Priscilla Shirer and her mother, Lois Evans, join Laurie Crouch on TBN’s Praise. Listen as they discuss the different challenges that come along with raising children in the midst of today’s world; speaking about ways on how God has gifted and trusted you in your role as a parent. This video was brought to you by TBN Networks®. SUBSCRIBE here and never miss an upload!… WATCH full Praise episodes for free on the TBN app:

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if you’re on the other side of raising

your children and you feel maybe a

little discouraged because you’re

looking back and you’re thinking man

there’s so many things i would have done

differently well welcome to the club

there are so many things that all of us

as parents look back and would have done

differently but it’s okay because the

holy spirit’s got you covered there’s

grace and mercy that is sufficient for

all of our weaknesses and our

shortcomings and our frailty and i’m so

grateful for that for my own life and

i’m grateful for that for yours as well

this is a very special day this is our

mother’s day special and my name is lori

crouch i’m here with my dear friend

priscilla shire her precious mom miss

lois evans

thank you for being here what are we

getting into tonight well we’re going to

travel we need to we need to get into

trouble of course yes then we wouldn’t

be having fun if we did right but we got

to celebrate motherhood and also i think

cheer on some moms in the journey

because sometimes when you’re just in it

you need somebody to cheer you on and

say you’re okay you’re doing a good job

you know i just um i feel a little alone

over here and i’m not using it it’s okay

this is my little co-host my beautiful

co-host tonight and we’re gonna put you

on the hot seat tonight is that all

right with you well i actually think

that both of you have a whole lot to

offer you’ve raised children that are

out of the nest and so there are a lot

of moms who are coming along like myself

i still got three boys in the house big

old giant yes man children

and um you know i think you have a lot

to offer for folks who are in the

trenches of it to tell them the beauty

of motherhood that they might not see

right now because they’re changing 800

dirty diapers a day right yeah but they

need to know that there’s good stuff in

all of that and treasures to take out so

i think i think you’ve got something

yeah too miss laurie well i do have two

beautiful slimes yeah

but they’re thankfully out of diapers

now yeah i’ve been there for a while but

you know i i tell priscilla when i

listen to her speak and you know i i

look up youtube and i just watch and

every time i see you minister i want to

just hear more and it makes me wish i


hear every word that you speak from the

platform she’s just that powerful and if

you ever ever need a word from the lord

just log onto tbn

look her up go to youtube and you got

some good things inside of you and i

know where it comes from

yeah thank you you can’t deny it miss

mama evans and you know i was we were

talking a while ago i asked uh miss lois

i said do you do you speak much and she

said only when the lord

only when the lord tells you to yes so

is she is she a mother of not many words

i would say that not many words publicly

so my mom has been sort of behind the

scenes individual as dad my dad is dr

tony evans yes he is you know he’s got

the small little fledgling ministry

he’ll be somebody someday

just pray for him

but you know they’ve been faithfully

pastoring the same church

that they started when i was one that

myself and my siblings still attend to

this day but they started that church

you know 43 years ago yes so um there

there has to be a very strong committed

faithful person who doesn’t necessarily

isn’t necessarily the person that’s in

the pulpit or you know underneath the

spotlight but that’s just consistent

and faithful so that’s been my mom not

only with the church but with the

national ministry the urban alternative

it’s my mom who was back there making

all those engines

run and just making the the ministry

work and move forward

so um it’s just been in the last maybe

decade that that every now and then when

someone has invited her to speak she

said okay i’ll go but for a lot of years

you just were with us at home is what

you were doing raising kids that’s right

because i really felt that was my

calling yeah that was my ministry yeah

and i had to mentor my life my mother

she went home to be with the lord two

years ago she was 97. oh my goodness and

she looked at me one day as i was just

trying to make everything happen and

work because we started our church in

her home

and she said to me lois

this is your church

and i never forgot it so i buckled in

and took care of my church my ministry

my four children

and the ministry god’s called us to and

i thank the lord my husband is a very

smart man yeah

he knows that my background is business

so i help him to start the church

and as priscilla mentioned start the

engine of the urban alternative which is

our media ministry and then start a

ministry for pastor’s wife so yes i’ve

been behind the scenes but i feel

really grateful

that i stayed in my gifting yeah and my

if i could use the term my grid my path

your lane my god my lane yeah that god

has called me to be a part of but these


are my where my ministry because they’re

gifts from the lord you know

yeah i think it’s so great to hear that

actually because

i think one of the hard parts about

being a a mom of children right now is

that there seems to be this uh message

that’s purported that if you’re just

doing the motherhood thing that you’re

missing out on something you’re supposed

to be doing some worldwide ministry as

well as mothering your children and so

those that have chosen to just stay home

in some ways i feel like it’s easy to

feel a bit deficient or a bit like

you’re not actually doing all that god

has called you to do and i i think that

that’s a that’s um

not not necessarily the the right

message that needs to be

extended to people i don’t either you

know my dad used to i was raised in a

pastor’s home and

he always talked about the the family

being the church in in miniature you

know and if it didn’t work there you’re

going to have a hard time working

anywhere else if it didn’t work in your

home yeah wow you know and that that was

the ministry and i know priscilla you’re


we all love to sit and minister to

people and we love to be about the

father’s business but that business is

in the home just as much as it is on the

outside this is our privilege to do to

raise our kids yeah you know and and

do you think it’s harder in this world

today to raise children than it than it

used to be

i i really think so because

there’s so many

things that could distract your kids

from the path you want them to walk on

because of technology so i think it’s


you know i used to be able to let my

kids walk to the library right now with

their culture today i have to take my

grandkids to the library i can’t have

them walk and we live just a block from

the library but i don’t feel it’s a safe

environment and that type of thing so

yes i think it’s harder it takes more

time takes more investment

it takes more work yeah

and i would agree i would agree with

that because of the technology aspect i

think that that as as my mom mentioned

the fact that we did not have that as a

distraction we had the privilege growing

up of being bored sometimes

i think we have robbed from our children

the glorious gift of boredom because

imagination and creativity sparks from

being bored

and so i’m having to work so hard our

oldest son just got a um a phone and

he’s 15 years old

and you know me and my husband went back

and forth about when that should be

right the reality is we do live in a

technological culture so it is what it

is we can’t just you know keep them

shielded from it completely because it’s

our culture but at the same time

uh we are we are having to wrestle

against this

consistent influx of of of information


brain numbing activities that are

available to all of us i mean let’s be

honest it’s just the kids

yep my phone

by the way she’s the only one with an

iphone on the set

so to all of us yeah you’ve got the


thank you thank you

but it is a

it’s a struggle and and pulling it out

of their hands and saying no actually

we’re going to sit around the dinner


and we are going to talk to each other

right not text each other we’re actually

going to talk to each other right and

the reason why that’s important to me is

because that’s what we did growing up so

we had four of us there were four of us

and all different activities that we

were in sure but my mom and dad were

very now i realize intentional yes it’s

the only way it happens is if you’re


intentional about putting us around the

table yeah and that’s where we would

spend time together as a family other

places as well but we were going to have

dinner together yeah didn’t happen every

night of the week but it was it was a

consistent effort on mom’s part to

actually cook something yeah and us sit

down at the table and eat it together

and that’s where we

talked that’s where we had family

devotions that’s where we found out what

was happening in their day yeah we

learned a lot about them and they

learned a lot about us yeah you know

they actually got involved in

how much ministry we did

in the different seasons in our lives

they would actually tell us you guys are

gone too much yeah but but

around the dinner tables where we heard

what was happening in our kids lives and

their hearts yeah you know like anthony

our son

we learned that we couldn’t just tell

him the day before that we were leaving

for africa

and we thought we were doing that was

wise because he was he’s a sensitive

child and we thought don’t give him this

information two weeks out let’s just do

it the day before but we learned at the

dining room table that anthony needs to

know a year out

yes so the dining room table was very

important for us yeah to learn so is

that lost on this this generation i

think so i think they’re eating along

the television or i saw a commercial

laurie recently yeah where families were

sitting eating dinner

like we’re sitting today

but they’re all over there they were all

on their iphones talking to each other

oh my goodness literally communicating

sitting together by the iphone so i

think it has to be intentional that we

put the phones away whatever and sit

someplace where we really listen to each

other and talk to each other and and

meal planning doesn’t have to be huge

because women are busy today yeah so

many of them have to be in the


uh helping to support the family’s

income and

so dinner could be spaghetti just make

sure there’s something green in the

plate mom you just freed a bunch of

people like right there because i think

we see on instagram these beautiful

images of these gourmet meals that

somebody is making in their crisp white

kitchen you know it’s all white and gray

and modern and you know it’s amazing the

guilt yes

because you’re like i’m barely figuring

out this hamburger helper right here

right and um i mean even my mom

even recently we had this conversation

and she reminded me that there was a

time when my dad said to her

don’t try to be new and creative about

the meals just cook what you know they

like like because you know it’s

frustrating when you do all that and

then you put it in front of your kids

and they’re like oh this is too spicy

this is too i don’t like it i don’t like

it you know you just want to say you’re

going to eat it yeah today

um but instead of being frustrated she

was like you know what just make what

they like yes just make what they like

put some vegetables on the plate and

then let it be simple and easy a one-pan

casserole is fine just do that so you’re

not frustrated yes sit down at the table

just hide the vegetables in the

casserole that’s right

and pull out a crock pot all right

crocodile will change get that bite in

there that’s scary

i love it

we kind of went through this little

stage where when we got to the table

everybody put their iphones in a pile

and whoever gets on it first pays for

the meal

oh so that didn’t last long because

with your children being adult children

you mean whoever gets on there yes oh no

okay that’s a good idea so whether there

is an allowance or whatever it comes

right out of you


you know that

chick-fil-a had this promotion at one

point where they had these little um

baskets that were on all their tables at

all their restaurants and they were

called phone coops like chicken coops

and the whole place was when you came

into their restaurant they were

encouraging you to have everybody put it

in a basket

and talk to each other and i thought

that was so great and such a great

example for families because we we have


cell phone contract actually

and one of the things on the contract is

after 7 30 pm i think it might be 8 p.m

everybody’s phones are plugged up

you cannot be on your phone after 8 p.m

and um also at the dinner table dinner

table well dinner lunch anytime we’re

sitting together at a meal or restaurant

or for my kids you know when an adult is

talking to you

you are not to be on your cell phone and

i think i am tempted actually soon

that i’m going to put a basket out of

the front door and whenever their

friends come over i think i’m going to

have everybody that’s going to put their

cell phone so if your mom needs to

contact you sure come down and see if

she’s texted you but if they don’t have

them i find out that they actually go

play ping pong they actually get get in

the pool or they’ll play basketball or

they’ll you know they’ll hang out okay

so you’re you’re a mom with rules yeah

you’ve got your three big boys tell us

about those rules and how do we how do

we maintain it how do we um i’m sure

there’s a lot of women listening right

now that maybe their kids don’t listen

to them yeah sure much how do you speak

to that oh do you know i don’t know if i

could speak to this really well but i


when my babies were babies and they’re

in the crib and you know how you’re

trying to maybe train them to sleep

through the night or something and

they’re crying and every i mean all your

mom parts want to grab that baby you

just you just want to get your hands on

it baby and stop the crying and you want

to console them i remember standing over

the crib

because an older woman in my life

encouraged me to do this and reminding


i’m the mom i’m i’m in charge

i’m the boss here yeah the baby’s not

the boss

i’m the boss

and i get the privilege of helping to

shape this life to join with god he’s

entrusted this life to me i get the

privilege of shaping this life and i

only have really a short span of time to

do it yeah but i re you know it doesn’t

seem like it at the time every day seems

like an eternity you know when they’re


but then when they get to high school

you start to see actually this is going

really fast but i had to kind of hype

myself up and remind myself that i was

the boss so i think we live in a day and

age where

children are the boss

like they’re kind of they’re totally

ignoring what their parents wishes are

because there are no consequences

there’s no follow-through

or there haven’t been enough parameters

set and most of the time

even though your children won’t say it

they’re longing for some boundaries

because boundaries given by an adult who

loves them says and communicates that

they’re loved yes and that they’re going

to be taking i hate to cut you off but

that was that word is a good word for

single parents

that think that they’re inadequate i

need i need no no they’re still in

charge yeah so that’s a good word for

single parents so i have to remind

myself of that even now like oh no

actually i’m the boss

what do i want my children’s

childhood to look like what memories do

i want them to have if i want them to

have memories as adults

of sitting around the table with their

family well then if i don’t make a rule

about what that’s going to look like and

here’s what we’re going to do well then

i’ve actually robbed them of a memory

that they could have had in adulthood

but i let them just left them to their

own devices and didn’t

cultivate that time so just it almost it

just i guess takes a little courage

to remind yourself that i’m the boss

here well i remember my dad talking

about people coming saying i don’t know

what to do with my kid you know he’s

three years old and

my dad would just look at him going

god gave you that baby when he couldn’t

walk he couldn’t talk he didn’t have any

teeth didn’t have any hair

and it’s your responsibility

to because it is a gift from god and

we’re responsible for that gift what

about women that have maybe passed that

time where they have that influence i

mean i’m sure that’s where prayer is

huge is a huge way yeah

and still and i i say still take the

opportunity if if even it’s past that


i say still take the opportunity every

time god gives you a chance to speak

into your life the lives of your

children even even though they’re adults

you know i still call my kids

and if it’s a long


inspiration god’s given me to tell my

kids i tell them hang up

and don’t when i call back

just when you have time listen to what

the lord

inspired me to share with you so i think

there’s always opportunity to still


into the lives of our children or those

that we have care of family friends

i mentioned single parents if they allow

you to speak into the children’s lives

you know proverbs 18 21 says we need to

speak good

and today kids need to hear

good because there’s so much evil around

yeah and i think go ahead i was just

going to say i think also

to know that the mercy and the grace of

god covers our faults and our frailties

and our weaknesses so if there was

dysfunction because who doesn’t have

dysfunction you know in some capacity

and in the way they raise their children

or their upbringing coming up um you

just sit back in that and you go okay

well lord you know what the lapses were

in my judgment you know how i didn’t

necessarily get everything right because

nobody does and so god would you

bring the right people into their life

would you shape their character in this

you know as a young adult would you do

what now i i can’t do hands-on because

i’m not with him every day but lord

i give my kid to you

and just know that his mercy that’s what

it does his mercy doesn’t give us what

we do deserve and his grace gives us

what we don’t deserve

and um and so that’s the goodness of god

yeah and you know i love what you’re

talking about though about setting the

boundaries yeah because in those

boundaries come safety safety yeah and


children left on their own i mean the

bible tells us all about it children

left to themselves brings shame

you know but setting those boundaries i

think that’s so important because i do

um in a world that is so um

you know the internet phones all of that

boy it’s easy to just let the kids be

with other kids go to their houses and

and they’re just kind of free to to do

what they want to do and i think as


we do need to gather our children yeah

and and

bring them

in-house a little more than what they

are yeah i ca i kept my kids with me i i


you know they went to school

through the third and the sixth grade

but but i kept them with me if i

back back at that time we had our own

company and i was able to travel with my

husband and i didn’t go without my kids

we just didn’t matt didn’t either you

know we just took them and i know that’s

not a

it’s not

yeah everybody’s reality exactly but um

i think that’s so important of course

yeah just being close by being close by

yeah it’s like i mean think about when

you’re tr people that nobody nobody

thinks about this but i saw a news story

about somebody growing this prized

tomato and that’s the only reason why

it’s on my mind and in order for the

tomato actually to grow

to the full capacity that it needs to

grow it has to be strapped very closely

to a post um that’s the only way that it

and by the way other

tomatoes have to be cut off that could

have been good tomatoes but for all the

nutrients to get to the one that’s going

to be the prized tomato if it’s not

close to the post and if other things

are not cut away it will not get

everything that it needs it’ll be it’ll

be okay tomato but it won’t be the

prized tomato if it’s not close yeah and

i think you’re right that we got to pull

our kids in get them close to the post

and and again like

little things like just having dinner

together like we’re talking about or

deciding that before bed hey we’re going

to sit here for 10 minutes everybody’s

going to turn off all your stuff we’re

going to play one round of uno and then

we’re just going to figure out what

happened in everybody’s day

i think little things like that where we

don’t have to be perfect parents but

just consistent just pick the thing

you’re going to do and then do that

thing do it well just do it yeah yeah

did you make them go to church every

time the church doors were open yes

unless they were sick unto death

they had to be there in church and tony

got to a point where you know the boys i

just had them put on slacks and t-shirts

you know right or shirts and tony looked

at me one sunday and said no i want them

to dress for church this was 40

something years ago now people go to

church any way they like they’re just

comfortable but he just wanted them to

wear a tie

and a white shirt and things like that

so that’s yes that’s how churchy we were

but now i look at my grandkids and they

come to church

in their shorts and it’s fine it’s fine

it’s fine priscilla

it’s fine i admire that that there’s so

much release and so much freedom now

right but in our day 40-something years

ago your dad is very traditional when it

comes to how you look for church and you

guys never catch you in skinny jeans at

church still to this day lois evans does

not cover the church

oh boy so church was very important yes


as it relates to the youth service or

the youth choir or things like that if

my children said they didn’t want to go

we had them sit with us in church yeah

yeah but church was important yeah what

traits do you see in priscilla that that

you gave her

that’s great what what traits did i give

you priscilla it’s kind of like a

question for you go


what traits did you give me well

i think that my interest in being a mom

who’s there for her children came from

my mom yes i saw that modeled in her and

and it’s it looks very different for me

because i do have ministry that the lord

is entrusted to us so it looks a little

bit different than when my mom did it

yeah um but that that’s important to me

lots of traditions um like every

christmas we would always um pick a

family that was in need and my parents

would take us shopping for that family

yes and they i think that you tried to

coordinate it so there were some

children in that family that were near

our ages right so we could shop for

those kids and with those kids in mind

then we would go to that that family’s


and we would give to them and i still do

that with my children now so there are

things even like that that just got

they’re just kind of a part of the fiber

of my life but then also my mom used to

teach us bible stories

with a flannel board yeah remember back

in the day back in the day there’s no

ipads there’s like a flannel board and

these little felt pieces yeah and she’d

put the felt pieces up on the black

fennel do you still have the black

flannel board no i finally let it go oh

i’m so sad i should have kept it but

you know every now and then she put the

pieces in our hands yeah so that we

could tell the bible story and look how

the lord kind of lit a match in my heart

lit a fire in my heart for telling the

bible story just from a flannel board

and some flannel pieces and yeah being

in my pajamas at my mom’s knees

listening to her tell stories yeah so in

the scriptures 43 years of pastoring

here in the dallas fort worth metroplex

right yes right here in dallas starting

our home with 10 people right here in

dallas goodness gracious

that’s some faithfulness yeah and that’s

a lot of mothering i mean she’s

mothering a lot more than the four of us

when you think about it yeah

mentoring the whole 43 years and

sometimes it wasn’t mentoring coming out

of my mouth it was mentoring with them

watching what i was doing my family yeah

because i couldn’t in those early days i

actually sit and counsel

and preach and teach that type of thing

what i did

was my ministry and now the women told

me we just kind of followed what you

were doing with your children

and so i want people to know you’re

mentoring all the time

all the time and everybody’s doing it

aren’t they yeah yeah

and i think it was good too that they

got to see us be very imperfect yeah

that we

you know my


i gave my parents a run for their money

okay so were you the problem child okay

now we’re getting down to business

this is the tv

of all of all my siblings seriously

probably the one that gave you the

hardest time yeah we kept our eyes we

kept our eyes on priscilla a lot more

uh a lot more and the thing is you know

the train up the child the scriptures

talk about trying out the child and the

way they should go right that’s hard

work because you’re not sure where

they’re gonna go

and so but we kept our eyes on priscilla

a lot more she’s

still is our outgoing personality

very gifted and just kind of trying to

direct that and not quench the


how do we do that yeah how do we do that

because there are strong-willed kids out

there that are get i mean look at her

she’s she’s amazing yes you know and

gifted but she probably was a very

very strong


but look how god is using right you know

the gift of communication and her dad i

must say on live television all over the

world that her dad takes credit she’s

telling her

she needs to

do her degree program in communications

so i want to make that announcement

but they would have done that for me oh

yeah because we saw that in her yeah she


still is she wants to plan things and

she’s the life of the party and mommy i

can do that when i had guests for dinner

which was almost every sunday priscilla

wanted to do name bad name place

whatever you call them

for the guests so they knew where to sit

right and she would help me get the

table set so we saw

a lot of gifting in her but we had to

manage it because it could have taken

her another way and i’m going to just be

careful here

so it’s just again i would say train up

the channel the way that they should go

it’s a lot of monitoring there’s a lot

of managing it’s a lot of talking it’s a

lot of communicating there’s a lot of

partnering with your mate or family


to make sure the kid walks in the path

yeah because you were trying to figure

it out as well what is god doing with

this child

yeah so how do you think the easiest way

to know

to know that is

that just what the past

time time with the children

back to that kitchen table or dining

room table time and you would say daddy

too spent a lot of time with you guys


a little bit of reality

some days it was too much happening for


to manage four kids pick them up from

school ball games dinner what’s for


and thank the lord uh the churches

across the street from our church from

our home

so i would tell i’ll call tony and say

tony time’s up for counseling and

ministering over there i need some i

need you to come and literally laurie

it would be so draining to try to figure


what to do with each kid that he would

say lois

he would greet me with a kiss and let me

just go to walk them all

just let me out of the house


recoup refuel restore myself to come

back to managing so we’re not talking


something that’s easy in fact it’s so

hard recently that it was

a lot of hard years

very hard i remember okay this is not my

show it’s lori’s show no no this is your

show baby there are a lot of women that

are it’s hard it’s hard and they think

it just happens by us moses for some of


no it’s intentional

it’s in it’s investing

it’s hard

work i remember one day

we had a baby jonathan i remember

looking in the bastard and saying thank

you lord for the gift

and then i sat at the edge of the bed

and said

what’s for dinner

i don’t even know what’s for dinner

i don’t i can’t go to a grocery store

i’ve got a little one here

what do we do i remember tony coming

home and saying lois

i said tony i just don’t know if i could

continue on with all that god’s called

us to do

because i really believe he just gave us

a new gift

the church is growing

my ministry is growing

but i really believe my first commitment

is to my family titus 2 talks about that

and so the lord’s given us these

priorities of family first and children

first but here i am sitting as a

pastor’s wife with my hand in my lap

not knowing

what next to do

and i yes i sent tony to the store i

said get some back to the spaghetti

again that was the quickest meal get

some spaghetti get something green get

some broccoli and that’s dinner and

tony’s not a cook but he helped me that

day you know so it takes a whole lot to

make it happen and yes we do have those

real reality days

but in the midst of it


i had a mom and a grandmother that had

just probably a harder life than i had

and i saw them do it for his name’s sake

and that’s what’s been ringing in my

head all these years still does as i

watch my kids now raising my


do it for his name’s sake because you

have all you need to make it happen you

have all the power you need sometimes

yes we need respites

we need time away

but but to do it for his namesake

because isaiah let me go to my ipad real


iphone uh and i didn’t notice let me

read the scripture to you why i do it

day in and day out

uh it says in isaiah 59 21 this is not

just about you and me

it’s about generations to come we need

to leave the lord’s name strong for

generations to come it’s not about you

and me it says in isaiah 59 21 as for me

god says this is my covenant with them

my spirit that i’ve placed upon you

and the words that i’ve given you to


they’re not going to leave your mouths

now the mouths of your children nor the

mouths of your grandchildren you will

keep repeating these words and won’t

ever stop that’s god’s orders that’s the

message bible god’s ordering you and me

so when when you come to those places

where you just want to

throw your hands up remember

you have an awesome god

that has a plan for you and wants you to

make sure your children know and

grandchildren know because this is

generational yeah god bless you that you

know what miss lois there’s so many

women and i know men are are mothering

too they’re they’re in that business

also can you just pray for them it seems

like you’ve got

that going right now why don’t you just

pray sometimes we have a little more

faith in somebody else’s prayer that’s

praying for us maybe even our own

prayers could you just minister to the

people and pray for them right now

father i thank you so much jesus for

this opportunity to just talk to moms

and those that are


with bringing children up that this is

not about us it’s about you

and what you’ve empowered us to do

you’ve given us all we need to make it

happen so when the challenging times

come in our life and you said

in this world we will have tribulation

but you also said we’re overcomers

because of the blood of the lamb

that when it’s challenging help us to

hold on to your unchanging hand

and the power that got you out of the


so i pray for mothers today that are


with their hands in their laps thinking

how can i do this how can i make it

i want to remind you

that he’s called you

he’s gifted you he’s empowered you

and he’s released you to raise these

children for his namesake and in his

name so we pray for these ladies today

that are looking and gentlemen and

fathers and grandparents and all of us

who are taking care of the gifts you’ve

given us that we will look at it and

realize it’s a gift from god and he has

given us everything we need to make it


and we pray your power

in jesus name in all the lives that are

listening today

amen amen beautiful

beautiful that’s so good you know i love

the the generational thing because it

says you’ll teach your children and your

children’s children yes the goodness and

the faithfulness of god and what he’s

done for us

and that is that you know every seed is

a deed

and and there are so many grandparents i

think nowadays raising their grandkids


yeah day in and day out yeah and

i wonder is there anything you would

have done differently miss lois


i was talking with one of my daughters

crystal was talking with my daughter

last night

and i said i would have been more

vulnerable to you guys i would have told


what my needs were

and what my um

weaknesses were i would have told you

kids i think you might have sympathized

more with me

because i was telling her that

you know that you probably just sit your

children down and tell them

that you’re doing your best yeah it’s


perfect but you’re doing your best and

tell them why we don’t have we have lean

funds right now

we’re only making so much money we can’t

do what your friends are telling you you

should be doing

so i would say if i had to do it all

over again i would have been more

vulnerable and more communicative that’s

the word community

communicate communicative

yes but my children so they were

could be a part of the journey of our

family yeah but i was just

making things happen making things work

you know again just following my mom and

grandmother like i mentioned they had

challenging times but we never knew it

yeah there was always a clean house and

always a small meal but a delicious meal

so i never saw vulnerability in my mom

or grandmother so i perpetuated that but

now i’m telling younger mothers because

it’s so much more that we have to deal

with now in raising children that you

need to set your kids down at a certain

age you decide age sensitive what you

say but let them know you know it’s only

so much money we have

later on maybe we’ll be able to take you

to the movies and then go for a meal


include your children

in the journey of your family yeah how

do you do that priscilla

you know i think

every now and then i will

tell the boys you know yeah i’m tired


i’m a girl


i’m tired i had a really long day

because you kind of think that your

parents i thought my parents were


exactly i was just getting ready to say

that about mine too

you kind of think they’re superheroes

until you become an adult that you

realize that they actually did have

needs yeah you know there were actually

things that were

concerning them or i think about the way

sometimes as a woman in my 40s now how

just my body’s changing i

excuse me with hormones and weight yeah

oh i know what i’m saying that’s

something happens in the 40s too you


and um i think about that that when my

mom was in that stage of life

um how hard that would have been to

still be full-on with these four kids

and grow in a church with my dad and all

of that she didn’t even know it and

nobody acknowledging yeah that actually

she’s like for real tired not just

because she worked hard but because even

your body as a woman is changing yeah

and how that’s good as daughters maybe

we would have been

would have responded differently or

would have been helpful differently

because we’re aware that oh actually

she’s human

and she actually feels sad when the

other women at the church ignore her or


include her in something that actually

hurts her like it’s not like she’s just

like no big deal she it actually hurts

her heart yeah so then you start to look

at the humanity of your parents so

that’s good just every now and then i’ll

tell the voice i’m tired so we’re

actually going to all make dinner

we’re participating and then after you

guys set the table you know afterwards

the dishes me and your dad are going to

actually go talk mm-hmm because we

haven’t even seen each other all day

while you all clean the dishes good and

i have to set myself up for the fact


the dishes are still gonna be done your


that’s way put it in the right place you

have to go ahead and let go of the

perfectionism of the way you’d like it

to be yes um and that’s actually harder

in our family for my husband than it is

for me just to let them just just let

them at the kitchen you know no matter

what it’ll look like in the end what it

means though is that you and i will have

20 minutes to just sit outside on the

patio and talk for a second yeah well

that’s good you’re actually teaching

your boy kids to cook

yes because our brothers did not know

and that was in that paradigm now the

part of them has shifted boys need to

learn how to cook

yes they do i think so good

we had we we had to do a lot for my

brothers you did yes so my youngest

brother now he’s a husband and a father


we are amazed at what he does because we

thought he could do nothing

he thought he was paralyzed yeah but

he’s the best husband

he was the baby but no he’s he’s a he’s

turned out okay yeah yeah we’re

surprised yes

you know back to the superhero

thing you know i look at my own mom and

my grandmother literally 96 years old

beautiful beautiful grandmothers on both



but truly we didn’t know what they were

going through

no and and my boys here a lot compared

to what i did you know my mom never

complained yeah she was all i knew is i

was not going to be a pastor’s wife

i’d look at my mom i go i don’t know

what i’m i know i’m going to be in

ministry right but i’m sure i’m not

going to be a pastor’s wife yes you know

that’s not what i was going to do

because i admire

you not only have your own family but

you have the family there at the church

yeah and that’s a huge role to play and

i admire you and i adore you for what

you and your your husband have done in

this this city i’m kind of curious about

you though because there’s a question

you asked my mom and i was thinking i

wonder how miss laurie would answer that

what would you have done differently

with your two boys looking back


i probably wouldn’t have been so hard on

my first one yeah probably a little

harder on my second one no i was pretty

hard on my little one

just um he traveled um

at the time with with my ill and they

wish i wouldn’t have been so hard on him

either mom and dad crouch but we were

going to places that you know we were

going to president’s offices around the

world and

he had to be good and he had to be quiet

and he had to you know so i was pretty

pretty rough on him but boy he’s a good


he’s so sweet yeah um

um let me think about that and i’ll get

back okay what about discipline

that’s a huge you know we have swung in

this beautiful united states of america

on what discipline is

my daddy and my mama believed in

spanking yes and and we

yeah the bible says spirit of the rod

you spoil the child it works now i know

we have to be careful how we raise the

rod but anyway go ahead lori but um

that was that

that’s a big that’s a big deal now you

know my dad didn’t believe in a timeout


he didn’t count to three i like that

yeah you know yeah and um

do you have anything to speak to that

well i do think we’ve swung way too far

in the in the wrong direction i i have

had to restrain myself at times being

for example in a grocery store and

listening to a kid behind me talk to his

mother any old kind of way and i mean i

had to restrain myself from turning

around and getting after this kid

talking to his mother that way i

couldn’t believe that she would just

allow that

um so you’re right we’ve gone the other

direction where again we’re letting the

kids kind of run the show yeah and not

have to learn respect and those sorts of

things and self-control so we do

discipline our kids um i i i’m not a fan

of spanking but i do agree i do agree

with the principle that

a controlled spanking is is sometimes

just it is what it is and that’s what a

child needs to get themselves in order i


that obviously that can be taken to the

far extreme too and can become abusive

and then that’s that’s not in any way

what the scripture is suggesting

but i also do think i had a friend years

ago who wrote a book called creative

correction and i do think that there are

some creative ways that you can correct

that instead of reverting to spanking

first to just take a minute to make sure

your boiling point has gone down yeah

which i appreciate so so much now

because i realize that’s what daddy was

doing yeah yeah he would send us to our

room yeah but then it would take him

like 25 minutes to come yeah and that’s

just like it was excruciating

but it was it was so that he could come

down and settle and make sure that

discipline it’s not about getting your

anger out it’s supposed to be about

correcting your child and helping them

to see

um you know

a better way to navigate the situation

but i also think that during that time

there could be some thought put into

some creative ways to correct so for

example crystal did this my older sister

she was raising her first child who’s

now married with a child of her own yeah

when she was raising her um

she kept

well there were several things she did

creatively but one of them was she she

was supposed to be taking things

upstairs there’s a basket there

that anything that needed to go upstairs

back to her room would be put in that

basket and it was her responsibility to

get that upstairs she would just avoid

it she would avoid it so crystal gave

her the whole basket which was now full

and she had to run up

run up the stairs to her room with the

basket put everything away put

everything back in the basket run back

downstairs run back up the stairs with

the basket and she had to do that i

don’t know 10 or 15 times it was a big

like huffing and puffing

major thing but she didn’t forget that

basket anymore after she had to do that

when she wasn’t keeping her room clean

my sister took the door off the hinges

and took the door completely out and

when she still wasn’t cleaning her room

well after no longer having privacy she

had to move out of her room and she had

to sleep downstairs in the living room

she didn’t have the rights to her room

anymore i’m learning a lot today

but you better believe cara started

cleaning up her room after that so i

just wonder if there are some creative

ways that are more specifically

connected to the offense right that

maybe could be more memorable to our kid

and i’m not suggesting that you don’t

spank but i am saying yeah think about

is there something else i could do that

actually is going to get them to learn

this particular principle i love that


the name of that book yeah

it’s called creative correction i think

it might be a decade old now by lisa


and she just talks about creative

options of discipline for your children

based on

certain infractions and

maybe you know you might find a way to

motivate your kid towards something yeah

what’s the um


the role of a grandmother

in wow

grandchildren’s lives you know lori i

had to really learn what that was

because you’ve

lived 18 20 something years

telling everybody what to do and

hopefully them following your directions

and now

you have to work through the fact that

you can’t invade another family it might

be your daughter but she’s married to

someone and they probably have different

rules and different things so


i had to work through that because i was

still in the mode of telling

and and why aren’t you not you know

and so it’s a different role it’s like

supporting your children yeah kind of

find out where the need is and

supporting like they would call and tell

me they’re working on certain things in

their children’s lives so when i’m

around them i try to see be positive

about that yeah

yes plant seed into that so it’s kind of

hands off but you kind of want to have

your hands on it’s it’s it’s really

different different

but i feel like

where i feel i’m having an impact i hope


encouraging whatever they need yeah

making sure to hear from the grandmother

and even tony we would tell we would

tell daddy

you know you might need to say a word

here and a word there so that’s where we

are as grandparents you love that and

just loving in them i love them to sit

between me and

service yeah because then i

they’re on their ipads and iphones but i

still put the bible in front of them

there is a word here

just because they don’t use the bible

per se the kids they use the ipads so i

i love the pages i want to see the pages

and like sunday that he was reading of a

different version than what i had and so

joel looked at me and he said it’s

different i said it’s a different

version so i was able to kind of

talk through some things and so i love

that they’re in church and i hope i’m

answering your questions absolutely it’s

kind of hands off because you want to

respect the family right but i think

it’s so important though to support yeah

what they’re what they’re hearing at

home what they’re kind of dealing with

at home to have that support that’s

amazing and i think that you know

my mom is also being very consistent in

my dad about still having some

traditions that are that are rooted in

our history

so now my parents have great

grandchildren now i have two great


and you know every fourth of july every

christmas you know there are going to be

certain every easter we’re together you

know every first sunday of the month

my entire family has dinner together

and that’s spurred on by grandparents

who are saying actually we’re going to

come together and do certain things

together and so my mom sort of stole the

spearhead with that and we’ve just

recently had a conversation because you

know it’s a lot of us now yes

just the children alone are like 18

grandkids yeah and then there’s all of

us and our spouses and

and so we’ve had even had a conversation

about that recently about well you know

christmas is a lot of cooking because we

all want my mother’s cooking


they all have a special dish she has

like 12 dishes like what and um you

probably heard her accent she’s from

guyana south america so we get the

guyanese food that we kind of love on

christmas so we’re all waiting for it i

know so there are still some things we

want my mom to cook but she’s been very

honest with us i still want this

tradition yes but we we can’t we all

have to participate because

yeah can we do it a different way or

even in a different place or whether

it’s more room or we just have to

negotiate it but it’s still rooted in

the tradition that starts at the helm

and sort of filters down so in that way

for our children they do not know a

christmas outside of yeah we wake up we

do something together with our little

family but then we’re going to nani and

poppy’s house and they can’t even

imagine a christmas that doesn’t involve

donnie and poppy they wouldn’t even know

what to do with that so the fact that we

that they still have that

is a treasure and and i’m thinking about

the person who you know maybe their

parents have passed on or their

grandparents have passed on they don’t

have that well

don’t don’t be discouraged yeah be be

excited because that means it’s you

you’re the one that gets to decide yeah

what do i want the tradition to be that

i start with my kids that we can

continue when my grandkids come yes and

just start that tradition that’s

beautiful keep doing it let me just be

faithful to it i’m sorry to interrupt

you but she’s used to that i cut them

off all the time

because i’m using the age thing if i

don’t speak right now i’ll forget


but one thing you forgot to tell them

how old you are no i don’t want to do

that because today does not reflect my

age this is not my hair

that was that was a lot of information

oh it’s too much information

but let me back up a little bit even

when we get together as a family

a part of the tradition of getting

together is the children saying they’re

bible verses yes and they run my husband

puts a chair up in the room and the kids

run in competition with each other to

say their verses even the little ones

the little two-year-old we let her sing

she sings a verse yeah but our point is

we’re just kind of instilling in our

grandchildren like the scripture says

the word beautiful yeah beautiful

priscilla we’ve got a few more minutes

in this beautiful show i have loved this

every minute of this conversation i love

when you speak about the family i love

the blessing that you pray over your

boys for the last little while once you

look into that camera and just minister

to the people and encourage them till we

go out okay i’d love to do that i do

want to encourage you to

not strive for perfection in your

parenting just just consistency just

pick what it is that you want to do that

you want to be faithful about and

consistent about with your children

whether it’s

baking bread you know you decide i want

to bake bread so my kids can remember

the smell of bread bacon you don’t have

to be perfect at it just decide if

that’s what you want to do just do it if

it’s that you want to have a meal around

a table pick the two nights a week this

week you can get it done and do it if

it’s that you want to have devotions do

it just start and you don’t have to be

perfect but your kids will remember

whatever it is that you’re doing

consistently and faithfully

and that’s what we had growing up i will

i will say that it wasn’t perfection it


consistent intentional parents and i’m

so grateful for that now your kids will

be too if you’re on the other side of

raising your children and you feel maybe

a little discouraged because you’re

looking back and you’re thinking man

there’s so many things i would have done

differently well welcome to the club

there are so many things that all of us

as parents look back and would have done

differently but it’s okay because the

holy spirit’s got you covered there’s

grace and mercy that is sufficient for

all of our weaknesses and our

shortcomings and our frailty and i’m so

grateful for that from my own life and

i’m grateful for that for yours as well

so i just want to

tell you that one of the things that i

do consistently with my boys is pretty

much every single day as much as i can i

square them up and i do

say some words over them it’s almost

like a little prayer they are so annoyed

that i say it to them but i say it to

them anyway and i encourage you to write

something down for your kids your

daughter or your son and speak it over

them i say to my sons that you are a man

of integrity character and honesty and

you will love the lord your god with all

your heart with all your soul and with

all your strength today you’ll be a

blessing to your teachers and you will

be a blessing to your friends you will

put on the full armor of god so that you

can stand firm against the schemes of

the enemy you are the head you are not

the tail you are above you are not

beneath you are a leader you are not a

follower and today is going to be one of

the best days of your entire life and i

know that they get annoyed by it but you

know the fact that they can quote some

of it back to me what that says to me is

that it’s getting into their system and

that they’re going to believe about them

whatever it is i say about them and so i

want to speak to you from god’s word and

i want you to believe what god god’s

word says about you too

and god’s word says that you have been

equipped by the spirit of god that every

spiritual blessing that you need

ephesians 1 says pertaining to not just

godliness but pertaining to your life

every spiritual blessing you need he has

already given you you have been lavished

upon with the grace and the goodness of

god the equipping of god to be the

mother or the grandmother that he has

called you to be you walk in victory not

in defeat there is an enemy yes but he

is already underneath your feet he may

form a weapon against you but that

weapon has no possibility of prospering

and he already knows that before he even

gets started you have not been given a

spirit of fear but of power and of love

and of a sound mind and you will be a

woman a mother a grandmother a single

mother who makes a mark on a generations

to come and god’s blessing will flow not

just to you but through you one

generation to the next and the next and

i’m praying the blessing over you that

i’ve gotten to see come to fruition in

my own parents life i’m praying that you

will not just see the blessing extent of

your children but that you’ll live long

enough your eyes will be open long

enough to see your grandchildren and

your great-grandchildren one generation

after the the other experiencing the

blessing of god let me pray for you

lord jesus i thank you for my sister and

my brother who might be sitting on the

other side of the screen i pray right

now in jesus name that if there’s any

discouragement on them that you would

lift it off of them father you would

replace it with encouragement father you

would infuse them with your courage to

do what it is that you’ve called them to

be to do to be who you’ve called them to

be i pray lord that you would blanket

their life in a peace that passes all

understanding yes lord i pray for

supernatural discernment for the mother

who is trying to deal with a toddler

lord a teenager lord a young adult for

the grandmother that’s trying to figure

out her place in it all lord i pray for

supernatural discernment and wisdom

father as they train up their children

in the way that they should go would you

give them your eyes to see that child

even that problem child lord through

your lens so that they can steward and

guide in a way that will bring you

utmost honor father and i pray in the

meanwhile lord that you would help them

to know that every deficiency they have

has already been covered by your grace

your blood poured out on calvary it’s

already finished it’s done so lord not

to look at their weaknesses but to

remember that in our weaknesses your

strength is made perfect and so we give

our families to you our children to you

both now and forevermore in jesus name

amen amen oh amen at tbn our mission is

to use every available means to reach as

many individuals and families as

possible with the life-changing gospel

of jesus christ thank you for helping


the gospel of grace go around the world

without you we couldn’t do it god bless