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last August the movie war room hit

theaters making her big screen debut was

best-selling author and speaker

Priscilla Shire in this film from the

creators of courageous and fireproof

Priscilla’s plays a woman who finds

herself in a battle to save her marriage

and family she learns that to win she

needs a strategic plan of Prayer you

need to do your side in drag recently

Priscilla took her role into real life

with her new book fervent she shows

women how to create strategies that will

help them fight the tough battles in

their own lives your wife and mother

first and then we have all the things

that you do in terms of ministry writing

now acting and I thought about all the

women especially but people in general

who say I don’t have time to pray I have

so many things on my plate oh yeah how

do you find time to really pray and then

do you find yourself making up the

difference do you lose anything in the

process you know what I find that the

Lord seems to multiply my time when I

just put first things first it’s kind of

like when he told the children of Israel

about gathering manna and he said but on

that you know on that Sabbath day on

that seventh day you don’t gather just

trust that what I give you on the sixth

day will be a double portion it’ll be

enough to carry through and so I’ve kind

of just seared that on my heart in my

mind when I’m getting too busy now let

me just also clarify and say I am so not

perfect at it you know I got these three

boys of mine and you know I’m still

trying to figure out you know another

way to cook chicken for dinner for


you know festival and I’ve got laundry

everywhere so I totally get the struggle

of it but I do think that being

strategic in our prayer lives and even

writing down either what we’re praying

or at least the name of someone we’re

praying for and having those prayers

posted which is the goal of some of the

ministry that the Lord has laid on my

heart just encouraging people to to sort

of write down what your focus is now you

know a lot of times we talk about

fervent prayer which that comes from the

book of James and the Bible works is the

effectual fervent prayer of the

righteous availeth much

some people think fervent prayer is how

loud I can pray and you know whatever we

think we’re bringing

Oh heaven or whatever but what really is

fervent prayer

well fervor is passion and passion is

the fuel that drives you past

discouragement past heartache past

exhaustion it’s like an Olympic runner

well the training process they don’t

necessarily like it but they’re doing it

because they’ve got this fuel underneath

the surface that is continuing to burn

and that it presses them onward even

when they don’t feel like doing all of

the the many regimented things they have

to do to be prepared so fervor is one of

the things by the way that the enemy

wants to steal from us if he can get

your passion then he knows he’s really

hit you where it hurts because if your

fuel is gone then as soon as external

circumstances are not in alignment with

your goals you’ll fall by the wayside

because you have nothing to keep you

going and so fervour is this invitation

that we have to experience the passion

that God’s own spirit stirs up in your

heart it’s an internal fervor it has

nothing to do with external factors in

terms of them taking your fervor away or

in terms of you manufacturing some sort

of hype that’s what it is when it’s

manufactured right its emotionalism and

its height but passions stirred by God’s

Spirit that creates a fervor on the

inside of you that really can’t be

quelled no matter what’s going on on the

outside and you said a few minutes ago

the word strategy because one thing you

really talked about in the book is the

need for strategic prayer but why do we

need to have a strategy for prayer it

seems like prayer should be so simple

you know it’s just a conversation with

God yeah that’s what we say but why do

we need a strategy and I agree with you

it is a conversation with God in prayer

but what are you conversating with him

about what are you even bringing to him

are you just throwing some words out and

hoping they they mean something or are

you being thoughtful

that’s what strategy means it means

where you look at all of the

circumstances that are that are around

your life the people and the things that

you hold dear and you look to see where

the enemy is at work this is why we need

to be strategic because the enemy is

strategic he’s not throwing out some

blanketed approach in hopes that he

catched people in his little net of

deception no he knows us he knows my

weaknesses the enemy is after our demise

so once we find out that the enemy is

strategic well why wouldn’t we want to

be strategic

as opposed to praying randomly we have

to be thoughtful about what it is that

we see the enemy doing where we see him

at work in the undercurrents of our

circumstances and then apply the

promises of God from his own word to

those specific situations in our prayer

life so in that way we decide not only

to be consistent in prayer which is also

important but to be intentional

deliberate and strategic hit the enemy

where it hurts this is my favorite place

in this house I called it my war room

you wrote prayers for each area of your

life prayer strategy I sure could use

some of that there’s something about the

closet and the film is called war room

hmm why is it important to have this

place that we go to and we seek the Lord

that’s separate from everything else

well I do think that it minimizes

distraction I do think that and and

there is some beauty in having this

place that is set aside you know what

it’s for you and God know what it’s for

even if nobody else does and when you’re

in that place you don’t have to worry

about impressing anybody else nobody’s

there watching they’re not seeing what

you’ve written down and posted on that

wall where it’s behind a closed door

it’s literally just a place where you

can be honest and authentic with God so

there is beauty in that but I do hope

that movie goers will take it a step

further and see that really that war

room in a lot of ways yes physically it

matters that we have a place even if

it’s just the corner of your room your

bedroom where you post a few things but

it is also symbolic of something bigger

than just a physical war room it is

prioritizing a place in your mind

prioritizing a place in your schedule

prioritizing a place in your

decision-making prioritizing a place in

our lives where we say we are going to

honor God we are going to seek him first

above all else and so yes we do that

physically by having a place we’ve

carved out for him but you know we do it

in our schedules too we do it on paper

we do it by letting the person know that

we’re making a decision with that you

know what I got to seek God first I’ll

get back with you and my answer so again

it’s about prioritizing our relationship

with God above all else