Priscilla Shirer teaches at the 2018 She Rises Conference. Be encouraged as she teaches on ways for YOU to experience God for yourself, rather than relying on the testimonies of others as the crux of your faith.


you got to have your own relationship

you have to make your own choice you

have to go and gather him up for


you have to taste and

for yourself how good he is you can

celebrate him in the testimonies of

other people in the experience of other

people until you are blue in the face

but there’s got to come a time where you

decide I’m gonna stop sitting on the

periphery and applauding his experience

with other folks you got to decide today

will be the day that I go and gather him

up for myself


there was a commercial that came to my

mind as a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial

this lady’s got a hair net on she’s been

working in the factory all day long

they’re interviewing her and she says

you know I’m just like regular Mom

working moms sometimes after work I

gotta go to the grocery store so I do I

run my errands I go to the grocery store

and she says sometimes I’m walking down

the aisleway and gross in the grocery

store just one aisle after the other and

every aisle I go down I see people going

they’re wondering why they why they can

smell what to them smells like fresh

bread baking somewhere or cookies

somewhere and then she said every now

and then I’ll walk past and I’ll just

put people out of their misery and tell

them hey you’re just smelling me

because I smell like the environment

I’ve been in all day

so when we leave from a place like this

we go back into our homes and our jobs

and our neighborhoods and our high

schools and our universities and people

are just like where you been

something different about you

you smell like the environment you’ve

been in all day

Lord Jesus I thank you for this place

that is permeating with the fragrance of

your presence

I thank you father in Jesus name that

our lives will have the residue of your

presence on them that father from this

place we will never ever be the same

again we are your daughters Lord and we

are coming over your word now to hear a

fresh word straight from the mouth of

God lord I am so glad that everybody

else in this room is here but I didn’t

come to see everybody else I came to see

you and so Lord I am asking that you

would open up the windows of heaven and

come down and speak to your daughters we

are listening in Jesus name everybody

agreed when they said amen

amen you may take your seats

years and years ago man my babies were


I remember this because I traveled to

Memphis on one particular occasion and I

remember this because I was exhausted I

was so tired

um you know my kids were small at the

time and I happened to take this

particular trip uh by myself and I

traveled to Memphis and I remember being

so excited when the lady picked me up

from the airport that was a part of the

church that I was going to be

ministering at she took me to from the

airport to the hotel it was an early

evening I was so glad anybody ever been

glad to just go to bed at 8 pm

I could not wait I laid down on the bed

ready to get a good night of sleep and I

was jolted awake about two o’clock three

o’clock in the morning because there was

a train that went by right outside the

window of our hotel

the conductor of the train was sitting

on the horn as the long train blazed

right outside of the hotel where I was

sleeping I sat straight up in bed sort

of alarmed by the noise went and looked

out of the window and realized that

literally the train tracks were right

there and it was one of those very long

trains with a lot of cars that went

whisking by it took a while for the

train to finally pass by and settle I

tried to go uh back to sleep as best I


lady came back to pick me up that

particular morning because the

conference started I had to be there

very early in the morning so it was

about 6 30 or so anyway that I was going

to have to get up and get dressed and

get ready for a 7 15 or 7 30 pickup and

so I got in the car and I didn’t really

really say anything no big deal we had a

great day at the conference I went back

to sleep that night thinking of course

that the night before had been a fluke

and that that train wasn’t coming by

again went to sleep about 8 30 9 p.m so

glad to get a good full night of sleep

but 3 A.M you guessed it that train went

roaring by right outside the window I

sat straight up in bed not believing

that this was happening again and I

couldn’t even get back to sleep that

night I couldn’t wait for that sweet

lady to come pick me up the next morning

I sat down in the car and I said so hey

did you know that there is a train

that goes by about three o’clock in the

morning at least the last two mornings

that that I’ve been here that train has

gone by in the middle of the night woken

me straight up out of my sleep and she

had this look of complete horror and

regret written all over her face she

said I am so sorry I didn’t even think

about the fact that that train goes by

because those of us who live in this

community have grown so used to the

sound of the train that it doesn’t even

occur to us when it’s passing through


it occurs to me that those of us who

live particularly in this western part

of the world where the presence of God

has been so lavishly given to us where

on every street corner we see another

church with a pastor that preaches the

good news of Jesus Christ where we can

turn on Christian radio stations or go

across town to the Christian bookstore

where we live as women in a day and age

and generation where there have never

been ever in history so many bible study

resources by women for women what could

it be that we’ve grown so used to the

blessing of the presence of God that

when the train of God’s glory Falls when

God’s presence comes and marks and and

and permeates our presence that we don’t

even recognize it anymore

that God has so blessed us that we’re

too blessed for our own good

that we don’t see the Fingerprints of

God in our lives that when there’s even

just a hint of disappointment or

discouragement or frustration or

irritation in our life that we are

blinded to the fact that even when

things are dark the light of God’s

presence can still be found if we’ll

just open up our eyes

may we never be desensitized to the

presence of God

and if you have your Bibles and you want

to look with me at a passage of

scripture I’ll just read it to you that

I want to point out today if you still

you know actually use the Bible with

paper Pages like I do or your iPhone

your iPad any manner of Inez is fine in

Luke Chapter 2 there are a group of

people who are about to be in the

presence of God and they’re not even

going to recognize it

I will tell you as you turn to Luke

Chapter 2 that the author Luke wrote

this gospel and recorded these stories

really to show us how to have an

encounter with Jesus to not miss him

when his presence is near and by the way

this is our goal as Believers this is

the reason why he died on the cross of

Calvary so that we could not just know

about him but so that we can encounter

him we’re not just supposed to read in

the Old Testament about how he divided

the Red Sea or caused the walls of

Jericho to come tumbling down or met

with a man named Moses in the form of a

burning bush or showed up as the angel

of the Lord in a wine press while a

fearful timid Gideon was beating out

wine uh threshing wheat rather in that

wine press we’re not just supposed to

read about others that had an encounter

with Jesus we’re not just supposed to

see and applaud and experience the

testimonies of other people they’re

supposed to encourage us to realize that

if regular folks like that can encounter

honor him so can we

and Luke comes along and he writes story

after Story in his gospel to show us

that we can have an encounter with Jesus

these people that he is writing to and

that he’s writing about we’re in a time

of national Decay there is chaos

happening and swirling around them

morally and socially and you and I can

relate to that because they were not

just in a time of national Decay so are


our country is in a state of more social

Decay and decline than we’ve ever seen

before and the more God is marginalized

and segmented to the periphery of

society the worse things are going to

get the more he has completely ignored

and disregarded the more we’re going to

see the influx of chaos and destruction

but today I don’t want y’all to worry

about the White House I want to get to

your house

I want to talk about the destruction and

the Decay happening maybe underneath the

roof of your own home Luke is writing

not just then but now to people who need

a savior

folks who are waiting on a hero to show

up and rescue them

from the plight of their own

circumstances Luke was writing to them

but by the Holy Spirit he is writing to

us today for any of you who are in a

state of decline in some area of your

life where we’re seeing against the

backdrop of Darkness this need we have

for the Savior to manifest himself for

us to not just know about him from afar

applauding him and the testimonies of

other people but if anybody wants to

experience him themselves then Luke is

writing to you and I want somebody to

know this today that sometimes

sometimes your difficulties are less

about the Enemy being against you and

more about God wanting you to show

wanting to show you what it looks like

when he is for you

sometimes it’s about him finally wanting

his daughter’s eyes to be open so that

when he shows up they’re sensitive

enough to see him in Luke chapter 2

verse 25.

it says and behold

there was a man in Jerusalem whose name

was Simeon this man was righteous and

devout and looking for the consolation

he was looking for some hope y’all

looking for the consolation of Israel

and the Holy Spirit was upon him and it

had been revealed to him by the holy

spirit that he would not see death

before he had seen the Lord’s Christ and

he came in the spirit into the temple

and when the parents brought in the

Child Jesus to carry out for him the

custom of the law he took Jesus he went

over to this couple grabbed this 40-day

old child into his arms and he blessed

God and said now Lord you can let your

servant depart in peace because

according to Thy word my eyes have seen

your salvation you have prepared your

salvation in the presence of all the

people a light of Revelation the glory

of thy People Israel and Mary and Joseph

they were amazed at the things that were

being said about their son Jesus Christ

here on this occasion Mary and Joseph

have come into the temple for um the

purification ceremony it was traditional

it was ceremonial that about 40 days

after a baby was born and the

purification process had taken place

that the parents of a new baby would

bring their baby into the temple to

offer specific sacrifices a burnt

offering a sin offering

um and just to present their child to

the Lord now traditionally when folks

came into the temple they would bring

sacrifices and if you look back into the

Book of Leviticus the details of those

sacrifices are given they would need to

have a pigeon for a particular sacrifice

they would need to have a lamb for

another sacrifice and there is a caveat

I’m just going to take a little Rabbit

Trail for a second because I love that

y’all like rabbit trails

there’s a little caveat given in Luke

Leviticus chapter 12. that says that if

someone is not wealthy enough if they do

not have the resources to actually

purchase a lamb for this sacrifice that

they actually can just bring two pigeons

and I didn’t read all the details here

but a few verses earlier than where we

started in verse 25 it tells us that

Mary and Joseph come into the temple

with two pigeons or two turtle doves

they don’t have a lamb which indicates

to us that they have expended so much of

their resources that they are in a state

of poverty at least enough that they

were not able to afford their own lamb

they’ve got two pigeons that’s all they

had to bring on this occasion as they

bring their new baby into the Tabernacle

to present him to the Lord they’ve got

these two pigeons which means that when

they walk into the temple people would

have looked at them and recognized them

as a couple that was um instant had

insufficient funds as a couple that was

like talking as a poor couple they would

have been looked down upon people would

have marginalized them because they did

not have the accoutrements of wealth

that everybody else in the building had

so they did not have a lamb and yet they

have in their possession the lamb that

takes away the sins of the world

can’t say to anybody who is in the room

and you felt like an outcast because you

don’t wear what everybody else wears you

can’t afford to drive what everybody

else drives you you don’t have the

resources to live in the neighborhood

where everybody else lives listen my

friend even if you do not have a lamb

you might be in the perfect position to

make sure you have intimacy with the

lamb who takes away the sins of the


and can I tell you that sometimes it is

our affluence that keeps us from having

the Lamb of God in our grasp intimacy

and fellowship with him like never


the people that I have met that have

more of an integral intimate ongoing

fervent passionate relationship with

Jesus Christ they are not the people

sometimes that live in the Mansion on

the hill it’s the people in a Hut in a

village with fats rules and dirt floors

who have in their desperation had an

encounter with Jesus Christ

and y’all I have met people in third

world countries who pray for us

oh they pray for us they feel bad for us

because they say we pray

anemic self-centered prayers

they listen to our prayers that are so

focused on having more Comfort than we

already have

we’re in their desperation they have met

with Jesus they have seen him with their

own eyes they have been marked by the

presence of God they have watched God

show up in so much Splendor and they

want that for us


sometimes when we can afford our own


it pushes out the opportunity and the

margin that should be reserved for the


comfortable people

pray anemic prayers

it’s desperation

it’s insufficiency it’s lack it’s

emptiness when you find yourself in that

state where like Mary and Joseph you

don’t have enough to buy your own lamb


that might be the perfect setup for your

encounter with the Lamb of God

and so they are coming into the temple

with the lamb

he’s in their arms they walk in

to the temple

y’all there at church

there’s a group of people including

religious leaders Pharisees and

Sadducees that have all gathered around

probably hundreds of people all carrying

their sacrifices that have joined in on

this occasion

and they’ve been waiting all of these

people have been waiting on the Messiah

they’ve been waiting for the kingdom of

God to be at hand they’ve been waiting

on a king to ride in on a white horse

and to redeem them from all that has

been lost and how they’ve lost as a

nation they’ve been waiting for somebody

to rescue them from the oppression of

Rome they have been looking for a Hero

and the hero comes in and they do not

recognize him

they are at church

and they do not recognize the presence

of God

the reason why is because he has come in

a package

that they do not prefer

he has come in a package that does not

align with their expectations and so

because he does not look like what they

wanted him to look like about what they

had in their own estimation prepared as

the package that would be in their

estimation the best package for the king

to arrive because their circumstance

does not look like and he has not

appeared the way that they preferred

they downplay the Messiah when he

arrives I want to submit to you

that Jesus is there

in this difficult moment in your

marriage in this trying moment in your

finances in this struggle on your job in

this difficulty in this relationship

you’re rubbing Corners with your boss or

your spouse or the struggle you’re

having on your University campus or in

your high school campus this hard time

that you are having he is there he just

may have come in the package you don’t


and that oftentimes the Fingerprints of

God are not recognized not because he’s

not there it is just because the

expectation we have set up about what he

looks like and how he will speak and how

he will move the prayer request the

solution that he will bring doesn’t

align with the prayer request that we

have prayed we have boxed God into the

way we want him to answer instead of

believing that his ways are not our ways

and his thoughts are not our thoughts as

high as the heavens are above the Earth

that’s how high his thoughts are above

our own and so we box God in when we say

Lord answer my request in this

particular way do you know that you

limit not God but you limit I limit our

experience of God when we say Lord

answer my request exactly this way I

have learned to pray here Lord is my

request you said that I can make it

known here’s how I would like to see you

move in my circumstance thank you Lord

that I can come boldly and make my

request known so I’ve made my request

but at the end of that prayer I’ve

learned to pray Lord Do It

or do something better

because do you know there are categories

of options that our brain doesn’t even

know are available and accessible to us

and if we limit God to what we can think

and what we see as the way we have not

even considered the categories of

opportunity that this Divine holy

Almighty being has accessible to him

y’all he’s not just thinking about you

he’s thinking about your children and

your grandchildren and your

great-grandchildren and those that

aren’t to come and how his kingdom

purposes are going to be outworked in

this generation and so on this occasion

the Messiah shows up and nobody

recognizes him except somebody say


except a guy named Simeon

he had been told and promised

just like we have

that we he would see the Manifest

presence of God he’d been told it

he’d been promised

it’s like we’ve been promised because of

our relationship with God through Christ

Jesus and the Holy Spirit indwelling of

that we will see the Fingerprints of God

working in our lives this is called the

Manifest presence of God

it is unique to omnipresence

omnipresence means that God is

everywhere all at the same time I’m so

grateful for God’s omnipresence because

God’s omnipresence means that when I fly

back to Dallas where I live when my new

friends that I just met from Uganda fly

back to where they live

um that when you all fly back to

wherever it is you’ve come from whether

all over different areas of California

or afar it means that no matter where we

go he is as much with me as he is with


because he is omnipresent

but if you’re anything like me you’re

grateful for a zombie presence but you

want more than that

you want the manifested presence of God

I’m talking about where you can look

back over your circumstances and realize

that his fingerprints were all

throughout that thing I’m talking about

where you can see footprints in the sand

as you actually recognize that God was

walking beside you the whole way I’m

talking about what other people call

coincidence encounters you see The

Sovereign hand of God that was aligning

your footsteps and setting you in the

right place at the exact right time the

Manifest presence of God

I wanted to know what made simeon’s eyes

open to recognize what nobody else in

this scenario did I figured whatever

opened up his eyes might open up our

eyes as well are you ready three things

that I want to point out to you it says

in verse 26 about Simeon it says that it

had been

actually verse 25 I want to start there

there was a man in Jerusalem whose name

was Simeon he was righteous devout

looking for the consolation of Israel we

could spend a whole lot of time in those

three but here’s where I want to harden

the Holy Spirit was upon him

the Holy Spirit was upon him

it says

that he came into the temple verse 27 in

the spirit

verse 26 says it had been revealed to

him by the Holy Spirit

look at the presence of the holy spirit

permeating this text look at how the

author has over and over and over again

highlighted the work of the holy spirit

in opening up simeon’s eyes to be able

to recognize the manifested presence of

God before him in the person of Jesus

Christ Luke here he is just in the

second chapter of this book and by the

way just in these first two chapters he

has already alluded to the spirit ten

times the work of God’s spirit is so

powerful and so needful to a fruitful

experience in the life of the of the

believer that even before the book of

Acts even before Pentecost even before

the spirit has come

Luke points out the movement of the

spirit here in the life of Simeon this

shows you how important the spirit’s

work is how critical it is to making

sure that your spiritual senses your

spiritual radar is heightened so that

you can detect the presence of God

the Holy Spirit was upon him now I want

you to see the work of God’s spirit this

is just the first uh characteristic of

Simeon but I want to just just take some

time for just a few moments on it the

work of God’s spirit is so important it

deserves a little bit of our attention

here there are three ways that the holy

spirit is described as relating to

Simeon in these few verses just just a

few ways that the Holy Spirit relates to

Simeon in these few verses the first

thing it says is that the Holy Spirit

was upon him now listen I want you to

know that if you have placed faith in

Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit lives on

the inside of you

Ephesians chapter 1 says that the moment

you believed you received the Holy

Spirit you were sealed by the Holy

Spirit of promise I want you to know

that at the moment you became a believer

in Jesus Christ you received the most

incredible gift you will ever receive

this side of Eternity and that is the

very presence of God living on the

inside of you the holy spirit is not a

ghost or a wind or a fire or a dove he

is often symbolized by those things but

don’t minimize him that ain’t who he is

the holy spirit is the third person of

the Trinity not third because he is

least in value just third because he’s

the last to be revealed to us in the

pages of scripture but all of the Power

all of the glory all of the authority

all of the Grandeur of God the father is

in the person of the Holy Spirit

which means

if you’re a believer in the Holy Spirit

lives in you

that means all of the Grandeur and all

of the greatness all of the authority of

God himself now lives on the inside of

you so if you are a Believer you have

the Holy Spirit you are not waiting on

more of the holy spirit all of the Holy

Spirit you ever gonna get you got the

moment you got saved

now you do need to be filled by God’s

spirit so that his influence in your

life grows and grows so that you operate

under the gifting of the spirit so that

you can live according to the fruit of

the spirit that means living beyond your

natural capacity it means when your

patience runs out you can still have

more patience with that person it means

when gentleness has long since left the

building you still find you’ve got a

little gentleness for that when

self-discipline I mean you just don’t

have no more self-discipline in that

area we need the fruit of God’s spirit

so we need to be filled by the spirit as

we yield to him in obedience we are

filled which means he influences us more

our mind is renewed and transformed we

are Sanctified into the image of Christ


so the holy spirit is in you


his relationship with the spirit is not

described in that way

it doesn’t say that the spirit was in

him it says that the Holy Spirit was on


which means

there is a difference between the spirit

being in you

and the spirit resting

listen to me

the gift of God’s spirit in you oh this

brings tears to my eyes

the gift of God’s spirit in you

he will never leave you nor forsake you

there is nothing you can do to work

yourself out of a relationship with the

Holy Spirit


but him being on you

you got to live a life I I want to live

a life that is a magnet for the presence

of God to rest on me

we can sit in this conference until

we’re blue in the face and applaud the

truths of God and say Amen to the truths

of God but if we leave this room and

live in a way

that is out of alignment with the truth

of God we will not have the spirit


if you want the mark of God’s presence

on you I’m talking about where other

people can see you operating in your

gift moving about in the assignments

that you have been given where they can

just see there’s a unique favor on your

life toward that particular task or that

particular Endeavor where you are marked

by something that gives you favor that

gives you his grace for a particular

area of your life then you must live I

must choose to live in a way that honors

God so that God’s presence can rest upon


because he will not force himself on you

he offers you this resting of his

presence and his grace upon your life if

you will choose to live in a way that

does not uh disturb his presence that

does not keep him from being able to be

near you because you have chosen here it

is to be

listen to me

are you listening

oh we live in a day and age where we

have become more interested in being


than being holy

where we are more interested in making

sure we have likes

and Friends

and the Applause of people more than

just being flat out holy

by making sure that political

correctness is not our main goal

that we’re not after the Applause of

people we’re after the Applause of


you gotta choose to be ye holy

so I implore you Sisters by the mercies

of God to walk in a manner worthy of the

calling by which you have been called

so the spirit rested upon him let me

just show you quickly verse 26 says that

the spirit revealed to him

so that means the spirit not only rested

upon him the spirits revealed to him old

preachers called this illumination

it’s shining a spotlight it’s when

you’re sitting in church on a Sunday and

your pastor opens up the Bible to preach

and man he just reads or she reads that

first two verses that that they’re going

to be preaching from and you sit

straight up in your seat because you

feel like

it’s all about you

anybody know what I’m talking about

it’s where you’re trying to figure out

how did the church bug my house how did

they know

that’s the illumination of the spirit

it’s when he it’s when the old truths of

scripture scripture leap up off the page

and for lack of a better way word it’s

when they grip you in your soul where

you see how that intersects with

something you are personally facing

today that is the revelation of the holy

spirit this is what the Holy Spirit does

he reveals he illumines he shines the

spotlight Simeon was there that day

because he had been promised by the

revelation of God’s spirit it wasn’t

just a random promise it was his promise

oh you’ve had that happen over the

course of these days that we’ve been

gathered you probably have had that

happen where something that has been

said it wasn’t just great to hear it it

gripped your soul you knew it was an

assignment for you it was a conviction

that you knew the Lord was going to send

you out of here with that assignment

because the Holy Spirit revealed it to

you God’s spirit rests he reveals and

then he ruled Simeon because it says in

verse 27 that he came in the spirit to

the temple meaning the spirit told him

on this day to go into the temple and it

says that he came into the spirit under

the into the temple under the conviction

of the Holy Spirit when the spirit said


Simeon said yes sir he submitted to the

leadership of the Holy Spirit

and he was in the right place at the

right time to run right smack dab into

the Messiah because he was submitted to

the leadership of the Holy Spirit

do you know that the more you ignore

ignore that still small conviction the

quieter that voice will become

not because he is no longer speaking but

because you’ve built a callous of


you have muffled the voice of the holy

spirit so it is better to be so

sensitive to God’s holy spirit that

sometimes you give when maybe he hasn’t

even prompted you to give but it’s okay

because to the best of your capacity

you’re obeying the holy spirit of God

just to keep those Airways open and

clear from the Disobedience that will

begin to muffle his voice in your life

because more than anything else the

enemy wants you disconnected

from the privilege of hearing the voice

of God y’all this is what separates our

faith from every other so-called faith

on the face of the Earth it’s that our

God is alive

it’s that he speaks it’s that we have

the privilege to hear his voice

never downplay or minimize the value the

beauty the lavish Grace of this

privilege that we have to hear the voice

of God

so the Holy Spirit rested upon him there

are two other things that I want to

point out to you that were symbolic or

was were significant about Simeon that

opened up his eyes to see Jesus as he

was to be seen in this package that

other people downplayed and found

insignificant that they totally ignored

because they didn’t think that their

king would look like that here’s what

opened simeon’s eyes not only that he

was in the spirit when he came into the

temple and by the way

here’s another Rabbit Trail sorry

if we came to church in the spirit

it would change our experience in church

can I just say that

because while everybody else was looking

at that poor couple wondering why in the

world they were in their midst and

discounting Mary and Joseph

Simeon came in the spirit and he was

less concerned about who was wearing

what and who was driving up what and who

sat where and who was in his seat and

whether or not it was hot outside and

they had to walk forward to go take

their children to Sunday school they

were he was less concerned about his

convenience whether or not the preacher

preached good was irrelevant to him he

was looking for Jesus

whether or not the microphones were

perfectly balanced or the lights were

exactly as they should be whether or not

the LD screens were on full display that

day whether or not the ushers were or

were not kind was not his priority he

had come with his eyes peeled for Jesus

we would be less critical and less

skeptical if we came to church in the


then the pressure wouldn’t be on the

person who’s on the stage because you

didn’t come to see them you came to see


okay verse 27

so he comes in the spirit and then look

what happens in verse 27 the parents

bring in the Child Jesus

Jesus comes in in his parents arms look

at the Savior look at how the Manifest

presence of God arrives on this

remarkable day watch him show up into

the experience of this aged saint named

Simeon in a very personal way and onto

the landscape of human history he

arrives in the arms of his parents

there is something about the way we see

Jesus when we look at him through the

well-worn paths that have been hewned

out by our parents our grandparents our

great-grandparents our forefathers and

our four mothers spiritually speaking

the people who have gone before us and

have walked with Jesus just a little

while who’ve spent their lives serving

him I am always nervous when I see a

young group of Christians with their

little skinny jeans and their lattes and

their avocado toast

which I love by the way

that’s when I see them in

religious experiences without the

oversight of some spiritual parents

because y’all we have modernized Jesus


the modern version of Jesus that we have

crafted he has made him watered down now

he’s tolerant of sin without the

expectation of Holiness our Jesus is

politically correct

we need to see Jesus coming in the arms

of our parents the people who have gone

before us the folks who have walked the

road a little while who know what

hymnals are

who sang the good old hymns that were

based in some theology we got to make

sure that our new praise and worship

songs I love them we got to make sure

they’re rooted in some good theology

and so the package may change listen

y’all I still go to the kind of church

it’s come a long way but it started when

I was one year old the church that I go

to now so you know back in the day there

was no way in the world I would have

ever gotten on a stage with with Panther

are you kidding

anybody know what kind of church I’m

talking about we still have a few people

in our church a few mothers of the

church if anybody knows what I mean

genes in the church are you kidding

they came in in their suits I’m talking

about where the skirt matches the jacket

like they were bought together

and not only that but underneath that

suit she’s gonna have some actual

pantyhose on I’m not talking about Spanx

with the feet cut out ah I mean


the ones with the girdle top anybody

know what I’m talking about anybody

remember that

and she’s gonna have a handbag in her

hand and that handbag that clutch is

going to match that jacket which matches

that skirt which matches her patent

leather shoes that she has on her feet

closed toe patent leather shoes

but the outfit is never complete


ain’t no regular hat right you know it’s

got some it’s a feather or a net or

something that’s sitting just like this

and she’s gonna worship God

anybody know what kind of church I’m

talking about

and I love when she comes up to give a


about what she has seen the Lord

it might not be modern it might not be

new and improved

but it’s the Jesus of Abraham Isaac

it’s the god of our forefathers

there’s some things you cannot learn on

Instagram there are some things you just

need to be with a mother of the church

somebody who’s walked the road a little

bit longer than you to make sure you can

bounce off of her or him the from the

true theological biblically based

unchanging venerated word of God

so the package may change but the

principles never do y’all

Jesus was never politically correct he

was always a revolutionary he never

dismissed sin he called it out in in

Grace but most certainly in truth he was

never watered down he always said I am

the only way

I am the truth and I am the life he

didn’t acquiesce or tolerate he loved

but he did say repent for the kingdom of

God is at hand

God made us in His image

and one philosopher said we have now

returned the favor favor by trying to

make him in ours

we got to see Jesus as he’s always meant

to be seen and sometimes it requires you

going to find a parent a spiritual

parent who can show you the Jesus of the


Simeon saw Jesus because he as he was

meant to be seen he saw him in the

package in which Our Savior wanted to

come because there were some spiritual

parents who were willing to bring him in

so I speak to the younger people that

are in this room I’m telling you

check your arrogance

check our lack of teachability where

sometimes we just think we know it all

so we won’t recognize and see the beauty

of our savior because we won’t receive

him from the parents who are trying to

give him to us

so the package may change change the

package enjoy that freedom but watch and

make sure that you’re sticking to the

true milk of the word of God

and then can I implore you who are in

this room and you’ve sort of graduated

to that parent Department

take this as your privilege

carry Jesus to those who need him

to see him and experience him as you

will bring him Simeon shows us that in

order to have our eyes open his

experience demonstrates to us that we

need to have the Holy Spirit upon us and

we need to be looking for how the

parents bring him into our experience

but finally it says in verse 28 that as

soon as he caught a glimpse of him

he went over look look at the boldness

look at the audacity look at the

eagerness of Simeon he runs over to the

parents he takes the baby

out of their arms and gathers him to


because an experience with Jesus from

afar wasn’t enough for Simeon

can I just tell you in this room that

that God does not have grandchildren

you got to have your own relationship

you have to make your own choice you

have to go and gather him up for


you have to taste and see for yourself

how good he is you can celebrate him in

the testimonies of other people in the

experience of other people until you are

blue in the face but there’s gotta come

a time where you decide I’m going to

stop sitting on the periphery and

applauding his experience with other

folks you got to decide today will be

the day that I go and gather him up for

myself that I start to spend time with

him in prayer and in conversation so

that I can take advantage of this

privilege to hear his voice and to speak

to him in prayer that I won’t let

everybody keep spoon feeding me the word

of God I’m going to go to the scriptures

myself and know that I too can have an

ongoing fervent relationship with Jesus

I’m gonna gather him up in my own arms

and when you do you will see him and

experience him and encounter him in a

way you have never encountered him