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hey guys and welcome back to fight for

truth the channel where we bring you

Christian commentary about the things

that matter in today’s video we’re going

to be talking about Priscilla Shire now

Priscilla is the daughter of Mega Church

Pastor Tony Evans she’s also the leader

of going Beyond Ministries she has

written multiple New York Times

best-selling books including the

resolution for women and fervent but

besides being a renowned speaker and

preacher Priscilla is a teacher who

emphasizes personal and private

Revelation from God in fact personal

revelation is one of her trademark

teachings and according to her it is an

essential part of the Christian Life one

example of this teaching can be found in

the following clip which comes from her

message entitled quote expect to hear

the voice of God watch this

I remember opening up the box I remember

pulling out the stuff and I remember

feeling a little bit

disconcerted about the fact that this

stuff had not been specifically chosen

for me this stuff had been chosen for

her and I’ve been okay with

hand-me-downs with second-hand clothes

all of these years but all of a sudden I

wanted my own stuff I wanted something

to come with my name on it that had

specifically been chosen for me

so the full message will be linked in

the description and if you were to watch

it you would find that the beginning of

the message here includes a detailed

story about how Priscilla always got her

sister’s hand-me-downs as a child that

is to say she received the old used

clothes which previously belonged to her

sister while her sister received new

clothes and she follows this up by

saying quote I wanted something to come

with my name on it that had been

specifically chosen for me this is a

personal relatable story for younger and

older siblings alike it’s a very common

experience and this is a good public

speaking strategy in order to draw

people in but the theological

implications of her statement here which

you’re about to see are truly staggering

watch the next clip

there ought to come a time in your

relationship with the Lord

where hand-me-down Revelation just

doesn’t do it for you anymore

but there ought to come a time in your

life where you’ve decided you know what

I want fresh Revelation with my name on

it that has come straight from God’s

spirit for my life

because you know we can be handicapped

as Christians

so Priscilla goes on connecting her

personal story of her childhood to

Christianity saying quote there ought to

come a time in your relationship with

God where hand me down Revelation just

doesn’t do it for you anymore and she

finishes this segment of her message

saying quote I want fresh Revelation

with my name on it for my life again the

theological implications of this are

very concerning just to be clear

Priscilla’s direct example of

hand-me-down Revelation in the message

is receiving the preaching of the word

of God without consistent private

Revelation on your own time but that’s

not the only problem the real issue here

lies in the fact that Priscilla Shire is

effectively saying that the Bible the

very word of God is hand-me-down

revelation again she doesn’t

specifically refer to the Bible as such

but by definition the Bible would fit

into her description of hand-me-down

Revelation let’s explain she defines new

fresh Revelation as that which has your

name on it and is quote specifically for

your life the Bible does not fit neatly

into this category at all read The Book

of Leviticus read the book of

Deuteronomy for example one would be

hard-pressed to come to the conclusion

that the laws of God Written In These

Old Testament books are fresh Revelation

with quote your name on it written

specifically for your life now don’t get

me wrong can these scriptures apply to a

Christian’s life absolutely do these

scriptures teach the Christian important

things about the Christian Life of

course they do but the inconvenient fact

Still Remains these books just like all

books of scripture were written first

and foremost by the author inspired by

the Holy Spirit and two the immediate

audience of the written work there is

not a single passage in all of scripture

that has your name on it unless of

course you happen to be named after

someone in the Bible and even if that

were the case these passages are about

the person you’re named after not you

yourself there is not one verse in all

of the Bible that has been written for

you and you specifically and you alone

the Bible is an ancient Revelation that

has been given to Millions if not

billions of Christians who came before

you Priscilla Shire says that any

Revelation which does not have your name

on it and is not specifically for your

life is just hand me down Revelation

that you shouldn’t be fully satisfied

with again remember that she doesn’t use

the example of scripture here

specifically but by definition the

scriptures fit into Priscilla’s category

of hand-me-down revelation after all the

Bible has quite literally been handed

down to us by the Christians who came

before through God’s Grace by his will

yet referring to the Bible or even sound

teaching from your pastor about the

Bible as hand-me-down Revelation is

seriously problematic first off this is

a very irreverent comparison Priscilla

is comparing the Bible effectively and

the preaching of the Bible to a set of

raggedy old clothes that belong to

someone else close which you are now

unlucky enough to be in possession of

that’s the actual comparison she made

through her story this comparison though

is deeply unbiblical Priscilla says that

you can’t just have the Bible or sound

teaching about the Bible no that’s not

enough you need new fresh personal

private Revelation in your spirit she

declares but Hebrews 4 12 says that

quote the word of God is living and

active sharper than any two-edged sword

piercing to the division of soul and of

spirit of joints and of marrow and

Discerning the thoughts and intentions

of the heart you see the word of God in

the preaching of the word of God when

done rightly is not an old hand-me-down

that has no fresh effect no we must

remember that the Bible is living active

and sharp the word of God is powerful

because it comes from our powerful God

so to call the Bible and sound teaching

about the Bible apart from getting

personal revelation alongside these

things as if they’re hand-me-down

Revelation that falls far short of the

biblical standard of how we should think

and talk about God’s word but let’s keep

watching and see what Priscilla follows

this with watch this there ought to come

a little bit of disconcerting a little

bit of maturity in your walk with God

where you become a little bit unsettled

to only be spoon-fed the word of God

from someone else to you now we thank

God for our pastors and our teachers and

our leaders that help us to rightly

divide the word of truth but there ought

to come a time in your life where you’ve

decided you know what I want fresh

Revelation with my name on it so in this

particular segment Priscilla says that

quote there ought to come a little

maturity in your walk with God where you

become a little bit unsettled she’s

referring to the previously mentioned

hand-me-down Revelation here according

to her message any Revelation that is

not new fresh and given specifically for

you with your name on it which again

would include the Bible is revelation

that you should not be fully satisfied

with it is after all just to hand me

down in fact if you are truly maturing

in your faith then this hand-me-down

stuff just simply won’t do it for you

anymore according to Priscilla but this

too is not biblical second Timothy 3 16

it says this quote all scripture is

breathed out by God and profitable for

teaching for reproof for correction and

for training in righteousness that the

man of God may be competent equipped for

every good work you see the ancient

hand-me-down revelation of the

scriptures to use her phrase is so

powerful so effective that it equips the

Christian for every good work the

Christian can be utterly competent just

through the effect of the scriptures by

God’s grace even if those scriptures

aren’t a fresh audible Revelation with

your name on it popping into your head

spontaneously but this is completely at

odds with the teaching of Priscilla

Shire you see Priscilla says that you

cannot be a fully mature Christian

without private Revelation consistently

yet the Bible says that God’s special

Revelation in scripture is absolutely

sufficient to make you a competent and

mature Christian and it should be deeply

concerning to us as Christians that

Priscilla tells us to be quote unsettled

with hand-me-down Revelation again

contrast this with what God’s word says

about itself in Matthew 4 4 Jesus says

this quote it is written man shall not

live by bread alone but by every word

that comes from the mouth of God so

Priscilla says that just hand me down

Revelation just the Bible or accurate

teaching about the Bible will unsettle

Us in the long run but Jesus says that

the Bible is spiritually nourishing to

us good teaching and accurate

understanding of the word of God should

not be unsettling for the Christian on

the contrary it should help us cultivate

peace contentment and steadfastness in

our faith so in summary while Priscilla

Shire did not specifically call the

Bible a hand-me-down revelation she did

call the Pastoral teaching of the Bible

that and it is a bunch clear that the

scriptures do not fit with her

definition of new fresh and personal

revelation quote with your name on it

her statements about God’s revelation in

the video we just watched were entirely

inaccurate unhelpful confusing or just

unbiblical instead of exalting personal

and private Revelation above scripture

we ought to live and Breathe by the

scriptures Psalm 119 verse 105 says this

quote your word is a lamp to my feet and

a light to my path you see Priscilla

shire’s teaching on Revelation in the

Christian Life creates an over emphasis

on private Revelation and a clear

devaluing of the objective word of God a

careful analysis and comparison of her

teaching to scripture shows us that we

ought to stay away from her preaching I

pray that this has been a blessing to

you and please know that this video

isn’t meant as a sinful attack but

rather as a Biblical critique so let’s

pray for Priscilla Shire that she would

stop this problematic teaching by God’s

grace and turn to the truth of God’s

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