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cause I don’t know about you but I don’t

want to wait to get to heaven to

experience all that God has for me any

Bits of Heaven he plans to give me on

Earth I want it right now prayer

accesses the Bits of Heaven he intends

to give you

and prayer listen prayer is what pushes

the kingdom of darkness back

it’s what pushes it back that’s why

Jesus said my house shall be called not

a house of good preaching

not a house of good singing not a house

of great spotlights and production not a

house of great cafes I hope you have all

of that enjoy it but Jesus said at the

end of the day my house better be called

the house of prayer because spotlights

and fog machines and great singing and

great preaching that won’t necessarily

push the kingdom of darkness back but

when my people who are called by my name

when they will humble themselves and

when they’ll pray he says that I’m Gonna

Hear From Heaven