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Priscilla Shirer and Jentezen Franklin sit down with Matt and Laurie Crouch on TBN’s Praise to talk about discerning God’s voice in our lives, and surrounding ourselves with people who will encourage us and strengthen our faith. This video was brought to you by TBN Networks®. SUBSCRIBE here and never miss an upload! https://www.youtube.com/c/PraiseTBN/?… WATCH full Praise episodes for free on the TBN app: https://watch.tbn.org/praise NEED PRAYER? TBN’s Prayer Partners would love to pray with you and are available 24/7: 714-731-1000 (U.S. and Canada) and +1-714-731-1000 (International). On the air since 1973, TBN’s flagship ministry and talk show Praise is one of the most recognizable — and most watched — Christian programs in the world. Taped before a live audience and hosted by TBN’s own Matt and Laurie Crouch along with other popular personalities, Praise features the best in contemporary Christian music and worship, fresh and impacting ministry voices, engaging interviews from a wide variety of guests, and a fast-moving hour of relevant talk you won’t want to miss! #tbn #priscillashirer #jentezenfranklin 00:00 Intro 00:26 How God Speaks 01:55 God’s Voice in Scripture 03:52 The More You Know God 05:14 Hungering for His Presence 06:25 Dissatisfied with the Mundane 08:18 Confirming God’s Voice 09:03 Spiritual Mentors 09:59 The Right People 13:45 Supernatural Guidance 16:43 Discerning the Voice of God

Discerning the voice of God is never

something you’re going to arrive at it

is never something you’re going to be

successful at it is going to be a

journey with God as you walk in The

rhythms of Grace if you will be open

this is a year of Supernatural guidance

for your life thank you Lord and when

the right people enter your life

you learn you learn through two ways

mistakes and mentors

does God Speak audibly

does he only speak through his word does

he speak how how what are the different

ways that you certainly know of that God

speaks to you

um I’ve never heard the audible voice of

God babe have you gonna miss something I

have not no no not yet but I think there

is something internal yeah in you that

you that you feel the presence of God

and it lines up with scripture which

confirms okay this is what I’m hearing

that’s right so the holy spirit of God

illumines Scripture the book is alive

and he causes the the old presets of

scripture to have a now-ness and a

newness that applies and intersects with

our personal experience so as Jerry

mentioned the holy spirit in US confirms

and corroborates and connects with the

the word of God and causes it to

intersect with our experience so that

that verse that has something to do with

David and Goliath all of a sudden it’s

not about David and Goliath it actually

applies to what you’re facing right then

in your life and you understand it as a

directive straight straight from God and

then there’s the conviction you know the

conviction of the holy spirit that that

green light of ease and peace that says

go that that yellow light of warning and

uneasiness that says hold up a minute

till you get clarity and then that red

light that is a straight up no there’s

no peace there’s confusion there’s

dissension that’s the holy spirit’s way

of telling you no don’t go there there’s

a better yes for you if you’ll just wait

and be patient have you ever heard the

still small voice of the Lord in a

phrase and an impression what describes

some of what is in Discerning the voice

of God how how the Lord speaks or how

this conversation unfolds with you yes

well most of the time most

to me through his word it is exactly

what I described it is reading through a

portion of scripture and on that day

it’s like the Holy Spirit has taken out

a highlighter and has highlighted this

verse you have seen a million times

before but on that day it leaps up off

the page and it grips you that’s the

only way I can really describe it is

that it grips you in the depths of your

soul and causes you to pause for a

moment because it seems to be literally

speaking to something that’s happening

in your life most of the time that is

the voice of God we have discounted I

think the power of scripture because if

we say we want to hear from God and we

never actually read the love letter that

he wrote to us we don’t want to really

hear from God and we rarely will because

the Canon of scripture is not only it

not only provides the boundary into

which everything God says to us will

fall because he’ll never say anything

that manipulates the scriptures or his

character as revealed in the scriptures

so it not only gives us the boundary but

it also provides for us the number one

mechanism through which we have the

privilege to hear him in the first place

beautiful the reality is that sometimes

you do not know until hindsight that

what you heard was the voice of God

there you go and the reality is that

there is grace and mercy to cover our

missteps and that the Lord in his

graciousness toward us his knowledge of

our Frailty and our Humanity for the

Willing heart who desires to do his will

even when we make mistakes he allows

them to become our greatest teachers for

hearing him correctly in the future he

does not hold it against us because

we’ve misstepped along the way so

um just Grace for those of us yes who

have ever heard God wrong

and wish we could get it get it right

one of the people I sort of interviewed

when I was first writing that book many

you know over a decade ago now I

interviewed Henry blackaby who wrote

experience in God yes and I you know had

my notebook out my pen I was going to

take a seminary class from Henry

blackody you know and I said how do you

know when you’re hearing God and he gave

me lots of incredible answers to that

question but really he summed it up this

way he said The more you know God the

more clearly you can hear God

there was really nothing for me to write

down because it boiled down to Priscilla

it’s simple he said The more you know

him the more clearly you can hear him so

the reason why we go to the scriptures

the reason why we have quiet time the

reason why we fellowship with other

believers who are going to help us

remain encouraged in our faith is

because we’re just trying to get to know

God when you know his character when you

know the nuances of what he does say and

what he wouldn’t say because how he

spoke to our forefathers because of how

he handled circumstances previously with

people in the scriptures who were going

through some of the same scenarios we’re

going through now when you see his

personality and his character then you

know when you hear the voice of fear

uh-uh that don’t sound like my god when

you hear the voice of your ego Pride

jealousy divisiveness stepping in all of

that stuff that in our flesh is also

trying to get a word in edgewise we can

quickly quickly pinpoint the voice of a

stranger because if we know God the more

clearly we can discern and divide his

voice from a stranger you know what it

does yeah it ruins you for church as

usual oh hey

yeah that regular Old Mundane Christian

readiversity to keep the devil away sit

in church go because my mama went my

grandmother went this is what we do all

of that goes away okay because you’re

hungering for what you know you’ve

experienced before actually sensing the

voice of God his presence near you

listen sometimes hearing God is less

about having a specific word and more

about just a Nearness of his presence

just knowing that he’s near I’m talking

about where your physical body responds

to the presence of God there are times

when you know he’s near because he’s

omnipresent there are times where it he

manifests himself in a way where the the

hair on the back of your neck stands out

kind of fail Goosebumps yes and in those

moments once you start sensing The

Nearness of God in that way you’re

ruined for all just doing stuff because

it’s what you’re supposed to be doing

and you want more of that and I think

what a lot of people need to understand

and he also speaks through his silence

very much so you know I’m not saying


you know think about the years in the

world where you know from the old to New

Testament he was just silent yeah

and his silence means stay still don’t

move I got you yeah this is on the heart

of God right now this is the people

being dissatisfied with the mundane yeah

we are wanting to hear God’s voice

wanting to know you know I don’t I mean

you know not what to to eat today yeah

necessarily but needing to know to help

their kids yeah to their jobs their you

know in every area of your life I

believe God is speaking or wants to

speak or wants to have a say yes and you

know I want to say too that just that

sense of dissatisfaction that that

someone may be feeling that we all feel

when we’re going to be launched into the

next level in our relationship with God

sometimes that dissatisfaction makes us

so upset and so frustrated because we

just want to know the answer we want to

get to the answer but the

dissatisfaction itself is a sign of

God’s spirit working with it absolutely

and the satisfaction the journey that it

is going to lead you on the lessons that

are meant to be learned they’re going to

be learned because the dissatisfaction

sent you on a journey the journey itself

is not a waste of time Discerning the

voice of God is never something you’re

going to arrive at it is never something

you’re going to be successful at it is

going to be a journey with God as you

walk in The rhythms of Grace you will be

on your deathbed still wanting to know

whether or not you have clearly heard

the voice of God because we are human

he’s mysterious he is God and aren’t we

glad that he’s not just a big version of

us I don’t want God to just be a big me

I want God to be so far beyond my

imagination that I can never arrive at

the knowledge of him that I have to

constantly and consistently be growing

well because it takes faith it takes

Faith to say okay you know what that

that’s why I always say if we step out

in faith kind of no matter what it is

but if we walk in faith how can we ever

fail in that that’s right that’s right

if we’re believing that we’re doing what

God’s called us and we could have been

in our yeah yeah even when we’re when

we’re unsure and we’re unsteady

in in the book I list several of these

but I’ll tell you just a couple of them

I believe that he allows us to have the

mercy of confirmation I call them the

five M’s of hearing God when you sense

that God is imparting something upon you

um impressing conviction

um uh just a a push towards something or

away from something ask him for the

mercy of confirmation he knows you’re

just a human he knows that you need to

make sure that his fingerprints are on

this assignment before you move forward

I believe that he honors the sincere

request of his children when they say

Lord would you just do something to

confirm not not because it’s the primary

way you speak I think you’re speaking

would you confirm that by some external

means to point me in the right direction

and then one of the other M’s is the

ministry of Eli do you remember the

little boy Samuel he had an older wiser

guy in his life named Eli who was the

one who pointed out to him that the

voice you’re hearing is the voice of God

you need to have a wiser more mature

believer in your life who you admire not

the car they drive the house they live

on live the success that they’ve

achieved but the ongoing conversational

relationship they have with God the

victory you’ve seen them experience in

your life you go to them and you say

here’s what I think the Lord is saying

would you pray through this with me

listen I’ve got those people in my life

the majority of the things that we have

done in ministry as a couple we have not

done I’m talking about big things that

would have marked our lives and our

children’s lives we have not done before

we have called people that we are

submitted to their Authority ask them

would they pray through and give us

their wise counsel before we took a step

so we’ve submitted ourselves to the

ministry of Eli we’ve got Eli’s in our

life when you understand that God really

does speak that God really does lead

that God really is concerned about the

details of your life and you learn to

listen to him he will begin to bring the

right people let’s talk about that for

just a moment the right people into your

life so so when the enemy wants to mess

you up he’ll send a person and when God

wants to bless you he God’s not writing

checks God’s not selling cars God’s dog

he doesn’t have a car business out here

he doesn’t have a bank he doesn’t have

an employment agency he’s going to use

somebody wow he’s going to use a person

and when you begin to discern the right

people in your life I think about when I

sit here and I look at YouTube I think

about some right people that came into

my life at the right place at the right

time can I talk about it absolutely I

think about

a phone call that I got when I was just

starting out in Ministry had a tiny

Church of about 300 people we’d build it

up to 300 people

and I got a phone call from Dallas Texas


Miss Jan Crouch has seen you on some TV

show Playing your saxophone she would

like for you to come to Dallas tomorrow

that’s how it happened yeah tomorrow she

would like for you to come tomorrow and

and her and and Paul Crouch are hosting

the show and we would love for you to be

the musical guests well I’m I’m from

Georgia I’m a country I’m as country as

cornbread I’m I mean that you know I was

I was I was terrified and yet humbled

and yet wow next thing I know I’m flying

out on Delta

and I’ll never forget it I walked into

that studio in Dallas

and I just played my horn and it was a

kingdom connection I don’t know any

other way to describe it the next thing

I know she she I got back to the hotel

room and a girl and I don’t know if

she’s still with you Laura Massey yeah

called my I remember these details thing

that touched me Laura was was I had read

the verse and that had that had drove me

to my knees before and when we talk

about the right people the right place

the right plan listen to this I’d read a

scripture that week

from The Book of Psalms that said that

he will exalt your horn oh my God the

horn will be anointed and it will be

exalted and I got that phone call you

know I’m a preacher basically but it

wasn’t the preaching that got my foot in

the door it was my horn my saxophone and

and so I go and I play that night I get

back to the hotel room and I felt like

it went good you know we they were so

kind to me your dad I’ll never forget

how your dad made me feel like a million

bucks I was nobody I steal nobody but he

came over and talked to me and so you

Pastor in Georgia and Jan’s dad used to

Pastor in Augusta and they started or

some where was it Columbus yeah yeah in

Decatur and so make a long story short

they called back and say they would like

for you to stay over tomorrow they’re

going to tape another show and uh the

guest that night by the way was a guy

named TD Jakes who had never been on

there and he preached one on that down

that show go back and look at your years

I was there we rode over in the car

together and I didn’t know him from

anybody and he didn’t know me from

anybody I’m telling you God can get you

from anywhere you are to anywhere he

wants you to be in one day in one day

the right people thank you Lord Paul

Crouch Jan Crouch we’re the right I

don’t know why she liked me I don’t know

why she cared about me but something

happened yeah she opened doors to me all

over the world yeah

and I just really feel this this is more

than a TV taping wow this is a year

of if you will be open this is a year of

Supernatural guidance for your life

thank you Lord and when the right people

enter your life

you learn you learn through two ways

mistakes and mentors pain or people

you’re going to learn one way or the

other I’d rather learn from somebody

else’s pain yeah I’d rather learn from

somebody else’s mistakes and one of the

greatest days of your life is when God

brings into your life

people that are anointed to speak into

your life to Mentor you

sometimes a mentor becomes a tour mentor

because they’re like a coach they’re

trying to bring the best out of you

don’t run from them

and God has these kinds of people I call

them Kingdom connections

that that he will bring into your life

that are bridges to your destiny that

are bridges to your purpose and your

calling and had they not poured into me

at different seasons in my life I don’t

believe I’d be sitting here and I don’t

believe I would be nowhere near as as as

blessed as I am today to preach the

gospel in areas that I never dreamed I

would get to go but they became those

those people you know when Paul was

discouraged and I take great joy in that

listen somebody needs to hear this that

the great Apostle Paul became so he said

he’s put it like this he said I had I

had fears

within and I had problems without you

ever had a day like that you had trouble

on the outside and doubting your own

self on the inside wow

and he said in my lowest hour God sent


you know what Titus name mean means you

can make it oh my goodness God sent her

you can Joel won’t stay right oh my God

sent a Joel oxting a Titus you can make

it don’t you quit now there are 28

seasons in in Ecclesiastes chapter three

time to week time to cry time to dance

time to gather time to scatter the One

season you’ll never see is the season to


and sometimes you need a Titus in your

life that’s a kingdom connection that’s

the right people see there’s flesh

people and there’s they’re Spirit people

flesh people feed your fear Spirit

people feed your faith flesh people feed

your they cause you to abort your your

spiritual dream

but Spirit people like when Mary got

around Elizabeth the Bible said the baby

inside of her began to LEAP the dream

the call the purpose the plan of God

when you start getting around the right

voices in your life they’ll make what’s

in you come alive beautiful I’m doing

that right now I’m the right person for

somebody right now you’re not going to

waste another year of your life thank

you Lord amen it’s time Discerning the

voice of God give us a kind of a a

little bit of a lesson in in how that

works and how it works right and wrong

and you know how do you how do you

discover that too

one of my favorite things that we talk

about is in the book of Hosea chapter 5

God said to Ephraim one of the tribes he

said I will come to you

as a moth it’s the only time in

scripture where God says

Compares himself to a mouth you know

what a moth is it’s just a little insect

it’s just a little little flutter

something how do you describe them all

it’s just it’s so tiny it’s so little

you just kind of do like that and it

goes away

but then in the next verse he says I’ll

come to you as an eagle

lion and then a lion wow wow and you

know I tell people if you open the

closet and you saw a moth in there it

would be no big deal but if you come

back the next day day and you open the

closet and there’s a big old eagle with

sharp claws and a beak that could rip

your flesh to Pieces you’d get your

attention sure but if you on the third

day open that closet and there was a

vicious lion

looking at you it would really get your

attention so the point is this

notice the pattern God says

it’s a powerful thing to to be sensitive

to the voice of God that he you can just

have the gentle flutters of the Holy

Spirit he doesn’t have to scream God

seldom screams almost never he whispers

still Small Voice he wants us not to

have to have the lion not to have to

have the life just being torn all to

pieces in the eagle tearing our lives up

those things will come because whom the

Lord loves he chastens and if he has to

do those things to get you on the right

path he’s got Lions he can release trust

me wow

but his greatest desire this is this is

the tenderness of God that his greatest

desire is just to flutter wow just to

make us sensitive that oh I don’t have

to have some mighty thing I’m reading

the word I’m praying I’m in touch with

his voice and just the flutter is a

strangest thing I was preaching for

um Craig Rochelle not too long ago and

his he had asked me to to come and

preach some sermons and and take them

and then stay over and do his staff

thing and he has like 1200 people that

that had gathered and I had prepared my

messages ahead you know the best I could

and all of that and I was prepared and

just before I walked up that last


I I don’t know how to describe except

that flutter it wasn’t like you know

just overwhelming thus saith the Lord in

Reverb it was just the flutter somebody

said something on the stage that mess

there was another message that I tucked

in my Bible and it and it just came

alive everything in it and I had that

one but it just it didn’t and the

flutter was over there I don’t know how

to describe it

and I walked up and I preached that

message this isn’t about me but I

preached that message and and and I’m

just telling you the it was it was

strong what God did I almost I could

have missed it I could have gone with

just an old program message that that

you know that but I I had that

sensitivity and to be gently impressed

to be tender enough to just have those

gentle impressions of the Holy Spirit

man that’s when you start walking and

Christianity in its greatest form is and

he walks with me and he talks with me

and he and he tells me I am his own