Ever wondered how Priscilla Shirer achieve those gorgeous wavy definition in her luscious, long natural type 4 hair? After watching her on Periscope a few weeks back, she quickly mentioned how she set her hair. Of course, I wanted to try it out for myself. I also wanted to record it to share with others who might be interested.

Hey ladies this is coach Shawna your

virtual beauty and lifestyle coach so

this video was inspired by the beautiful

Priscilla Shire from war room I’ve

always admired her hair and a definition

of her hair and wondered what she used

to actually said it

so I’m actually starting out on blowout

that I did that same day and this is

what I came up with

so after watching one of her scopes and

people always asking about how she does

her hair she mentioned that she

basically stretches her hair by blowing

it out a little bit and she uses mousse

to actually set her twist so I had some

mousse onto my cupboard and I decided to

just try it out for myself so I did

sections in my hair it’s like four


and I divided the bottom section into

half and then it’s a half again and

basically all I’m going to do is add

mousse to each section detangle with my

Denman brush or tangle teezer and twist

as tight as possible and that’s

basically all I’m going to do all over

my head

now something to keep in mind if you’ve

seen Priscilla’s hair most of the time

it’s in smaller twists well a smaller

twist out I should say and I didn’t

really feel like doing my hair that’s

small so I’m doing like medium sections

instead of small so basically all she

does is like smaller sections like

you’re doing mini twists and she would

take them out

and again all I’m doing is taking a

medium section and applying one pump of

the mousse all over the strands and

detangling and twist as tight as I

possibly can

okay so I’m completely done with the

back as you can see and now I’m going to

do sections in the front now I like

doing sections like this in the front

because it helps me to cut down on my

styling time so I’m just going to make

the sections in advance so all I have to

do is separate and twist

and I also do this when I’m doing my

protective style which is a my mini

twist it definitely cuts down on your

styling time so just a tip for you guys

cute huh yeah so just start from the

bottom now and I’m just going to work my

way all the way over and I’ll be done so

continue to watch guys and I hope you

enjoy the rest of the video I’ll see you

next Monday