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and so if you’re tempted to disengage

because you do know my friend that it’s

possible to be there but not really be

there you know what I mean you’re going

through the details you’re doing the

thing I mean you’re cooking dinner

you’re putting it on the table but you

have left the building in your attitude

your emotions your heart you are totally

disengaged from what it is that God has

asked you to do I mean you’re serving in

the children’s ministry but you’re not

really serving in the children’s

ministry it’s just your hands it’s not

your heart when you’re tempted to skip

this part of the journey I wish the

singleness thing would hurry up man I

wish this difficulty in our finances

would hurry up man I just wish this this

job thing if I could just get out of

this and on to the next thing if you’re

attempted really tempted right now to

close your eyes and just sleepwalk

through this portion it’s probably

because you’re in a sacred place and the

enemy wants nothing more than to keep

the people of God from actually

experience God experiencing God outside

of church if he can keep our experiences

with God limited to the time we’re just

corporately gathered together he’s got

us right where he wants us what he does

not want what is dangerous to the

kingdom of God is someone who leaves the

room like this and actually encounters

God in the regular rhythms of their

everyday living so my friend would you

be aware of this secret for sleepwalkers

this is the secret my friend stay awake

because that certain place is probably a

sacred place did you know that in the

pages of Scripture when we first read

about Jacob and his lineage he was

reared in the family that feared Yahweh

because it began with his great

granddaddy Abraham so we’ve got a

lineage of people that are fearing

Yahweh and yet this passage in Genesis

chapter 28 this passage is the first

time that we ever see Jacob hearing

God’s voice with his own ears this is

the first time he catches the glimpse of

God with his own eyes so he’s heard

about Yahweh but it’s not until he gets

to the certain place in his journey that

he gets to see Yahweh and I just wonder

if the reason why you are I am in this

season where we’re tempted to just throw

in the towel and go to sleep is because

it’s in this place that God has set

us up to have our eyes tuned to see him

in a way we might not see him before to

hear his voice in a way that we have not

heard his voice before