You need fresh faith to believe again! Sometimes, we need our faith refreshed in our walk with Christ. Pastor Mike walks us through 4 Keys to keep our faith fresh. When you have a fresh perspective, reminder, expectation, and anticipation, you posture yourself to see what God has in store for you. We pray that this message reignites you to get into God’s presence and refresh your faith! Scripture References: 1 Kings 18:42-46 NIV 1 Kings 18:1-2 NIV Ephesians 3:20-21 NIV Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

Church we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you are

watching from and if you haven’t already

be sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word for you so let’s

jump into this amazing


um I was going to end the series this

week and then the holy spirit said I

didn’t tell you to end

it and I was like cool so what so I’m

done but what you want to do and um he

said you’re going to take this series

two more

weeks and and and and you’re going to

take it through Easter I thought I was

going to do a a different message for

Easter he said the the title for the

Easter message on Sunday morning is


start and I said God what are you

talking about he said my ending was

everybody’s Fresh Starts

said when I said it’s

finished he actually gave everybody an

opportunity for a fresh I said God

that’s good I I you know what you better

than me

yeah and and then he said the week after

that and I feel a little intimidated

saying this but because I don’t got the

full message together but the Holy

Spirit told me to say it the week after

Easter he told me to preach a message

called Fresh


and I ain’t about to act like I know

what that’s about

yet but the the little bit that God told

me he said your your your relationship

with failure determines your

relationship with


faith he said so many people don’t see

what they want in faith cuz they scared


fail he said but a righteous man

falls seven times but what does he do


I I don’t fully know what that is

yet but it’s

cooking but today I I felt that I had to

give you a core ingredient to make all

of this fresh fruit stuff actually

work like like all year we are declaring

what God Said over our church

prophetically that this would be a year

of fruit but it wouldn’t just be a year

of fruit that gets stale like it

wouldn’t be peace that we had in April

but by October we frantic and in living

in anxiety

again the seasonal peace the seasonal

love the seasonal awareness of

kindness God said you don’t have to be

like that in Psalms it says you could be

like a tree planted by the rivers of

Living Water bearing fruit in every

season like your leaves never with like

I want to live like

that and he said that means you don’t

just need fruit you need fresh fruit

somebody say fresh fruit fruit so today

in week seven of fresh fruit God told me

very specifically he said Michael give

him the title at the top top of the

message write it down today I’m going to

teach you how to have fresh

Faith cuz most people don’t see fresh

fruit cuz they don’t have fresh

Faith you living off of faith of an old

season trying to ask God to do a brand

new thing with crusty

Faith you’re asking God for a new

revelation with molded

faith and God’s saying it’s not going to

work because faith is literally the

gasoline to the entire Christian Life

how do you get saved by

faith he literally said without

faith it’s impossible possible to please

me not cuz you’re a bad person cuz you

can’t do this Christian Life without

faith and if you want to please God you

got to obey him you can’t obey him

without and Faith begins watch this

where understanding

ends and most people where your

understanding ends you end yeah think

about it you stop walking you stop

talking you stop believing this doesn’t

make sense and you’re like all right God

come get me when it makes

sense and some of y’all have been at

1987 Waiting for God to come pick you

up are just waiting on God that is the


statement because people are like I’m

just waiting on

God he is

waiting on you I promise you there is

something in the instruction that you

have not done to

100% And like well God I asked the one

person he said ask 10 and you thought

cuz you asked one yeah I did what you

said you partially did what I said so

partial obedience is what disob would

you get a fresh faith and this message

is for not just new Believers this is

for believers who have been toiling

working persevering for years that I

believe that God by his spirit in this

message through his word is going to

give you a fresh Faith to able to

believe him again cuz some of us the

truth of the matter is we saw God do

something in one season and we got tired

of what it took to see that thing

happen and so it’s kind of like Lord if

you want to do it again do it without

me don’t act like you not you’re not

here with me cuz so many times you’ll be

in one I gave in Crazy faith I did it in

Crazy faith I moved in Crazy faith I did

all this other stuff and now God ask you

just to go talk to your

neighbor you moved from another coast of

the country and now you can’t move

across the

street it’s because you need a fresh

Faith so today I’m going to walk you

through it because I believe this is one

of the things I was talking to some of

my friends earlier before service I said

I feel like faith and having a fresh

faith is one of the unique giftings that

God has allowed me to understand I’m

always believing God for what is next

if you catch me on a Tuesday or a

Thursday or after a bad day you can ask

the people that walk with me they be

like Mike how you doing I’m here today

and I’m believing God’s going to do


crazy why do you just lost something but

God’s about to do

something why would I focus on losing

when I serve the God who can do

everything and today I want to give you

I believe four keys to keeping a fresh

faith and I found

the this story in second king 18 and I

want you to turn to it and this is about

Elijah and I’ll I’ll give you some

context in a minute but I’m just going

to read it so Ahab went off to eat and

drink but Elijah climbed to the top of

Mount Cara he bent down to the ground

and put his face between his knees to

pray go and look towards the sea he told

his servant and he went went up and

looked the servant said um there’s


there he said seven times Elijah said go

back back somebody say go back go back

say it with faith go back go back the

seventh time the servant reported um a

cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising

from the sea so Elijah said go and tell

Ahab pinch up your chariot and go down

before the rain stops

you that is nasty Bible and for most

people they’re like I missed it what

what just happened let me give you some

context right now um this man of God is

just coming off of one of the greatest

victories that has ever been seen in the

world at this moment y’all remember the

story of the prophet of baales where

there was 400 prophets that believed in

Baal And Then There Was Elijah and he

said hey if God be God like let’s see

let’s have uh verses right now y’all

remember the verses battles where

artists would come to he was like let’s

have a Biblical verses and he said it

can be 400 of y’all on this side and

y’all put out the bull and then ask your

God to answer and then I’m going to put

out the bull and I ain’t going to be on

the bull cuz God’s going to actually

answer me and they cutting themselves

doing all of these different things and

calling out out to bail he never

answered Elijah gets gangster with it he

says throw water on the

sacrifice do it

again do another one he did it three

times cuzz you know water is supposed to

quench the fire and then he just praise

the god

boom lights up the fire everybody like

oh my God

literally and they all start serving the

god of Elijah you just got it

like so so watch while everybody’s

celebrating great while everybody’s

turning up what does this man of God do

he said as Ahab the king went to eat and

drink Elijah climbed to a secret place

on Mount

Carmel he bent down to the ground and

put his face between his knees to pray

how do I keep fresh Faith number one you

have to get a fresh

perspective and let me go ahead and just

help you with this you get a fresh

perspective in the presence of

God Elijah had an opportunity to go

party with the King and he chose to pray

great what do you do at the point of

your answered

prayer what do you do when you actually

win the victory that’s good what do you

do after the platform expands most

people go

party when you need to go

pray cuz when God expands your platform

the truth of the matter is you didn’t

get yourself there right and what we

will do many times is start walking in

Pride after our platform expands and you

think I’m talking about this platform

but your platform as a parent you go

from no kids to one kid you have a brand

new platform and many times you don’t

pray the same way you prayed to have a

kid after you have the

kid God if you would just touch my womb

if you would just give me father if you

would just and now they here and you

like shut your butt down I’mma beat your

butt Lord help me not kill him that’s



prayer your platform expanded but you

forgot about the presence

and what I am learning to keep a fresh

faith that when God expands your

platform when he gives you the promotion

when you get one more person on your

team when you become the president of

the PTA when God allows you to expand in

any moment will you get on your

knees in a secret place and posture

yourself in a place of God I can’t do

this without

you father God I know the victory that

everybody’s celebrating I know that


me God I need you to answer me again


next who do I hire who do I let go who

do I trans transition father God where

should I

live I got the opportunity to go I got

the money to do whatever God but I will

not move without you father give me a


perspective and the problem is that many

people will not take that posture after


win how do you keep fresh Faith you

don’t act like that what God did you

did most people after what God has done

in this church would

start a podcast about how to grow your

church okay let me stop after what God’s

did here most people that have

experienced what God has done here would

start a Master Class

on how to expand your

influence the reason I can’t do that I

don’t got time

to cuz my

posture is God I don’t know what to do

with all of this if you would just speak

one more time and somebody’s like why

does he keep getting in that position

because the posture of prayer is

vulnerable and most of you are so

concerned about how you look to people

that you won’t get in the posture that

got you to the place that God has you

right now and other people are so

worried about how does does it look to I

don’t care how it looks to you when God

is the one who orders my steps I have to

stay in the place that he tells me to

stay to get the perspective and the

instructions that only he can

give yes sir how do you keep a fresh

Faith you have to have a new

posture if God expands your platform

don’t leave his


presence most people the song blows

up and the next time you hear about God

is when they’re accepting an award in a



no they’re in a thong on a platform in

front of thousands of people like first

all I would like to give thanks to God

for no come on y’all y’all see it


every the craziest thing is we talk

about people that may be far from God

doing that but the truth of the matter

it happens in the church every

day now you’re the leader over the

greeters and pride just creeps

in there’s no more presence you used to

be kind that’s why you got the position

and now you’re mean because you work

with so many people that they come to me

with all their problems that’s what a

leader is it’s a person that solves the

problems I’m just all of these people

and all these different attitudes and

everybody ask f

and you didn’t go back to the

presence to get a watch this fresh

perspective if you’re going to keep your

faith fresh you got to see it

differently trials become training with

a fresh perspective

that’s the trials you’re going through

this is just training sir this is God

preparing me for something but you will

take a season that will make you Le in

another season and you will count it as

something that you have to hate and

endure because you have the wrong

perspective do you know what all of this

media attention has trained me to

do is develop the

skin that can be able to handle

adversity at a level that is uncommon to

church and I said God why did you do

this and I told y’all last week there

are things that are happening in the

pipeline that are going to put us into

culture to be able to bring people into


kingdom that my skin wasn’t ready for

two years

ago so if I saw this last two years as

just something that I have to endure and

I’m persecuted and no it was

training the perspective changes the

pain oh my

gosh if I’m going into the doctor and

they say it’s going to hurt but it’s

going to heal

you because they give you the

perspective that you will be able to

walk in another level of healing the

pain changes because of the


okay it is preaching Mama

Chloe and my my question to you today is

did the platform kill your


did the promotion kill your

posture I know people that were great

volunteers servant leaders and they got

a job and became

trash like I I it it baffles me how

people were killing it with a whole


job and then you start paying them to do

it and they just become horrible not and

it’s not cuz they changed their posture


wow did the answered prayer request

change your

posture cuz if your only relation to

Christ is

Crisis when there’s no crisis your


changes see this is why I got to break

this theology that the only time we come

to God is when we are in

need the church has thrived on that

toxic mentality so it just draws broke

people what happens when we get

rich people walk away from the faith

because all we’ve taught them is to be

with God when you need God yeah yeah

yeah okay I can’t even touch

this I wrote it down in a point so I

could be succinct if crisis is the only

thing that brings you to Christ you are

missing the value he brings after

Victory the reason why Elijah goes to

pray is cuz he just in front of the

whole nation wins the biggest Victory

400 against one God Answers by fire

salvations are coming in and my man says

can’t party got to go get

perspective cuz if I listen to what

y’all saying your Praises can throw me

off as well as your

criticism so I’m going go talk to the

one who actually called me to

this I just want us to see that it’s

okay to come to God after

victory that is the posture of keeping a

fresh Faith somebody say fresh faith and

Elijah kept this posture that remembered

the promise that God had given him now

watch this because if you’re going to

have a fresh Faith somebody say fresh

Faith fresh Faith number two you need to

keep a fresh

reminder the reason I I believe what God

says daily is cuz I am always reminded

of what God Said and what he’s already

done okay let’s be hot humble open and

transparent has anybody in the last two

years had God show up in a way that blew

you away like in just any area of your

life he did something that was like

whoa how often do you think about


somebody said every day and other people

was like I just remember when you said

that if you want to keep fresh Faith you

have to always keep before you a fresh

reminder some of y’all need to put a

picture on the refrigerator of the

apartment you used to live

in cuz you complaining about the exper I

always got to clean this house by myself

ain’t nobody want to help me and nobody

and God’s like hold on now

this extra square

footage is what you prayed

for this is an answer well I I mean I’m

doing this Bible study and nobody coming

I’ll be putting my little Graphics from

canva up there and ain’t nobody ain’t

nobody doing this hold on you ask yeah

yeah for me to give you

discipline and so now you mad cuz

nobody’s showing up but the discipline

is not found in the

results the discipline is found in The

Obedience and you mad cuz ain’t nobody

coming but you ask for this yeah yeah

yeah great some of us need to literally

get our phones out and set

reminders you prayed for

this you ask me to give you this level


understanding you ask me

to be a light to my family God if you

would just change me enough that I could

be a light to my

family he said yeah you going to have to

shine where it’s

dark well I hate going home for holidays

cuz you’re the only light in that

Darkness you asked for

this and without that reminder you don’t

have fresh Faith to believe that God can

work in that

situation you become frustrated where

you should have faith

how do you know this Pastor Mike because

we’re all the way down here in in fir

Second Kings

18:42 but in verse one God gave Elijah a

promise let me show it to you first

Kings 18 verse one after a long time

after how long a long time after how

long a long time okay I just want to

make sure we know it was after a long

time in the third year the word of the

Lord came to Elijah it didn’t come to a

group of people it didn’t come to to a

family it didn’t come to a word it

didn’t come to a small group it came to

him in a famine it says go and present

yourself to Ahab and I will send rain on

the land so Elijah went to present

himself to Ahab now the famine was

severe in

Samaria I like the setting of

Faith cuz the setting of faith is

opposite than what you



God everybody’s trying to see what God

said he’s going to say what he

sees and then you have to act like you

see it wow I just that is a bar you

missed it cuz some you want God show me

he said no I said

it I said it now you got to act like you

see it move like you see it talk like

you see it believe like you see it bring

people into the vision like you see it I

said it now you act like you see

it if

he if he if you see

it it’s easy for you to say it that’s


sense if it’s raining and he said it’s

going to rain you like ah yeah it’s

raining but if it’s a

famine and he says get up and go tell

somebody I’m about to send

rain Lord the setting is completely

opposite of what you are saying he said

but when I say

it things begin to change I’m just

looking for a partner with faith to

believe that what I said is Sign Sealed

and Delivered I feel Stevie Wonder

anointing coming on me right now I’m

telling you that if you can believe what

you don’t see that is the breeding

ground for God to do what he said okay

oh I might have to work this for a

couple weeks cuzz y’all sitting here

looking at me like you just drank lemon

juice I need to hear I need you to

hear oh that’s what it

is many of us believe the lie when it’s

dry when there’s a famine when there’s

no money when the relationship is cold

when the we believe the lies of the

enemy when it’s

dry but this what is what gets God glory

he speaks something into

nothing can we go back to Creation in


beginning what was there the Bible says

there was a void emptiness

darkness and he did

not he did not show them a PowerPoint

presentation of what he was about to

make and the Bible says and he said


let whatever happened after

let happened cuz his word is that

powerful I came to get

somebody to get a fresh perspective and

a fresh reminder of the word God spoke


you it can be completely

contrary to what you are seeing right

now your family can be so scattered

believe in all kinds of stuff but God

gave you a world that your family would

serve God

together and right now you have stopped

praying for it you’ve stopped inviting

him you’ve stopped sending messages

you’ve stopped because your faith has

waned and I get it when you haven’t seen

anything in a long time it makes you

kind of back up off of it cuz you don’t

want to feel crazy but I know that there

are a few people under the sound of my

voice that need to have fresh faith

today that if God said

it and I’m not going to convince

you today I’m just telling you how to

keep your fath faith


fresh if you had an important meeting

with the top person in your um field

tomorrow and you just found out about it

in service right now and this meeting

had the opportunity to change the course

of your life at the tune of eight

figures some of y’all that just blew

your mind just a thought of eight

figures you didn’t know how much money


is just I’m just giving you a

hypothetical but the only thing about

this person is they had to fly out of

the city at 8 a.m. so the meeting had to

be at 5:00 am. in the

morning and you’re not a morning person


am somebody said I am

today what would you do to

ensure that you got up for that

meeting how somebody say set an alarm

how many alarms would you

said what what did you say somebody said

all of them you said the house alarm the

car alarm you okay now now now think

about it why would you have to set the

alarm at a

reminder and and some of y’all y’all

would go further than that y’all would

tell somebody Hey listen call me call me

y’all know hey hey hey call me at 4

a.m. if I don’t answer by

4:15 get in your car some of y’all know

come to my house beat on the door if I

don’t answer the door go to my


window you you would be so

intentional about being reminded because

of the potential of what could change


life do you know at the word of God that

he spoke over you before you were in

your mother’s womb some of y’all need to

be reminded that he said before you were

in your mother’s womb knew you I called

you I have plans for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you a hope and a future and you

won’t remind yourself of

it a matter of fact you don’t have a

tribe that will remind you of

it most of y’all got tribes people oh

them my dogs that’s my girls that’s my



I you doing all these things but they

won’t they won’t remind you that you’re

worth more than dating

him you remember the promise that God

gave you that you would be a woman that

would be valued and cherished and taken

care of and he won’t even claim you in


daytime but they jealous that he

not with

them and so they’ll let you stay in


I’m I’m just saying like business

partners that won’t deal in Integrity to

make sure that we get up and then once

we get to a certain level then we’ll

start being integrous no you won’t

you’re practicing dysfunction yes sir

yes sir and many of our tribes won’t

remind us we’re people of

Integrity no no no no no no bro we can’t

do it like that no we’re going to lose

in this first round we’re not going to

make no money but we will have the

blessing of God Amen good oh

God somebody say fresh Faith fresh Faith

the reason that everybody needs to get

in a tribe and tribes are open today and

and they’re open and somebody’s like

they are yes we did a whole video

announcement did everything where was


at but we want everybody in this church

in a tribe I don’t want you to just come

to this big Gathering because I can talk

to you but you can’t talk to me right

now so some of you need to say something


great great and and and in this form

it’s not the place but there is a tribe

where Pastor Mike what does it mean all

we’re all we are is together talking and

transparent yeah we have taken out all

the things like somebody about to teach

me about no no no no no no no there is

something spiritual that happened in

Acts 242 when people got together around

food cookies chips

barbecue and they just started sharing

life together how was your week bro I

almost snapped on that person at work


did you snap I did hit him I hit

him come on where you can be I I slapped

him open-handed and I don’t do

that that was better than the punch and

so what I want to say y’all is I made

progress and and and and you need a

tribe that will be like all


okay all

right where’s the root of that bro

bro I’ve always been a fighter I just

feel like nobody will take up for me and

so at the moment where somebody

disrespects me like I ain’t going to be

disrespected come

on hey today bro we’re not going to try

to fix it we’re just going to pray that

God gives you a peace that passes the

understanding when you find yourself in

that situation anybody else going

through something bro I bro I was

looking at boobs all

week oh y’all okay

oh y’all want to be fake cuz some of

your marriages will be held together if

there is a place that some of these

people can actually say what they’ve


doing the church I did y’all feel the

booties get tight that’s so good oh my

goodness y’all want to be fake that’s

real it’s not full on pornography but in

my head that’s real what I’ve seen on

the Explorer page wow

everybody working

out why are you working out like

that what is that working



out hey

bro there’s this app that can um let us

know if you ever go to a website

that’s that’s illegal for the type of

Men of Integrity we’re supposed to

be would you be down to share this with

a couple of us BR I’ll try and we going

to hit you up like all right

yeah that’s good great where

else where else are you going to find as

a 35y old grown man where you can do

whatever you want

on nobody’s going to force you to do

this and your wife is tired of asking

you she can’t stand that she knows their

secrets and she fills them every time

you lay in the bed with

her but you won’t get in a tribe of

people who will actually tell you the

truth and be able to say I used to deal

with the same

thing and they remind you of what God’s

brought them

from and what he’s brought them to and

I’m using a mail somebody’s pulling on

me right there but it’s for all of us if

you want to have a fresh Faith you may

need to get in a place where faith is

reminded that’s why I come to church

it’s cuz my faith gets reminded in this

building I don’t get to stay in the

doubt and the depression it’s not that I

don’t have it it’s just I don’t get to

stay there when I start to look at

Destiny being up here worshiping God

after having cancer when I look at Osby

up here leading worship when they said

his baby would have to have a tube in

her throat and 3 weeks ago that thing

was taken out when I y’all it gives me


perspective somebody say fresh Faith FR

Faith okay here we go we’re about to end

this to have fresh Faith this is the one

I love you got to have a fresh

expectation and when I look at this

story I find the fresh expectation see

see cuz remember you got to get a fresh

perspective that comes in the presence

of God through prayer then you have to

have fresh reminders what did God say

but then when you remember what he said

then you got to act like he going to do

it and some of y’all remember what God

says and they act like he is going to do

the exact

opposite like he’s going to leave you

hanging and it’s so crazy to watch

people tell other people to believe who

don’t believe

wow like like like when you get a fresh

expectation it makes you do things

differently look at it 2 Kings Verse 18

um uh I mean chapter 18:43 he tells the

servant go and look towards the

Sea and the servant watch

this he

went and

looked now put your self in the place of

the servant real

quick it’s a

drought it’s dry

everywhere clouds just beautiful

Sun just shining it’s


Lord what do you want me to do it’s

about to


okay okay so what you want me to

do send your servant to move from the

place he’s in right now and go look cuz

it’s about to

rain there’s sky over me right now why

would I have to

move to see if it’s going to

rain tell him to go and look to see if

it’s going to

rain hey

servant I know you saw the prophet of

bell thing God really did his thing back

there didn’t he he killed it huh fire

you know what I’m

saying go look and see if you see any


clouds cuz the Holy Spirit just told me

it’s about to

rain now depending on the perspective of

this servant yes depending on how this

servant moves in faith this story goes a

lot of different

ways go look


servant literally does

it it says and he went let me go see if

there’s some rain back here let me see

if there a cloud oh praise him praise

him praise him praise him praise him


Him IA what he said

Elijah I ain’t see nothing

did what you said I ain’t see nothing

Elijah go back go back God go

back I just

went I just made a face

step I just used the

energy I just used my

money go


let me go see what he talking

about yeah

nothing I’m going count my


Elijah nothing

man go back now

okay this is where most of

us okay all right

God I did what you said

twice I ain’t seeing

nothing and it almost feels

disrespectful at this

point no come on that you would ask me

you’re God right you know where the rain

is and when it’s

coming why would you tell me to go

back and you know ain’t nothing

computer maybe it’s not about the rain

at this

point maybe it’s about the attitude

disposition and expectation of the

person at some point this servant had to

get the attitude of expectation

that like hey man if he going to keep

telling me to go back maybe this will be


time I’m

expecting something’s going to happen

time three

well maybe third time is a


darn third time is not a

charm Elijah not four

times five times yeah yeah six

times go and look towards the sea he

told his servant and he went up and

looked there is nothing there he

said write this down nothing is the

perfect breeding ground for


something most people look at nothing

and get

discouraged but people with fresh Faith

look at nothing and say uhoh this is

tons of space for

something that’s the attitude of

expectation that you got to get

again no no there’s no prospects for me

to be

married a lot of room this is a lot of

room for God to bring

him see you’ve lost your expectation my

God and when you lose your expectation

what Creeps in is watch this

complacency the servant just walking

around you know it ain’t about to

rain but he got me over here all the I

see I keep seeing it ain’t going to rain

it ain’t rain for the the third time the

fourth time the fifth time or the sixth

time but what would happen if everybody

every time that God told you to do

something every day that you woke up

every day that God gave you another

opportunity it’s like maybe today is the

day yeah

oh my goodness another opportunity for

me to see if it’s about to rain matter

of fact where my rain boots matter of

fact where’s my umbrella see some of

y’all missed it I sleep with my umbrella

and my rain boots next to me cuz I’ve

gone six time and there was nothing I’m

not going to deny the fact that I keep

trying this thing and ain’t nothing

happen but if

God oh my God I’m might have to do a

whole another face series it’s been too

long since crazy Faith cuz some of y’all

have lost the ability to believe what



sir go back again somebody shout at me

go back go back go back to the

bank go back to the

book go back to that elementary school

that you know you’re supposed to help


around I know they denied you before but

God is saying to somebody go back

and on the seventh time my man was like

well I guess today is the day cuz I’m

full of expectation wasn’t nothing

yesterday but today it could be


something hold on hold on wait a

minute is



Elijah Elijah

Elijah why the communication of

expectation this could be


but I love okay hold on this

actually could not really have much to

do with what I’m supposed to

do but I

see a cloud


size of a man’s hand rising from the

sea what the servant was saying is it’s

not much but I see

something oh that is the communication

of faith my relationship hasn’t turned

all the way around but I see something

some of y’all need to start my money has

not totally flipped but how I’m thinking

about it I see something this church is

not where it’s going to be but what’s

happening right

now I see something somebody shout at me

I see something I see and many of you

the enemy would try to make you

discount what you

see it ain’t the rain

yet but it’s something oh God somebody

say it’s something it’s something your

family’s not

healed but they text you back it’s

something oh where are the people with

faith this building ain’t filled yet but

it’s almost to the back of the building

it’s some I don’t need everybody but I

need about 300 people to say I will not

discount what God has shown

me somebody say I see something I




most people would

discount that little

Cloud but

because that servant do y’all realize

Elijah wasn’t going to see

it his Act of Faith great was based on

who was around him there it

is why how do you need a tribe you need

somebody to be able to look at your life

and say hold on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

you you about to Discount that no no no

baby we see something you’re a leader

you’re a owner God has made you to be

able to turn that situation I


see that’s good this servant comes back


expectation I see your family being

free I see you getting healthy boy you

you lost 4 that 4 lbs came look at

you I see

something I see you being able to fit in



jeans you better get the right people


you cuz watch Elijah’s response is based

on what somebody else

saw oh God I don’t got time to go into

this oh but somebody say I see something

I see something good yeah so now the

freshh faith is at an alltime high we

about to go last point to keep fresh

Faith watch this you have to have fresh

watch this

anticipation there’s a difference


expectation and

anticipation most

people when they see the little Cloud

they’re like oh my God gun in it he did

what he said he’s going to


wow this is great

Elijah must mean it’s going to rain and

then we wait let’s wait on the

rain do y’all see what Elijah does in

this story he tells him he sees

something and

listen let me just tell you what

anticipation means cuz some of y’all

like what’s the difference between

expectation and

anticipation anticipation means it’s a

realization in

advance it’s a

foraste you ever ate a meal that’s so

consistent and so good that when you

make up in your mind I’m going to eat at

that place your body starts for tasting

it y’all now some of y’all don’t eat

good but there are certain meals saliva

comes out of your mouth yeah you start

juicing up cuz you’re like oh God I’m

going get some of

that it’s be some of y’all like I feel

it right

now but but it’s because watch your body

is now

anticipating great what you know is

about to

happen so Elijah at the at at something

at the the the the cloud the size of a

man’s hand remember the promise is

rain he doesn’t see rain he sees a cloud

will you shout over the

cloud you missed it will you

how you start acting after the cloud

proves you have

faith y’all want the r you want the drip

drop Drip drippity Drop that’s what you

want and he ain’t going to give you the

rain he’s going to give you a

cloud and now he wants to know do you

got faith

now you got fresh Faith watch Elijah’s

faith when he heard it he said said go

tell Ahab hitch up his chariots and go

down before the rain stops

him do y’all see how big that faith is I

just seen a cloud tell them it’s time to

it’s time to

go cuz if he don’t go

now the level of rain that’s coming will

stop him from moving forward

oh all I saw was a cloud but I got fresh

to Faith to believe it’s about to rain

and it’s going to

rain at a level that will stop you if

you don’t move

now what Elijah was doing was

anticipating the word of

God where’s fee is fee here come

here I I want you to to be very clear


anticipating cuz expectation is great

but I want Transformation Church to live

at anticipation this is my real little

brother fee okay so so if I told fee hey

I’m about to knock you



now now I want you to see what just

happened I want you to see what just


at my word

word his


posture cuz he seen what I done to my



brothers he he

knows he knows my track

record the Power of my words changed his

posture I don’t know what I don’t know

where you a gangster bro what you trying

to do bro just here I’m just here I’m

just look


at and if my mere word that’s good he’s

never seen me knock anybody out he’s

never seen me in a

fight but because my

word changed his

posture he’s



will the word of


change how you posture yourself in this


season because I haven’t done anything


him yet but he’s

anticipating watch


anticipation is the proof of


expectation when I said I’mma I’mma

Knock You Out

Fe his hands

changed give me a hug

fee give me a hug okay he believe that

now I’mma knock you out okay okay



okay here hear what I’m saying fe’s not

just expecting me to hit


him walking towards me man he said stop

walking towards me

man he’s not just expecting me to hit

him he’s


do you

see how how is it that God has told you


times what he’s going to do and it

hasn’t changed your posture

yet this is the words of a mere man that

can’t even really fight I’mma shoot you

before I

before I’m just being honest we not

about to be tell about I’m no


I’m I got Shooters all around me hear me

no I’m just funny no I’m not

I no I’m not what I’m saying to you

is what what I’m saying to you is at my


word he’s

anticipating but at the word of God

you’re still sitting you ain’t open the

bank account you ain’t Tak no me you

won’t read a book you won’t get in your

word you won’t relocate to the part of

town God called you to actually minister

in you won’t you won’t do

nothing you don’t expect God to do it

cuz if you did you would start


it Ephesians

3:20 if you really believed it it would

change the way you live

today now unto him who is able to do

immeasurably more than all we can ask

think or imagine imagine according to

not our power but his power that is at


within why is he choosing to use

me but he still is to him be all glory

in the church and in Christ Jesus

throughout all generations forever and


amen I told you I was going to knock

Mama Said Knock You

okay now what I’m telling you is every

movement that I

make he’s moving why you holding me so

hard baby just ready man he said I’m

just watch this ready

man if we could ever get a

church who was ready for a harvest y’all

not even ready for what’s about to

happen next week you’re not even ready

for the person you hate to show up

sitting right next to you you’re not

even ready for that boss that you

praying away actually coming to know

Jesus you’re not anticipating God doing

a Revival in your school and in your

church come on come on yeah yeah yeah

thank you

Fe if you actually were ready great you

would anticipate

it how do you keep fresh faith I’m

anticipating even when it’s specifically

comes to Easter who are you inviting an

anticipation for what God could do in


life good you don’t anticipate because

you won’t even tell nobody you won’t

even post about it cuz it’ll mess up

your aesthetic my god well I just want

to keep the Right image for my

followers your followers when you when

you signed up to follow

Jesus the Mantra was less of him less of

me more of him but it’s been more of you

and less of him I just want to make sure

I keep an aesthetic that it’s pleasing

to both the believer and nonbeliever

they’re crying out your art was a bridge

to the Savior and you’ve made the art

the end

goal you’ve made whatever you sell the

end goal you’ve made however you look

and however you dress and you come

you’ve made that the end goal and God

said the only reason I blessed that is

so it would draw people who don’t know


so you don’t

expect and you don’t

anticipate the truth of the matter is

Elijah does all of this for

Ahab I want you to see like all the King

was doing was eating he was at a

party while the person that God tasked

with the with the faith assignment was

on Mount Carmel praying had to convince

and give Vision to a servant to go look

this many times as soon as he saw the

cloud the size of a man hand get excited

go back and send word to the

party I know you don’t care about

this and I know you haven’t sacrificed

for this but my faith wasn’t for

me my faith was to make sure you didn’t

get stuck

here so

Ahab get in the Chariot get off your

stuff and

go because if you don’t The rain that’s

about to come is going to stop you


here all the faith was for somebody

else what happens when God calls us to

live by faith but it’s not just for

us I hear that Mantra that Jesus told


disciples he said

um the field is ripe yeah the Harvest is

everywhere yeah but the laborers are

few he telling the disciples this who

probably had lost a little bit of their

faith they didn’t have a fresh

perspective they looking at all these

people and like Jesus we just trying to

keep them away from you and he’s like

y’all do y’all see what’s around

here it’s just a bunch of

harvest but there’s nobody to actually

have the faith to believe that that they

can be

transformed and then look what he does

he tells the disciples pray to the Lord

of the Harvest he’s sitting with them

yeah he’s probably a little

mad he probably a little ticked off yeah

why don’t y y’all like prayer don’t you

pray to the Lord of the Harvest that he

would send more

laborers that he would send more people

with a fresh perspective that he would

send people with faith to believe that I

can transform

anybody and instead of being like hold

on we can believe like that they’re

probably like Lord in

the Lord would you sin and he was like

just go do

it be the answered

prayer stop praying that somebody else


come and you show

up Pastor Mike what are you saying God’s

about to give us fresh face for

everything in our

life you’re going to have to have a

fresh perspective you’re going to have

to to set reminders I’m telling you this

week some of y’all need to set reminders

on your phone I will live and not

die every morning you wake up I will

live and not die you dealt with suicide

in a different season and the fact that

you’re here right now you should be

reminding yourself I’m still here I will

live and not die somebody else needs to

set a reminder I’m actually going to

live pure today

that’s the days the enemy robbed in

perversion and thoughts you can

literally remind yourself self that

keeps fresh

faith and then you’re going to get a

fresh expectation and then you going to

upgrade that thing to a fresh

anticipation today’s the

day oh shoot today’s the

day standing all over this

place y’all actually did it y’all

actually gave me my extra 15 minutes


y’all would you just please lift your

hands cuz I want to pray for every

person listen to me everybody listen

whose faith has been been

tired if your faith has been tired I’m

not saying that you didn’t have faith in

a different season and got it but if

your faith has been tired would you lift

your hands all over this building yeah

it was the right message today come on

online your faith has been tired

everybody don’t don’t don’t leave this

moment without getting what you need I’m

going to pray for you father in the name

of Jesus I thank you today that you are

renewing strength that father God where

some of us have been at the party

we’re about to find oursel in your

presence father I thank you that you’re

reminding us of your faithfulness today

and you’re doing a work on the inside of

us father that nobody else could do just

you today God would you give us the

ability to believe you like never before

father we’ve been hurt we’ve been

disappointed some of us have seen great

victories father God but today we’re

making a fresh

commitment to come to you and ask you

for another another Measure of Faith

your word says that you give measures of

faith God would you increase our Measure

of Faith would you give us fresh Faith

to believe you for our families believe

you for the words you’ve spoken believe

us for the transform believe you for the

transformation believe you for the

Salvation believe you for our children

believe you for our neighbors believe

you for what you’ve called us to do

today I thank you that Transformation

Church moves from a church that just has

crazy faith and expectation but God let

us move into to actually being able to

to to make actions of Faith let us live

an anticipation of what you’re going to

do let it change our posture today God

we trust

you and I thank you Father that we’re

moving this week father would you give

us a boldness this

week that never goes

away to be able to know that what you’re

doing in our life is not just for us

would you give us the boldness to invite

the person at Starbucks and the Barista

father God and the way and our cousin

and our family and our friends not just

to Easter father God but to a meeting


you father let our faith move Beyond us

I thank you for a mobilized

Church a church that doesn’t sit back

and wait but we’ll go and we’ll have the

faith to go seven times to see if you’re

doing anything father we might not see

much but we see

something God I just thank you that this

church will always be the one that

believes in the cloud


today have your way is our prayer if

you’re in this room and you’ve never

accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and

Savior today I just want to let you know

that the greatest decision that you


make is to make him the Lord of your

life not just your savior listen to me

but your Lord amen and if that’s you all

over this room watching online there’s

hundreds every Sunday and today today

today is the day of salvation for you I

need the church to begin to pray there

are people that have been walking away

from God who have been lost who have

been confused that have been shunned

from the church and today God is saying

I’m calling you back home no matter

where you are today is a start of fresh

faith for

you and God is the only one that if you

give him your heart he’ll help you

change your habits in this room all over

the building right now if you want to

give your life to Christ on the count of

three I just want you to slip your hand

in the air you don’t have to confess

everything that you’ve done to me or

somebody else hopefully you get in a

tribe to do that hopefully you get

healing when you begin to confess one to

another but today I’m talking about your

eternity being secure and you starting

with a fresh faith if you’re in this

room or if you’re watching online or if

somebody’s playing this in a re

broadcast I feel the presence of God

right now this is your moment of

Salvation one you’re making the greatest

decision you’ve ever made two I’m proud

of you but more than that your name is

going to be written in the Lamb’s Book

of Life and God will change you from

being somebody like me who is addicted

to pornography a liar a manipulator and

he won’t make you perfect but he’ll make

you progressing and I’m telling you

today God is going to transform your

life three if that’s you you shoot your

hand up in the air I see you my brother

I see you my sister I see you my sister

come on every age every

demographic Transformation Church this

is what we celebrate I see you brother

hey put your hands down cuz now you’re a

part of a community of everybody who’s

walking in the level of transparency

that you are and we’re a family here

nobody alone everybody just say God God

thank you for giving me fresh faith for

giving me fresh faith today today I

believe in Jesus I believe in Jesus I

believe he lived I believe he he died he

Di and he rose again he with all power

all power just for me just for me I give

you my life I give you my life change me

change renew me R me Transform Me

transform I’m yours in Jesus name amen

Transformation Church how do we


oh come on y’all it’s a fresh faith in



you morning we want you to do us thank

you so much for watching this message we

pray that it encouraged you our vision

is to represent God to the lost and

found for transformation in Christ and

if you would like to partner with us in

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