Pastor Mike has a mandate to push us out of complacency! In Week 2 of the Start Sharp Series, God directs Pastor Mike to share a personal word with us all: Strengthen Your Strength. There are areas of our lives that we are already gifted in that God is asking us to stir up and stand strong in. This message will give you confidence to become a student again, come out of agreement with the lies you believed and nurture the greatness on the inside of you. We’re starting sharp by sharpening our strengths this year! #StartSharp #StrengthenYourStrength #gift Scripture References: 2 Timothy 1:6-7 NKJV James 1:17 NIV Proverbs 22:6 00:00 – Intro 05:21 – The goal is to start sharp & stay sharp 17:36 – 2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 6 through 7 NKJV 25:32 – Stand strong in your gift and stir that thang up 30:50 – We all have gifts & they all come from God 31:37 – James chapter 1 verse 17 NIV 32:36 – How do I know what my strength is? 1. Natural 35:07 – How do I know what my strength is? 2. Named 37:00 – How do I know what my strength is? 3. Nurtured 40:03 – Proverbs chapter 22 verse 6 41:35 – Greatness is always nurtured 46:55 – What keeps you from strengthening your strength? 47:36 – Romans chapter 12 verse 2 NIV 51:58 – Strength submitted is success. Strength unsubmitted becomes stress. 55:04 – Strengthen Your Strength Prayer Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at Transformation Church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

haven’t yet make sure you take a moment

subscribe to the YouTube channel not for

us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you I have a word that I

think is about to shake the foundations

of our church the world and it is

already shaken the foundations of my

life and um I’mma deliver it in 50

minutes I’m I’mma hit you so hard in the

next 50 minutes that you’ll be able to

walk out in the snow and not even feel


cold yeah yeah that’s that’s this one

about to somebody shout at me start

sharp start Shar how many of you have

started something this past week this

first week of the year that you know

you’ve been needing to do but you

actually started something come on let’s

go okay there are some people in here

with their hands like you was about to

lie and I thank you for being honest in

this church because we’re a hot Church

we’re humble open and transparent what

I’m saying is yes at the beginning of

the year would have been the best time

to start but the next best time is

today somebody say start

start I I feel like there’s a mandate on

me to help people move from

complacency cuz it’s very difficult to

push a a car that is not

moving but if you can just get a little

momentum on the vehicle okay some of

y’all acting like you ain’t never ran

out of gas before I I just I don’t know

where y’all just came from but y’all

better know what type of church this is

how many people have ran out of gas

before and how many people had to push

the vehicle to uh either safe first spot

or a place where you could get some gas

okay I know some of y’all been

privileged all your life your daddy was

like yeah Triple A okay but what I’m

telling you is some of us didn’t have

AAA some of us we had to get in there

and and and if you if you’re from the

Midwest the thing I love about the

Midwest is that if you are struggling

outside there are people here that are

actually stop what they doing and

actually get out and help you I know

it’s not like that on the East Coast cuz

y’all need to be saved in New York and

Boston and Chicago and all that but if

you come to Oklahoma and you’re on the

side of the road all you got to do is

like I mean do it for 3 minutes

somebody’s going to

stop okay and what happens is if you get

anybody with

wisdom what they say is you get in the

driver’s seat open the door and put it


neutral and I’m going get behind and

it’s so So Beautiful cuz when one man

gets behind then other people stop cuz

they like I just didn’t want to do it by

myself and so then there’ll be like two

or three other dudes that get behind and

the whole goal is to take you from a


position to a


position and when you get somebody

behind you to push a little bit it’s

much easier to

steer a moving vehicle than one who is

staying in the same place I come to

submit to you this year the engine

doesn’t even have to be on for you to be

moving in the right

direction this does not have to be like

oh I

feel we just trying to get this thing

out of a stagnant

position and I believe by faith I’ve

been called to push you

today somebody shout at me one more time

start start start start all right

you’ve given me

permission God told me as I started this

um 21 days of prayer and fasting I’m

doing a fast I’ve never done before I’m

not telling you what it is but it is a


bus um I just feel for what I’m

believing God for in this season I I

wanted to I wanted to um do something

that um that that was an indicator for

me of what I’m believing God

for and as I started on this this fast

um when I when I when I be fasting I be

I be expecting God to speak to me like I

know some of y’all just like the worship

music and stuff and y’all just like

reading your Bible

God say

something like like I don’t care how you

do it you can do it through the Goof

Troop movie my daughters is watching you

can do it through something that’s on a

napkin but speak to

me and the Holy Spirit when I was up

early just praying he said something to

me that he’s never said to me before and

I was like God can I release this to the

church he said I only gave it to you to

live it out and then give it

away he said so today I want you to tell

the church the message I gave you for

2024 this ain’t the word of the year but

this is a prophetic word for you he said

the goal is not to just start sharp it’s

to stay

Sharp and he said and if you’re going to

stay s Michael there’s some things I

need you to revisit and I was like okay

go what I need to revisit what I need to

read what I need to do new what do you

want me to do anything you want me to do

Lord I’ll

do and he said very simply Michael I

want you all of 2024 this is the title

of my message and I want you to write it

down he said I want you to strengthen


strengths I said what

he said the things I’ve already made you

strong in get

stronger I said hold on wait God I

thought I’m supposed to be strengthening

my weakness he said no I do

that y’all missed it he said I will be

strength in your

weakness but you have a responsibility

to strengthen your

strengths and I said what you mean he

said everything that you think you do

good you can do

better I said what you mean he said

every time you

speak you do it for a living people know

you for that can you get better at

it I said hold on Holy Spirit what you

saying I thought you gave me the

messages he said I did but I don’t want

you to preach for an hour and a half no

more I want you under an

hour I

said but some of my examples Lord some

of the things that help the people of

God he said you can do everything if you

strengthen your strength

okay he said if you know it backwards

and forwards if you get in it earlier if

you take out the stuff that is fluff if

you actually get in that thing and and

rehearse it before you do it don’t just

go off of your Raw Talent if you would

just strengthen your strength and I’m

being this transparent cuz you going to

watch me do it in front of you all year

okay see I’m not scared of nobody

because for me to actually live this out

I got to live it out and some of you are

scared to strengthen what God has given

you because you’re scared of failing

failing is a part of

it the only way you can strengthen

something that you’ve already had a

confidence in is you have to become a

student again and some of you are too

proud to fail

again ooh I’m already in my

bag oh oh you thought because your

business was

successful you can’t strengthen

it oh you thought because you already

got a good marriage y’all couldn’t get


communication and the way that you do

that is by looking at other people who

don’t have what you have and wish what

they had and makes you laxidasical on

what God gave you

okay how we going to start sharp and

stay sharp we’re going to strengthen the

things that God has already given us to



uh what would

happen if everything you’re at a six or

a seven

at you became three levels better

at emly what would happen if the

organizational skills that are already

up here yeah notched up two more notches

how more efficient could you be H how

many more people could you help if you


organized no I know I got some shoes to

give you somewhere I know I got some

shoes to give you somewhere I know they

somewhere hold on maybe they at the

storage maybe at what if

you didn’t do spring

cleaning but you did right now

cleaning and the stuff that you ain’t

never going with it ain’t ever fit you

and won’t ever fit you let’s be


what if what

I in in in my life the first thing that

I did to start this up is I went to my

closet and I have

witnesses I gave

away so much

clothes so many shoes I’m talking about

with tags on them name brand everything

you think the gave them all away and

somebody’s like why are you doing this I

said I need less to


you want a blessing I need

less because I need more room to do what

God’s called me to do organizing all of

this stuff is not making me

better okay what happens when the

blessing becomes a

curse somebody say I’m going to

strengthen my

strength now I want you to start

thinking what are your

strengths what are the things that you

have just discounted As Natural for you

oh yeah I

just that God said that’s the thing I

want you to become better in this year

we’re always going to have a

weakness that’s why we need Grace that’s

why we need God that’s why we need to

actually be but what if you became a

better graphic designer this

year what if you actually thought about

what you were going to say before you


it uhoh uhoh I’m in too many people’s

business right now what just just what

if you actually made a budget this

year and you st somebody got so

convicted they started coughing over

they almost threw up over

there yes you got out of debt but you

haven’t been able to

invest so you keep throwing up out of

debt since

2014 10 years ago

and I’m saying great but what

else where where does the next level

come from and the Holy Spirit convicted

me so hard Michael he said he said to me

he said Michael I’m expecting more from

what I gave

you that one song in

1996 was not why I gave you that gift

that that that that that one piece of

clothing you put out is not why I gave

you that creative

eye and and many times when we don’t

create we

critique the reason why everybody is

commenting and critiquing and talking

about everything everybody else is doing

is cuz they ain’t doing what they

supposed to be

doing I don’t have time to comment on

your Exel or your

fail cuz I’m in here strengthening my

strength okay okay all right some of you

like my Pastor Mike strengthen my

strength okay let me give you some

synonyms for strength you need to build

up enhance enlarge establish your gift

extend your gift heighten your gift

heighten and increase intensify

invigorate reinforce set up Step Up

support sustain and toughen the thing

that God’s already placed on the inside

of you

okay who would you be if you

strengthened your

strength many of you would be the leader

and not the

follower many of you would be the

lender and not the B borrower the Bible

says that he has given us the ability to


wealth but many of us have not

strengthened the thing that we can just

do you’ve been working on 17 hobbies

that will never produce for your

family you’ve been doing things but God

has given us some inherent gifts that I

believe that this year we’re supposed to

strengthen what if you leveled up in

love I was reading this book the other

day nonviolent communic

ation why was I reading this book

because I have a way of

talking the people who really know me


me that doesn’t have much

uh doesn’t have much cushion around it I

just want you to know what I actually

mean that don’t work well in

marriage I talk for a living yeah but

direct communication to you gets me

sleeping on the couch with

Natalie so what am I going to do I’m not

going to say well I’m a man I’m a grown

man I’m no I ordered a book off of

Amazon and got Scott

one am I telling the truth Scott got one


why cuz I have to strengthen what others

call my strength but I know there’s

still an area for me to improve m


in what if you maximized the

marriage what if you didn’t need the

marriage counseling cuz y’all really

worked on it and you could help young


people some of you have never even seen

yourself in the position of giving it

away cuz you’re so broken and messed up


now but what if y’all made a decision

the next five years we going to figure

this thing

out I’mma figure out how to be romantic

and I don’t like being

romantic no okay this is going to take

you being

honest with what you have already

resolved ain’t

you this just me it don’t have to

be this just me it does not H I was so

convinced I was going to be fat and big

my whole

life that I started to tell myself it’s


me give me a 3X give me a 4X I’mma eat

the whole Buffet do they got a buffet is

it all

inclusive this was my L it’s just if we

going to live we all going to die these

are things

that might as well

enjoy but at some point I had to make a

decision to divorce the thing that I

already had made a contract

with and some of you cannot move forward

into what God has because you’re going

to have to break the

contract with the lie you’ve

believed you’re going to have to

strengthen your strength say it with

faith strengthen my strength strengthen


strength can I give you another word for


gift your strength is your

gift it’s a gift from

God name for me a couple of things that

you know was a gift from God you didn’t

even have to work hard from it come on

some of y’all just what is it talking

humor what is it leading come on

somebody talk to me what’ you say

Charisma Charisma just when you walk in

the room you don’t never meet a stranger

everybody love you taking you out want

to introduce you today Mom it’s just

a could I could I submit to you that


gift that maybe has been diminished as

just a part of your

personality is actually a strength that

God wants more out of to be used for his

glory second

Timothy chapter 1 verses 6 and 7 I want

to introduce you to a young man named

Timothy who has been given some gifts

but comes up against

opposition and he writes to the OG

Paul and if anybody doesn’t know what OG

g means it’s Original

Gangster it’s just a term of endearment

for somebody who’s been in a game a

while and understands the

pathways of what somebody else may be

going through and Timothy is a young man

who has been judged because he’s so

young doing big

things and he was a young man and he was

like I don’t know what to do with all

these people and d d d and he writes to

Paul and Paul writes back to him and

this is what he says to him in verse six

he said therefore I remind you st stir

up the

gifts of God on the inside of you yell

out stir up the

gifts that’s great he says I’m reminding

you to do something with what’s already

there I didn’t say go find a

gift I did not say go copy a

gift I did not say go and get a mentor

that can possibly lay on you a new gift

he said stir up the gift of God which is


you somebody say it’s in me it’s in me

he said stir up the gift of God which is

in you through the laying on of my hands

he said I already approved that these

were gifts on the inside of you I

already confirmed this why are you

doubting what you know God gave

you so you need to be reminded to Stir

It Up for God has not given

us a y’all didn’t know that scripture


there our whole Christian Life we’ve

been quoting that separate from the

first part you’re scared oh no no God

has not giving you a spirit of

fear but a power Love In A sound

mind put it in

context stir up the gift of God inside


you it’s already in you and I confirmed

it by laying on my hand hands I don’t

know if I should do that God has not

giving you a spirit of


fear to walk in your gift fear would

keep you from doing that well what would

they say and nobody in my family’s ever

done that and what if they don’t accept

me God has not giv you a spirit of

fear well I don’t know how to actually

and I’ve never gone to school for this

and I God has not given you a spirit of

fear but of power love and a

what he said for you to actually

maximize your gifts you need to not be

scared no

more I didn’t say scared I said

scared some of y’all so

scary of the thing that God’s already

confirmed in you Natalie God has created

you to be creative come on don’t be

scared of stepping out and doing what he

told you to

do there is nobody that can stop you

when God put the gift on the inside of


this year I’m about to release so much

music oh yeah

y’all God should not have gave me this

word I’m pigeon to talking like this he

should have not given me this word cuz

one thing I know if I don’t know

anything else that I’m strengthened to

be creative through music it don’t

matter if you don’t like

it cuz the goal is not for people’s

appreci ation it’s for

obedience you missed it and so many of

us have capped our gifts because we want

it to work in Man’s

eyes but what if the gift was just to

bring him

glory what if he put it in you to get it

out of you so that it could be there’s

somebody that’ll do it for 20

likes and they’re content and they’re

faithful I’ll bless them another way

this don’t got to make

money God

this don’t got to be the thing that pays

for the we’ll pay for the house a

different way will you be

obedient to release what I put on the

inside of you somebody say stir up the

gift oh I feel I feel it

okay let me bring some context to to you

in this because when Paul the OG was

talking to Timothy he he was working in

his gift as a

pastor and this is how we extract truths

from the Bible where everybody got to be

a pastor to be working in your

gift but we can get the principles that

God is trying to sare us he said he he

said this young pastor’s doing it but

but but he was a young man he came up

against opposition well lets me know a

couple of things number one God does not

have a age limit to a

calling I just need to talk to everybody

under the age of 25 stop

waiting stop listening to these memes

that say in your 30s that’s when you

build and in your 40s that’s is when

what if God called called you to do it



okay I am at a different place in my

life because I heard the call when I was

still a teenager that’s right and I

started doing things that other people

wasn’t doing that didn’t make no sense

and didn’t give me any

money can I just say this some of y’all

want to get paid so bad you’re missing

the place of your

purpose you’re calling everything

manipulation and somebody’s using you

and all that other stuff no dummy you’re

not good

yet okay

uh maybe you’re good at the skill you’re

but you’re not good at

people every training place is not for

you to be in

charge I can’t tell you how many places

I’ve been where my title did not even

matter it was what I was getting more

than what I was giving

it was a blessing to get anything at

that moment when I started running sound

at this church I was getting paid $35 a

week that wasn’t enough gas money for

the 15 passenger van I had

borrowed to get there it’s a story for


time but it’s true it’s

true but what I what God was teaching me

at that sound booth getting $35 an hour

being there from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00

p.m. it’s

faithfulness you can’t put finances on

faithfulness the way that I’ve learned

to show up when nobody shows

up came from me having to be the first

one there me and brother Glenn I don’t

know if brother Glenn is still in here

but he serves on our Usher commit right

now me and brother Glenn would be the

first people and he would turn on the

lights and I’d be down there praying and

rolling up mic cords and I learned

faithfulness because God said yeah you

good at music and you good at talking

but you’re not good at

faithfulness so I need to strengthen

that cuz for what I see 10 years from

now you’re going to have to be faithful

when people

leave you’re going to have to be

faithful when they run off with a

narrative that ain’t true you’re going

to have to be faithful to me like like

like no matter what

happens so I got to teach you something

that you can’t learn on the


okay today I just came very simply to

tell you stand

strong in your gift and stir that thing

up that’s it all year if you not getting

better some of y’all need to go back to


you used to be able to play the piano

and now every time you play the one same

song and everybody’s like you can play

the piano oh I used

to used to and you killing that one song

used to really you know really take

there’s songs that God gave you there’s

songs that he wants you to write but for

you to be able to get it out in the

spare time that you have between the

three kids that you have you’re going to

have to get more

efficient so you need to go take

lessons I ain’t paying for no lesson

cool stay on the level that keeps God

from doing what he planned to

do it’s not God at this

point there are certain things that I

know I have to do I have to be diligent

and dedicated and faithful to to get to

the place where God can release what is

already in


strengthen your strength Pastor Mike

what are some strengths


discernment exhortation encouragement

Faith giving is a strength yes I’m not

just talking about money some of y’all

God gives you stuff to give it

away decide in your heart this year I’m

GNA give more than I’ve ever

given I told my wife what we giv in

Crazy Faith offering next year this year

for that to

happen God’s going to have to give seed

to the

Sewer let me

be but I already decided he said

strengthen your strength I’m going to

give the most

outrageous thing that anybody I don’t

know nobody in my family that’s giving

this much to

anything I want to be the

first God would you bless me to a place

could you could you open my ears enough

could you give me ideas and witty

inventions could you could you put me in

the right investment could you show show

me who to connect with would cuz it’s

already made up in my

heart this year I’m going to strengthen

my strength of giving the gift of

healing do y’all know what another gift

is that some of y’all discount the

gifting of

helps it’s literally in the Bible people

are gifted to

help that’s great and you be like I’m

just the only one out here doing this

ain’t nobody else

helping the reason it’s a burden for

you it’s cuz God gifted

you and he said instead of being mad at

them come up with a training

course to help people that

help okay y’all not hearing me

yet gift of leadership how you had a

gift of leadership and you always on the

bench no no no I need I I just need I

just need to talk to you cuz you you

know you’re a leader and anything you

step into people

gather anything you do and you put half

a effort into it seemed like 10 times

better than everybody else but all you

do these days is sit on a bench and

judge all could have scored that M you

don’t play no

more you’re

retired and we say that for people who

are athletes and in sports but there are

so many retired Christians

oh you don’t serve no more you don’t

help no more we don’t even know what you

used to do you used to do this stuff you

used to run stuff you used to prophesy

you used to create and all you do now is

bring coffee and say

hello you think that it’s a privilege

that you showed

up and to us it is but to God he’s

disappointed he put all of that in you

and you give it to Fantasy Football


energy and I’m not saying anything’s

wrong with fantasy football if you have

the margin to do that yeah yeah yeah

yeah but that’s on that that ain’t going

to get you nowhere with what God told

you to

do I am offending you should see the

faces that are looking at me right now I

don’t care either cuz I’ve been sent on

a mission to push you into the place

that you got to get to

you need to strengthen your strength

Paul tells Timothy stir that thing

up it’s in you stop complaining about

what they don’t got and who’s leaving

and what stir what I put in you

up write this down teaching is a

gift wisdom is a

gift we all have gifts and they all come

from God

P I don’t I don’t think God gave me no

gift stop it it might have been

crushed your gift may have been devalued

by from somebody who was threatened by

it your gift may have been

mislabeled but somebody say I have a


I you got a gift got a gift your gift is

not just mothering

that that may be a part of your maternal

Instinct get you but there’s some other

stuff he’s giving

you that you’ve been discounting that

God is counting

on I’m going prove it to you James 1:17

every good and perfect what does it say

gift is from above coming down from the

father of the Heavenly lights who does

not change he has not changed his mind

about your gift yeah he doesn’t change

like other people and I hear some of you

saying right now Pastor Mike how do I

know what my strength is three things

very simply okay H how can you identify

your strength cuz some of you like

really thinking right now and I want you

to do that I want you to start going

back and some of my seasoned Saints the

older people the gift does not expire no


doesn’t some of y’all think cuz you got

grandkids now it’s time for you to sit

down the gift that God do y’all know

Abra DN how old he

was when he started do do you know how

old Sarah was giving

birth my mama say she was

old how do I know what my strength is

it’s something that’s natural

yeah these are the gifts that come easy

to you but are harder for

others what comes e what’s

natural my sister Abby she naturally has

the gift of

hospitality like literally I could tell

Abby text her hey I’m at the door I’m

coming to drop something off for Charles

she’ll open the door with a plate of

brownies I was like when did you have

the time oh I was just Cooking Brownies

the Holy Spirit told me you cooking

brownies and I’m like I mean she had

showed up at my house for a meeting with

brownie mix eggs and soft butter in her

purse to make brownies with my

daughters how did you even know we had

the stuff and she was like well if you

didn’t brought it and pulled out

eggs I can’t make this stuff up but it’s

the thing that comes

natural my wife Natalie she is naturally

caring like she be caring so much that

it get on my

nerves like Mike don’t make them I like

make them we paid to be

here she be like be quiet the other

people’s experience this my seat

I can say whatever I want to right she

just thinks about everybody else I was

like think about us think about

me care for

me but caring for her comes

naturally my brother

Aaron he has a gift of paying attention


details one room

any room this room if we walk into a

room together he in 3 seconds knows

where all the exits

are no no no I’m not even like he knows

where all the exits are he knows when

people move he knows who came in at what

time I’ll be like hey bro what time is

it he was like well when you got in here

it was 7:26 and then when you sat down

I’m like what in the world but he

naturally yeah yeah yeah pays attention

to details that’s why he does my Edge up


that is a somebody say gift or a

strength so how do you know what your

gift is it might be natural let me give

you one more another way that you know

what your gift is it’s

named these are gifts that loved ones

and strangers can identify in

you people start naming things like like


okay I told y’all a second ago I’m

naturally I was naturally good at music

like I didn’t take lessons I didn’t do

it but I could hear I could put stuff

together I could all that other stuff it

took prophetess Pam Vanette when I was


backwards to call me up to a stage in

Broken Arrow Oklahoma on 145th and she

said you are going to be a pastor and I

laughed at that woman in her

face she said I know it sounds crazy I

have the prophetic word on tape she said

I know it sounds crazy but you’re going

to use the

humor and the irony and people’s real

life situations and you’re going to

explain the word of God to people all

over the world and she said in your

ministry won’t just be to young people

you’re going to minister to people all

over the world and I’m literally sitting

there like



drunk and over and over there have been

many women of God who’ve come to and

they named it I don’t I don’t know I

know you do the music but you’re going

to be a pastor there’s going to be tons

of people that and and and and for years

I denied

it you don’t know me you don’t know what

giftings God gave me and that’s why you

need people around you because sometimes

they can see things you

can’t some of y’all have been so so

isolated that the things you need to be

named in your life you haven’t let

nobody in to be able to speak to that

thing so so so so so they can be natural

they can be named or watch this they

have to be

nurtured great how are your strengths

going to get stronger they got to be

nurtured these are gifts that have been

watered by your environment

encouragement and effort wow great

that’s great I said your

environment encouragement

and what some people have stopped

considering what God gave you a gift cuz

it was never nurtured yeah it came to

you natural and it was never nurtured

and so there are people who are better

than you and further along in it and so

you don’t think it’s a gift anymore and

God says all you got to do is put a

little water on

that for everybody else they got to go

through all this other stuff but if you

would just put a little water a little

faithfulness a little consistency a

little intention it on that it would

grow exponentially in other words I’m

saying to you what Paul said to Timothy

Stir It

Up Stir It Up your career may not be


purpose that’s a tough one to swallow

cuz you’ve given 17 years of schooling


it you going to be paying Fanny May for

the next 30

cuz of what somebody planted in your

mind that you should be but you seem to

can’t find no satisfaction in it you’re

a lawyer by day and a DJ by

night y’all know it’s the truth you at

Guitar Center buying all this stuff

ain’t reading no law

books cuz it there’s no burden for

it but now you have

responsibilities and so so how do I get

from the place of responsibility to the

place of purpose and doing the thing

that I feel like God gets Glory out of

my life that means you’re going to have

to put in

effort that means you’re going to have

to optimize the things that you’ve been

doing that don’t yield fruit and you’re

going to have to do the things that God

tells you to do and this is when I talk

about nurturing your gift parents I need

to talk to you for a

second because the things that annoy you

about your kids are usually gifts and


the very thing you can’t stand about

them the very thing that gets on your

last nerve they be tap dancing on your

last nerve why you always asking so many

question because God gave

them a gift of

discernment and every time they talk

they finding you

out uhoh and you can’t stand it cuz they

know you’ve been lying about never mind

but what I’m telling

you is our primary responsibility as a

parent is to

nurture the

gifts of God that is on the inside of

them can I give you’all a revelation

that I got today Proverbs 22:6 it’s a

familiar scripture but I want to read it

with the backdrop of knowing that we

have to nurture the gifts of our

children it says train your children or

start your children off in the way that

they should go and even when they are

old they will not depart or turn from it

I’ve only heard Proverbs

22:6 in talking about disciplining your

children train the child in the way they

should go that’s why I beat

him why I beat him my mama beat me my

grandama beat her and we going to just

be a beating family we beat we on the

beat but what if for just a second we

took it from the

context of punishment yeah and we put it

in the context of

purpose and God says I put some gifts on

side of this little child that are

unrefined and I’m giving them to you I

need you to train this child nurture

this child strengthen their strengths

encourage them in the way that they

should go Hallelujah so that when they

get old and are presented with

opportunities and career choices and

people to distract them that they won’t

depart from the purpose the gift the

strength that I gave him that’s

Revelation right there y’all I’m telling

you what

if it’s about stirring up our gifts

somebody say Stir It Up s up greatness

is always

nurtured Tiger Woods Serena Williams

David Beckham Venus Williams Payton

Manning Eli Manning Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber Whitney Houston what do

all these people have in common at

something they were great and they all

were told what to do since children


on now I’m not saying they stories ended

Good what I am saying is that they

reached the level of greatness cuz they


nurtured that’s

right I’m not going to ask you to look

at your kids right

now but what I am saying is maybe just

telling them what they’re not are you

just like your

daddy well hold on he’s not

here he’s

Unfaithful he’s not

intentional and now you’re going to

speak is that how you’re


my right now I’m in a nurturing

situation with Isabella

Moni my daughter from from as far back

as I can remember she has been a leader

and a

boss she she’ll tell me what she wants

tell me where she wants it tell me where

to go I I I’ve been calling her a boss

baby before the movie came out before

anything because that little

girl has just this gift of God to to

lead and know what she

wants so when my daughter came to me

when she was five or six years old and

and told me I could no longer go on date

night with her

mother I said Bella why can’t I go on

date night with your mother she said

because every time go on date night I


lonely and I said I’m married to your

mother you’re my daughter and I

explained to her the importance of

having our priorities right in

relationship it goes from having a

relationship with God and having a

relationship with me and Mommy and then

me and Mommy can pour into you and she

said I get it now Daddy and the Holy

Spirit hit me one day he said Michael

you see that your daughter already wants

to use her gift he said I want you to

use your influence and nurture her gift

on I said what you mean he said I want

you to take that situation that happen

with you explaining the relationship

goals to her and I want you to turn it

into her and your first

book and then I want you to put the

money away from that book to give to her

future he said I want you to nurture

what I put on the inside of her so I

told Bella we writing the book she said

when I

said now she’s 7 years old she said when

and so we started working on the book I

told her what was going to happened and

I showed her the book and the the book

actually comes out February 6 it’s

called a cup of love and a it’s called

relationship goals for kids and and I

made a huge mistake y’all see I’m

learning how to nurture if you if you

pay attention to this it says I thought

I conveyed it to the publisher but I I I

I should have over emphasiz it it says

um written by number one New York time

bestseller Michael Todd and illustrated

by Joel Santana when Bella saw this

book she saw her likeness on the

book but she didn’t see her

name and that baby said this book

wouldn’t be a book without me oh look

she y’all I’m not even playing she said

this my book

she said why my name not on the front of

the book y’all I called the publish I

said is there any


way but I didn’t say you disrespectful

you should be

grateful that I got a book with your

name on no matter of fact

I’m I said yes

ma’am I

apologize our next book will have your

name before that is you

know but what am I doing I’m trying to

nurture and stir up the gifts that are

on the inside of her Pastor Mike what

are you trying to

say strengthen your

strengths we in the second Sunday of

2024 Stir It

Up God’s going to start to reveal to you

through prayer and fasting the things

that you have let be dormant in your

life that you have let just sit there

and God’s going to say try to draw again

yes Lord try to

paint go ahead no no no pick up the

guitar uhuh uhuh uh uh uh uh uh uh start

writing the

book no no no no no make the curriculum

no fill out the application you’re going

back to

school no no no no it’s time to stir up

the gifts Pastor Michael I feel

discouraged I have too much Weighing on

me I don’t know where to

start I don’t feel like my gifts are a


anymore the only reason that you don’t

feel like your strength is a strength is

because of these four things write them

down because these are strength Killers



complacency and

conforming if you conform to what the

job wants you to be you’ll give up your

gift if you become complacency what God

has given you you’ll give up the gift if

you are cover in what somebody else has

and not being grateful for what you have

you’ll give up the gift and if you are

stuck in

comparison you’ll give up strengthening

the gift that God has given you it’s why

Roman 122 say don’t conform to the

patterns of this world that’s what they

do all the time but be transformed by

the renewing of your mind then you will

be able to test and approve what God’s

will is his good pleasing and perfect

will today I came to fire up your

gift and for a few people in this room I

came to tell you it’s time to flip the

gift everybody say flip the gift flip

the GI I just need to talk for two

minutes to the people whose gifts have


mislabeled you you you you were told

that what you have because it was going

the wrong direction wasn’t from God

when I was a sinner I was still a

leader I was just leading people the


way and all I had to do was flip the

gift and now there’s people coming from


Africa to sit in a service while I’m

preaching I could have been doing it in

the wrong direction for my whole

life but but I flipped the gift that’s

why it’s important to get context to

Bible stories the reason why the OG Paul

could talk this confident to Timothy is

because Paul used to be named

Saul and Saul was the chief

sinner he went from the number one

Bounty Hunter of


to the number one

contributor to the

Bible and getting the word of God and

the gospel spread throughout all of the

land at the time how do you do that when

you have an encounter with

God and he flips your gift if I could do

a backflip I

would I almost brought a trampoline up

here I was this

close cuz if you could just take

everything you’ve been doing in the

wrong direction and just flip

it God said I can turn what people have

labeled wrong and what people have told

you is a

dysfunction people even right now you’ve

heard I’m introverted no no no no no no

no that that that means you charge by

yourself but that also means you know

how to reach people who charge like

that what if the thing that people have

been labeling is actually your


that means your small group ain’t going

to have a million people in it it’s

going to have three faithful

people and y’all going to love each

other and be there for each other and

then take breaks and be like today let’s


talk we’ll meet next week

like what if the thing you’re trying to

get rid of is a thing that God is trying

to stir up

great every gang leader you’re a

gatherer you’re just taking people to

the wrong

place every gossip you’re an

evangelist you just got the wrong

message in your

mouth somebody shout at me flip the

gift everybody that has an

anxiety everybody that is riddled with

anxiety mind can’t stop

racing you’re a prayer Warrior

cuz you’ve proven to us that

focus is not your

problem you just focus on everything you


control if you would flip the

gift if I was going through something I

would want you praying for me cuz you

going to focus on every detail of my

situation on and you going to take it to

the one who is in

control it’s time for us to

flip the gift


standing it’s my last Point strength

submitted to God is

success and strength unsubmitted to God


stress I’m going say it one more

time your strengths your gifts submitted


God it’s going to bring you to success I

can’t tell you where I would be right

now if I wouldn’t have brought all of

this that I had to God and say do

whatever you

want he has blown my

mind but by what he’s done with my

submitted gift but a strength that gift

unsubmitted to God become stressed to

you it’s time to stir up the gift and

strengthen your

strength I want to pray for people that

today would be the last day that you

consider what God gave you an

option I’m going say it one more

time today I’m praying that it will be

the last time that you consider the gift

that God gave you an option in your

life I’m praying that it becomes a

burden a

priority something that you make

practical steps this year to strengthen

you’re an actor get in the

play do the thing well ain’t nobody

going to see it this ain’t for them to

see so you can start remembering lines

again you old

now your brain don’t work how it used to

be you need to get your memory back cuz

four years from now the Call’s going to

come the one that’s going to change the

family history but if you don’t

strengthen your strength

now you won’t be able to seize the

opportunity in the time of the

opportunity what if you strengthen the

number of scriptures you know by

memory you know the them six scriptures

that your grand na told

you and they’ve kept you for

years but what if you learn six more


year cuz every time you need them they

don’t the the Wi-Fi seem to be not

working I know there’s one in there on

Purity somewhere

Lord what if you write Psalms 119 on


heart how does a young man or a young

woman keep his way pure by hiding

themselves in the word of God I remember

when my mama told me that scripture I

needed to recite cuz I was out here

hoing oh can we be

real and we were in the laundry room at

our house on on uh 35th and Yale she

said Michael you need to remember Psalms

1199 and I can’t tell you how many times

I’ve been ready to do something that was

going to take me back into a sin cycle

that I left and that Psalms 119 jumped


that’s what the Bible means when it says

I will hide your word on my

heart what if you just

strengthened the thing that you already


strengthen today I wanted us to pray

together I wanted to make a strengthen

your strength

prayer and I wanted us to say it all

together I don’t know if they have it

for the screen but if they do if they

don’t I’ll teach there it

is I want us to say this all

together and I honestly want everybody

to be able to screenshot it write it

down we going to put it on all the

social medias and I’m I’m just I’m just

asking all of us every day this week to

say this when I wake up when I get ready

to go to school put it on your mirror

say it with your kids teach it to your

kids but we going to say it like this

let’s say it together say dear God dear

God today I acknowledge today I

acknowledge that I I am gifted I am


say that phrase by

itself does something to your

confidence let’s start it again dear God

dear God today I acknowledge today I

acknowledge that I am gifted that I am

gifted I pray I pray that you would help

me that you would help me stir up the

gift stir up the gift you have placed on

the inside of

me inside of me let your strength let

your strength be my strength be my


strength every

day every

day every day this

year what would

happen and this is why I thank God for

the model he’s given me progression not

Perfection nobody’s about to be be

perfect at this honestly to get better

you’re going to

fail but I want you to come back to this

and just like the OG Paul said to him he

said stir up the gift on the inside of

you so that you can see everything that

God has called you to hands lifted all

over this place father I pray for my

brother and sister as you gave me a

mandate to strengthen my strengths the

things the gifts you put on inside of me

today I’m praying for every person under

the sound of my voice and that will

watch this on re broadcast and will

share it with a friend I’m thanking you

right now that they will stir up the

gifts that you have placed on the inside

of them Father Every Lie they have

believed to leave the things alone that

you put there in the name of Jesus I

thank you that there is an activation

today that their faith would believe

again for the impossible

that father they wouldn’t just clap for

those that are experiencing in their

life but that they would believe that

you could do a fresh and a new thing on

the inside of them to every person over

the age of 45 I declared that there

would be a new fire kindled on the

inside of you that you would not be um

one to retire but refire that in your

old age you would be able to do things

that you were never able to do in a

previous season

and that your latter will be greater

than your

former I thank you that you’re stirring

up the gift and for every person under

45 I thank you that confusion goes away

from their mind right now in the name of

Jesus that they will not be Wanderers

for decades trying to figure out what

you have called them to do that they

will not conform to what culture is

saying but they will get a clear word

from you father let us all have an

encounter with you

that allows us to flip our

gift father no matter if it’s making

money or if it’s helping people we don’t

just want to do what seems successful we

want to do what is successful in your

eyes so father today we’re making a

commitment not to just start sharp but

stay sharp by strengthening our

strengths if you’re in this room right

now and you’ve never accepted the source

of strength

his name is Jesus today I want to

introduce you to my best friend the one

who saved me from being a liar a

manipulator somebody who was addicted to

pornography I done told you all my stuff

I was going the wrong way and leading

people there and God had an encounter

with me and he flipped my gift but it

came when I gave my heart to

Jesus see this is the only religion

everybody prays to a God but this is the

only one where God comes to you and he

says give me your heart and I’ll help

you change your

habits and today on the second week of

2024 there are some people that have

been doing your own thing you’re

watching online right now you don’t even

know why this is on or you came into

this building and God has been drawing

you or the Holy Spirit has been drawing

you this entire time today is your day


salvation the first thing that God wants

to flip is your

heart towards him he wants to bring you

from Darkness into light and I’m telling

you you are in the right place at the

right time to actually receive God today

is the day of salvation and we’ve been

praying for you so if that’s you you

want to stop doing it your own way and

you want to give your life to Christ on

the count of three I just want you to

lift your hands one you’re making the

greatest decision of your entire life

two your name is going to be written in

the Lamb’s Book of Life and your

eternity is secure three just shoot your

hand up all over the room I see you my

brother I see you my sister I see you

whole family whole ro oh y’all come on I

see you online just put your hand up I

see you come on glory to

God this is what it’s all about here you

talking about strengthening your

strength you about to level


up at Transformation Church we a family

nobody prays alone so can we all just

lift our hands and lift our voice and

say God God thank you for sending Jesus

just for me just for me today today I

receive his strength

in my life I believe you lived you died

and you Rose again with all power all

power just for me just for me and today

today I Surrender my life I surr I’ll

serve you with all of it all of it

change me change renew me R me Transform

Me transform me in Jesus name amen can

we give God praise for every person oh

come on on Transformation Church they

just got


Hallelujah if you just made that

decision and you’re watching this we

want you to just scan the QR code that’s

on the screen and we’re going to help

you we’re going to walk with you next

week I’m on fire y’all I promise you the

message next week we’re strengthening

our strength to another strength level


strength you don’t want to miss it and

you want to invite people

and there are people in here that need

to meet us for prayer tomorrow night

y’all there have been over 3 400 people

here every night for prayer y’all yeah

you can clap it up to that and what I’m

asking is if you can’t come every night

I’m asking you make it on Monday let’s

start our week off right it’s going to

be this much snow out there okay y’all

defrost your car put little come on if

you go to work tomorrow come to prayer

tomorrow I just want us to get fired up

in this next season tomorrow’s day eight

of fasting if you haven’t joined us you

got 14 days left get on this train and

ride it

okay some of y’all still getting

saved and if y’all need prayer for

anything I’m going to have the worship

team sing another song but I just feel

there’s a lingering anointing in here

today and and God’s keeping his promise

some of y’all he’s giving you Vision

you’re going to leave this place before

you leave this place he’s going to give

you instructions of what to do with

strengthening your strength this this

church is is a place where God meets

with people so you can go out and really

do your thing so if you need prayer I’m

going to ask the altar workers to come

right now for your marriage for your

family for your finances whatever is

going on in your life These are regular

people who got problems to they just

know how to pray they know how to talk

to God and we’re a real Church in this

place so if you need prayer I want you

to come from all over this place if you

don’t As we sing this last worship song

you are dismissed get home safe father I

declare this will be our best week of

fasting I thank you Father that this is

going to be the sharpest week we’ve ever

had and I thank you that this week

you’re going to strengthen Us in Jesus

name go out and live a transform life we

love you we’ll see you next week hey I

want to take a moment again before we

jump off and say thank you our church is

not built on one individual but on the

sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

represent we’re able to be generous to

meet the needs of people because of your

giving if you haven’t taken the step to

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