It’s Mother’s Day at Church by the Glades! We continue our series, “Bless My Stress,” with phenomenal guest speaker, Priscilla Shirer. We dived into the book of John where she teaches us that signs are used not for us to worship, but to point us to Jesus.


hey there it’s Priscilla and I can’t

tell you how excited I am to have an

opportunity to share this Sunday with

you this is so great and it’s great for

many reasons one of them is that the

reality is as you all know this is such

a unique time in our country a unique

time in the world and yet God has made

it that even though we’re not gathered

together in brick and mortar we’re still

gathered together we’re still able to be

the body of Christ and I love that the

Lord organized the opportunity for his

spirit to still be present with every

single one of us even though we’re

scattered and so it’s a joy and a

privilege to be able to just be a part

of what God is doing in the life of your

church and you know we love y’all’s

church right feels like family to us

not only because David and Lisa have

been such a part of our life for so long

hi David Lisa I love you guys but also

because your church has been a part of

our lives for so long been at your

church before and of course my brother

Anthony comes on a regular basis and so

really it feels like family to us so I

feel incredibly grateful to share with

you on this day Mother’s Day I mean all

parents deserve to be celebrated for one

reason or another we invest so much but

mothers it’s a privilege to be able to

encourage you specifically today I think

the word that God has for us really is

going to be an encouragement to all of

us regardless what season of life were

you in regardless of poor single parents

or parents at all I think it’ll be

encouraging to all of us but for those

of you that are moms just know that I’ve

had you on my mind as I’ve thought about

this because you know I’m a mother

myself raising three sons so I have been

spending my mandated sort of quarantine

days and hours doing exactly what you’ve

been doing girl trying to feed these

people on a regular basis washing the

dishes that are a residual effect of all

the food that we’ve had to feed them

keep trying to keep them on some sort of

schedule you know doing their laundry

semi cleaning their bathroom you know

that sort of thing so our life has all

been very full even though it’s been

pruned and weaned down by everything

that has happened and so here we are in

this moment where we’re trying to do our

best to support our families to keep our

ownselves encouraged to take care of you

know the small businesses that we run or

the ministries that we have all the

dynamics that

of our life that are still in play

despite the fact that our world is going

through such a unprecedented time and so

to minister to you specifically now

means a lot one other thing I want to

say before I pray for us it means a lot

to me too because this is actually my

first Mother’s Day without my mom my mom

passed away you know just a little while

ago and so still healing from that

emotionally and trying to wrap my mind

around spending this day without my mom

being here so knowing that I could spend

the day encouraging you in the position

that you’re in that feels like a gift

and a blessing to me therapeutic in a

way so again thank you let’s pray

together and see what God wants to say

to us lord I thank you I thank you

father that your spirit is alive I thank

you that your word is alive and I think

you’ve been in these next few moments

you were going to do what only you can

take this one little simple message Lord

multiply it as many different ways as it

needs to be multiplied so that every

single person under the sound of my

voice knows that today they’ve been

encouraged by the voice of God in Jesus

name Amen

up until a couple years ago my family

and I lived for a full decade we lived

in a more rural part of Dallas and we

liked it that way we planned it that way

actually we wanted to raise our kids

when they were really young there I

think I said they were in there in their

teenage years now but when they were you

know six and four and two years old we

were in a rural part of Dallas it was

close enough to the city to get there

really quickly but it felt far away you

know we kind of had to go down a

backwood from the latest a backwoods

road from the the nearest Starbucks that

was there the Barnes and Noble about ten

minutes or so so it wasn’t that it was

far away it’s just that once we went

back into the places where we live where

our house was

we just felt like we were worlds and

worlds away we loved it that way loved

it because there was a backyard really

big the house we were in was real small

but we wanted to live out there because

the land and you know these three boys

we wanted them to be able to do what

boys need to do go play with bugs and

trees and stuff like that anytime my

boys growing up would say to me mom I’m

bored I was saying

you know you see that tree out there go

play with it go enjoy yourself outside

because I’m a big believer in outside

the only reason though that it was

concerning to me the whole dynamic of so

much outside was when someone that

didn’t live in our home and wasn’t from

that neighborhood wanted to come visit

us I’d always have to give them you know

country directions not regular

directions but country directions you

know because there were some streets and

some curves that actually had street

signs other ones of them if they did

have street street signs they weren’t

clear anymore maybe some of the brush

had grown over the street signs and you

couldn’t quite see the whole word or

maybe it was a little worn and it would

be better for me to give them landmarks

over street signs so you should hear me

explaining to people how to get to our

house out there in the country it still

worked pretty well when it was daytime

but once it turned to nighttime that’s

when the problems came because it was

hard for people to really be able to see

the signs that’s what I was always

directing people to look at not just the

street signs but the landmark signs I

would tell them you’re gonna go down the

dirt road it’s gonna curve around to the

left when it curves around to the left

there was a little sign in front of a

neighborhood for example look for that

neighborhood the name of that

neighborhood then you’ll know you’re

still headed in the right direction

then when you get past the second stop

sign when you see that then you’re gonna

see a left turn there’s no sign there

but you’ll see a big stone that’s in the

ground before you’re left a big red huge

boulder that’s how you know that that’s

the left turn that you’re gonna make I

would point to all of the signs that

they were headed in the right direction

I wanted them to be able to see it and

every sign that they saw wasn’t so that

they could pay attention to the sign it

wasn’t so that they could stop at the

sign and celebrate the sign no

the signs were designed to get them to

me all throughout the scriptures

particularly in the Gospels we’re given

signs in the Old Testament as well signs

and symbols that are designed not so

that we celebrate the signs themselves

but so that we can get to the place

they’re pointing us to the person

capital P that they’re pointing us to

they’re designed to get us to do

the Gospel of John is one of my favorite

Gospels and it’s one of my favorite

Gospels because they’re a sign after

clear sign that is given to us and given

to us for a very specific purpose if you

go all the way to the end of the book of

John and I’m gonna read this verse to

you because I’m actually gonna want you

to spend your time with me over the

course of our message today I’m gonna

want you to spend it in John chapter 2

so if you want to go ahead and turn to

John chapter 2 you can but to preface

that I want to tell you what comes at

the end of the book of John the writer

of this gospel he tells us exactly why

he penned it to begin with

he tells us why under the inspiration of

the Holy Spirit he wrote down these

specific miracles these specific

encounters that Jesus had with people

these specific teachings that Jesus gave

during his three years of earthly

ministry he says at the end of the book

I’m going to tell you exactly why I

wrote all this down so in John chapter

20 at the end of the book listen to me

read this John says many other signs

many other signs Jesus also performed in

the presence of the disciples but

they’re not written in this book

these things that I have written I wrote

so that you may believe that Jesus is

the Christ the Son of God and that

believing you may have life in his name

listen to how clear John is John says

Jesus did a whole lot of stuff that I

didn’t write in this book Jesus did more

stuff that I had the opportunity to

contain within the content of these

letters or these chapters rather that

would be gathered together because of

the verses and the stories and the

narratives that he wanted to make sure

to communicate he said I had to weed

through a whole lot of stuff that I

heard Jesus preach and that I

experienced myself the miracles that I

saw him do there are many other miracles

many other signs that Jesus performed

but he says the signs that I’m giving

you are designed specifically for this

purpose to point you to a person to

point you to Jesus and he says I want to

make sure to point you to Jesus so that

by believing in him you might have life

in his name

I’ve always been riveted by that that

John was so specific about the

signs he chose to record in his book so

as I thought about it a little while I

thought to myself I wonder if that was

such a lofty goal of his an important

goal of his to only choose the signs

that he thought contribute best

contributed best to his overall goal of

pointing out Jesus and making sure that

people who would read it in our day and

age and who experienced it then making

sure that people that that were

encountering this were led to a person

and to believe that Jesus is who he says

he is and that he can do exactly what he

says that he can do

I wondered well what is the first sign

he wrote about then because when you

think about it the first chapters of say

a novel that you’ve read aren’t those

the chapters that sometimes matter the

most because they’re either going to

grab your attention or they’re gonna

make you put the book down because they

were too they were too boring or maybe

the first bars of a pianist rendition

those first bars might be the most

compelling because they’re designed to

garner your attention they’re designed

to set the stage of what’s coming later

so I thought to myself well if John

wanted to do his best to draw the

readers like you and me in to draw us

into an experience with Jesus I wonder

what his first sign would be that’s what

leads us to John chapter 2 it’s a sign

that you might remember that I want to

read it to you again John chapter 2

beginning in verse 1 it says on the

third day there was a wedding in Cana of

Galilee the mother of Jesus was there

and Jesus he was also invited in his

disciples to a wedding but when all the

good wine gave out the mother of Jesus

said to him they have no more wine verse

5 says his mother said to the servants

do whatever he says for you to do now

there were six stone pots set there for

the Jewish custom and Jesus said to them

in verse seven fill the waterpots with

water and they filled him up to the brim

and then he said well now draw some of

it out take it to the headwaiter they

took it to him some way miraculously

from the time they had filled up the

pitchers of water

and the time they took it to the waiter

verse 9 says that when the head waiter

tasted the water that had become wine in

the transition he didn’t know where it

weird where it had come from but the

servants who had drawn the water they

kind of knew what was going on because

they had experienced Jesus instructions

so the head waiter surprised and

confused he calls the bridegroom over

and he says to him verse 10 everyman

usually serves the good wine first at

their wedding and you know why they do

right because after they’ve had enough

of the good wine they’re too loopy to

know when the bad wine has started to

flow and so he says everyman usually

serves the good stuff first and then

when everybody is drunk freely then they

served the poor wine but you’ve kept the

good wine until now verse 11 this was

the beginning of his signs Jesus did in

Cana of Galilee he manifested his glory

during this first sign and look at the

last line of verse 11 his disciples

believed in him his disciples believed

in him that means that it’s possible to

be his disciple and not believe in him

that means it’s possible to be a

follower to be someone who walks with

Jesus and talks with Jesus someone who

learns from Jesus someone who’s been

commissioned by Jesus someone who has

devoted their life to Jesus it’s

possible to be a disciple but not be a

real believer I’m talking about where

you lean on him where you trust him

during the difficult times of life like

the one you and I are all facing right

now when everything is in chaos all

around us but we find ourselves leaning

to our own understanding or trying to

strategize to the best of our

capabilities trusting in our own talent

or connections or resources to pull us

to and we realize we actually don’t

trust Jesus we haven’t talked to him

about it first this text shows us it’s

possible scary thought isn’t it to be a

disciple but not actually be a disciple

who believes but John says this miracle

was the

first sign that actually turned

disciples into believers and consider

the context of the sign this was a

wedding a party where the person who had

thrown this party the person who was

putting together this wedding they had

given the best they had to offer and

their best ran out they had given the

best that they had to give to the people

that they had to take care of and after

they had given the best that they had to

offer it says the best wine they had it

ran out and when they were empty when it

had run out when they had nothing else

to give Jesus stepped in and performed a

miracle when he where he gave them back

better than what they had in the first

place the primary way that John the

Gospel writer chooses to show us the

glory of Jesus displayed in a miraculous

way that actually turns believers into

disciples is when there is somebody

giving their best their best isn’t good

enough Jesus steps into that and turned

things around so radically that all of a

sudden folks who were just nominal

Christians nominal disciples well now

they’re believers who have fervent

prayer lives who are dependent upon him

who trust him and the Holy Spirit’s

power in their lives to work things out

in a way that they never otherwise would

I just want to talk to any Mama’s on

this Mother’s Day who honestly you’ve

been giving your best and you feel like

your best in goodness honestly you feel

like just like the proprietor

proprietors of this wedding party where

you feel like you keep offering up your

the best of your time the best of your

skills the best of your talents the best

of your emotional investment you keep

trying to offer up the best of your

managerial skills to this household that

God has given you to manage the best

support you can offer to your

football-playing junior in high school

or to your toddler who needs a certain

kind of support right now because of the

the issues that they may be facing with

anxiety or fear and man you’re calling

every doctor you have you’re pulling on

every connection that you have for the

emotional and educational wellness of

your child you’ve given the best

you have as a mother of an adult child

maybe who now has chosen a lifestyle who

is that is totally contradictory to the

way you know you raised them and you

feel discouraged because you’ve been

giving your best just like these people

did in John chapter 2 giving their best

to the people around them and their best

is not good enough John says that the

primary sign through our lives that

Jesus is who he says he is and their

Jesus can accomplish exactly what he

says that he can accomplish the primary

seminal sign that John writes about is

somebody just like us

who’s been given their best and their

best wasn’t good enough and in the end

it wasn’t a liability their inability to

actually do enough to satiate the people

that were around them actually became an

opportunity for Jesus to step in and

perform the very first miracle that

begin to make believers out of people

here’s what I’m trying to tell you there

are some things moms dads all of us in

our different spheres of life there are

some things that the Lord is going to

allow us to be in a position where we

are giving our best and he knows up

front that your best ain’t gonna be good

enough you’re giving the best of

yourself to that particular scenario and

the tendency is to feel frustrated and

overwhelmed because you are not seeing

the fruit of the investment you’re

putting in to that business or to these

children or to your marriage or to that

friendship or to that relationship with

your mom you’ve been trying your best to

try to breach over that divide that the

two of you have you’ve been sowing and

sowing and sowing and you don’t feel

like you’re getting the harvest that is

worth what you’ve sowed can I just

suggest to you that John is trying to

tell us that the primary part of our

lives chapter 20 that’s gonna make a

believer out of people that’s gonna

cause people to actually see Jesus

that’s going to be the main sign through

our lives that point people including

our children to a relationship with

Jesus Christ is not going to be those

parts of our life where we’ve got it all

together it’s not gonna be the parts of

our life where we’re giving our best and

our best is good enough it’s gonna be

the parts of our lives when we’re given

best and it ain’t good enough and then

in that emptiness Jesus steps in and he

turns the water we’ve got left into wine

he brings Beauty out of ashes he takes

the rubble of the mess that we had made

and he says you know what if you just

hand that on over here you have no idea

what kind of masterpieces I can make

even out of your biggest messes I want

to encourage you on this Mother’s Day to

know that when we honor God by giving

the best that we have the best of our

skill the best of our resources the best

of the connections he’s given us access

to the best that we have emotionally

investing it into the priorities that he

has given us into this season I just

want you to remember that once you’ve

given your best and your best has run

out and you feel exasperated and tired

and a little overwhelmed because you

just feel like it’s not good enough the

good news of John chapter 2 is that he

turns water into wine and at the end of

a miraculous thing like that happening

in your life the testimony you’ll have

will cause verse 11 of chapter 2 to

happen in the lives of the people that

are around you it’ll change people who

were mere disciples into true believers

it didn’t that what we want for our kids

man I got to tell you it’s what I want

it’s what I’ve been praying for with my

three sons I actually had the prayer

request really written down for each of

them while it’s the same prayer request

it’s sort of molded a little bit

differently as I’ve written it down on

each page for each son because each of

the each of them is different they all

have different personalities of course

they have different ways they’re wired

there are different weaknesses that I

can see different ways that I detect the

enemy would probably want to take

advantage of them because of the

proclivities of their flesh because of

the things they’re interested in and

that they lean toward so the prayers

would look a little bit different but

they all end up at the same goal that

I’m praying for Lord make my sons mighty

men of God who are not just churchgoers

who are not just people who are

Christians in name only

who are not just nominal disciples of

Jesus who say that their followers you

know when it’s convenient and when it’s

politically correct and who are willing

and able to be unashamed of the gospel

when you know they’re in a setting where

it’s palatable for everybody else no I

want them to be radical believers who

depend on Jesus for every aspect of

their life who depend on the filling of

the Holy Spirit to be able to be the men

that God has called them to be and walk

in the fullness of what he has destined

for them and for your children that’s

what we want we want them to really be

passionate about their relationship with

Jesus so that they can receive all of

the blessings that he has planned for

them I don’t want them to miss one thing

God has planned for them and as I pray

that and look into John chapter 2 I

realized that the primary way that my

life might be able to influence theirs

and coming to really know what it’s like

to believe with your whole heart and

soul and mind and strength in Jesus and

live in a dependent way upon him every

day for the rest of their lives it’s not

gonna come because they have a mother

who’s a know-it-all a mother who had

everything perfect a mother who got

everything right all the time and

refused to apologize when I didn’t

because I wanted to continue to look

like I was serving the best wine all the

time not not for real wine I don’t I

don’t something real wine you get the


it’s not gonna come because I always had

it together what might influence their

lives the most what might be the primary

sign that points them to a real

relationship with Jesus it might be

seeing a mom who every now and then says

I’ve given all of God I don’t know what

else to do let’s go to God together and

ask him to step into these circumstances

boys and to help us with this problem

you have at school to help us and turn

water into wine with this circumstance

that we’re having this relational

difficulty we’re having let’s ask God

together because mama doesn’t know it

all and daddy does know it all it might

be when Jesus steps in and when he

actually enter things in our weaknesses

when like the Apostle Paul said his

strength is made

that’s gonna be the time when they see

Jesus for who he really is their eyes

are opened and they begin to depend on

him for themselves they begin to have

their own testimony that’s what we want

you know I was thinking about this when

my second son when JC was three years

old I remember that we were at church

one Sunday and I was trying to teach him

about tithing so you know we’d give him

a dollar or something they put it in the

offering plate but at our church if

anybody misses the offering basket or

the offering plate when it goes by

there’s this box that’s in the lobby

anybody can go there after church or at

any point drop their offering in well my

boy had missed the basket that morning

and so after church we said hey and

greedy people like we usually did enjoy

that fellowship and then I walked him

out sat Lobby he still had his dollar

very anxious to give it to the Lord and

I remember saying to him as we walk

toward the lobby

I said toward him Melisande JC I want I

want you to know what this is you know

tithe is important it’s what we give to

the Lord to honor him for the blessings

that he’s given us and to honor him for

just being him he doesn’t owe us

anything and yet he continues to pour

out his blessing upon us

let’s not rob god of what is due him the

tithe 10% we’re gonna give it to the

Lord so I kept saying that to him we

give it to the Lord then I’d ask him we

give it to who he’d say we’re giving it

to the Lord we walked down into the

lobby and it had been cleared of all the

people everybody had left for the day

there wasn’t really a soul in the lobby

when we walked into the lobby down the

stairs on the left side came our very

gregarious worship leader at the time

this is the guy that lead lead worship

every single Sunday he’s the guy that

was most of the time in my son’s view

leading us all into the presence of God

and so when he saw our worship leader

coming down the staircase he looked over

seeing him remembered the money in his

hand that I had just told him we were

given to the Lord and as he watched him

walk down the stairs

looked up at me and said mom is that the

Lord explained to you no no no the

worship leader is not the Lord we’re

giving our money to the Lord but that

aide the Lord and as he said that I

thought to myself sometimes we begin to

think that the people who serve us are

the Lord we give them the worship but

that only he deserves we give them the

attention that only our God is supposed

to deserve we’re in such a church

culture that sometimes we don’t even

recognize we start to put up on a

pedestal or deify people who actually

are really just our servants so I had to

remind my son that no human being is the

Lord your attention and your full

allegiance should never be on a human


they’ll disappoint you in a quick hot

second but the Lord Jesus Christ he’s

the one that you give your full

allegiance to and for anybody in our

life that we love enough that we want to

make sure they’re full allegiance is

directed towards Jesus and as a mom on

this Mother’s Day I know that’s more

than anything what you want for your kid

the way they’ll most meet Jesus through

our lives it’s not because we got it all


girl be encouraged you don’t have to

have it all together give your best and

then when you find and you will so will

i that our best is not good enough lift

your head and your eyes in anticipation

of Jesus showing up and turning it all

around can I tell you real quickly

something that I don’t want you to miss

in closing in verse 1 John put some

little clues in the text to make sure

that we don’t miss out on the fact that

he was very intentional about this being

the first sign I don’t want you to miss

it cuz it’s so good on the third day

there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee

and the mother of Jesus was there all

the clues are in verse 1 he says Mary

the mother happy mother’s day the mother

of Jesus was there there’s only two

places in the gospel where Mary is here

is is listed she’s here at this wedding

when Jesus turns water into wine and she

is seen at the crucifixion when Jesus


John wanted to build a sturdy

theological bridge between this wedding

and our insufficiency to handle the

circumstance he wants to build a sturdy

bridge from there all the way to the

crucifixion were really he again becomes

our sufficiency because we are

insufficient he basically says not only

can I handle the circumstances of your

life but I can also handle your eternal

destiny I can make sure to be your

sufficiency every day every single day

of your life and in every circumstance

he not only points to the crucifixion

but then he says that this wedding was

took place on the third day when Jesus

was raised from the grave from the dead

the third day John wanted to make sure

there was another theological bridge

that was sturdy and that was built not

only from the crucifixion from this

wedding but also from here all the way

to the resurrection he wants you to know

that the same power that got Jesus up

out of the grave is the same power that

is available to you every single time

you feel insufficient or outmatched or

like the underdog or your best is not

good enough he wants you to know that

the same power that got Jesus up out of

the grave is the same power at work on

your behalf

but not only that he finally leaves a

clue in verse 1 and says this wasn’t

just don’t rig any old regular party he

says I want to make sure you know this

was a wedding and there’s another

wedding that’s going to take place Jesus

is going to split the clouds did you

know that that Jesus is coming back I

don’t mean in theory I mean Jesus is

coming back I mean the Trump is gonna

sound and I mean that the sky is gonna

open up and we’re gonna finally see our

Savior face to face and the bridegroom

will come and there will be a grand

wedding as he gathers the bride that’s


to himself and we are united once and

for all John wanted to make sure you

knew that from now today Mother’s Day

2020 all the way until we see him face

to face

he has got your back he has got you

covered so on this Mother’s Day if you

feel discouraged and like you just can’t

make it one more day would you remember

that he is your sufficiency would you

remember that the same power who raised

him up is the same power at your

disposal every single day and would you

remember that until Jesus breaks through

the clouds and gathers us to himself he

will take care of you he will cover you

and he will keep you that’s great

Lord Jesus I thank you I thank you that

you’ve got our back I thank you that we

don’t have to be the perfect one because

the perfect one has already come we

thank you for Jesus and lord I pray that

for every mother under the sound of my

voice on this day that you will

encourage her then you will remind her

that you are her sufficiency in Jesus

name Amen