Priscilla Shirer, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Lisa Harper empower you to see God’s faithfulness as He equips you for what He’s called you to do.

it was in that moment that I really felt

like that the goodness of God the grace

of God was reserved for people who did

everything the right way when the

disciples come to him tired he does not


go away from me and get yourself


come back and then I can use you

Come Away


God I can’t

I can’t do this he said stand

we sustained

and lean

I’ve got you I’ve got this

let me hear you not only had I had a

teen pregnancy but I dropped out of

college and and I was in a toxic

relationship and emotionally and

physically abusive relationship and I

wanted to share that story because when

we find ourselves suffering and

struggling we often make decisions out

of that Brokenness that make us even

more broken


the day is coming and you don’t know the

day or the hour

neither do I when we’re going to have to

stand before him and give an account for

how we handled what he had entrusted to

us I’m asking you tonight how are you

handling your assignment

because young women if you think that

you’re young because of your age listen

to me if you’re 20 but you only have

till 30 you’re pretty old

if you’re 50 and you’re going to live

until 100 then you’re pretty young age

is just a number my friend and you and I

cannot qualify young or old base bursts

based on our birthdays

it’s based on our death date and since

we don’t know when that day is

that I implore you Sisters by the

mercies of God to walk in a manner

worthy of the calling by which you have

been called

because listen I don’t know about y’all

but when I see him face to face I’m

looking for a well done

I’m looking for well done

when I see him he will not ask me how

many Instagram followers I had

he will not wonder whether or not folks

liked my post he will not be interested

in whether or not my selfies were

perfectly lit he will ask me did I know

his son

and then I will give an account

so the disciples they come and they give

an account to Jesus I wondered if there

was a recipe for Effective Ministry

because if these guys were willing to

come and look Jesus in his face and give

an account I figured there might be a

recipe for us for Effective Ministry I’m

interested anybody interested

there are three ingredients to the


Luke chapter 9 verse 1 it says he called


he called them and his calling

superseded any personal ambition that

they had they laid down whatever they

were going to do because they heard the

call of God beckoning them to do

something else the beautiful thing about

that entire picture is that all of the

glory of God the Father all of the glory

of Heaven Was packaged in human flesh

Jesus wanted so much God the Father

wanted so much to make sure that he

could speak and so that Humanity could

hear that he left his throne in glory

put on flesh so that the disciples could

hear his call and in the same way he has

given us the holy spirit so that each

and every one of us have the privilege

to hear the calling of God on our lives

the conviction the unction the pressing

the fire that is shut up in your bones

sending you in a particular direction

heed the call of God on your lives then

they were not just called I loved so

much that before he skips to the third

ingredient in the recipe sending them I

love that before we get to the third one

there’s that second one he did not just

call but then he gave them power and

authority it means that what he was

calling them to do he was simultaneously

equipping them with Supernatural power

to be able to pull it off so it’s good

news for anybody in the room that you

feel like you’ve got a dream that is way

over your head you’ve been called to do

something you don’t have the money for

you don’t have the time for you don’t

have the patience for you don’t have the

gifting for you don’t have the talent

for you don’t have the connections for

the good thing and the great thing about

our God is that he does not call people

who are already equipped he calls you

and then for the people that say yes he

equips them with what they need for the


he entrusted them with power and

authority and can I tell you why this is

important this is important because in

order to accomplish and accomplish

Supernatural tasks you have to have

Supernatural capacity in other words you

can be the most talented person in the

world but if you go in your own strength

and power

you still won’t be able to accomplish

the God calling on your life it requires

what it is that only God himself can

give to you to accomplish the task oh

the enemy hopes you will go in your own


he hopes you will think you are flashy

enough and Savvy enough and talented

enough and impressive enough so that you

will no longer lean on God instead of

leaning to your own understanding

but it is not by power and it is not by

might it is by the spirit of God and

some trust in horses other folks trust

in chariots but not us we trust in the

name of the Lord our God

so he called them and then he entrusted

them he gave them some treasure and then

he sent them

he’s the one who did the sending

resist the urge to send yourself

to do something that it is not yet time


because just as important as our calling

is that is equally as important as the

timing is

in which that calling is outworked in

our lives and if you go too soon you

might if you if you give birth too soon

to that which God is trying to produce

through you you might abort

what it is that he’s trying to

accomplish in you the spiritual backbone

the fortification that he was trying to

establish in you so that you could

handle the spotlight wouldn’t hit you

because listen that Spotlight that you

may be craving if it hits you and you

have no character it will burn you to a


so he called them he entrusted them he

sent them out and they returned to him

and gave an account

they were tired

the disciples had been given it

everything they had

and I know there are some of you in the

room and you would admit that you

haven’t done it perfectly but man you’ve

sure been purposeful

you’ve been intentional about this

marriage you’ve been given it everything

you’ve got you’ve been intentional about

that teenager you’ve been giving that

kid everything you got this toddler that

has this specific bent or this specific

issue that you’ve been doing everything

you can going to see every expert that

you can reading everything that you can

to be the best that you can as a mother

single mother you’ve been given it

everything that you’ve got working the

jobs that you’ve got to work to keep

food on the table you’ve been given that

business that Ministry that endeavor

everything that you have and you the

disciples are tired

the good news about Jesus is that when

the disciples come to him tired he does

not say

go away from me and get yourself


come back and then I can use you

he says

Come Away

with me

in other words listen

the cure for your exhaustion is intimacy

with Jesus

that’s the Cure y’all

I’m saying I agree take the holiday take

the vacation tell them you need a little

sabbatical you got to step back for just

a little bit you need a little margin in

your life take the holiday but don’t

take a holiday from Jesus

don’t take the sabbatical from your

relationship with the Lord Prayer

shouldn’t exit your schedule because

these are your rest days you still need

to be the deer that pants after the

water your soul has still got to be

replenished and can only be replenished

when you have intimacy with him

and you’re trying to figure out Lord

you told me that I was going to be

replenished you told me that I was going

to refresh you told me that you had

something that you wanted to give to me

why would you take me here to this place

where I’m being pressed down by a

multitude of issues and concerns and

frustrations there’s something

overwhelming me that is bigger than what

I feel like I have the capacity to

handle why would you bring me here this

tells us that the story of the feeding

of the 5000 is not just about the five


it’s also about the disciples it’s not

just about the multitude getting fed

it’s about the disciples being fed

physically spiritually emotionally and

it tells us that the Five Loaves and the

two fish are the gift to the multitude

but it’s the multitude that’s the gift

to the disciples

because the multitude

is what’s going to make them have to

finally open up their drawer

pull out the treasure that they would

have otherwise ignored place it in the

hands of a multiplying Master who’s

gonna show them what it looks like when

he takes their little bit and makes it a

lot there is no replenishing like

watching God multiply your Loaves and

fish two weeks before I started the

process with Missy I was in the process

of adopting a little girl named Anna


and I had been in the process with her

the entire pregnancy of her mama her

mama’s name is Marie and I just loved

Marie as much as I loved her unborn baby

girl Marie is a hardcore crack addict

and a prostitute and by the grace of God

she chose not to abort her baby even

though she had no idea who who the daddy

was it was one of her Johns and then by

the grace of God she met me and decided

I was supposed to be Anna Price’s mother

and I was at every single doctor’s

appointment and I spent Christmas a

couple of years ago in a crack house

with Marie because when I was with her

she used less and because I’m older I

became a mother figure for her and I

mean I loved that kid and I told all my

friends do not give me baby gifts do not

throw parties for me some of you who may

have been in adoption process yourself

or know people who are in a an adoption

like that it’s very high risk adoption

it was a very high risk pregnancy the

doctor said it was unlikely that

Enterprise would actually live because

of the hardcore drug use but you know

month after month she kept getting

stronger and stronger and stronger but I

still said y’all don’t don’t give me any

baby gifts I really won’t know until

about a week before she’s born if I

actually get to bring her home to

Tennessee and five days before I was

supposed to go pick her up the adoption

agency called me and they said Lisa it’s

unbelievable but every single Paper has

been signed even the state where Marie

lived they have agreed with the state of

Tennessee the only person who’s legally

allowed to bring Enterprise home from

the hospital is you I said you can go

ahead and get everything ready you can

go ahead and buy the crib she’s coming

home with you her name is legally Anna

price Harper and I got off the phone and

I don’t know if you’ve ever carried a

dream for a long long time and it

finally comes true and it’s just like oh

like this weight comes off you and I

just kind of collapse on the couch and

begin to just ball crying happy tears

you know I was just like I can’t believe

it after all these months of kind of

holding my breath and all those years of

not thinking I was good enough to be a

mom thinking I was too damaged to be a

mama I was like oh my goodness

in less than a week I’m gonna have a


in the upstairs bedroom I was just

undone and so I called my mama I called

two or three of my best friends and I

just I could hardly speak I was so

excited and about 30 minutes after I got

that phone call there was a knock at the

door and it was the UPS man and he

handed me this big box and I saw in the

return address it was from a friend of

mine in Atlanta and I sat down on the

couch and cut it open and then just went

oh my goodness because there was a

miniature from zero to six months mink

coat in in the Box my friend’s husband

has done extremely well and she wrote me

a note and she said I know you told us

not to bring you gifts or send you

anything for the baby because it’s been

so precarious but she said I saw this

this week and I just thought that’s for

Anna price and she said Lisa I just

couldn’t resist and I thought the white

will represent the fact that she’s

innocent that that generational sin and

bond individual end with you being her

mama and I held that little coat and I

just started crying again because I

thought nobody’s ever sent me a mean cut


and then about 30 minutes after that the

phone rang again I saw him caller ID it

was the adoption agency and I thought oh

they’ve forgotten something I need to

scan something and email it to them and

and I said hey and as soon as I heard my

agent’s voice I knew that was not the

case because her voice was just

um just so heavy and she said Lisa I

don’t even know how to tell you this but

she said the bottom has fallen out and I

don’t have the legal freedom to tell

y’all what happened

but I lost that baby and um and

basically lost that little mama that I

had just grown to love almost like a

daughter and it didn’t end pretty the

the bottom fell out of that story there

is no pretty bow like on that video

and I sat back down on the couch and I

thought God I I can’t do this

I have waited too long my heart is too

broken you picked the wrong girl for a

story like this

and I don’t know how long I sat there

crying and they weren’t happy tears

anymore before my phone rang again I saw

it was my mama and I thought oh good


I don’t even know how to tell my mom

that I’m not going to bring in a price


but as soon as I picked up the fun my

mama started talking before I started

talking and she said baby I I so hate to

ruin your celebration today but she said

remember a couple of days ago when I

told you about that ongoing bladder

infection I had and I said yeah I

remember I was afraid she’d be able to

tell I’ve been crying

and she said well we just got the test

results back the doctor just called me

and it’s actually not a bladder

infection at all I have cancer and at

stage four it’s metastasized into four

major organs and she said honey um it’s

just not good and she said I need you to

pray for me and so I didn’t even tell

her about Antichrist at that point I

just started praying for my mom we’re

both crying we got off the phone I

thought I’ll call her later when I’m

stronger and she’s stronger and I’ll

tell her that um she’s not going to have

a granddaughter we have three Grandsons

in our family but no granddaughters and

then about 30 minutes after that my

phone rang again and that was my daddy

my parents divorced when I was five and

I love my daddy he was a very very Gruff

man he was very abusive when I was

younger but he tendered in his old age

really loved Jesus who’s kind of like a

miniature John Wayne

and and I thought oh good night I don’t

I don’t know how to tell this to my dad

I hadn’t called him yet and told him

that Enterprise was coming home and so I

thought he’ll be able to tell because I

don’t know if I can talk

but again he started talking even though

my dad was kind of a monosyllabic man he

started talking before I did and he said

baby the cancer is back my dad

successfully we thought had battled

colon cancer for a couple of years and

he said I just came back from the

surgeon’s office and he said honey I

need you to pray for me because he told

me that is now in both lungs and the

surgeon just gave me two months to live

and he said it’s going to be okay I

don’t want you to worry about it but I

just wanted to tell you she could pray

and I honestly don’t remember the end of

that phone call I don’t remember if I

prayed for my dad or not I just remember

putting the phone down and going

God I can’t

I can’t

do this

this is too hard

and y’all I heard like two words from

the Lord

he said stand

we sustained

and lean

I’ve got you

I’ve got this

let me hear you

that was two weeks before I got the

phone call about Missy I named Anna

price after a woman in Luke’s gospel if

you have your Bible we’re going to look

at this story pretty quickly

I named that little girl I loved so much

and a price because I love Anna’s story

in Luke chapter two she’s one of my

favorite women in scripture uh the women

in scripture who are great leaders who

were called prophetess and Anna’s one of

eight or nine they’re considered the

great female leaders in scripture her

story is in Luke Chapter 2 and we’re

going to begin here at verse 36.

and I’m reading from the ESV it may read

just a hair different than your

translation and there was a prophetess

Anna the daughter of Faneuil by the way

the name Anna means favor

she was the daughter of Faneuil of the

tribe of Asher or the tribe of Happy

she was advanced in years having lived

with her husband seven years from when

she was a virgin that means she was

about 13 when she got married then as a

widow until she was 84. so if you’ve

done the math most New Testament

theologians think she was approximately

100 103 when this took place 103 years

old you talk about hanging down he’s she

did not

I’m so sorry Beth I’m like you are going

to pray for me just fast and pray for me

she did not depart from the temple

worshiping with fasting and prayer night

and day so she’s approximately 103 years


she’s been a widow for over eight

decades and y’all she goes to church

every single day and the word they’re

worshiping in the original language in

the Greek means serving

so she went to church and she just

poured everything she had into God’s

purposes and God’s people so I always

imagine her you know she’s across the

street from Temple she’s at the Hebrew

Home for retired persons and she gets up

every morning and she pulls on her Spanx

and she pulls up her nude pantyhose and

her stretchy pants which I believe are

from Jesus and she walks across the

street to Temple and then she goes to

the store room and she gets some linseed

oil and a rag and she starts rubbing the


and she starts praying for the people

she knows are going to be worshiping if

they’re Baptist on Wednesday night and

Sunday morning

she just starts serving in the temple

and y’all she does that year after year

after year after year

80 plus years

she waits for her dream to come true her

dream was I will see the salvation of

God’s people I’ll see Jesus

80 years

she persisted she waited

you know waiting and perseverance are

not very popular terms and post-post

modern culture I feel like they’re kind

of like a hot dog vendor at a vegan

Festival you know nobody’s real excited

about perseverance and waiting and yet

God talks about that all the time and

the analogy of scripture from cover to

cover and I’m a total cover-to-cover

Bible girl from cover to cover God talks

about the benefit of waiting I brought

just a few of the verses beginning with

I waited patiently for the Lord and he

turned to me and he heard My Cry for

Help I waited for the Lord and he heard

me the next one is Isaiah 30 18

therefore the Lord waits to be gracious

to you and therefore he exalts himself

to show Mercy to you for the Lord is a

God of Justice blessed are all those who

wait for him do you know in the Hebrew

what the word hap I mean what the word

blessed means is happy it means you’re

actually your joy and your ability to

wait are our mutually connect connected

those are congruent your ability to

stand and wait and your capacity for joy

to be happy those are actually congruent

those are related Isaiah 40 you know

this one most of us cross stitched it if

we grew up baptistal but those who hope

in the Lord will renew their strength

they were sore on wings like eagles they

will run and not grow weary they will

walk and not faint Chris quotes this all

the time

the next one was in Lamentations God

proves to be good to the man who

passionately Waits

to the woman who diligently seeks it’s a

good thing to quietly hope quietly hope

for help from God it’s a good thing when

you’re young to stick it out through the

hard times

and then I believe we have second Peter

second Peter 3 13-14 but according to

his promise to God’s promise we are

waiting for new heavens and a new Earth

in which righteousness dwells therefore

beloved since you are waiting for these

be diligent to be found by him without

spot or blemish and at peace God says

wait if you’ll wait you’ll be happy God

tells his people I want you to I want

you to stand I’m going to do the work I

want you to stand and then after you see

the Red Sea part he says all right gone

now y’all need to move right after that

he tells his people I want you to be

trained in war you have seen my

Providence you have experienced my

presence I hovered Over You Like A A

Cloud by day and a pillar of Fire by

night I have provided for you everything

you needed and almost everything you


and so now I want y’all to raise up

Shields and swords to speak the word of

God you hold God’s word these promises

y’all this is not a textbook this is not

a rule book this is not a collection of

benign morality Tales this is a love

story and This Is War

you wonder how you can fight against the

crud we see going on around us it’s this

right here you hold this up as a

battering ram against the lies of the

enemy every time when I got older I

realized the enemy was saying Lisa

you’re not good enough you’re not lean

enough you’re not you’re not godly

enough you say bad words around Beth

Moore you are not good enough

to be a leader or a mama y’all here’s

the deal when the enemy lies to us he

doesn’t lie in a way that we see it

coming you know if he said to me Lisa

you’re such an introvert with such a

high metabolism I’d be like liar liar

pants on fire cause I’d see it coming

that’s not how he lies to us he takes a

grain of Truth he weaves it into this

toxic poison and it sounds reasonable to

us because there’s just enough truth in

it usually from a really painful chapter

in our lives where we have not applied

these promises so we go oh that that

sounds right that sounds about right

that’s why when I was 40 years old I

went oh I probably should adopt a dog

and that’s what I did

because I did not believe these promises

y’all this book says wait

this book says the posture of

perseverance that’s not passivity

there’s absolutely not passivity that is

the door to a miracle if you will stand

and go no matter what’s going on in my

life you are good and you are sovereign

and you are merciful and no good thing

will you withhold from him whose walk is

righteous or her who often stumbles you

are good you’re going to do it Lord I

believe you’re going to do it I may be

old and wobbly but you’re gonna do it

because you’re a good god what are you

standing for what are you waiting for

what Miracle is on the other side of

your perseverance shelter’s huge

Miracles that happen I just remember it

as you were speaking that and I don’t

even think that I’ve shared this with

you when I found out I was pregnant it

was on Easter

on Easter so the day that we’re

celebrating the resurrecting of our

savior I felt like a tomb had been

rolled over my hope over my destiny like

this Stone had just been rolled over

every dream that I could ever have and

it was in that moment that I really felt

like that the goodness of God the grace

of God was reserved for people who did

everything the right way and it wasn’t

until I started connecting with other

people and really just realizing that we

all have a story we’ve all gone through

something that I felt like this Stone

began to roll away a bit but I felt

um useless I felt dirty I felt like

there was no promise for my life and I

felt like my role would be to see

everyone else in life win while I sat

there and licked my wounds and as I

began to see that I wasn’t in it by

myself I believe that that’s a trick

that the enemy plays on our minds is

that he makes us believe because of our

issues and because of our struggles that

we have to live live life in a prison

and so we go about our day and we look

like we’re free and we’re still in our

homes and our marriage is on our

workforces and it looks like we’re free

but on the inside we’re hurting we’re

broken we don’t believe anymore but what

helped me and what I hope my story does

for other people is just reminds you

you’re not in this by yourself you are

not the only one facing what you what

you’re currently facing the as a matter

of fact the thing that you’re currently

facing someone has already overcome and

because they’ve overcome there is hope

for your story people have had it worse

people have had it better stop comparing

your story to what’s happening in other

people’s life and start to decide right

now in this moment that I am not going

to allow this Stone to be rolled over my

destiny Jesus died so I don’t have to

get on the cross

in my life hating by my own failures and

my own mistakes because he lives in me I

have been resurrected too and so God

what do you want to do with my life what

do you want to do with my Brokenness

what do you want to do with this pain

that I felt because I serve a God who

makes all things work together for our

good but that working feels like

crushing sometimes it feels like pain

and disappointment but it also on the

other side I mean look at our lives now

it’s restoration that you can imagine

and there’s a time when you will look

back and you will thank God you will

thank him for the tears that are

currently streaming down Hallelujah

if your parents were here I would ask

this question and uh I’m going to ask

you to represent your parents because

you know I’ve been doing this I’ve been

around TBN for nearly 30 years I know I

have a lot of uh grandparents I have a

lot of parents I have parents that have

faced this with their children uh maybe


or even grandparents who have our will

face you know your daughter is pregnant

what did they go through and


can a parent reconcile when their parent

when their children make decisions and

things happened what would they be

saying to those that are facing this as

parents we we’re a blended family we

have six children and I can tell you

right now that it’s no parents dream

that your child gets pregnant as a

teenager so this isn’t something that my

parents were wishing or praying for but

I tell you that what they did was they

did not allow their disappointment to

strip me of their love of their support

and more importantly of God’s grace so I

would encourage you if you’re at home

maybe you know someone maybe you’ve

experienced this yourself and you’re

wondering you know I put all of these

things in this child where is it and and

what did I do wrong I want to comfort

you in saying that everything that you

put in that child is still there and

sometimes the seeds are Life Seeds of

Life have to be covered in dirt and

sometimes that dirt looks like teen

pregnancy sometimes it looks like an

addiction sometimes it looks like

dropping out of school and it’s normal

to feel like what am I going to do do

but trust that what you begin in that

child Christ is going to finish what you

begin in that child Christ is going to

finish you cannot control their Destiny

and everything that they do but what you

can do is be a River of Love in the

driest seasons of their life you can

remind them that they’re never facing

anything alone and what made me feel so

much comfort during my season of of

pregnancy and and all of the other

things that I went through is that I got

so curious about how my parents could

still love me that I wanted to know

about their God I wanted to know about

this source of love that just seemed to

run unconditionally and I had an

encounter with their God and it changed

my life this book that we’re featuring

is actually your second book and it was

birthed out of your first book being

lost and found where actually you just

started going on social media and

bearing your soul and wow a lot of

people responded yeah so Lawson found

was a memoir about my life and I share

shared it because I started a Blog

online when I just had this Revelation

that other people had gone through what

I was suffering with other people knew

what it was like to have shame to have

guilt to not believe that God’s best was

possible for your own life because of

what you’ve gone through and the more I

began sharing that message on social

media that it is available to us

regardless of what you’ve gone through

my blog had over a million hits within

the first three months and I just

decided that I wanted to tell my story I

didn’t just want to be this talking head

over computer screen a screen I wanted

them to know you know not only had I had

a teen pregnancy but I dropped out of

college and and I was in a toxic

relationship emotionally and physically

abusive relationship and I wanted to

share that story because when we find

ourselves suffering and struggling we

often make decisions out of that

Brokenness that make us even more broken

and so I wanted to break that curse off

of women like me even men who have

experienced their own issues and so for

me me that’s what lost and found was all

about it was telling my story but for

don’t settle for safe I wanted to give

them practical tools okay you know my

story you know what I’ve gone through

but let’s talk about your story and how

we can break the patterns that exist

within your life so that you can live in

the fullness and freedom of who God has

called you to be