Priscilla Shirer joins Gabe Lyons on TBN to discuss wearing the Armor of God. Listen as they discuss how we can walk boldly with courage, even in times of trouble and adversity. This video was brought to you by TBN Networks®. Watch More TBN Content for FREE: SUBSCRIBE:… Women of Faith on TBN brings you the best of TBN’s women’s Christian teaching. Here you’ll find content from your favorite women’s Bible teachers, speakers, pastors, and authors, featuring teachings from Priscilla Shirer, CeCe Winans, Christine Caine, Joyce Meyer, Jackie Hill Perry, Lisa Harper, Lisa Bevere, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and more! Our prayer for this channel is that you may find encouragement, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose and strength in Christ. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:22 #tbn #wof #womenoffaith #priscillashirer


questioning whether or not god is good

or whether or not he loves me or whether

or not he’s sovereign and overseeing all

of this that’s when i stop myself and go

uh that’s not what we do we know who god

is in my life and my family’s life and

we’re gonna stand firm in that because

that’s the hope of our salvation


you’ve talked a lot about the armor of

god and i think that’d be really

pertinent right now to understand how

does the armor of god actually help us

have a perspective where we can walk

into this thing boldly with courage

you know what

you said a key phrase that i was going

to use that was rolling around in my

mind and that is opportunity

we could see this pandemic or any

personal dilemmas that we face in our

lives or in our ministries or our

churches or what have you we could see

any of them as something that is a

hiccup in our plan or we can see

everything even the difficult things as

an opportunity an opportunity for what

an opportunity for god to be glorified

in a unique way that through our life he

might not otherwise have the opportunity

to be glorified an opportunity for us to

be strengthened our character built our

spiritual backbone fortified in a way it

would not otherwise have the opportunity

to a way for our perspective to be

shifted so that now i have the lens of

compassion and empathy towards others

that i wouldn’t otherwise have because i

didn’t know that pain i didn’t know what

that isolation maybe felt like but now i

can relate to my congregants differently

if you’re a pastor or the people that i

serve in ministry differently um and

it’s an opportunity for us to do what’s

on what ephesians chapter 6 says

stand firm against the schemes of the

enemy how will we know

what it is

to feel like a victor unless we’ve had

these circumstances in our life where

there was clear obvious demonic

opposition and we saw righteousness

become a breastplate for us we saw that

integrity of character form of

breastplate that staved off the most

serious advances of the enemy we saw our

salvation which is our identity being

not just a ticket to eternity but now it

became a helmet over our minds and it

sort of flipped off all the fiery darts

of the enemy trying to convince us that

fear and anxiety is our birthright how

will we ever know what it’s like for the

word of god to become the dagger of the

spirit so that the enemy doesn’t stand a

chance when he’s trying to come against

us and our families how will we know the

power of prayer oh my gosh i think about

this all the time

as a mom of these teenage boys how will

i ever know the power of prayer unless

in my struggle sometimes with my anxiety

i worry because i watch my boys struggle

with issues of morality or thought

processes or attitude issues and i go oh

man um i don’t want the enemy to take

advantage of their weaknesses or their

frailties well this is the time that i

get to show up in prayer and stand in

the gateway of my home and say not today

say not on my watch not while i’m here

i’m going to be someone who’s positioned

in prayer because now i’ll get to see

what it is to stand firm against the

schemes of the devil in prayer

for my family what a testimony we have

when we we literally