked up to

the box and gave two pennies and Jesus

was sitting there watching what they

were giving and because Jesus watched

what we give like don’t be don’t be

fooled like he know everything

he was watching what they were giving

and he said stop this woman has just

given a greater gift than anybody

because it was not about amounts it was

about sacrifice so I encourage you hear

from God let him see you and let’s go

unwrapped at a whole nother level amen

amen amen

so today we’re gonna take it a step

further so I started thinking about okay

God how are we going unwrap this thing

some more like let’s let’s peel this

back one more time he said Michael I

can’t unwrap them any more until you

give them permission and I was like give

him permission to do what he said people

are waiting for permission not to just

have a gift

cuz everybody knows you have a gift how

many people know that there’s something

that God has uniquely designed you to do

it may not be developed yet it may not

be the best yet but how many people know

that you have some type of gift okay

hands all over the building okay

some people like I’m confused about my

gift right now it’s okay we’re gonna

help you with that but this is what I

want to talk to you about today and I’m

so excited because I feel like some

people are gonna be unlocked the title

of my message today is very simply is I

mean this is so simple but it’s gonna

free somebody my gift is worth investing

in yeah my gift is worth investing in

because many of us have gifts that are

undeveloped unrefined and have never

been invested in and so they are sitting

in a place in a space that is not the

fullness and we’re judging our gifts

based on an undeveloped state and I

begin to think he said Michael my people

need to know I’ve placed things on the

inside of them not for them to leave

them at that place but for them to get

tools use resources get around people to

develop those gifts into the greatest

and the maximum potential that they can

be in somebody’s say my gift is worth

investing in you said it like you don’t

believe it

but passing like this job and these

bills you know how many kids I have I

missed that season Pastor Mike if it was

gonna happen I should have done it then

I mean these are the things that we

might not say out loud but these are the

thing I’m sitting here looking at people

in this room who are amazing at

communication but you don’t talk to

nobody I’m sitting here that our Pro

food prolific writers but you don’t even

have a book in your drawer at your house

with any notes on it I’m sitting here in

this room with people who are gifted in

encouragement but you’ve been so

discouraged that you won’t even use your

gift I’m sitting in this room right now

cuz I can feel it thank you Holy Spirit

I’m sitting in this room

with people right now who are nurturers

by trade like literally if somebody gets

hurt you don’t even have to know them

but your natural reaction is to go and

nurture them that’s a gift see the world

would tell you if your gift is not

dribbling a basketball down the court

and you the 7-foot which nobody in here

is or or your your your prolific or the

only it’s not a gift unless it’s

exclusive and that’s a lie

your gift doesn’t have to be exclusive

your gift has to be distinctive that’s

good your gift doesn’t have to be on the

only one who does this no it just has to

be distinct to you your DNA your life

experience is what God has placed in you

you have a gift and your gift is worth

investing in I’m sitting in here with

some of the most creative people in art

in fashion in music some people that

have a knack for seeing details like you

can walk into a place and you can just

see everything that needs to be

corrected tweaked turned some people

call that OCD God might call it your

gift see don’t let the world label you

because they don’t understand what God’s

put you here for so in one season what

may be a deficiency in another season is

your expertise but if we don’t see it

correctly and we don’t invest in that

gift we will literally call what God has

placed in us that is special something

that we need to get rid of you know how

many people I’ve looked at and they’re

judging their gift based on the

undeveloped state how many of us would

judge a life a person’s life at three

years old because if I judged my

daughter at three years old I did well

she’s a failure

she’s still patties on herself sometimes

she doesn’t eat all her food her diet

consists of fruit snacks and macaroni

and she like if I judged her based on a

forming state if I didn’t invest in her

if she didn’t get investing in herself

then she probably would be there but

because she’s going to be exposed to

things and her environment is going to

continue to allow her to learn new

things and people are gonna speak life

into her and her gift is worth investing


and I came to dispel the lie I’m kind of

fired up today because I hate seeing

people in a paralytic position in life

you’re paralyzed I work this job I go

home I watch Netflix

chill live life for the weekend go to

church they got married like

and we’re living life paralyzed to

purpose like I know you got a career but

you have a purpose like like like I know

you spent eight years doing that but is

that what God created you to do come on

see College don’t teach you this type of

stuff and honestly parents you are the

reason why we are messed up so much it’s

parents fault because because you played

it safe in your life you decided not to

cultivate the gifts that your kid had so

you told them to play it safe so you

told them get good education go to

school get a good job settled there and

I said I never created you to even do

this yeah I want you to have resources

to help you discover and unearth and

bring out the gift that I gave you but I

never called you you know you a CEO and

you working in this but you always work

there cuz you’ve never invested in your

gift so today I came to give you

permission if we’re gonna be unwrapped

as a church and don’t try to figure it

all out right now you just first need to

have the faith to know that I’m worth

investing in what God has placed in me

it’s worth me going to school for that

it’s worth me getting a mentor for that

it’s worth me starting to try and see

look at the yep my gift is worth by the

end of this message there’s gonna be

something on the inside of you that’s

gonna have you questioning everything


well when do I need to move right now

God is amazed it time is it because

until you wake up the dreamer the

visionary the you’re not too old you

haven’t missed it but my Bible says that

all things

even my delay even me having to focus

this season on my kids even that

divorced all things work together gather

for those who are called in that love it

that means that everything got placed in

you he still wants it out well when I

was young I used to he said and when

you’re old you gone to oh I’m sorry I

know that was country and Ebonics but

I’m just feeling a little ignant today

okay I’m just I’m just tell me well what

whoa whoa in this season I was I could

have and God said if you trust me you

will your gift is worth investing in can

I help you your career and your gift are

not synonymous some of y’all are in

professions right now for payment you’re

not in a profession for purpose and

you’re so locked in to how this happens

that you won’t even pray for God to show

you a plan if he can deliver the

children of Israel out of slavery you

don’t think he could deliver you from

FedEx if he can literally make a way out

of no way for Daniel in the lion’s den

you don’t think that he can deliver you

from Wall Street I serve a god that

makes ways out of no ways I serve a god

that looked at what he placed in me and

said if you’ll let me I’ll let it come

out I’ll bring it up my gift is worth

investing in but until you believe it

nobody can make you believe it when you

have people telling you Bank you really

should you really shouldn’t you know no

I just know there’s some people I just

want to walk up to with the most holiest

intentions it’s just like have you ever

met somebody who’s super gifted like and

you wish you could just like like y’all

know I see mermaid I wish I was Ursula

in the Little Mermaid and they can start


and their voice come out and it comes to

meet young John Cena Little Mermaid yo

y’all faith like it’s just the host XE

but like if you could transfer their

gifts to you me this is the thing God

told me about that he said Michael you

feel that about somebody else but

somebody feels that about you the things

that you’re wishing you could get from

somebody else somebody else is watching

things that you do that you’ve

discounted and they’re saying if I could

just be organized like that if I could

just use my hands like that if I and God

said that’s why I’ve asked you to

develop you and invest in you somebody

just say it like you mean I’m worth

investing in say it like this my gift is

worth investing in I need y’all to get

that because I’m gonna take you to my

first point that you have to understand

if you’re gonna realize that your gift

is worth investing in and you’re gonna

begin to be unwrapped is that your gift

is different that’s the first thing I

want to tell you you need to believe my

gift is different in a world of extremes

and sameness that’s what our culture

tells us they either you have to be this

extreme crazy person over here on the

side doing crazy stuff that everybody’s

looking at or you have to be the same as

everybody else

God celebrates diversity and gifts

everybody’s not supposed to be on the

platform that’s why I hate how church

makes it be like you need to be a pastor

there are more pastors that should not

be pastors out here because because but

it’s we’ve glorified this position we’ve

glorified and God say no no I need some

of y’all to prophesy I need some of

y’all to serve I need some of y’all to

be apostles and go out and start doing

other stuff don’t glorify one thing I

love diversity look at every face in

this room God loves diversity and so I

want you to just say this it’s gonna be

kind of like therapy today cuz some of

y’all’s gifts been so wrapped up we’re

gonna unwrap them just say my gift is

different I want you to look at your

neighbor and say it to them say my gift

is different than yours

say this – my gift is needed no tell

somebody some of y’all look at my gift

is needed like look at somebody and say

my gift is needed now now take it

another level say my gift is special and

I want you to just take it to that that

next level right here and I want you to

say it like this say my gift makes us

better when the less time you celebrated

your unique gifts when’s the last time

that you you say you know what I I’m


on purpose y’all nasty y’all messy but

God has given me the gift of organ

enough to encourage people I love to

serve people your gift is different on

purpose I’ll prove it to you look at the

Bible where it says in Romans chapter 12

verse 4 and this is so beautiful it says

just as our bodies have many parts and

each part has a special function so it

is with Christ’s body we are many parts

of one body and we all belong to each

other is my favorite part

so in His grace God has given us

everybody say it with me

different gifts he’s given us different

gifts for doing certain things well this

freed me because there is something that

intrinsically comes more naturally to

you than it does to me that’s your gift

Pastor Mike what’s my gift what comes

natural what is that thing that you

don’t even have to think about that that

when you do it and when you see it when

you hear it when you feel it there’s

something you may have discounted it so

your perspective may be a little off

right now but that thing that you do

naturally just it just comes out of you

that’s a gift it might not make a bunch

of money in an undeveloped stage but

it’s a gift I think about I think about

my lead executive assistant director Bri

she literally has a gear

to organize things and structure things

I don’t have that gift this church would

not be here today without her gift

because I’d be on the corner preaching

everybody come and I preach for five

hours and hour and I would be excited

and everybody we’d be broke because I

would be in the gave everybody a t-shirt

I would have done all kinds of stuff but

when she comes in and looks at a

situation she sees it she assesses it

and naturally what comes out of her is

the plan what now truly comes out of me

as the encouragement you can do this is

how we’re gonna do it but we need each

other to be able to be the fullness of

what God has called us to be this is

what I’m saying

your gift wrapped is making the whole

body suffer like like you not being who

you were created to be is making us all

of us weaker and you think it’s

preserving yourself and all you’re

making all of us worse because you won’t

develop what God’s given you the if my

hand stopped work decided to divorce my

body and stop working they would call me

disabled because a member of my body

will not function with my body

what does the body of Christ look like

right now

a bunch of people with functions special

functions that are not working together

and not developing so that we can become

everything God’s called us to be and

this is what God wants us to really

realize and I was in my prayer time and

I was just going through this and God

said Michael I want you not to do this

don’t ignore what God has engineered

don’t ignore the way he puts you

together don’t discount how he developed

you because it is a piece of the body

that we need look at description Paul

goes on to say so if God is giving you

the ability to prophesy speak out with

as much faith as God has give

you verse seven if you have a gift of

serving others serve them well then if

you’re a teacher you got to teach if

your gift is to can encourage everybody

boy you better encourage them if it is

giving give generously if God has given

you leadership ability take that

responsibility seriously and if you have

the gift of showing kindness to others

do it gladly Paul goes on a rant right

here you say y’all sitting over here I

can’t I can’t stand these gifted people

sitting up here not using their gifts

can you serve can you prophesy

can you teach do it can you encourage do

it can you give generously do it can you

be kind do it and he literally could

have listed all kinds of things I’m here

on a rant this morning too can you so do

it can you love do it can you take care

of children naturally like it’s your do

it can you sing do it can you play do it

can you organize do it

can you exegete the Bible do it whatever

God has given you do it because God

cannot unwrap which you are unwilling to

develop oh my god he cannot present to

the world an uncooked meal and some of

y’all sitting here’s so wrong just just

God why why am I not ready to be elevate

you wrong

like nobody nobody wants to eat this

undeveloped this if you got the iPhone

in in in in developmental stage you

would give it back cuz it doesn’t work

yet and God wants to unwrap you but he

wants you to be responsible for your


Oh God okay help me Lord that’s why

James 1:17 look at it says every good

and perfect gift comes from above it

comes down from the father of the

heavenly lights who does not change like

shifting shadows every person listening

to me has a unique gift and your gift is

to complete us and we we’ve said all of

those things but I need you to hear it

like this your gift is not to compete

your gift is to complete see if my hand

started being mad at my foot because my

foot gets to touch the ground all the

time what would happen is I would have

war within the same body and they

wouldn’t work together and what God is

saying is I am so amazed and everybody

else’s gift in the world but I can’t

compete with you

because I was not made for the same

function as you that’s why when I see TD

jakes and Steven Furtick and all those

other people I used to have an issue

even up to this last week I mean the

Holy Spirit had to convict me on

something listen I’m not sitting up here

perfect I’m sitting up here progressing

and God said listen those people are

there to help you become who you are but

if you start putting your focus and your

eyes on them to compete you’ll never

complete what I asked you to do see some

of y’all are so focused out here that

you won’t work right here you’re looking

out here and you won’t put your eyes on

what God has placed you to do and until

you stop competing and you start

completing your gift is undeveloped and

God can’t use you the way he wants to

use you and so I’m asking us to know

that our gift my gift no matter how big

or small it’s worth investing in because

this is really the revelation gift does

not equal giftedness let me explain if

somebody gives me a guitar I got a gift

it is a undeveloped gift

so if somebody asked me to play an a

minor or a D flat or anything I can’t

get up here and lead us through praise

and worship because I have not become

gifted and the gift I’ve been given and

God has given gifts but we are

responsible to become gifted this is

something nobody told me but I want to

help you God never gives fruit he only

gives seeds here what I’m saying to you

today he asked us in Genesis 1:28 to be

fruitful first command to humanity and

multiply but he didn’t give them a lemon

or an apple he gave them a seed so until

now what God you mean cuz you don’t tell

us to be fruitful but you’re only gonna

give us our gift in seed form and it

doesn’t just work with this he gives

wives and husbands in seed form – oh you

know this was gonna be marriage

counseling – but you thought you married

the finished version the fruitful

version of no you married the seed baby

you married the seat and it’s up to you

to start developing and cultivating and

bringing out who they are supposed to be

I promise you that’s why most people get

divorced it’s cuz they realized six

months into oh I’m married – see I did

not marry the fruit but that’s why

people get married ten times because

they haven’t figured out the equation

you’ll never marry fruit fruit and

marriage doesn’t exists only seeds and

he gives it to his people to cultivate

the same way with your gift you have a

musical inclination and you can do

things better yeah I just play by ear

I’ll just sit down and I’ll play by ear

but take a lesson take a lesson

Paul no bro you know I’m saying when I

get down I’ll just you know

it just comes to me like it’s just you

know I feel it it’s aura and then I get

down and it but God sees you doing movie

scores but because you have not become

gifted you can’t even speak the language

so you can play it but you can’t speak

it so now we got to get this cheque to

somebody else we got to give this

influence to someone else because you

are gift you have a gift but you didn’t

become gifted you didn’t develop it

until it became something that people

were called you for you didn’t work on

it until well I can sing and you in the

shower and you making vine videos and

YouTube stop running

singing don’t straight let’s see how

long you can breathe get a vocal coach

because you do have a gift and we all

see it but a gift is potential and to me

in my life potential is a cuss word

because potential means there’s

something that somebody else can see

that I could be if I would just do it so

people come to you to the bow you’re

full of potential be scared be be be

very aware cuz because you may be on the

verge of being in a place where you have

not developed the gift that God has

placed in your life I’m here to tell you

your gift is different and you have to

start developing your gift can I tell

you one more thing that really helped me

because I see this is where a lot of

people are right now you will be you

will be disappointed if you are looking

for fruit where there is only a seed and

a lot of people are looking for a

develop thing in a place where God says

no that’s all I’m gonna give you I’m

gonna give you the ability to be

encouraging I’m gonna give you this

ability to just have a knack for for

being somebody who can serve you’re a

serving Samurai

I mean you just if anything needs to be

done you’re just like what needs to be

done he said but I’m gonna ask you to

cultivate that gift listen to me walk

with me pray pray and ask me to direct

your steps so that as I move in you

we can just see how this gift can become

and as I started looking at this I

started thinking of a parable in Matthew

25 and I want you to go there right now

because if we’re gonna say you know what

my gift is worth investing in there’s

something God’s place to me that I have

to vest in and then we’re gonna sit here

and we’re gonna say and you know what my

gift is unique it’s different my gift is

different I begin to think okay what we

do have different gifts how are we

supposed to do that because it’s very

hard to not look at my brother and my

sister and think about where I where I

could be if I had their start come on

can we be honest some of us if we if we

got a better start if my parents wasn’t

crazy if if I would have went to the

school they went to or if they would at

least given me an opportunity I I really

could do better God like I really would

be better if you just wiped out the

student loan like like if you would

allow this to get off my net you

understand I could I could really do

something and God showed me the parable

of three sollars in Matthew 25 and I

want us to look at this because I

believe there are truths in the Word of

God that are talking about something

else but their principles that we can be

able to apply everywhere and this

scripture is talking about talents okay

and that was a form of money back in

this time but I think it was a double

entendre as Will Smith would say it’s a

double entendre because this is talking

about gifts and talents and and how God

gives us gifts and gives us things but

we have to do something with them so I

want to see if we can find some truths

about investing in our unique gifts

right here we’re gonna start on Matthew

25 verse 14 it says and the kingdom of

heaven can be illustrated by the story

of a man going on a long trip he called

together his servants and entrusted his

money to them or let’s say a gift to


he gave each of them a gift while he was


he gave five bags of silver or five

gifts to one two gifts to another and

one gift to the last dividing in

proportion to their abilities and then

he left on the trip can I help you with

point number three

my gift is what I can handle now see it

said that he divided it in proportion to

their abilities and the thing that

excited me about that is abilities speak

to this moment this is not talking about

a person’s capabilities capabilities

aren’t looking down the road like he’s

capable of doing this this church is

capable of having five thousand people

in it my business is capable of reaching

but God does not give you gifts

according to your capability because we

would squander it he gives us gifts

according to our ability right now and

this should encourage somebody because

if he started out with five or you

started out with one he’s just talking

about how much you can handle now he’s

not talking about how much you can

always handle and what we do is we get

discouraged what why is why is my gift

the one that’s not on the platform why

is and God said because it’s what you

can handle I’m only going to give you

what you can handle can I help you the

house you have is the house you can

handle the money you have is the money

you can handle uh-oh if I had more money

I would be no no but you’re not handling

the money you have property so a good

investor a good person they’re not going

to give more than what you can handle at

that month the relationship you have is

the one you can handle and until you see

this you won’t realize that it’s funny

if that needs a thank you lord

until you see this though you will be

disappointed because you will be

comparing your gift instead of looking

at God like he’s a loving father can I

help you because I love my children all

my kids are getting cars when they’re

teenagers but I can’t give it to them

now because they can’t handle it I would

be I would be an irresponsible parent to

give my kid what they will have in the

wrong season oh that’s good so if God

gives you the influence in the wrong

season he would be an irresponsible

parent because you can’t handle it I’m

grown but you’re immature and character

your characters immature you have age

but you still get mad at everything like

so God’s telling you he’s saying I want

to develop that so that when I get you

what I’m giving you and this is so good

God still gives you gifts even if you

don’t have a lot of ability right now

cuz he wants to see what you will do

with what he’s given you does everybody

understand that so my gift is what I can

handle now stop thinking that God is

keeping something from you but he’s

keeping you for something this is God’s

will for you and that’s why we have to

develop our gift so then we look at

verse 16 it says the servant who

received the five bags of silver begin

to invest his gift and earn five more

then the servant with two bags of silver

or the servant with two gifts went to

work and earn two more but the servant

who received the one gift dug a hole in

the ground and hid his gift have you dug

a hole in the ground and hid the thing

that God’s called your gift because if

you had today it’s time to unwrap it

because I want to give you this next


that you have to realize is that my gift

is my responsibility to develop Pastor

Mike a door for you your husband or your

wife won’t do it for you and some of us

are sitting there with every excuse in

the world but I love this parable

because it told them that God gave them

a gift but he didn’t give them a game

plan it didn’t say that they all went

and did the same thing and they had he

said I gave you a gift make that gift

work for you the one with five was like

I already know what I’m gonna do I’m a

this is how my mind works

I make t-shirts so what I’m gonna do is

I’m gonna take these five talents and

I’ma buy up every t-shirt I can’t and

I’m gonna put this logo on the top on

the front of it and I’m gonna sell these

t-shirts and I’m gonna flip this gift

until I got more than what I started

with and the other dude with tools like

I think got five but you know what I got

this peanut business my cousin has ankle

injuries so I’m gonna go over there and

I’m gonna take these eight horns and

these walnuts and all the imma make bags

or nuts for people and I’m gonna work my

gift until these two become four and the

one with one thing I didn’t get enough

why did they get picked why did they

have a easier road in school why didn’t

anybody abuse them when they were young

at least it would be playing field even

playing field well why why did I get

stuck with this portion that’s that’s

essentially what we said why is my gift

not like theirs and I need you to hear

me say this the season of excuses is

over like I’m coming to give you

permission nothing that happened to you

can hold you back if you don’t let it

that’s why God says any man that be in

Christ he’s a the old has passed

behold Tata AHA everything’s become new

no more being held back by what happened

or what didn’t happen God is saying if

I’ve given you one gift if you just got

one I need you to do something with the

gift that I’ve given you the problem is

it’s hard to identify value when it’s an

undeveloped gift I don’t know how much

this is worth because I haven’t worked

on it so I could put all my effort and

energy into it but why don’t I play it

safe and put it the effort and energy

into something somebody else is built

and never reach purpose see God knows

what you have but nobody else does and

it’s our job to develop it until people

can see the God in us God told me this

when I was praying he said Michael I

give you a gift but I don’t want it to

stay in that form I need you to grow it

and give it back to me he said I want to

stand and gaze at your gift not squint

at it

oh yeah there it is he wants to be able

oh you took that one idea that I gave

you and you turned it into it you took

that one thing and you turn you took

that nurturing your family and you

turned it into a template that other

people can use to learn how to parent

like you you took you took what I gave

you it did something with it but we over

here with neon signs pointing out our

gift gift here gift here and gods like

where is your singing gift

nice it is

look how undeveloped did it still that

your gift is worth investing in look at

the rest of this story verse 19 after a

long time so the master gave them gifts

went away for a long time the master

returned from his trip and called them

to give account you’re gonna be

accountable for how you use the gifts

God’s given you to give a count of how

they use this money the servant to whom

he had entrusted the five bags of silver

or the five gifts came forward he was

proud father Master you gave your boy

five gifts to invest I did that I’ve

earned five more the master was full of

praise and said well done my good and

faithful I want you to realize that that

same phrase is the phrase that the Bible

tells us that God is going to say when

we get to heaven so this parable is is a

forecast or a story with the truth of

what’s actually going to happen in your

life so he said well done my good and

faithful servant you have been faithful

in handling this small amount wait whoa

hold on the master called

the one with five gifts a small amount

so that means that when I’m here with

one give comparing to somebody with five

gifts the master still sees it essence

so it’s never about where somebody

starts it’s about what they do with what

they’ve been given God is not saying and

holding somebody to another standard

because they started out with more he’s

saying what did you do with what I’ve

given you I just want you to realize

that the one that has more than you

starting out doesn’t have more to you in

God’s eyes it’s all about what we do

with it

he said let’s celebrate it together

because I’m gonna give you more

responsibilities verse 22 the servant

who had received the two gifts came and

said master you gave me two bags of

silver to invest and I’ve earned two

more the master said the same thing well

done my good and faithful servant you

have been faithful in handling the small

amount so now I will give you more

responsibilities let’s turn up together

verse 24 then the servant will one gift

came and say hey master

man you know what you’re looking good

looking good man since the last time I

seen you you know I knew you was a harsh

man I knew it harvesting you know I’m

saying where you didn’t plan and

gathering crops where you didn’t

cultivator and you know honestly if I

can have a hot moment I was afraid I

would lose your gift I I was afraid that

the gift wouldn’t make the impact that

it could have made I was afraid to

actually believe and have faith enough

to use my gift and so I hid it in the

earth I hid it behind personality I hid

it behind insecurities I hid it behind

what other people said I couldn’t do and

my background I hid it and so he I mean

I don’t know if you still want it but

here’s your gift back here’s my talent

here’s here’s that speaking ability that

you gave me that was undeveloped

nothing’s changed here you go let me

dust it off

here here’s here’s I know you called me

to change my family and and and and

break the general generational curse of

poverty but I never stepped out and I

didn’t give generously and I didn’t I

didn’t use my gift of giving I just

played it safe so here here’s back that

gift you tried to give me but I didn’t

develop and use here you go and look at

the master to reply you wicked and lazy

servant now that scares me then no I’m

dead serious like when people talk about

the fear of God that scares me that I

would get face to face with God and his

first words wouldn’t be son serving my

man it would be you wicked and lazy

servant I gave you some I sent you to

earth to give that to the world and you

hid it I didn’t I didn’t call ya you

made a million dollars but yeah you made

fifty million dollars but that’s not

what I purposed you for I purposed you

to bring the cure to that one family

that’s what your job was was to be a

gift to that family and you are wicked

and you’re lazy because you did not do

what I asked you to do with what I gave

you so give it back y’all that won’t be

true for you in this room because your


you’re gonna begin to invest in it

you’re gonna begin to look at what God

is giving you not as a curse but you’re

gonna ask God show me okay cuz I’m not

gonna be called wicked ain’t lazy that’s

that’s too much for me can you please

show me how I can use my gift and look

they said but the master replied you

wicked and lazy servant if you knew I

harvested crops I didn’t plant and you

knew I gathered crops I didn’t cultivate

if you knew I wanted to return on my

investment why didn’t you deposit my

money in a bank well why wouldn’t you at

least use your gift on a low level like

why wouldn’t you at least go and and use

it in a place where nobody will notice

you but you could have you could have


something with your gift he said because

at least I could have gotten some

interest on it my last point my gift

must be giving back with interest if

you’re gonna be unwrapped God didn’t

give you a gift to come back but the

same amount that he gave you somebody

asked me the other day said what’s your

what’s your purpose in life like what

what do you feel like success is coz you

know culture defines success and all

that and and he said what is your what

is your idea of success and boy I just

came out of me it said literally I want

to give God back double what he gave me

that would be success like if the gifts

that I know he placed in me for speaking

and music and Holly if I could give him

back double what he placed inside of me

I got it and now I got scripture backing

for it I didn’t know where it came from

but the one with five he got ten the one

with two he brought back for the one

with one only had to bring back two and

he would have been considered a good and

faithful servant he didn’t have to bring

back to him he only had to bring back

two and I’m asking you will you take the

one gift the two gifts the five gifts

that God has given you and can you just

double it can you work on it long enough

can you get a coach can you get a

teacher can you find somebody around you

to mentor you can you do something so

you can double it for so many people

look at what he will you only got one

time I did some research that one talent

and that day is equal now to almost 1

million dollars so imagine the parable

went like this

God gave somebody 5 million 2 million

and 1 million could you do something

special with 1 million dollars I know I


so it was not about amounts about it was

about willingness to invest and what God

had given them just as the master

expects his servants to do more than

passively preserve what has been

entrusted to them that’s what he’s

asking from all of us

don’t passively preserve your gifts

unwrapped them use them discover them

cultivate them grow them water them it’s

not too late if your gift is worth

investing in this is the key phrase that

the Holy Spirit said he said Michael

these servants were given enough to

produce more and you have enough right

now to produce more if you don’t have it

you don’t need it you have enough right

now to produce more this whole time that

I’ve been standing up here I’ve had a

gift in my pocket that somebody gave me

had a balloon and this gift from one of

the people in the children’s area is how

God gives you your gifts this is what it

looks like here make something out of

this and if I leave it here and I bury

it and then I give it back to God like

this he calls me wicked and evil but he

said if you would just invest in it it’s

already more than it ever had been

before because I put my breath my energy

my activity my sacrifice and he said why

don’t you get a teacher why don’t you

get a mentor why don’t you find somebody

who’s doing better than you in the field

or in the calling that God has have and

serve them don’t ask for a paycheck just

serve them

what happens is you begin to invest in

your gift and then it’s hard to bury a

gift that’s developed it’s hard I could

keep investing in this and then when I

try to hide it this is why people pick

people that are gifted because even when

they try to hide their gift you can

still see it yes you cannot hide a

developed gift you can try I’m gonna

keep investing in it nobody’s gonna see

me I’m like David in the field I’m

investing and so when they look around

and the uncircumcised philistine is

making remarks about your God and you

gift it but you’ve developed it on the

backside of a mountain and nobody is

seeing you but you woke up and you’re

just sitting there like what who is this

uncircumcised philistine you can’t hide

a developed gift your gift is worth

investing in but it’s so easy to stop

and too high

what’s undeveloped God wants to unwrap

you and he wants you to invest in your

gifts father I pray that you spoke today

and God I thank you that you’ve given us

gifts from your great variety of

spiritual gifts I thank you that my gift

is different god I thank you that then I

understand that I’m responsible for this

gift that I have to develop but God

today is a church we’re just saying we

need your help

God I need your help to develop all that

you’ve placed in me come on that needs

to be somebody’s prayer right now God

needs your help God cause life and

society and I tried before and it didn’t

work and I did all these things but God

I need your help and I’m asking you to

do something so that I won’t live 2018

wrapped up but I’ll become unwrapped

you will get how to me what you put in

me and more and I declare it and I

believe it because that’s what you’re

calling for God my gift is worth

investing in in Jesus name Amen