good what do you mean put on weight

weight represent growth

great weight represent progress

amen so anytime you eat the word of god

and it’s being served it must be broken

down amen and you notice the it’s called

meat you got to cut that

bread you got to break that

so the meat

the bread of god must be served that’s


and you can jump around the hollow all

you want running around in church and

jump in tongues and fall out that’s all

well and good but are you eating that’s

it and are you drinking that’s right the

things of god that’s right all right

real quick

for the lord for the bread of god his

secrets cometh down from god is he that

come down from heaven and giveth life

unto the world give life to the world

then said they giveth life unto the

world give life unto the world then said

they unto him lord evermore give us this

bread give us this bread and jesus said

unto them i am the bread of life

i am the bread of what i am the bread of

life i am

the bread of life he that cometh to me

shall never hunger he that come to me

shall not be hungry and he that

believeth on me shall never thirst

wait a minute




and eat

water give you

help in your natural body and the last

day that great day of the feast and


help you from dehydrating

when you dehydrate you get dizzy

why your body lacking something

when you go without drinking god

the spirit of god

you’re spiritually dehydrated

you’re lacking something that’s why you

can’t walk according to the rule of god

because there’s no fountain in your

church that’s right

ah that’s right

the fountain of god is the wisdom of god

that’s springing up that in the last

days listen at this st john chapter 7

and verse 37 and the last day

who’s giving out drinks jesus stood and

tried you just stood in christ said if

any man thirst let him come unto me come

to who come unto me who’s giving out

drinks come unto me and drink


let’s not visit us

do your preacher have the water of god

do it

can you drink god in your church amen

yeah yeah yeah now

why is the poor pitch don’t have no


there’s no water there

you may have the water baptism in the

name of jesus christ that’s still water

i steal the water

all right thank god you got to have

troubled water that’s right

that’s right

one water is earth earthly you got to

have that that water baptism in the name

of jesus christ

but now it’s some water that comes from

heaven that’s right

you got to have that that’s right

the other one

you can drink


it fills you

you get filled with so much water it

floss around in your mouth

changes your entire language what is

that if any man’s thirst

let him come unto me jesus and drink he

that believeth on me

out of his belly out of his belly shall

flow rivers of life

out of his belly shall flow rivers of

living water i got a belly full of

rivers that’s right

who was he talking about with him but

this fakey of the spirit he was talking

about god this faking of the spirit that

i which they that believe on him should

receive and they believe on them shall

receive for the holy ghost

was not yet given why because that jesus

was not yet glorified and when he rose

from the dead glorification took place

he put on the same glory that he had

before the world was thank god when he

stayed around a little bit longer he sit

ascended above all heavens

thank god and sent the holy ghost in the

church amen and when he sent the holy

ghost in the church the church got

started on the day of pentecost at

jerusalem and brother

they were able to drink a whole lot

so then the apartment went around the


serving god to the people that’s right

now viewers

you know why you find yourself so


and so hungry for this message because

where you are

you’re not getting fed that’s right i

said you’re not getting fed hey preacher

preacher preacher

you know why you get up and preach and

you don’t have no anointing

ask yourself are you filled with god

that’s right or do hell or have you been

touched by god that’s right you know i

can be touched by god and not filled

with them that’s right

somebody said what oh yes oh yes oh yes

it’s like the woman with the issue of

blood she touched the garment

hey man but she didn’t take the garment

and put it all on her

that’s right

she touched it

but she didn’t get dressed up in it

that’s right you’re gonna be touched by

god but not filled with god that’s right

many folk just been touched by god the

spirit of the lord may quicken their

body touch them thank god but they

haven’t gotten them yet and changed

their language and they can’t say yet

i’m filled with the holy ghost but yet

they was touched by the most high do you

see what i’m telling you that’s right

come on son but this speaking of the

spirit which they that believe on him

should receive

the holy ghost was not yet given because

that jesus was not all right go back to

where you are

let’s get the foundation of where we got

started back in the book of ecclesiastes

chapter 19 and at verse one really


all right a laboring man that is given

to drunkenness hey what a

and he that continueth small things

and he that can timeth

small things shall fall by little and

little shall fall by little and little

wine and women will make men of

understanding to fall away

and he that cleaveth the harlots will

become impudent he that what he that


leave to will become impunity


don’t keep reading amen to break that

down brother

solomon says this

don’t let the women take your strength

he didn’t say a woman he said women

ain’t no time for no interference now

don’t let the women

take your strength he that run with


he that run with holly he that cleaves

to harvest he that do what he that

cleaves the heart clean you’re cleaving

you’re holding on to them you’re running

with them we’ll become impudent you

won’t be able to stand up right that’s

right now

that’s natural


why because you won’t be too tired

you’re going to be too tired to perform

he that run from church to church to

church to church to church

you’re going to suffer spiritual


what you mean you won’t be able to walk

up right before god because you don’t

got so much corrupt seed in you by the

false prophet it caused your spiritual

nature to bend god made you to be


you go from false church to false

churches equal to a man running from

prostitute to prostitute

you run from one prostitute you get

herpes you go to another prostitute you

get syphilis you go to another one you

get hiv you go to another one you get

the crabs you go to another one you get

gonorrhea you go to another you get the


you get me now

you go to one false church no speaking

in tongue there go to another false

church get baptized in the name of jesus

christ or or you get baptized in jesus

name don’t even get the right name in

baptism go to another church you come to

you just you you can just be a stranger

go in the church the picture here you

testify right then he ordained you

something or he’ll put you to work in

the church and he don’t even know you

which shows you got an impotent bishop

but impotent elder how can you take a

stranger and have him functioning in the

church a wise man is a watchman watchmen

mean evaluate

you hear the apostle john said i saw 24

elders and i saw beasts around the

throne and they had eyes before and

behind which is the characteristics of

the preacher he got to have eyes before

and behind many he got to have foresight

and insight and these blind dumb things

ain’t got no sight you mean williams can

walk right off the street come in first

church and because he gave me a good

steaming testimony that he used to sit

under bishop johnson i’m gonna put him

to work ain’t gonna put you to nothing

no way

you’re gonna sit down till i know them

they’ll leave it with me that’s right

all right leslie that’s right

what did he say men and women will make

men of understanding to fall away what

why and women why

wine and women drunkenness

will make and lust that’s right

you see that that’s right drunkenness

and love wine and women well do i we’ll

make men of understanding to fall away

let’s take that to the spiritual now a

church is called a woman you go from

religion into religion and religion and

religion and you fornicate with that

religion then you take on the seed of

that religion

you take on the belief of that religion

and being that you go to a state store

it’s called wine and spirits where you

go to a false church you drink of the

liquor of the wicked doctrine and you

become intoxicated by that abominable

teaching that’s right

just like you catch every vernero

disease from these men and from these

women that looks good

you catch all these

bacterias from these churches and

preachers that sound good

amen go to one church you come out come

down with the 3d religion

you know come down with 3d


i wanna say what you got man

hey you got trinity and i got to treat



man i gotta inject you with scripture to

treat you

sometimes it’s hard to work on that

trinitarian i just keep injecting them

they keep fighting and resisting the

needle of scripture

come out of it no no no the father the

son the holy ghost these 301 all three

is coming for me come out step out of it

then i go back and check on them you

doing better

i’m doing better now pastor jen

oh you still got the trinity itch

you still got that trinity itch

i gotta tie him down tell her brothers

hold them down


inject them with all the ones score

description point to one

and then when he ready to come out

you hear him singing all happy now one

lord one pig one he’s happy now one


got the cure out of it

you hear what the word of god says one

you impotent preachers

in the natural a man got to be straight

to spill seed that’s right

and what makes them straight is the

arousing of the woman upon him

you got to be straight by the arousal of

god to spill scripture that’s right

that’s right

you got to be straight because the word

of god said the seed is the word that’s

why you got to have the holy ghost

that’s the arousing of god

that makes your mouth straight


and the hell yeah and the seed of god

come out

and impregnate the church

that’s right and when it impregnates the

church paul said christ be formed god be

formed in you my little children


amen that’s the only time a man can be


that’s right hallelujah glory to god

that’s right that’s the only time

amen i’m a pregnant man heavy world i’m

pregnant now yes i am

christ is formed in me

thank god and i feel him hallelujah lord

thank god i feel him kicking too

hallelujah amen thank god i said i say i

feel him kicking


every time

thank god the great god christ kick

within me i i just got the move

amen i don’t want nothing in me claim i

got garden is all still

and dead i got to get that stuff checked

out man that’s right he’s called a

living god but i’m a dead person that’s

right a living god

i’m filled with the living god and i

don’t feel nothing

go back to the foundation of the thing

so i can knock off back in

ecclesiasticus 19 we’re at verse two

uncovered so much ground i hope you can

grasp this wine and women will make men

of understanding to fall away yeah to

make men of understanding fall away

because the woman will overtake him the

man and the liquor will overtake him to

the degree until his understanding he

gets thrown out

he just forget all about god both of

them take them liquor make them drunk

and then women make them feel good and

he’s sitting there laughing and

hollering and just leaving abandoning

god many of you men watching me now you

used to be baptized in the name of jesus

christ you have to have the holy ghost

speaking in tongues brother but the

hooker gotcha

that’s right

hooker gotcha she came in with heels

about 12 inches high

12 inches high hills and threw on the

little mink

and little fishnet stockings and leather


put a dog collar around your neck and

changed you to the doorpost i like a


a man fed you fruit out of a dog bowl

and you licking and growling like a fool

that’s right

she often left you there so the police

can find you

you better repent fool

that’s right if you women the same way

you go around many of them knock on men

to use them and see what they can get

out of it get money get gifts get that

get together

then when that man get tied up and she

run get another one that man get tired

of her run and get another one like an

evangelistic hoe

huh that’s an evangelistic horror that’s

right you know just go around

evangelizing evangelizing the word she’s

stopping upon every man every man she

can find use and abuse and keep going

and some men do the same thing using

abuse and keep going

you better get what i’m telling you

you’re heathen

what is that wine and women will make

men of understanding

and he’s at clevis the harlots is that

what he that cleaves the heart he’s that

hold on the horse will become impudent

you will become impotent you’d be so

tired and drained and drawn out you

can’t do nothing everything lay there

that’s right now the preacher to my sad

regret you got a lot of impotent

spiritual men spiritually impotent and

ain’t there’s no god in them to arouse

them you know the scriptures arouse me

huh that’s right do you see what i’m

getting that’s right that man you listen

you may the scriptures arouse you that’s

why the bible says they was filled with

the holy ghost

filled with it you know

i don’t care how i thought about deacon


and edward said he had back

problems he’s passed away now he had

back problems and bad feet

he said but he was somewhere

and uh

a dog got in behind

and he said brother i didn’t remember my

bad back

and i didn’t remember them bad feet

i don’t care

what condition you have

the right thing get on you you old

stubborn thing

you’ll get right you’re straightened up

and you’ll treat people right that’s

right are you getting what i’m telling

you that’s right

what if god says wine and women will

make men of understanding to fall away

now preacher have you fell from god

have you left god

did some woman pull you off the church i

don’t understand i do understand but i

marvel how a woman

can give a man

some liquor and have sex with them and

then the man conclude

i’m leaving god for you

all she did was jumped on you bounced on

you gave you some budweiser

oh some cheap gin

and you left church

see when that can happen to you you

ain’t rooted

you can’t knock down a tree so fast

that’s rooted

all plants have roots but all plants are

not routed

you take a little stem and pull it up it

got roots but it ain’t rooted


david he fell with a woman

and i got her pregnant

there was a whisper going around the

kingdom that a

child was born dead

and when david heard about it he rose up

the bible said

yeah because after that during that

process he covered himself and sacked

off in ashes and then when he heard the

child was born dead he rose up

changed his garment and washed himself

in other words god delivered them god

healed them god forgave them

but david the woman that made david

leave god

you women that leave god

for men

he can’t be that good

no way i remember one fellow used to be


he said when he received the holy ghost

it felt like sex to him

i told him you never received the holy


how can how in the world can you compare

the holy ghost to sex

i don’t care who that woman is she don’t

move her body like god that’s right

that’s an insult to god that’s right you

will compare god

to sex

considering animals and insects have sex

yeah and you will compare god to sex i

remember that he he said him over he

said father did when i received the holy

ghost the best thing i can compare it to

is sex i told him you ain’t never had

the holy ghost

because there ain’t no sex in heaven


sex ain’t spirit it’s natural that’s

true you don’t need the holy ghost to

have sex no

i had a man talk to me and told me he

wanted to get married i said all right

he’s there palestinian i want to make

sure my wife has the holy ghost i said

that’s good that’s what you’re supposed

to do he said because when she and i

come together we i want god to anoint

our bed

this is what i mean by being overzealous

you see that’s like overzealous


amen you don’t need no anointing in bed

no when i’m with my wife i don’t want no


because if

god anoint me when i’m with my wife he’s

going to interfere

amen don’t you know that christ you with

your wife and the spirit of god come

upon you you ain’t gonna want your wife

then no

god is upon you

i don’t want god to bother me when i’m

with my wife i don’t want him to bother




i don’t want god to bother me at all



you wait

and i don’t want god to bother me wait

lord don’t go bothering me now


you see a lot of people’s overzealous

and they mean well but that’s when you

become so overzealous you’re taught like

a fool that’s right

you don’t need no anointing to live with

your husband or your wife

your talk and think like a fool

let me just bring you back to reality

and put you on the right track now

all right men and women will make men of

understanding men and women

will make men of understanding men of

understanding to follow the world away

and he that cleaves to holly that cleave

to no good women will become impudent

you will become impotent

all right moles and worms shall have

what what what what what moles molves

and molds and worms and worms shall have

him to heritage shall have him to

heritage and a bold man shall be taken

away a bold man gonna be taken away he

that is hasty to give credit is

like-minded he wait

that goes back to what i said earlier

yeah you mean you can just come in here

and uh and all of a sudden i’ll put you

to work in the church you ain’t been


you declare yourself some preacher or

something and get the jerk and whatnot

and i’m so blind of a watchman i’m just

gonna put you to work that shows that

i’m imported as a full leader that’s


the bible’s speaks plain he that

believeth shall not make case

don’t give two sense of how skillful you

claim you are

wait for that skill to manifest itself

see you are they on the lord’s side

or are they in it for themselves

real quick he that is hasty to give

credit is like-minded he that is hasty

to give credit what kind of mind they

have lights mind light


lights light light unstable they

light-headed yeah be fast and he that

sinneth shall offend against his own

soul what and he that is and shall

offend against his own soul stand

against your own soul who so taketh


take pleasure in wickedness and

ungodliness shall be condemned

if you get pleasure out of listening to


watching it

go into it

the bible says whoso take his pleasure

in wickedness i don’t care who you are

whoever take pleasure and wickedness

shall be condemned

or be condemned

but he that resists his pleasure he that

resists the devil crown is his life

you live a little longer sometimes you

attempted to say something to somebody

he that keep his mouth keep his wife

sometimes you’re tempted to do something

to somebody

but it’s best you back off



yes sometimes you’re tempted to go


you keep riding around the block at that


trying to decide what you’re going to do

then you park and squash down to your

chair to see where any church folks see



holy ghost who so taken’s pleasure and

wickedness shall be condemned that old

no good fellow you used to know started

reaching out to you on facebook again

that’s why i tell all church people

clean your facebook up

clean that trash up amen

none of your past follies should be on

your facebook

did you hear what i said amen

none of it

should be on your facebook no past

pictures showing yourself

no pictures of you hugging up you and

sloppy john

ain’t your husband ain’t your wife get

that trash off your facebook

when the holy sancified sister is on

facebook all pictures of her she covered

and her head covered

not showing your old lipstick past

earring pass you got a beating suit all

on your facebook

why are you showing folks that garbage

brother why are you showing folks you

got on facebook you sitting there with

your drawers on your hellion use a


use a hellion amen

no facebook with a wife beater on just

to show some folk you lift weights

you’re gonna lift hell

that’s right

that’s right

you shouldn’t even have pictures of your

child on facebook naked regardless of

how little that baby is with all these

perverts out here

don’t have your naked pictures of no


cover up that private part and that

child behind them no no no don’t put

that on on facebook that’s right these

are perverts out here

and you got perverse right in church

that’s right

you have the pervert right next to you


all right shia i’ll roll you out like a


all right listening amen

all right finish up whoso taketh

pleasure and wickedness shall be

condemned and what but he that resists

his pleasures

crown is his life all right viewers you

heard it

anybody here want to be baptized

in the name of jesus christ and get your

sins washed away

and walk with the truth of god stand on

your feet

if not

you heard it god knows

come on back

come on back

prayer will begin at

four o’clock

next webcast will be at five

you brothers remember after prayer

please correct that clock back there

so we don’t get mixed up with the time

let us all

and uh mr williams will close us out in


father god we do come to once again in

the name of jesus christ we want to

thank you once again for all of your

many blessings lord

thank you father god once again for your

goodness and for your kindness we thank

you for the preaching

father god of thine word by the spirit

through the man of god

bless us and help us o god

not only to be heareth but bless us to

be doers of the word father god we thank

you father god for the souls and went

down in ward in the name of jesus christ

we thank you father god for the

preaching and teaching of the gospel

that gives us a chance at eternal

salvation strengthen us oh god bless us

help us and keep us by the spirit

remember the man of god and strengthen

and continue to keep him father god we

do pray and ask all these things in the

name of jesus christ amen