Have you ever been under pressure? Surely you’ve faced a situation where success or failure was up to you. How did you perform? Did you rise to the occasion, or did you falter under the weight of what was going on? How can we even hope to succeed in high-pressure situations? All it takes is one word: Practice. In week 2 of our series Launching In Victory, Pastor Charles teaches us the importance of practice and how it prepares us for our purpose. If you’re looking to grow in your purpose, this message is for you! Make sure you share it with a friend!

hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

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let’s jump into today’s message

I want to officially welcome you to week

two of our series everybody say it with

me launch in Victory

this is week two of our series and I

want to say welcome if you’re just

joining no matter where you’re watching

from uh we’re so glad that you’re here

my name is Charles I get to Service uh

one of our pastors here and it means the

world that you would join us uh no

matter your where you’re joining from

and you need to know we have a Clear

Vision here at Transformation Church if

you’re in the room and you know it I

need you to say it with me we’re gonna

say it on three one two three we are

here to represent God to the lost and

found for transformation in Christ

that’s why we exist that’s why our

church is here to represent God to the

lost and found for transformation in

Christ what does that mean well that

first word represent is we want to show

God in a new way if you’re honest many

of us we have a picture of God or we had

a picture of God that wasn’t absolutely

accurate uh we got pictures from people

we knew people who said they were

Christians but acting like just he just

cut you off flip you off do all the

things above me talking about like

praise God I’ll be praying for you it’s

like one okay

um but we all have a picture of God but

we want to show a true picture of God to

the lost and the found so that means uh

if you grew up in church your whole life

or you’re saying I want nothing to do

with God from anywhere from uh The

Atheist to the person who considers

themselves an ambassador of God wherever

you fall in that Spectrum this is a safe

place for you to belong before you

behave before you believe what we

believe believe you can belong here and

we’re so glad that you’re here and uh

again we’re in a series called launch in

Victory and uh this series is centered

around and uh really exciting because we

about to launch our church live Services

is anybody excited today

we are back on October 2nd October 2nd

it’s been

um I think 300 years now since we’ve

been back in our building and uh man A

lot has happened in these years listen

I’m coming back back with multiple

children you know I’m saying a lot

happened during the pandemic some of

y’all anyways um but and have nothing

else to do they told us to stay inside I

obeyed okay uh but we are so glad uh to

be back gathering together and I said

this last week but the church has always

been built on a growing Community a

giving Community a community that meets

in groups and a community that gathers

and uh we’re excited to be gathering in

the context of having more people

joining together but I want to encourage

you because there’s so many people all

over the world who are part of this

community even if you’re not able to be

at the physical building here when you

gather in your home with your belong

group with your community God’s spirit

is right there in the middle of that

thing and we believe that God is growing

this church around the world it’s not

just something that’s here and it’s not

just a moment that we’re happening but

it is a movement that God is doing so

we’re so grateful but you got to let us

know that you’re coming again there’s

only three thousand seats in here so if

ten thousand y’all show up you’ll be

standing at research talking about like

I want to get in well praise God you’re

gonna have to come back next week crazy

Faith you may just be sitting there

looking crazy and then God will throw

the faith on it two weeks later when we

actually got space anyway ways God bless


that really be happy to people like I

drove it’s like did you register no not

at all God told me I was getting in well

man ah either God’s wrong or you’re

wrong and so it’s not God so uh

please come though everybody come on

come on uh but launch in Victory is our

series and I’m really excited today I’ve

got a specific word but um last week we

talked about a safe place to start a

safe place to start and if you didn’t

watch I would encourage you to go back

and watch that sermon and what we talked

about is uh the place of prayer many of

us have ideas of what prayer is of what

we’re supposed to be doing in prayer how

we’re supposed to talk to God In Prayer

but prayer is simply a safe place to

start anything

um the idea of launch and victory the

word launch is simply means to start and

there are a lot of things that are

starting in our life some of you your

kids just went back to school and

they’re starting a new grade some of you

uh started a new job some of you are

starting new relationships and what

we’re trying to do in this series is

talk about principles that are necessary

to start so first we talked about prayer

and I’m very excited this week what

we’re going to talk about

um but I want to start off reading a

portion of scripture to you it’s Hebrews


um is the scripture and uh could I

actually sorry this is random can I get

some water I was shouting for my kids

and lost my voice Hallelujah


I’m going to read this thank you so much

Joe God bless you wow sorry this is just

incredible okay God bless everybody give

it up for Joe everybody thank you for


sponsored by Fiji no I’m joking not at

all okay um I’m gonna read this

scripture and uh and then uh we will

jump into the word of God this is what

the Amazing Word of God says Hebrews 5

starting in verse 11. we have a lot to

explain about this

but since you have become too lazy to

pay attention

oh man Paul really coming out the gate I

want to tell you a lot

um but you’ve become too lazy to pay


explaining it to you it’s gonna be hard

now you should be teachers

instead you still need someone to teach

you the elementary truths of God’s word

let me just put it you need milk

that’s you just your baby you can’t have

no solid food all those who live on milk

lack the experience to talk about what

is right

they are still babies

however solid food is for mature people

‘s whose minds are trained by practice

to know the difference between Good and


we about to unwrap this beautiful gift

that God has given us today I’m going to

pray one more time Holy Spirit would you



um okay I have a question I start all my

sermons out with a question there’s no

spoiler alert here I start off with a

very low uh level entry question so that

we’re all on the same page uh here’s the

question raise your hand have you ever

been under pressure raise your hand in

the room online if you’ve ever been

under pressure okay


I have a question are you good Under

Pressure are you good Under Pressure

somebody say raise your hand if you do

well under pressure raise your hand you

do well under pressure you clutch Under

Pressure come on where are the clutch

people at Under Pressure come on run in

the jib right here the camera operator

Better Be Good Under Pressure she out

here swinging that thing oh

some of us are good Under Pressure now

raise your hand uh you ain’t clutch

Under Pressure but excuse my uh French

you may be crap Under Pressure anybody

you don’t do well under pressure come on

this feels like pressure that’s why

you’re not raising your hand

I can’t do it if I raise my hand wrong I

don’t know it’s gonna be weird

some of us are better under pressure

than others and I want to use that

question today to talk about how do you

do Under Pressure

now for me if I’m honest uh one space

that I kind of flip-flop and have my

whole life when it comes to pressure

um it’s not something super significant

but it’s basketball we’re not basketball

players that anybody play basketball

watch basketball there we go one person

this will be a great illustration to get

everybody on the same page

um y’all know the story you may not know

the story but in sixth grade I was under

a lot of pressure it was the end of the

game I had two free throws to win the

game I missed both of them bawling my

eyes out and never played organized

basketball again

that’s how I deal with pressure you know

what I’m saying it was to say sixth

grade I didn’t have it in me I was like

you know those ugly cries

and then you just close your mouth

that’s what I did so I just cracked

under the pressure I didn’t do well and

um every time I go to play basketball I

think about that that’s real trauma I’m

like a grown man kids and I’m like

sitting in a free throw line with some

random people like okay man just don’t

blow it okay here we go and um I

actually started playing basketball

again because

um I I’ve been playing golf this is

random you don’t need these details

anyways started playing basketball and

there’s one guy that I play with his

name’s Makaya and Makaya is awesome he’s

like six foot 13 or something really

tall he’s got a wingspan the size of

this room and it’s awesome I love

playing with Makaya because my favorite

part of basketball is not the basketball

part anybody who plays basketball knows

the best part of basketball is not the


it’s the trash talk

and that’s where my skills come in into

key right there

I may not be able to shoot all the time

but trust me I can talk you into a

little hole and you feel like man I

don’t know what I’m doing out here and

that’s what I resort to when I’m not

playing well I’m like we should go watch

this here we go just mental uh yeah it’s

not good so me and Makai play and one

time we were playing we were getting

ready and I’m like doing all my

stretches because I’m the old guy now so

if I don’t stretch I will genuinely hurt

myself out there and uh this dude walks


now I’ve heard of this fool

but I’ve never met him before

all I heard about him was that he is

supposed to be or has had offers to go

play overseas professionally

exactly oh so you heard that she said oh

that’s what I felt I saw him walk in and

I was like okay man just I hope he

doesn’t guard you that’s all we’re

trying to do here I’m literally this I

don’t do well under pressure and I’m

thinking the game is about to start and

he goes all right I’ll guard PC and I

was like

ah like I and I immediately just felt so

much pressure I was like you gotta prove

to all these kids that you still got it

man you got to really go off you gotta

go crazy you get everything you’ve ever

had you better call on God you better

start speaking in tongues this is it man

this is the moment

so we start playing I’m not gonna lie

Makaya is my witness I kind of went off

the first couple shots you know I was

pulling out everything I had like all my

moves in the first three points were

gone I was just like trying to prove my

worth in all of it we come down we’re

going back and forth it gets to the end

of the game

and then we need one point to win we’re

tied and uh I come down I try to shoot

and I miss it just classic like I didn’t

make it but I’m like you know we’ll keep


now this fool


let’s imagine that this is half court

right here where I’m standing

naturally I’m standing back here in a

ready position you know what I’m saying

my coach time I’m ready to shuffle you

know what I’m saying I’m ready

I’m thinking Charles just don’t get

crossed over just like these are all I

have really tough self-talk when it’s in

basketball I’m like just don’t blow it


this man I saw it in his eyes

I saw it right when he’s looking at me

he’s looking at me and then out of the

coin he kind of like glanced down like

this like he looked out the bottom I was

like I thought what is he looking at I

don’t know what he’s in this all the

stuff go through in mind he takes his

heels are on half court

and he just goes

and I literally right when he shot it I

went from this I said dang man and I

just walked off the court and he cashed

it like cashed it turned around and

everything just walked off hands up I

was so depressed I went home that night

with Abby I was like babe I’m quit I

can’t do it anymore these kids are too

good why did he make that shot because

he’s somebody who’s clutch under


now here’s the thing um he was clutch

Under Pressure then

but we about to test

how clutch Under Pressure Makaya and

Aaron are right now Makai I need y’all

come up on the stage we about to do this

right here we about to see how clutch

Under Pressure look how cool they are

they walk like basketball players you

know basketball players got that walk

they they legs are long they can’t bend

their knees they get on the court so

they just walk

they be sore before they play anyways

okay I need them can I get a basketball

thank you okay here’s what we’re gonna



be with me okay

we’re gonna see if you can hit that same

shot that you hit my face very

disrespectfully again for all these

people no pressure there’s just about 20

000 people watching and if you miss it

this lives forever on the internet so

it’s just forever that’s pressure Makaya

may God be with you um here’s what we’re

gonna do uh two shots you see how far

that is that looks like a hundred feet

why do we look three feet on this screen


um okay so we’re all gonna get two shots

and here’s the BET

um which if one of y’all win I’ll cash

up one of y’all a hundred dollars okay

so this is a lot of this money on the

line but if I win

you know if God happens to let that


one of y’all got posts on your Instagram

that I’m better basketball than you I

think that’s a fair bet you know what

I’m saying just you gotta say

this is just for me I’m just like what

are you doing man okay oh man I’m so

nervous okay so here’s the line you get

two you go you go you go we all get two

shots all right Aaron go ahead go first

no pressure oh Jesus oh oh he hyping the

crowd up


oh no oh no

you better pray

oh no oh now they really need to make it

for the illustration to work so

all right y’all start praying for me



okay one more shot one more shot

oh my gosh I feel so nauseous


we may have to keep shooting out here

all day

okay now you got to fix that Rim you got

to fix the ring you see how the rim is

all bent up you see that just help me

Joe y’all want to come dunk real quick

to fix that Rim oh you’re gonna look

yeah that’s good keep it right there for

me if you could that would be

see you done broke the rim okay raise it

back up in the name of Jesus


oh Jesus everybody give it up for Makaya

I’m cash Avenue 100 Jesus


I literally feel nauseous


go some are you thinking like why are

they playing basketball up there um

here’s the thing what makes people good

under pressure is different for


the reason I brought them up here and to

be honest with you if we kept shooting

those shots the rest day I promise you

they would hit

exponentially more shots than I would

it’s like it would just be ridiculous we

could go like how close I got on that

last one that’s about as good as it’s

gonna get for me from that this like

it’s just

but here’s what I realized um you should

only expect to perform under pressure

if you practice

the reason it wasn’t unreasonable for

him to step across half court and pull

up he wasn’t hoping maybe magically

something will happen and I’ve never

shot this shot before I’ve never tried

this before but this time some miracle

is going to happen and I’ll perform

under pressure

I want to ask you today do you expect

to hit shots in your faith

that you ain’t never practiced

we make following Jesus sometimes so

spiritual that you expect

you just go all of a sudden one day have

kindness in your heart

you just all of a sudden expect that

you’re gonna have the ability to show

love to people that maybe you don’t like

that you’re going to have the ability to

do but you actually if you’re honest

have you ever practiced the shot

today I want to talk very practically

around this topic practice makes purpose

I gotta talk to you about your practice


because some of us are in this room

just like the people in Hebrews

and God is saying um there’s stuff I

want to tell you

and you you should be a teacher by now

but the honest truth is the scripture

says it this way your mind has not been


not by prayer

prayer is important we talked about

prayer last week but he doesn’t say you

need to pray more

he doesn’t say you need to praise more

he says you haven’t practiced

and some of y’all I see you looking at

me because like what are you talking

about I just think sometimes it’s funny

how we would have no uh ill expectation

to expect somebody the only reason you

would shoot that shot the only reason

you would expect to perform under

pressure is you’ve clearly practiced


but some of us walk through all of our

life having never practiced faith

and then you get under pressure talking

about God if you could just this one

time maybe

but you haven’t have you practiced it

how do you perform under


now maybe it’s not the pressure of a

game maybe it’s not the pressure of

shooting a shot on stage but maybe it’s

the pressure of your finances

and trusting God with your finances

maybe it’s the pressure of your marriage

and trusting God that he actually can do

something special in your marriage that

seems like it’s broken that seems like

there’s no hope for for it how do you

perform under pressure

and I want to talk about this because

many of us If we’re honest there are

different excuses that we have for

people who just seemingly perform better

under pressure

like even when it comes to sports like

if I like for some reason when I think

about like even why they perform and

literally it was like I was praying so

many prayers that air missed that shot

that’s why he missed it now I’m joking

he he consistently performs under

pressure and I used to think people

who’ve performed under pressure the

reason they did that well is because

like for them their example they just in

a prime you know what I’m saying it’s

like you play basketball it’s just a

matter of timing you just if I was young

I would have hit that shot but I’m not

young no more you know what I’m saying

that’s what it’s a matter of them being

in their Prime some people we say you

know people who perform Under Pressure

are people who are Pros they’re just

like that’s just what they do some

people pressure is just a piece of cake

but what I’ve realized

is the only way you perform under

pressure is if you practice

and I know this is very

Elementary today

but I’m following the framework of

Hebrews 5. where he says I want to tell

you super deep stuff

I want to talk to you in the context of

Hebrews 5. he’s explaining how God is

the ultimate high priest and Jesus is a

high priest in the order of Melchizedek

all these different things but he’s

saying I can’t really talk to you about

that right now

looks at what he says in the scripture

this is so powerful he says um you

become too lazy to pay attention

you should be teachers instead you still

need someone to teach you the elementary

truths you still need milk however solid

food is for mature people whose Minds

have been trained by practice

if you expect to see the fruit of the

spirit in your life when’s the last time

you practiced

the Fruit of the Spirit

like I know you was like love joy peace

patient when’s the last time you

practiced patience

like when’s that you consciously I am

because we say things and this is I want

to get very again very practical today


we say things and if you’re around

Christianity or faith for any amount of

time you’re he’ll think of you should

have spiritual practices like there’s

prayer is a spiritual practice reading

of God’s word is a spiritual practice

Warfare is a spiritual practice silence

and Solitude is a spiritual practice

gathering in church is a spiritual

practice but do you think of those

things as actual practice

do you think

when you’re sitting in traffic late for

your meeting

as an opportunity

to practice patience

no but you expect to be patient with

your wife

and you’d be mad at God where I’m I’ve

been praying God I’ve been but you’ve

never practiced

you’ve never practiced being patient

you think when you get married you’re

gonna all of a sudden stop looking at


you ain’t practiced purity

you never practice this so why in the

world would it just all of a sudden

magically and we’d be like you got to

pray that away no some stuff you got to


you don’t just get the price stuff away

you ain’t never practiced before

you haven’t practiced Integrity so why

all of a sudden when your business get a

lot of money and blow up would you start

all the sudden living in Integrity you

never practiced it in the small business

when you were stealing food from the

chicken nuggets when you was working


that’s not that big of a deal okay

it’s not that big of a deal until now

you got more money more business and

what happens what do they say practice

not makes perfect practice makes


so practice whatever you want to right

now but do not expect to have a

different result under pressure for

something you have never practiced


you cannot here we go I’m going to say

it in a point my first point how you

perform under pressure is predicated on

your practice

how you perform under pressure is

predicated on your practice now here’s

the thing

um you need to know this you do not

and I’m going to actually show it to you

biblically because some of y’all think

this is just an idea that I made up and

actually practice is a Biblical

principle all throughout scripture but

you just overlooked it because you found

all the scriptures about prayer

you don’t reach purpose without practice

you don’t

reach purpose without practice

don’t believe me okay first Samuel 17.


he steps he’s stepping into a moment

that we would all perceive as a huge

moment of purpose

he’s going to face Goliath

he comes up to the Army

there’s these two armies one on one Hill

one or the other and there’s this Valley

and there’s a huge guy in the middle

probably the size of Makaya roughly just

really tall

and he’s yelling and defying the armies

of the Living God

and the Israelites are standing on one

side and David walks into this moment

and he’s like yo what are we going to do

about old boy what’s up like the most

gangster this is the most disrespectful

roast in all of scripture and the only

reason I could say it is because it’s in

the Bible he said what are we going to

do about this uncircumcised philistine

I was like dang David let’s go


he comes in

and he starts talking well what are we

going to do and he goes to the King King

Saul and he says let me go out there and

fight it let me go do it and this is

where the Bible shows us that practice

is a principle of reaching purpose look

what the Bible says but David persisted

I’ve been taking care of my father’s

sheeps and goats when a lion or a bear


to steal the lamb from the flock I go

after it with a club and rescue the lamb

from its mouth if an animal turns on me

I catch it by the jaw and Club it to

death I have done this look at this to

both lions

and bears

not one lion and one bear he said I done

I’ve done this before to a bunch of

lions and a bunch of bears and I’ll do

it again

to this Pagan Philistine who has defied

the armies of the Living God the Lord

who rescued me in my practice the Lord

who rescued me from the clothes of the

lion the Lord that was with me in that

field will Rescue Me

from this philistine

Saul says all right go ahead and may the

Lord be with you

your purpose

is depending

on how much you’ve practiced

see you look at the scripture and be

like yeah God gave him the strength to

do to fight Goliath and he defeated

absolutely but this wasn’t the first

time he had tried to fight something

bigger than him

he didn’t walk out just being like I

ain’t never been in no battle I never

thought nothing bigger than me but God’s

just going to show up in a crazy way

absolutely he will but David’s

confidence to step into this moment of

purpose was not just some random gift of

random he literally is saying I’ve done

this to lions

and I’ve done this to bears

so yeah maybe he’s never fought Goliath


but the principle

something that seems like in your human

effort you couldn’t do it something

that’s bigger than you something that

feels like it should tear you to pieces

oh I’ve done this before

I wonder

how many seasons you’ve downplayed

and now you’re under pressure in purpose

scared and shaking in your boots just

like all the children of Israel why

because you didn’t practice in a

previous season


looking at me like I’m crazy

but what if the season that you’re in

right now

is practice

what if the reason you’re having you

feel like I’m facing these same things

lions and bears lions and bears God why

am I stuck in the same he said baby if

you will just wait I promise you can

practice right now

they should be encouraging to some of

y’all because you felt like you’ve stuck

in the same season God when I’m gonna

get to my purpose and here’s the thing

God cares about you so much

that he’s trying to prepare you

he’s trying to prepare you

but here’s the thing um we don’t like


because practice happens in private

and you want to be able to show

everybody your come up

everybody know where you came from

everybody’s seeing you grow and take

over but nobody was there

when David was fighting lions and bears

that whole season of his life fighting

multiple lions and bears is a sentence

in Scripture

I know it feels hard right now

but I promise you some of you the

confidence when you step into your


you will sum up this whole season of

pressure in a sentence

I beat suicide and depression so there’s

nothing that can stop the Living God

I was having panic attacks and I was

about to make a dumb decision but God

did something miraculous in my life and

baby all that was just practice


I’m trying to give you some confidence

today to step into your next season what

if you stop looking at the season you’re

in as God not being with you and he’s

forsaking you what if he’s trying to

give you some practice so that by the

time you get under pressure it’s not

unreasonable so you think yeah I know

nobody’s done this in my family before

but I’ve practiced stepping out in faith

I went to the college that nobody said I

should go to I stepped out and gave that

car away when nobody said it made sense

and I’m standing here trusting God

because he’s with me and this ain’t the

first time I’ve done this before

this ain’t my first time doing this

you think this is the first time

and many of us

we walk through life

banking betting on God to do some

miraculous crazy miracle and you haven’t

put in one ounce of effort

well that’s all on God he gonna do it

that’s all on God he’s got it yeah he

does got it don’t get it twisted

but why didn’t God use all those men

shaking in their boots

why did he have to use David

because David trusted

and he was able to see in the moment of


this may be pressure

but God was with me back there

so this ain’t nothing

trying to tell us


is a principle all throughout scripture

it’s all throughout scripture where we

see people stepping into moments

that seemed like well how did you do

that it was all practice when God asked

uh Abraham to step out into his tent and

go look at the stars and it says in

Genesis 12 that he believed God

the moment of stepping out and looking

out to the stars and God saying that’s

how many children you’re going to have

and then holding on to that word

was practice for 24 years later

When God says give me that gift back

how many of us have missed moments of


here’s the thing that happens in this


David comes to the children of Israel

and they’re sitting there and they’re in

war and here’s what happens many of us

we don’t like practice because practice

happens in private

but for honest sometimes ourselves

and sometimes those around us we

downplay our practice

you just downplay it listen to how it

happens in scripture in first Samuel 17

28 he’s talking to his brothers because

he’s supposed to just be bringing uh

snacks to him he’s supposed to be doing

a random menial task but his brother

responds he says um what about those few

sheep you supposed to be taken care of

what what aren’t you I know you’re

trying to step into this big moment but

wow where’s your little sheep at

where’s that little that little little

job that you told me you started what

why don’t you go back to work and where

you were working

where’s that little book idea you told

me about where’s that little that little

non-profit that you were talking aren’t

you supposed to be doing that why are

you and many of us

have allowed people in your circle

to downplay your season of God having

you in private and practice

and let me be very well this is how a

lot of people step into leadership too


can I tell you I started a church

this is real life experience

I bet we ain’t up here just talking like

oh yeah ethereal at 23 I was like God

it’s time to go

God was trying to give me a season of


before there was real pressure

I literally we were going through the

process of being approved y’all don’t

know this story part of my story me and

my wife we were in Ministry we were

youth pastors felt like we were supposed

to step out and start a church because

honestly I had a bunch of friends and

none of them wanted to come to the

church that I was at because they’re

like eyes just not relevant to me I just

don’t so I thought okay we’re just going

to create a place where all these people

can feel safe in the presence of God so

we start having once a month Gatherings

our first one there were a couple of

random people who are in the room right

now that were there and the first one we

prepared for like 30 people and 120

people showed up the guy who was running

the venue right before I get up on stage

the preak says you can never come back

here again you lied you said there’s

gonna be 30 people I said brother I

thought there was gonna be 30 people I’m

not lying to you I don’t know where

these people came from

literally I was so confused we go

through the process

literally 10 months uh six months in I

see a guy on Instagram

with rat behind his sermon

preaching the paint off the walls

it was your pastor Pastor Michael Todd

now this before relationship goes this

is before everything happened

and I literally I just dm’d him on some

random like hey man like I don’t know

what I’m doing uh could we maybe just

ask you a couple questions once a month

we go through long story short God

speaks to us 10 months into the process

to shut the church down and go Serve and

Protect pastors Michael and Natalie Todd

in the vision of Transformation Church I

served for six months with no pay get on

staff that was five years ago that’s how

I’m here that whole season


but you know how confusing practice can


God why did I even do all this

why’d I leave my job why do I got people

mad at me I raised up all this money

just to give it away I went through all

these courses just to get to nod I went

through God why would you have me do all

that he said you know what don’t worry

about it all of that 18 months that was

just practice

what if the thing you’re in right now is

God trying to give you a moment to

practice the very thing that you will be

depending on in a future season

but somebody told you that’s not that

big of a deal you still serving

you still doing that

you think yeah maybe I shouldn’t be


maybe I shouldn’t be

you still go to church every Sunday but

you don’t need to do that you just not

that big of a deal just read your Bible

you don’t need to church just read your


you but what if God

is using a season to give you practice

and some of us

we don’t like practice because it

happens in private we don’t like

practice because it’s something that we

people can’t see we can’t promote some

of us feel like we passed practice

you’ve passed your season of practice I

practiced that already

I served my season

I know everything there is to know oh

so you the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end

Paul’s talking to people who are part of

the early church that knew of Jesus

walked around Jesus and he’s saying yeah

it doesn’t matter how old you are there

are things that I’m trying to show you

that I can’t even start to show you

because you have not trained your mind

by practice

when’s the last time you practiced Grace

you know what you know what Grace is

there people should deserve something

there’s a certain payment that should go

on them and you release them of that

payment when’s the last time

someone did do you wrong

they say I’m going to practice Grace

don’t worry about it

when’s the last time

you were in a moment where you thought

you know what normally when I feel out

of control when I feel anxious when I

feel worried I take control of stuff

because control makes me feel safe

when’s the last time you practice peace

that transcends your need or desire or

want to understand stuff

you know I’m gonna practice the peace of

God and he says his peace will guard my

heart my mind and eyes and my soul so

right now God I thank you that you are

producing peace in me Lord God and I

thank you it’s not even for the season

but what you don’t realize is there’s a

season of head

were you gonna be in a storm

ain’t God’s


to give you peace before you need it

because many of us just want stuff when

we need it

got to give it to me right in the moment

and he will

but you’re going to spend a lot of

effort and energy

and anxiety and fear and worry

unnecessarily if you would have just

practiced in the previous season

practice you can’t reach purpose without

it happens in private here’s the other

thing I’ve learned about practice

practice expands

your palate



your palette

I’m going to walk you through an

illustration in just a moment and I need

everybody to track in with me in the

room I need you to lock eyes online I

need you to listen in

um here’s the thing about practice it is

an opportunity to expand your palette

what do I mean by that let me give you a

little context this sermon today was

actually born out of a talk I did with

our creative staff about five years ago

the name of the talk uh is your paint is

the problem

and we’re going to use the illustration

today that involves paint so just get

ready all my people who’ve been like I’m

not that creative first of all that’s

not true because God Is Creative there’s

no way you his children and you ain’t

got creativity in your DNA so everybody

is co-creator

we’re going to talk about uh this and

here’s the the concept or the idea of

the illustration again here’s the point

uh practice expands your palate so go

with me we’re going to step into art

class right now is everybody good to

step into art class come on raise your

hand if you’re good to go to art class

all right

God wants to use you to paint

a beautiful picture in the Earth

there is a picture that God sees there’s

a beautiful Masterpiece that God sees in

the earth and God wants to partner with

you to paint it here’s the first thing

you need to understand when it comes to

this beautiful piece of art you are not

the artist

this is the thing we have to clarify

first because many of us think we are

the artist of our life the truth is this

guy right here is God

and that little paintbrush is you

you are not the artist God is the artist

and you are the paintbrush I know some

of y’all look confused like is that what

God really looks like yes I prayed and

he said Charles I put an image on Google

Search and that’s what I look like

everybody’s gonna be surprised when we

get to heaven

it’s just keep your attention God is the

artist you are the paintbrush and you’re

and your is the palette of colors God

has to work with

now I’m about to walk you through this

so just stay with me God is the artist

you are the paintbrush and your talent

you’re gifting your skill the tell he’s

hearing about the story in the scripture

where he calls the principle of the

talents he gave one he gave two he gave

five some of you he gave you the gift to

sing he gave you the gift to

administrate and he gave you the gift to

see people who were lonely God gave you

the gift of leadership he gave you a

business mind God has given you gifts so

he is the artist

you are the paintbrush and your skill

Talent OR gifting is the palette he uses

to paint the picture of your life and

practice expands your palate now

I need my two people to help me come do

this will and Don everybody get it up

for Will and Don give it up for Will and


and we’re about to go to paint class I

hope you got some shoes that you don’t

care if I paint on oh great expensive

ones perfect okay

they have two pictures

um that God wants to paint in their life

a beautiful uh little palm tree here you

know whatever and let’s say

um Come a Little Closer here because I

don’t want to spill paint let’s say you

are born with the talent and the gifting

of yellow I’m getting paint on the stage

I apologize guys get close buddy I don’t

want to get so this is your gifting your

gift maybe will

um he has a good business mind and from

a young age you can see that man he’s

just strategic and he’s a good this is

the palette he starts with and for Don

come here Don real quick Don uh Don’s

just funny everybody think Don you have

a joke on you right now five seconds one

two three four oh too bad nope okay Don

his natural gifting that God gave is

he’s funny so that’s one of his colors

and usually at a young age your natural

gifting or ability is used very

obviously so this is what happens when

it comes to the painting of their life

um they’re obviously the sun because

that’s what they were gifted to do it

shows up like this people who maybe are

like Don and you just naturally are

funny in class you got Awards like the

class clown

you’re gifting the thing that God kind

of put on you naturally it was just

obvious like oh yeah they’re just always

funny they’re just always joking people

like will maybe Will’s life he had

natural leadership this was the stuff

that God gifted you with that on the

playground when you say hey guys let’s

go do this everybody naturally followed

you why because it was a gift God gave


and when he comes to paint in the world

when he says I need a leader he shows up

and he says oh I got one right here I

can use that

when he says I need somebody who can use

a sense of humor to draw people in and

then share truth with them he can come

to Don and say oh you’ve got that then

what happens is maybe you have other

gifting so don maybe uh he’s funny but

then he’s actually really good at

communicating like he has a way of just

talking those kids in class that get

like me I got in trouble for talking all

the time in class but God was you know

just sharpening me uh then uh will over

here he’s got like just the natural

leadership and just like a good business

mind you know he was the kid on the side

of the road that was selling lemonade

that was like I’m making money at six

years old I don’t know why you need that

money for it but

and here’s what happens

again God is the artist

you are the paintbrush and now he is

using the gifting and the palette of

your skill or talent to paint in the

earth so here’s what happens to

immaturity you know obviously how you’re

supposed to use your first gift

but the rest of it you just kind of go

for it

you just kind of start using your gift

wherever you see fit

so maybe you don’t know the context to

have the maturity to know when you

should talk so you just talk all the


you don’t have the maturity to know this

isn’t a business idea just chill out and

have fun so you just have ideas going

all the time

and it’s a natural gifting but there

needs to be a season of practice

because this season of practice is going

to expand your power so let’s say Donna

will they go both go into a season of

practice both of y’all go into a season

of practice God bless

and what happens for many of us

is because practice happens in private

people can’t see what’s going on in your


you got those friends that you saw maybe

when you were younger and then you get

older and they’ll be like what you’ve

been up to what you’ve been going

through what’s been going on in your

life whenever you guys are done you can

come back on stage and here’s what

happens when you come back

from a season of practice

it becomes very obvious

who has practiced and who hasn’t come

back on stage for me guys

so now God comes back up to you

and he says all right I want to use your


I want to paint something in the Earth

okay so you still got

so you still got pink and yellow and

it’s been been 10 years

you still only talk to people that are

look like you

okay okay so you still

you still haven’t learned to trust me

with your finances oh that’s just the

way you are

okay I love you oh you okay so you were

funny and you but you’ve been working on

your ability to communicate

you you’ve asked God God bride and Bride

on my tongue don’t just let me just say

whatever I want to but God let me submit

to your will and in maturity what have

you done you’ve practiced and you have

expanded your palate

so what happens now the picture of his


becomes a little bit more clear because

he’s using the giftings and he has honed

in his ability to be used by God

what is this this is David fighting the

first lion

and then fighting the bear

and then fighting another lion and then

fighting a bear this is you saying yeah

God gave you the gift to write but this

is actually going and taking a course on

how do I write well in a way that draws

people in and not just say no God’s just

gonna do it

this is you having the gift of

leadership but learning all the time

ain’t the time for you to be the leader

the best leaders learn how to be

submitted but in immaturity

you just lead all the time

don’t trust people around you to lead

you just lead all the time in your

marriage I’m in charge

on your kids I’m in charge ideas my


okay yeah it was cool when you were


to go for it and trust your idea but

have you not


so then God will give you another season

of practice go ahead guys

and here’s the thing that happens

the more you practice the more it


your palate what am I trying to do today

I’m trying to give you the ability

to be considered like job

oh you need somebody to step into the

entertainment industry

you see they practiced purity

so when they get around those people

that they used to look at as objects

and when I promote them I can trust them

in that space because they’ve practiced

submitting to their flesh to my spirit

oh you’re looking for someone that I can

put in charge and them not be prideful I

saw them serve for six years and

practice humility they expand their

power so if you need somebody have you

considered them

but again practice it happens in private

guys you can come back

and for some of you

you have went through season

and seasoned

you still

you’ve been in church how long

and you think God still only loves

certain people

you still won’t invite that one person

to work because you feel like well they

don’t belong here because church is for

good people

you still think that you do all these

religious activities and you’re going to

get into heaven faster than other you


I love you

but now

your picture

is misrepresenting

who I am

I I can only now

the picture of your life if it goes

beyond the certain areas that are

obvious it’s no longer a true depiction

of how I feel about people

it’s no longer a true depiction of how I

show Grace it’s no longer a true

depiction of how I show love because you

decided this is who I am this is how I

am and that’s great

but you can either step in purpose or

keep running from practice

but Don

has made a decision to develop his


and here’s the beautiful thing not only

if we can go why please not only is his



what God’s original intention is

but let me give you the part that messes

with me every single time I’ve taught

this talk

the thing that he started out with

that in in maturity he would have

thought was the most important thing

in the grand scheme

of the landscape of his life

is not even that big of a deal anymore

and many of you

doubled down early on your gifts

without having the maturity to practice

and expand and see if God could do

something else in your life and you

still using

the it’s the little you can’t even see

it the pink is just the little boat and

the Little Star

but anyway this is who I am

this is how I do it


that’s great

but could there be

something else that maybe God wants to


I hear you I hear you you got the gift

and it’s amazing but how could God

develop you in another season how could

he be using you right now

trying to get you to practice

so that you could expand

your palate

thank you guys

I want to ask you today

have you expected

to perform under pressure

but not yet practiced

I said it earlier um


is actually a Biblical principle and you

do not reach purpose without practice

here is the single

anchoring part of my sermon

to show you

that practice is a Biblical principle

when you talk about purpose


there are a lot of different moments of

purpose throughout scripture

we’re going to do anything we can look

at the life of Jesus

one of the greatest moments the greatest

moment of Jesus purpose

would have been the very reason he was

sent here

he was sent here

to live a perfect and sinless life

and he was born

simply to die

that is the purpose of Jesus

the purpose of Jesus was to come to this


to be fully God and fully man

and to live only to die

and his greatest moment of purpose

was for him

to die but here’s the thing about his

purpose for me when I look at the

purpose of Jesus the greatest moment of

purpose if it was to die

um I don’t think it was Jesus up on the


now notice mess with you very silent

hear me out Jesus up on the cross

is not the greatest moment of purpose

for me I would argue the greatest moment

of purpose was him on his knees in the


because that’s the place

where he decides if he’s going to do it

or not

to give you context for scripture Jesus

goes to the Garden to pray before he is

about to be crucified and he prays a

very human prayer for him to be fully

God and fully man he says God if there’s

any other way

there’s any other way

let this cup pass before me

but not my will

yours be done

this is the moment

when Jesus stands up from that prayer

where he has decided to step into


how do you do that

how do you being

fully God

knowing who you are knowing the

greatness that’s inside of you knowing

the anointing that’s inside of you

knowing the Miracles that are still on

the inside of you keep in mind Jesus is

only 33 years old how do you knowing

that you are God submit to die for

humans how do you go

and lay down your divinity

to step into

your Humanity

you don’t know how

this isn’t the first time

Jesus knowing who he was

submitted his will

12 years old Jesus is in the temple

doing what he knew he was created to do

he’s teaching

says it in Luke Jesus at 12 years old is

standing in the temple

and the Pharisees and the teachers are

amazed by how this young man is

unfolding the word of God why because he

is not talking about something that he

does not know it is who he is he is the

living breathing word of God that is why

he can expand it so well because he’s

telling a story about himself he is 12

years old and he knows I know who I am I

know my purpose I know what I’m supposed

to do

but Mary comes up

and says Jesus

come on let’s go

at 12 years old how do you

but he knows he’s God

he knows that he is here to save


you want to know what Jesus was doing

from 12 to 30.



does not get to the moment

of submitting his will

to God’s plan

without the practice

of 12 to 30 years old

how are you at practicing

your purpose

could it be

that maybe the season you’re in

is maybe not the big season of purpose

maybe it’s not the one that people will

know you for

could it be that maybe the season you’re

in is simply a season

for you to practice

a season for you to practice Grace the

people who don’t deserve it

a season for you to practice loving

those who seem unlovable

a season for you to practice patience

with your children

a season for you to practice Joy

some of us we know we’re supposed to

practice a jump shot but do you practice


this is so practical do you practice

being joyful

this is the day the Lord has made I will

you know what that is that’s a

submission statement I will rejoice and

be glad in it but everything’s going

wrong around you yeah but I’m practicing

yeah but they just left you yeah I’m

practicing yeah you don’t get the job

yeah I’m practicing yeah you’re still

single it don’t matter cause I’m

practicing today is the day the Lord has

made and I am practicing

my faith


are you have you practiced

self control

and many of us we can get so frustrated

because we have an expectation of our


for something we never


maybe you’re in your marriage and you’re

frustrated because you feel like

it’s not fulfilled or it’s not going how

you thought it was but in the previous

season you didn’t practice

being real with your emotions

and now there’s pressure on your purpose

but you know the beautiful thing

you can start practicing today

you can start practicing today

if Keys could come up I’m going to close

with this um

when I was thinking about

the uh the sermon title

I almost named the sermon

we talking about practice

now some of y’all don’t culturally get

what I just said

Amber’s amberly’s looking at me like

there’s a basketball

and the interviewers are like hey I’ve

heard you haven’t been going to practice

and the whole interview they talk about

practice and literally in this interview

you should look it up after this

he’s sitting there and he just keeps

saying hey literally I think there’s a

counter on one of the videos he says

like 20 times he goes we talking about


practice not the game not the game where

I went practice

and I thought um

you know Allen Iverson is amazing if

you’re watching us what up AI I love you


you don’t argue practice and win


I love him

but he you can’t be arguing

about practicing your profession

and see any type he got a lot of

personal orals MVP best player yeah

that’s amazing but you don’t get to


with your coach about practicing

you never heard Kobe argue practice

you never heard MJ in an interview

talking about I really gotta practice

you never hear Steph Curry arguing


because they’ve realized practice

is just a part of it

could you be

let me say it this way I hope our church

is never

the spiritual Allen Iversons

really God prac you want me to practice

loving them

you want me to show kindness to them

you want me to really you want me to

quit this job you want

okay you can argue practice

but what purpose could you be missing

out on

concerned with how uncomfortable

practice is well how much you don’t like

practicing because it happens in private

and nobody’s going to see it and what if

they don’t know but God is saying today

if you would just practice

I promise you your practice is going to

make your purpose

some of you the season that you’re in

right now I want to encourage you so

specifically the season that you’re in

right now is going to allow you to step

into your season of Purpose with an

infinite amount of confidence because

your confidence will not be predicated

on the circumstance

you’ll find yourself I’m telling you the

reason God is asking you to step out in

faith right now the reason God is asking

you to be patient right now the reason

God is asking you to actually learn and

grow in your ability some of us

literally when it comes to practicing

and the purpose some of you you’re

supposed to write songs that the world


but very practically

you need to practice writing songs

your first one ain’t gonna be the one

some of us need to practice some of you

are called to preach the word of God

but your first one you just wait and

Pastor Charles gonna hand me the

microphone it’s gonna be my moment I

know God Pastor Michaels is going to

tell me he’s gonna call me up in the

middle of conference version one it’s

like come up on the stage God told me

that it’s time to release you maybe


is it worth at least practicing

and here’s the thing that God has

challenged me with so much many of us we

try to practice on his people

and they end up as the casualties

because you didn’t hone in your ability

you didn’t practice you don’t think

pastors and teachers let me talk to you

for a second don’t just get up here

wielding this mic willy-nilly off of

some randoms let me just go for it

you think communicating for God is worth

the practice

let me tell you something right now the

first time y’all hear me preach this

message this is about the fifth or sixth

time I’ve done taught this message not

over the last couple years but I’ll get

up in my room you can ask my wife and

I’ll be walking back and forth with the

bedroom clothes talking about all right

we’re gonna go through this transition

and then God I was up here last night

walking through praying to Jesus I’d hit

one of those shots didn’t hit it but at

least I practiced you know somebody

because I feel like my purpose is worth


can I tell you your purpose is so big

it’s worth you practicing it’s worth you

practicing your patience it’s worth you

practicing your instrument it’s worth

you practicing writing the book it’s

worth you practicing stepping into

leadership it’s worth you practicing

saying I’m sorry

your purpose is so big

it at least deserves some practice

and what could God do

with somebody

whose palette had been expanded so

expansively by practice

that God could look across the landscape

of the Earth

and say oh you need somebody

have you considered

my servant


have you considered my servant

who has gotten outside of their comfort


who has done

what is in the gospels the story of the

principle of the talents

one person has given one thing to

Steward another person is given to

another person is given five it’s a

story of a master and servants the sir

the master comes back the servant with


buried it

serve it with two doubled it and serve

it with five doubled it

and here’s what happens that sometimes

we don’t like to acknowledge

that literally says the principle of the

talents the one that didn’t practice or

Steward or invest or double their talent

biblically you want to know what

happened it was taken from them

and given to the one with ten

if we’re going to preach the Bible we

can’t just pick out pieces that we like

but God wasn’t asking here’s the thing

God wasn’t asking the person with one to

give him back ten


God they got this also is biblical

grounds that some people start off with

more talents than other people

that messes with people

one got one one got two one got five but

the expectation of ten is different than

the expectation of one

each one of you should use uh should to

use your gifting according to the faith

that has been given to you

all biblical

God is asking you what will you do

with what I have given you

Holy Spirit

thank you

God I pray right now

that this word would not just go into

our ears

but may it enter our heart

may it go down

into the roots and the soil of our soul

and may it produce

tangible fruit in our life

I speak against condemnation

in in a performance mentality that

people may feel inclined to step into

out of this I thank you Lord God that

you would give the power and the desire

to do what pleases you

Lord may we practice in such a way

that when you call upon us we are ready

to step into purpose

every hit’s about every eye still closed

there’s some of you in here and maybe

you just need to step into a season of

practicing I don’t know what that means

for you maybe it’s practical maybe it’s

uh maybe it’s an actual skill or talent

in the sense of an art form or writing

or singing or a gifting maybe it’s just

to practice patience maybe it’s just

practice loving your spouse maybe it’s

practice maybe it’s the fruit of the

spirit whatever it is if you say you

know what I need the holy spirit’s power

to either stay faithful in this season

of practice or to step into a season of

practice I want to ask you right now in

the room and online would you just raise

your hand for just a moment

God you see your children with our hands

lifted and we are asking not in our own

strength not in our own ability but Lord

would you Empower us to step into this

season of practice Lord God to show

ourselves approved ready for what you

have called us to do

every head’s still bowed every eye is

still closed there are some of you in

this room and the first thing you need

to step into is a relationship with

Jesus in this room and watching online

if you’ve never accepted Jesus as your

lord and savior if you’ve never stepped

into a moment where you surrendered your

will or you’ve surrendered your ideas

where you surrendered your plan if you

would like to accept Jesus Christ as

your lord and savior I want to give you

that opportunity I’m going to count to

three and on the count of three I’m

going to ask you in the room and online

wherever you’re watching from to raise

your hand I believe when you raise your

hand on the outside it’s confirming on

the inside what the Holy Spirit has

already began to do this is the moment

where you surrender your will you don’t

have to clean your life up and get back

together you don’t have to act like a

good person if you surrender to God In

This Moment he can transform your life

if you’d like to accept Jesus Christ as

your lord and savior on the count of

three I want you to lift your hand one

two three lift your hand thank you Lord

Jesus thank you Lord Jesus thank you



listen in the room and online we’re

going to pray together around the world

for the benefit of those who are coming

to Jesus for the very first time if

you’re in the room I want you to repeat

after me say it out loud Dear God

thank you for loving me

dear Jesus

thank you

for laying down your life

to save mine

I admit

I’ve made mistakes

save me change me transform me I’m yours

in Jesus name I pray

amen Transformation Church can you make

some noise oh come on people just gave

their life to Jesus today

Hey listen if you made that decision

that’s the best decision you could ever

make we’re so so proud of you and we’d

love to support you in this walk of

following Jesus if you text the number

uh uh eight two eight two eight two if

you text the word save to that we would

love to send you some resources and to

encourage you on this journey of

following Jesus Hey listen uh I told you

before but October 2nd we are back open

and we are so excited is anybody excited

to be back together

Hey listen please please please please

please please please register let us

know you’re coming on that Sunday it’s

going to be an amazing time we’re so

excited to gather with you and listen I

would encourage you in the room and

online stay tuned there’s some super

important stuff at our TC post show but

until then everybody stay with me go out

and live a transformed life we’ll see

you guys bye