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he knows me he knows you he knows where

we’ve been he knows what we’ve done he

knows our weaknesses he knows our

strengths he comes to the

disenfranchised and the people that are

lonly and the people like me that are in

need of a savior and he speaks our name

Jesus took our place on the cross he was

forsaken by the father so that the

father will never forsake us wipe the

tears out of your eyes and praise our

God because he rose up early early early



Resurrection is y for 3 years Jesus

ministered he healed the sick gave sight

to the blind cast out demons and calmed

the storm with his hands three years of

ministry culminated with a final message

to his closest friend a message we

remember as the Last Supper

here’s Jensen Franklin Psalms 23 says he

prepares a table before us in the

presence of our enemies isn’t it amazing

that the first time that communion was

served it was not served in a church or

in a cathedral it was served in

someone’s home Matthew 26 said that

Jesus told a man I want to use your

house the upper room of that house to

serve communion to my disciples and the

first time the meal was served the bread

and the wine representing the body of

Christ that would hang on the cross and

the blood that he would shed the first

time that meal was served it was not in

a church it was in a house Exodus 12 the

Passover meal was served in the house it

was a family occasion Jesus in the New

Testament made communion a your house

experience a generational meal for the

children the children need to eat this

meal and the Bible said when they ask

what does it mean you are to teach them

that this is a meal that heals that this

is a meal that protects from destruction

and plagues and death this is a meal

that cleanses any and all sin this is a

meal that

heals offense and hurt and disagreements

this is the meal that

heals and I love the fact that when the

world drinks the world drinks to to

forget one country artist had a song

that said Whiskey River take my mind why

because he was brokenhearted and he had

so many bad memories he was trying to

escape but Jesus said when you drink my

cup you drink to remember not to forget

what do we remember the cross the blood

the suffering he took our sin and he

took our shame this meal has the power

to remember the backslider to remember

the F the families that have been

dismembered by offense and disagreement

so many people don’t speak to people

that they love but he said examine

yourself when you eat this meal because

this is the meal that has a mysterious

power to bring back together what has

been dismembered I can remember remember

and Jesus said as often as you eat this

you do in remembrance of me you see the

body is represented in the bread and the

blood in the cup and when you separate a

body from blood a body that doesn’t have

blood dies it brings death but he said

when you take this

meal you remember me you cause me to

have life in your home in your family in

your marriage you remember what death

dismembered and as often as you do this

you do it in remembrance of me I want to

tell somebody that because of what Jesus

did you can have the power of

restoration hit your life and family and

you can be remembered to God back to God

you backslider you who are running you

feel so far and you’re afraid of what’s

Happening you can be REM membered you

don’t have to be dismembered Jesus said

this day you’ll be with me in Paradise

that was a reference to the Garden of

Eden where Adam and Eve were dismembered

because of sin but Jesus was saying this

meal will remember all the people who’ve

been dismembered from the family of God

come on home through this meal take the

bread right there in your home Jesus

said this bread represents my body take

eat this do in remembrance of me until I

come and then he said take this cup it’s

the New

Covenant and this do and remembrance of

me it can wash you it is for the

remission of sins it can protect you it

will bless your household it will cause

the destroyer and the plague to pass

over take drink this do in remembrance

of me until I

come there’s coming a day when the

trumpet is going to sound and the bodies

and the spirits of those who have

trusted in Christ they’re separated

they’re dismembered but when the trumpet

sounds there’s going to become a

remembering and the grave Ain’t No Grave

going to hold our bodies down and the

Bible said that the living members of

the family will be reunited with those

who have died in the Lord and there’s

going to be a remembering in midair when

the trumpet sounds the dead in Christ

shall rise and we who are alive and

remain shall be caught up to meet the

Lord in the air what a day that would be

and lastly Jesus said I will not eat

this meal

again until I eat it at the marriage

supper of the lamb and when you make it

home to Heaven one of these days all of

us who have been separated from God

we’re going to hear the call to go home

and when we all get to heaven what a day

of rejoicing that will be and he said I

won’t eat this meal again until that

which has been dismembered is fully

remembered together in a land where

there is no weeping no sorrow and you

can have that promise of heaven

today through the Lord’s table give him

your life give him your family right

there in the sacredness of your home

take this meal together and speak the

blessing over your home father I pray

the healing

protection power of God to cleanse the

home remember families marriages and

homes that have been dismembered and

destroyed by sin remember the

backsliders and those who are coming

home calling on you I thank you for it

there’s power in the Lord’s


what a powerful word from Jensen just

hours before his crucifixion scripture

says Jesus went to a garden to pray on

his knees he contended with his Destiny

he knew he would be betrayed he knew he

would be tortured he knew he would die

in the garden he faced the greatest

decision would he go to the

Cross he could have quit he could have

turned around and said no it’s too much

I can’t do it but he didn’t In The

Garden of Gethsemane Jesus chose to go

to the Cross because he loved us after

the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus was

betrayed put on trial and sentenced to

death you must remember crucifixion was

reserved for the most vile of criminals

but on Good Friday the son of God would

make his way from the courtyard of pilot

to the hills of Calvary carrying his own

cross with stripes on his back and the

crown of thorns on his head Jesus would

pay the ultimate price for our

healing here’s Robert Morris when Jesus

was on the cross he made seven

statements that share with us seven

truths for from the cross the seven

truths of Easter I call these here’s the

first statement that Jesus made on the

cross father forgive them for they do

not know what they do the first truth is

total forgiveness this is why Jesus died

on the cross to completely and totally

forgive us of all of our sins this word

forgive means to remove the guilt and

many times we think about removing the

feeling of guilt but he’s actually

talking about removing the guilt of our

sin there’s another word that’s similar

to this in the Bible called Justified

you can remember this word the

definition is just as if i’ never sinned

and that’s the very first thing Jesus

did on the cross was pray for our

forgiveness the second statement that

Jesus made was he’s talking to the thief

on the cross that said remember me when

you come into your kingdom Jesus said to

him assuredly I say to you today you

will be with me in Paradise today so the

second truth promise from the cross is

immediate Paradise Paul said when we’re

absent from the body we’re present with

the Lord about 2 years ago uh I had a

time when I was bleeding internally and

almost bled to death the doctors the

medical professionals and prayers of

God’s people saved my life and doctors

have attested to that I was being

careflighted and I remember in that

helicopter I felt like I was dying I

later told the doctor that I said I felt

like I was dying he said you were dying

but in that helicopter I could sense the

presence of the Lord I sensed his

presence so strong and when we give our

lives to Jesus Christ when we leave this

earth we are immediately in the presence

of God the third statement that Jesus

made on the cross is my God my God why

have you forsaken me now sometimes this

is very hard to understand why Jesus

would say father why are you forsaking

me and yet Hebrews 13:5 helps us to

understand it it says I will never leave

you nor forsake you so why did God

forsake Jesus on the cross it’s really

very simple he forsook his son so that

he would never have to forsake you in

other words Jesus took our place on the

cross he was forsaken by the father so

that the father will never forsake us

the psalmist said it this way I’ve been

young and now I’m old and yet I’ve never

seen the righteous forsaken nor his

descendants begging bread God’s never

going to forsake you the fourth

statement Jesus makes on the cross he

looks at his mother Mary and says woman

behold your son speaking about the

disciple John and he says to John behold

your mother here’s what’s amazing to me

he’s dying on the cross and yet he’s

thinking about caring for his mother

constant care is this fourth truth from

the cross constant care Jesus Will

constantly care for you and that’s what

the message of the Cross is we know that

Joseph Jesus’s Earthly father had died

he’s never spoken of in any of Jesus’s

public Ministry and Jesus wouldn’t have

told his mother to go home with John if

her husband Joseph had still been alive

and that begs the question did God know

when he chose Joseph to be his Earthly

father that he was going to die I think

he did but I think he did so that Jesus

could experience what we experience he

could experience loss and sympathize

with us so constant

care the fifth statement that Jesus

makes on the cross is I thirst

I thirst I think this actually refers to

full atonement now you’re probably

thinking I don’t get that I understand

that but the word atonement if you take

the three syllables at one meant and

then change the suffix meant to with

it’s like at one with God through Jesus

on the cross reconciles us so we can be

one with him it’s something Jesus prayed

John 17 that we would be one with him

and with the father so he causes us to

be one with him through the atonement

but why why do I say I thirst if you

remember in the garden he said father if

it be your will let this cup pass for me

and then when he’s being arrested Peter

pulls out his sword and Jesus says put

your sword away shall I not drink the

cup which my father set before me I

believe in that cup for the sins of the

world and Jesus knew when he drank that

cup he’d be separated from his father so

that we would not have to be separated

from the Father the sixth statement that

Jesus makes on the cross is it is

finished it’s finished everything that

needs to be done so that sinful man can

have a relationship with holy God has

been done it’s been completely finished

he’s done it all I knew in that

helicopter even when I was dying that my

salvation did not depend on my own works

it depends completely and totally on the

grace of God this is what we call the

substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on

the cross this is the message of Easter

this is a truth of Easter in one of the

statements that Jesus says he says it is

finished it’s done everything that needs

to be done has been done and the last

statement that Jesus makes on the cross

is Father into your hands I commit my

spirit into your hands I commit my

spirit this truth I call Eternal

commitment God makes an eternal

commitment to us when we meet when we

make a commitment to him Jesus even said

you’re in my hand and you’re in my

father’s hand and no one can pluck you

out God commits to us us when we commit

to him take these seven truths from the

cross these seven statements that Jesus

made while he was on the cross and

receive Jesus Christ as your lord and

savior and receive what Jesus did for us

over 2,000 years ago on a cross on a

Hill Called Calvary Jesus decision to go

to the Cross was an extraordinary Act of


the cross was what we deserved not Him

scripture says that while we were still

sinners Christ died for us without Good

Friday we don’t have Resurrection Sunday

and without Sunday we have no chance at

eternity with God his crucifixion paved

the way for our

Redemption what Jesus did on the cross

on Good Friday that made all the

difference it was early on Sunday

morning morning and the sky was still

dark those in fact are the exact words

John the Beloved disciple wrote about

that first Easter Sunday morning you see

Mary Magdalene visited the tomb darkened

by the shadows of a silent Saturday the

only thing she expected to find was cold

dead lifeless lonely body little did she

know D was breaking and hope was

Rising here’s Priscilla Sher John

chapter 20 says that it was early in the

morning even while it was still dark

that Mary of magdala made her way to the

Garden tomb picture her arriving at the

Tomb of the one whom had changed her

entire life Jesus had met Mary at a time

when her life was in complete disrepair

Not only was she oppressed but she was

marginalized in a socioeconomic time

period where women were not valued at

all but she lacked Joy she lacked peace

she lacked Freedom she lacked fullness

until Jesus came and then everything

changed she had followed him ever since

with a new light in her eyes and New

Hope in her future and not only did she

follow him closely but she supported him

his ministry in every single way that

she possibly could and she had been

there by his side during during the

trials she had been there while they had

whipped him to the point where he could

not even be recognized she had been

there to witness his crucifixion and now

she is there a lone figure in the

darkness wandering into the garden so

that she can come and pay respects to

him at the tomb and while she cannot see

much because the light of the sun has

yet to arrive on this morning what she

can see is that the gargantuan stone

that had been used to seal up the tomb

that it has been rolled way and her mind

in the moment that could only mean one

thing that robbers have come and they

have stolen the body of her Lord she

races away so that she can tell the

disciples and two of them immediately

run as fast as they can along with her

back to the tomb those two go in and

corroborate that indeed Jesus’s body is

not there and long after they have gone

home John chapter 20 says that Mary

remains of course she does her heart

longs in again to see her Lord she is

weeping a River of Tears when she looks

inside and realizes that there are two

angels that have come one is positioned

at the head and the other at the foot of

the slab where Jesus’s body has once

been laid and as she looks in and sees

them and they see her they ask

Heroman why are you

weeping she says I’ve come looking for

Jesus and I cannot find him where is is

his body and before they can even

respond something Garners her attention

whether it’s a rustle in the foliage

behind or whether it’s just the sense of

a presence the scripture says she turns

around and she sees someone standing

there who she supposes to be the

gardener and she’s still weeping and

she’s still crying because even though

now she has seen two angels and now she

has seen someone that she believes to be

the gardener none of the presence of

these human beings or Angelic beings can

take the place of Jesus and for any of

us who have come to know Jesus Christ as

Lord we can tell you the same thing that

it doesn’t matter who we come in contact

with no matter the success they’ve

achieved no matter how high they have

climbed up the the ladder of success no

matter how notable they are even Angelic

beings cannot take the place of the one

who has changed our lives Lives who has

revolutionized our future and so she

looks at this one who she supposes to be

the gardener and whether she can’t tell

that it’s Jesus because she’s crying so

many tears that those tears have stung

her eyes to the point where her vision

is blurred or whether it is because

supernaturally Jesus has veiled himself

so that she can’t quite make him out

clearly whatever the reason she doesn’t

know that it’s him and again this person

poses the question woman why are you

crying in and she says in so many

words just give me

Jesus and

then he says her

name he



Mary her name only rolled off of the

lips with that kind of love and grace

and kindness of one other person she’s

only known one person to speak her name

with that much Purity and that much

affinity and in that moment the gospel

becomes not just powerful it becomes

personal and when she hears her name her

eyes are open and she recognizes that

this is the gardener after all this

right here this is Jesus Christ and I

can tell you because I’m a witness to it

that Jesus is still calling people’s

names one by one he calls our names and

our hearts warm not just because the

gospel’s powerful

but because it’s personal he knows me he

knows you he knows where we’ve been he

knows what we’ve done he knows our

weaknesses he knows our strengths he

knows the places in our lives where we

need his Mercy or Grace and like Mary he

doesn’t discard us he doesn’t treat us

the way others have he doesn’t

marginalize us he comes to the

disenfranchised and the people that are

lonely and the people like me that are

in need of a savior and he speaks our


and when our heart worms with the

conviction that only the holy spirit of

God can give we respond just like Mary

our eyes are opened because we realize

that he is who he says he is and that he

can still accomplish exactly what he

says he could through the Redemption of

our sins Mary man her whole Destiny

changes at this point because she races

away becoming the very first evangelist

telling everybody that she can of what

her eyes have seen Jesus has been raised

from the dead she’s our eyewitness and

you know how it is when you have an

eyewitness think about it when you’re

watching the news and the reporter is

giving you information it’s one thing to

hear the information but once that

reporter takes the microphone and puts

it in front of a person who was there a

person who saw it for themselves a

person who’s not just talking because

they heard about it but because they

were in the room they experienced it all

of a sudden that story that you just had

information about well now it’s got

cement it’s got flesh now you can

believe because you’ve heard from

somebody who saw it Mary is our

eyewitness she saw with her own eyes and

she heard his voice with her own ears

she communicates to us that Jesus raised

from the grave raised from the tomb and

he is still alive today and she is why

we can say with all confidence for any

of us who have placed faith in Jesus

Christ we can say it along with the

ancient hym

writer Because He

Lives I Can Face

Tomorrow it was a time that their faith

was being challenged in a way that it

had never been challenged before it was

a time that it was no longer popular to

say you were with Jesus they had

snatched him from judgment Hall to

judgment Hall they had beat him until he

was almost

unrecognizable there was no Beauty about

him that we should desire him and they

had hung him high and stretched him wide

on a cross until the sun got embarrassed

and refused to shine the ground got

nervous and began to tremble and one

writer wrote that Graves opened up all

over Jerusalem the veil in the temple

was rent from the top to the bottom but

you must be clear in understanding that

even even his closest

disciples wondered was he really was he

really who they thought he was after him


publicly villainized and ostracized and

alienated they ran and they hid and they

were afraid and they were concerned and

they were

perplexed and they were

jobless and they were lonely and they


uncertain and they

hid they got d dark oh not just on

Friday it was a dark

Saturday it was a dark Sabbath it was a

dark moment of contemplation and

confusion and alienation and them going

back in their mind with memory after

memory of what Jesus had said and what

he had done but the memory that they

could not get out of their head was the

memory of the fact that he died on that

cross he got stiff on that cross they

took his rig mortis ridden body and fold

his stiff arms into a deaf position and

wrapped him in linen and put him in a

tomb and the thing that they knew

irrevocably without any question at all

is that Jesus the

master who had once walked on water

Jesus who had healed the sick and raised

the dead Jesus who had turned water into

wine Jesus who had stood on the Mount of

transfiguration and caused the very

heavens to open up the one thing they

knew for sure is that Jesus he was gone

he was absolutely gone his mama knew he

was gone she had stood there and watch

not only the Messiah not only the Lord

not only the king of glory not only

watching him die but her baby her child

the one she had raised and nurtured and

nursed on her own bre she watched him

die and the one thing they were clear

about is that he was

gone and people begin to scatter Judas

had hung him himself at the crucifixion

and recognized in his own mind this is

too much for me to Bear Thomas had ran

out doubting and saying I just I just I

just don’t know what to think about this

and Peter had cursed somebody out and

denied that he had ever known the Lord

and the tension was so thick you could

cut it with a knife now let me be clear

in our understanding in the darkness of

Saturday they went back in their mind

and they had seen Jesus rebuke death

before he had stopped the Widow of name

and touched the body of her son just by

touching the casket and the boy sat up

and walked he had gone in and laid and

spoke to a dead girl and said TOA Kumai

and she had gotten up and started moving

again and walking again they had seen

Jesus defeat death he had walked down to

the tomb of Lazarus and stood outside

the tomb and said Lazarus come forth

they had seen Jesus raise other

people but now the one who raised other

people from the

dead had died

himself and they felt

hopeless like some of you might feel

hopeless right now they

felt lifeless and faithless and fearful

and nervous and

upset all Saturday

long all Saturday night they felt the


way but early Sunday morning before the

D had settled on the the roses early

Sunday morning before the sun had fully

peaked its eye above the mountainous

terrain surrounding Jerusalem early

Sunday morning when the women rose up

early to go down to dress the body and

to add some frankincense and Mer so that

the stench of his death did not

embarrass the legacy of his memory early

Sunday morning they got a

shocker the stone had been rolled back

the grave was empty the napkin had been

folded you see there is a distinction

between this moment from any other

moment that we talked about before yes

there were people all through the Old

Testament that had been raised from the

dead but they all Rose to die again but

Jesus rose up to never die again and the

question hurled it out of the mouth of

the Angel why seek ye the

living amongst the dead for he is real

he is not here he has risen above what

everybody said about him he has risen

above what everybody doubted in him he

has risen above every Scandal and every

ostracization that have been applied to

it he has risen above the expectations

of even his followers he has risen above

the powers of the Roman Empire he has

risen above the reach of the Sanhedrin

Court he has risen above the Pharisees

and the Sadducees he has risen above

death hell and the grave he has snatched

the sting out of death and the Victory

out of the grave and he has risen with

all power in his hand that’s what it

means to start talking about the

resurrection of the Lord it is not that

we don’t go down it is not that it does

not get dark it is not that it doesn’t

get deep and confusing and complexing it

is not that we don’t have pain and that

we don’t have fear and sometimes we must

it that we do have doubt but what the

resurrection is all about is that God

does not need our strength to do what he

said he is going to do he is not a man

that he should lie or the son of man

that he should repent if God said he’s

going to get up he’s going to get up and

if God said you’re going to get up

you’re going to get up and if God said

you’re going to be an overcomer you’re

going to be an overcomer because he rose

from the dead with all power in his

hands and the angels began to sing and

begin to rejoice and the glory Begin to

Fall because he that was dead is alive

forever more he

lives he lives we serve an absolutely

Risen Savior not a defeated fo not a

villain nailed to a tree not a

scandalous individual that’s ostracized

by his community but we are serving a

Risen Lord a roaring lion from the tribe

of Judah the Seed of Abraham the bright

and Morning Star the lily of the valley

he got up with all power in his hand no

wonder the psalmist said weeping may

endure for a night but if you can take a

tough night I’ve got news for you Joy

absolute Blissful Joy comes in the

morning and I just stop by to tell you I

just stop by to let you know I just stop

by to declare unto you that I just

checked my watch it’s not night anymore

church it’s morning wipe the tears out

of your eyes and praise our God because

he rose up early early early Sunday


Resurrection is