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Welcome to the Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer YouTube channel! Our ministry is focused on the expository teaching of Scripture. Our desire is not only to see people understand His written Word but for all to experience His Power! Priscilla Shirer has equipped believers through her Bible studies, films and books including Discerning the Voice of God, God is Able, and two New York Times Bestsellers – The Resolution for Women and Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer. Her movies include War Room (2015), I Can Only Imagine (2017), Overcomer (2019), and The Forge (2024). These theatrical releases are tools designed to inspire audiences to walk with Jesus.

y’all I can’t imagine anything we need

more right now than

peace and Grace and we don’t need it in

measures that we can provide for

ourselves we need it in Divine

proportions that only God himself can

pour out upon


us when I was going off for college I’ll

tell you this and then we’re going to

pray when I was going off to college I

remember for a graduation gift my

parents threw a graduation party for me

and a friend and people came over you

know they had gifts for us and I

remember that you know most of the

people who were at the party were not

our friends they weren’t the other 17

and 18 year olds they were my mama and

them friends cuz those are the people

that had the stuff to help us to go

ahead and get to college with you know

something in our pockets so my parents

friends were there one of the ladies

that we have known um for so many years

now she I remember gave me a book

Promises of God was the name of the book

and I remember opening up the bag and

thanking her for the gift but feeling a

little bit deflated like like for

real thank

you so I did take it to college with me

and I remember having it there I

remember putting it on my desk and then

over time throughout those years in

college it would get packed away as I

came back home for the summer and then

it would come back out into the room but

it would be further and further down in

the drawer you know of stuff that was

layered on top the busyness of college

life and I remember during all of those

college Years you know doing what

college students do by the time all the

gifts that you may have gotten to go

there run out then you’re scaming around

with all your friends for every nickel

and dime and dollar you can find to go

and buy a little meal with your friends

here their hang out over there and so

you’re just searching what for whatever

you can find I remember so many days

like that until one day in my last year

of college I remember that I was looking

through one of the big drawers in my

room and I looked down and realized that

that book was in the back sort of

pressed up in the corner of of this

drawer so I reached back there under all

of this stuff and I reached back there

and I pulled this little book out and

kind of smiled thinking about Mrs Holt

who had given me that book and I cracked

it open for the first time and out

fluttered a

check the whole

time that I had been

scringy whole time there was something

accessible and available to me but I had

to open up the

book and every time we open up the book

y’all we find out about treasure we

didn’t know was

there so we don’t have to to to live

below our spiritual means anymore we can

operate according to the inheritance

that has been given to us and so it

feels like a gift to me a privilege

every time I open it up

personally but the privilege that it is

to do it with you um is a joy tonight

and I’m praying that God will speak to

you as clearly as he had to has to me

encouraging me through this little

portion of scripture let’s pray Lord I

Thank you so much for your word that it

is living and active than and sharper

than any two-edged sword I pray father

that you would give me a clear mind and

I yield my mouth and my words to You

Lord to do with it what you will father

I ask that the words of my mouth and the

meditation of my heart would be

acceptable to you in Jesus name I pray

amen second Peter is where you’re headed

if you’ve got your Bible maybe you still

actually use a Bible with paper Pages

like I do all old school and stuff or

your iPhone your iPad any manner of

eyess can take you to Second Peter

chapter 1 that is where we’re going to

be and In this passage of scripture we

meet Peter the bonder servant and

Apostle of Jesus Christ this is that

that Peter the one who you know the kind

of lead disciple whose name continues to

show up all throughout the gospels he

has written to us a couple of Epistles

that end up being letters that you and I

can glean from and he says in 2 Peter

1:2 through

15 therefore I will always be ready to

remind you of these things even though

you already know them and you’ve been

established in the truth which is

present with you verse 13

and I consider it right as long as I am

in this body in this Earthly dwelling to

stir you up to wake you up to awaken you

and how I’m going to do it is by way of

reminder knowing that the laying aside

of my Earthly dwelling my body is

imminent as also the Lord Jesus Christ

has made clear to me verse 15 so I’m

going to be diligent that at any time

after my departure you’re going to be

able to call certain things


mind Peter says my whole goal is to

remind you of some things I want to stir

you up I want to wake you up by way of

reminder one of the things that

sometimes becomes a little overwhelming

to me as a parent are the

reminders it’s that I end up having to

say the same thing over and over and

over again it’s the redundancy that gets

me sometimes we have a couple of things

that I’ve been telling my boys since

they were very little they are getting

ready to be 19 17 and 13 years old now

and the same thing I was telling my

19-year-old when he was one seems like

the exact same thing that I’m telling

him right now like sir when I talk to

you the response back to me is not yeah

– I can’t handle that I need you to put

a handle on that yes ma’am yes sir I’m

still telling him that after all these

years one of the other things that

happens in our house is that when the

boys wake up in the morning or when they

return home from something like they’ve

been at practice or school or something

like that and they come home before they

move about their life and about their

day they have to come to me and their

dad and they have to ask a question is

there anything that I can do to help you

just have to ask the answer might be no

it might be yes but you do indeed have

to ask most of the time the question

looks like this is there anything I can

do to


hell but a lot of times the question

doesn’t even come out like that I just

don’t get the question at all so I find

myself having to search for the boys the

same boys I’ve been telling this since

they were very little and reminding them

to ask the question and I keep telling

them this is to your benefit do you

realize you’re going to be a husband one

day and it’s going to bless you to bless

your wife by asking her this

question I’m trying to help you and I’m

trying to make sure I have

daughters-in-law who rise up and call me



reminders when we’re telling somebody

the same thing over and over again but

the reality is when we think about our

own life and our own experience the

stuff that has stuck with us over time

are the things we’ve been reminded about

things that have become habitual the

reminders have actually dug a rut of

routine and habit into our life so that

we don’t even recognize sometimes the

kinds of decisions that we’re making or

the words that we’re saying or choosing

not to say the kind of relationships

that we choose or don’t choose that a

lot of that has stemmed from the

reminders that we’ve been given I

remember my mother telling me when I was

growing up Priscilla it’s not what you

said it’s how you said it your mama told

you that too reminders she would say it

over and over and over again and at

times when we hear something that we’ve

heard before in the season of life that

we’re in at that point that exact same

statement or exact same directive or bit

of destruction it hits us completely

different because we’re at a sensitive

place in our life or we’re at a hard

place in our life or our mind or our

heart has been turned in a different

direction and so reminders are necessary

because they give us a 3D perspective of

a particular a particular Insight or a

particular principle Peter believes this

obviously because he says that the way

that I want to stir you up wake you up

alert you to the things of God and to

what it means to grow spiritually and to

live a Victorious life and to grab hold

he’s writing about in this book to grab

hold of everything that God has planned

for you the way for me to get you on

that track is to stir you up by way of

reminder now this is interesting to me

because you know this is Peter we’re

talking about Peter Peter is the one who

actually traveled with Jesus for three

and a half years this is a guy we’re

talking about who walked with Jesus and

talked with Jesus this guy witnessed the

actual Transfiguration of Jesus this is

the one who washed jesus’ feet at the

Last Supper this is Peter the one who

denied Jesus three times but then knew

what it was like to feel the grace and

the mercy of God reach out to him and

restore him after that Devastation this

is Peter who saw the empty tomb this is

Peter who saw the resurrected Jesus this

is Peter who after the Ascension and the

coming of the Holy Spirit Peter would be

a leader of the church which was at

Jerusalem Peter did missionary work and

preached Jesus as the Christ for the

rest of his life and when it comes time

for him to write this letter he says I

don’t want to stir you up by telling you

anything you have not already heard

before after everything I’ve seen with

Jesus and the Walking With Jesus the

discipleship with Jesus the friendship

with Jesus I’m telling you that the

things you have likely already heard are

the things you just need to be reminded

of because if you’ll be reminded of old

things instead of constantly trying to

come up with new things then you’ll

realize that the treasure that you’ve

been looking for you actually already

have access to so he says I’m getting

ready to stir you up but I’m going to do

it by way of reminder and so from the

top of that chapter he just starts

reminding you of things he just starts

calling them out one after the other and

we’re just going to take a few of them a

handful of them to be reminded of

tonight so that we can be awakened so

that we can be encouraged and challenge

to remain alert aware and reminded of

these truths that he wants to share with

us the very first one is in the very

first verse at the top of the chapter he

writes Simon Peter a bond servant and

Apostle of Jesus Christ to those who

have received a faith as the same kind

as ours by the righteousness of our God

and Savior Jesus Christ if you read it

too quickly you’ll miss the reminder

that he has tucked away and embedded

within this verse he says hi I’m Simon

Peter and just so you know I’m a bonder

servant and a Apostle of Jesus Christ

and I am writing to those who have

received the same kind of Faith as ours

Peter says let me be clear I have an

intended audience for this letter I am

writing to those who have received a

certain kind of Faith a faith that has

come to us through one channel through

one means he says it’s through the

righteousness of our God whose name is

Jesus Christ the first reminder comes to

us here as he challenged es us to

consider And to clarify the content of

our faith he says make sure your faith

is the same kind of Faith as ours the

reason why he needed to remind the

people that he was writing to and by the

holy spirit is because one chapter later

if you read it you will find that he

starts detailing the fact that there

were false teachers that were rising up

within the church and they were they

were preaching a twisted version of the

good news they were watering down the

purity of the Gospel they were

introducing twisted heresies and even

denying the singular deity of Jesus

Christ and so in this second chapter of

this same book he begins to detail how

the way of Truth was being slandered by

people were who just were introducing

slight perversions and hints of

manipulation added opinion and

philosophies to the purity of the Gospel

so Peter right here at the top of the

letter he says I want to remind you that

there is a faith that is the same kind

of Faith as ours and it is the faith

that comes through faith alone in Christ

alone to redeem you from your sins Peter

cuts through the lies and the errors and

the efforts to malign the Purity and the

power of the good news of the gospel and

he says I ain’t messing around with this

faith of ours I’ve walked with him I’ve

talked with him I’ve seen his miracles

I’ve heard his voice I saw him suffer a

gruesome death and become a ransom for

all my mankind so I came to remind you

that there is no other way that W

through which you can be saved except

through this one who is indeed the

Christ our faith he came to remind you

is in Christ and Christ Alone the reason

why this is such an important reminder

y’all is because we are living in a

culture and in a day and age where it’s

a very similar scenario to what he was

describing we are in a time when the

culture around us is seeking if you look

closely to water down the gospel in a

culture that is seeking to generalize

God so that he is one of many options

instead of a singular unmatched entity

without comparison and with no

counterparts Peter says I’ve come to

remind the women of awaken tonight that

there is our great salvation and that

salvation comes by no other name and

through no other way except through


Christ so he’s stirring you up by way of

reminder that the gospel y’all is still

the good news it has not changed because

our savior has not changed and listen to

me you are going to have to be

incredibly Discerning in this day and

age you’re going to have to have a keen

spiritual ear and listen to what you

were being fed through your social media

feed and on through your screens and

even as you sit in the building on some

Sundays in some spaces you need to make

sure that what you’re hearing is

actually what it is that Jesus

says he says I’m I’m just challenging

you in this day and age where

everybody’s just seeking to add little

hints and cleverly devised tales and a

popular opinion and that which is

politically correct that you’re going to

have to tune your spiritual ears to make

sure this right here is the same kind of

Faith as

ours just because someone says it

passionately and charismatically and

didactically if it adds to or takes away

from the purity of the good news then it

is not the same kind of Faith as


and then after you yourself after we

ourselves sisters have had our own

discernment tuned in our spiritual radar

up to make sure that we have balanced

everything against the truth of the word

of God we are also going to have to be

clear and confident and unashamed and

unmoved in our own

salvation you are living in a day and

age where you’re going to have to have

some boldness to be clear about who your

savior is you’re going have to have some

spiritual fiber some spiritual fortitude

you’re going to have to have some

spiritual meat on your bones in order to

stand up and be unashamed about the good

news of Jesus

Christ to use your influence to use your

social media platform young people who

are in the room I mean I’m still young

but I’m just


saying that I’m just saying that if you

are in your 20s in this room the Lord

has given you unmitigated influence in a

way that previous generations did not

have have and it’s going to take some

boldness and some courage to be willing

to stand alone separate from many in

your peer who will refuse to have

integrity and who will not cave under

the pressure of the culture to stand up

without shame and say there is only one

name by which men and women can be saved

and that is the name of Jesus

Christ you’re gonna have to be bold the

holy spirit is gonna have to give you

some courage you’re going to have to be

fortified because it will not be at

times politically correct it will not be

popular you will not receive the

Applause you will be unfollowed but you

have to be like Paul and say it is by

grace that I have been saved and I am

constrained the love of God constrains

me he’s done too much he’s saved me too

from too much he’s redeemed me too

radically for me to add to or take away

from this good news this gospel that has

saved my Soul Christ

alone it’s Christ Alone

y’all it doesn’t matter how clever the

culture becomes with adding to and

trying to morph a new set of ideas and

ideals and philosophies we have to be

clear on who our savior

is the means of the Gospel is actually


narrow Christ

alone but the scope of the Gospel is

very broad it is for everyone from Every

sphere of life not to some but to all

not to One Nation not to one political

party not to One race not to one

religious sector but to every breathing

human being the salvation of our God

through Jesus Christ has been

extended do you know the Great Lengths

that God has gone through to win you

do you know what a miracle it

is that after where we’ve been and what

we’ve done after the rebellious heart

that we had the times that we turned our

back on God the times he came looking

for us and we kept diverting his his

advances toward us the fact that we’re

sitting in this room tonight in

relationship with him do you know what

he did to woo you to


even when you wanted to run the Hound of

Heaven would not let you

go and I mean if we had time to tell the

story if we had time for me to just take

this little microphone off and start

right here on the front row and just go

down one by one all throughout this room

all the way into the furthest region of

this Sanctuary time would not allow us

enough opportunity to tell the stories

of how we were far away from him but he

came and he found us and he loved us and

he called us to


himself and this love story between you

and he you do know it did not just start

at the time of your birth it started

before the foundation of the world that

he already had you on his mind and he

was already looking and watching and

waiting for the opportunity when he knew

in his sovereignty and omniscience that

he was going to have to redeem Humanity

to himself he was already planning for

you okay I want you to think about

this I want you to think about what a

miracle it is that you were born I’m

talking about physically born in this

day in this age in this generation in

that body in that skin color with that

hair texture with those facial features

with your personality it is not by

chance you are not a surprise to God

your parents may have been surprised God


not he was not in the heavens saying

oops that one SLI past me nope he

planned for you which is Little Rabbit

Trail here the reason why you can be

confident in who you are in that skin

with that hair texture in that body is

because you have been fearfully and

wonderfully made with that personality

with the way your mind is wired and the

creativity that you have or don’t have

you don’t have time to be comparing

yourself with her and what she has and

what she can do God made you as you for



he did it strategically and

intentionally it’s a miracle your birth

and mine and by the way not only is the

is who we are a miracle but the time in

which we live has been strategically

designed and defined by

God meaning you and I didn’t come

through 2020 on

accident he didn’t mistakenly set you in

this decade on

accident that your lifespan and mind was

situated in this generation on

purpose because there is a testimony

you’re going to have that you’re going

to tell your grandkids and your great

grandkids about the faithfulness of

God he made you for this in other

words your great great

grandfather with the seven billion plus

people that are on the

planet he just happened to intersect

lives with the woman who would be your

great great

grandmother they came together and had


great-grandfather and then with the 7

billion plus people that are on the

planet your great-grandfather just

happened at the right time in the right

generation in the right year on the

right day to intersect lives with the

woman who would be your

great-grandmother the two of them came

together and created your grandfather

and then with the seven billion plus

people that are on the planet he just

happened to intersect lives with the

woman who would be your grandmother and

then the two of them came together and

created your father and then your father

with the 7 billion plus people that are

on the planet he just happened to

intersect lives with the woman who would

be your mother and then the two of them

came together and they created

you there ain’t nothing chance about

that that’s the Divine hand of God

orchestrating circumstances and

orchestrating scenarios and the

movements of people in different times

and days and generations to make sure

that you would be born for such a time

as this

and if you think

then that it’s a miracle that you were

born how much more of a miracle is it

that you were born


again since before time began God’s been

orchestrating stuff to make sure that he

could win your allegiance to himself

I’ve heard my dad describe it as a

cosmic chessboard God is sitting on one

side of the cosmic chessboard and the

enemy you do know there is an enemy who

is also been vying for your soul vying

for Your Allegiance vying for your

attention he’s been on the other side of

the cosmic chessboard God made the first

move he put Adam and Eve Perfect People

in a perfect environment perfect

relationship to himself perfect

opportunity to have Rapport and

cultivate a deepening friendship with

God but then the enemy made a move he

slithered into the garden and introduced

sin and now culture uh devolved to such

an extent that Cain ended up killing

Abel and now that perfect relationship

was infringed upon because sin was

introduced in the garden they were

separated in relationship with from God

and it seemed like all hope was lost but

our God never to be outdone he made

another move he caused Adam and Eve to

come back together again they had a baby

boy named Seth and Seth gave birth to

enosh and I don’t know what it was about

enosh but Genesis chap chapter 4 says

that when enosh was born everybody

started to worship God again but then

the enemy made another move he

introduced sin back into the equation

and it proliferated so much so that the

entire Earth had to be destroyed by a

flood and this time it seemed like for

sure the enemy had won but our God never

to be outdone he made another move on

the cosmic chessboard and his name was

Noah and he said Noah I need you to go

build me an ark Noah said do

what he said I need you to go build me

an ark because it’s going to rain and

through one man’s obedience mankind was

preserved the enemy made another move so

that sin and Rebellion proliferated

through the hearts of mankind once again

even after the flood and it seemed like

all hope was lost but then God made

another move he went to a little Pagan

town called ER and he plucked out of it

a man named Abram and he said Abram I’m

going to change your name and I’m going

to change the GPS coordinates on your

destiny I’m going to send you to a brand

new land and he said look up in the

Stars Abraham you will see as many stars

are in the sky that’s the number of

descendants that I’m going to give to

you I’m going to create a brand new

group of people they will be my people

and I will be

theirs then the enemy made another move

now God’s people went down into Egypt

captured 400 years of brutal slavery and

it seemed like this time for sure there

was no hope they would never come out of

this slavery

but then God made another move and his

name is Moses and at just the right time

he raised Moses up as The Prince of

Egypt and he told Moses Mo go tell

Pharaoh let my people

go and after 10 miraculous plagues and

40 years in the wilderness they came

into the promised land the people of

God’s promise in the place of Promise

where his presence and and blessing has

been promised to them the land flowing

with milk and


but by the time you get to the end of

the Book of Judges the enemy has now

introduced idolatry so much so that

listen to me the children of Israel did

not have to turn their back completely

on Yahweh they just set idol worship

cultural idol worship alongside their

worship of Yahweh so they had one foot

in idolatry worshiping the idols of the

culture and one foot of Allegiance

worshiping God and it denigrated the

culture so much so that the last book

y’all of the the last line of the Book

of Judges says and everybody was doing

what was right in their own

eyes if that don’t sound like America in

the year 2021 I don’t know what

does and it seemed like all hope was

lost but then God made another

move and her name was

Ruth and Ruth’s story got off to a rough

start but then at the right time Ruth

met her kinsman redeemer and the two of

them came together and had a little baby

boy named OED and OED gave birth to

Jesse and Jesse gave birth to a little

baby boy named

David and with that one move the enemy

didn’t even know it but the Checkmate

was already on the


way and then the Old Testament closes

and there’s 400 years of Silence God is

on one side of the cosmic chessboard the

enemy is on the other side and nobody

makes a move for 400 years all of

history and humanity is hanging in the

balance waiting to see who’s going to

make the next

move and then the New Testament

opens and God makes a move the likes of

which the enemy still to this day has

never had a response for he basically

puts on flesh and says let me come down

here and take care of this

myself he lives a perfect life and he

dies a substitutionary death and three

days later he’s resurrected from the

grave and he offers salvation once and

for all for you and for you and for you

and me do you realize what he went

through for

us how dare we be ashamed of a Salvation


that and so Peter says I came to stir

you up by way of reminder today that you

would never forget there is a certain

kind of

faith and that faith comes through

righteousness in Christ Jesus found in

Christ and Christ Alone he’s got another

reminder for those of us who have that

kind of Faith he says that’s who I’m

writing to verse one those who have

received a faith of the same kind as

ours he says verse two here’s your


reminder Grace and

peace be multiplied to you not only has

he came to come to remind you of the

same kind of Faith but he wants to

remind you of a multiplication of peace

and of

Grace this makes me

happy because I like God’s

math you see a few verses later around

verse five Peter’s going to start

talking about addition he’s going to

tell us to add to our faith moral

Excellence add godliness add kindness

add love he starts to tell us the things

that we need to add to make sure that we

are growing up spiritually and maturing

in our faith so he’s about to talk to us

about addition but before he ever gets

to us regarding what we need to add to

our faith he tells you right up here in

verse two God’s working in a completely

different set of

metrics he’s going to multiply to you

he’s going to multiply Grace and peace

they are not added they are

multiplied an exponential explosion of

peace to to you and grace to

you y’all I can’t imagine anything we

need more right now than

peace and Grace and we don’t need it in

measures that we can provide for

ourselves we need it in Divine

proportions that only God himself can

pour out upon us peace do you know what

it is peace is the capacity and the

potential for calm in the midst of chaos

peace is an internal anchor of stability

in the midst of unhindered instability

that swirls all around you peace is the

capacity to remain steady when

everything around us is completely

unsteady peace in the midst of a

storm there is a storm if you have not

noticed that is Raging around us and it

doesn’t matter what your personal

concerns may or may not be right now in

this particular moment we want to tell

you though if you personally are not

going through a storm we just want to

tell you how happy we are for

you but for the vast majority of us who

are in this room we are in one of three

places we’re either right smack dab in

the middle of a storm on our way into a

storm or on our way out of one because

it’s the nature of the life in which we

live Jesus himself said it in John 16 he

said in this world you will have

trouble you don’t have to go looking for

storms y’all just keep living

the storm is eventually going to come

and find you in one way or another but

even if personally you’re not having the

the heavens open up over you and the

hurricane the rains the floods the

difficulties of Life are not pressing in

on you right now personally all of us

collectively have been in a

storm because we have not just been

through and still going through one

pandemic y’all there have been layers of

pandemics upon pandemics there’s been a

medical one yes but there has also been

a political one there’s been a racial

one layers of pandemic upon pandemic and

in order for us not to succumb to

anxiety and fear or cave to hopelessness

and despair the only way a Jalin can

come before us and say I’ve lost this

person and that person I have suffered

this difficulty and this difficulty but

I could still come up with a smile on my

face still serve the people of God and

still serve the house of God and not

succumb to bitterness or resentment or

skepticism about the goodness of God is

if there is an anchor in her

soul the peace of God anchors you in

your soul it’s a supernatural peace that

he multiplies to you and Peter says I

want to remind you that if you have

received the same kind of Faith as ours

then you can know that that kind of

anchoring peace is is going to be

multiplied to you Jesus said in John 14

my peace I leave with you I give it to

you in Spade fools not as the world

gives it because they give it sparingly

and they give it temporarily with

condition but not this peace that I give

this is the kind of Peace Philippian 4:7

that passes all understanding you know

these kind of people it’s the friend

that you have or the person that you

work with and and she’s your girl you

know what she’s going through she’s

filled you in on the trouble that she’s

had and the struggle that she’s going

through and the calls she just got from

her kid school or the tragedy that has

just happened or the financial struggle

that she’s been under under or the

doctor’s diagnosis that’s just called

you’ve been privy to all that

information and yet she keeps getting up

every day she keeps showing up she still

has a sense of calm she still has a bit

of a smile on her face she’s not

ignoring her reality she it’s not denial

she’s very aware of it and she needs to

deal with it but at the same time she’s

able to stay


unmoved this is a supernatural kind of

Peace it’s a peace that makes you go

huh because it passes all

understanding but not just peace that is

Multiplied to


Grace says I’m going to multiply Grace

to You Grace is God’s unmerited favor on

your life that’s what it is it is God

being free to do everything he wants to

do for you because of what Christ has

already done for you Grace is the

goodness of God dispensed to you that

you do not deserve that you could not

repay and that you cannot earn Grace is

of course the basis of our faith y’all

but there is not only a Grace that saves

you there is also a Grace that sustains

you this is what I call a Grace for


this multiplied Grace is the grace for

grown-ups it’s the grace that actually

meets you in the details of your days

and The Darkest Hours of your night it

meets you in your struggles and your

strife and your difficulties and your

daily decisions it’s a Grace that if

peace anchors you Grace is actually an

engine that motivates you and encourages

you and sustains you it’s an uplifter

and a keeper it’s a second wind that

keeps you moving forward with honestly

you would have caved a long time time

ago Grace gives you inspiration to keep

going it sustains you when everything

around you is not changing the

difficulty is staying the same but

somehow God gives you a Grace that keeps

you moving forward when the marriage is

still hard and the finances are still

low and the babies are still not

sleeping through the night and the adult

children are still living in a way that

is outside of the way that you raised

them to live and the relationship with

that person is still strained or your

heart is still broken or the business is

still flailing when your needs are still

seemingly unmet and unattended there is

a Grace for

grown-ups that can be your

keeper y’all I don’t know that I have

ever in my

life had personal testimony of this

quite the same way I do

now we’ve all as I said corporately been

through a whole lot of

stuff but y’all the last two years of

our my life our life as a family has


devastating in the past two years we

have lost eight family

members back to back it started off with

the loss of of my one of my closest

friends and my biological cousin she

actually was a member of this

church and one day we were planning to

go to the movies I still have the

voicemails from her trying to organize

our her kids coming to my house to hang

out with their cousins while we went to

the movies that’s what we did together

hang out at the movies over hot buttery

salty popcorn and a good

Coke and one day we’re planning to go to

the movies and the next day at 38 years

old her heart just

stopped and that loss started a string

of losses in our family one after the

other ending with December 2019 right

before the the pandemic began in

December the same month my grandfather

died my father’s father the beginning of

the month and at the end of the month

December 30th my mother

died eight months later my mother-in-law

died in between those two deaths the

doctor saw something on my left lung

that needed to be removed and the only

way they could remove it was to actually

take out the entire left lobe upper lobe

of my lung so a week after my mother’s

funeral I had to go have that

surgery one thing after the

other and I don’t know if you’ve ever

had a season of your life where you look

back on it and you

realize Grace sustained me through

that that it had to be grace that it had

to be something Supernatural that we’ve

still had our minds regulated that we

have still kept our faith and our trust

and our hope in him he is indeed a Grace

giver and he extends Grace for folks

going through grown-up situations like

you and I are facing he gives a Grace


grown-ups so I want you to know that

there is a multiplied piece and I want

you to know from my own personal

testimony that there is a multiplied

Grace that has been extended to you Paul

the Apostle talked about it a little bit

in 2 Corinthians chapter 12 he said

there’s this Thorn In My Flesh ooh if I

could get rid of this Thorn my life

would be so much easier and better and

he prays he asked the Lord to get rid of

the thorn because that’s what we do Lord

if you can change this situation this

thing that’s poking me it’s

uncomfortable it’s bothering me if you

could get this out of my life then

everything would be fine Jesus or God

heard the prayer he prayed three times

that the thorn would be removed and God

in his sovereignty and and his goodness

and his grace to us sometimes does not

remove the thorn listen to that again

somebody needs to hear that that God’s

sovereignty that God’s goodness that

God’s love for you has not been

misplaced just because the thorn remains

in your life he said to Paul no I’m not

taking away the thorn because it’s by

this Thorn it’s because of this Thorn

that you’re getting ready to learn that

my grace is sufficient for you in other

words the multiplication of of Grace is

tied to the hard things that we are

facing that sometimes the Lord allows it

because you’ll never see the

multiplication without it so if you’re

praying Lord take away this Thorn Lord

change this difficulty the thing that

you wrote down on those cards that we

wrote Our requests down on earlier and

turned them in and you’re praying and

the Lord in his goodness and sovereignty

chooses not to take away the thorn then

we begin to know we are growing up in

our faith and maturing a little bit

spiritually when instead of completely

caving in hopelessness or bitterness and

resentment against the Lord that the

thorn remains we instead sit on the edge

of our seat with our chin and our hands

in holy anticipation that if he’s

allowed the thorn to remain that must

mean there is a multiplication of Grace

that’s on the

way so Peter says I came to stir you up

by way of reminder that there is the

same kind of Faith as ours but also

there is a multiplication of Grace and

peace that is coming to you and God 2

Corinthians 98 says is able to make all

grace abound to you so that always

having all sufficiency in everything you

may have an abundance for every good

deed Paul has reminded us about the same

kind of Faith he has reminded us about

the multiplication of peace and Grace

and finally he reminds us that there are

magnificent promises

for anything and everything that you

face in verse three he says seeing that

his divine power has granted to us

everything pertaining to life and

godliness through the true knowledge of

him who called us by his glory and his

Excellence his divine power he says and

his precious promises have been given to

you for everything that you need for

life and for godl

please don’t miss the two layers of

living that he addresses right here

everything you need not just to live but

to live in a way that honors God he’s

given you everything you need for that

for both layers not just to keep getting

up out of bed in the morning but

actually to walk in a manner worthy of

the calling by which you have been

called he’s given you enough Grace for

that he’s given you promises for that he

has given everything you need to be able

to sustain you to not just live but to

honor God in your living to not just

live not just keep on waking up every

day but to face your day with a Measure

of Faith and Hope and spiritual maturity

everything you need to engage both of

these layers of living you have already

been given even if you don’t see proof

of it and even if based on your current

level of lethargy or apathy or

indifference or lack of energy you feel

a little discouraged because you feel

like this cannot be true for you Peter

says that’s why I came to to remind you

that everything you need you already

have y’all my boys two of them are him

here with me tonight some of y’all

probably saw them outside they were

helping um many of you come bring your

bags in earlier tonight but my boys are

are gargantuan they’re

huge and they just keep getting bigger

and I look at them now with all these

muscles popping out and their voices are

all deep and they’re walking around with

their shirts off it’s


shs I’m looking at all of that manliness

walking around and everything that they

needed to become who they currently are

and will be they already had at the

moment of

conception when they were in my womb and

we did that first ultrasound six or

seven weeks in it just looked like a

little little nut a little ball of of

like an acorn very very small everything

though that they would de develop into

was already there to the extent that I

cultivated and and um took care of the

new life that was on the inside of me

that was the extent to which they would

be able to completely flourish but

everything that they are now they


had everything that you need you already

have right now the new life of God is on

the inside of you in the person of the

Holy Spirit do you realize that the DNA

of God himself is pulsing on the inside

of you and as you cultivate and keep

healthy the life of God on the inside of

you everything that you will become

everything that you need to be sustained

through the hardships and the

difficulties and the struggles and the

joys the ups and the Downs of life

everything you and I need we already

have do you know that in the scriptures

there are over


promises that daughters Sons and

Daughters of God have been given access

to over 8,000

but most of them he did not put in our

hand he put them in our

reach which means you have the

opportunity to experience God in the way

that that promise confirms that you

should but it’s not just set in your

hand it’s in your reach that as you

trust him as you believe him as you walk

with him as you remain connected to him

as you deepen your friendship with him

then you begin to see that outworked in


life Peter says somebody needs to be

reminded today that according to

Colossians 2:10 you are complete in

him the enemy wants to dull you in that

regard and me he wants to make us think

that we need to go outside of Christ

outside of what he has given us to find

completion and so we become codependent

in relationships and we become addicted

to substances and we go outside of our

relationship to God to find stuff that

he has already given you access to but

every every treasure that you need it’s

already there if you’ll just open the

book there will some things will come

tumbling out of the book some Treasures

some insights some details some

strengthening power will come tumbling

out for you so that you will know that

everything you need to become and to be

who God has called us to be as women of

God you and I have already been given

access to Peter says I just stopped by

awaking to stir you up by way of

reminder to remind you of the power and

the purity of our faith to remind you of

the multiplication of peace and Grace

and to remind you that the Magnificent

Promises of God are yours for anything

and everything that you face amen amen