God wants to fill you with joy and peace so that you can overflow with confident hope! Before we walk in overflow we must know that trust in God as our Source is the prerequisite. With a powerful illustration, Pastor Mike walks us through how to stay in position for overflow; picking our source (God), picking your size (faith), picking your stance and picking your story. We pray that this message encourages you to not only stay close to The Source, but be surrendered so that you can receive the fullness that God has for you! Scripture References: Romans 15:13a NLT Romans 15:13b NLT Ephesians 3:20 NLT 1 Kings 18:21 NIV Matthew 6:24 BSB Matthew 16:26 NLT Matthew 9:28-30 NKJV Isaiah 40:31 KJV 2 Kings 2:9-11 NIV 00:33 – Sermon starts 02:47 – Romans chapter 15 verse 13a NIV 03:50 – Trust is the prerequisites to overflow 07:28 – Romans chapter 15 verse 13b NIV 07:47 – The Holy Spirit is the facilitator of the overflow 12:05 – Overflow is a principle of God’s presence 18:38 – Ephesians chapter 3 verse 20 NLT 20:14 – Overflow comes with options 25:36 – The power of overflow is in staying in position 31:57 – How to stay in position for Overflow: 1. Pick you source (God) 39:17 – How to stay in position for Overflow: 2. Pick your size (faith) 40:12 – Matthew chapter 6 verse 24 BSB 53:10 – How to stay in position for Overflow: 3. Pick your stance (steady) 56:18 – How to stay in position for Overflow: 4. Pick your story 01:06:50 – Romans chapter 15 verse 13 NIV 01:11:49 – The opposite of empty is overflow Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Let us know so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ: http://transformchurch.us/saved

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at Transformation Church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

haven’t yet make sure you take a moment

subscribe to the YouTube channel not for

us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the best yourday I hope

it blesses you anybody ready for the

word this

morning all right some of y’all be like

this church service has already been

enough I’m okay I’m over stimulated

ready to go home give me 45

minutes cuz I I believe that one thing

that we have to do is always worship on

the word right I don’t ever want to sing

songs that don’t make sense when I was

young I used to sing a bunch of songs

that I had no idea what it meant I love

the Melody I love the music everybody

got up but there were songs that I would

sing that had no actual bearing on my

soul and it wasn’t until I got older

sometimes I’d hear those songs again and

be like oh shoot I don’t feel no ways

tired I wasn’t tired as a

kid I was energetic I was bad I was but

now got four kids I’ll be tired

there’s things that I like I I

understand so as we release songs and

God gives us the the grace to do it I’m

supposed to encourage your faith around

a message that stems from the music God

gave us and let me be very clear God

gave us these songs he let us borrow

them these weren’t ideas that we were

coming up with what rhymes with the

Overflow no these were things that God

said this is what I want for my people

to declare when they feel


overflow this is what I want them to

declare when the bank account is


overflow this is what I want them to

declare when their relationships feel

empty overflow y’all still ain’t got it

this is what I want them to declare when

all their friends have left them because

they begin to follow God

over God is saying to his people that

this is a season of

over and so

today for everybody that has an ear to

hear Let Them hear cuz today I’m going

to teach you how to live in the Overflow

watch this Romans

15:13 this is some nasty Bible right

here it says I pray that God the source

of Hope

will F you everybody say this next word

completely completely say it like you

mean it completely I hope that he will

fill you

completely with

joy and peace how many people want God

to fill you completely with joy and

peace I mean something goes bad

joyful everybody leave

peaceful I got a lot joyful I ain’t got


peaceful I pray that God the source of

Hope will fill you completely with joy

and peace uh-oh there’s a

because anytime you see a because that

means you got to do

something and look at the because right

here I want him to fill you completely

with joy and peace because you trust in

him Point number one trust is the

prerequisite to


sir most most of us really don’t trust

God so we live at a place that don’t

even feel halfway filled

up there’s no way that we can live in

the Overflow watch this if we not at


full yes sir hear what I just said yes

sir full comes before overflow and most

of us live at empty yeah yeah did you

hear what I just said some of us need to

to be saying I want to live in the

fool not to overflow yet yeah yeah

because if you could just get

full it would be a place that you’ve

never felt but God’s saying to us

through this scripture that he doesn’t

just want us to be fool he wants us to

live in the what over so trusting God is

the prerequisite to the Overflow my

question to you today is did you trust

God God when the flow is

slow come on let’s be honest you get a

raise you get a new

car fames clicking in all

cylinders oh man I just trust God wow oh


god oh he’s been so

good so

faithful ah just nothing can bring me


cuz God you are a

rock my

foundation and then you lose the

job and the baby mama start tripping on

you sideways and this is your kid and I

promise I will like and they

start I don’t know what this

does and and and your friends they’re no

longer there to check on you and and

then God has you in a season of stepping

out on something you you’re good at

other things you ain’t even good at

this the flow becomes slow and what ends

up happening there is we start making


up I’m convinced that most of our Pro

problems come from not staying still

when God is

still when he gets still we get busy

yeah yeah yeah and we end up dealing

with things we were never meant to even

encounter cuz we like God I mean I

thought I thought I was going to be

married by now hold on these things

these things is getting fewer and

fewer and I’m supposed to have four kids

y’all know what I’m talking about I need

Lord what is you doing okay well there’s

a man hello Amazon

man would you like a drink of

water you look so famish out there okay

no God I’m going just stop right

there what I’m what I’m saying is God

was telling you to be still cuz he was

still Point that’s not on when God is


be still

and that he’s that takes everybody say

trust TR and if you want to live in the

Overflow the prerequisite is trusting

look at this Romans 15:13 it goes on to

say it says because you trust him he

says then you will

overflow with confident hope through the

power of the Holy Spirit Point number

two the holy spirit is the facilitator

of the

Overflow if you do not take your

Christian walk beyond God and

Jesus you miss the power of the Holy

Spirit I can feel the tension right now

Jesus is all I need Jesus

said it’s better that I

go cuz when I leave here and go sit at

the right hand of the father and make

intercession for you every day I will

send another one his name is Holy Spirit

and he will be the comforter he will be

the one to lead and guide you into all

truth he’s your Advocate when you get in

trouble the holy spirit says uhuh shut

your mouth I’m defending him

he’s if you want to live in the Overflow

you have to embrace the person of the


spirit because it said the power is

going to come from the holy spirit for

you to live in the Overflow so you want

to have an overflow of love the holy

spirit’s going to have to help you with

that cuz your natural desire is going to

be an overflow of slaps

or an overflow of

cusses I don’t even know if that’s right

cusses or an overflow of Gossip or O

come on let’s be honest we’re still in


flesh the Overflow I want to give you

going to make you want to go cry to your

mother but when the Holy Spirit takes

over and he’s like sh but God I

can matter of fact go pray for him oh no

you didn’t no you didn’t no you didn’t

ask me to pray for that

coochie come on let’s be honest that’s

real that’s real and then watch this I’m

going obey you God cuz I said yes Lord

Lord I hope that hoochie don’t die like

what that is not a good prayer but it’s

a start okay progression over Perfection

I’m just

saying the only thing that can make you

do what the Bible says love your enemy

turn the other cheek

there’s only one name it’s the Holy

Spirit and so what I want you to know is

the Overflow is

possible the Overflow is is is is

preceded by trust and the Overflow is

facilitated by the holy spirit so today

I I want to let you know that when I

talk about the Overflow it really is

just being in God’s

presence when we said the line all that

I need is in the Overflow it’s like when

I’m close to God I get

everything that comes with

God God is his number one characteristic

is what

love so when I’m around God when I’m in

his word cuz that’s God speaking when

I’m in his presence when I’m worshiping

when I’m praying when I’m communicating

in that place there is an

overflow of what he is great you ever

been around somebody who

stink they have an overflow of

odor wow or have you ever worked in like

a a a fast food restaurant that had a

particular grease or smell that they

worked in you can not have touched

it but just had been in the atmosphere

and go into a new atmosphere some

like who been around ticking

or you be like my mom used to she raised

five boys and she she’d be like what of

y’all smell like

outside D what what does that mean I was

outside anybody else’s parents told them

they smell like

outside I

mean but but it wasn’t that whatever we

were doing necessarily made us come in

contact with that thing it was just the

Overflow of the environment

when you get in the presence of God

there is an

overflow of the environment the things

that he comes with and what I’m telling

you is write this point down overflow is

a principle of God’s

presence if God is there overflow is

there he can’t help it it’s who he is

when he was literally in the beginning

looking at nothing it could have just

been nothing cuz he was still God

he said you know what I need to do

something more than this and out of his

love he begin to create and we still

have fish in the ocean right now that no

man has ever

seen based off of one word of creation

by our God and we still can’t find

every not just the Overflow for us to

eat fish that would have been

food but he said I’mma put colors and

sizes and fin types and noses and little

things that twinkle at night cuz they so

low and I’ll put light in fish come


God I’m trying to let you know that it

is in our God’s nature not to just give

us a horse but give us a giraffe no make

his neck longer

like I mean what we we need is never do

y’all hear what I’m

saying why do why do we need certain

things he said they don’t need it I need

creation to

speak for me when they think I can I run

out but Lord like I don’t know what I’m

going to eat look at the

birds which species try to name all of

them you can’t because I my nature is

more than what you need

I just need you to understand the Our

God if he shows up more than enough


up not barely enough not just enough not

just meeting the need he says I will

have all that you need plus

some we serve a god of the

Overflow and the reason I have to say it

like that is because you make believe it

in a church context but you don’t

believe it in the way you

live you don’t believe it in the way you

handle your

money you stingy but you call him

Gyra and you know it says he’ll give

seed to the

swer but you don’t believe he lives in

overflow cuz you’re dependent on the job

to give you

money but every job on this Earth is a

resource it is not the source

but you get to decide what your source

is and until you decide that he is my

source you’ll never understand it’s his

nature to give you the Overflow let me

just give you a few examples in the word

that you can go and study do y’all

remember the story I told y’all last

week about Peter and them casting the

Nets on the other side of the boat after

they fished all night the thing we don’t

think about is Peter he was so

overwhelmed that he just ran to see

Jesus do you know what his Partners was

doing collect and

fish cuz all they they fished all night

and didn’t catch nothing if they would

have caught four

fish they would have been

excited the Bible said they caught 153


practically that is so much work to get

all them fish in this little boat in the

Nets and they don’t break God said I

just need to prove to them my

instruction will cause them to have work

for years yeah yeah yeah yeah you missed

it you you completely missed it if they

obey me I’ll allow them to live in

the y’all remember when there were

people there and and there was a big

Revival happening on a side of a

mountain and the disciples said you know

what the people are probably hungry and

he looks at the disciples and say y’all

feed him and he said we don’t have

nothing to feed him and then one of the

disciples said well one of the uh boys

over there got a Long John Silver snack

pack with uh with with a few hush

puffies and some fish he said sit the

people down in groups and he multiplied

yeah I want he multiplied a Long John

Silver Snack

Pack to feed over 20,000 people with

women and children most theologians


believe that would have been the most



ever but everybody misses the most

important part there was steal 12

baskets yeah yeah yeah yes sir yes

sir the God I serve specializes in the

Overflow why did he have them 12

baskets many theologians believed that

one of them were for each of the

disciples to let them know you’ll never

serve and be left out oh God okay I I

got to move cuz good his first miracle

was an overflow Miracle y’all remember

it he was just at the party like trying

not to

dance and Mary was like

Jesus no I’m just

I’m Jesus uh they done ran out of

wine he was like Mom what what do I have

to do with that my time has not come

woman that’s what it says she who you

talking to Woman she don’t even talk to

Jesus no more look at the Bible this how

I see the B she don’t even talk hey

y’all do whatever he said he about to do

something he about to do a miracle he

about to turn water into wine Jesus like

goly he went to an empty

place and he didn’t just give them water

it would have been Miracle to just fill

it up with water

again but what he did was he turned it

into the to the wine that was like hold

on y’all kept the good

stuffff to the end that’s what Mary was

saying cuz we serve a god of

of I think you get the point that’s why

Ephesians 3:20 says now unto him who is

Able by his mighty power at work

within to accomplish infinitely more

than we might

watch this ask or think it’s the god of


O even in the Garden of even I started

thinking about

this why don’t he just give them two

trees the one you can’t eat from the one

you can’t eat

from he makes a

garden there are so many trees in this

garden and literally tells them you can

only not eat from one of them which lets

me know you can live in the Overflow and

be focused on what you are not supposed


do yeah yeah

yeah how in the world I got a whole

Forest of

fruit and I get tricked into focusing on

the one thing that God Who provided me

with everything told me I can’t

have wow see this is what I need

everybody to know as I’m talking about

the Overflow cuz I believe some of y’all

about to step into a place of faith that

things are about to just start happening

I don’t know where this group of people

is but if you believe by faith I need

you to hear me listen I need to give you

instructions cuz the Overflow does not

come without

opposition let me tell you the

opposition of overflow watch this

overflow comes with

options and some of y’all only obey God

cuz you don’t have no options

ooh we I’m in your business you Faithful

cuz ain’t nobody been looking at

you I’m about to call somebody ugly

I only reason you Faithful is cuz nobody

been checking for you but get your

little body R in get a little money get

your little something and oh look at you

way you like what’s Up’s up girl up and


y your name is the Wayne you cross off

my bad I’m what I’m saying to you is

sometimes the only reason you’re

faithful is because the lack of

options only reason you committed to the

church is cuz nobody else will let you


nothing God okay the only the only the

only reason you pray is because if you

don’t get an answer from God yeah then

you have no other

option but can you stay in the lane or

in the flow of

God when you have

options will you stay at the job when

there’s a higher paying one

available oh I’m talking cuz you think

every upgrade is a blessing and some of

them are a

test no we’ll pay you benefits and move

you here and do all that other stuff and

God told your butt to stay right where

you at but if it wasn’t God why did why

would he allow it to

happen because many times God is trying

to see where your heart is cuz many

times our lips are far from him our lips

and our heart say two different things

and and what I’m saying to you is when

you live in the Overflow get ready for

options but when you have options you

have to be watch this

obedient I could spend a whole sermon

right I really should shouldn’t I I

should stay right there people don’t

understand how my life changed over the

past 10 years if somebody would say what

is the greatest thing that changed in

your life


options that’s all that’s changed in my

life as I got options now and God does

not remove the options he increases your

ability to be

obedient so so so when God told me in

2018 that I could only do two speaking

engagements a year and 1,800 speaking

engagement requests came in in three

months 1,800 in three months every

conference I ever wanted to go to they

were going to pay me to come and say

whatever they didn’t know what I was

going to say before I got up there they

was going to pay me to say God loves you

and I’m like Boop and they would

have it would have changed my financial

situation it would but God gave me an

instruction too a month and since that

year that was I was like and then maybe

God will bump it up that is the most

speaking engagements I’ve ever done

ever cuz every year after that he


them more

opportunity more options more

obedience he said I gave you a church to

build he said I need you to be on this

platform he said whatever conference you

go to will be little impact compared to

what if you just dig a deep whale right

here and be there and stay in this place

and literally y’all God has done more

than we could ever imagine but more

options that mean do you know what comes

with the Overflow a strong

no some of y’all have not been able to

experience overflow cuz your know is

weak you just told no I’ll definitely be

there I’ll be there at 6:00 and then

somebody like hey we going to dinner and

it’ll be a great business opportunity

will you be there what time is it it’s

at 6:00 are you coming

oh well uh give me one second let me see

if anything can and you’re

negotiating you’re negotiating when it

should have been a

no stop finishing the word it’s no not

negotiate I’m I’m going help you

remember it like no no no no no not

negoti no and you can be

kind and say no I can’t do this in this

season you can be loving and say no

because I’m telling you the Overflow is

coming and for many of us the Overflow


here but to stay in the flow you have to


no because options will take you off a

course if you don’t obey God this ain’t

even my message but I just keep hearing

God say some of y’all got to say

no because the power of the Overflow

write this down the power of overflow is

in staying in

position stay in

position if I begin to allow God to

overflow in my life God does not change


position we have to change

ours okay how can I demonstrate

this let me just yeah you fell off here


go if water starts flowing from The

Source the only way this water gets

caught is by this cup being in


the cup can be

close but if it’s not

in y’all help me preach if the cup is


in the water is wasted and the cup is

dry and too many Believers think that

this me and God are

buddies Walking with God for years catch

a picture of

this close to God close to God

but not submitted to

him close to him but not under

him so when he begins to

pour it’s

wasted because you will not get

under well I just feel like God should

be able to use me from

here I feel like God should be able to

use me from here I feel like God I mean

if he really want he close enough he can

turn towards me on

he said it is up to he said I’m the same

there’s so many scriptures I’m

Everlasting I I this is God I do not

change what we need to do instead of

asking God to locate

us God will you just find me where I am

he said I did at Salvation when you get

introduced to Jesus that’s me coming

after you now this process of being

Sanctified renewed transformed you’re

going to have to position your something

cuz you got

options you don’t got to pray you can

play you don’t got to actually spend

time with God you can be on

Twitter so to position yourself is an

act of humility yeah yeah yeah and most

people do not know how to stay

under God in position so this is what

I’m going to teach you today

how to stay in

position cuz there’s a flow that I

believe that God wants you to get in

that’s going to allow you to do more

than you could ever imagine doing by

yourself because God’s going to be

supernaturally excelling you and giving

you Grace people going to look at you

and be like how in the world is she

running that business and actually still

being there for her kids and actually

rested she don’t even got the big

puffies under her eyes like I do i’ be

wearing the little mask all the time why

does it look like she’s actually happy

or peaceful or actually Walking In Joy

they have a special needs child why does

it look like because you going to find

the flow somebody shout at me flow I was

talking to Pastor Charles as he’s been

on this new adventure of riding bikes

and I’ve been just trying to see myself

in them tights and I just cannot fully

picture all of these thighs in them

tights yet and so I ask a lot of

questions about you know the bike riding

and all that other stuff and one day we

were talking and he told me he said when

they’re doing those big races like the

tour to France and all those different

things he said they planned who’s going


win and I was like what you mean he said

well they’re riding in a team of four to

five people and and and and they said

they they literally get in a line so

that when they start to cut the

wind the person that’s third or fourth

back is going to be using 70% less

energy because they don’t have to break

through the wind that’s coming because

they’re in the flow of people who are

going the same

direction this is prophetic for some of

y’all it’s called

drafting that you get behind somebody

this is why it’s important you get in a

tribe cuz some of y’all been working too

hard to go after stuff and God saying

you need to get aligned with some people

that when you’re third or fourth

back you’re able to go just as fast

they’re going 40 to 50 miles an hour on

a bicycle that seems dumb but what I’m

telling you is the level of speed is

produced by where they’re

positioned in the flow and I just got to

thinking about it this reminds me of the

scripture or the idea of the Kingdom

that everything is upside down cuz to

win the race in the end you have to

start in third or fourth position come

on it reminds me of the scripture that

the first shall be and the last shall be

and some of Y are too prideful to take

the back seat for a

season cuz God said you don’t need to be

in the front right now because that

person in the front is purposed to cut

the wind they going to have to work

harder to do you ain’t built for that

but in the end if you would stay in

position if you would get in the humble

plate you don’t need to be the leader or

the pastor or the person in oh

God and you better stop listening to

culture no everybody needs to be an

entrepreneur no no everybody doesn’t

that is everybody doesn’t need to to

have their own business there is

Ministries in the Bible of

support oh

God that it literally says the ministry

of helps yeah yeah there are people that

have gifts of administration you can’t

be the boss and administrate everything


on I know they don’t say that in church

cuz everybody want to be the top dog but

nobody want to play on the

team and what you end up doing is

quitting the race yeah cuz you’re not in


flow so somebody say get in position get

in position how to stay in position for

overflow number one pick your

Source pick your

Source who is going to be your

Source if this spout right here


God and it has a steady y’all y’all

trying to figure out is this thing

actually work it worked I know

somebody’s like is he going to there you


this thing has an endless supply of

water it will fill up anything I put in

front of it on it will not change if the

lights go out if the lights go out this

thing will still do what it’s created to

do this represents

God if Society government your baby mama

your baby daddy start tripping he’s

still a source he told the woman at the

well do you want to drink from a

whale that never runs

shy that means if God is pouring out and

you’re sitting next to

him still

empty but if you could just get

in I said if you could just get

in filled up now watch the problem is

many of us got a little bit of this at


and then we started oh oh I’m saved Oh

Glory to God I’m

saved thank you Jesus I’m say but now I

want to go to this

relationship to fill me

up you like me I like

you how many kids you want how many kids

you want let’s play house


bestie’s relationship goes we read the

book together let’s live our lives in

Purity Noe anti-p Purity


culture did you grow up in church I did

but church people

fake let’s live our lives away from

God come on at some point yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah

this is going to run

out and what we do is like o that last

relationship it was

trash I can’t stand

them but I found a new


relationship do you really read your

Bible every

day you got money right a little bit

and even though it looks



bigger uh-uh I’m a good by by myself I

Can Do Bad All By

Myself you just come ready don’t

you so now God I’m waiting on you to I’m

not doing this business again I’m not

doing anything again until you speak it

till you do

something hey I I have a job for you

making six figures hold on God I’ll be


back wow this is more than I’ve ever

had man they seem like they got all the

answers they seem like they know more

than God they talk to me more than

God and at some point even if they look

like they won’t run out yeah yeah at

some point

this is going to stop filling you up and

you know what the crazy thing about it

is this looks like it’s almost

full but it’s still a small

container you see full depends on

capacity some of y’all been talking

about you living in the

Overflow with a little cup

this ain’t enough for my family to drink

from this ain’t enough for my block to

get what they need this ain’t enough for

the church to actually live

what and this is why we’ve settled for


enough for


me I don’t know where that water’s from

but it is not living that is decrepit

dead water

okay but but but listen so we walk


selfish I’m only going to do

enough oh I’m not going to do that no

more just imagine me drinking it from


on I’m only going to do enough to make

sure I’m filled up but what

if the point of the

Overflow was not for

you right

I know this is a wild Concept in 2024

that this whole Christian experience is

not for

you what if every blessing of God was

cuz God saw somebody on the other

side oh my God what if him delivering

you and your marriage and changing your

idea or you losing weight or you walking

as a testimony out of addiction or out

of that alternate like what if all of

that was cuz he saw somebody else that

knew they wouldn’t receive unless it

came in your

container oh my God there’s certain

reasons that people will only drink

drinks out of certain

containers my daughter Gia she gets

sippy cups non-spill Just restocked her

this week cuz she just been spilling

everywhere well if I brought that same

sippy cup that had the drink everybody

wanted up to a 48y old man

most of them if it wasn’t with their

kids wouldn’t pucker their lips

up to they wouldn’t do it because it

would feel beneath

them but my daughter when she walks into

an environment and she sees that cup she

knows it’s for

her there are certain

people that are drawn to your

container cuz when you walk in with your

statue your sense of humor your inkling

your beauty

your they know that’s for me I can

relate to them I’m not exclusive for

them to these people but I know that’s

the type of person and there’s

Jesus that they only can receive from a


container so Point number two how to

stay in position pick

pick what yall think the next point is

cuz the first one was pick your Source

our source is

God pick pick

what I’m going say it to you like this

pick your

size CZ CZ cuz cuz the truth of the

matter is like like like the wavering

between two

opinions this is my source or this is my

source six figures is my source or God

is my source and while I’m on that I got

to talk to the people who are going

after this money

thing I need to be very clear with you

because God only Compares himself to a

few things in the Bible and one of the

things that he tells us directly Matthew

6:24 no one can serve two masters

another way it could be said you can’t

have two sources either he will hate the

one and love love the other or he will

be devoted to one and despise the other

and then he said y’all not going to get

this that’s too much metaphors you

cannot serve God and


money he says choose your Source well my

family can go on vacations whenever they

want to but they’re missing the value of

God in the

household so they know Disney they don’t


devotion he says sir serve me I’ll get

seek first the kingdom and right

standing with me all the other stuff


at stop waver it reminds me of Elijah

when he’s standing with the prophets of

BS and he says choose you this day who

you going to serve if God be God serve

him but if B be God serve

him today I’m asking you to make a

decision because after you pick your

Source somebody say my source is God my

SCE is God say it like you mean it my

source is God my I’m trying to teach you

how to stay in the Overflow and be in

position then you got to pick your

size which container should I go

for which one I know

which somebody said the

bucket now hold on now you telling me to

go for the bucket but you going for the


cup no no no no no no no no no no no


no no

and you quoting scriptures like if I

just have faith the size of a mustard

seed God today I just want you to feel

me up feel me up feel me up look y’all




yeah but it was according to your faith

the the reason why God’s not been able

to do more is cuz you didn’t pick a

vessel big enough for him to do it

in you’ve let your family

Dynamic make you settle for a small

vessel well God ain’t never took nobody

from where we from and done nothing like

he didn’t he don’t need to cuz he

specialized in taking people who

nobody’s ever heard of and doing the

impossible with them but if you believe

the wrong report you will settle for a

vessel that is too small to do what

God’s called you to

do how long see this is why anybody go

to Sam’s or uh

Costco this how they get you these

little raggedy little bitty cups you

want some fresh orange

juice yeah I want some fresh orange ju

and then they fill up a cup like

this and I go back there making

different faces

like cuz they freshly squeeze be on

point until I’m like this is it’s not

enough and some of y’all you’re in a

place in your life where you you you

worship you come to church you you pray

you a good

person it’s just not a it’s not

enough God’s not going to change your

vessel for you yeah he’s going to ask

you to have the faith to change it for

yourself ask the woman that was about to

lose her son because of debt y’all

remember and the prophet came to stay at

our house and and and he said make make

make make me a little meal and this why

I’m going to tell you there a miracle

about to happen go to your neighbors and

borrow a vessel vessels and and he

literally says don’t borrow just a

few and literally this woman sends her

sons out like boys get some vessels and

so they start asking the name of my M my

mama said my mama said you would let us

borrow some vessels and they bring all

these vessels to

her and they put just a little bit of

oil they had and they started filling

them up and she’s seeing all of this

miracle and when this one got filled up

the next one got filled up and when that

got filled up the next one got filled up

and you can imagine the room is full of

overflow and then the saddest part of

that scripture is it says when there was

no more

vessels the oil stopped

flowing could the Overflow in your life

be based on your faith to be able to

believe that God can do it more than his

ability to do

it y’all don’t believe me but some of

y’all have picked a size that is too

small you you’ve picked

a size of what God the fact that we’re

in this room right

now it’s because I picked I could either

be okay with being where we started and

just being like all right Lord I just

want to be faithful he said the spirit

Bank of V Center is going to be


Church pick the

size well no that’s too much for me have

never done anything like that God I

thank you for God I have a 6mth

TCC degree which they don’t give a

degree for

that I’ve never done business I don’t

know pick your

size are you going to believe that I can

do this through you and I’ll send the

right people and I’ll bring the things

that you need pick your

size and do you know what I did I went

to the secret

place see all y’all want to pick off of

what is seen

God if you can do exceedingly abundantly

above all I can ask or think okay see oh

y’all are mad right now cuz you can’t


me and everybody wants to be seen when

God’s given them the vision for what

he’s going to fill up but sometimes you

need to go dark you need to get in a

place where everybody cannot evaluate

what God’s given you and you need to

actually bring out vessels that are

fit for what God has called you to do

now now all of these

vessels can fit

inside what God wants to do in my life



you can’t stand waiting a minute for an

example some some of you right now are

what’s going to happen

next and and God’s asking you to hold a

stance you don’t just have to pick your

Source God or pick your size it should

be big Faith you have to pick your

stance I’m going to have to stay here


this if I would have picked a smaller

cup it would have already been

filled but the thing that God wants to

do in my life and I believe he wants to

do in your life is bigger than a quick

feel can you

wait well dang he got three more jars up

there like what if this has nothing to

do with

you this has to do with future

Generations this has to do with Bella MJ

AA and

Gia this is a generational thing for me

Brent come here Nova come here I I need

you I need you to see this most of you

are glad I

stopped the source is still

available The Source somebody say the

source is still available the source is

still available and this is what I

believe that I need everybody to see

somebody say pick your stance pick your

stance will you have a

stance that will wait when it makes

other people

uncomfortable will you have a stance

that you’ll pray without

ceasing even though people are telling

you to move on this don’t make no sense

you can’t do it but I got a word from

God I can’t back up off this thing well

at least show me how full it is nope cuz

that’s going to discourage me to hear

back what you say about where God’s got

me in the process no no no stay over

there cuz only people with faith can

come and see what this is about to be I

said only people with

faith some of y’all been waiting 10

years and it’s just about to pop off do

not give up at the point of like well oh

God the Bible says they that wait upon

the Lord they shall renew their switch

hands baby if you got to I said switch

hands if you got to I’ll do a little bit

on this one I’ll do a little bit on this

one whatever you got do don’t get out

of been believing in faith for so

long waste

it today I believe by faith people are

about to get

in for the Overflow and this is what

happens come here Brent come here

Nova I I told her I would pay her $100

today to help to help her uncle get in

here yeah take your shoes off she said

can I please take my shoes

off okay get

in okay what needs to happen is this is

generational if bentam just focuses on

staying in position for himself what

ends up happening is one generation gets

full and another generation stays

dry the reason why you mad at the kids

and the society today and the dances and

tick Tok is because you weren’t full

enough to flow over into them and you’re

dis you’re disgusted with what you never

watered you’re mad at what you never had

enough to pour into and I believe by the

spirit that there are going to be some

parents and some pseudo parents and some

people that say hold on all this ain’t

for me I got to get you a little bit too

come on let it look at her face this is

uncomfortable I don’t know why they pray

in the spirit I don’t know why I’m going

be walking around the house worshiping

like that I don’t know why they put

their hands on me in the middle of the

night but all I can say is I’m not dry

oh I’m not dry when I hit adversity I

know a whoa prayer comes up out of

me when I hit a struggle I remember the

scriptures that they taught me in Sunday

school it may seem Kitty to you but it’s

power to

me how does it feel Nova cold it’s cold


uncomfortable it it it doesn’t it

doesn’t even feel Pleasant that

everybody’s watching this

happen but it’s going to take a parent

with a

stance my kids don’t watch that no they

can’t go to that movie with y’all I

don’t care who’s in

it oh my god oh they taking that stance

take that app off my TV I’m not paying


to infiltrate well my kids they got

parental block you didn’t even do it you

lazy and you didn’t even put the

parental block on it and now your kids

are getting destroyed at night while

you’re sleeping with

peace cuz you won’t take a

stance but if you want to live in the

Overflow I feel this thing y’all you got

to pick your Source somebody say God God

you got to pick your size somebody say

big big and then you got to pick your

stance somebody say St

steady that’s why no matter who comes to

this church or who leaves I will be

standing on the faith that God has given

me oh y’all don’t hear me I’m about to

be steady make your decision but ask for



and 18 years of doing this

you got 18

years of that child legally in your

house and you worried about them seeing

you as a

friend that’s not your primary job I

hope they are your friend I hope but

they got to make

sure that they not dry when you send

them out into this

world cuz if you don’t fill them up



will it he would have to be here the

whole Service

Plus to fill this whole thing up you

okay baby you just cold huh it’s cold

it’s really uncomfortable you getting

$100 after this I promise you you going

to be okay okay and I’m going to give

you some new clothes too

okay I’m encouraging her to stay in

it oh my God you always beating your

kids telling them what they not doing

right and I you remember my last name

our last we don’t do no baby you can do

this I know it’s hard I know they’re

cyber bullying but you are beautifully

and wonderfully made you are the head

and not the tail God’s hand is on your

life you’re going to do great things

stay focused baby you have a gift to

sing you’re going to do everything that

God told you to do I will not let my

kids be

dry you better not start that organ I

will flip this whole thing

out somebody say I will I will pick my

stance pick my St

if you agree with everything culture’s

given us you haven’t picked your

stance and some of y’all just let the

baby let let her

out the life she’s going to

have the life that she’s going to be

able to walk

in the life that she’s going to be able

to understand when she walks onto the

college campus she going to be like look

at all these drop

people Holy


activate Holy Spirit

activate I’m talking about answers when

people are

wondering favor on my that’s living in




over how do I stay in position for the

Overflow I pick my source everybody say

God God I pick my size somebody say big

big I pick my stance somebody say steady

steady last one pick your

story today I’m asking you what kind of

story will be

told and it’s not on God to pick your

story you get to pick

it are you going to live a life of Faith

or are you going to live a life of fear

pick your story

are you going to live a life of Purity

or are you going to live a life of

promiscuity pick your

story so many things have happened to me

yes you cannot stop what has happened to

you but you now are responsible for what

happens from

here you can move cities you can move

churches you can move States you can go

into to witness protection I I don’t

know how deep your situation I’m just

saying a lot of times we’re stuck

here and God saying today I want to give

you the opportunity to live in the

Overflow accept Jesus and then pick your

story after that see when Jesus comes in

he changed people’s stories y’all

remember Saul right the Christian

killing he was an

assassin and he got met on the Damascus

Road got a complete 360 turnaround and

then literally formed the church with

his words through the Holy Spirit

he was somebody who picked a different

story We reference his

killings but it’s only to put it against

the backdrop of how God transformed his

life your story how how disgusting

jacked up and unfair it

is should only be the

precursor to the turnaround and the


that God does in your life but many

people under the sound of my voice have

not picked their story you have not

decided I will be an

overcomer I was abused for 10 years my

children got raised in abuse I feel like

a bad mother but as of

today y’all don’t hear what I’m saying

to you somebody say as of today as of to

I ad did it I was addicted I messed up I

oh let me give you one that’s not so

extreme I’ve been mean but I’ve been in

church and I don’t believe the

scriptures but I’ll judge other people


today I’m making a decision to walk in

love pick your story you know who picked

their story

Elisha y’all remember Elijah his


uhoh you’re doing so good

no it looks a little it feels like it’s

coming to the top right

now it feels like if you would just wait

on God just a little

longer it feels like if you were begin

to praise God a little bit jump up and

down for me uhoh uh it feels like oh it

feels like the pray oh y’all better quit

stop stop

stop you know your praise can accelerate

the Overflow oh uhoh uhoh the reason

that we wrote this music is so that when

you get up in the morning and you almost

at the top and that song begins to start

and you begin to say I’m living in the

Overflow you know what if you ask me

where I’m

living I’m living in the old your

praise can begin to move things just

praise them one more time Nova

just hey hold on hold on they not ready

for that they not ready for that


here now Brent go back to filling yours

up cuz at some

point she is

responsible y missed

that give me a couple

towels at some point Nova will not be

able to actually depend on her father

anymore I’m going to stop this before it

gets to my whole Tech team is having a

heart attack right now it’s going to


everything at some

point it will no longer be on

Brenton to fill her

up and some of

you have been out of the house

spiritually for

decades still waiting on somebody to

fill you up that’s why when people say

stuff I got to leave that church I’m not

getting fed

there you have not learned to go to the

sour for

yourself it don’t matter what I preach

up here as long as it ain’t

heresy you should be able to take

something I said and say holy

spirit speak to me show me oh but you

don’t have actual Bible reading time for

yourself this is your Bible study for

the week there’s no way you can live in

the Overflow if this is your only

meal if this is

okay after church today

eat and then don’t eat till next

Sunday no no no no let’s just make it

spiritual and

practical come in here next week and see

how you feel you would be depleted you

wouldn’t have energy you would come in

you’d be

dehydrated but pick

up Living Water yeah that’s who he is

they even use all these analogies the

bread of life he’s trying to ignite your

mind through your

stomach y’all know y’all be killing them

Texas rolls at uh them rolls at Texas

Road House y’all y’all done kept them in

business for 42 years off the free

RADS and then that that brown bread at

Cheesecake Factory


begin you for you you ain’t ate your

meal at Cheesecake Factory 42 times in a

row never finished the meal full off a

bread that’s what

happens enough to take

home because I get feel on the bread of

life hear me thank

y’all can y’all give it up


that was

beautiful Scott Scotty make sure she get

make sure she get that $100 brother cuz

yeah she ain’t going to call me a lion

Uncle uh-uh no she

not pick your story Pastor Mike what do

you mean Elisha picked his story

remember Elijah was with yeah come on

Elijah was with

Elijah powerful man of God she’s

cleaning up water look at me


everybody you do this with your kids

after they get out the bathtub look at

me the anointing is here okay no here

what I’m saying to you he’s standing

with this powerful man of God and the

powerful man of God is about to

transition and

Elijah is about to literally be raptured

up to heaven and Elijah says I want the


portion I want the Overflow of what I

saw you walk

in I want the Overflow of all the

Miracles all the breakthroughs I want


Overflow and look Elijah didn’t promise

it to him he said um if you in

position if you’re with me when I get


up I’m teaching you to stay in the

position of the Overflow if you’re in

position when it’s time you’ll get it

few scriptures later said they was just

talking I mean this is traumatic for me

it’s like Elijah you remember that poof

gone straight off of Avengers y’all

remember when everybody started like

dissipating in the

blip and it literally said because he

was in

position the cloak fell which was a

symbol of the mantle that he carried and

he was able to put it on not because he

served him for years not because he was

a good guy he got the open overflow for

one reason he was in position

position today church I’m asking you

would you please get in position for the

Overflow would you please make time that

you spend with God spend in prayer the

reason we’re starting the Dig which is a

a acronym for going deeper in God for

our our Tulsa campus that will

eventually expand to our full

transformation Nation um and and shoot

if somebody is in um marketing web

courses and all the different things we

need you where are you get here because

she said right here somebody find a

after SE listen everything we need

everything we need to live in the

Overflow I I believe is right here but

do you know many times the church goes

without because people are out

of we need thousands of people to be

able to take these dig courses but the

reason we’re doing it is to help people

get in position in their relationship

great position in knowing how to study

the Bible get into position on actually

being able to handle finances or do

whatever that’s why I want you to come

on Wednesday nights if you’re in this

building why I want you to study the

scriptures that we say these aren’t

scriptures so you can just make an

Instagram post do that but actually go

back to the

Bible cuz if you’re in position for the

Overflow Everything Changes I’m going to

go back to our anchor scripture Romans

15:13 pray that God the source of Hope

start playing behind me cuz I’m about to

turn up and I want you to play

meditational music right now give me an


flow thank

you I love having fun up here I pray

that the god the source of Hope will

fill you

completely with joy and peace because

somebody say I trust him say it one more

time I trust him I trust

you then you will shout out overflow

overflow say it like you mean it over

say it like you want it for your

family say it like it’ll be

generational then you will

overflow with confident hope through the

power of the Holy

Spirit Worship team come join

me hallah I pray for every person under

the sound of my

voice that from this day on you will

know it is God’s desire and designed for

you to live in the

Overflow somebody just say Amen right

there let me tell you this story and

then we out of

here no we going to sing the song One

More Time at the end cuz I believe this

song one more time at the end with

Revelation is about to change everything

yesterday my wife sent me on the journey

to take my daughters unknowingly to both

of their basketball

games you know how you ever woke up with

a maybe you don’t know if you ain’t got

a spouse but there sometimes you wake up

and you went to sleep thinking the plan

was one thing and then you wake up and

within 30 minutes of waking up you

realize your day will not be how you

planned your day to

be and so I I I get W awakened to the

fact that I have to take one daughter to

the other side of town with the

15-minute window to then get my other

daughter to BX I went North for one game

Bigby to the other game and what I

realized is at in haste as I left my my

home I have an electric

car and I’m driving to this north side

which is about 25 miles away I realize

as I pull up I have 22 miles

left I

said I’m not even going to worry about

it right now I’m going go into this game

hopefully they win and when I come back

maybe a miracle will have happened and

there’ll be some more miles when I came

back no Miracle 21

miles I’m not even playing y’all but it

said 21 miles so I looked up the

shortest route to see how I could get

back to my charger and what ended up

happening is it said it was 22 miles and

I was like o they probably got a couple

miles Reserve

so children pray no in the spirit Terry

I need like I told my

kids loud tongues loud t

and and and mind you they got a game

that’s about to

start I get to 41st and 169 for

everybody’s in

Tulsa and the thing literally is at

zero I said all the

blood at the moment I call Scott I call

my wife I call my sister s day I said

everybody get ready cuz I might need a

ride off the highway

way and I said but I’m going to keep

going I just got to make it to this

charging station I rode for 20

miles on


zero okay now watch the Clapping part is

not that I made it to the charging

station the Clapping part is I made a


that I will never be that close to empty

again hear what I just said to

you many of you clap because you made

it I made

it just barely got out of there and God

said when will you be

tired of living that

empty if I give you an assignment and

you go and come back and don’t got

nothing left what do you give to your

kids what do you give to your future

what do you give to the thing he said I

want you to lead and the truth of the

matter is I could have left the house

full but I didn’t plug it

in in the season that I was supposed

to I think many of us are running on

empty cuz we won’t

just and today I’m asking

you stop being okay with

empty because empty last point

the opposite of empty is

Overflow so if you’re not experiencing

the Overflow it’s closer to

empty I want everybody under the sound

of my voice to live in the Overflow amen

if you going to live in the Overflow can

you clap your hands and thank God in

this place would you stand all over this

place listen just before you leave you

can leave out on the song but don’t

leave out on

salvation hear me there are people

people in here who are making a decision

that I’ll no longer live close to

empty and some of you saying close the

empty Pastor I’m in a

deficit I ain’t nothing there it’s

dry and God saying would you would you

like to take a drink from a well that

doesn’t run

dry his name is Jesus and when you

accept Jesus it changes everything it

took me from being a liar a manipulator

somebody who was addicted to pornography

My Soul was

dry but when I accepted Jesus into my

life it began the

Overflow and I’m not talking about a

moment I live in the Overflow the the

the bucket I didn’t bring out I told him

to get me 10 of these buckets I just

thought it was going to be excessive cuz

I didn’t want none of y’all to be mad at

me my faith now for what I believe God

can do because of the things I’ve seen


do I can’t even share everything with

everybody cuz you would hate me just

based on how I believe

God today I’m inviting you to take the

first step to

believe that our God can do anything and

the most amazing thing is not filling up

a bank account not filling up a

building he’s the only one that can fill

up your

heart it reminds me of the man that

needed a healing that his friends

brought him to him on a mat and Jesus

performed one more overflow Miracle he

said I could K you and everybody would

be like Yay he said but what’s harder to

do to forgive a man’s sins and make him

clean or to heal his infirmity he said

matter of fact I’m going to let you live

in the Overflow here’s both of

them he heals his sickness and heals his

sinness and this is what we get the

opportunity to receive today if you’re

in this room man and you want to live in

the Overflow it starts with accepting

Jesus pick your source

today on the count of three if you want

to make Jesus your personal Lord and

Savior if you want to make Easter not a

thing that happened two weeks ago or

three weeks ago you want to make it a

thing that resurrects in you every

morning that you wake up with new grace


mercy today I want you to accept Jesus

and it’s super simple it’s just

believing in your heart and confessing

with your mouth that’s it and we going

to do it with you so if that’s you one

you’re making the greatest decision of

your life two I’m proud of you but more

than that your name is about to be

written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and

your eternity is about to be secure with

faith and boldness three lift your hand

up if you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior I see you my

brother I see you sister oh come on

Transformation Church I see hands all

the way in the balcony oh come on

y’all I see you but more than that God

sees you in the chat glory to God you

can put your hand down I see you

sister at transformation Church nobody

prays alone yeah we’re a family somebody

say we a family we a jacked up family

let me just go ahead and tell you we all

got that cousin or that Uncle there’s

like six of them

here but if it wasn’t for the grace and

mercy of God where would we be would you

everybody just lift your hands say God

God thank you thank you for sending

Jesus for sending Jesus to change my

life to change my life today today I

admit I ad that I’ve been dry I’ve beeny

and I need I need

my thirst thirst to be quenched quen I

believe you lived I believe you died and

you Rose again with all power all just

for me just for me change me change

renew me transform me I’m yours in Jesus

name amen can we turn up like heaven in


place I said can we turn

up so proud of you

listen to me if you just pray that

prayer we want to help you is the family

dinner thing full tonight it’s full okay

just go

okay just pull up okay I don’t know it’s

full guys the family dinner is full just

go tonight at 6:00 um I want you to get

connected you might not eat but

go I want you to typ save to the number

on the screen and I I I want you to come


cuz we’re going to live in the Overflow

next week I got a surprise for y’all our

oversight pastor Pastor Tim Ross is

going to be in the building next

week invite all your friends it’s going

to be next level and today at 2: p.m. I

want you to go and I want you to turn on

YouTube so we can overflow together

listen before you leave this place if

you need prayer for anything that big

sign back there that says prayer and

kind of has the Overflow blue going up

it there’s tons of people back there

that want to pray with you don’t leave

this play place without agreement we

love you we thank God for you father in

the name of Jesus I thank you that

you’ve done what you wanted to do today

and now we will live in the Overflow

have your way and I declare this will be

the best week we’ve ever had father God

that we will see your grace and your

mercy in every area of our life father

that there will be no dry area and we

will wait on you for you to fill us up

we give you glory we give you honor and

we give you praise in Jesus name

somebody say we agree we expect amen go

out and live a transformed life hey I

want to take a moment again before we

jump off and say thank you our church is

not built on one individual but on the

sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

represent we’re able to to be generous

to meet the needs of people because of

your giving if you haven’t taken the

step to give trust me there is no

pressure at all but if you feel led you

can text the word give to 82 8282 or you

can go online when we partner together

God uses our generosity to make a

difference again if you haven’t take a

moment to subscribe to the YouTube

channel and more than watching on

YouTube join us on Sundays and like we

always say go out and live a transformed