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Technology every advancement sort of

goes over his head and you know I can

sympathize with him because I’m a little

bit the same way I’m not really into all

of the new advances of technology I

can’t quite keep up well he’s been this

way all the time so much so that you

need to know that my father who many of

you know is a pastor he’s been preaching

in in this community for 44 years or so

my he and my mother started the church

when I was very very very little brand

new actually they started the church and

so they’ve been preaching and teaching

and shepherding God’s people for a long

time Dad continues to and just to give

you a little bit of an inkling on where

he stands on technology still to this

day my father writes down all of his

sermon notes on one of those yellow

legal paths ads you know the ones that

come bound together at the top and you

sort of just write down on all of those

lined yellow sheets of paper my father’s

got those yellow pads laying all over

the house he still does not type not a

one note he writes them all by hand to

this day well his lack of knowledge in

regards to technology isn’t a new thing

early on years ago I remember maybe 15

years ago or so when there were no iPads

yet you know it wasn’t as advanced as it

is now but about 15 20 years ago I

recall something that happened my dad

really wanted to figure out how to get

online but the only reason he wanted to

get online is because at the time my

youngest brother Jonathan was playing

football for Baylor University he wanted

to get on the Baylor University website

so that he could look up his youngest

son John John who was playing football

for Baylor and if you know anything

about my dad he may not be about

technology but he sure is about that

football and so with his youngest son

playing college level football he won’t

do every everything he could to look him

up so at the time my sister was at the

house and so he called Crystal back into

the guest room the fourth bedroom of our

parents home back there

20 years ago back in that room there was

a whole monitor that was sitting on the

desk there with a keyboard but he really

didn’t use it so he said to Crystal

come back here show me how to turn this

thing on so when I tell you that they

were starting from scratch I mean they

were starting from scratch my sister

came back to the back room and she said

dad let me show you where the on button

is so you will know in the future how to

turn this thing on once they got it all

powered up then my dad said to her how

do I get to the Baylor homepage so she

showed him how to type in the URL

address so that you can get to the

website that you want to be on so

finally she got him to the Baylor

homepage and just when they got to the

home page the phone rang Crystal had to

run out of the room into the kitchen

where the phone was plugged into the

wall and so she raced out of the room

and as she raced out of the room my dad

yelled after her how do I maneuver

around this page she said back to him

use the mouse


daddy starts looking around for a mouse

he had no idea what in the world she was

talking about he of course lays Eyes

Upon This little Gadget that’s got a

tail sticking out of it he assumes this

must be the mouse

so he picks it up places it flat on the

computer monitor and begins to drag it

up and down side to side on the actual

computer monitor then when that didn’t

work he just held it up in the air and

was sort of just moving it around in

midair my sister came back to find our

fairly bright stable father waving a

mouse around in the air here’s what you

need to know that computer has been in

the fourth bedroom of my parents house

for a long time he also has a laptop

that someone gave him and it’s you know

folded and unused in the drawer of his

desk at his office there’s also another

computer monitor and a keyboard that is

in his office space at the church so my

point is he has computers available to

him he has technology available to him

but technology does you no good

unless you know how to use it

having it available is not enough you

gotta know how to use it

for the next few moments I want to just

encourage you let’s preach and more just

teach and talk to you about the

importance of us as God’s people not

just having God’s word available to us

but knowing how to use it

listen to me more now than ever before

as our culture continues to be

increasingly Godless

you and I are going to have to know how

to do what the psalmist said

I hide God’s word in my heart so that I

might not sin against him we got to use

God’s word it’s not enough for us to

just have