If you have ever felt pressed by the weight of the world, this message is for you. Pastor Bianca shares powerful and practical examples of how we can feel pressed and not get discouraged while accomplishing all God has purposed for us to do.

what’s up transformation church i’m so

excited that you joined us for church


and we have made it to fun month at

transformation church

listen as me and pastor natalie are on

sabbatical right now

getting rest and rejuvenated thinking

about all god has done and really


for all that god is about to do you know

i wouldn’t leave you

without something hot and spicy to bring

you revelation and today

i’m telling you you are in for a treat

this is

throwback sunday so we’re about to throw

it back to somebody who came last year

who is me and pastor natalie’s sister

she is a person that i call jenny from

the block

she is a latina fireball when we see

each other we greet each other like this

that’s how we do she is the lead pastor

along with her husband matthew of the

father house

oc and today she’s about to bring a word

so i want you to get excited

and welcome to transformation church

miss bianca

ota good morning transformation church

welcome transformation nation it is a

good day to be in the house of god

not only is it fun month church church

y’all ain’t ready

it is i actually throwback sunday why

because i was here last year for fun


homegirl just brings the fun okay and

i’m so excited to be

with so many new faces from different

places here in the house of god

and if i can’t say this to those

watching online part of the tc family

i’m going to give a little shout out

because today is a double

dip it’s a double dip okay and it’s

always good when it’s double because

our home church my husband and i matt we

have a home church called the father’s

house in orange county and guess what

it’s a cross between tc and tfhoc come

through thank you jesus

so it is going to be a good day to be in

the house of god now listen

uh pastor mike is on sabbatical some of

y’all are like i wish faster mike was

here i’m

just watching for him guess what um we

are going to bless him with a little

sabbatical so he gets a little break

he gets some time off he gets to

rejuvenate but this is what i want

i want to take a pause to take a beat

will you pop in on his social media will

you leave a comment in the chat box

will you just let him know him and

pastor natalie and the entire tc crew

that makes church happen week in and

week out can you say

thank you to them can you say that we

love you that we’re so grateful for you

yes that’s what we do now it is my

second time here at tc

and uh since it’s my it’s my second time

back it’s high time that we get to know

each other okay we family if you know

anything about me you know that i

am obsessed with hebrew history and

jewish culture

okay like this is something that since i

was a child i’ve been obsessed with

and i think that this is rooted probably

in some childhood pain but we don’t need

to go there let me just tell you why

i’m obsessed with hebrew history and

culture well

i grew up in the hood i grew up in the


my parents were immigrants to this

country i was illiterate at the age of

12 and i had

big thick coke bottle glasses

i was homeschooled and again i was


and throw that to the mix i was also

obese and so i was special

and not in a good way okay that’s just a

blessed jesus right there

but i remember feeling unchosen unseen

unwanted and really wanting and

believing god to do something in my life

and i walked into sunday school and we

had a teacher

his name was mr charles mr charles was a

preacher from the south

and this man had skin like dark


he had a voice as as as as

thick as molasses his accent was as

thick as molasses

and his voice was as sweet as sweet tea

and when mr

charles opened up the word of god it was


it was active it was sharper than any

two-edged sword and this is how we know

he’s a g

okay because you are a real g if you

take a group of fifth graders

through the book of exodus i mean that’s

what you would see right there okay

and he took our class in the book of

exodus and he spoke about a people group

god’s chosen people god’s chosen people

the jews that he was speaking to

mr child spoke about them and he said

that god out of all the other people

groups in the world

god chose the jews well as a child who’s

always wrestled with

with feeling chosen i began to just wish

and hope and pray and say

please jesus please jesus make me a jew

and then i found out that the

color of my skin and the width of my

thighs my mexican heritage could not be


okay and so i began to pray a better

prayer i said please god

please god let me marry a jew so my

children will be chosen

all right but then my theology corrected

and as i matured

and i grew i realized that i have been

grafted in like a wild

olive branch into the family of god and

god has chosen me from the foundations

of the world praise the lord

well let me tell you something my

husband and i were doing some ministry

work in london we touched down at

heathrow international airport

and he was at the baggage claim getting

his luggage and i turned on my phone

and there was an influx of text messages

and one of them was from my mom

my mom had texted me and all my siblings

and she had said hey

i submitted my dna to ancestry.com

and let me show you the results well

this is really exciting so this is my

puerto rican mom and so

the largest percentage was spanish or


but then we found out that my mom was 15

british i’m in london i’m with my people

i’m like hello governor would you like a

sport of tea

love to have a little chat with the

queen i’m like feeling it right

and then and then get this get this my

mom is 16

sudanese what up wakanda hot all right


i mean i was feeling it and then my eyes


on the most divine information i have

ever seen

in my life let me catch my breath

my mom is one percent jew

i turned to my husband who’s at the

luggage carousel and i said

baruch baby i am not speaking in tongues

i’m speaking hebrew

because i am a jew i am half a percent

jew i am jew-ish

okay so as a resident jew of the house

today we’re going to be talking about

a man whose name is yeshua he’s a family

member of mine and don’t

be jealous because i’m jew but let me

tell you something his name is yeshua

but you might know him as

jesus so as we open up the word of god

you have a bonafide jewish in the house

teaching you the word of god can i get a

great amen for that

now i want you to grab your bibles and

open them up to

the book of mark we are going to be

spending time

in mark 14 and if you’re the note-taking

type pull out your notebook

pull your journal pull out your pen and

i want you to write down the title of

today’s sermon

and that is pressed and purposed

turning our trials into testimonies

why because our purpose will come out

of those pressing moments of life where

does this take place

the place of pressing join me in mark 14

32. they went to a place called

gethsemane and jesus said to his


sit here while i pray he took peter

james and john note that if you’re

taking note

along with him and he began to be deeply

distressed and troubled

my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to

the point of death

he said to them stay here and keep watch

going a little further

he fell to the ground and prayed that if

possible this

hour might pass from him verse 36

abba which means daddy father

he said everything is possible for you

take this

cup from me yet not what i will

but what you will i want us to hone in

on that

yet not what i will what you will let’s

pray as we open up the word of god

spirit of the living god we invite you

into this space and into this place and

we say thank you

thank you god of the work that you did

on the cross

thank you god that you remained in the

pressing and my prayer today lord

is that it’s less of me and more of you

it’s less of me and more of you so god

in this moment

may we utter the words of jesus not my


but yours in the mighty name of jesus we

pray amen

amen hey we find ourself

in a very particular place according to

this text

in verse 35 we find jesus where

we find him in the garden of gethsemane

what i love about this is today through

the power of god’s word

we are transported to a different place

no you are not in tulsa you are not in

orange county you’re not in your living

room in london you’re not in your

bathroom in baltimore you know where you


you are in the darkness of a sad

night the night sky is bruised and

beaten but it’s illuminated with stars

and jesus we find jesus go there in the

feet of your mind

go there in the feet of your mind jesus

is hunker down low

with the weights of the world sin on his


and where do we see him in the garden of


you know what i love about this passage

is that we serve a good god father son

and spirit we serve a good god who

empathizes with our pain

who knows our fear our worry and anxiety

and today

if you came to church and you were

wondering i don’t know if this word’s

gonna be for me

listen you have come to the right place

maybe you’re sitting here you’re

thinking like

my life feels oppressed oppressed

depressed and i need god guess what

you’re in the pressing place and you

came to a good place

maybe you’re like there’s some power

there’s some power planted deep with

inside of me guess what

you are in the pressing place and that

what it presses is going to come out

with a new

sense of power so today church

today we find ourselves in the garden of

gethsemane now this word gethsemane is a

combination of two hebrew words get


and it means the place of pressing so it


here that grapes will be crushed and

turned into wine and it is there that

olives will be pressed and turned

into oil now the reason why i remember

the specific pronunciation of this

is because i was 24 years old and i

found myself in israel

and i was here in this exact place

and i remember the phrase get shimonin

as get some money okay because y’all i

was in a pressing place

24 years old i had to move back home and

live with my parents and like what

person wants to do that you know

so i’m living at home i’m about to

finish grad school i have

no idea what i’m doing with my life

and my mom was diagnosed with not one

but two forms of cancer when there was


cancer and i just remember feeling so

pressed and i didn’t have a job so i

remembered it as

get some money okay and here in this

place in the garden of gethsemane

we see jesus say these words abba

meaning daddy everything is possible for


take this cup away from me and

here in this pressing place jesus is


i don’t want to do this now

i don’t know if you’ve ever paused when

you’ve read this passage have you ever

paused and said

i wonder what cup he’s talking about is

it just me i don’t know but like

when i read this passage i said oh i

wonder is this like a hebrew idiom

like take this cup from me i i don’t

know what

what is what is she talking about here

well some scholars believe

that this passage is referred to in the


supper and as a good jew let me tell you


jesus was with the disciples prior to

this passage

jesus is with his disciples at the

passover meal we know this as the last


and as a good jew let me tell you that

there are four glasses of wine in the

passover okay

so church online in the room how many

glasses of wine are there a passover

four okay apparently god’s people love a

good turnip okay

so they’re out there like just pouring

it out for the homies like praise the

lord we’re here celebrating

and so after this dinner where do we

find jesus

jesus is now in the pressing place where


and grapes are pressed and jesus says

this word

take this cup from me and maybe

maybe your pressing place might feel

different maybe you are not in the

garden of gethsemane maybe

you are an entrepreneur whose business

feels because of everything that’s going

on the economy your business is going


you feel like you’re on the brink of

bankruptcy and you feel like you are in

the pressing place

or maybe you’re the business owner as i

was praying i said god where are your


you’re the business owner who when you

look at your employees faces you don’t

just see their faces you see the faces

of their kids and you feel responsible

for their families

and that weight is choking you out and

you feel pressed

maybe maybe you feel like uh you’re in a

pressing place because your spouse has

walked out on you

or maybe you’re a parent who’s so

longing to see their child that your

child has not only left you but your

child has left god

and you are in the pressing place maybe

maybe you have gone

through every single week of

relationship goals with pastor mike

and you are waiting and you’re praying

and you just you you want more than just

the permission you want the blessing

you you know cornea means i mean you did

all the weeks

and you said i’m gonna make a commitment

i’m gonna say high and right i’m gonna

stay pure i’m gonna say good god is good

and all of a sudden all these hot folks

are sliding into your dms and you’re

like what am i supposed to do

i feel pressed let me give you a loving

word fam for all the singles in the

place this is a favorite phrase i gave


give everyone for my lusty musty thirsty

and foddy friends let me tell you

they may be hot but so is hell all right

when they try to come at you

run away flee because that’s not from

the lord okay

you have relationship goals friend do

not compromise

if you’re taking no i want you to write

this down pressing

pressing the pressing is real

the pressing is rough and the pressing

will rival your greatest pain

how do i know this because my husband is

a level three sommelier

let me show you a photo of my husband

unfortunately he couldn’t be here today

he was supposed to come but

there’s been some great stuff that’s

been going on i’ll explain later but

this is my husband and for all the

single ladies don’t stare too long

because i love jesus but i will cut you


no no no i’m latina i’m loyal don’t

don’t look at him too long all right

but my husband in this process in the

last seven years

uh has studied the best wine growing

regions he has studying

uh the varietals that are there he’s

even studied in the most beautiful

way a crucial aspect to making wine and

it you can’t have wine

unless grapes are pressed so when

matt my husband teaches on john 15

he always talks about the power of why

jesus said jesus said

i am the vine and the importance of that

and not

just that jesus says i am the vine but

then he goes a step further

and and he says that our father his


is the gardener is the vine dresser is

the wine maker

and so both matt and i have studied this

passage and we’ve taught on

that god is doing a new thing in the


there is a new move of god there’s a

revival that is going to break out and

we believe that this is the new wine

that the prophets were speaking about

and we see here that god is doing

something new and you can’t put old wine

or excuse me reverse it you can’t put

new wine

in all wine skins that’s what the

gospels say and so when we talk about

the process you know i realized

i’ve always glossed over one aspect of

the process because i hate it

so every time i talk about this i was

always like no

cut it don’t want to talk about that and

this aspect is crucial

and it’s pressing the pressing why

in the vineyard the grapes are grown by

being attached

to the vine they are attached to the

vine for their sustenance

the grapes don’t have to do anything

they’re chilling like a villain on the


getting round and juicy living their

best life they are attached to the vine

why because the vine is the one doing

the work see the vine

the roots have to go down deep into the

soil it has to fight for minerals it has

to fight for the nutrients that it needs

it fights

for water in fact do you know that if

the vine had the perfect ingredients

it had the perfect atmosphere if the

vine had everything perfect that it


the fruit actually would not be good but

if you stress

the vine if you stress the vine and you


the vine work to go down deep for its


to go down deep for its water that the

fruit that is produced is beautiful

now i believe that this is a word for

us i’m going to make a case the same is

true for us

that it is the struggles and the

stresses of life

it is the struggles and stresses of life

that produce the greatest harvest

maybe that is why in john 15 in mark 14

where we were but in john 15

similar timeline of what’s going on

jesus has a conversation

either on their way to passover or at


when he recounts that he is the vine and

in verse 1 of john 15

he says i am the fine and if you abide

in me

you will bear much fruit that’s john 15

chapter 1. now but then he says

something as he ends the vine

wine lesson in chapter 15 verse 16.

don’t turn there it’s going to appear

on your screen let me read it over us

you did not choose me

no i chose you and appointed you

so that you might bear fruit hold up

don’t gloss over this he says fruit

that will last the point isn’t to grow


the point is to produce fruit that lasts

now if you have grapes and you leave

them out they’ll be good for three

four maybe five days but if you

press them church i need you to hear me

if you press them and extract the value

that’s inside of them

so that it comes out that is producing


that will last i have seen grapes last

maybe five days but i’ve seen bottles of


last 60 70 and 80 years

the biblical way to be preserved friends

is to be pressed

you can’t get around it and being

pressed might feel like you’re in

but church let me tell you that it’s not

and paul knew that this was part of the


when he wrote his second letter to the

corinthians in corinthians 4 8-9 he says

this we are hard pressed on every side

but not crushed perplexed but

not in despair persecuted but not

abandoned struck down but you ain’t dead

you are not destroyed the graves

pressing wasn’t the end

church it was the beginning of the


process it is not your end

church it is the beginning of your


process this is the beginning of your

transformation process the process leads

the pressing is

just to produce fruit so

brothers and sisters in the place with

style and grace let me say this

over us that this pressing isn’t going

to destroy you

no what it’s doing is that it’s

extracting the good that is held within


after the pressing becomes the process

your pressing leads to the

transformation process

in john 15 jesus said i am the vine and

we are back in mark

14. and where do we see ourselves church

the pressing place we serve a god who is

not far away

we serve a god who knows our pain our

god who has prayed

prayers very similar to us prayers are

like god i can’t do this

god this is too much and he says

take this cup away from me

what kirk was he referring to i

mentioned this earlier but

some theologians believe that it is the

cup of suffering or the cup of wrath

that isaiah and jeremiah reference but

in studying and setting passover and

then studying this passage

you guys i had a i had a great adventure

and i want you to go on this detour with

me for a second

i’m going to ask you you can leave it in

the chat box how many glasses of wine

are there at passover church i’m

schvitzing already oyvay you guys are

good joe’s

okay good if you answer for the chat box

yes the lord sees you extra credit bonus

points for you

okay so we know that there are four

glasses of wine at the passover

and with each glass of wine there is a


passage a reading a hymn a song that is


to remind them of their years of slavery

so i want you to in mark 14

just jump up to verse 32 to provide some


listen what mark documents while they

were eating

jesus took bread and when he had given

thanks he broke it and gave it to his

disciples saying

take this this is my body

then he took a cup and when he had given

thanks he gave it to them

and they all drank it this is my blood

of the covenant which is poured out for

many he said

to them now check this out this is the

main meal this is the third cup

because it’s the unleavened bread that

was broken for them

so they’re on the third cup they’re

eating the passover lamb

at this time they have the third cup of

wine and he’s

breaking the bread and they’re having


this is a new covenant this is a new

system this is a new way and check this

out i want you to go to verse 26.

verse 26 says this when they had sung

the hymn

this is the great hallel this is the big

song this is the closer when they had


the hymn they went out to the mount of


i need you to catch that i need you to

catch it they were on the third glass of

wine did y’all catch that they were the

third glass of wine

then they ended it with the song and

then he went to the mount

of olives what’s missing church do y’all

catch that

online if you’re real smart you get

extra credit you put it in the chat box

he missed the fourth glass of wine why

i believe that jesus knew that he was

the lamb

that was slain the final passover and he

did not finish that fourth glass of wine

until he hung on a cross on calvary arms

stretched out wide

and he said it is finished until he had

his death

we could not have our life jesus was

pressed down

jesus was crucified for our sin for our

pain for our transgressions for our

anxiety for our fears for our trespasses

and he said it is finished

and in the garden of gethsemane the

pressing place

he says take this cup of pain of worry

of anxiety

take this cup from me jesus had to be


to pursue his purpose and to fulfill

his purpose he had to be poured out


literally his blood was poured out as a

living sacrifice for me

and for you he was pressed for his


so write this down fam purpose

have you found yourself saying i can’t

do this

i can’t it’s just it’s too much i i’m

hit on every side

this pressing is leading to my crushing

god i can’t do this will you please take

this cup for me

now i say that not hypothetically i say

that because

i have said those words a year ago at

full month at tc

i came to to transformation and our

church the father’s house orange county

we were already a few months old um and

and at that point we had already

moved church venues three times we

moved church venues three times and the

event center that we were in

now um she was a little busted we made

her beautiful we pipe and draped we put

in seat covers

it was load-in and load out every week

set up tear down set up tear down set up

tear down

shout out to all the church planters out

there because you all feel me right now


and it was trying it was taxing in fact

our first week

at our new location our trucks were

graffitied and vandalized

we had stuff jacked from it in addition

to stuff being taken

from it we found drug paraphernalia and


sexual items found in the cab of the

truck okay

so this was kind of like our welcome to

the neighborhood sign maybe i don’t know

not only were the trucks broken into and

stuff stolen and people were shacking up

in our truck

each week we’d roll into church and we

would have like no clue of what we were

going to find

we had no clue of what to expect on one

particular week

our early early set up dream the dream

team they’re amazing

they’d get there early they were

unloading trucks well there were some

two gangsters that decided on the

outside of our buildings to kind of step

up and be like

where are you from these gangsters were

on the outside of church and i told our

dream team

they’re lucky it wasn’t me okay they’re

like it wasn’t me they’re lucky they

didn’t catch me

because they were to stand there and be

like where are you from kog keep them a

god fool do you either get saved or

leave okay

bye uh-uh you mess with the wrong chick

all right so those are the gang bears on

the outside

of church but guess what we have going

on the inside of church we got

homeless people making their home inside

our closets our utility closets oh jesus

take the wheel

at the event center that was there

people would roll in

and use the vent and guess what we would

find drug paraphernalia

razor blades alcohol bottles y’all there

was a weave found in one of the rooms

a weave and i know some of y’all are


what is the weave it’s fake hair caring

it’s all good it’s all good

but there’s just fake hair i mean this

place was crazy

i mean listen listen my favorite sunday

my favorite sunday of all sundays was i

had rolled in on a sunday

i had a bottle of lysol in one hand i

had anointing oil in the other you want

to know why church

because that week there was a group

i think you might know them as the

thunder from down under that were there

at our church venue i walked in and

there’s literally

body oil on the floor i’m over here

kneeling down

lysol wiping it up anointing in the name

of jesus

from god knows what these jokers were

doing on this stage

and i remember praying god you had


gyrating and taking off their clothes on

this stage and this is where i got to


the word of god god

take this cup from me now listen

i want us to be people even in the midst

of the craziness where we say

press me god to bless me god god i

believe that this will not break me

this will make me god i know that you

see me

i know that you’re doing a work in me i

know that you are the author and the

finisher of my face so put a period

on this story real quick now we as

people if we say oh i’m a follower of

christ i follow jesus

hey if you follow jesus you don’t just

follow him for your free blessings

you don’t just follow him for the

miracles you don’t just follow him for


fish and loaves nah you also follow him


the pressing place we have to follow

jesus to where he is calling us

and what is the pressing place the place

of the grapes and the olives where their

outer flesh

their skin was removed so that what is

inside of them their real value would

come out

and i declare that your purpose will

come out church

when you are pressed see we all want the


but we don’t want the pressing we want

the anointing aha but don’t make me pay

a price on that no

when we say lord anoint me lord set me

apart lord give me a purpose you know

what you’re really praying

you know what you’re really praying lord

press me

lord press me press me until all of me

is outside of me press me until what

comes out of me

is you see but we want the anointing


counting the cost we all want the oil

without paying the price we want to

catch anointing like we catch

rhona like if pastor mike if you were

just to roll in right now and you’re

like oh a pastor mike could just pray

for me

if mastermind could just touch me if

answer mike could just sweat on me then

i’ll be able to touch my anointing

no what you need to do child is get on

your knees

and start pounding the ground and saying

press me god

press me god press me god i will do

whatever you want to do i don’t want to

do this

but i will do this not my will but your

will be done

and if you can’t handle the pressing

yasufa is done

be done it’s done if you can’t handle

the pressing you can’t handle

the anointing see there is no discount

on annoying

there’s no clearance cost on your

calling no no

there is no anointing without a cost and

your anointing is expensive it’s full


plus tax y’all and listen my generation

my generation more than any generation


talks about calling but doesn’t count

the cost

talks about anointing and ignores the


talks about purpose all the time but we

want to avoid the pressing

no we’ve got to say press me god and

use me i don’t want to do that but i

will do that

not my will your will and the bible is

full of people

who were broke and busted and all of a

sudden god

blessed them in the sight of society’s

elite and society could have looked at

them and been like wait what

you use them how would you use those

people no no no

no because god is looking for the moses

who’s been on the backside of the desert

wandering for years

god is looking for the david who stinks


sheep as he has been with the sheephen

with the sheep god is

looking for the sweaty brow of roofs in

the field getting their wheats

god is looking for people who are

willing to be pressed for their


and no one can get your anointing for

you y’all you got to get your anointing

yourself let me prove this to you jesus

takes peter james and john and he goes

to the garden in gethsemane

and he tells them yo i’m stressed

i’m so stressed i’m so stressed i need

you to pray for me

let’s pick this up in mark 14 37

he returned to his disciples and found

them sleeping simon

simon he said to peter why are you

sleeping full

are you for real you’re gonna do me like

this after everything i’ve done for you

or come on peter couldn’t you stay watch

for one hour watch and pray so that you

will not fall into temptation the spirit

is willing but the flesh is weak

and guess what this doesn’t happen once

or twice it happens thrice

three times jesus rolls up and he’s just

like could you not stay awake

could you not pray for me

have you ever felt like people are


to your pain have you ever wanted to

look at someone and say

if you only knew what i was caring

if you only knew what god has asked of


you would stay awake or maybe you find

yourself saying like

these people are sleeping on me i mean

they they don’t even know what i have

they are sleeping on me

join the ranks of jesus the book of mark

and matthew record that this happened

three times

that jesus went and asked them can you

not pray for me

look at verse 35 going a little further

he fell to the ground and prayed oh

scripture says going a little further

that’s what i just want to amend it

right there i want you to pause and amen


because jesus went a little further and

if you find yourself praying for a

breakthrough that hasn’t come

and you are believing will you go a

little further if you feel right now

where you were like

if god only knew i want intimacy with

him i want to know him

go a little further if you are believing

the purpose that god has put in your


is still packed inside of you will you

go a little further

will you hit your knees and pray not

once not twice

but over three times because if our lord

and savior yo if he had to pray

three times what makes us think that

we’re exempt from that

to fight god i want to be with you i


church i think it’s in those moments

where we find

what we’re made out of when things

aren’t perfect

when it’s hard when we feel abandoned

there were weeks in the church planning

process i mean

even recently where my husband and i

would have these crazy conversations

like we are in a global pandemic as

church planters

there is civil unrest in the united

states what the heck are we doing

did we really hear you god i mean

the venue that we were in the venue we

were in it went bankrupt during


we we had no home yo i

found myself saying we’re like the

wandering tribe of israel with no home

actually at least they had a tabernacle

we didn’t even got a tent y’all we had


i’m like oh gosh we are wandering we got

no home and i remember

matt and i talking about and saying is

this what god has for us

should we continue to do this because

there’s people on this side that are


oh no one’s going to tell me how to do

church no one can tell me to stay out no

can tell me to wear a mask and you know

what if it’s not real church

if it’s not real church and i’m not

going to go and that online stuff that’s

not real church and we got people on the

other side that are like oh wait you

don’t understand there’s a global

pandemic and it’s super viral i mean

it’s super contagious and you’re


reckless if you have a church and i’m

somewhere in the middle like fix it


you guys are concerned about whether or

not we have church we ain’t even got a

church like jesus show up

uh-uh so there’s like two sides of this

and i found myself saying jesus

take your cup from me in fact if we’re

gonna have some real talk

when transformation reached out and said

hey would you cover for pastor mike as

he’s on sabbatical

i looked at the phone i looked at my

husband we were praising jesus

saying god is good all the time and all

the time god is good you want to know


because we lived another week as church

planters hallelujah

y’all think i’m joking no we hung up the

phone and i was like

baby god’s making a way in the desert

there’s streams coming through praise

the lord hallelujah

and in this moment i just felt like my

praise pants come up and i had to put a

praise on it i’m gonna lose some y’all

and i don’t care

but jehovah jireh my

provider some of y’all know that song

you know the next lyric jehovah nicely

hey lord you reign in

victory cause in that moment it felt

like we got a victory

god saw us god had provided for us

and the week-to-week grind of like how

we gonna do this

y’all opened up your house guess what

your house

became my house suka is mikasa okay you

guys opened it up

y’all even gave me some clothes i got

some tc merch

y’all fed me i gotta preach the word of

god this homeless ratchet

church planter is like showing up in


like you don’t even know what a blessing

y’all have been

and jesus says in verse 35 take

this cup from me but then he followed it

up with the most beautiful words

in this narrative and dare i say the

most beautiful words that we could say

yet not what i will but what you will

this is where the point pivots i want us

to lift up our voices and say

but not what i will god what you will

see uh what felt like the oppressor

our enemy satan what felt like the enemy

just pushing me down

saying i’m bearing you to kill you

because there was moments where i felt


i can now stand back up and look and say

like the mexican proverb says

you tried to bury me but you didn’t know

i was a seed

my god i need the church to know

that your pressing isn’t meant to

destroy you

your pressing is meant to transform you

the pressing is meant to transform you

it is to get the most

valuable parts on the inside of you out

so that the thin layer of your outside

is removed and what is good

and what is god and what is gracious

comes out

your pressing is the beginning of your

amazing transformation

and it will reveal to the world it will

reveal to yourself

what god has put on the depths of you so

the question i asked church is

are you willing are you willing to stay

in the middle of the pain

to go through the process so that your

purpose is discovered are you willing to

wait and see

the goodness of god in the land of the

living are you willing are you willing

to say

god i will let go of the good because

i’m i want your greatness of you

i want you to magnify yourself and me in

the greatest way that only you can

are you willing church i don’t say this

to preach a point i don’t say this to

get an amen

i say this because i’ve gone through the

process again

and again and again it’s part of the

transformation process

so for all the people that are watching

in every time zone in every country

in every continent i believe that this

is a word for you but i

believe specifically for our tfh0c


in california and online let me remind

you that your per

your pressing is part of the process

and i’m so honored to tell our online


that god has blown our mind yet

again when i came here last year

for fun month to preach at

transformation i remember

leaving so shook about everything that

god had done for t.c

i mean i remember thinking like god what

is going on there is amazing if you

could do it for them

god you could do it for us god the favor

that is there

i’ve seen it with my own eyes i felt

like the spies

of israel that went in to go check out

the promised land and i flew back to

california and i was like yo the fruit

is good

in tulsa and then for the five year


of tc i flew out here to celebrate with

y’all what god was doing

five years of goodness five years of

graciousness and i walked away saying

god if you could do it for them

you could do it for us but you want to

know something this house is full

and led with a man who is full of the

spirit of god

and i reached out to pastor mike and i

said pastor mike can you just give our


a little word of encouragement a rough

season yo he sent us such a powerful


he spoke life into us and he gave us


for a home i can’t show you the full

video but i’m gonna show you a few

seconds of that day and the video that

he sent us go ahead and check it out hey

tf hoc

we are here at transformation church for

their church building dedication

in just five short years they were able

to acquire a miracle building that you

see behind us

we want to document the day and show you

what god can do for us because if god

did it for them

he could do it for us

we’ve been on this journey my entire

life but as a church

for the past five years really believing

god for things that didn’t make sense

and i want to encourage you

that i feel like that same um thing that

we’re doing here god is doing

in your community but i want to

encourage you that

what sounds crazy in one season will be

counted as

faith in another you stay faithful if

you give what you’re supposed to give if

you sow what you’re supposed to sow

if you stay faithful even in the hard


one day that thing that sounded crazy

will be counted as

faith and i don’t know who i’m talking

to right now but i want to encourage you

what you’ve thought that god forgot

about and that your faith has been

waning on

it wasn’t a setback it was a set up and

so i want to encourage you right now

hold on to the faith that got you here

and the faith that’s going to take you


pastor mike was speaking life over our


pastor mike was saying that god could do

what matt what what what what the world


is impossible that god can do


abundantly beyond all that we can ask


hope or imagine and here in tulsa at

transformation church i get to echo the

words of my brother pastor mike todd and


we got the keys the keys the keys

because guess what church

the father’s house orange county has a


we have a home god has blessed us with


50 000 square feet in downtown brea

in orange county california a theater

that has 10 movie theaters and


all around so the place that would tell

fictitious stories

with fictitious characters by movies

made in hollywood

now we get to tell the greatest story

ever told

that is a god story it is a miracle


this is the stuff that movies are made

out of church

god provided in the middle of a pandemic

in the middle of our misery god made

a way that god granted us grace in this

crazy season

and guess what he pressed us as pride of

our process

because there was a purpose that the

word were gonna come out

the word would transform lives that

people would identify the leadership

gifting in their life

that salvation would be found the

treasure transformation will be found

that marriages will be reunited that

children will come back home

that dreams will hit fruition that

people will step into seasons of


after seasons that have felt like


if god did it for tc he could do it

for us the pressing isn’t meant to

destroy you

it’s meant to get the very best out of


and this isn’t just my story it’s your


because what god did for t.c and what

god’s doing for us

god wants to do for you if you have lost

everything stay in the pressing

for every scar that you have

every broken heart that has been

shattered on the floor

stay in the pressing for every dollar

wasted dollar invested dollar earned


in the pressing for every lost

relationship every ache and every pain

stay in the pressing for every tear shed

every hope and every dread stay in the


in the words of jesus yet not what i


but what you will jesus modeled this so

beautifully he was betrayed he was


he was scourged he was abandoned he was

beaten and he was crucified

and he was buried but those were the

facts of his

past there was a destiny yet to be held

and on the other side of pain

is always resurrection church in

the pain of the garden it became power

in the tomb the crucifixion on the cross

became the defeat

of death his death brought us life his

broken body became a resurrection

for a world in great need and as jesus

resurrected guess what

so will we but church

before we could say press we’ve got to


yes we have to say yes to this man named


he’s not just a good teacher he’s not

just a miracle worker

church i’m begging you to recognize him

as our risen

lord and savior that when he cried

out daddy take this cup from me

he said yes for me and he said yes for


the weights of the world hung on his

shoulders as he was stretched out on a


on calvary and when he said it is


the veil separating god from man tore

from top to bottom

so that we could have intimate

relationship with the god

of the universe he did it for you

he did it for me are you ready to say

yes because when he rose from the grave

there was a promise of new life

in john 10 10 jesus said the enemy has

come to steal kill and destroy but i

i have come to bring you life and life

abundant do you want that abundant life

maybe you are hearing about this man

named jesus for the first time maybe

someone sent you this link or you happen

to be scrolling youtube or facebook and

all of a sudden poof there’s this crazy

big-haired latina that’s yelling at you

i just come to bring you a message of

hope life and transformation in jesus

or maybe maybe at one point you had a

walk with god

but you’ve turned your back on jesus

this is your opportunity to repent to

turn around

and get in closeness with jesus so right

where you are

whoever you are and cubicles and living

rooms and homes and

community groups and small groups v

groups wherever you are in this moment

if you have never said yes to jesus as

your personal lord and savior

or maybe at one point you did this is

your opportunity to get back

don’t waste this time jesus is wooing


he’s beckoning you he said hey come here

baby boo

come here baby boo i want you we’re

gonna pray a prayer of faith

and we don’t want you to be alone in

this process there is a number on the

screen we want you to text that number

why so we can put resources in your hand

because guess what you’re not isolated

alone you are part of this crazy family

kog the kingdom of god all right so if

that is you you are saying yes to jesus

for the fourth time

or the first time today is your

opportunity to say yes to jesus

if this is you i want you to pray a

prayer a blessing can you say jesus

forgive me of my sin today i choose you

as my lord and my savior give me a new


cleanse my heart cleanse my mind

fill me with the same spirit that

resurrected you from the grave

put your purpose in me in jesus name

amen i am believing that there’s hands

all across the world

and we celebrate you and this decision

that you made for jesus remember

text us the number text the number below

because we love you

you are not alone god’s blessings upon

you thank you

jesus for pastor mike and natalie the

entire tc team

we love you we can’t wait to see you

online next week

thank you so much for watching

transformation church’s youtube and i

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