Priscilla Shirer joins Laurie Crouch and Holly Wagner on TBN’s Praise to discuss how to make prayer a priority. Listen as they unpack how clearly you can hear God’s voice if you bring everything in your life to Him.

you’ll be amazed how you’ll begin to see

the encounters that you have the

circumstances that align the little

beckonings and convictions of God’s

spirit how they all begin to work

together to help you to realize you

actually are hearing God’s voice and

seeing his Providence as he steers you

in the direction of his will for your


tell us about you if we were to just

squeeze you what do you think your

life’s message is is it one particular

thing or is it just I mean you talk

about everything but it really is

that the scriptures that from beginning

to end they really are a meeting with a

person yes and that if I can encourage

people to see that the Bible itself is

not just a book that we’re not just

supposed to know it here but that it

literally by the holy spirit’s power is

translated into an experience with a

person in our regular everyday rhythms

of life where you experience his passion

his peace you actually sense The Joy the

Comfort the The Nearness of God through

the scriptures that’s what I want to be

able to communicate I want the

scriptures to come alive as it did for

me not only in church as my dad preached

Faithfully every Sunday as he still does

to this day and not only sitting at the

knees of my mom with her little flannel

board pieces as she would you know put

them there on the little you know the

little feltics

Sunday school kids

so you know not not just in those

instances but when we’re just quietly at

our kitchen table just reading whatever

our quiet time is for the day that

that’s not supposed to be a duty just to

check off that we did our quiet time

right this is his love letter to you

yeah and if we open our hearts up to the

reality that that’s his intention is to

speak to us then we meet the author of

The Letter not just the letter itself

yeah right it is the Living Word of God

yeah if if you don’t have some of these

books you better get something I’ve been

listening to the audio version of this

for the last couple days and I’m telling


um hearing the voice of God you know and


um the voice of God it starts first with

listening it does it starts with

listening and to be listening to the

scriptures I think we’re listening to

everybody and everything else hoping to

find the voice of God elsewhere when we

are really turning our our noses up at

and ignoring the main means of

communication that we have access to

straight from the hand of God and that’s

the Bible if you want to hear from God

and you don’t never read the Bible then

you don’t really want to hear from God

right because that’s the primary way he

speaks people want it you know

skywriting and yeah smoke signals it’s

like no open the Bible God will speak to

you that’s exactly and think about this

you know we look at the people in the

Old Testament who had some of those

things that we desire you know the the

fiery pillar by night and the cloud you

know in the day and and all of these

different things and we look at the

dreams and the visions and Donkey

speaking and all this stuff and we’re

like Lord if you can just do that we’d

appreciate that you know if lightning

would flash at noon tomorrow if you want

me to take the job or not we want that

but think about the fact that the

psalmist prayed and said Lord please do

not take your spirit from me they want

it in the Old Testament what we have

access to that’s right the reason they

needed all of that and not that God

can’t still do that because he can if he

chooses to but the reason they needed

those things is because they did not

have the gift that we have yeah and that

is the holy spirit

that’s exactly right yeah we were just

actually at church recently talking

about the Holy Spirit and who he is and

and it um one of the you know the

paraclete is the word that would be used

to translate it and that it’s actually a

battle term which you’re probably aware

of and you’re so deep Polly and so deep

you are so so deeply spiritual

um and it’s an ancient battle term and

so the Greeks when they would go out to

battle you know they would go in pairs

and you would fight back to back

protecting each other’s back well your

battle partner was called your paraclete

so the Holy Spirit hey girl that a

preach right there right yes it does and

it so did yes it is he’s your battle

partner yeah and don’t if you actually

don’t connect and build this

relationship with him right then how how

are you going to hear and you’re right

so many times we spend so much time

flipping through social media and

getting on Facebook and we spend all

that time looking for information to

make decisions and he is our guide

that’s right right it’s his voice he’s

he’s wants to guide and direct us yeah

and I think there’s a misconception that

the enemy sort of pushes on individual

Believers that there is some special

hotline connection that God has with

some of us that he does not also offer

to everyone that if you haven’t been to

Seminary that if you’re not in Ministry

that if you don’t have this religious

devoted elevated life of spirituality

that you don’t also have the opportunity

to hear from God but I’m so grateful

that it’s just that hearing God is for

regular women you know what I mean just

Housewives and people trying to fold the

laundry and cook for their kids and

figure out new ways to cook chicken for

dinner it’s for us you know what I’m so

I’m so grateful

um that it’s not just reserved for

certain people at certain times but by

God’s spirit we all have access to hear

them because I think I’d be gooned

that’s right that wasn’t if that wasn’t

the case I think that’s probably one of

my most


if anybody if I could open my mouth and

say anything is that God loves you and

that God is there and that God is with

you and the Holy Spirit never leaves you

never you know that’s my passion if I if

I ever tell anybody that is that it’s

not just for the guy that’s up on the

pulpit yeah or preaching or that it’s

just for us no matter where we are no

matter for all no matter what yes but

okay how did you start doing the kids

stuff when did that take place you know

what it started about six years ago now

I was making scrambled eggs in the

morning as you do that’s right my

four-year-old at the time was already

sitting down eating his plateaus

finishing up another plate and my

four-year-old said while my back was

turned to him he said Mom will I ever be

in a battle

and I just said what babe he said will I

ever be in a battle like with Satan

and it’s one of those questions where

you kind of turn around and go now what

you know what what were you dreaming

about last night you know what where’d

that come from and so it startled me but

I just kind of turned around and he had

this this innocent wide-eyed

um look that he was very serious he

wanted to know the answer that question

so I took the opportunity after after

praying really quickly and saying how do

I answer this Lord I just said you know

actually babe you you are in a battle

with the Enemy every single day you know

that tug that you feel on the inside to

engage in something maybe you shouldn’t

to say something to be mean to and then

you feel that pull back and forth about

whether or not to do it that’s the the

war and then by this time his

six-year-old brother comes around the

baby at the time was in the crib I mean

he’s like little teeny bitty and I said

guys you do know you have invisible

armor right and to a four-year-old and a

six-year-old boy hearing that they have

they’ve got a sword what there’s a

helmet available and so I just started

and we started memorizing Ephesians

chapter six wow and so as I was looking

at how engaged they were in this idea

that there’s a spiritual battle and that

they’re engaged in every single day as a

mom who’s hoping her boys will love to

read I thought to myself wouldn’t it be

great if there was an adventure series

that really was all about fiction all

about some kids who discover that there

is an invisible realm and that in this

invisible realm they meet a guide this

guide shows them and gives them access

to the armor that they have available to

them to defeat the enemy there and that

the victories they experience there in

aortos which is which is a Greek word

for invisible that the victory they

experience there translates to their

experiences on Earth if they can just

learn how to get Victory there they’ll

experience Victory here and so I just

started crafting these chapters for my

boys and I would read it to them before

bed and and craft these characters and I

sort of Base the characters off of my

boys and nieces and nephews and I didn’t

intend to write them for publishing I

was just writing them to read to my boys

so that we’d have something to read

together and so here’s six years later

we have the prince Warrior series and

it’s for Prince and princesses alike

who just want to to learn how to arm

themselves to stand firm against the

schemes of the enemy wow it’s so good I

I actually can’t wait to read those to



you never know but I just have so many

young people in my world yeah I I just

think it’s

well personally I love the

it’s like why I love C.S Lewis because

he could fiction that actually could

make the point right I just feel like I

learned so much from that yeah almost

more than somebody teaches that’s right

you know like yeah he’s telling the

story and the goal was to give organic

opportunity for there to be a

conversation between a you know a 10

year old and their mom or a 10 year old

and their dad about something they read

and it just hinted at something that

caused a spiritual interest to be peaked

that opens the door for this

conversation about spiritual things

the way Jesus told Stripes that’s right

gorgeous that’s right exactly so the

theological principles are just all

tucked in there somewhere that’s great

we actually decided on theprince what we did is we had this

little button called secrets so that a

parent or kid can click on secrets and

actually see what the theological

secrets are that are tucked in each

chapter wow so if a parent hadn’t read

the whole thing but they just want to go

in there and they know their kids on

chapter two book two they can go in

there and see what the secrets are and

then bring it up at dinner and say hey

when you read this what do you think

that meant so we just are trying to stir

the conversation a little bit that’s so

cool okay so a few months ago we were at

Bishop Jake’s church and you got the the

big oh beautiful award they’re beautiful

people aren’t they aren’t they amazing

and my mother-in-law got the lifetime

achievement yes she did and um so you

had your kids with you your boys three

beautiful boys

giant boys I mean I just remember them

from being little every day

but you

um something that touched me so much

during that is that you started uh

telling the the audience what you speak

over your kids so just talk about that

did you did your parents do that to you

um like that or was it just something

um that you I’m trying to think of

exactly why I started doing that what

the specific reason was I don’t know

that I can remember I just thought this

is my opportunity to get something stuck

in their head get a message stuck right

the time this is my opportunity you know

while I have an audience while they’re

here and nothing with me that’s right

I’m going to get this this soundtrack

stuck in their head because I know the

enemy’s coming after them I know that

he’s going to try to make them feel

insecure and discouraged and overwhelmed

and frustrated and like they’re

ill-equipped to do whatever God has for

them so I have literally said nearly the

same thing to them for years and years

every morning they know what’s coming I

say boys look at mama in the eyes and

they all go oh and they love it you know

is that what’s happening

okay they’ll tell this story 40 years

from now they’ll do this sitting here on

this set so they’re talking about

they better do

that part of it you will you will rise

them and I say you are Men of Integrity

and character and honesty you will be a

blessing to your teacher today you will

be a blessing to your friends you will

love the Lord your God with all your

heart with all your soul and with all

your strength you will put on the full

armor of God so that you can stand firm

against the schemes of the devil you

will have the Praises of the Lord in

your mouth all day long so that you can

speak well over those who are near you

you are the head you are not the tale

you are above you are not beneath you

are a leader you are not a follower and

you will love the Lord your God all of

your days and about halfway through that

they start going you will love the Lord

so they’re they’re moaning about it but

the fact that they can repeat it back to

me yes that means that it’s getting it

absolutely I remember one time when um

just with Paris what she would hear from

me often in the phrase I would use this

year the love Beyond measured daughter

of the king that’s great and so I talk

about that and so and you know put that

in the middle of sentences all the time

and then one time I overheard her on the

phone with a little friend and there was

this emotional thing happening she goes

no you’re you are the love Beyond

measured daughter of a king do you know

that that’s awesome so I was like yes


small little victories aren’t they

listen because there’s a lot of stuff

you go through and so you have to

celebrate the victories that’s right I

know oh yeah so now that they’re you

know they’re older now and so I’ve just

printed it up actually I printed up

unique ones that I can start to see

little ways that the enemy might want to

take advantage of a vulnerability here

or a fear here or an insecurity there so

I just wrote up a little list for each

one and I have them posted on the art

our house is really tiny so they’re

right there in the hallway posted on the

little closet door and every morning I

still say my part to them but they have

to go read their own out loud so that I

can hear it but also so that they can

hear it and so they read their own every

single day I’m like this is my this is

my chance to put as much in them as I

can do you have that posted on your

website or anything that people you know

what I wrote a blog post about it a

while back I’ll have to so it’s there

but I’ll repost it again Jerry could you

get on it

that’s gonna happen we’ll repost that so

that it’s yeah people could print that

out that’s right and say that’s a great

idea I love that and I love that

actually that they you have have them

say some things because yeah right you

know faith comes by hearing that’s right


you have to hear sometimes from your own

mouth I actually remember when I was

dealing with cancer

that I could read the healing scriptures

but there’s something about saying them

out loud you got that right and saying

them louder than the fear in my own head

right because the fear in my head was

big and so saying it louder and so

there’s just something about finding a

promise and I know there are people

watching and you’re in the middle of

your own situation and so it’s worth it

to do the work to find the promise that

speaks to your situation and underline

it certainly but take a moment and Shout

It shout it shout it loud because fear

fear can over you can try to overtake it

but you just speak his truth louder so I

love the fact that you have your voice

and not to mention the fact Holly that

the enemy does not know what we are

thinking but he sure enough will hear

what you’re saying right so when we

speak God’s word into the atmosphere we

are actually clothing ourselves in the

promises of God it’s almost like it

becomes a fortified shelter against the

attacks of the enemy because God watches

over his word to perform it yes so we

can either give the enemy ammunition

with negativity and complaining and

speaking um basically collaborating with

his attempts to drag us down or we can

go ahead and just speak the promises of

God and let the enemy know we’re not

just going to let him just Waltz in here

and take advantage of us we’re going to

put up a fight because we’re going to

stand firm on what our God says but it’s

so it’s good that you put it though

because to be honest there are times

when it’s so much easier to complain oh

I mean come on right yeah follow in it

wallowing and I I was I have a pity

party and invite friends right

I’ll bring the coffee the chocolate

um David said you know I complained and

my spirit was overwhelmed right so we

get overwhelmed the more playing yes but

it’s complaining is so easy

oh it’s intrinsic it’s so easier just to

focus on me and the bad and and the more

we do the bigger the problems become

whatever you give your attention and

then you try to put other people you

want other people to join your

complaining yeah it doesn’t actually

help anything so and then we get mad at

the friends who won’t join us right we

don’t even want to be their friends no

exactly can I go too bad for me right

goodbye well you know I it’s like a

marriage i a a marriage that was

actually close to us for a while

um one of one day the girl said to me

she said you know it’s really hard being

around other good marriages because ours

is so bad and I was like

hello you need to be around good

marriages isn’t that interesting yeah it

was easier for her to be around bad


so we had to break fellas I felt a lot

just like a lot of judgment I think some

of that was part of it but maybe a lot

of jealousy yeah yeah you know because

you had a good one and and we don’t have

so it’s really hard to be around the

good ones right you know I don’t I don’t

even get that yeah

marriage takes work doesn’t it yeah and

anybody here at this table have a

perfect marriage anybody married to

perfect men

yeah yeah

Crystal and I are not I’m pretty sure

but actually I know your husband is not


not perfect for you

you’re a hot mess but it does take work

right it takes speaking the truth it

takes persevering through talking over

him every day you will and surrounding

yourself like you just said surrounding

yourself with people who are going to

hold you accountable to doing the work

of marriage yes and we have this older I

say older couple they’re really not

they’re 10 years down the road so

they’re 10 years down the road and

raising kids in marriage and Ministry

and that’s all you really do need

someone where there’s a little bit of a

gap that they can look back on the

season you’re in and give wise input but

we’ve really submitted ourselves to

their Authority in the sense that if

they look at our schedule and they’re

like when is the last time you all been

on a date when’s the last time you guys

have actually had a really good

conversation that wasn’t about business

or wasn’t about Ministry just about the

two of you and if we have not done that

and they say get your butts on a plane

and get to us right now we have a

commitment to them that if there’s

something they see we need to realign we

will get on a plane and we will get

there because they care more about the

state of our souls than they do the

state of our our ministry now they meet

people like that that are going to just

charge you up and keep everything

sometimes I think people the people will

say that you know like you need

accountability but then to do the work

of then actually being accountable

yielding yourself to somebody else’s

voice especially for a guy yeah I feel

like it’s easier for us as women because

we’re relational beings we like that

feeling of protectedness and being


um there’s Safety and Security so it’s

at least easier for us but for sometimes

for husbands

they’re not they’re like I’m the leader

in this house and I’m not trying to

submit to anybody else the best husbands

in the world I think are those who are

willing to submit to the authority of

their Pastor or spiritual leader in

their life totally humble themselves to

know that I need guidance and Direction

and so we got to pray for our husbands

in that regard yes because that’s a hard

thing for that that man part of men you

know that Macho Man Macho which we love

we want them we do no but it’s I

actually remember a thousand years ago

you might have just had the baby so and

we’re sitting at dinner with the four of

us Philip and me and you and Jerry

that’s right and you pulled out this

little pad of paper and go okay

how do we do this I was like well I

wasn’t prepared but it was how do you

how do we do you know marriage and raise

kids and do the ministry because at that

time your kids would have been the ages

my kids are right now right right and

I’m always very mindful of that when I’m

around people that are just a step ahead

I want to just glean what I can from

this moment because they’ve been there

and done this already it’s no point in

all of us making the same mistake no we

might as well just learn from each other

exactly to do that so I just actually

appreciate that about you but then I

feel like that’s I do that all the time

I’m calling people and go so how do you

handle this situation yeah when my kids

were teenagers and I was you know trying

to not kill them I’d go okay hope

assistant out here because right having

the real conversations humbling yourself

you know acknowledging that they’re that

your kids aren’t perfect but help me get

them along the next step so I just you

know appreciate that quality in you and

raising kids

now can we talk about the movie sure so

Priscilla was in this movie which was so

fun right well first of all it cracks me

up that you were in a movie right now

you’re one and only ever or oh you know

what I have filmed a little part in a

small movie that’s going to be out next

year okay yeah but that but so but war

room was the first time I was ever in a

film okay where did that even come from

girl you got me

was driving along in the car one day

with Jerry our cell phone rang and it

was Alex and Stephen Kendrick those guys

are amazing they are also a hoot and so

they had put to a little poem every name

of every book I had written and and the

poem basically led to and we need you to

be in a movie for us so discern the

voice of God because he’s telling you to

be in this film you are one in a million

make a resolution for women

they had every title of every book and

it ended with we’ve been writing this

film and we really have just thought of

you the entire time we’ve been writing

this part will you do this film and I

said no are you kidding me you’re not

gonna get me up there to make a full

album because you’ve seen movies before

where it could have been a good movie

but that one actress was just terrible I

said you’re not going y’all don’t go

have me embarrassed the name of Jesus

like that and um they just said well

just Priscilla it is Ministry it’s still

we know that you’re not an actress per

se but it’s Ministry read the script and

then pray about it and I read the script

I thought this is going to be a good

film if they get the right actress in

here I sent them some recommendations of

some actors and actresses that could do

a good job in this particular role and

they just wouldn’t let it rest they said

but what what just audition just send us

a video of this part right here and I

did and and I was sitting in the beauty

salon getting my hair done getting my

hair done they called and said we want

you to do this role and so Jerry and I

just prayed about it and thought what a

great opportunity to be able you know

this this movie War Room will be seen by

more people and minister to more people

that I could speak to in a lifetime yeah

so if I spoke every Sunday at a church

somewhere in the world that had a

thousand people for all of my days I

would not minister to as many people as

we’ll see war room and that was that

movie is Ministry yeah that movie wasn’t

oh just entertaining for people’s

marriage to be salvaged for folks to

have War rooms now where they’re

concentrating on prayer as an actual

weapon against the schemes of the enemy

for God to do that well it’s not good

acting it’s the Holy Spirit yes when we

talk about

um you know the truth sets us free and

and Jesus always you know when he was

encountered by the devil he said get

behind me Satan he spoke truth to a lie

that’s right and then said get behind me

I’ll no longer look at you

so we know that speaking the word


that’s our battle right that’s right

that’s how we fight that’s right it’s a

sword of the spirit that’s right the

word of God it’s a sword of the spirit

and so that’s that’s help us help us to

know when you talk about prayer and your

your fervent book this one right here


a woman’s battle plan for serious

specific and strategic prayer

tell us a little bit about about that

yeah you know one of the things that I

walked away with from the from the film

from the recording of the film we we

filmed for about

um three months

and after saying those lines over and

over and really just being engrossed in

this storyline it occurred to me that

while I did value prayer I had neglected

intentionality with prayer being

strategic in prayer actually trying to

detect where you see the enemy’s

fingerprints at kind of as handiwork

meddling in your life where you

anticipate he might want to take

advantage of a weakness or a or a a bit

of divisiveness and just being mindful

of that so that when we pray we’re not

just randomly saying words that we’ve

heard all along or words that we’ve kind

of memorized along the way or words that

are comfortable to us but we’re actually

praying in a way that is targeted it’s

kind of exactly what you described a few

moments doing the work to find the

promises of God that actually apply in


intentional prayer and then writing it

down sometimes we need to write our

prayers down only because it keeps us

focused it reminds us what we’re praying

about you know so when it’s posted there

in that war room and you come back in

there day after day you’re reminded this

is your prayer this is where you’re

focusing your your prayer life on and

until I see an answer I’m going to keep

praying this prayer it also gives you a

great track record with God because then

when God does answer you can see that

date at the top of that page of when you

started praying that and then you’ll be

able to put a date down of when God

answered however in his sovereignty he

chose to what a great track record not

just for you but your grandchildren and

your great-grandchildren to see how

Grandmama or Grandpa prayed and believed

that God would answer wow I think that

thing I loved about or you know even the

prayer because in Ephesians 6 it talks

about the armor you know which we’re

familiar with but then prayer yeah

that’s right kicks into after that sword

it it goes right to prayer and it’s not

the the the prayer that’s oh God why you

know the whining I mean you can do that

for a minute because maybe we all need

to whine for a minute the complaining

side of it you can’t complain to God

because honestly Psalms David complained

for a bit I mean you know he went he

went on a journey with God he was

intimate and real with his pain and

Agony before God and then there’s got to

be a rising up and there has to be a

point where you that’s the thing so at

some point yes could do the complaining

but at some point you have to begin

speaking the truth of what God has to

say about your marriage about your

health and about your family about

reconciliation I just remember even that

for me with just some situations and you

know family and extended family that was

hard it was so hard and and I remember

moments of you know the complaining

before God because of course I was

perfect and they were the problems well

everybody else needs to change yeah if

they would it would really help out my

life totally

um then but so I you know complained but

then I started

you know talking about pulling out the

scriptures that talked about unity and

Reconciliation and and together and

faithfulness and just declaring that and

I’ve seen God do what only he could do

yeah in the lives of people I mean I saw

it in my health but I was also seen it

in relationships with people and so I

just think that that if if people

understood more about the power you know

some people say well all I can do is

pray no no that’s not all about the the

thing to do right is right second

um Second Chronicles 7 14 If my people

right who are called by my name humble

themselves and pray yeah right then he’s

going to heal our land we’re too busy

complaining about our land and our

government and all that’s happening it’s

like well you can complain but if you

prayed as much as you complained maybe

we would see something different and you

know what if I were your enemy what I’d

want to do is devalue in your mind the

potency of what I know to be the most

powerful weapon you have against me so

he’s made our churches focus on being a

a house of great programs or a house of

great preaching and a house of great

singing when they’re supposed to be a

house of prayer because it’s the prayer

that pushes back the kingdom of darkness

so if I were the enemy that’s exactly

what I do I devalue what I knew was the

most potent weapon that you had in Your

Arsenal against me so we do everything

first except pray pray and so for you

personally so how do you

when do you when do you pray are you a

late at night person are you the middle

of the day person are you well I want to

know you first of all lest anyone think

that my life is you know I’m up on a

Mountaintop praying God all day yeah

that’s right

um my life is very much like everybody

else’s that it’s his laundries and

laundering kids and it’s kind of that

thing where you know once your feet hit

the floor in the morning it’s over it’s

just full on for the rest of the day

right and so

um I have this ongoing actually part of

my prayer is Lord would you continue to

help me to prioritize this in my life

because it can so easily kind of get

pushed off of the that position of

priority so I just say Lord I need you

to stir I don’t want to manufacture

passion I want you to stir in me a

passion to where I don’t want to go a

day without prioritizing prayer and then

hearing back from you listening to you

through the scriptures and so I try to

do that in the morning because it seems

like that’s the best time if I wait till

the end of the day I’m it ain’t gonna

happen no that’s the same with me no if

I don’t if the morning if I if it

doesn’t happen then yeah then it just

gets it’s like if it doesn’t happen just

the very first time I know then once you

get going

but I will say I learned a bit from

Brother Lawrence that you know Age Old

Saint from that book practicing the

presence of God that really just gives

us freedom lifts that burden off of us

of feeling like if we don’t have an hour

to spend with the Lord at the beginning

of the day that it’s a waste of time to

practice God’s presence all day long yes

so my kids are a little bit older now

but I went through a season four five

six years there where I would just write

down scripture verse on a three by five

card the same one on five different

cards maybe and I’d put one on the

bathroom mirror where I’d be washing

little hands all day one where I was

going to be doing the dishes one where I

was folding clothes one near the sandbox

outside and I just would have the same

verse for like two weeks so everywhere I

went I was just running into this verse

and by the time I got to the end of the

day not only had me and the Lord talked

about this one verse a lot Not only was

it inscribed on my heart but it became

God’s word to me it became something

that really there was life in it wasn’t

just a verse I’d learned there was life

in it because me and God been talking

all day long for a couple of weeks about

the sentiments that he’d inscribed in in

this In this passage of scripture so I

think that idea of practicing the

presence of God it takes that guilt off

of I didn’t have my quiet time and it

didn’t look like this and it didn’t fit

in a comfortable little box well look do

it however you got to do it right

practice his presence all day long how

do we do that well number one by being

creative with how you can feed yourself

on his word so my sister five kids she’s

got this little clip on her dashboard

she’ll do the same thing write a three

by five card down with scripture and she

puts it in that clip and so you know

running errands for two hours every day

trying to get kids to soccer practice

and everything she’s just running face

to face um in face to face with this

with this verse over and over throughout

the scriptures when things come up in

the middle of the day that are problems

you might call a girlfriend about you

might you can still call her but also

call on God yeah just ask him about it

ask him about what scripture verse

applies to this particular uh

circumstance how would he want to lead

and guide you and you’ll be amazed how

you’ll begin to see the encounters that

you have the circumstances that that

align the little beckonings and

convictions of God’s spirit how they all

begin to work together to help you to

realize you actually are hearing God’s

voice and seeing his Providence as he

steers you in the direction of his will

for your life it doesn’t have to be so

mystical yeah yeah it’s a little more

just what you’re saying it’s a practical

thing just seeing it’s like it’s like

um Philip the reason I know his voice

when he call he doesn’t have to say a

long sentence he goes hey babe I

recognize what it’s because that’s your

man with him all day that’s right right

if I only talked to him once every blue

moon that would be a little trickier

that’s right to me it’s the same with

God it’s if you just you spend those

moments you know talking listening

talking listening reading the word it


um very familiar yeah like Anthony’s

voice compared to your dance that’s

right I talked about that in the story

of The Voice without my brother and my

dad they have the same name they walk

alike they talk alike I’ve seen my

brother take advantage of the fact that

he’s got my dad’s name I tried to milk

that as much as he’s like I want to hear

that story oh Anthony’s done that quite

a few times throwing money in the bus

that’s right but even though he’s fooled

a lot of people before not you not me

because I know the two ways right you

know his voice and so you know there are

things for example that people could say

to me that Jerry said my husband Jerry

said this but if it is totally out of

the character that I know to be of my

husband of a 18 years then I would be

able to confidently say to them I know

my man didn’t say that because I know

him you know and so that’s why we read

God’s word because we get to know his

personality we get to know the character

of God we get to see the kinds of things

he says and doesn’t say and so it occurs

to us when our ego is speaking or when

fear is trying to get a word in because

fear always has something to say and

pride and insecurity is also speaking

the enemy is speaking you’ll be able to

detect well God didn’t say that because

that’s totally out of out of alignment

with this character or out of alignment

with his personality as it’s displayed

in scripture and so the more you know

God the more clearly you can hear him

yeah we all have to at some point draw a

line in the sand and say enough is

enough and wherever even you might

detect the enemy’s fingerprints you kind

of see as handiwork causing division

jealousy Envy Strife health issues dis

ease in some area of your life listen

this is the time for you to take your

stand firmly on the Promises of God and

to declare God’s word not only

internally but declare them out loud

where the enemy knows you ain’t messing

around and that you’re going to be a

woman who or a man who fortifies their

sphere of influence whether that’s your

home whether it’s your business whether

it is your ministry whether it’s your

sons your daughters grandmother

grandfather your grandchildren whatever

it is that God has allowed has entrusted

to you your neighborhood you be the one

that stands in the threshold of that

space and just declares God’s promises

and his words there’s so much power that

we have in the name of Jesus if we would

just take advantage of it and so so what

I prayed that war room did it did for me

and I pray that it does for for all of

us is really just inspires a different

anticipation of what prayer can actually

accomplish in our lives so I want to

encourage you that no matter how

devastating that circumstance appears to

be right now no matter how like Lazarus

it’s been dead for a long time you just

do not think any Resurrection is is


this is where Jesus does his best work

he specializes in taking the impossible

stuff and showing you the possibilities

that are there because of the power that

is available and so you know what I

wanna if it’s okay with you kick off

your stance vigilance stance in prayer

in that area of your life by praying

over you Lord Jesus I thank you right

now for the opportunity and the

privilege that we have to stand firmly

on your word we thank you that you have

given us what is really this Divine key

this key called prayer that allows us to

unlock all of the Power and the

resources of heaven and unleash them in

the regular rhythms of our everyday

living so Lord I pray right now in Jesus

name that every assignment the enemy has

against our marriages against our

children against our grandchildren

against our health Lord against our

prosperity internally and externally

Lord I pray right now in Jesus name that

those assignments would be canceled by

your blood that has been shed on Calvary

Lord I pray that you would give somebody

their fire back their fire to fight for

what is rightfully theirs their fire to

claim the territory that you have

already declared is theirs Lord like

Joshua would you make us courageous

enough to place our feet on the ground

that you have already given us help us

to march in Victory Lord just like

Elizabeth did in war room I’m praying

you’d put words in somebody’s mouth put

fire in their soul lord help them to

scream at the top of their lungs that

they believe that our God is who he says

he is and that he can accomplish every

single thing that he has declared he

will accomplish in our lives Lord I

speak that for every single person that

is Watching God and I ask that they

would see your manifest presence and

peace and joy and health and everything

that they do and say in Jesus name amen

amen amen amen such a good reminder

to me even just even when you were

praying right there I thought okay

there’s some stuff that I just have kind


not so much given up on but just gotten

lazy about praying about because I just

can’t see how it could change yeah

and you know the great thing about the

Holy Spirit though is because I’m so

glad God knows we’re just humans yeah

and we’re frail and we have those times

where we just get lazy about the whole

thing and I’m so glad that he has Grace

enough for that his grace is sufficient

thank God for God and that the Holy

Spirit prays when we don’t even know

what to pray for we just are tired and

we can only cry or worry or be concerned

that the Holy Spirit covers Us what

would you say to the people that have

prayed and prayed and prayed and never

saw the answer that they wanted never

really saw the end and then they gave up

yeah well that doesn’t well just to say

that that God stands on his word and the

word says that when we sow we will reap

that when we sow to the spiritual realm

we will reap to the spirit that there

the the principle the Theology of sowing

and reaping is true whether or not we

see what the Harvest is on this side of

Eternity or later there are some answers

some things that we have to entrust into

his Sovereign care we will not know on

this side of Eternity of a grand scheme

of all that God is figuring out and so

sometimes we will be in our Humanity

disappointed and a little bit irritated

and frustrated because we’ve been on our

knees a long time and still things seem

to be

um you know unchanging but but God is

true to his word and we’ve got to either

but we’ve got to either have faith in

that or not I mean that’s right yes I

think like our lens is temporal yes

right God’s plan is eternal yeah so even

like in the story of Joseph if you you

know zoomed in on any one part of his

story it’s terrible right the guys are a

slave and in prison and horrible right

but then you look out the big picture as

he rescued millions of people yeah right

and so sometimes I think for you know

speaking of myself when we navigate just

such a horrible season and you’re

praying how come I’m not seeing the

answers and what’s happening and God

does work all things together for good

to those who love him and who are called

according to his purpose he will so he’s

half that’s where our faith has to be

and that’s we have to be brave in the

midst of those moments and trusting him

and and you know I was talking with in

fact a young lady that works here at the

studios we were talking earlier um I

think she’s new here and just trying to

navigate what God is doing through her

life weaving all these different pieces

of the puzzle together and I was

encouraging her on a much smaller scale

than Joseph but the reality is that when

I was her age I remember my Pursuit was

television my Pursuit was

um journalism I wanted to be a

broadcaster and I was hired to do a few

little shows here and there on CBS and

stuff and I did them and everyone that I

got an opportunity to do it was was

canceled shortly after I came on board

and as a young girl just out of college

you imagine how that’s an assault to

your self-esteem I mean you just feel

like everything keeps getting canceled

right after I join and right after I get

signed on so nothing was succeeding and

it wasn’t until probably 10 or 12 years

later I mean I prayed so much through

that hallway oh my gosh I was wondering

what God was doing I couldn’t figure out

tears fell from my eyes and it wasn’t

until 10 years later the very first time

yeah I did a Bible study recording and I

stood there in front of those cameras

and I knew exactly what to do with those

cameras not because I had trained so

well right but because through those

defeated moments God was building

something in me that he knew I would

need later there you go no idea he was

going to ever use yeah we just want

things and we yeah we’re so dumb

yes we’re limited yes