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now let’s jump to the message we’re

gonna get into the word today you love

the Bible make some noise if you love

the Bible how many of you have a real

Bible with you today like you didn’t

have to charge your Bible right sure if

you’ve got a real Bible man I’m so

excited we’re gonna get in heaven first

right they’re gonna show us your Bibles

gonna be dead when you get up there

it’ll be like oh god man hey man this

word today is very very special very

special and very powerful and I’m not

saying that because I appreciate three

times and I know how powerful it is what

I’m saying is that God gave it to me in

a very specific way and my prayer all

week is that I would be able to give it

to you like God gave it to me this is

literally a life altering message I’m

gonna say it right in the beginning and

anybody that’s been any other service

than like yeah it is

it’s it’s so powerful and what you need

to know is is this is not the work of me

this is the work of the Bible the Bible

never returns void meaning it is a book

that is not simply just a book but it

has underlying power that when you read

it it speaks into your situation it

speaks into your life

there’s revelations there’s things in

there you could literally read one verse

for the rest of your life and get

revelation every single day cuz that’s

how it works that’s how God works and

today we’re gonna be in some familiar

Scripture but I want to challenge your

familiarity with the scripture because

here’s why I think the one of the

biggest tools that the enemy would use

is not a giant attack but simply for you

to become familiar with the Bible

to thank all I’ve heard that before

think about what happens when you become

familiar with something you become

familiar with your spouse there was a

season where you were really trying to

get him to check you out you were taking

showers you were brushing your teeth you

maybe not wouldn’t eat ice cream every

time you wanted it at all because you

were thinking you know what

I’m trying to get the attention of this

person but once you become familiar you

stop doing certain things you stop

treating them a certain way you stop

that’s one of the biggest attacks of

that name is for you become familiar

with your walk with Jesus to think oh

I’ve got it I figured out so today this

word is going to be so potent so

powerful and it really has the potential

to change your life and so I want you to

turn with me to first Samuel 17 starting

in we’re gonna start in verse 4 verse 4

and I’m gonna take a moment to pray to

ask that God would speak to us clearly

in a very specific way today because I

really believe he wants to do it Lord

God we love you and we need you we don’t

need just moments in a building so we

can pat ourselves on the back we don’t

just need to sing songs

we need to encounter the Holy Spirit

because Holy Spirit you’re the one that

makes the difference you’re the one that

allows us to step into who we’ve been

called to be so Holy Spirit I asked for

your strength ability wisdom and

discernment as this message goes forward

I thank you that every word that comes

out of my mouth would not be from me but

from you God our hearts are open and we

are ready to hear what you have to say

it’s in the name of Jesus we pray and

everybody said amen

turn in your Bibles first samuel 17

verse 4 it’s a story you’ve never heard

of before called david and goliath then

Goliath a Philistine champ from Gath

came out of the Philistine ranks to face

the force of Israel he was over nine

feet tall he wore a bronze helmet a

bronze coat of mail that weighed 20 125

pounds he also we’re wore bronze leg

armor he carried a bronze javelin on his

shoulder he was dripping in bronze if

you hear what I’m saying

the shaft of his sphere was heavy and

thick the tip of his iron spear had

weighed 15 pounds his armor bearer

walked ahead of him carrying a shield

Goliath stood

and shouted a taunt across to the

Israelites why are you all coming out to

fight he called I’m a Philistine

champion but you’re only the servants of

song choose one man to come down here

and fight me if he kills me then we will

be your slaves but if I kill him you

will be our slaves I defy the armies of

Israel today send me a man who will

fight me when Saul and the Israelites

heard this they were terrified and

deeply shaken the title of my message is

you can’t Punk me no more I got I got a

real attitude today against the enemy

and I’m coming to serve notice that you

cannot Punk me no more you’re not I’m

just about to oh my goodness I’m about

to preach goodness gracious

okay so me and my wife have a beautiful

baby boy named Arlo and I love him so

much he’s so good-looking he’s so

precious there were things that come oh

my goodness gracious look at that I mean

if you ain’t getting saved after that

picture I don’t know what you’re doing

that’s Arlo I love him so much and

here’s the thing with my baby boy I’m in

a season where I’m just dreaming like

I’m just dreaming up what is he gonna be

like what he just started laughing and

he start he’s getting so chunky like he

has like four necks it’s so amazing like

he’s just so fat and I just kiss him

right on the mouth and I just love it

it’s so awesome and so I’m thinking what

is he gonna like what is he gonna be

like what’s his personality gonna be

like what is he what is gonna be into it

and part of me thinks he’s gonna like

music because on Saturdays I like to go

record shopping and I go get records and

we play them in a record player at the

house and I love just old records like

that I loved playing some Carla Thomas

some Luther Vandross like so see some of

y’all bottle it look he’s like ooh then

my skin boy with the blond hair come on

don’t play me up here I know some good

stuff oh I love it we’re listening to

records and our Lois sit there and just

stare at the record just watch it go

round and round and round and part of me

hopes he likes music the other part of

me is a little nervous that he’s gonna

like sports now

here’s why I’m nervous because I am way

too emotional and way too wild to be a

sports dad because I’ve already decided

I will fight a six-year-old on sight

like if you’re gonna mess with my boy

I’m already there like I’ll fight

another baby right now for our love I

just I’ve always been that way I’m

competitive I’m eating I’ll just talk

trash it’s a part of my life I’m really

trying to give to God so pray for me but

I just I’ve just always been that way

growing up I played basketball football

at this Christian school and the school

was so small we played the same four

teams in all sports every year same four

teams it was like we grew up with them

and like our brothers and sisters at the

end of the year is like hey how you

doing wow you got in toddler it’s good

to see you man how’s your mom doing like

just we knew him so well and won game is

seen was good pasture was the name of

their team and I got so into it with the

other point guard he fouled me clearly

because he couldn’t guard me so he found

me and I was like that’s right you found

me that’s the only chance you got

against my like I’m just talking I

literally like 410 80 pounds just like

talking all this trash and we literally

start shoving each other back and forth

we got in a fight the ref gave both of

us a technical threw us out of the game

and I was like yeah I’m a gangster like

this that’s what it is but I was just

emotional like I started crying I was so

mad fast-forward we play them in

football and when we played him in

football we would always it would be a

close game but I was fairly decent at

football now I’m not extremely good

because I’m here talking to you and not

in the NFL making millions of dollars

somewhere but I was fairly decent and so

anytime we would win there would just be

an array of trash talk that would happen

over the summer because we would see

them kind of had the same friends

circles we’re fast forward we beat them

the next year in football the games

about to start and I’m ready you know

I’m pumped up again this tall but I’m

excited seventh grade year you know it’s

like this is a new year we’re about to

whoop up on these fools I know all of

them and they got nothing on it like I’m

just hyper might is all in my hair just

hyper myself up and I’m standing the

back waiting for the other team to walk

onto the field so we can start the game

and I’m standing there and I’m like hard

I’m thinking I’m looking down

okay this game’s gonna be good and I’m

thinking through it and I look up these

grown men with beards probably young

children start to walk onto the field

and I’m thinking who are you you have a

beard and you just kissed your wife

before you walked out on this field what

are you – and I started looking I was

like and I looked over to the sidelines

and everybody that we used to play was

on the bench they were just sitting down

there like just like chillin just quiet

and I was like why aren’t y’all who are

they like that is your dad you sent your

dad out here I was literally I got so

afraid I was like okay they have hired

like a college team to come act like

they’re in sixth grade and they are

about to destroy us I’m illiterate I’m

sitting there and the game actually is

pretty close and I’m surprised and about

to get the ball and I’m like okay we

just seen a score touchdown the game is

coming to an end we can actually win

this thing I get the ball I take one

step and no la Goliath from first Samuel

17 verse 4 is standing right here I do

like a slow motion like literally this

is the most disrespectful thing that’s

ever happened to me

this man scooped me up like some ice

cream he scooped me up and had me on his

shoulder like you do to your little

cousin when you about to throw him on

the bed he had me on his shoulder I’m up

on his shoulder like you are strong I’m

upper he literally scoops me up and then

slams me down on my head and he’s like

whoa standing over me literally I’m just

laying there like I see you Lord I’m

laying there in the everybody like

freaked out like he got really quiet at

first I was just stunned and then I was

just laying there like what just

happened to me but then the the

emergency team they run out and they’re

like hey you landed on your head that

looked very very rough what are you okay

how are you feeling because I just kind

of laid there for a second and I was

like what my neck kind of

Dingles like my neck kind of tingles and

my shoulders are kind of tingling and it

feels like I hit my funny bone like all

down my back and they were like and all

of a sudden it got very serious they

called 9-1-1 the ambulance drove out

onto the football field they stopped the

whole game my mom and dad come down from

the stands I remember my mom she was

crying they literally had me sitting

exactly still they put a neck brace on

you they hit they had to cut my Jersey

off they lifted me up on to the

ambulance and put me in the back of the

ambulance I go to the emergency room and

what had happened in football there’s

something that can happen called a

stinger and pretty much the what happens

is you hit somebody and it literally

sins like a sting or a tingle down your

spine but when you’re talking about it

it sounds very similar to someone who

could be going paralyzed from hurting

their neck it was a very serious moment

and I turned it out to be okay I had to

wear a neck brace for like a week or

something and then I ended up healing

from it and was actually fine and was

cleared to play football that next year

but when I came back that next year

something was different something was a

little off I noticed that I played

different that as I would run if I was

getting close to out of bounds instead

of trying to go forward I would just

scoot out of bounds if someone was

coming for me and right when they hit me

in the past I would kind of push forward

and maybe fight a little more and think

can I break this tackle or can I get

them off of me but now I would just kind

of fall down and what I noticed I think

it was my dad who actually pointed out

he said it seems like you stopped

running to score and now you’re just

running to not get hit it feels like

something like you don’t it’s not the

same and what happened is I went from

from fighting in the fight to to being

afraid and fearful and then at one point

I would just forfeit it I would just say

you know what like brother you don’t

even have to tackle me look at this I am

down don’t even worry about it brother

but I noticed what happened is that

there was a real moment of hurt a real

moment of pain and what happened is is

that moment was now projected onto my

future and I was walking in this mindset

and in these thoughts and in this

ideology that I was afraid of that what

happen or what did happen what happened

at this moment and now it affected how I

lived my life it affected that the steps

I took or did it take it affected the

people I would or wouldn’t talked to and

can I tell you that over a decade later

years and years have gone by and it’s

the same thing it’s just a different

situation the enemy does this in our

life he takes a moment where there was

real pain real hurt a real struggle and

what he does is he wants you to hit this

moment and to feel the pain and to

experience because what he knows is if

he can just make you feel it and it

really hurt one time that’s all he needs

here’s what any good bully knows and I’m

not encouraging or condoning bullying

but a bully knows you only have to hit

the person hard one time because after

you hit him hard once your only job is

to remind him of what happened the first

time and that’s what the enemy does he

just reminds you hey remember what

happened last time you trusted somebody

remember the last time you stepped out

in faith remember the last time you you

prayed and prayed and prayed and it

didn’t happen

remember that time and now what happens

is you’ve there was a real moment of

hurt and I want to acknowledge this and

be so sensitive because there are very

real things that people have experienced

in this room and watching but what

happens is the enemy will take that

moment and he will project it on to your

future and get you to accept that that’s

just the way it is and now you should

live your life out of that place

translation that amount a real moment

happened when you were six like you were

really hurt but what happens is you

don’t realize that you’ve actually

healed from that moment like you still

have the scars to show that it happened

but on the inside of you everything has

come back into alignment but you’re

still acting and living in the mindset

that it still happened you’re you there

was one time where you weren’t insecure

and you stepped out and put yourself out

there and somebody said something about

you and it caused you to step back and

what they enemy all all he has to do now

he doesn’t even have to actually touch


he doesn’t even have to actually fight

you he can do what what a bully would do

and that’s called punking you he can

just say hey hey hey hey remember what

happened remember the last time from it

and here’s what the enemy he has been

punking God’s people out of their

purpose for years and he hasn’t the

truth is he hasn’t even touched you like

he hasn’t he’s just used this one moment

and reminded you over and over and over

again and what’s crazy is if this

happens long enough followers of Jesus

will start to find scripture to justify

the enemy punking you and you may not

realize this but this is something I’ve

noticed in my own life growing up in a

round church there’s a scripture in set

in Corinthians 12 and it’s a very

powerful piece of scripture and there

are moments in my walk with Jesus that

I’ve held on to the scripture and it’s

really brought a lot to me and it’s Paul

talking and he says you know I’ve seen a

lot I’ve done a lot but to keep me from

becoming proud I was given a thorn in my

flesh a messenger from Satan to torment

me to keep me from becoming proud it

goes on to say that three times I begged

the Lord to take it away and each time

he said my grace is all you need it’s

sufficient it’s enough it’s in the

scripture is so amazing but what happens

sometimes is when it comes to your giant

when it comes to the thing you’re facing

what the thorn was was a struggle or a

pain or a challenge that was present to

push you to God he was saying it would

be a nature of mine to become proud so

to keep me from becoming proud God put

this thorn that was present in my life

and every time I saw it I was supposed

to turn and go to God but what happens

is in it’s very slight sometimes we will

take what God made present and we make

it permanent there’s a difference if I’m

present at your house and if I’m

permanent at your house when I show up

to your door and I’m present and I knock

on the door when that temptation

shows up and knocks on your door the the

reason that that was there is it was

present for you to close the door and

say I gotta go to God about this one but

what happens is is many of us because

we’ve been in change so long because

we’ve been in that mindset so long

because the enemy has pumped you for so

long what God made president you take it

and you make it permanent that this is

just always how it’s gonna be

my mom struggle with this my dad

struggle with this so I’m just gonna

struggle with it there’s nothing I can

do about it I’m always gonna walk in

lust can’t really do anything about it

none of them in my family have integrity

I can’t really do anything about it I’ll

never learn to manage money can’t really

do anything about it I can’t and now

you’re walking in the same place not

because God hasn’t freed you from it but

because you picked it up and took off

walking it’s so packed and I’m thinking

of this illustration and and it’s so

crazy powerful you know the African

elephant is one of the most strongest

animals in the world it’s one of the

really down for elephants but as the do

you know how they keep African elephants

from moving a rope tied to a stick two

inches in the ground strongest animal in

the world it won’t move won’t even try

why because as a baby when it’s really

small they take a metal stake and they

stick it in the ground and they take a

metal chain and they tie it to its leg

and the elephants tries to fight it

tries to get out it pulls and pulls and

pulls and it pulls so hard until it

literally rubs its leg raw and the

elephant will sit there and try to fight

and try to get out and eventually it

just gives up and it can be a full-grown

adult elephant and they will tie a piece

of string around its leg and connect it

to a stick and put it in the ground and

it will not move not because it doesn’t

have the power to move but because it’s

accepted that this is just how it is and

I tried to get out once before and I

tried that’s what the enemy does he just

gets you in a space where you said you

know when you were five and you tried to

be all God had called you to be

or you were ten and you

tried to step out and tell your mom that

that you had a dream or that you wanted

to be something and he uses that scar

for when you were little – now you’re a

grown person and you won’t move it’s the

enemy he’s trying to he just he’s trying

to Punk you he’s he’s just reminding you

he’s just saying that you can’t do it

you there’s no way you’ve tried before

and what I what is so crazy is it’s the

same move that he’s doing in 1st Samuel

17 Goliath is punking the entire Israel

army they haven’t thought he comes out

and it’s like hey what’s up I’m a


I’m nine feet tall I got all this bronze

on some of y’all come down here and

fight me right now and literally it says

that the Israel army was on one side of

the mountain the other army was on the

other side and no one would come down no

one was challenging this is what the

enemy does he attacks and he tries to

Punk our purpose and I want to identify

three ways that he does it the enemy

Punk’s purpose by attacking your

perception here’s what I mean by that

the view of Goliath physically was what

the enemy now does mentally to many of

us he’s not new he’s just bigger here’s

what I mean they had actually fought the

Philistine army three times before this

battle and guess what they had never

lost never bad there was literally in

1st Samuel 7 they’re fighting this army

and it’s getting close and literally all

of a sudden the Spirit of God comes on

the Philistine army and they start

killing each other it just

they had never lost against this battle

but all of a sudden the view the

perception was bigger it was just it

wasn’t new it was bigger translation

your fear that you struggle with right

now it’s not new it just feels bigger

your your insecurity it’s not new it

just feels bigger and this is what the

enemy’s after he’s after your perception

because your perception will always

determine your progress against truth

against what’s actually on the inside of

you how you view it what you’re looking

at if you think it’s bigger than you


if it’s true or not we’ll always

determine if you move forward enemy

knows that he knows that it’s I’m not

he’s not as concerned with your problem

as he is of how big you think your

problem is if you think it’s just I

can’t beat that it’s too big

it’s just I’m no match for that for that

fear I’m no match for the struggle in my

marriage I’m no match for these

financial pressures that I’m

experiencing I’m no match for raising

these kids by myself and the enemy just

projects this huge this huge version of

this challenge of this fear just to make

you think that you can’t do it and to

keep you on your side it’s crazy to me

that Goliath was able to talk all this

trash and he hadn’t fought anyone like

it wasn’t like they came down he beat up

one of the dudes and the guy came with

the bloody I was well yeah dog don’t go

mess with Goliath he just he was just

bigger and what’s crazy is in this story

we often label the story of David and

Goliath you even hear this as a sports

term or just as a very crazy out way too

mismatched like David and Goliath oh

it’s in the n-c-double-a tournament it’s

a David and Goliath scenario this fight

was very much a mismatch but not in the

way that we’ve labeled it if you studied

the original context of this story and

really study scholars and look at some

of the details of Goliath anybody that

is that tall over nine feet tall the

only way that that happens is actually a

disease it’s called acromegaly a– and

it’s a disease that attacks your growth

hormones and it causes you to grow at an

exponential rate but it also shortens

your life expectancy and makes your

bones extremely weak and brittle and

makes you have double vision and makes

you to respond very very slow to two

movements and two swings when David came

down that mountain to fight Goliath it

was a mismatch not because David was was

was scared and small but David was a

slinger now you’ve probably not heard of

this term but during that time there was

a piece of the inch of infantry that

were slingers and when he released that

stone at Goliath’s head it was

a little like oh he shot a little rock

that rock would have left at the same

velocity as a 45 caliber gun you see the

fight was actually a mismatch but the

enemy will project himself he will make

himself seem so big to keep you from

ever coming down that hill because he

knows if you ever came down if you ever

got out of that place of insecurity

if you ever would admit that you had

pride and would humble yourself if you

ever came down it would not be a match

but he’s got your perception

he’s got your view he’s got you thinking

that you could never face it it’s too

big it’s too tall you can’t do it the

second thing he goes after it’s similar

but it’s different it’s your perspective

so your perception is what you see your

perspective is how you see it

small but different there are two

totally different perspectives in this


there’s the perspective of the Israelite

army and the perspective is the

Israelite army if you read the scripture

in 1st Samuel 17 verse 1 in the

scripture the first people to move are

the Philistine army the first people to

make a motion to attack the Philistines

attacked and set up camp and then it

says saw countered or he responded to

the attack of the Philistine army the

perspective from the Israelite army was

that the attack was sent to them and

that’s what a lot of our lives feel like

it feels like those thoughts that keep

coming after you that they were sent for

you they had talked they attack on your

marriage the attack on your purpose they

attack on your confidence it feels like

this was sent for me and it keeps

attacking me and it’s coming after me

but there’s a there’s a slight

difference in David’s perspective you

see David’s perspective the title or the

the header over this portion of

scripture is David is sent by Jesse you

see the Israelites they took the

perspective that the battle or Goliath

was sent for them but David knew that

Goliath was not sent for David but in

fact David had been sent for Goliath

could I present to you today that maybe

you’ve been viewing your problems with

the wrong perspective what if and just

maybe your problem was not sent to

attack you but you were actually sent to

attack your problem this is a small

shift but your giant was not after you

it was not sent to attack you what if

you were sent to attack it and this is a

different seat that you have to take

that it wasn’t oh it’s coming for me

always coming for me but literally the

scripture says look at this it’s so so

crazy it says it right here in a first

samuel verse 1 it says the Philistine

mustered up their army birth go down to

verse 17 one day Jesse said to David

take this bread of roasted grain to your

brother’s his father sent him in to the

situation what if your father your

heavenly Father sent you what if he sent

you to that struggle what if he sent you

to that job what if it wasn’t that the

job was coming for me and my boss is

coming for me what if your attitude was

maybe my God sent me into that job so

that could help my boss get a different

perspective but and I can tell that your

perspective has been so straightforward

for so long that this idea that maybe

you were supposed to attack it seems

completely out of the question it

doesn’t even seem real

what what this challenge that I’ve been

facing since a teenager you meant that

actually God prepared me and sent me for

it actually yes but the enemy he’s got

your perception of it he’s got you

thinking that you could never beat it

you could never get past it you could

never is just you’re always you own it’s

it’s your perspective and here’s what I

found it’s interesting in my own walk

with Christ and is I’ve noticed that

even if I get the right perception

meaning I understand the difference that

I understand that ok this isn’t this

isn’t bigger than me it’s not it’s not

anything new it’s just the enemy’s

trying to make it feel bigger and make

it feel like it’s overwhelming or make

me feel like I can’t hang

I gotta understand that and I get the

right view of that and then I go to my

perspective and I say what if you know

that I wasn’t this thing isn’t attacking

me but what if I made the perspective

shift that I was attacking in what would

happen and what’s crazy is those things

can happen in your life like you can get

the right perception and the right

perspective but can I let you in on a

secret the enemy don’t really care

they say Charles why would you just

preach those two points if they were not

worth anything I mean they’re there and

like the enemy will attack you in that

way that’s why I put him in there but

there’s a different thing that he does

that has literally taken out hundreds of

thousands of Christians what he does is

he’s okay if you have the right

perception and the right perspective but

what he knows is there’s something that

makes the difference and what the enemy

will do is you can get the right

perspective you can get the right

perception but he knows that if you

don’t have any real power you could have

the right view you could look the right

way you could sound the right way but

without power

you’re not effective without power you

can’t be who you’ve been fully called to

be without the power and this is what

the enemy does he comes for your power

look how he does it in Scripture look

it’s so clear First Samuel bursae

Goliath stood up and shouted a taunt

across the Israelites why are you coming

out to find me I’m a Philistine champion

but you’re only servants of Saul he

discs they were actually the thing that

made them a strong army and literally

caused so many different armies to fear

them is that they were the Lord’s army

they were servants of God but what

Goliath did is he disconnected their

power he said you’re not a servant of

the Lord you’re actually only a servant

of Saul and he connected them to a power

that could do nothing for them and this

is what the enemy does it’s so slight

he’ll take your power and say you’re

good you’re not a servant of God you’re

you’re just you like you don’t have what

it takes you don’t you’re not there’s

nothing different about you and he’s

attacking our power and I believe that

this is the thing that literally has

allowed the enemy to

such a foothold and a grasp of your life

is because you thought if I just fought

it harder if I did more if I if I went

to church more can I tell you the enemy

is not concerned that you’re in church

today what he’s concerned about is if

you leave different you can you can go

to church you can show up to church but

until you get access to power there

won’t be nothing it can shift that

moment get up this microphone is

effective it’s good



would be to steal your power you know

what he’s not after your mind he’s after

your batteries that’s what he wants he

don’t want the top of this microphone he

don’t want the bottom of this microphone

he wants the only thing that can make a

difference and until you understand that

the power of the Holy Spirit is the only

thing that can make a difference you

will walk around looking the same

feeling the same but there will be no

power it’s the power of the Holy Spirit

that makes the difference that’s it and

it’s that simple and it’s that plain and

I want to be very clear to you about it

because if not we could preach messages

and we could yell and we could shout but

without the Holy Spirit it is you

helping you that’s what this is if we

don’t talk about the Holy Spirit it’s

about you who’s gonna give you the power

to be a better person you who’s gonna

give you the power to beat the Goliath

you because you beating Goliath is not

the story at the Bible you saving

yourself is not the story at the Bible

for God it’s the power and here’s the

thing you start talking about the Holy

Spirit and some people be like Holy

Spirit Holy Ghost I don’t know I don’t

mess with ghosts don’t know mister what

ghost oh me oh no no no and you know

what’s crazy

the enemy has made you afraid of your

batteries he’s he’s made you afraid of

the one thing that could actually do

something and I know I know you may feel

like this is weird the Holy Spirit what

are you talking about is literally the

Trinity of God this is all Bible this is

not what Charles thinks this is in the

same Bible that you have the Father the

Son and the Holy Spirit and I want to be

this straightforward about it and I love

you and I’m not trying to come against

you but many of us would ignore an

entire third of God and act like whoa

worshipping the same guy it’s all Bible

I want to be very clear you cannot turn

your back to a third of who God is and

then be frustrated when you don’t have

power to place what he’s called you to

face and I understand that that the Holy

Spirit has had some really bad prf on

the church’s behalf like we’ve made him

weird and creepy and scary and all this

stuff but the enemy’s use that he’s used

it for you to stay away from your power

source he’s used it and what you’re

doing is she is you think I just gotta

try harder and if I just work harder and

I and I try a lot more and I do a lot

more then I’ll be able to beat my giant

you have no power if you could beat the

thing you’re facing you would have done

it already

and this is if I could beat my my

struggle that I’ve had with lust in the

past if I could have beat it on my own I

would have done a lot of time ago but I

had to have a realization that I I don’t

have the power by myself and as long as

we keep coming to church and showing up

and you can sit in a garage all you want

to and that will not make you a car in

the same way you can show up to church

and sit in church but it doesn’t change

the fabric of who you are the thing that

makes the difference the thing that

allows you to be who God has called you

to be is the Holy Spirit

what’s crazy about that story when I

played football is another game came

around we played the same team and I was

sitting and talking to my dad before the

game was starting and he said Charles

you know what what if you decided that

you weren’t gonna get hit this game I

was like I would be in the NFL

immediately dad that’s what would happen

they said no like what if you didn’t get

hit but you hit people regardless if you

had the ball or not and it was a

perspective shift that you know what I’m

not gonna let them hit me but I’m gonna

hit them first and the first play of the

game I got the ball and the field was

wide open literally it was like Jesus

part of the Red Sea and I could see the

endzone I took off running to the

endzone I was like I’m about to score in

this first play and disrespect everybody

and I’m running and out of the corner of

my eye all the way across the field was

somebody way over here and I remembered

that conversation with my dad and I say

you know it’s early on in the game I

could probably score another touchdown

right now I’m about to let this fool

know what’s up so I was running to the

endzone and I said no brother

I literally mid mid running I was

running I turned I ran straight at him

and I slammed him in the head and I fell

over and I stood up over him and I said

you ain’t gonna Punk me no more can I

tell you some of you today when you get

access to power with you understand that

God is on your side you’re gonna stand

up and say devil

you can’t Punk me no more you ain’t

gonna pump my purpose you ain’t gonna

pump my family you can’t talk about me

like that you can’t come it’s the power


you it’s the power of the Holy Spirit

it’s the thing that makes the difference

is the thing that makes this possible

and as long as you leave without bed you

will keep coming back in the same spot

you’ll face the same giant over and over

and over again and be frustrated talking

about God where are you God where and

the Holy Spirit sent over there like yep

just waiting

I’ll be over here whenever you want and

the crazy thing is is you actually know

the Holy Spirit you do I I would bet my

life that you know him if you feel like

you have any awareness of Jesus if you

have ever thought about who is Jesus I

wonder who he is the Bible says the Holy

Spirit will guide you into all truth

Jesus is the way the truth and the life

so the only person that can make you

aware that you needed a relationship

with Jesus is the Holy Spirit you you’ve

been talking to him for a while if you

didn’t realize it or not he’s called the

helper the one that comes alongside of

you and it’s it’s the only thing that

makes the difference

the only answer for the punk of the

enemy is the power of the Holy Spirit

only answer it’s not you trying harder

it’s not you going to motruk more church

services it’s not you holding the

welcome home sign outside it’s the power

of the Holy Spirit now here’s what I

want to do I want to take a moment and

in a moment were gonna have a very

special powerful moment I just want to

share some things that I believe are

really going to help you but right now I

really since there’s somebody in the

room that you need to make a decision

right now to surrender your life to

Jesus very clearly very simply no fluff

I’m not trying to trick you convince you

you’ve been searching for something

you’ve been searching for fulfillment

you’ve been searching for a level of

validation you’ve been looking for a

piece of who you are in other people in

a certain amount of money and a title

next to your name and it has not given

you what you needed until Jesus is

enough nothing else ever will be there

are some of you in this room that the

reason you’re here today is to accept

Jesus into your life it’s to surrender

your will it’s to surrender your way and

in a moment the Bible says you believe

in your heart you confess with your

mouth that Jesus is Lord you shall be


here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna ask

everybody to bow your heads and close

your eyes just for a moment of focus

just for a moment of focus in thinking

about where are you in your relationship

with God there’s some of you in here

that you need to rededicate your life to

him maybe you were following Jesus at

one moment but you’ve walked away or you

are you’ve kind of ignored him but in

this moment you can come back to him

there are some of you that maybe this is

the first time you’re hearing the real

story of Jesus and the truth is he loves

you he cares about you he believes in


he believes the best in you he sees more

in you than you see in yourself and

regardless of what you felt about church

regardless of what you felt about God he

is passionately and in just absolutely

in love with you and all he wants is a

relationship with you here’s I’m gonna

do if you want to accept Jesus into your

life I’m gonna actually repeat this

prayer after me the Bible is very clear

you believe in your heart confess with

your mouth that Jesus is Lord you shall

be saved I’m gonna actually repeat this

prayer and in this moment your life’s

gonna be changed everybody repeat this

after me say dear Heavenly Father thank

you for loving me dear Jesus I need you

I can’t do it on my own

I surrender my will I need your help

it’s in Jesus name I pray amen

listen if you prayed that prayer and you

meant it and you felt something on the

inside of you that is the best decision

you could ever make your future is now

secure in God and you don’t have to

worry or go to other places or look for

other things because the creator of the

universe the one who spoke can put stars

in the sky the person who knew you

before you in your mother’s womb the

person who has a plan and a purpose for

your life

he just entered into the situation right

now and here’s what we want to do I want

to take a moment if you made that

decision say you know what I prayed that

prayer and I meant it maybe you prayed

it before or you have it but you meant

like you felt something on the inside of

you I’m gonna ask you to be bold I’m

gonna ask you to raise your hand not to

embarrass you not to harass you but I’m

gonna do that on the count of three I

want you to raise your hand there’s

already people raising their hand oh my


listen it’s the best decision if you

made that decision go ahead and raise

your hand right now

I got you over here

I’ll see you in the back brother Oh

hands all over the room come on TC can

we celebrate the enemy has been working

his whole life to keep you from that

moment right there he’s been working so

hard to keep you distracted to keep you

looking to other things but right in

this moment you just made the best

decision of your life listen if you made

that decision I’m gonna actually do

something real quick I’m gonna actually

to text the words saved to the number

that comes up on the screen texts or

states that number we’re not gonna

harass you we’re not gonna sing you a

text every Tuesday all we’re gonna do is

see you some resources to help you and

explain to you what this means and how

you can stay encouraged and without

coming to church and different things

like that

but we just want to encourage you now

that you’ve come to know Jesus we’re so

grateful you made that choice hey listen

here’s what I want to do this is the

most important part of the message most

important part some of you in this room

you need access to power that you don’t

have right now and I want to be very

clear about this the Bible is so clear

about the Holy Spirit and I want to just

take a couple of moments and share with

you who and what the Holy Spirit is all

scripture all solid Bible this is what

the Bible says about the Holy Spirit the

Holy Spirit is is the third part of the

Trinity very clear father son Holy

Spirit it says in the Bible that the

Holy Spirit is our helper he’s the one

that comes alongside of us he’s the one

that stands next to us see the ones that

helps you face things that you couldn’t

face before he’s the one that helps you

fight the Giants that you couldn’t fight

before in John 16:15 this is what the

Bible says all belongs to the father is

mine and this is what I said the Spirit

will tell you whatever he receives from

me the the Spirit of God he helps you

he’s there to come alongside of you he’s

not there to scare you or to get you to

run away he is there to help you

the second thing the Holy Spirit prays

for us

there are times in life and no doubt

you’ve experienced this where your words

aren’t enough for what you need let’s be

real about there are times in situations

where you can’t even get out of your

mouth what you need from God the Bible

is very clear this is where the Holy

Spirit comes in hands Romans 8:26 and

the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness

for example when we don’t know what God

wants us to pray but the Holy Spirit

prays with us and groanings that cannot

be expressed in words don’t argue with

me in Scripture Holy Spirit II gives

gifts you ever heard of the fruits of

the spirit love joy peace patience

kindness the goal of that scripture is

not to get you to be a nice person its

gifts that the Spirit of God gives you

very clear look at this first

Corinthians 12:4 and there are different

kinds of spiritual gifts but the same

spirit capital s have you ever seen the

word his in the Bible if the capital H

that means God capital s spirit is the

source of them all he gives gifts one of

the gifts he gives us is speaking in a

different prayer language or you may

have heard us speaking in tongues and

some of you got tight and scared and I’m

worried you you can be afraid but it’s

your power be afraid all you want to

every single day I pray in the spirit

every single day I pray over my son I

pray with my family because it’s the

power source and as long as you are

disconnected from power you will not be

able to beat the challenges that are you

are facing the last thing the Holy

Spirit gives us power acts 1:8 but you

will receive powers not not some not a

little bit you you will receive complete

whole full power when the Holy Spirit

comes upon you and you’ll be my witness

telling about me everywhere in Jerusalem

and throughout jadi Judea and Samaria to

the ends of the earth

some of you think you need the holy

spirit to go to heaven no you need the

Holy Spirit to go to work on Monday you

you need the Holy Spirit to stay married

you need the Holy Spirit to walk in your

puny you need the Holy Spirit to live

everyday life you need the Holy Spirit

to fight the fuss that has kept you

caged in you need the Holy Spirit every

single day it’s your decision and you

can get batteries or no batteries and

you can look the same and you can talk

the same but don’t be surprised when the

enemy comes for your power he’s no match

he doesn’t stand up to God there’s no

comparison here’s what we’re gonna do

I’m gonna ask the band to begin to play

in just a moment and some of you in this

room tonight

you will receive the power of the Holy

Spirit not some of you’re like oh gosh

this I knew I shouldn’t have come to

this can I tell you that’s the enemy

talking very clearly the devil is

that you think God is trying to fight

you from getting closer to him not his

voice that’s the enemy

that’s the enemy telling you this is

weird and you need to go away and you

shoulda left and you shouldn’t came to

this service we did it at all services

so you wouldn’t escape it anyways it’s

the power of the Holy Spirit here’s

we’re gonna do on the count of three I’m

gonna ask you if you want to see if

there a power of the Holy Spirit I’m

gonna ask you to stand up out of your

seat and come down to the front in just

a moment if you want to receive the

power of the Holy Spirit it’s not gonna

be scary it’s not gonna be weird we

ain’t gonna cast you out and throw you

on the ground no we’re just gonna pray

all you have to do is in a moment you

just say Lord I receive Lord I receive

that’s it and I believe in a moment

you’re gonna see receive access to power

that you did not have before here’s what

we’re gonna do in a moment I’m gonna

count to three and when I count to three

don’t worry about what anybody would

think about you don’t worry if I already

decided I wouldn’t do that and that’s

not for me if you want to be free or not

it’s your decision if you want to walk

in power or not it’s your decision so

I’m gonna count to three and I want

everybody from all over this room if you

want to receive the power of the Holy

Spirit I want you to come down

he loves you too this is the power you

have been looking for three come down

all over this room come down come down

come down hey guys I know we just ended

the message and what happened at that

service was absolutely incredible but we

want to take the time to create an

intentional moment for you to experience

the exact same thing that we did in that

service you know in that moment we were

talking about the power of the Holy

Spirit and there are a couple of things

that the Holy Spirit does that I

mentioned and I just want to reiterate

them the Holy Spirit is our helper he

comes alongside of us the Holy Spirit he

prays for us the Holy Spirit gives gifts

and the Holy Spirit gives Howard listen

until you have access to that power you

will always find yourself struggling to

face the things that God has called you

to face here’s what I want to do in that

moment we took a second to pray over

people to receive the power of the Holy

Spirit and I believe no matter where

you’re watching from no matter what time

it is where you are you can receive that

power right now

so here’s what you do I just want you to

simply put your hands like this this is

a posture of receiving if I was going to

give you something you would have to

have your hands open I want you to put

your hands like this and in a moment I’m

gonna start to pray and I just want you

to think and pray say God I receive God

I receive and I believe in a moment

God’s holy spirit can meet you where you

are would you pray with me lord god I

thank you for every single person that

is hearing my voice right now what I

think you look that your Holy Spirit is

it’s so powerful it can go straight

through a screen and enter someone’s

life right where they are in a bedroom

Lord God and at a house Lord God on a

lunch break Lord Jesus wherever they’re

listening or watching I think you that

your Holy Spirit would enter into their

life right now but I thank you for a

supernatural ability to hear your voice

Lord God for a peace Lord God that comes

from your holy spirit lord I pray Holy

Spirit that your power would enter into

their lives lord I thank you Lord Jesus

even for people who are listening Lord

God that are praying for the for the

ability to pray in a prayer language or

to speak in tongues but I think your

Holy Spirit is meeting

in this moment Holy Spirit we need you

thank you for it is in your name we pray


listen I really believe that this was a

special moment for so many of you we are

so glad that you are part of

transformation nation you are a part of

everything we’re doing we love you guys

and we will see you next time go out and

live a transform life