On TBN’s Better Together, Priscilla Shirer discusses how Jesus faced suffering. Join the conversation as Laurie Crouch, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Victoria Osteen, and Elaine Fisher join Priscilla Shirer to discuss how Jesus endured suffering, and the beauty found on the other side of obedience.

we can tend to think or pretend that a

good life is mutually exclusive of pain

a painful life that those two things

can’t exist that we’re striving for ease

and happiness and we’re looking for that

and then as even as I talk to my sons

about what it means to to walk with the

Lord and be a believer and be a

Christian it doesn’t mean ease it means

that when there is pain and suffering

God can still be glorified through your

life and that he is fully able to turn

the situation around


we cannot live and not have any

suffering any painful times any Seasons

that we wouldn’t prefer you’re going to


um it’s guaranteed just by virtue that

we’re alive and man I can remember there

were three women that were each going

through separate hard times this is

maybe three years ago and during that

year there were three women in my life

that were all going through I mean hard

stuff illness uh trauma

and each of them were at such a low

point a hard point with their

physicality that they either didn’t have

the strength to literally pick up their

Bible and read or they couldn’t attend

church anymore because of their health

issues they literally could not function

in the way they usually would because of

what was happening in their life and

each of them independently of each other

they don’t even know each other but as I

was talking to them individually and

spending time with them they each said

something similar they said I’m so glad

that me and the Lord already had a thing

going on because now that I’m in the

midst of this where maybe I can’t even

get out of the bed there are scripture

verses that will come to my mind or

there’s hymns right mom was one of them

there are hymns that Mom would just

start singing when she couldn’t even

move anymore she would just start

singing these little hymns that that

were buried on the inside of her she

would be encouraged by it these women

were encouraged by things that the Holy

Spirit would bring to their mind about

their friendship with the Lord they were

so glad that they had stabilized

themselves in Good Times in preparation

for bad times and so I think that’s so

critical for all of us knowing that

we’re going to walk through suffering

they’re going to be things that come in

our lives that we do not prefer well

then when things are pretty steady we

better be using that time to cultivate a

friendship and a stability with the Lord

you know I think I do think that we

handle we process things and we handle

things differently you know and I and I

and I have a way to and I think it was

the way I was raised like you know when

my kids would fall down and scrape their

nail I’m like you’re okay you’re okay

come on come on come on you’re okay

you’re okay you know and and I think it

may be the generation that my mother was

raised in and I was raised in that it’s

like okay just don’t worry about that we

can’t look at that we can’t think of

that we can’t we can’t take time to

process that you know we’ve got to move

forward we’ve just got to move forward

and sometimes I think it results in

stuffing things down you know and and

maybe that has you know

detrimental effects yeah and I think the

way I process thing is is I try to

ignore certain things you know and I

like of course I process it through

prayer and talking to God and I think

but you know it’s how we it’s how we

find ourselves doing different things

different situations you know like if

you’re talking about your mother’s death

you know you probably I don’t know if

you even processed it the same way nope

if you found yourself doing it

differently but I mean you can’t you

can’t get any more suffering than death

and loss like that you know that’s just

a that tears your soul you know that’s a

tearing away literally yeah and so I

think I think that we shouldn’t be

ashamed that we process it differently

or feel like this one did it better than

I did or you know so I think sometimes I

just think about people listening and

and they’re thinking well how should I

process suffering you know I mean I

think the first thing we need to do is

run to the father that’s right because

he’s the only one that can help us and

to be truthful with him honest and

honest and open and

um you know a day that you could hear in

his in in in his writings you know he

was open he was honest with God but it

was as he began to talk he began to

shift yeah that’s right his perspective

that’s right and it was it was only by

the power of the Holy Spirit it was only

by God you know shifting that for him

and helping him see things in a

different way and Enlighten him in a

different way but I think that I can

just hear some people say well how am I

supposed to and I think you have to do

it by going to God and in your own

personal way that’s right that’s right

and and also the ministry of community

people who have suffered as you are

suffering I think that’s at least one of

the benefits that come out of tough

times in our individual lives is that we

come out of that tunnel to the other

side that we never thought we’d make it

through and then the Lord gives us

opportunity to comfort those with the

comfort that we have been given and to

give them that same hope that listen I

just went through this time someone made

it out let me tell you and let me show

you how the Holy Spirit helped me how

prayer Works how you know Community

during my time of suffering was so

important people encouraging me now let

me offer that same encouragement to you

um Victoria you know your your husband

did that for me he called me

while Mom was sick and I mean that man

encouraged me and just said you know we

we walk through real difficult times as

well so let me remind you of some of the

things that it’s so easy either to

forget or to just have so dulled and

pushed down underneath all of the the

Urgent sort of things that are that

you’re facing in the middle of a crisis

it can be so dulled that you just need

someone to come alongside of you and say

let me remind you of who Jesus is that

he still is who he says he is that he is

still able and fully capable of covering

you and your family to have people’s

voices in your ear who can remind you of

that and can also give you perspective

from their own seasons of suffering

it buoys you up and keeps you going to

the next 24 hours like nothing else like

nothing else yeah you know I I always


going through suffering and hardships

and people dying that you’ve believed

God for yeah I mean we’ve we’ve all put

our faith on the line for so many things

and just God please you know please let

this happen and and to think that Jesus

got the fathers no as well you know he

he got he got God’s no

and so I think praying that gethsemane’s

prayer it’s it’s God I know you can I

know you can deliver me I know you can

do this I know you’re the great

physician I know you you know you are

the the father to the fatherless and the

husband to the husbandless and all the

things that you are you’re the great


and I know you can do it

but if you don’t thy kingdom come thy

will be done and Jesus had to do that

please let this cup pass from me we can

we can say who God is and then we can

pray God please don’t make me do this

don’t let don’t let me and my children

have to walk this road

but then

it’s but not my will but thine be done

yeah you know and and knowing the

faithfulness and the love of God

and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to

take us and the grace and the mercy of

God to bring us out of those times to to

to to strengthen us I mean think about

some of the hardest things you’ve gone

through it makes you who you are today

gives you something gives you absolutely

the tenacity I mean if it’s given me

nothing but tenacity to believe God even

harder the next time

whether it happened or not it

it does something on the inside of us to

strengthen our faith I believe if you


let go if you don’t stop if you don’t

give up and you know and don’t you think

that we have to re retrain our own

thinking and make sure we do this with

the children or the other people that

we’re discipling and pouring into as


we can tend to think or pretend that a

good life is mutually exclusive of pain

a painful life that those two things

can’t exist that we’re striving for ease

and happiness and we’re looking for that

and I know people that’s that’s kind of

a a western kind of perspective on on

being a believer that ease is what we’re

after that happiness is what we’re after

there are some people Christians in

other parts of the world

um I remember someone saying to me that

that lives in another part of the world

that when there is suffering happening

amongst them that their first prayer is

not deliverance from that suffering they

pray that too but that’s not the first

prayer the first prayer is Lord help me

to glorify you in this suffering yeah

while I’m here since I’m here can your

name be made great somehow through the

suffering now Lord yes heal and deliver

and free and we know you can do all that

but why while you’re going to leave us

here in this moment for whatever time

frame it is a week or a month or

whatever Lord would your name be made

great while we’re here and I just

thought it’s important for me and then

as even as I talk to my sons about what

it means to to walk with the Lord and be

a believer and be a Christian it doesn’t

mean ease it means that when there is

pain and suffering God can still be

glorified through your life and that he

is fully able to turn the situation

around but since life is going to come

with difficulty and it is you don’t have

to go looking for the storms of life you

just keep living and the storms somehow

find you so since that’s going to happen

then we at least need to be mindful of

praying okay Lord why have you allowed

me to be in this pocket yeah and would

you be glorified through the way I

respond the decisions I make the way I

treat out others while I’m in it let me

glorify you while I’m here