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well how many people are ready for the

word this morning all right I know

somebody’s like oh my god do they steal

and clap at everything like hey listen

you work in so many atmospheres and live

in so many atmospheres that’s up no come

come on let’s be honest we spend a lot

of time complaining about wanting to get

out of something and I want to make sure

when you come to church that it’s the

same energy and the same atmosphere of

joy that you would get at a place that

doesn’t glorify God cuz we got good news

and the good news is that Jesus has come

and he’s marked us for purpose somebody

just shot at me I’m marked we are in a

week seven now I told y’all I already

warned everybody now I said if y’all if

y’all don’t want to hear about being

mark come back in July cuz cuz I’m gonna

finish this whole rest of this month I’m

gonna talk about being marked by God

because I feel like there’s so many

people in this room who really have been

marked by God but are having struggles

navigating the process like let you know

that you’re made for more than what

you’re experiencing right now and you

know that God has placed something on

the inside of you but the process is

just on your nerves or the okay I got a

couple amens from this section or the

process it like you don’t feel like you

have enough to go through it and so what

I’m doing in this series is I’m helping

you through the Bible and the leadership

of David and to be able to see that

there is a process and if you can

understand some of these things that

you’re probably going through right now

it’ll make you stay in the fight do you

know that we’re in a fixed fight no

y’all ready acting like it we are in a

fixed fight now some of you’ve never

fought before so you don’t know what

that is but a fixed fight is when you

you literally know that outcome before

you get in the ring

and and the problem is for most

believers is the only way you lose the

fight is if you never show up for it and

the reason why most people are losing

fights is cuz they never show up for the

fight that God’s called you to whoof

God’s a good God why would he call me to

a fight cuz he told you with him you’re

more than a conqueror

he lets you know that in this life we’re

gonna have trouble but take heart is a

fixed fight

I’ve already overcome the world I’ve

paid I’ve defeated death hell in the

grape I got this but you gotta stand in

the ring and many of us because we’re

afraid of getting hit let’s be on my

face not my face because we’re afraid of

getting hit we never get in the ring the

crazy thing is we get hit anyway so what

happens when you’re walking around with

bruises but no victory belt what what

happens as a church as we walk around

talking about God is the greatest but

you look like you just got molly-whopped

some of y’all still like my you opt I

have no idea you look bad okay so today

I wanted to help everybody who’s going

through an obstacle everybody who’s

going through a challenge let me just be

very clear right now all of us are going

through something we don’t want to go

through right now okay if you can

identify the thing that you’re going

through that that that obstacle that

you’re going through that you don’t like

just raise your hand like if you got an

obstacle that you’re going through okay

we’re in good company so the title of

today’s message is what’s on the other

side of this crap

I had to be real to the insert okay if

I’m really cook I need to know there’s

something on the other side of this crap

now I don’t know some of y’all looking

at me so dignified like you ain’t never

felt that but I’m just trying to

identify some of y’all going through

marriage problems that’s crap and you’re

like we gonna pay all this money and go

through all this counseling what’s on

the other side of this crap some of

y’all are going through insecurities

that you’re having to to press your way

outside of but it’s uncomfortable and

it’s frustrating and you saying god

there’s got to be something on the other

side of this crap now if you want to

explore and use other language for this

that’s between you and God but I’m gonna

keep it right here what’s on the other

side of this crap because some of you

have teenagers right now and you didn’t

know that you would be having to

navigate through who you used to be

and knowing you passed that DNA on to

somebody else

and now they’re dealing with it and

you’re trying to do it from a godly

perspective but you just want to take

them to the ring and okay and you’re

wondering in your prayer time god what’s

on the other side of this crap like

finding those text messages and trying

to deal with it what’s on the other side

and I don’t know what your obstacle is

today but I want to let you know that

there is something on the other side of

it and let me tell you what it is

it’s elevation C when you’re marked

write this down this is your first point

today and we’re gonna see this to

David’s life you were elevated only one

way through obstacles most people want

to be elevated but they do not want to

go everybody say through you do not get

to bypass obstacles and go to where

God’s called you to be

never and so the thing that I have to

help everybody do is fix your

perspective because what we have been

taught since a young age is that

obstacles are bad no no no move that

move that the baby’s trying to learn how

to walk and so when a baby is trying to

walk parents remove all because we don’t

want them to be discouraged and to be

able to walk and so that’s how it kind

of goes all through life it’s when you

see an obstacle you wait for somebody in

charge to move in I have a daughter

right now her name is ava and and I call

her my boss baby cuz he runs the Todd

household right now y’all pray for us

but this baby will literally wait for

you to come and do things that she wants

you to do because if it’s an obstacle

let me give you an example she’ll go to

the refrigerator see this tall the

refrigerator this tall and she stands in

front of the refrigeration she’s dad dad

dad dad dad dad dad and tell him like

watch Ava

dad dad she got no more words than that

and she will stand there and yell my

name until I come up and use my hands to

open the doors and remove the obstacle

which was the doors from being able to

see the yogurt that she wants and what

ends up happening is as you’re thinking

about that it is a little child that’s

what we wait for God to do most of us

have grown up and have the ability to

open the refrigerator now but we’re

still standing at the doors of our

obstacles yelling God God God he’s

giving you the ability to speak to

things and they gotta move he’s giving

you the ability to walk into situations

and command peace and those waves has to

subside but you still like I wish God

would move he said I sent you there as a

representative me so that you can move

the situation and you’re still waiting

and so this is why I need you to

understand from this point on obstacles

aren’t bad they’re necessary for my

elevation no no you need to hear that

obstacles are not bad

are they inconvenient yes are they

uncomfortable oh yes are they

frustrating a lot of times yes but

they’re not bad they are everybody say


what if you just change your perspective

right now that what you’re going through

that is an obstacle is necessary for

what you’ve prayed for no come on

today is gonna be very practical but I

want to dive deep so that you can get

transformation what if the money issue

is necessary god you could pick another

one but what if that obstacle

it’s necessary for you to learn

something for the level he’s taking you

to David’s gonna find this out in a very

very real way because he’s serving in

the palace he’s serving his father at

this moment his dad asked him to take

some grilled cheese sandwiches to his

brothers on the front line he goes to do

that and I want us to pick up this story

in in 1st Samuel but before we do that I

want to give somebody an anchor

scripture because some of y’all are

looking at me like pastor you gonna have

to tell me something else James chapter

1 verse 2 it says consider it pure joy

my brothers and sisters whenever you

face trials whenever you face obstacles

of many kinds because you know that the

testing of your faith

everybody say faith this is all about

your faith who do you believe in you

were God like the reason he sends tests

I got this revelation God always sends

tests that he know he can conquer and

you can’t so that you always have to go

to him to be able to do it but he’s

gonna do it through you and that’s why

he said this is gonna produce

perseverance see if you learn it at this

level you’re gonna be stronger for the

next obstacle that comes somebody asked

me the pencil Mike they’re serving God

too easier I said no you get stronger

no no no you missed it the same things

that trip you up when you’re a baby

Christian and when you’re first in faith

it doesn’t get easier it’ll be the same

thing but you’ll get stronger and this

is what God is trying to do see you’re

gonna rise but there will always be

resistance to your rise but you are

resilient there is something that God

has built on the inside of you that’s

gonna allow your obstacles to never take

you out unless you let it and that’s

what David’s about to find out in First

Samuel chapter 17 verse 21 it says

Israel and the Philistines were drawing

up their lines facing each other like

all of us in here know that we’re facing

something some type of obstacle David

left the things with the keeper and the

supplies and ran to the battle lines he

was going to see his brothers he’s

probably happy like I know y’all in a

battle right now but dad was thinking

about y’all and uh I got you something

your favorite grilled cheese like and

watch this is what happens look what it

says he asked his brothers how they were

and then look at verse 23 this way you

got to pay attention to the details it

says as he was talking everybody said as

he was okay I want you to realize that

he was doing what he was told to do but

while he was doing what he was told to

do Goliath an obstacle Philistine

champion from Gath stepped out from his

lines and shouted his usual defiance and

David heard it when you’re marked

interruptions are introductions

a lot of us hate being interrupted let’s

be honest if you do not like being

interrupted when you’re talking when you

drive it when you eat and raise your

hand right now come on do not talk to me

right now

but what I found out that when you’re

marked you should not look at

interruptions in a bad way

interruptions should be the things that

make your antennae go up that all this

might be an introduction to the thing

that God’s about to use like like a lot

of us when we get interrupted well god I

was just doing what you told me to do he

said that’s exactly right

and because your elevation is rep

wrapped up in an obstacle like because

you’re about to go up but you got to go

through something to go up he said I’m

gonna allow some things that that go

against your perfect plan to interrupt

you and instead of running away from it

and being mad about it you need to

realize I’m trying to introduce you to

your next opportunity to go up and some

of us anytime like we’ll be driving and

the tire pops or goes flat oh my god I

don’t have time for this today and you

start working yourself into a tizzy and

and you know what it is he is like

and what ends up happening is wouldn’t

you stop and and you and you go into

whatever mode that is where you’re not

looking at what God may be doing you

miss the things that God’s trying to

introduce you to so what I started doing

when stuff started interrupting my day

like let’s just use the tyre for example

because that’s happening to your boy

before tyre pop on the side of the road

waiting for emergency assistance I said

god I wonder who you about to introduce

me to today that’s gonna take my purpose

to another level

you thought so much of what was going on

that you threw an interruption in my way

that if I could recognize you in it this

may be the introduction to something

brand new that’s taking me to another

level and I know some of y’all sitting

there like how does that even make sense

right now the obstacle of Goliath

started shouting as he was doing what

God told him to do what happens when

you’re doing what God told you to do and

something else to start shouting at you

something you didn’t plan for happens

there’s an unexpected death or loss in

your family somebody starts talking

about you that you don’t even know but

it sways the opinion of people you care

about what what happens and for most of

us we get so frustrated and we leave the

situation this what most of us would

have done oh my god he’s rude

here’s your sandwiches I’m going back to

my place of comfort I don’t gotta take

this and what you didn’t take you just

left your elevation too

well what what you were too good to be

able to go everybody say through uh-huh

but you were too impatient to go through

you just forfeited the thing that God

wanted to do in your life and most of us

would have left but I just need you to

know today is all about perspectives

changing your interruptions may be an

introduction let’s keep going in the

story David in 1st Samuel 17 verse 24 he

learned something because when you’re

marked perspective positions you

everybody say how I see matters see at

this moment

David’s about to face a giant who has

been talking crazy for 40 days this he

didn’t just walk up on something and

this is the first time everybody singing

day after day this giant comes up it

says as usual and starts talking crazy

to the entire Israel army and about God

and so David comes up to this situation

and when everybody is about to take a

step backwards because of David’s

perspective he’s going to take a step

forward and my question is how are you

seeing because if your per sec

perspective is broken you’re not going

to move to the position you’re supposed

to move to I might help you cuz some of

y’all still here looking at me crazy

first nto 1724 whenever the Israelites

an entire trained army saw when they saw

Goliath when their perspective was

messed up they all fled from him so

let’s let me let me give you an idea

okay they’re standing here oh yeah we

bout to get him the day it’s day 39 I’m

about to take this fool out he ain’t

gonna do nothing to me no more okay and

then bring them come beat Goliath right

here as soon

as they see him go back off see many of

us talk a big game when we don’t see any

opposition I won’t be bound in fear I

have control over alcohol I have control

over different things that are going in

my like because of my perspective it

moves my position and it literally says

that whenever they saw everybody say saw

that’s your perspective whenever they

saw they fled from him in great fear so

when you’re here we’re standing in faith

the fact that I came to the battle means

I have faith that maybe we can do it but

when we see or get a perspective of the


it makes us move positions and we

retreat to a place that all of our

decisions will be made out of and they

retreated to a place of fear and I’m not

saying where your retreat place is but

it’s usually a dark place it’s usually a

place where you can’t see fully and it’s

usually a place where you don’t make the

best decisions these people would

retreat every time they got a

perspective of their obstacle into a

place of fear now all their decisions

were made out of fear and all of their

talk was fear talk I’m trying to help

somebody understand you’re going through

an obstacle and you’re gonna go through

an obstacle but when your perspective

gets not on just the obstacle but goes

above the obstacle

God you see him God you see this

God you’ve been here before and so I got

something in my view but I’m choosing to

look past it and to look at you I look

into the hill see a lot of people get

that scripture messed up because it’s

not talking about like when they were

saying that that was the seat of

government and so most of the people

thought that their problem could be

fixed at the seat of government but what

they were saying is I’m looking past the

highest part of the solution and I’m

looking to you I’m looking towards the

heels from which cometh my what you’ve

gotta understand is that the obstacles

coming but are you moving from the

position that God’s called you to into a

position of fear or are you gonna be

like David who sees the opposition or

the obstacle and he actually steps

towards it we live in the probably the

most serious time for weak Christians

and I have to be honest because at the

moment there is any any opposition we

retreat we shut up we stop talking

it is quiet in here our our faith that

that’s what happens though and what God

is saying is did you not know that I

orchestrated for you to be here

that before you were formed in your

mother’s womb I knew you I know the

number of hairs on your hair hey hair on

your head do you not know that every

obstacle that you face has a loss next

to it if you would just stand up and

face it and there was an entire Israel

army who were trained who had gone

through practice and battle and none of

them when an obstacle came did anything

so watch this okay I’m gonna help

somebody Romans 12:2 I’m gonna teach

today I’m teaching today okay it says

don’t copy the behaviors and the customs

of this world don’t retreat in your

thinking don’t don’t go backwards but

let God everybody say this good word

right here transform let God transform

you into a new person by changing the

way you think but you only get

perspective from what you see and a lot

of us have not been seeing the promises

of God fulfilled through Scripture and

seeing the promises of God that’s why

you gotta put your eyes on the Bible

that’s why more than scrolling because

that’s the customs of the world and now

your faith is being built on something

that has not lasted but God says the

flowers wither the grass withers and the

flowers fade put my word

will stand forever and this is why I’m

calling you to a place of real devotion

with God because the only thing you’re

gonna have to stand on what obstacles

come is what God has already said I know

I know there’s a lot of people in this

room right now that you just wish God

would do an Aladdin and the genie type

situation you get three wishes and I’ll

make whatever wish you you won’t come to

pass we don’t serve a genie he said you

got to go through this

everybody just say through but on the

other side of this graph there’s

elevation on the other side of this crap

there’s healing on the other side of

this crap

there’s restoration on the others know

somebody needs to hear me on the other

side I can just stay with it and I can

go through it there is another level on

the other side somebody give God some

praise right there I’m having to work a

little bit okay as Christians we should

be offensive more than defensive all we

do is wait for the enemy to come and we

just try no just oh lord please don’t

let them score on us right but at some

point we have to go towards the obstacle

I love David cuz he’s a gangster because

I found a trick see when you’re marked

just write this down and I explain it

when you when you’re marked you make

enquiries of victory

now I’m expanding some of your

vocabulary right now but all enquiries

means is questions you ask questions

that lead to victory I was studying this

whole thing out and I was like what’s

the difference between the children of

Israel and David and I found out there

was one difference the questions they


watch this first chamula chapter 17

verse 25 now the Israelites had been

saying from their place of fear look at

the questions that they’re asking oh my

god y’all do you see how this man keeps

coming out

that’s the only question they ask do you

see how he keeps coming out and he comes

out to defy Israel 40 days when I asked

him how do we ambush him

we’re not asking like there’s one of him

there’s like 10,000 of us how could we

they literally asked a question to make

sure other people’s perspective is the

same as theirs did y’all see him coming

out here defying our God yeah yeah we

all feel okay but that’s how most

believers live didn’t God say that you

could have healing no but I know he did

but we’re just gonna stay right here and

we’re just gonna ask what did the doctor

say like like that’s the only that’s the

only question you’re gonna ask I’m

stepping on people’s toes right now that

I could tell y’all are this laser ring

through me

okay so he asked that but look what

Davis starts doing hmm he overheard a

couple dudes talking and in the bottom

half of verse 25 he said y’all know the

king will give great wealth to the man

who kills him he’ll give him his

daughter in marriage and will exempt him

and his family from ever tech paying

taxes again here’s the elevation so

there’s an obstacle but there’s an

elevation – you about to get paid you

about to get a wife and no taxes so look

look what questions David starts asking

David asked for men standing near him

what will be done for the man who kills

the Philistine and removes this disgrace

from Israel do y’all see the difference

in the tone of his question it was not a

question do y’all see him it was a

question of offense what happens if I

kill him

what happens if this marriage lasts what

happens y’all are giving what happens if

my kids come out of this drug addiction

what happens if I buy the house in the

neighborhood he was making enquiries of

victory’ everybody shot at me victory

your questions are too weak your asking

questions about what will happen if we

if we if we lose this apartment

I’m not asking no more questions based

in fear I’m asking questions based in

faith and then we’ll get his next

question he said who is by the way horn

excuse me who is this uncircumcised

philistine he ain’t even on our level

what what is cancer when he said by his

stripes we are hip

I’m trying to tell you God is not in um

dropped from healing people we are in

lack of faith to believe that he can and

I know I know some people don’t believe

this but people who don’t believe it’s

have the same thing that they have

nothing because it tells us that without

faith it’s impossible for God to work

and and to do what he wants to do and

all of us want God to prove himself to

us and he’s saying if you would just get

the faith to believe me he said your

questions would change the type of

questions you’re asking are exposing

your faith quick see David had a lens of

victory while the entire children of

Israel had a lens of defeat okay let me

help you understand this I have another

daughter her name is Bella she’s five

and so one day she said daddy can we go

get a slushie

she really is into slushies that quick

trip now like mixing all the flavors and

like doing all that stuff like on a

sugar high and um I was like Bella yeah

we’ll go get a slushie today and she

said okay but then there were some

obstacles that came in her way some

meetings some some people came over

unexpectedly so she kept coming by and

she kept saying dad are we gonna go get

a sushi today and I said yeah she’s like

but these things keep happening

she’s fine these things keep happening

but I said baby don’t worry your we’re

gonna go get a slushie I don’t know if

my daughter read 1st Samuel chapter 17

but the next time she came to me about

an hour later she wasn’t asking the

question are we going to get a slushie

her faith was making me have to move

from where I was at as her provider

watch what she did she came up to me and

she said daddy what flavor of slushie

are you getting you need to go from

asking will we get the victory so what

are we gonna do with the spoils

some of y’all you need to stop asking

the wrong question


and what it did was it made me as her

father know that we got to get to

slushie because her faith is that we’re

already picking flavors and this is what

you have to see whenever you face an

obstacle some of you need to stop asking

can I afford to go to college and you

need to start asking what classes am I

gonna take yeah oh no no no no no you

need to build your faith you need to

stop asking where will I live when this

divorce is over and you need to start

asking where are we going on vacation

next summer honey cuz we go be together

and we’re gonna love each other I told

myself Michael don’t ever ask the

question when are we gonna get another

building God he said don’t ask that

question no more

he says start thinking like this I

wonder who God’s gonna use to underwrite

the whole thing when we buy a new

building can I know I wonder because

there was an obstacle david’s faith was

that this is just par for the course

this is necessary for what god’s called

me to do but his speech was rooted in

faith and so I know I’m preaching

brother Luke I know

so I came to tell you if you’re marked

upgrade the quality of your questions

stop asking to stop asking the stuff

that addresses the crap ask the stuff

that that will eliminate it and put you

in another place

there’s elevation on the other side of

this crap I mean no I need somebody to

hear me just say it with me there’s

elevation on the other side of this crap

I’m trying to tell you but you’ll stay

on the wrong side of this if you think

in doubt something y’all are trying to

believe well God Who am I gonna get a

ride with next you need to start

thinking what color a vehicle know as a

man thinketh see some of our hearts are

so broken to even it don’t cost you

nothing to think thinking is free

believing it’s free and many of us are

standing in the same place waiting for

God to defeat an obstacle that he said

no no we’re gonna have to go through

this one but I want you to think of

yourself on the other side of this

victory before you even have to face it

huh okay I’m gonna try to get through

this Charles I’m gonna try to get

through it I’m gonna try go to First

Samuel chapter 17 verse 25

because right now I’m waging war against

the way you’ve thought and some of y’all

been thinking this way for 35 years 22

years 10 years and so today I’m pushing

through teaching that you will face

obstacles yeah but don’t worry God’s

already overcome every obstacle that

you’re ever gonna face now watch this

cuz this is gonna hit some people on a

different level because it’s one thing

to be going through a big obstacle this

is a giant like Lynn

of the time it’s a giant but I mean it

sucks and and it’s frustrating but at

least if I only had one obstacle at a

time I think maybe I’d be okay but what

happens when you have many obstacles at

the same how many people have had more

than one obstacle actor how many people

are going through more than one off

stick okay okay this is for y’all for

all the other people y’all turn your

ears off okay David comes to do this

he’s interrupted by his obstacle Goliath

he says what what do I get

and yeah I’m gonna kill this guy and he

asks the right questions and then look

what happens in verse 28 First Samuel 17

verse 28 when elia David’s oldest

brother heard him speaking with the men

he burned with anger and he asked him

why have you come down here and with

whom did you leave those few little

sheep in the wilderness and with whom

did you leave those little sheep in the

wilderness I know how conceited you are

and how wicked your heart is you came

down here only to watch the battle what

happens when you’re dealing with a

physical battle of a giant or a sickness

or something and then somebody that you


like somebody that should know your

heart that they weren’t there when you

were in the field and didn’t get invited

to the party and they watched God anoint

you in a small area and have watched

your elevation and then they try to use

it against you and stab you with it

who’d you leave him little sheet with

you his brother was trying to remind him

of his past I want you to see this just

just look what David said now what have

I done can I even speak and then he did

something so powerful he then turned

away I want you to see that put first

samuel 17 verse 30 up there it said he

then everybody say turn away okay what

happens when you have two obstacles and

one obstacle you feel grace to tackle

Goliath and then this unexpected

obstacle comes out of nowhere from

somebody you love it’s a sucker punch

okay when you’re marked don’t even get

engage intentional ignorance if David

would have started fighting with this

brother right then that would have been

a distraction to his elevation oh my god

Ilya what are you talking about and if

they would have been able to hash out

all of that it would have turned into a

Jerry Springer episode right there on

the front lines but David had to be

mature enough this is a cuss word for a

lot of y’all mature enough to in the

face of another obstacle he had to turn

away what have you been giving your

energy and effort to that is not

important it it’s something that we need

to heal his relationship with this

brother does need to heal and this is an

obstacle but we’re standing here on the

front lines of a war and many of us

because it’s easier we turn to the thing

that’s actually the distraction and give

our energy to that so you’re fighting

with a co-worker at your job and being

petty when God said no the real giant is

your pride

so we supposed to be fighting this but

this is closer and right here and today

many of you if you’re ever gonna meet

that obstacle that’s gonna bring you

elevation you’re gonna have to do what

David need you’re gonna have to

everybody say turn away I found that in

the Christian faith there’s so many of

us that get distracted from our destiny

cuz we turn to the obstacle that doesn’t

move us forward we turn to the Ox ‘but

obstacle that takes us to our past

everything that LEM and David would have

talked about had nothing to do with the

future it had everything to do with his

path he even said it he wanted to send

him back to the past


it was the wrong obstacle to fight cuz

even if I win this

it’s just winning something that was in

the past but if I face the right

obstacle that looks bigger that’s

scarier that nobody’s been able to go

against that obstacle defeat it leads me

to the palace so are you fighting the

right battles pest might what why did

you why did you come at us this this way

today because I’m trying to raise up a

church who is not weak obstacles are

coming excuse me

obstacles are here I don’t what are we

talking about but are we gonna retreat

how are we gonna forcefully advance

towards what God has called us to let’s

go back to that James Scripture cuz all

obstacles are not created equally James

1 2 8 consider it pure joy my brothers

and sisters whenever you face many kinds

of trials or obstacles because you know

that the testing of your faith produces

perseverance now watch this let

perseverance finish its work so that you

may be mature and complete not lacking

anything the obstacle is to finish you

not finish you off to complete making


so the reason he allows it to happen is

he cuz he knows there’s no other way he

made you you know you there’s no other

way you’re gonna become grateful until

you lose something that you really

wanted and then he takes you through

what he’s called you to restores it

gives you more than you had before but

now you can appreciate it because you

went through the obstacle is you he’s

trying to complete you he’s trying to

get you to the image that he created

before you got here

and so today I’m just gonna pray one

simple prayer for everybody is that your

obstacle would not take you out but you

would take your obstacle out can you

just lift your hands if you want that

today father I’m thanking you I don’t

know what everybody’s going through what

you do haha and you’re such a good

father that you position that obstacle

so that we could be victorious over God

I thank you that all the interruptions

got their introductions to our elevation

how thank you Father God that even in

this moment right now father all the

questions that we’ve been asking in

doubt we now shift our position to faith

and we’re gonna ask enquiries of

victory’ father God I thank you in this

place right now in the name of Jesus

that you’ve called us father God to

forcefully advance the kingdom of God so

we’re not gonna run away from obstacles

we’re actually gonna run towards them

father you gave David the victory but

it’s because he found his trust in you

and father I thank you for the maturity

for every person in here to not engage

father God in the ignorance that’s

trying to distract him right now yes

there’s obstacles and people talking and

people posting it people saying is for

father God let us keep our eyes on the

thing that’s taking us into our future

and not the thing that’s gonna drag us

back to our past

God we will be elevated but it comes to

obstacles but we take heart cuz you’re

making us in this season we are marked

by God and we’ll do everything you’ve

called us to do in Jesus name Amen let’s

give God a shout of praise in this place

oh come on if you know your mark and the

house signals not don’t take you out but

you’re gonna take it out hey listen this

is a word that’s gonna sit with you all

week and an obstacle is gonna come and

you’re going to have to look at these

notes and you wanna say oh I know what

to do and then your sister gonna call

and be like we don’t spend enough time

together you gonna be like baby I love

you but we don’t have to talk in just a

little bit beep because some things are

trying to distract you from what God’s

called you to take out right now if

you’re in this room and you’ve never

accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and

Savior I want to give you an opportunity


why face these obstacles of life on your

home why not have the God of the

universe on your side what everybody

just Val your head and close your eyes

if you’re in this room and you’ve never

accepted Jesus Christ as your personal

Lord and Savior I want to give you that

opportunity today at the end of that

James Scripture it says that you can ask

for wisdom and God will give it to you

liberally that’s when you have a

relationship with God where where you

can just ask him anything and today I

want you to have that relationship

just a moment we’re gonna pray and

everybody’s gonna pray for the benefit

of those who are coming to Christ but in

this room I feel that somebody needs to

submit and give their life give control

back over to God so today let’s pray

this prayer and only God and you know if

you mean it but I feel like some people

are making a transition into a new way

of living today everybody just say God

thank you for sending Jesus today I give

you my life I turn over the controls I

believe that you lived you died and you

rose again just for me today be my lord

transform me renew me in Jesus name Amen