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so I want to jump into our time together

I’m so honored to be here one of my

favorite theologians Martin Luther said

this he said if you preach the gospel in

every aspect with the exception of being

specific to the times you’re living in

you’re not preaching the gospel at all

that’s the beauty of the gospel it’s

never irrelevant the beauty of the

gospel is it is the answer to every

issue in every season in every period in

human history at some point the gospel

is the antidote to the issue and so as

fast the rich talked about some things

we’re dealing with as a country I felt

like I wanted to speak to it a little

bit and so there’s a scripture I want to

read in the book of Luke chapter 10 and

I want to read a few verses it’s a part

of a parable a narrative that Jesus

tells to communicate a point and this is

this is what he says in Luke 10 chapter

number 33 this is Jesus talking with the

middle of his story listen to what he

says he says but a Samaritan as he

traveled came where the man was and when

he saw him he took pity on him he went

to him and bandaged his wounds pouring

all out and wine and then when he put

the man on his own donkey he brought him

to an inn and took care of him the next

day he took out two denarii and gave

them to the innkeeper look after them he

said and when I return I will reimburse

you for any extra expense you may have

which three of these do you think was a

neighbor to the man who fell into the

hands of robbers the expert in the law

replied the one who had mercy on him

listen to Jesus’s words family he says

go and do likewise

go and do likewise I want to pause for

the cause and tag a title to this text I

want to talk from this subject in our

time together today the church has left

the building

the church has left the building

voo I want to interrupt your regularly

scheduled worship gathering with this

breaking news announcement you’ve been

crafted and created customized by your

Creator to be a catalyst for world

change in other words your arrival on

this earth is not an accident even if

your birth was not intentional on the

part of your parents even if the

circumstances were not favorable even if

your relationship with your parents is

not pleasant God intentionally

orchestrated your existence on this

earth for such a time as this as dr.

Stevenson says great men and women are

only born at the time they’re needed the

most so you were born when you needed to

be born you were born where you needed

to be born you were born the way you

needed to be born because God arranged

your existence on earth in this period

in human history for a reason it is it’s

your purpose right which is the reason

for the existence of a thing it’s not

the existence of a thing it’s the reason

for the existence of a thing which means

that I can be existing and not

accomplishing the thing I’ve been

created for and whenever you get a

revelation of what you’ve been created

to do listen to me you will see that

your purpose is always an answer to some

problems that exist in the period in

human history that you’re a part of

God is that strategic that he creates us

he equips us he empowers us he gives us

spiritual gifts natural ability acquired

skill that will be needed for the

problems that will exist in the age that

we occupy the earth you are not

irrelevant you are uniquely relevant

you’re not just an asset you are a


you are not deficient God built you by

design he wired you for your work

he knew the problems that would exist

and then created and crafted you with

the capabilities and the potential to be

able to be an answer to some of the

issues on the earth it’s in you even if

you haven’t discovered it yet it’s in

you even if you don’t believe it yet

it’s in you even if it’s dormant and

latent it is in you there’s a you you

hadn’t met yet that God once wants to

introduce you to so that he can

introduce the problem you’ve been

created to solve to you not only do you

need to meet Goliath Goliath needs to

meet you am I making sense here yeah

your existence is an answer to some

problems that will exist in the period

in human history in which you were born

we need to understand this we need to

get this in the middle of a pandemic we

need to know we were born for this that

we’re surprised about this but God was

not and you know I think Jesus

corroborates this in Matthew chapter 5

when he says you’re the son of the earth

and you’re the light of the world Jesus

is attempting to get us to understand

that our existence on earth is to make a

contribution to the earth and if we’re

going to do that listen to me the church

has to leave the building I’m not saying

we should abandon church I’m not saying

we should leave the church but I’m

saying our impact is not within the four

walls of the church

we can have Church in buildings but we

can only be the church in the world did

you catch that I’m gonna say that again

we can have Church in buildings but we

can only be the Church in the world in

the church we get to sing about God’s

greatness but in the world we get to

demonstrate God’s greatness in the

church we get to talk about God’s love

but in the world we get to display God’s

love in the church we get to verbally

proclaim the gospel but in the earth we

get to visibly demonstrate the gospel of

an ever-loving everliving immutable

unchangeable omnipotent omniscient God

that can change your life and I think

it’s incredibly important to get this

that this world is not our home but it

is our calling this world is not our

ultimate home but it is our calling and

we’ve been called to be answers to the

issues of our day some people

incorrectly assume that being answers to

the issues of our day is simply

relegated to spiritual issues right just

send issues but when we examine the life

of the ultimate world changer the

ultimate change agent agent Jesus we see

that he did more than solve sin problems

he solves social problems he fed the

hungry when a woman was about to be

stoned to death because of the

misapplication of the law he intervened

when Bad Religion was persecuting people

he rescued them He healed the sick he

released the bow and he even

communicated and articulated that it is

his expectation that we do the same he’s

so serious about this that he says what

we do for others he treats it like we’ve

done it for him in Matthew chapter

number 25 this is what he says verse 35

he says for I was hungry and you gave me

something to eat I was thirsty and you

gave me something to drink I was a

stranger and

you invited me in I needed clothes and

you clothed me I was sick and you looked

after me I was in prison and you came to

visit me he says then the righteous will

answer him

hold up Jesus wait a minute when did we

see you hungry and feed you or see you

thirsty and give you something to drink

I’ll remember that Jesus when did we see

you as a stranger and invite you in or

needing clothes and clothe you when did

we see you and see you sick or in prison

and go to visit you and the king will

reply truly I tell you whatever you did

for one of the least of these brothers

and sisters of mine you did it for me

this is interesting family because for

Jesus is not sole work or social work

for Jesus it is sole work and social

work for Jesus watch this the

transformation that we experience

internally should produce should produce

a desire to make a difference externally

that my relationship with God should

change my relationship with God’s people

and we’ve been called commissioned and

crafted created to address some of the

issues of the era we live in born for it

unknown it for it equipped for it call

to it and one of the issues of our day

that is a stain on the clothes of our

country is an issue called racism it is

a personal and social sin that inhibits

people from experiencing life as God

intended here’s a working definition of

it it is a conscious or unconscious

conscious or unconscious sense of

superiority based on one’s race see see

that conscious or unconscious peace is

incredibly important because oftentimes

people erroneously assume that I have to

be doing something intentionally in

order for me to be doing it when the

truth of the matter is we can be doing

something unconsciously and for every

believer it should be a little easier

for us to wrap our heads around this

because our operations manual for

Humanity which is the Bible I created in

design of God creates an operations

manual called the scripture that tells

us how life Society in our life is

supposed to work and this is what it

tells us it tells us your heart is

deceitful right which means that I’m not

always aware of what I’m feeling what

I’m doing what I’m sensing what I’m

seeing that it’s possible they’re things

about me that I don’t see in that the

beauty of spiritual growth though right

the beauty of spiritual growth is that

I’m not only growing in my relationship

with God I’m not even not only learning

to know God better I’m learning myself


we often say I don’t know if you’ve

heard people say this God knows my heart

exactly God does I don’t I think I do

but there are times where I realize I I

don’t and this this issue here family of

racism it devalues the image of God in

another person and and it produces the

sin of ethnic partiality which results

in something called injustice now what

does that mean what’s that mean so so

here it is a feeling of superiority

doesn’t adversely affect anybody’s life

right so we’re both walking down the

street and someone feels a certain way

about another person

to color their skin that doesn’t

adversely affect their life the other

person don’t even know what that person

is thinking you know what you know when

it affects their life adversely when

they act upon it does that make sense

yeah when it impacts the way a person is

treated when it impacts the way their

case is tried when it impacts the way

whether or not they get into the school

when it impacts the way whether or not

they get the loans when it impacts the

way whether or not a building will be

leased to them when it impacts the way

their children are treated when they’re

outside of their sight and what is scary

about this is that there are ranges and

degrees and the individual can assume

that if my degree of my sense of

superiority is not extreme and hateful

and violent in volatile than it is not

detrimental but it can be subtle it can

be overt it can be personal and it can

be systemic structural what does that

mean what does that mean it’s see see

see systemic or structural racism is the

cumulative effect of racist feelings and

beliefs and practices that become

embodied and expressed in the policies

in the roof this is what one writer said

in the policies and the rules and the

regulations and the procedures and the

expectations and the norms and the

assumptions and the guidelines and the

plans and the strategies the objectives

the practices the values of standards

the narratives the histories the records

and the like which accordingly

disadvantaged the value race and

privilege disadvantage the devalue race

and privilege the value race this is

vinegar lieth in our history and it

doesn’t mean we hate our country we

actually love our countries not to

address some areas that need to be

improved in our country as because we

feel like we hate it is an example of

not addressing issues in the marriage

because you feel like you know my

marriage says I love my marriage I want

to address it no I love it so much I

want to make it the best version

I want you to catch this love doesn’t

settle love never settles I’m gonna say

that one more time I say love never

settles you know why God’s not finished

with you because love never settles you

know why he hadn’t given up on you

because love never settled you know why

he won’t let you settle for less than

his best you know why he won’t let you

put a period where he puts a comma

because love never settles God knows

what’s in you he’s gonna work on you and

refine you and reinvent you can

restructure you can rebuild you and

resurrect you and restore you until you

become all you’ve been created to be I

feel like preaching in the house love

never settles and so as the Scriptures

instruct us to seek the good of the

place that God has called us to live in

because we love it we have a commitment

to do everything we can to say let’s

become the best version of ourselves

this is a Goliath in our country but I

believe God is raising up some David’s

who are getting ready to use their

slingshot and knock this giant down I

believe there’s a generation that says I

am NOT this or that I’m this and that I

believe there’s a generation that will

not judge people by the color of their


that’s dr. King says but by the content

of their character I believe there’s a

generation that will not be divided by

cultural categories by class by race by

gender I believe there’s a generation

that says God has taken all people and

it’s making eight people that’s gonna

make a difference in the earth you may

be wondering okay pastor Darris I hear

you but how do we address this what are

we called to do this is a Goliath of our

day and I know I just wasn’t born simply

to or exclusively to address this issue

you but if it is an issue of my day I am

called to make a contribution to

addressing this issue this is not all

I’ve been called to do but if it is an

issue of my day it’s something I’ve been

called to do so help me get some clarity

on what I’m supposed to do I’m glad you

asked me that I’m glad because Jesus the

ultimate world changer offers us some

insight on what steps we can take here

in Luke 10 I love this parable y’all

it’s we get the opportunity to eavesdrop

on a conversation that Jesus is having

with someone that the Scriptures

described as an expert in the law now

that’s not a lawyer that’s a person

who’s an expert in God’s law a

bible-thumper Bible scholar and so this

person is attempting to test Jesus

actually they want to trip him up right

seems like he had is a good good arm

motion but he’s got a bad motive okay so

he says Jesus I’m gonna ask you

something what must I do to inherit

eternal life and I love Jesus Jesus

Jesus cold

Jesus cuffs I love Jesus response he

responds to this man’s question with the

question Jesus like some amazing

questions didn’t he you see because the

the questions you ask determine the

conclusions you come to see Jesus had to

ask him a question when he asked him a

question cuz Jesus needed to know what

kind of problem he was dealing with

right so I want you to I want you to

catch this because there are times when

the quality of our information is tied

to the quality of our questions this

applies to life it applies the

leadership it applies to parenting it

applies to relationships our church is

predominantly single so we do a lot of

talk about dating it definitely applies

to dating data should be about gathering

data right you’re gathering data to see

is this a safe investment for my heart

right you’re not in high school anymore

you can’t you got bills and you got

responsibilities you can’t be in the bed

cuz you’re breaking up every three weeks

or somebody different right it’s like no

you got it you got stuff to do stuff the

bill so it’s like I gotta gather data

see is this a safe place to invest my

heart so a good date now is not just a

good time it’s I got some good data but

that only comes from the questions we

asked so Jesus asked a question he said

so what does the law say and then I love

this is so important he says and how do

you read it it’s not just what is what’s

in the Bible right it’s how do you read


what glasses are you wearing what what

filters are impacting what you’re

pulling from Scripture here is because

if he says you can’t interpret it right

if you’re reading it wrong because the

Bible’s been used to justify all kinds

of ungodly things because people weren’t

reading right so he says what does it

say first of all he says I need to know

that you know that because Jesus is

almost like I can’t argue with you and

educate you at the same time so I need

to ask this question to see what kind of

problem I’m dealing with do you need an

answer do you need to be informed do you

need mentorship for me deposit something

Oh deep coaching need me pull something

out see it so he says all right so what

does it say how do you read it and so

the man asked as he says well it says

love God with all your heart all your

mind all your soul all your strength and

your neighbor as yourself Jesus that’s

cool do that and then says I got another


who’s my neighbor Jesus says hi so now

he tells them a parable he tells them a

story he says a man was going down from

Jerusalem to Jericho and he gets

attacked by robbers he says that strip

him of his clothes they beat him and

they leave him half dead they stripped

him of his clothes they beat him and

they leave him half dead they stripped

him of his clothes they beat him and

they leave him half dead so when they

strip him of his clothes he’s laying out

there half naked so they robbed him of

his dignity when they beat him they

injure him when they leave him they

abandon you

and this is a powerful picture of what

racism prejudice and implicit bias does

it strips people of their dignity it

injures them emotionally physically

professionally relational eats and

financially and then it abandons them

and leaves them to figure it out on

their own I got up by myself you get up

I had problems too I overcame mine you

overcome yours I didn’t get you into

this mess I didn’t do I’m not

responsible for that I’m not I didn’t

I’m not responsible for your condition

I’m saying that because this is what

scariest this was the posture of the

religious leaders in the text so this

man is laying there right and this is

what Jesus says he says first of all a

priest walks by so priest is walking

right priest is walking down the road

and he sees the Samaritan so the priest

is walk priest is on this side he sees

the Samaritan this would have reached us

he goes over to this side he Pro starts

walking like this because I’ll have to

solve it if I act like I don’t see it so

the priest comes then the text says a

Levite come so this is this is another

religious leader so so he don’t

necessarily have to be a priest but he’s

a Levite and the Bible says he walks

right past him this is what’s scary the

religious representation in Jesus’s

story gets doctrine right but love wrong

the theology was probably right but they

got love wrong they were probably great

in the temple but they did not

understand that the churches call is to

lead the building that our greatness is

not just displayed in what we do in our

worship gatherers

but our greatness and our impact is

demonstrated by what we do in the earth

and so they’re probably walking past

this guy thinking I didn’t cause that

I’m not that way I’m not racist I’m not

prejudiced I don’t understand why I

should have to take responsibility for

helping you up when I didn’t knock you

down and I could some degree not excuse

me I could understand if a person has

that perspective if they’re not a

believer but if you’re a believer I’m

challenged by you adopting that posture

because the only reason we’re standing

up the only reason we’re here is because

God saw solve the problem he didn’t

cause you know what the gospel is it’s

the story of God getting mankind out of

a predicament that mankind got itself in

God didn’t look at Adam and say well you

broke it you figured out God says what

love does love makes a commitment to say

even if I didn’t help you break it I’m

gonna help you fix it because part of my

calling and part of my purpose is to be

an answer to problems there’s a word

there’s a word in the Old Testament is

used a lot in the Old Testament is used

a little in the New Testament it’s a

word called anointing and that word just

simply of refers to this unique

empowering presence that God gives to

equip people to do certain works it’s

like it’s that x-factor right it’s just

that it’s that thing you can’t get from

study it’s that thing you can’t get from

repetition it’s just like oh it’s just

something about what they do when they

do it they just do it different you know

and somebody can do the same thing say

the same words but it doesn’t have the

same impact

it’s that x-factor right see we don’t

need a knowing

if there are no problems that can’t be

solved without God’s help so watch what

happens so the priest walks by and the

Levite walks by and they’re all the same

race and someone walks by who’s of a

different race

that’s a Samaritan Jesus didn’t have to

give this kind of detail because just

said a dude he could just say it

somebody but he said no Samaritan walks

by because we know historically the

ethnic tension that existed between Jews

and Samaritan

I mean it was so contentious that in

John chapter 4 Jesus goes through

Samaria the disciples are surprised that

he even goes through summit but Jews

would normally go around Samaria the

disciples are surprised that he goes

through Samaritan Samara and he goes

through this well to get something to

drink and there was a woman that was

there who was a Samaritan and he’s Jesus

engaging in conversation with the woman

and the dominant culture the Jews they

are looking and the Bible says that the

disciples were surprised that Jesus even

talked to her it was that much tension

in this Samaritan who was of different

ethnicity and who we would say his

doctrine wasn’t quite Orthodox he wasn’t

quite there are some things they

believed that would have been a little

off he had that this I don’t want to

because reverse he had the doctrine

wrong but he had love right and he you

know what it does he’s on his way

somewhere else but he recognizes that

God’s interruptions are our

opportunities he recognized that this is

that God has interrupted my course of

action because he only put me on this

path to find this person not just to go

where I’m going and so I can’t see this

interruption as an inconvenience I got

to see this as an opportunity

for God to use me in a way I didn’t

expect he was going to use me and this

man gets down off of his donkey he

bandages this guy’s wounds pours all in

lying on him puts him on a donkey takes

him to the end gives the innkeeper some

money and says let him stay here until

he gets well and if he stays here longer

than what I’ve compensated you for when

I come back I’ll make it back up to you

and Jesus tells this story and he acts

the the the expert of the law to

question now which one of those was a

neighbor and the experts it the one who

showed mercy he said exactly now you go

and do likewise

you go and you go and do likewise not

just wait you go and you do likewise and

just as Jesus says these things through

this man I think he’s saying them to us

he not only gave the Great Commission

with just to make disciples he gave the

great commandment which is to love our

neighbor as ourselves and this parable

shows us what this means for believers

love is not a feeling it’s action I’m so

glad God did more than feel before me

I’m so glad that God demonstrated that

love by sending Jesus to the cross to

die for me and I believe as I close here

I believe that I believe that this text

if we look at it it gives us some

practical steps it gives us some tools

to put in our toolbox to knock this

giant down family here it is number one

the first the first tool we need in our

toolbox is right here in the text is we

need any PIFAN II a lightbulb moment an


what’s that pass Adair’s see this

Samaritan couldn’t have addressed this

issue if he didn’t if he didn’t see it

if he didn’t if he wasn’t made aware of

it if he

wake up right if you didn’t wake up the

Samaritan didn’t see the robbery he

wasn’t there

but he saw the evidence of it he didn’t

see the origin of it but he saw the

outcome of it

he saw it when he saw this man stripped

he saw him beaten he saw him blue

bleeding he saw him broken and there

just things we need to see we need to

see redlining we need to see mass

incarceration we need to see health

disparities we need to see the new Jim

Crow we need to see small business loan

distribution disparities we need to see

disproportionate disproportionate

unemployment rates we need to see this

people disproportionately impacted by

the covert virus we need to see people

disproportionately below the poverty

line we need an epiphany we need to see

because we can be living in our own

worlds so consumed by our own issues

that we are unaware that our brothers

and sisters are hurting that we are

worshiping with people working with

people working out what people who are

being stripped of their dignity and

every day just having to prove that they

that they matter right not even matter

more just matter

need an epiphany

and when we have this epiphany I think

this revelation will cause a revolution

in our behavior because we’ll see

ourselves in this text we will see

ourselves is the one who’s stripped life

attacked us and Jesus found us Jesus was

our Good Samaritan and he found all of

us in a broken state and he nursed us

back to health and out of appreciation

for what Jesus has done for us we have a

responsibility to do the same thing to

others how can I receive that and not

give it to others we need an epiphany

number two we need intentionality it’s

verse 33 it says he went to where the

man was it wasn’t it wasn’t convenient

obviously he had some where he was

trying to get to but he he was

intentional to go where he was he

deviated from his norm to enter into

someone else’s space here’s a reality

okay when you a minority you always have

to go where the dominant culture is

because you can’t succeed in that

country without it if you’re gonna work

in some of the best places you got to go

with it where they are if you’re gonna

go to some of the best schools you gotta

go where they are you cannot succeed as

a minority without going to where the

dominant culture is understanding them

entering their space knowing how their

world works but when you’re when we’re

part of minority culture but when you’re

part of the dominant culture it’s

possible to be successful and have some

of the best experiences and never go to

where the minority culture yes


he was intentional and it takes

intentionality sometimes when you’re

part of the dominant culture to say I

gotta try to build bridges here yes

that’s not tokenism that’s love that’s

not manipulation that’s that’s love they

said I’m gonna go out of my way that’s

not partiality that’s love

because there’s some things you can’t

get in a book you can’t get through

Google there’s some things you only get

when you have relationships when you are

walking in life with someone when you

understand their world when you’re doing

life together it takes intentionality

that’s a different kind of learning it

goes from an issue to a person so you

can walk past it when it’s an issue but

when that issue comes up and you start

thinking people see people who are real

judgmental about issues I can tell they

don’t have relationship with people who

are struggling with that because when

it’s an issue you talk about it one way

but when it’s a person it’s different so

don’t just think racism think people you

love number three empathy verse 33 says

he took pity on this man he couldn’t

read he wasn’t he wasn’t beaten so he

didn’t know what that felt like and he

didn’t try to act like I know what this

feels like he wasn’t even a doctor so he

couldn’t deal with all of the pain I

don’t know what the bandages looked like

but he said to the best of my ability

I’m an enter into this pain with you and

I’m and I don’t even know what this

feels like but I love you so much then

I’m gonna hurt because you’re hurting

and I don’t even know how bad you’re

hurting but the fact that you’re hurting

hurts me and I just want to be there

with you and I know some people

listeners said that doesn’t solve

anything yes it does you don’t you know

because we do the same thing when

someone’s going through grief it’s

called the Ministry of presence it’s

like when I don’t have the answers I

don’t have to have the answers but I’m

gonna be here with you in your pain I’m

going to minister by my presence what

I’m gonna do I’m gonna show up cuz the

love shows up

did you hear what I just said love shows

up he he had empathy he empathize

without an excuse he didn’t say what

happened to put you here if you worked

harder you and be here in this situation

did you fight back hard enough did you

comply I’ve been through worse this

would have been insensitive and

unbiblical because the Scriptures

teaching first Corinthians chapter 12

verse 26 when one part of the body

suffers we suffer with it and last but

not least family there was not only

empathy there was advocacy to be an

advocate include intercession but it is

not just limited to intercession God

speaks specifically about this in Isaiah

58 and verse 6 he says is this not the

kind of fasting I’ve chosen to loose the

chains of injustice to untie the chorus

of the yoke to set the oppressed free in

the brick every yoke is it not to share

your food with the hungry and provide

the poor wanderer with shelter when you

see the naked to clothe them and to not

turn away from your own flesh and blood

he says and when you do this then your

light will break forth like the dawn and

your healing will come quickly and your

righteousness will go before you and the

glory of the Lord will be your rear

guard then you will call and the Lord

will answer you will cry for help and he

will say here am i advocacy

Disqus american didn’t just say oh i

feel so bad for you what did he do he

used his resources that was his denarii

his ability his bandages and his

influence with the innkeeper to make

life more equitable for someone else

that’s what advocating looks like it

means using your resources your ability

and your influence to make life more

equitable for someone else and God has

given us all different types different

degrees of resources right ability and

influence but his expectation is

whatever amount I’ve given you I want

you to be a good steward over it and

make sure you are using it to make life

more equitable for someone else now here

is the kicker in order to do this it

means you must love why God has given

you what he’s giving you more than what

he’s given you that’s scary right that

exposes our idolatry that exposes what

really matters to us that exposes

whether or not you’ll speak the truth

even if your voice shakes because you

recognize God I love why you gave this

to me

more than what you’ve given me you

didn’t give me this influence just for

me to enjoy it you gave it to me to

Stuart it SS right Esther I didn’t make

you Queen just so you can have pretty

dresses and walk up and down the palace

halls I made you Queen because I knew

that was going to come a point in the

history of my people that you would have

to leverage that influence that I gave

you and use it for others and not just

for yourself at the risk of losing it

because you love purpose more than

platform and purpose more than

possessions and the fear of God and the

love of people is greater than the

critique of men and family I believe if

we will embrace this challenge because

this is our our we were born for this

God knew the point in human history to

send us in the earth is not an accident

this is our time generations will look

back on this moment and talk about how

we managed it the kingdom will be served

well the witness of God will be more

fruitful and faithful because we steward

this well and when we do this it’ll be

said of us as it was said of the early

church these are they that have turned

the world

upside-down father thank you

that you are intentional and in your

intentionality you’ve raised us up for

this point in human history we know this

issue matters greatly to you so we pray

that our heart would break

for what breaks yours and I pray that

you would grant us the wisdom and the

boldness and the courage the prudence to

manage this moment well

I thank you for this church and how

they’re leading the way I thank you for

so many others whose heart you’re

stirring all over the world raise up a

generation of David’s that will use

their slingshots to knock this giant

down I thank you that it will be so and

it will not be otherwise in Jesus name


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