well good morning you may take your

seats it’s a privilege to be with you

again to have the opportunity to be at

design for life i love gathering

with you i love the lindell so much i

love this incredible church that

sponsors this conference and

the amount of prayer you can tell can’t

you that they’ve already been praying

for us planning for us that they didn’t

just throw this together last night

there’s been a group of people

that really have been on their knees

asking god to meet us in this place and

and so i celebrate that and i wonder

even if before we jump into just a few

simple thoughts i want to share with you

today i wonder if you join me in

celebrating the lindells and celebrating

james river church and celebrating the


everybody who’s been paving the way for

us we are so grateful we’re so grateful

no small task

i mean how would you feel about hosting

10 000 women at your house


lord jesus thank you for this morning

thank you that we get to be in your

presence in worship thank you that we

get to be amongst the people of god in

your presence father but also i thank

you for your word i thank you that it is

living and active and sharper than any

two-edged sword lord i pray that in

these next few moments that we have

together over a simple portion of


that you would do what only you can

take this one simple message would you

divide it about six or seven thousand

different ways so that every single

person in the room will know they have

been in the presence of god this morning

that they heard your word

we’re expectant lord we’re your

daughters we’re sitting on the edge of

our seat to hear what it is that you

will speak to our hearts it is in jesus

name the matchless

name of jesus christ the name at which

every knee will bow

and every tongue will confess it is in

that name that we pray come on let the

daughters of god say amen


as savannah mentioned to you just a

moment ago i am um

the mother of three boys that is my

full-time job

trying to feed these people

i have giant children i’ve got three

giant boys

14 uh he’s getting returned 15 in a

couple weeks and then i have a 13 year

old and i have a 9 year old and

y’all they are just big big old boys um

my 14 year old is six two

and wears a size 14 shoe

so i’m just trying to feed them that is

my whole life mission is to try to

figure out a new way to cook chicken for

dinner every day so that i can get

enough food

into their bellies and it is our joy to

rear them and raise them me and jerry i

was thinking about something that

happened with jude and i our youngest

jackson jerry jr and jew jude is our

surprise boy uh we still don’t know how

jew got here

and i’ve told you this before but when i

had him he was our surprise boy and we

named him

jude on purpose because that’s as close

as i could get to revelation

because it is finished it’s over

it’s the end of the line and i was

sitting on an airplane with jude we

would happen to be sitting looking out

the window that was right over the wing

of the airplane and i could see my

little boy he must have been about seven

or so at the time i could see him just

sort of pensively staring at the wing of

the airplane and considering it

thoughtfully and finally after a few

moments he looked back over at me and he

said mom

how do they get that thing to stick on

the plane

how do they get that thing connected how

do they make it stay

well i looked back at him and answered

the only way

i knew how


i said but buddy you can ask your uncle

vaughn jerry’s brother their dad’s uh

brother is uncle vaughn and vaughn

happens to work in the airline industry

that’s what he does is he connects the

wiring and the veins that makes the

pieces of the airplane stick together so

this was kind of a little teachable

moment i was having with jude i said

listen when we get back home you got to

talk to your uncle vaughn because he can

explain this to you it’s really actually

pretty exciting i’m sure he can he can

try to make sure you understand the

nuances of how the wing gets on the

airplane and i thought i’d take it a


further this conversation and i said to

him jude do you know that when you grow

up you can be anything in the world that

you want to be you do know that right

like you can do exactly what your uncle

vaughn does when you grow up if you want

to you know if you want to be a doctor

you can be a doctor if you want to be a

lawyer you can be a lawyer if you want

to be a singer you could be a singer you

are you have so much potential and you

can do exactly what your uncle vaughn

does when you grow up if you’d like to

he looked back at me and he said mom i

don’t want to do what uncle vaughn does

when i grow up i want to do what you do

when i grow up


you know where you have that moment your

heart gets warm your kid does something

and it just makes you want to melt and

say baby just whatever you want what do

you want i will do it for you today

and then in the next moment it all comes

crumbling down has it ever happened

so i looked back over at my boy and i


well buddy

what does mama do

i had expectations about what his answer

could be

i didn’t know if he would say

mom i would love to tell people about

jesus i didn’t know if he’d say i’d love

to write when i grow up i didn’t i

didn’t know exactly what his answer

would be

but he looked back at me and he said mom

i want to do nothing when i grow up just

like you

you do nothing all day every day you do



i said


you see them clean clothes you got on


how do you think you got those clean

clothes or you know how you eat a

homemade meal on a fairly regular basis

how do you think

those meals are getting cooked he was

like well you know that’s just like

regular mom stuff

i said buddy do you know how every now

and then i have the privilege to stand

in front of a group of of people and

share god’s word and and that means i

have to study first you know every now

and then there’s a new book or a bible

study and and i have to write that thing

and he said yeah but you’re just sitting

behind the computer all day every day

doing nothing

now i share this next part with you just

to make a point i hope that at least

many of you will know me well enough to

know that i just really want to make a

point by sharing this part with you

yesterday or or the day after i had this

conversation with jude i thought the

timing was interesting that our

publisher emailed me send me an email to

keep me updated on something that she

knows that i don’t normally keep keep

myself updated on

she wanted me to know that a little book

i had written called fervent several

years ago she wanted me to know that

that book was on the new york times

bestseller list and that it had won

several awards that’s what she emailed

to tell me

she knows that you know when you’re

trying to feed three boys you ain’t got

time to keep up with such things

and so she emailed me to let me know

that i appreciated the email but i could

only chuckle when i read it because i

immediately thought back to my

conversation with jude the day before

that while i was doing what to him

looked like absolutely nothing

i was actually crafting something that

hopefully had amounted to something that

had blessed people’s lives and i thought

to myself how often it is that i

consider my relationship with god in the

exact same way that i feel like god is

doing nothing

that i’m praying and he’s not hearing my

circumstances are not changing i look at

the details of my life and i feel like

he is absolutely doing nothing all day

every day disconnected from my life when

all the while

most often when we feel like god is

doing nothing y’all he is crafting

chapter after chapter with the story of

your life

that he’s fully engaged and fully

invested in the details of all of our

everyday living he is never not doing


i believe in the sovereignty of god

somebody say sovereignty

god’s sovereignty is one of his

characteristics that i am most intrigued

by there are many but i love

thinking about the sovereignty of god

when you get a grasp on it it really

does give you a sense of rest and peace

and stability in your life god’s

sovereignty is his overarching

orchestration of all that happens in

time and eternity god’s sovereignty

means that god existed before time began

that is

pre-genesis 1 1 because y’all know the

only reason why there was a genesis 1 1

was because god was already there so

that he could say let there be and there


he was in eternity past he has been

there and done that he has seen all of

time from the beginning of the spectrum

of time genesis 1 1

all the way through to the end of time

which you and i have not yet

yet seen and he has already been into

eternity future

the entire spectrum of eternity and time

he’s already been there and done that

but sovereignty does not just mean he’s

seen it all

sovereignty means listen

that the whole thing is in the palm of

his hand


is what lets us do what psalm 46 10 says

be still

chill out relax

and know that i am god

providence is his overarching control of

the throes of the universe i’m sorry

sovereignty is his overarching control

of the throes of the universe but within

that big umbrella of his sovereignty

there is providence

providence is the working of the details

of your life and mine when we feel like

he’s doing nothing when we feel like our

days are just filled with regular eight

to five things or when we run into

tragedy or difficulty providence is

knowing that god is orchestrating the

details of our days and our lives and

our encounters and our opportunities

that he’s actually ordering our

footsteps providence is jeremiah 29 11.

i know the plans i have for you

i’ve got plans that are designed to give

you a hope and a future providence is

ephesians 2 10 that we are his

workmanship created in christ jesus for

good works which god prepared beforehand

providence means you can trust god with

the stuff of your life because he’s

orchestrating it all

i love god’s providence as seen

throughout scripture that he shows up

everywhere even in the most unlikely

places even in the places when he seems

and the seasons of our life y’all when

he seems most distant or most disengaged

that we can trust that when we can’t

trace his hand we can trust his heart

that he’s there fully present fully

engaged fully invested in the details of

our life that’s what we get from

scripture because he’s everywhere even

in the books of the bible you know in

esther the name of god isn’t even really

overtly mentioned and yet he’s there in

the book working and orchestrating all

throughout the scriptures from the

beginning to the end it reminds us about

the sovereignty and the providence of


right from the very beginning in genesis

you always see that he is the breath of

life in exodus he shows up as the

passover lamb in leviticus he is our

high priest in numbers he’s the fire by

night in deuteronomy he’s israel’s guide

in joshua he’s salvation’s choice in

judges he is israel’s guard in ruth he’s

the kinsman redeemer and first and

second samuel he’s our trusted prophet

in kings and chronicles we see him as

sovereign in ezra he’s the true and

faithful scribe in nehemiah he’s the one

who rebuilds walls and he rebuilds lives

and esther he is our courage in job he’s

the timeless redeemer

in psalms he’s our morning song in

proverbs he is our wisdom in

ecclesiastics he’s a time and a season

in the song of solomon he’s the lover’s

dream and isaiah he’s the prince of

peace in jeremiah he’s the weeping

prophet in lamentations he’s the cry for

israel in ezekiel he’s the call from sin

in daniel he’s the stranger that will

show up in your fire in hosea he’s the

forever faithful and joel he’s the

spirit’s power in amos he’s the strong

arms that carry in obadiah he’s the lord

our savior in jonah he’s the great

missionary in micah he’s the promise of

peace and mayhem he’s our strength and

shields in habakkuk and zephaniah he’s

the one that brings revival in haggai he

restores anything that has been lost and

in zechariah he is our fountain and in

malachi at the end of the old testament

we see him as the son of righteousness

rising with healing in his wings and

that’s just who he is in the old



because you give them a little time wait

about 400 years and then in matthew mark

luke and john you’ll find out he’s not

just god now he’s your messiah and in

the spirit-filled book of acts he’s the

reigning fire from heaven in romans he’s

the grace of god corinthians he’s the

power of love galatians he’s freedom

from the curse of sin in ephesians he’s

our glorious treasure in philippians

he’s the servant’s heart in colossians

he’s god and the trinity and

thessalonians he’s our calling king in

timothy titus and philemon he’s our

mediator and our faithful pastor in

hebrews he’s the everlasting courage in

james he’s the one who will heal you

when you’re sick and first and second

peter he’s our faithful shepherd in john

and jude he’s the lover coming for his

bride and in the revelation in the very

end he was and is and will always be the

first the last the beginning and the end


the scriptures remind us that he is

always there woven throughout every


and as

debbie was so beautifully unwrapping for

us the mystery of god that sometimes it

sounds to us regular old girls like us

it sounds

so big and so grand and so beyond us

that we tend to disassociate our regular

lives from that mystery we can’t imagine

that a regular housewife like us or a

corporate woman like us or that a single

woman like us or a teenager in high

school or college student in university

you can’t imagine that someone with

regular skills and regular talents and

and who lives in a normal neighborhood

and works on a normal job you can’t

imagine that you could fit into that

mystery and i came to tell you that the

details of all of our regular lives are

threads in the great grand huge

miraculous glorious mystery of our great


that there’s nobody here that’s removed

that is too far gone

that your story doesn’t count in that


there is a story in scripture i think

they’re gonna put it on the screens i’m

gonna read several portions of first

samuel chapter 9 to you

because this is not ever to me more

clearly seen than in this one little

portion of scripture about the life of


saul the one who would be the king of


his story starts this way

in first samuel chapter 9 i’m going to

read several verses throughout this

chapter listen

verse 9 says

now there was a man of benjamin whose

name was kish

that verse goes on to to list all the

lineage of kish and then it says at the

end of verse 1 that he was a benjamite a

mighty man of valor

verse 2 says and he had a son whose name

was saul

listen to saul’s resume he was a choice

and handsome man there was not a more

handsome person than he among the sons

of israel he stood from his shoulders up

taller than any of the people verse 3.

now the donkeys of kish saul’s father

was were lost

so kish said to his son saul

take with you one of the servants and


go and search for this donkey

talk about a mundane regular ordinary

old task

verse 15.

now the day before saul’s coming the

lord had revealed this to samuel the

prophet he had told samuel

verse 16

about this time tomorrow i’m gonna send

you a man from the land of benjamin and

when he shows up you shall anoint him to

be prince over my people israel and he

shall deliver my people from the hands

of the philistines for i have regarded

my people because their cry has come up

before me verse 17 when samuel saw saul

the lord whispered to him hey

this is the one

it’s the guy i spoke to you about

this one shall rule over my people verse


2 through 24.

then samuel he took saul and his servant

he brought them to this great hall he

gave them a place at the head of those

who were invited who were about 30 men

and samuel said to the cook hey remember

that portion that i told you to set

aside yesterday

verse 24 this is the time bring it out

set it before saul and samuel said here

is what has been reserved somebody say

it’s been reserved for me

here is what was reserved set it before

you and eat because it has been kept for

you until the appointed time

it’s amazing to me

how sometimes it’s just

donkeys that are connected to destiny

sometimes it’s just the most regular

mundane assignment that we don’t even

recognize in the moment is actually the

pathway to something bigger and grander

that the lord has allowed us to be

included in the story that he is

crafting in this generation i have a

tendency you have a tendency to despise

the small things the small little

errands that we’ve been requested to run

the needs that arise in a regular daily

life like yours and mine in this case

there is a man named saul he has been

described as distinct among all the

people he stands head and shoulders

above them all he is more handsome than

them all if he were to uh be on

instagram we would definitely be

following him because he

had perfectly lit selfies

verse 2 tells us and shows us his

selfies he is choice he is handsome his

resume is one for the record books and

yet what is going to connect him to his

god assignment to his part of the

mystery that the lord is allowing his

thread to be connected with and the

bigger story that he has for his people

will not be how choice he appears in

verse two it will be a simple mundane

errand that he’s asked to run in verse


i love that verse two and verse three

are so closely connected to each other

you know i believe in the inerrancy of

scripture meaning that i believe every t

is crossed every eye is dotted as it

should be

i not only believe that there are no

errors in the scripture i actually

believe that the placement of the the

books of the bible as they are and the

verses as they are the chapters as they

are that those are inspired as well and

so when i come across two verses that do

something either contrasting or

comparatively that draw my attention i

lean in carefully to see why the lord

would have placed these two particular

portions of scripture that closely

connected to each other that’s why i’m

drawn to the fact that in verse 2 we see

saul’s resume and in verse 3 we see a

simple aaron that he is humble enough

that he is willing to submit all of the

grandeur of verse 2 to be willing to run


mundane ordinary errand in verse 3. it

occurs to me that in most of our lives

we are riding on the coattails of our

verse 2. we want people to be impressed

with the way we appear on social media

we want to be savvy and flashy and we’re

hoping that that will sustain us and

carry us and include us in the bigger

plans of god that if we’re gifted enough

if we’re talented enough if we stand

head and shoulders above everybody else

or at least appear to

that will be what includes us in the

plan of god but in saul’s story it’s not

verse two it’s verse three

his willingness to run a simple errand

that connected him with the promises of


i want to ask you

if you’ve been turning up your nose at

the mundane regular things that god has

set before you to do

i want to ask you if you’ve ignored the

simple details of your life the errands

that you’ve got to run the dishes that

need to get done you know the laundry

that you washed and you dried but it’s

just dumped out on the dining room table

waiting for somebody to come and fold it

the dinner that needs to be cooked the

assignment that needs to be written the

details that need to be crafted

throughout the regular course of your

day just to make life work day in and

day out sometimes we turn our noses up

at those errands not realizing that

sometimes it’s the donkeys that lead to


sometimes it’s the simple errands that

we that we want somebody else

to take care of because we were made for

bigger and better things

we’re riding on the coattails of our

verse too and we don’t even realize that

that verse two is not the connection

it’s not what god is looking for it’s

the one who’s willing faithfully and

diligently to say yes sir to the

assignment that is in front of them to

do listen to me you want to know what

god’s will is for your life that’s the

question we have what is god’s will for

my life i want to know what god wants

for me to do and what we really mean

when we ask that question is that we

want to know what he has for us for the

next 20 years isn’t that what we want to

know we want to know 20 years from now

what his will for our life looks like

and most often when we want to know what

god has for us for 20 years from now his

response is if i can just get you to be

obedient for the next 20 minutes we’ll

be on our way somewhere


elizabeth elliott said you want to know

god’s will here it is

do the next thing

that is god’s will

you’re here

in this conference

be fully here

because guess what

here you are

be fully and engaged and invested in the

task that it is at hand instead of

trying to so busily we so visibly with

our ambitions are trying to climb some

ladder trying to look a certain way and

in doing so we miss out on the beauty

and the bounty of the the regular

mundane ordinary tasks to which he has

assigned us we miss out on the character

that it’s supposed to build in us the

backbone it was designed to fortify in

us the humility it was supposed to

develop in us we miss out on it because

we think that mundane task couldn’t be

for me because i’ve got some verse two

stuff going on i’ve got some

importantness about me some giftedness

some potential in me and i want to use

that and so i’m just going to wait till

god calls me to bigger and better things

so we ignore the donkeys not realizing

that the donkey is connected to your


just waiting he’s just waiting for

somebody to be willing

to do the next thing

to do what he’s called us to do i am

stunned y’all at how many divine

occurrences throughout the course of

scripture were connected to regular

ordinary people who were willing to do

regular ordinary things

i’m drawn to rebecca who was just going

to a well to draw water a regular

ordinary daily sometimes more than once

daily assignment it would have been a

taxing duty for her to have that water

on her shoulders day in and day out

drawing enough to meet the needs of her

family but on this one particular day

she goes to do this mundane task in

obedience and diligence and by the way

she doesn’t go upset and mad and

frustrated and with the wrong attitude

to do the task she goes with an attitude

of willingness humility and generosity

she has no idea

that on this day that regular assignment

that regular mundane detail is going to

lead her to the meeting of her spouse

because on that day abraham has sent a

servant saying look for the one who the

lord will send to marry isaac she’s just

going to draw water from a well

or joseph he has no idea when he’s in

prison a circumstance that he does not

particularly care for that he does not

want to be in he has no idea that even

while he’s there his willingness to use

his gift to interpret the dreams of two

people two years later his willingness

to do that would literally be the key

that unlocks the prison doors that set

him free

in exodus chapter one a mother who’s

just afraid for the life of her little

baby she has no idea that when she just

does the best that she can and she

crafts a little basket for him to set

him a sail on the nong river so that

hopefully he will find some safety she

has no idea that just in being the best

mother that she can that she is sending

off a man named moses who will be raised

as the prince of egypt and who will

become the deliverer for the children of


and then there are some shepherds in

luke 24 these shepherds are out just

doing what they do just tending a flock

of sheep they have no idea that while

they sit out under the star lit sky that

this will be the day when they’re just

about the business of doing the ordinary

task at hand they have no idea that this

is the night that the sky will break

open and the heavenly host will announce

the arrival of jesus christ the lord

if he’s asked you to tend sheep y’all

tend the sheep

if he’s asked you to go to the well and

draw water well then you go to the well

and you jaw draw water whatever it is

he’s called you to do come on y’all we

got to do it with all of our mites

we do not know

that if saul’s father lost this donkey

because of neglect

because he was not doing what he needed

to do and lost his donkey he wasn’t

responsible and lost the donkey we don’t

know if it was because of neglect or

just because life happens because some

things like that just occur we do not

know the details of why the donkey is

lost i love that that detail is left out

because then i can just make it broad

enough for all of us to consider the

fact that that there are some burdens i

know in a group this size you’ve been

asked to bear and some of it is just a

reality of the life that you’re living

right now the season of life that you’re

in that this this bucket of water you’ve

been asked to carry is heavier than you

expected it to be in this season this

errand you’ve been sent on to chase this

donkey is taking longer for saul it did

it took him through three different

provinces and took much longer than he

anticipated in fact he got so frustrated

at how time-consuming this was he

actually wanted to throw in the towel

you can read there in that chapter he

wanted to give up and just go back home

and it occurs to me that in a group this

size there are some of you that are

bearing some mundane ordinary life tasks

and really it’s not as a result of just

life some of it has happened because of

the neglect of other people in your life

that your spouse really isn’t pulling

his weight that your mom or dad have

dropped the ball that your co-worker if

that co-worker you know that one

co-worker that one that if she says one

more thing to you you go knock her out

that one

man if she just pull her weight you’d

have less to bear it occurs to me that

in a group this size there are very many

of us

that are burdened with tasks

that because of someone else’s neglect

we are carrying more than we ever

thought we we would or that we think we


and yet

saul was willing

and because he was humble enough to just

say okay it doesn’t matter why the

donkey got lost but i’ve been tasked my

father has asked me to go find the

donkey so i’m going to be willing to do

the mundane assignment to wash the

dishes again

to change yet another dirty diaper

to go back up to the school to meet with

the teachers about my teenage son or


that i’m going to be the one who will

faithfully study who will faithfully be

in god’s word whether or not there is an

audience listening to hear what it is

that my bible study produces that i’m

going to be willing and diligent to

write the lyrics to this song whether or

not there’s a recording contract on the

other end

that i’m going to be diligent to put pen

to paper and write this blog post that i

feel like the lord has given me whether

or not anybody comes to my blog and

actually reads it because i’m not doing

it to impress people

i’m doing it in surrender and humility

to my great god

what has god called you to do

do it

do it

your god assignment

is waiting on you when you walk back

home tomorrow

it’s what’s right in your house

it’s what’s right on your job

the job that you’ve been trying to leave

for the last year and for some reason

the lord won’t move you on

the neighborhood that you’ve been trying

to get out of you’ve been trying to buy

a house in this neighborhood but the

lord for some reason keeps you in this

neighborhood those deals keep falling

through and you just can’t move and

you’re hemmed in on every side you can’t

figure out why the lord won’t let you

move on to that organization or leave

this church to go to this church he’s

got you hemmed in in this place where

you are that is where he wants you to be

and if you’ll be faithful to the task

that is at hand in this season in this

place you’ll be amazed how that

particular donkey is designed to lead

you to your destiny

because saul could never have known

that the lord had gone before him

that he had already whispered his name

in samuel the prophet’s ears

he had said to him there is someone

coming i will point him out to you when

he gets here if saul will be humble

enough faithful enough to go on the

assignment that he has been given

mundane regular

ordinary assignment if he’ll do it he

will intersect his path with yours and

when he shows up i’ll make sure that you

know it’s him i need somebody in the

room to know that god has already

whispered your name to somebody

he has already set this is what

providence is y’all providence is when

the lord goes before you and lights up

steps you don’t even know you gonna take

yet providence is when he goes before

you to set up answers to problems you

don’t even know you’re gonna have

providence is when he makes provision

for you when he’s whispered your name

somebody needs to know in the room there

is an employer that already has your

name on their hearts there’s already a

spot that is in need of your gifts and

your talents and what you can bring to

the table it’s waiting on you if only

you’ll do what he’s put in front of you

to do today you will be on the right

path to intersect with the divine plan

that god has for your life and for this


do you know in first corinth uh first

chronicles chapter 16

it says that the lord is looking for


it says that the lord is looking

it boggles my mind that he’s looking for

anything that our god could be looking

for anything it says that god is on the

lookout he’s looking he’s trying to find

somebody whose heart is wholly his who’s

fully surrendered and submitted who’s

not trying to be impressive and

applauded by the people who’s not so

arrogant and needy and has so much

hubris that they’ll only do the things


that put them in the position of verse

two he said i’m looking for some verse

three people some folks that can just go

ahead and take my assignment whatever it

is for them he says in first chronicles

chapter 16 verse nine i’m looking for

those kinds of people when i find them

he says i’m going to lend my strong

support and my strong favor to anybody

whose heart is wholly mine

i don’t know about you but i’m after the

strong support of god anybody

i want his favor on my life more than i

want to impress people

forgive us lord

when we’ve been more interested in verse


standing head and shoulders above the


having more followers and and more

friends and more applause than all the

rest forgive us lord for making

everything so whitewashed and clean and

perfectly looking in our life that we

have forgotten we were not made to

impress people we were made for the

applause of heaven

do you know most of the people that we


most of the people y’all at least

me i’m sure i can get a witness in the

house about this but

most of the folks that we really want to

be close to and

i mean like women that have gone before

us women that maybe have walked the road

a little bit longer than us

the people who i want to sit at their

feet and just listen for a little while

and hear what they’re saying and what

they’re thinking and where they’ve been

and what they’ve done

what attracts me to them

is not because they were impressive

what what attracts me to them

is this quality right here that’s what

draws us in it draws us in that they

stayed the path as bobby houston would


they stayed the course like how’d you

how have you been married for 54 years


you raised your your kids and they’re

doing well you got grandkids now i want

to sit at the feet of women like that i

want to know

what tell me about your story they might

not have the most notoriety they might

not be impressive to people but what

they did was chase whatever donkey that

the lord put in their life to chase they

were on a mission to be obedient to god

no matter what that looked like

and the reason why we’re drawn to people

like this

the reason why we want to know about

them and we want to be connected to them

is because this characteristic of

humility and willingness to do what is

assigned to us that characteristic is

more like jesus

than almost anything else

because jesus

being in the form of god

did not regard equality with god as a

thing to be grasped

but taking on the form of a bond servant

he humbled himself

he humbled himself even to the to the

point of death on a cross y’all he

emptied out himself and you and i are

often so full of ourselves that we can’t

do what it is that god has called us to

do we’re so busy climbing up the ladder

we get to the top of the ladder of

success only to look down and realize

that jesus is still at the bottom

washing feet

so what have you been asked to do

the beautiful mystery of god in our


requires that you and i

do what he’s called us to do

his providence makes it so that none of

those ordinary things are disconnected

from his glory being displayed

it’s leading you somewhere it’s taking

you somewhere to a divine intersection

and when saul showed up

samuel said hey i got a meal for you

i didn’t just cook it yesterday i didn’t

just cook it five minutes ago actually

yesterday so we were making this meal

and i already told the cook

put some aside

so saul come on over here sit at the

head of the table and he says to the

cook listen do you remember that meal i

had reserved somebody say it’s been


i need somebody to know that you are not

delayed you are not behind even if you

think you’ve wasted a few years and

you’ve not been on the mission that god

has compelled you to be but you feel

like you want to go home and go ahead

and put your hand to the plow and stay

the course and get back in the game i

need you to know there’s some good news

today what god has for you has been

reserved for you it’s got your name on

it it’s been put off to the side just

waiting for you to show up and when you

do it’ll be placed in front of you to


i want to tell you uh in closing

there’s a woman named karen


you all know karen abercrombie as miss


in the movie war room


karen abercrombie

karen abercrombie is a real actress

that’s what she does for a living it is

her craft she went to school for it

karen abercrombie came up with the in

the ranks with other um actors and

actresses who if i said their names you

would know all of them she went to

school with them she lived in la with

them they have all now won oscars and

climbed the ladder and um are in

magazines and she came she came up in

the ranks with these same contemporaries

and she explained to me how through the

years she has sat back and been so

discouraged because she watched them get

all the parts for all of these

blockbuster movies she watched them

continue to excel in their

in their craft and in their field and

she just felt so left out

matters got worse when she would turn

down roles that she was offered because

as a person of faith she just didn’t

want to say that

and she didn’t want to do that

it just didn’t gel well with her she

felt conviction about certain things so

she would just say no her agent she told

me when she was in los angeles her agent

thought she was crazy that she would

turn down some of those roles for which

now other people were gonna get awards

and recognition but she just couldn’t do

it so she just said no

matters got even worse when her husband

needed to move out of los angeles for

work he moved into charlotte north

carolina and

anybody that is in the field of acting

knows if you’re serious about it you do

not move out of los angeles to charlotte

north carolina

and there she sat in charlotte and you

know what she just said okay i’m

discouraged i’m disappointed this is not

what i had planned for my life but you

know here i am so she started an acting

school and she just started teaching

young people who wanted to be thespians

and who wanted to know about the craft

and the skill of acting and then she

just kept auditioning for small roles

and doing things that she could she just

was faithful

with what was in front of her her

husband her son

the students that the lord had given her

little did she know

that there were some movie producers out

of all the places in the world where

they could have filmed a movie there was

just something about a little suburb 20

minutes outside of charlotte north

carolina called concord where they

decided it would be the best place to

film a movie called war room

and i remember

when we started shooting i arrived two

weeks early

and we sat in a casting room with the

directors and the writers of the film

and they said to me priscilla we need to

pray we need to pray because

the heart and soul of this movie

is this miss clara character and we have


person after person woman after woman

and we can’t find anybody to capture

this role will you pray with us

that god somehow will providentially

bring the right person at the right time

to fill this position we grabbed hands

together y’all two weeks before we

started and we asked god to bring us a

miss clara

the last resort

for the writer and the director was to

send word

to send word throughout the churches in


if there’s anybody that would like to

audition for this role we’d love to see

them we’ve tried every which way we can

the traditional ways to find an actor

and we cannot so please let us know if

there’s anyone in your church a couple

of days later

karen abercrombie with a wig on

dressed in a big robe

waddled in

in her 70-something year old way she’s

in her 50s but she waddled in

as miss clara

and they knew immediately she was the


when war room

began to influence people the way it did

on such a broad scale we were not

anticipating that we’re so grateful that

the lord

really galvanized his people in all

walks of life

toward the power of prayer when that

happened and it began to spread


and wide ms clara karen abercrombie

called me up one day with tears rolling

down her face and she said now i realize

i realize why the lord didn’t let me do

all of that because what she discovered

is that the directors of the film any

actor they hired they would look back at

their resume if there was anything that

would compromise the integrity of their

role in this film they would not hire

them no matter how good they

were so she said to me priscilla

i realized that this

was reserved for me

and even if the lord had to move me out

of the place i thought i needed to be

to move me to an obscure little city

which was the place i needed to be i’m

so glad that i didn’t resist i just went

where he asked me to go and i just did

just faithfully serving in her church

and there was word that she

that it was her time to receive what was

reserved for her

i want to tell you

that some of you when we leave this

conference uh tomorrow we still have so

much more that the lord wants to impart

to us but i’ma tell you right now that

when you go back home the question on

the table is going to be will we do

the regular everyday stuff we’ve been

asked to do trusting that his

providential hand is maneuvering and

orchestrating and aligning and preparing

for us what he has for us our will in

our hubris and our arrogance our pride

will we shrink back from the regular

stuff of life expecting something

different or something more i believe

that the lord is preparing a table for

anybody in this room who’s willing to


yes lord