This week on Better Together, Priscilla Shirer discusses how often times we cover our emotions with busy schedules. Join the conversation as Laurie Crouch, Natalie Grant, Hosanna Wong, and Dr. Anita Phillips join Priscilla Shirer to discuss how we can welcome the peace of the Holy Spirit into our lives to help us come to terms with how we are feeling.

so awareness might be the place that’s

hard for someone like me

where because we’re just moving forward

and we’re taking care of the people in

our lives i think of for example

the scenario that we are in right now

having experienced so many hard things

personally and in our family life

in the last several years but then even

in these last few weeks

i’ve been taking care of my husband

taking care of my sons

and i’ve been so busy in being mindful

about their

emotional health that i’ve noticed that

when someone asks me how

i am doing it it actually makes me pause

for a second to go i don’t even know

i haven’t even taken time to really have

an awareness to what it is that i’m

feeling because i’m so busy taking care

of everything else

so i feel like busyness then can become

a scapegoat for us

where it’s just easier to tend to

everybody else

than to sit for a second and and if i

can just say

i think that one of the gifts and i say


loosely because i want to be careful not

to imply that the chaos of 2020

has been um you know has been a good

thing it has been chaotic

there have been many people who have

suffered so much loss whether

financially or

with grief with loved ones because of

covid but if there is

one of the the benefits or gifts that

have come out of it

is that a lot of us have had an

opportunity to sit still

and actually develop an awareness of

what we actually

feel in a way that we haven’t had an

opportunity to do before because it’s

been masked

and numbed underneath the guise of

busyness god created us

in his image and and so

if he did that then we do feel love we


joy we feel disappointment we feel hurt

we feel pain

we feel all of it i find dr anita and


that um that

we can’t let emotions control us but we

need to control our emotions

but if we don’t feel that god is always

in control then we can

lose it we can lose our emotions

and i think we’re seeing so much of that

today you know jesus said

my peace i give to you

and i believe he fought for that peace i

believe exactly what you were talking

about dr anita

him going through all of those emotions

before the cross he paid that price

so that we can have that peace my peace

i give to you my peace i

i leave with you priscilla

people that don’t have that peace that


feel that god is literally in control

because we know he is

as christians and and christ followers

we believe that god is control

of every mess that we make of every mess

that’s going on

today well no i appreciate that just you

bringing up

the basically the work of the holy

spirit that’s what you’re talking about

the peace that he leaves with us is the

person of the holy spirit

and the holy spirit comes into the life

of someone who has placed faith in jesus

ephesians chapter 1 says that at the

moment you believe you receive the holy

spirit and the holy spirit is not

an it or a ghost or a fire or a dove

he’s symbolized by those things often in

scripture but he is the third

person of the trinity and when he takes

up residence on the inside of you

all the power the presence of god the


is in the person of the holy spirit and

the holy spirit’s job

is to shake awake those things that are

spiritually slumbering

and separated from god in us that is our

soul which is our mind

will and emotions our conscience that’s

what comprises our soul

so our emotions is a part of that and

the holy spirit takes up residence in us

he shakes your emotions awake from

their spiritual slumber your conscience

away from it awake

awake from its spiritual slumber and he

allows those things now to be under the

jurisdiction and the power of the

presence of god

so that every aspect of who you are now

becomes sanctified

molded into the image of jesus christ so

that we start thinking like he thinks


feeling in line with how he feels

so that what breaks his heart breaks our

heart so that the things he would be

angered about

we are now angered about as we watch

things unfold on the news or

on social media feed or in in areas of

justice or government or whatever

our heart begins to break about those

things that are happening underneath the

roof of our house

that are out of alignment with god’s

best design

for our family or for our our


the holy spirit allows that our emotions

then become

instruments used by him to help us to


and feel and breathe and experience a

life that is

in line with the will and the plan of

god and i’m so grateful for that that he

doesn’t discard our emotions

basically discarding our humanity like

dr anita was just saying

while i was laying on her couch a few

minutes ago but um

basically he allows our humanity

under the control of the holy spirit all

of it is not pushed to the curb

it is molded into the image of jesus and

he utilizes

us as we are underneath and submitted to

the control of the holy spirit

for his glory and for our good i hope

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