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of fire whose teachings have blessed so

many lives stay tuned

lord i thank you for your word

i thank you father that it is living an

active and sharper than any two-edged

sword i thank you that father in these

next few minutes what you’re about to do

is open up the windows of heaven and

come down here and speak to us

father we have worshiped you in spirit

and in truth the best we know how lord

so we are praying and asking that that

worship has been acceptable to you we

have wanted to roll out the red carpet

for your spirit to come in here into

this room and change our lives lord we

are so grateful that each other is here

but we didn’t come to see each other we

came to see you

lord we need a word from you our lives

need to be touched by your presence so

at lord i’m asking that you would rend

the heavens

and come into this space

and speak

father we are on the edge of our seats

with our chin in our hands in full

expectation that you have a word for us

this morning

so father i pray you take this one

little simple portion of scripture

that you would divide it up about 700

different ways

so that every single person that’s under

the sound of my voice today will know

beyond a shadow of a doubt they heard

you speak to them today

do it lord

in jesus name i pray amen




many of uh you know that as i mentioned

earlier that i grew up in dallas fort

worth area but many of you know who

my daddy is and my mom the late lois

evans my father is dr tony evans i greet

you on behalf of he and my late mom lois

and our church oak cliff bible

fellowship church just down the street

little ways from you all

we live

we lived grew up and my parents my

father now still lives in the exact same

house where

he raised the four of us i have an older

sister named crystal then it’s me and

two younger brothers and they’ve been in

that house since i was six years old so

the exact same little house very near

the church down on camp wisdom road and

dad and mom have been in the house i

guess so now it’s been you know 40 years

or so so you know when you’ve been in a

house that long stuff

starts to collect

so i remember very clearly when i was in

my 20s at one point mom called and she

said listen

none of y’all live here no more

she said i love y’all but i’m gonna need

y’all to come get your stuff

and mommy was real clear she said now

listen i want you to know that on this

particular date which was about a month

later on this particular date i’ve

already called the people that are

coming with a truck for whatever is left

for whatever stuff y’all don’t come get

so any point over these next 30 days you

have an opportunity to come and look

through your old things and all that so

i remember the day that i made a point

to go to the house and i went up into

the attic you know the old school

addicts where there’s a pulley that

comes down from the top of the roof

there pull it down and a little ladder

folds out and i walked up into the attic

and sat down in the little attic space

that’s up there in the little house and

there were boxes there some of them had

my name on it i started opening up these


one of the boxes that i opened up had

several journals in it

so man i just had forgotten all about

these journals

so you know i kind of sat down indian

style because now i’m getting into all

the nostalgia of looking through these

boxes and i started looking through

these little journals now i have kept a


i didn’t even realize it until i opened

up this box that it had really been my

entire life that i have kept some

version of a journal i’m not one of

those serious journaling people you know

those people we admire them so much

don’t we

those people who get new colored pencils

at the top of the year and a brand new

journal and she writes every day and

she’s so consistent and so in that



that’s not me i write every now and then

you know when something happens that i

don’t want to forget i’ve done that for

my sons as well when there’s something

that has happened in their life through

the years i have a little journal for

each of my boys and and i’m just i plan

to give it to them or maybe better yet

i’m gonna give it to their wives when

they get married and say this is what

you’re getting yourself into right here

so every now and then i’ll write down

things that are happening throughout the

course of a year but i didn’t realize

that i had this first journal when i was


so i sat down and i was looking to see

what the world was i thinking when i was


then there was one from when i was 13

and then 18 and then 22 and man i was

looking through just the things that

were on my mind and that were happening

in my life during those seasons here’s

what i noticed

i noticed that of all the different

little details or stories that i had

written down there was a common thread

that was running through these years of

my life

that at nine years old

man i could not wait till i grew up a

few more years like my older sister so

that i could get out of the the sunday

school elementary part of church life

and i could finally be in the youth

group i wanted to be a whole for real

live teenager so that maybe then my

parents would give me a little bit more

freedom and and i could enjoy my life a

little bit more then i looked at my

teenage years and man i could not wait

till these teenage years were over where

i was living in the strict house of my

parents who actually had the nerve to

have rules and

regulations i could not wait to bust up

out of here and go to college so that i

could have some freedom and live on my


then i read these entries from when i

was in college

oh i cannot wait

until these college years begin to

dovetail into something more meaningful

in my life i can’t wait until i find the

guy of my dreams until i get into

married life i mean single life has been

good but i’m so ready to go ahead and be

married then i read a journal entry from

the first years of our marriage


there were many things that i wrote down

there but one of them sounded like this

oh lord this is so exciting that i

finally got married but i cannot wait

until we finally can have kids and move

on to that season of our life

then i had a bunch of small kids

oh lord


i’m tired


i love having these babies but man i

cannot wait until they grow up a little

bit they can take themselves to the

bathroom and strap themselves in their

own car seat i’m ready for them to grow


and now i’m watching my sons go off to

college one after the other

and i realize looking back over the

course of decades now

that there have been so many seasons of

my life that while i was in the season

i was too busy looking forward to

recognize the blessing of the season

that i was standing in

and what a tragedy it is

when the winds of change blow and they

blow you into the next season of your

life and it’s only then that you look

back and realize

that you were in the good stuff and

missed it while you were there

because often times when the winds of

change blow they blow you into a season

and you may never again return to the

one that you just came from

i wonder if you like i have in previous

seasons of my life i wonder if you’ve

been sleepwalking through certain

seasons of your life

just waiting for this particular season

to be over as you’re dreaming about the

future and what what is next and what

god has laid on your heart whether in

business or in family or in ministry or

in entrepreneurial endeavors or whatever

it is that he is fostering for you to do

i wonder if you’re so busy like i have

been looking forward that you’re missing

out on all the good stuff he’s got for

you now in fact there’s foundational

material that unless you grab hold of it

right now you won’t even be steady

enough to stand firm in the next season

that’s on the way

there’s character you need for tomorrow


there’s fortification that’s going to be

required of you there are relationships

you’re supposed to be making now and

investing in now there are things that

are supposed to be built into our lives

that if we’re sleep walking through this

season we won’t be ready for the next

this is a message for sleepwalkers

anybody who’s not quite awake in your

life right now

anybody who’s been a little bit

disengaged just trying to wait for this

thing to be over so you can get to the

good stuff

i just drove over a few miles from my

house to tell you this is the good stuff

i’m telling you high school student be

fully present on your high school campus

i’m telling you university student be

fully present as you’re in this season

of your life i’m telling you single

woman don’t wait on the next thing

you’re in it right now

i’m telling you married woman i’m

telling you entrepreneur i’m telling you

woman in ministry even as you wait for

what my god

what god might have next don’t sleep on

what it is he has for you right now

this is the good stuff

oh have y’all i’mma get to the text but

listen have y’all been watching this as



it’s too much it’s too much

listen i’m not gonna spoil it for you

because they just had the last show of

this is us the very last one in the

entire season but the whole show

as you follow six years basically six

seasons these people’s life basically

from the inception of this family all

the way through to the end of their

lives as you watch it you see these

people now in their older years and the

whole lesson of this entire series for

all these years all these ups and downs

and griefs and celebrations and losses

and and triumphs in life you get to the

end of the series and it all boils down


we were in the good stuff and didn’t

know it

oh y’all we gotta wake up

we gotta wake up and fully engage even

with the trouble and frustration and

struggle and heartache that we have

going on collectively in our world right

now and that i’m sure in some degree is

happening underneath the roof of your

own house just like it is in mind as we

deal with the relationships as we deal

with the decisions that we have to make

the forward movement that we’re trying

to see happen in our life and in our

journey there’s one step forward and

sometimes two steps back

even with that discouragement keep your

eyes open

because the enemy would have a sleepwalk

through this part

there was someone in scripture who knows

exactly how this feels in fact y’all

there are several people in scripture


had a moment with jesus and they were


sleepy too disengaged to actually

realize it real you remember there were

two men walking on the road to amaze to

emmaus they were so discouraged by the

crucifixion that they had just witnessed

that this guy they were hanging their

hopes on now he had been hung on a cross

and they’re so busy discussing the

details of their disappointment as

they’re walking along that the gospels

tell us a third party joins them on the


and they so busy telling him about the

disappointment that they don’t even know

the person they’re walking with and

talking with is jesus the christ

or then there’s mary magdalene she comes

to an empty tomb and she’s so blurred by

the tears that she’s crying because her

savior is not where she supposed he

would be

that she doesn’t even recognize that the

man standing behind her is not the

gardener as she supposes

that’s the jesus that she’s been looking


all throughout the scriptures there are

people who are with him

in the season that they’re in in the

discouragement and disappointment even

as the tears fall from their eyes they

don’t even recognize he’s standing right


and then

in the book of genesis chapter 28

let me tell you something if you

highlight stuff in your bible this is

one that deserves to be underlined

highlighted whatever you need to do to

never forget these words that jacob

speaks in genesis chapter 28 verse 16.


jacob woke up from his sleep

and he said

surely the lord is in this place

and i didn’t know it

he woke up and was alerted to the fact

wait a minute god was here the whole


and i was unaware of it and i just

wonder if today the lord has brought us

here together for an alarm clock an

agitation to your soul to wake you up

out of your spiritual slumber and me so

that our eyes can be opened like jacob

not at the end of the story but at the

beginning of our story our eyes can go

ahead and be open so that we’ll know

surely the lord is in this place

and we’ll have a testimony that we can

tell our grandchildren oh yeah yeah girl

he was there let me tell you how i know

let me tell you the fingerprints of how

i saw him move let me show you his

footprints that were in my life and in

my story and in my history let me tell

you how i heard his voice whispering in

my ear let me tell you how the holy

spirit warmed my heart with the comfort

of his presence yeah i went through some

hard stuff grand baby but let me just

tell you how good god is not because i

heard it from somebody else

but because i have a testimony of my for

myself that surely the lord was in this


so come sit down on my knee and let me

tell you the good news about jesus


there are tucked within these few verses

that come before verse 16 in genesis

chapter 28 there are what i call some

secrets for sleepwalkers


some secrets for sleepwalkers they start

in verse 10.

then jacob departed from beersheba

and he went toward haran

and he came to a certain place somebody

say certain place

he came to a certain place and he spent

the night there because the sun had set

let’s just start right here we meet

jacob on a journey toya he’s on a

journey from beersheba headed towards

haran and i want you to know a little

bit about jacob’s journey and why he is

making this transition this is not a

transition he would have chosen this is

not one he would have preferred this

would not have been comfortable or

convenient for him or easy for him the

reason why he is leaving is because he

has duped his brother out of the

birthright and the blessing that should

have belonged to him

when esau found out what his brother has

done had done he decided that he was

going to come after him to take his life

so jacob’s mother loving him the way she

did she said you got to get out of dodge

you got to get out of town

town in order to spare your life they

had said saddened goodbyes as he left

his mother who loved him his father who

loved him and the comfortable home

environment that isaac had created for


jacob is leaving that which is


he is leaving that which is familiar

he is leaving that which he loves he is

leaving that which has a stewarded him

and brought him to this particular

season of his life this is not a

transition that he’s choosing

just like the transition you’re in right

now maybe is not the one you’re choosing

it’s because of choices they made and

things they did and circumstances that

lined up in that particular way that is

now making you walk this particular

journey in this season of your life with

that child or with that spouse or with

that co-worker or with that boss or in

that particular financial journey that

you’re in you’re finding yourself on

this journey and it’s not the journey

that you prefer

jacob knows how it feels to be lonely

and isolated and frustrated and

disappointed be disappointed because

this is not what you signed up for

and as jacob is on that journey he comes

to a certain


there is nothing that denotes the

details of what this place would have

been we know it would have been

mountainous terrain rocky stoney ground

that’s going to be important just a


rocky’s stony ground because the terrain

between beersheba and haran where he is

was headed was filled with mountains not

up plush soil and grasses but more

desert and rocks and stones and

barrenness is what he would have been

traversing through if that ain’t a word

right there

because sometimes that is the journey

isn’t it

there’s not soft soil there’s not green

grass there’s not anything plush that we

feel like we can relax into it’s just

stones and rocks and desolation and

barrenness and dryness and the lord has

allowed jacob to take this journey and

the only reason why he comes to a stop

in verse 11 at this certain place is

because the text says the sun begins to


he can’t see the lights of haran clearly

anymore in the distance darkness is


we’ve been at that place

where darkness descends

where your hope about that dream kind of

begins to fade

where the vision that you had you could

see it so clearly at the beginning but

all of a sudden the lights are a little

fuzzy in the distance now

as you’ve literally been trying to take

one foot in front of the other to head

towards that particular destination life

happens and you come to a certain place

where you feel a sense of despair or

apathy or lethargy about that that

destination that you have in mind you

can’t see it clearly anymore

he comes to this particular certain

place and because the darkness begins to

descend he just lays down

taps out

and goes to sleep

what jacob couldn’t have known then

is what you and i can see now clearly in

the text in the context of scripture

because we have all the jewels and the

gems and the treasures written that they

could not have known in real time

and what jacob couldn’t have known in

real time is that that english term a

certain place

actually comes from an original hebrew

term that means listen

a sacred place

he couldn’t have known that this regular

run-of-the-mill mundane isolated

frustrated patch of rocky ground between

one place and the other not quite there

but not quite here this frustrating

middle ground that made him want to do

nothing else except tap out and just

sort of disengage from this entire

experience he had no idea that the

ground he was standing on was holy


what we know from the entire story is

that this particular patch of ground is

where his grandfather would have been

where abraham would have built an altar

to the lord would have had communion

with yahweh the one true and living god

jacob wasn’t just in any old place this

was a sacred place this was a sanctuary

god he doesn’t know it is coming in in

the next verses god’s getting ready to

show up here he’s getting ready to see a

whole ladder with angels descending and

ascending and god is going to be

standing above the ladder speaking to

him this experience is getting ready to

mark jacob’s life for the rest of his

life and it doesn’t happen in a palace

it doesn’t happen on a platform it

doesn’t happen in a spotlight it doesn’t

happen in beersheba it doesn’t happen in

haran it happens in the nasty middle

ground the place where we just want to

disengage and go to sleep because life

is a little bit raggedy right here

this is the place that is sacred it’s a

sanctuary and if our eyes are open

if we’re just connected enough if we

keep ourselves prayerful and connected

with god asking the holy spirit to open

up our eyes so that we can see him

moving clearly before we know it even

with the run-of-the-mill middle ground

stuff that we’re going through we’ll

start taking off our shoes because we’ll

realize this is holy grail

this is sacred stuff right here

raising these toddlers this is sacred

stuff right here raising these teenagers

this is sacred stuff right here washing

these dishes this is sacred stuff right

here building this business this is

sacred stuff right here mapping out this

business plan this is sacred stuff right

here doing the marriage counseling this

is sacred stuff right here participating

in the regular rhythms of life that’s

the sacred stuff right there y’all

he’s not just in a certain place he’s in

a sacred space

that’s the first secret for sleepwalkers

that certain places

are sacred spaces

oh just ask moses

because moses is wandering around in a

wilderness for 40 years between the ages

of 40 and 80 he is just tending sheep in

a desert desolate place in the desert of

orb and this would have been a job that

would have been beneath his pay grade

and beneath his educational level he’d

been raised as the prince of egypt

he’d been raised in the lap of luxury

but because of consequences of his own


he finds himself a right smack dab in

the middle of the desert doing this

tedious mundane lonely isolating job but

one day while he’s in that sacre that’s

that certain place one day he’s just

walking along being faithful to the task

at hand and a bush starts burning

and all of a sudden a certain place

is a sacred space

or maybe like haggar you know how it

feels to be misused and abused and

mistreated and cast out by the people

you were supposed to be able to trust

and you find yourself sitting in a

desolate place not because of something

you did like moses but because of

choices they made it was your parents or

your spouse or that environment that

kind of set you in this place that

you’re trying to figure out how you got

here and you wonder if god will ever be

able to find you and utilize you and

make your dreams come to fruition now

that you find yourself in the position

that haggar is in ask hagar she’ll tell

you that the angel of the lord will show

up in wilderness places

oh just ask gideon gideon will tell you

that you can be sitting under the shade

of an enormous oak tree thrashing out

wine not in a wine press but or

threshing out wheat in a wine press not

the place where you’re actually supposed

to be doing this job it’s not a

convenient place for this kind of job

but you’re there because you’re timid

and afraid because the midianites

external circumstances keep pressing in

on you so much so that now like gideon

you’re walking in timidity and fear and

insecurity and that fear has relegated

you to a place that you know is not

where you’re supposed to be ask gideon

that even when you’re hiding

the angel of the lord will come and find


oh i wonder if there is any moses in the


that you’re in that desert and you did

it to

yourself honestly you can look back and

you can see how it was the choice you

made that put you there

you knew up front before you

participated in that relationship or in

that task or walked down that road or

chose that direction or participated in

that activity you knew up front what you

were getting yourself into and so now

like moses you find yourself sitting in

a desolate circumstance that is of your

own making

oh i got good news for you moses the arm

of god is not so short that he cannot


and there is no pit that you’ve dug for


that the mercy of god is not deeper

still he will reach down in that pit and

snatch you up out of it

bushes burn in deserts like that moses

bushes don’t burn in palaces they burn

in deserts

or maybe you’re a haggar and you’re in

the house and you’re sitting in a pool

of disappointment because of someone

else’s choices and you wonder if god

will find you there haggar the angel of

the lord is on the way

he will never

leave you somebody listen to me somebody

needs to hear this today his eyes are on

you he knows where you are he knows what

you’ve been through he knows the abuses

that you’ve suffered he knows the way

you’ve been ignored or circumvented or

disregarded and even though it seems

like nobody else has their eyes on you

you need to know you serve a god who’s

got his eyes on you

and gideon if you’re afraid

if you’re timid

if you’ve been insecure

if you’ve been hiding

where can you flee from his presence

he will come and find you where you are

and just like gideon he’ll take you by

the hand and lead you out to a brand new


where you change the if you’ll go with

him you’ll change not only to the

trajectory of your own life and your

family’s life

gideon changed the trajectory of an

entire nation

one timid afraid man who god showed up


who realized that a certain place

actually is a sacred place

i gotta tell you that the only reason


i think the lord would allow us on this

saturday morning for our paths to

intersect like this not just yours with

mine but mine with yours

at this point in your life with what’s

going on in your details i don’t know

all your specific details and you don’t

know mine i know what’s happening with

us collectively it’s some chaos going on

out here in this this here world we’re


the chaos that is happening in the world

the the escalated inflammatory nature of

what it is that we’re experiencing

collectively but also the details of

what’s happening in your life and mine i

gotta tell you the only reason why i

think the holy spirit would line us up


is so he could tell you this space is a

sacred place

that he is still sitting on the throne

that he has not been knocked off the

throne because of all of the chaos

that’s happening and swirling around us

he’s still in charge his sovereignty is

still sure his love and kindness still

endures forever he’s still got your back


rest trust take your shoes off this is

holy ground


verse 11

y’all still with me

he took jacob took

one of the stones of that place

and he put it under his head and he lay

down to sleep

the king james version says he took one

of the pillows and he or he took one of

the stones and used it for a pillow

that’s what the king james version says

all right

now remember i told you this is stony

ground okay

there would have been all manner of

rocks and stones around him on his

journey meaning there would have been

tiny stones more like gravel that you

could just kick as you walked there

would have been medium-sized stones that

would have taken maybe two hands to pick

up there would have been boulders uh

rocks that were even more gargantuan

than this monitor sitting up here just

two three four ten times as large that

that ten men wouldn’t have been able to

lift everywhere he looked there were

hard things

there were ones that were small and

seemed insignificant there were

medium-sized ones that would take a

little bit more effort to get out of the

way and there were big ones that no

matter what he did he wouldn’t be able

to move them

so jacob is being allowed by the one

true and living god yahweh is allowing

him to walk a path that’s got all this

hard stuff

and i just wonder if there’s anybody in

the room and everywhere you look it’s

hard stuff

it’s small size hard stuff medium-sized

hard stuff real big hard stuff and just

when you get this stone out of the way

you turn around and find out there’s

another one right there and there’s one

to the east and one of the way it just

don’t matter what you do and some of the

stuff you’ve been able to take care of

on your own with your own little effort

some of it has taken a little bit longer

but you’ve been able to move it maybe

with a friend of yours or two been able

to get through that stuff but there’s

some stuff

that it don’t matter how hard you’ve


it doesn’t matter how how long you’ve

tried it doesn’t matter how much you’ve

prayed or how much you’ve paid it

doesn’t seem like that big boulder is

ever going to move out of the way

jacob knows how it feels to be

surrounded by stones everywhere you look

there’s hard stuff and i don’t know

about you but when there’s hard stuff in

my path

i want to do one of two things with

those stones i either want to kick it

out of frustration that is in my way

or i want to pick it up and throw it at

the person that’s caused this stone to

be in my path in the first place

come on can i get a witness

but jacob actually teaches us that

there’s a secret

first to stones because he looks around

at all the hard things

and he finds one

that looks like it actually might be


and he puts it under his head

and he uses it for a pillow

wouldn’t have been as comfortable as the

one he would have had back at home

but he looks at what he has access to

today given these circumstances and this

reality and he assumes that there’s

something useful that can be done with

all this hard stuff

he teaches us that the secret of stones

is that there’s good stuff

it’s just hidden in the hard stuff

there’s good stuff


it’s just hidden in the hard stuff

here’s what we do as

christ followers


goers christians

we pray and say

oh lord we want to see your power

lord we want to see your glory lord we

want to see your presence

and then in the next breath we pray

lord would you please keep me out of any

situation in which seeing your power and

presence would be required

we say lord i want to see a miracle but

but lord please keep me out of any


in which i would need a miracle

everybody wants to see the red sea

divided but nobody wants to come face to

face with a red sea

everybody wants to see the walls of

jericho come tumbling down but nobody

wants to be the one who has to walk

around those walls

in obedience to god trusting that his

divine supernatural strategy is better

than your own

everybody wants to see god but nobody

wants to be me too we don’t want to be

in positions where we actually have to

see him

but i’ma tell you right now that when

you and i have the courage to pray lord

we want to see you he answers with


and he says i’m gonna show you

how to live life knowing

that there’s good stuff

hidden in this hard stuff

i’m gonna fit you with my vision

spiritual vision with the perspective

that will angle you to be able to detect

that that even in the difficulties of

life y’all this is what the abundant

life is john 10 10. i came that you

might have life and life more abundantly

abundant life is not is is not you

waiting on or me waiting on

life to be more like skipping through a

grassy knoll with no a heartache and no

trouble and no disappointment no

abundant life is when you are surrounded

by hard stuff you’re on the journey from

point a to point b and you’re on the

patch of ground where really you want to

give up but right there in the middle of

all of that god gives you peace like a


god gives you joy that is unspeakable

god gives you a sense of emotional

stability when lord knows you shouldn’t

be emotionally or mentally stable and

yet god continues to stabilize you

giving a peace that is literally beyond

your understanding

you you’ve met people like that

you know your friend that you know

what’s going on in her life she’s the

she’s the one that tells you all the

things you listen to all the things oh

she has a lot going on and yet

she has peace


and you don’t get

how this girl can still sleep a full

seven hours eight hours at night going

through what’s she going through

you don’t get that kind of peace on your


but god can give it

uh jerry and i took the boys this is

several years ago y’all we took the boys

to babes chicken over in cedar hill

so we were at babes this is when it

first opened so this is a long time ago

the boys were little

and at the time my second son was

probably six years old

so we sit there and if you’ve ever been

to babes you know it’s all family style

you order the meat that you want and

then they bring out all the um

the sides to go with it

so jc is looking at the the list to see

what it is that he’d like there are

about five options for the meat

selections one of them is


fried catfish

so my son is looking at the menu all

studious trying to be all adult-like

and the waitress comes over and she says

young man what can i get for you to eat

and he said

well ma’am can i ask you a question

first and she says yes sir and he says

i’m thinking about the catfish but

is this made out of real cat



of course our response was just like

yours jerry and i the waitress we all

fell out laughing hysterically at this

boy’s question could not believe that he

asked that and as we’re laughing

hysterically he’s looking around getting

all frustrated that we’re laughing at

him he said why is everybody laughing at

my question

and i said babe it’s actually because

you’ve asked the wrong question

we can’t even give you an answer

based on the fact that you’ve asked

the wrong question

oh lord would you move this hard stuff

lord get this hard stuff out of my way

lord take this stone lord change this

difficulty get me out of this season of

life move this hardship we pray and ask

god to get the hard stuff out of the way

and then we’re mad because he’s not


but i wonder if he’s not answering

because we’re asking the wrong question

what if the question is

lord would you fit me with spiritual

vision so that i can see any good stuff

that’s hidden in this hard stuff

is there anything useful that i’m

supposed to use in this to support me to

give courage to me to build character

and fortification in me lord don’t take

none of this hard stuff out of my life

until i mine it for every single

treasure that you’ve tucked within it

because what a tragedy it would be to

get to the next season


and realize there was good stuff hidden

in that hard stuff

so jacob finds something useful out of

the hard stuff he lays his head down on

the pillow and he has a dream he sees

the latter verse 12 set up on earth and

reaching up into the heavens the angels

of god are ascending and descending and

the lord stands above it and he says

i am the lord

the god of your father abraham and the

god of isaac

the land on which you’re lying right now


i’m going to give it to your descendants

your descendants shall also be verse 14

like the dust of the earth and you shall

spread out to the west and the east and

the north and the south and in you and

in your descendants shall all the

families of the earth

be blessed

and behold verse 15 i


with you

the secret of certain places is that

certain places are sacred spaces

the secret of stones is that there’s

good stuff in the hard stuff


there is a secret of confirmation

everything that god just said to jacob

he’s standing above the ladder he is

speaking to jacob he sees the angels

descending and ascending on the ladder

which speaks to the connection between

heaven and earth that god is closer than

we think and god stands above it all and

he speaks to jacob

everything he says to him jacob has

heard before


do you remember that blessing and that

birthright that he stole from isaac he

stole his brother’s blessing and

birthright two separate things

but they are all embedded within these


when when isaac gave jacob the blessing

and the birthright these were almost

identically the words that he spoke over


son and now when jacob is removed from

comfort and he’s in an uncomfortable

unfamiliar lonely patch of ground an

in-between place that feels

uncomfortable and unfamiliar god speaks

to him and when he does he does not tell

him anything new

he says all i’m finna do is confirm for


that i am who i said i am

and that i’m still going to accomplish

exactly what i declare to you that i am

going to accomplish

even the life right now with all this

hard stuff does not affirm my promises

i have come to confirm them to you this

is the secret of confirmation

that when life does not affirm

god will go out of his way to confirm

that if you’ll keep your eyes open if

i’ll keep my eyes open if we’ll not

become prayerless

if we’ll not disconnect from god if

we’ll not allow the hard stuff of our

life to push us away to where we stop

attending church and we stop keeping

ourselves in the word of god we

disconnect from our friends who are

encouraging and challenging us to stay

connected if we stop pray being

prayerful and being on our knees about

that situation that honestly we’ve been

praying about so long that we honestly

are just tired of praying about that one

thing if we’ll keep ourselves from

disconnecting this will be the season

when god will go out of his way to

confirm his promises for you

he’ll go out of his

way you’ll come to church on a sunday

you’ll come to the the gathering i heard

that you guys are happening tomorrow

night or sunday night at 6 00 p.m that

that you’ll come to a gathering like

that and god will go out of his way to

make sure you know he still is who he

said he is

you’ll come to church on a sunday

morning and pastor will be preaching and

he’ll open up the bible and the one

verse that he reads

you will feel like a spotlight is on you

as the holy spirit seals his presence in

your life


you’ll have your you’ll have your

devotions your quiet time you’ll just be

just reading something

but what it is that you read it will be

like the holy spirit takes out a divine

highlighter and causes it to leap up off

the page and grip you in your soul as

god goes out of his way to just confirm

for you

that he still got your back

when life doesn’t affirm just get ready

god’s getting ready to go out of his way

to confirm

he’s going to confirm it

he’s going to confirm it through the

word of a stranger he’s going to confirm

it through a worship song he’s going to

confirm it through a scripture verse

he’s going to confirm it as you just go

throughout your life and he just gives

you little winks from heaven that lets

you know he got you the gift that comes

in the mail the surprise email that

shows up the little nuances that god

does to just remind you that everything

he said then is still happening now

and this also is a challenge to us y’all

you don’t need nothing new listen

how many of y’all been in church your

whole life you just been in in and

around church your whole life

many of us probably 70 of us just raised

our hand you’ve been in and around you

you kind of know the scriptures you know

what it reads see and jacob’s ladder and

you heard the stuff

you don’t need nothing new

we don’t need new information

we need revelation concerning the

information we already got


and in these seasons

god goes out of his way

so pray lord open up my spiritual ears

open up my spiritual eyes father because

if you’re moving i don’t want to miss it

and if you’re speaking i want to hear

everything that you have come to say

and so god will use his own word to just

speak back to you

bits of confirmation he’ll use

circumstances to light up your path to

be a lamp unto your feet to help you to

know he’s still there he’s still got you

it’s the secret of confirmation and

finally god says to jacob

verse 15 and behold i am with you i will

keep you wherever you go here it is

and i will bring you back to this land

for i will not leave you until i have

done what i have promised to you

thank you lord

right after that jacob wakes up

it’s on the heels of that statement

i will bring you back to this land

i will not leave you until i’ve done

what i’ve promised you on the heels of

that jacob is startled awake

and he says god was here

god was here i didn’t know it i was

asleep i was sleepwalking through that

whole thing i missed it but but now i

realize in hindsight that god was here

it was right after god said to jacob

i will bring you back

to this land

there is a secret of


oh y’all listen to me you listening

you are coming back to this land


the place you’re in right now that i’m

in right now that we actually some of us

are praying hard to get out of so we can

move on to the next thing the holy

spirit of god whispers to you today and

says yeah but you are coming back

the circumstance might not look exactly

the way it does right now but listen

there are seeds we’re sowing today

the harvest of which is coming back to

us tomorrow

there are relationships we’re either

ignoring or fostering

today and the harvest of that is coming

back to us tomorrow

jacob could have never known that one

day years later he was going to be back

on this same patch of ground sitting in

the promises of god with his sons and

grandsons and daughters and

granddaughters and great-granddaughters

and nieces and nephews his descendants

spreading out to the east and the west

and the north and the south he’d be

sitting right here in this place he was

coming back to this place

and his posterity

was reaping the harvest of what jacob


i’m trying to tell you

there’s a whole generation that is

waiting on us to get serious about this

land that we’re on right now

there’s a whole listen your daughters

y’all our daughters and granddaughters

our sons and grandsons that maybe we

haven’t even met yet they are dependent

upon us waking up and realizing god is


because when you recognize that god is

here when you realize this is an

important place this is a sacred place

that there’s good stuff in the hard

stuff that god’s confirming his word to

me that i’m coming back here that there

are seeds i’m sowing the harvest of

which my people are going to reap in the

future when you recognize that it makes

you treat this place differently instead

of disdaining it and being disappointed

by it and completely frustrated by it

and trying to get out of it you also

realize i better take time to cultivate

it to foster it to nurture it to love it

because we are coming back here and my

people are going to reap the benefits

or the lack of benefits that i sow or do

not sow here

i’m telling you don’t burn the bridges

of the land you’re on right now

because there is a secret of returning

that you’re coming back here

i’m going to tell you this uh in closing


in the

past two and a half years

our family has lost eight family members

it has been devastating

one after the other

some of them for

it was just one day they were here and

one day they were not like just

every three to four months another

close family members family member of

ours passed away

within six months of each other i lost

my mother and then jerry lost his mother

back to back

my mother we knew she was sick and we

knew that unless god

chose to supernaturally heal her there

was no earthly answer to the cancer that

she was dealing with

so in those last couple of months in

particular the entire year of that but

the last couple of months in particular

we were all up on her

me and crystal my sister we kind of

moved into the house really to take care

of her and daddy and just be all up you

know all up in their business and all up


laying in the bed hanging out spending

time with her and there was this moment

when me

crystal anthony jonathan we were all

there in our pajamas

our spouses were there at that

particular time they were all in there

all of our children there’s about 14


and then the oldest grandchild she now

has children so there are great


we were all in the room together

with my mom

and at that point

sometimes she was with us sometimes she

wasn’t conscious as much but there was

this moment when we were all there

and she opened up her eyes

and saw all her people

and basically blessed us in jesus name

basically handed us a baton of faith and

said to us don’t nobody it doesn’t

matter what happens with me y’all better

not drop this baton

and in that moment watching a woman who

knew pretty soon she might be leaving

earth and entering into heaven i watched

this woman have peace like a

river and hope about the future what

manner of peace is this

that even in the faith of death it

stabilizes you even when you’re on

desolate ground like that even when

you’re in a circumstance like that that

none of us would have preferred what is

it that keeps you so anchored

you know what does


grandchildren great-grandchildren nieces

nephews those that you disciple

the young women that are looking at you

the people whose eyes are on you to see

how we’re gonna handle this ground that

we’re on do not back down in fear and

insecurity and quietness and silence the

enemy would love for you and i so much

to close our eyes and sleep through this

whole thing

god would say to you today ephesians

chapter 4 verse 14 awake o sleeper

and arise

the ground on which you are standing

it’s holy ground

i want you to bow your heads with me and

i want to ask that any of you who are in

this room and right now you re you

recognize it you see that you have been

sleeping through this whole season

you’ve been just trying to race through

this one to get on to the next one and

you have devalued the significance of

what god might be trying to do in this

particular season of your life

and you want to ask the holy spirit to

wake you up out of that spiritual

slumber so that you don’t miss anything

he has for you if that is a particular

prayer that you need today

please stand to your feet so that i can

pray with you

thank you father thank you lord

thank you lord

lord here we are your daughters we’re

standing we’re kneeling we’re sitting we

are in your presence lord because we

need you we need a touch from you we

need an electric shock to our spiritual

hearts to wake us up out of our

spiritual slumber we need our spiritual

eyes to be open our spiritual ears to be

opened father so that we don’t miss

anything that you have for us so father

i ask in the name of jesus christ that

your holy spirit would shake us awake

out of our spiritual slumber and would

help us father to fully engage in this

season of our life do not let us miss

anything lord every blessing you’ve come

to give every promise you’ve come to

make every bit of yourself you have come

to dispense upon us i pray for grace

upon grace and mercy upon more mercy and

glory to glory to be experienced by

every woman and man who is standing

under the sound of my voice i thank you

father that today the alarm clocks of

heaven are waking us up

thank you for agitating our souls

father i pray that any scheme of the

enemy to distract us to disable us to

discourage us i pray that that scheme

would be canceled right now

in jesus name and by his blood that has

been shed on calvary we yield ourselves

and this season of our lives to you in

jesus name everybody agreed when they

said amen