Priscilla Shirer, Joyce Meyer, and Christine Caine empower you to let God write your story, as you trust and know hIm.

trying to rationalize things you will

never understand there comes a point

where you will not understand what God

is doing and you’re gonna have to learn

to trust him what other

other father and hand of God that was

aligning your footsteps and setting you

in the right place at the exact right

time the Manifest presence of God

sometimes we’re ready

we think we’re ready

but even sometimes people that are going

to need to work with you aren’t ready

right you know so there’s a whole lot

that God has to do before we can go do

this thing that we want to do


around with right now

some snake the snake of bitterness in

the last few years

the snake of offense

the snake of anger

the snake of division

it is amazing to me the amount of people

that are walking around in the body and

if we could see in the spirit

the amount of offense

that Believers are carrying around is

startling to me

the bitterness

the unforgiveness

the anger

it is incredible to me and we’re

wondering why we’re not getting much


and we’re not dealing with the snake

because we’re still complaining about

the storm

and we’re not dealing with the snakes

because we’re still complaining about

the shipwrecks and we’re so busy blaming

God for the storm and the Shipwreck that

we’re allowing the snakes to just take

hold and we’re walking around and we’re

being so ineffective because we’re

walking around with a heart we’re not

dealing with a bitterness with the anger

with the offense with a division with a

guile with the lust with agreed with the

Envy we’re just allowing that thing to

hang on to us but scripture didn’t say

that Paul allowed these things to stay

on him when the snake came the Bible

says he shook it off that’s what he did

he shook that stuff off he said that

Venom is not getting on the inside of me

that Venom is not has got no power to

take me out and we’re seeing in the body

of Christ a whole lot of people being

taken out by anger by Confusion by

division by offense by a whole lot of

divisiveness by unforgiveness by

bitterness by not coming to the foot of

the cross and Allah Allowing God to

cleanse them and to break them new and

to deal with all the Brokenness and the

pain and we’re walking around and we’re

allowing the Venom of the Viper to take

us out instead of shaking it off and

walking free in all the Christ has

called us to be and all that Christ has

called us to do it’s time for some woman

in Fort Lauderdale to shake it off shake

off the bitterness shake off the offense

shake off the anger shake off the

depression shake off the anxiety Shake

It Off

Shake It Off

because this Venom will take you out

if you don’t learn to Shake It Off

and I’m about done

with a number of years that we’ve had


particularly the last three years

where we’re excusing

sin and iniquity

attitudes of the heart

because we’re walking around like

victims and it’s not my fault and look

what they did and look what happened it

is time to shake it off and know that we

serve a resurrected King who shed his

blood for us to set us free Shake It Off

Shake It Off

Paul says shook it off

and sit around and have a big dialogue

with God I can’t believe it

not only did you send me into a store

and then you send me to a shipwreck

but now I got a snake

we had a whole bunch of Christians


and lamenting the snakes

not talking about the freedom that’s

housed in Christ

but talking about the snake and

resenting the god that allowed the snake

to bite them when they were serving this


saying really God

of course you’re not true

really if you were real

would I have gone through that storm

if you were real and you were really

good good you are good that’s what we


as if you were to Let Me Get Shipwrecked

not only that

if you were a good good father yes it’s

who you are it’s who you are would there

be a snake hanging off my hand right now

well surely you’re not good

and if you’re not good I wonder if

you’re really real

surely surely I really wonder

I wonder if the Bible’s really real

I wonder if any of this stuff’s really


because we’re allowing

a snake that has no power over us

sink his teeth into us

and poison us with his Venom

just says be very careful

about a root of bitterness

defiling many

you read social media lately

do you know how many people are tweeting

out of a root of bitterness

that is defiling multitudes in the body

defiling multitudes

it’s not tweeting out of a root of


or love or Grace for that matter

but it’s tweeting out of a root of


and I’m watching the Venom spread

through the body

because your bitterness doesn’t just

defile you scripture says it defiles


and I’m about done

I’ve been really quiet for a little


just watching this thing and I’m about


and I want to declare and decree that it

is time to shake it off it is time to

deal with some of this stuff and Shake

It Off and understand that God is who he

says he is


what Paul did is

so many of us we ask the question you

know God how can I be attacked when I’m

doing something wrong

honey the fire came it was the fire that

woke up the snake

and sometimes when you get more on fire

for God and when you’re getting closer

to the purpose of God and you’re

becoming more effective in the things of

God don’t be surprised when some snakes

come out and try to attach themselves to

you but I want you to know their venom

cannot touch you if you learn to Shake

it Off in Jesus name he does not have to

attach itself to you

he can shake it off

rather than lamenting I can’t believe

this must be true because if God was

real this snake wouldn’t be on me or

dare I say the Viper woke up

because the fire inside of you got


when it’s a maturity in the body

where we don’t run from adversity

first snake bite

like are you kidding me

this is a sign that we’re on fire

that we’re doing something effective for

the kingdom of God

we’re so busy telling everyone how to

live their best life now we’re

forgetting to tell them how to fight for

the sake of taking the cause of the

Kingdom forward there was this is not

all unicorns and rainbows honey

we are in a spiritual battle

we’re in spiritual battle

and what we need to do is wake up from

our slumber wake up from our sleep


and not be surprised

by these things that are attaching

themselves to us listen first Peter 4 12

to 13.

I want you to know trials and testing

storms shipwrecks snakes

are part of life first Peter says

beloved do not be surprised

I laugh because I’m always surprised but

anyway I know I try I do I said this to

God recently something happened and when

you tell me not to be surprised I’m

always surprised that’s not fair can’t

you warn me okay so beloved do not be

surprised at the fiery trial when it

comes upon you not if it comes

when when it comes upon you to test you

as though something strange

were happening to you but rejoice in so

far as you share Christ’s sufferings

that you may also rejoice and be glad

when his glory is revealed this is for


why are we freaking out as if it’s some

strange thing

I don’t know whoever sold you a

Christianity that said it was all going

to be unicorns and rainbows

and it was all going to be fantastic and

beautiful and just every day was going

to be fantastic we live in a fallen wall

there is Brokenness there is pain there

is suffering there is sickness there is


we don’t need to be overwhelmed by these

things because in and through Christ we

are more than conquerors through Christ

Jesus who strengthens us but that does

not mean we float through life

so we’ve got to get good at fighting

through life

but we’ve lost our fight

we’ve lost our fight we’ve forgotten

that this is a spiritual battle this is

not it like it’s all about my comfort

Jesus just wants me to be comfortable

and Jesus just wants me to be safe I

mean guide me with a spoon where is that

in the Bible

Jesus did not come to make you nice or

safe or comfortable I promise you

he did not come from Heaven to Earth die

on a cross

such a brutal death and rise again on

the third day so I could be comfortable

I mean are you kidding me he came to

make us dangerous to the kingdom of

darkness that we would establish the

kingdom of life that’s what he came to


so do not be surprised

at the fiery trial

when it comes to test you

I’ve had to remind myself of these

scriptures over the last couple of years

because it just seems like whichever way

I turned there was a fiery trial I

needed a lot of refining I want you to


a lot of refining

John 16 33 I have said these things to

you that in me you may have peace in the

world you will

have tribulation

doesn’t that make you happy

I’m like Jesus said it it’s in red in

the Bible say you know he always talked

in Red so it just that’s it and I love

what he says but take her

I have overcome the world I’m like Jesus

seriously that’s why you’re God and I’m

not but anyway

tribulation will come not might

so when the snake bites jumps up to bite

you I’ve shaken them off so well I can’t

find them anymore

so all the teams got to be freaking out

but when the snake comes up to bite you

don’t be surprised

I I don’t know why we we freak out like

it’s some strange thing there is nothing

strange about the way I’m standing

before you right now there’s nothing


but this is what happens

when the devil tries to sabotage your

commitment to God your faithfulness to

God your commitment to church don’t be


when he tries to take you out with

disappointment and disillusionment don’t

be surprised


he tries to mess with your head and your

intellect and tell you you’re really

dumb that you believe this stuff about


you believe this stuff about the Bible

you believe that Jesus really rose again

like really

this is so

part of what’s talked about in the Bible

don’t be surprised when there’s

persecutions don’t be surprised when

people think you’re an idiot

because Christianity is not bad don’t be

surprised just because you lived in a

nation where once it was cool to be a

Christian now it’s not cool to be a

Christian don’t be surprised don’t be


don’t be surprised that your taste your

faith will be tested

don’t be surprised when that Venom tries

to take you out it actually has no power

but you’ve got to remember your power to

shake it off because if you forget the

power that you have in Christ to shake

it off you’re just going to keep

accruing more and more snakes

and that Venom will take you out

bitterness will take you out trying to

rationalize things you will never

understand there comes a point where you

will not understand what God is doing

and you’re gonna have to learn to trust


because listen Isaiah 55 says his ways

are not our ways his thoughts are not

our thoughts you cannot possibly

understand God he is infinite we are

fine I don’t know whatever made us think

that we could shove him in a test tube

and prove him or put him in some

mathematical formula and make him fit

into our little world we’ve got to pee

on little finite brain he is an infinite

almighty God entirely other to us you

cannot understand him you must trust him

that Jesus is there

in this difficult moment in your

marriage in this trying moment in your

finances in this struggle on your job in

this difficulty in this relationship

you’re rubbing Corners with your boss or

your spouse or this struggle you’re

having on your University campus or in

your high school campus this hard time

that you are having he is there he just

may have come in the package you don’t


and that oftentimes the Fingerprints of

God are not recognized not because he’s

not there it is just because the

expectation we have set up about what he

looks like and how he will speak and how

he will move the prayer request the

solution that he will bring doesn’t

align with the prayer request that we

have prayed we have boxed God into the

way we want him to answer instead of

believing that his ways are not our ways

and his thoughts are not our thoughts as

high as the heavens are above the Earth

that’s how high his thoughts are above

our own and so we box God in when we say

Lord answer my request in this

particular way do you know that you

limit not God but you limit I limit our

experience of God when we say Lord

answer my request exactly this way I

have learned to pray here Lord is my

request you said that I can make it

known here’s how I would like to see you

move in my circumstance thank you Lord

that I can come boldly and make my

request known so I’ve made my request

but at the end of that prayer I’ve

learned to pray Lord Do It

or do something better

because do you know there are categories

of options that our brain doesn’t even

know are available and accessible to us

and if we limit God to what we can think

and what we see as the way we have not

even considered the categories of

opportunity that this Divine holy

Almighty being has accessible to him

y’all he’s not just thinking about you

he’s thinking about your children and

your grandchildren and your

great-grandchildren and those that

aren’t to come and how his kingdom

purposes are going to be outworked in

this generation and so on this occasion

the Messiah shows up and nobody

recognizes him except somebody say


except a guy named Simeon

he had been told and promised

just like we have

that we he would see the Manifest

presence of God he’d been told it

he’d been promised

like we’ve been promised because of our

relationship with God through Christ

Jesus and the Holy Spirit indwelling us

that we will see the Fingerprints of God

working in our lives this is called the

Manifest presence of God

it is unique to omnipresence

omnipresence means that God is

everywhere all at the same time I’m so

grateful for God’s omnipresence because

God’s omnipresence means that when I fly

back to Dallas where I live when my new

friends that I just met from Uganda fly

back to where they live

um that when you all fly back to

wherever it is you’ve come from whether

all over different areas of California

or afar it means that no matter where we

go he is as much with me as he is with


because he is omnipresent

but if you’re anything like me you’re

grateful for a zombie presence but you

want more than that

you want the manifested presence of God

I’m talking about where you can look

back over your circumstances and realize

that his fingerprints were all

throughout that thing I’m talking about

where you can see footprints in the sand

as you actually recognize that God was

walking beside you the whole way I’m

talking about what other people call

coincidence encounters you see The

Sovereign hand of God that was aligning

your footsteps and setting you in the

right place at the exact right time the

Manifest presence of God

I wanted to know what made simeon’s eyes

open to recognize what nobody else in

this scenario did I figured whatever

opened up his eyes might open up our

eyes as well are you ready three things

that I want to point out to you it says

in verse 26 about Simeon it says that it

had been

actually verse 25 I want to start there

there was a man in Jerusalem whose name

was Simeon he was righteous devout

looking for the consolation of Israel we

could spend a whole lot of time in those

three but here’s where I want to harden

the Holy Spirit was upon him

the Holy Spirit was upon him

it says

that he came into the temple verse 27 in

the spirit

verse 26 says it had been revealed to

him by the Holy Spirit

look at the presence of the holy spirit

permeating this text look at how the

author has over and over and over again

highlighted the work of the holy spirit

in opening up simeon’s eyes to be able

to recognize the manifested presence of

God before him in the person of Jesus

Christ Luke here he is just in the

second chapter of this book and by the

way just in these first two chapters he

has already alluded to the spirit 10

times the work of God’s spirit is so

powerful and so needful to a fruitful

experience in the life of the of the

believer that even before the book of

Acts even before Pentecost even before

the spirit has come

Luke points out the movement of the

spirit here in the life of Simeon this

shows you how important the spirit’s

work is how critical it is to making

sure that your spiritual senses your

spiritual radar is heightened so that

you can detect the presence of God

the Holy Spirit was upon him now I want

you to see the work of God’s spirit this

is just the first uh characteristic of

Simeon but I want to just just take some

time for just a few moments on it the

work of God’s spirit is so important it

deserves a little bit of our attention

here there are three ways that the holy

spirit is described as relating to

Simeon in these few verses just just a

few ways that the Holy Spirit relates to

Simeon in these few verses the first

thing it says is that the Holy Spirit

was upon him now listen I want you to

know that if you have placed faith in

Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit lives on

the inside of you

Ephesians chapter 1 says that the moment

you believed you received the Holy

Spirit you were sealed by the Holy

Spirit of promise I want you to know

that at the moment you became a believer

in Jesus Christ you received the most

incredible gift you will ever receive

this side of Eternity and that is the

very presence of God living on the

inside of you the holy spirit is not a

ghost or a wind or a fire or a dove he

is often symbolized by those things but

don’t minimize him that ain’t who he is

the holy spirit is the third person of

the Trinity not third because he is

least in value just third because he’s

the last to be revealed to us in the

pages of scripture but all of the Power

all of the glory all of the authority

all of the Grandeur of God the father is

in the person of the Holy Spirit

which means

if you’re a Believer and the Holy Spirit

lives in you

that means all of the Grandeur and all

of the greatness all of the authority of

God himself now lives on the inside of

you so if you are a Believer you have

the Holy Spirit you are not waiting on

more of the holy spirit all of the Holy

Spirit you ever gonna get you got the

moment you got saved

now you do need to be filled by God’s

spirit so that his influence in your

life grows and grows so that you operate

under the gifting of the spirit so that

you can live according to the fruit of

the spirit that means living beyond your

natural capacity it means when your

patience runs out you can still have

more patience with that person it means

when gentleness has long since left the

building you still find you’ve got a

little gentleness for that when

self-discipline I mean you just don’t

have no more self-discipline in that

area we need the fruit of God’s spirit

so we need to be filled by the spirit as

we yield to him in obedience we are

filled which means he influences us more

our mind is renewed and transformed we

are Sanctified into the image of Christ


so the holy spirit is in you


his relationship with the spirit is not

described in that way

it doesn’t say that the spirit was in

him it says that the Holy Spirit was on


which means

there is a difference between the spirit

being in you

and the spirit

listen to me

the gift of God’s spirit in you oh this

brings tears to my eyes

the gift of God’s spirit in you

he will never leave you nor forsake you

there is nothing you can do to work

yourself out of a relationship with the

Holy Spirit


but him being on you

you got to live a life I I want to live

a life that is a magnet for the presence

of God to rest on me

we can sit in this conference until

we’re blue in the face and applaud the

truths of God and say Amen to the truths

of God but if we leave this room and

live in a way

that is out of alignment with the truth

of God we will not have the spirit rest


if you want the mark of God’s presence

on you I’m talking about where other

people can see you operating in your

gift moving about in the assignments

that you have been given where they can

just see there’s a unique favor on your

life toward that particular task or that

particular Endeavor where you are marked

by something that gives you favor that

gives you his grace for a particular

area of your life then you must live I

must choose to live in a way that honors

God so that God’s presence can rest upon


because he will not force himself on you

he offers you this resting of his

presence and his grace upon your life if

you will choose to live in a way that

does not uh disturb his presence that

does not keep him from being able to be

near you because you have chosen here it

is to be

sometimes you get down the road and

something wasn’t God’s will and you get

about when have you have you ever

confused one of those two things that

you’re not doing something that God’s

will but you don’t want to give up on it

because you know when do you give up

when do you don’t is there a story in

there of something that you can help us

understand when to bail on something or

when to stay consistent so that we can

finish well yeah absolutely I you know

when you can learn what God’s grace is

on and what it’s not

that is one of the best ways to know

whether or not you’re in the will of God

okay I want to hear a lot about that

okay so for example bringing anything

through to the Finish is hard there’s no

doubt about it you got to be determined

you’re not going to give up but

there are things that if God doesn’t do


then you’re not going to have a choice I

mean you there’s certain things that you

know like for me in the beginning

when I started

I had to have

some kind of child care some kind of I

had to have somebody that’s going to

come along and say uh you know I feel

like there’s a call in your life I want

to help you with your kids I didn’t have

any money to pay them you know I didn’t

even really have anybody proper to ask

and so when I look back not only do we

need God to provide for us financially

but we need God to provide lots of other

things in our life and I was just

telling my son coming over here I am


at the amazing people that work for us

that have been there 15 years 20 years

you know nobody’s been there as long as

me but some have been you know really

close and it’s amazing when somebody is

that committed

to somebody else’s Vision wow so God has

provided those people yeah he he but if

he didn’t

I couldn’t do what I’m doing


for example


something’s not working not because it’s

not God’s will but it’s not God’s time

we’re very good about getting ahead of

God yeah and so which is understandable

you know we we feel something in our

heart we’re excited we want to do it we

know it’s God but it just doesn’t work I

tried to go on television

a few years before God put me on


so I uh

was going to take a few of my lady

employees and I was going to do a talk


and we rented a little studio in St


got on a couple of free cable channels

What year do you think this was oh it’s

been at least well I’ve been on

television 20 I mean it’s probably been

maybe close to 30 years ago 30 years ago

something like that and um

so I was going to do this little

interview thing

and it’s really hilarious because I’m

just not good at interviewing I’m just

not I ask a question and then I won’t

let the person I ask the question to


so I’d much rather hear you talked

anyway so honestly I mean that’s not my

strong now they’ve taught me and I’ve

learned and I can pull it off decently

now but I mean if I ask somebody a

question I’d like their answer I was

really great at rerouting it and getting

it around you to what I thought and so

uh it just I wasn’t I wasn’t any good at

it you know I had these five people

sitting there but I didn’t let anybody

talk to me and then

do you have any of those old tapes

I hope not if we can find them trust me

I want to see him okay good I mean even

now with my current show when we started

occasionally doing an interview guest I

mean we had people writing in and saying

will Joyce let the guests talk and so

finally my staff had to come to me my

son and our the head of our TV and he

said we need to talk to you about

something well at first I got my back up

you know I was like well you know don’t

don’t tell me I know how to talk about


I didn’t know this was going to be

comedy I didn’t either

so they had to talk me off the wall you

know down to where I would listen a

little bit and so I’ve learned how to do

it better you know I can actually I’m

not doing too good on this show but I

can do it better

but you’re interviewing me I’m not

interviewing you aren’t you glad

so anyway all right so I went on I was

trying to do the show it wasn’t working

so in six months of being on TV we got

one piece of mail

there was so many

money you know six months and so finally

my Lightning Fast brain said this is not

working so the thing is I have a tear

running down the sideline when you try

that hard to make something work and

it’s just not working that’s probably a

good time to say you know this may not

be God

I was just way ahead of myself and I’m

on television all over the world but

then I couldn’t get one piece of mail in

six months wow because I just it just


the right time thing and so I think

that’s one of the ways that you can tell

if something is right or not I mean what

happened then when it was right because

it’s right now so what what was the

change what do you think what do you

think happened that that’s a great

example okay what what happened well

first of all my husband went out and

bought a TV Camera

which I think I remember at that time it

cost like seventeen thousand dollars

well I was so mad yeah I was like yeah

you haven’t talked to me about that why

did you do that we don’t we don’t have

that kind of money and he’s like I just

I just felt like that every time you do

a teaching of course he thinks I’m a

good teacher so he’s like we’re losing

it and I I don’t know what we’re going

to do with it but I feel like we need to

capture it for something so uh I was

like not ever going to go on TV because

I thought I failed at it you know I was

just like I’ll just stay on radio and

keep traveling doing meetings but I

won’t go on TV so one morning Dave was

shaving getting ready to go to the

office and I was trying to get out of

the house and he

after a little bit he was in there by

himself and he said come here I need to

talk to you about something so

I said Dave I’m in a hurry I get to the

office can we talked I just said nope I

need to talk to you now and and God

actually spoke to him in a very clear

way and he was just like you could tell

that he was really moved and even shaken

and he said God said

I want you to go on television I’ve

prepared you all this time

I want people to get that I’ve prepared

you all this time wow preparation comes

before promotion

and so we need to take the time to let

God prepare us sometimes we’re ready

we think we’re ready

but even sometimes people that are going

to need to work with you aren’t ready

right you know so there’s a whole lot

that God has to do before we can go do

this thing that we want to do so Dave

was over all of our finances then he did

a great job at it and of course he’s

having this little communication with

God and he’s like well we can’t afford


and he actually saw something in the

spirit he saw a hand on a water faucet

and he said he felt like what God showed

him is I’ve got it turned up this far

enabling you to do what you’re doing now

and I won’t have any trouble turning it

up more

enabling you to do the rest of what I’m

asking you to do now it is so hilarious

because when

when we

started to try to go on television we

did not know you needed a TV producer

we have we did not know one thing

about what we were supposed to do that’s

why telling these stories is so great


sometimes God calls people

to do things that don’t know what

they’re doing right wow and if you take

it a step at a time

talk about a walk of Faith In A Journey

of Faith I always tell people you step

out and you find out and if you step out

and it don’t work then you take a step

back and you reroute and so I mean this

is just the way God works he like

somebody had a television producer had

applied for a job with us a few months

before and we thought we don’t need that

we’re not on TV and we just stuck it in

the back of a file somewhere and so then

when we started realizing we needed one

then we called him and he became our

first TV producer Matt and Laurie the

first show that we did on TV

was done in a little Ballroom

I don’t remember where it was at now I

mean it was little

and the place was in such bad condition

we didn’t have any money I mean we the

the ceiling tiles were falling down and

it was a real low ceiling which is lousy

for TV we had one camera

and our backdrop was a blue shower

curtain oh you had a shower curtain too

but you know what happened

that first day 125 people called

wow and so when it’s God it doesn’t

matter what you don’t have if you have

him yeah

yeah and if it’s not God it doesn’t

matter what you think you do have right

if he’s not for it it’s not going to