Priscilla will be our special guest for the next two weeks to talk about the “Resolution for Women”series and package following up on the movie Courageous. Priscilla Shirer is the Author of “The Resolution for Women” and she’s a Bible Teacher –Going Beyond Ministries.

been hearing about the book we’re

offering this month on the heels of the

movie courageous the resolution for

women is authored by Priscilla Shire the

author of numerous books and Bible

studies has earned a master’s degree in

biblical studies at Dallas Theological

Seminary she’s spoken at conferences and

corporations she’s often addressing

Christian audiences around the world ten

years as a trainer and motivational

speaker with Ziggler training systems

that would be the one and only Zig

Ziglar priscilla whom you met in Dallas

in 97 yeah

yeah absolutely he’s a wonderful mentor

and kind of grandfather figure in my

life that is so sweet it’s years since

he was here perhaps one of the world’s

best-known motivational speakers of

course and you worked at with him I did

there were about five of us or so that

really just kind of made up a handful of

speakers that would go out from his

organization and represent his materials

that he had written training materials

for companies and who were really trying

to get the best out of their employees

and so for a handful of years the Lord

really used that as a great training

ground for me when I was just out of

college and so I I did that for many

years as an independent contractor with

his company but even more than that mr.

Ziegler is just a wonderful godly guy

he’s really just a preacher in a

business suit that’s what we’ve always

said and he kind of took me under his

wing really as a daughter and gave my

husband the third degree when when Jerry

came poking around my life a little bit

in one of the date-date me mr. Ziegler

sat him right down and had a

conversation with him and so he’s just a

great man who I am very fond of he and

his wife who I called the redhead it’s

not wonderful and and Jerry passed

jerry’s fashion it’s been 12 years that

we’ve been married now

fabulous actually you are surrounded by

Jays at home aren’t you lots of Jays

family pick that’s right Jerry is my

husband and then Jackson will be nine

years old here in a second and Jerry jr.

is seven years old and then our little

surprise boy his name is Jude he’ll be

three year old three years old coming up

and I named him Jude because that’s as

close as I could get to revelation

because it is finished it

it is so finis oh yes mother 3 and the

plate is full

that’s right quiver is full and what a

what a full plate you really have

ministry wise actually Jerry signed on

yeah Jerry 14 years ago oh well it’s

been about a decade ago now that Jerry

really felt the Lord calling him away

from his job and really to formulate

going beyond ministries before then

there really was no umbrella for my

ministry out speaking and teaching and

he just really felt like we needed to

have a more cohesive ministry under

which we all functions so that we could

do other outreaches and things

underneath that umbrella and so going

beyond ministries was formed under his

leadership about 10 years ago and since

then we really have just been following

the lead of God to go where he’d have us

go and hopefully influential influence

people in a way that will impact their

lives partnering everything it’s

wonderful yeah we are partners and a bit

of a turn in the road for a woman who

wanted to be a TV news anchor yes could

can you see that yes yes that’s what I

went to school for to be a television

news anchor I thought television was

what I was gonna be TV and do and I was

willing to go to podunk Nevada to start

you know if I needed to do that to go to

that you know the market you always have

to start in when you’re a journalist I

was willing to pay all my dues and yet

the Lord just had a different avenue for

me and so I just started to get little

requests to come and do a small Bible

study every now and then when I was in

college and I started to do that and to

make a long story short the calls to

open up the word of God and share truths

from that have never stopped coming in

these 20 years and so it’s something we

never really signed up for and yet God

seems to have his hand on it directing

us and we’re just privileged to serve

God’s people don’t you love that proverb

in your heart a woman plans her course

but the Lord detests death

yeah out of the Kendrick brothers find

you Priscilla you know that is a good

question we keep asking ourselves but

are in a different state and they are in

a different state we had never met them

before of course we knew the Kendrick

brothers like so many others do just

through their incredible movies that

they had put out facing the Giants and

fireproof and so they originally called

honestly to see if I would actually play

one of the roles in the movie and when

they called and asked me to do that that

would mean spending three or four weeks

away from home and I really am serious

about being a mother to my sons

and a wife to my husband and it’s hard

to do that when you’re away from home

for four straight weeks and so I was not

able to do that and yet several months

later on the Lord laid my name on their

heart to partner with them in writing

this book that would accompany the movie

and so I’m so honored that the Lord

would allow me to partner with them in

this way and so the resolution for men

is for the men who will watch the movie

or even that don’t see the movie but

really want to be inspired to make

resolutions of their own in their life

and likewise the resolution is for women

they really wanted women to have

something in their hands that when they

walk away from the movie even though

there’s such an emphasis on fathers and

husbands there they wanted women to be

able to walk away and say you know what

I want to make some resolutions that

will not only be effective in supporting

my husband as he prayerfully is making

resolutions of his own but even if I’m

not married and even if I don’t have any


I can make resolutions that will make me

the woman that God has called me to be

and as was mentioned earlier the ripple

effect of a woman who was fully resolved

to be who God has called her to me is

completely staggering on those she loves

and I did you pick the title I think it

was already chosen for me since there

would be the resolution for men it was

decided it would be the resolution for

women yeah because you’re pretty

authentic in the opening pages when you

say that tongue you don’t like that word

now you didn’t like the word I didn’t

before I got it because resolution the

word resolution carries with it a

connotation I think most of us think you

know these New Year’s resolutions that

we make and we fall short of in it it

can be actually pretty discouraging to

think about making another resolution

and so I just thought if I address that

right off the bat that I’m a little

hesitant to use that word hesitant to

think about making resolutions in my own

life because sometimes it can be

discouraging when we make one in January

and by February it’s already in the

toilet you know we’ve all been there and

done that with different in different

areas of our life and so I wanted to

encourage women to know that I’m coming

from where they’re coming from and I

know it can be hard sometimes

particularly if you are in a

relationship with someone who is not

picking up the resolution for men they

are not making resolutions of their own

they’re not they’re not interested in

changing or heightening the beauty of

your relationship with one another or

being a strong role model as a husband

and father sometimes it can be hard to

want to make a resolution of your own

when you don’t see anybody else around

you wanting to do it or

you for doing it and so I wanted to

address that woman who’s maybe in a

situation where honestly she’s tired of

reading books about how she can be

better when nobody else around her seems

to be with her on that journey III know

that feeling in different seasons of my

life I know that feeling

and I wanted to encourage them and

knowing that being a woman fully

resolved the residue of that the ripple

effect of that you cannot even begin to

imagine not only how it will transform

your life but how you will begin to see

it flow into the lives of the people

that you love around you whether they

are your family members or again if

you’re a single woman just your friends

that are around you you will see that

the effects will be will be stunning

well I’ve told you and I’m now going to

tell our viewers that to me this is like

The Purpose Driven Life for women I call

it godly woman 101 that’s great it’s all

here that’s good and it’s very readable

the chapters are short the teaching is

excellent you know we didn’t mention

another pretty significant mentor in

your life love a rather famous daddy

well I like him okay his name is Tony

Evans and he’s a wonderful not only a

wonderful preacher one of the best I

think who’s taught me for so many years

but an incredible father and so he

started the church that I still attend

to this day when I was 1 year old even

going to get her dad’s Church all this

all these years so I sit right behind

him on the second row where I’ve always

sat my entire life and he’s just a gift

to us now we’re going to go through it

next week and the following I had to

pick 10 of the 13 individual resolutions

that make up the full resolution yeah

for women it to read it is a beautiful


I can’t imagine well I guess I can and I

guess that’s what I want to ask you next

I read it and I say oh yes this is what

I want where I want my life to be but I

wonder if you have had any pushback from

the feminist division even within the

church this is a biblical perspective it

is very much a biblical perspective and

I love the Kendrick brothers because

they were really clear with me that they

did not want any of these material

surrounding courageous and if you’ve

seen if you’ve seen the movie you

realize it is very direct in its belief

in Jesus Christ and its biblical

statement so they didn’t want to shroud

the fact that this is a Christian movie

and these are resources that accompany

it that are really defined by the

principle spelled out in the Word of God

so I was very clear in fact there is a

whole resolution to be purposefully

feminine and in that resolution the

resolution itself spells out the fact

that the purpose is for a woman of God

to stand firm on biblical truths of what

femininity looks like in the face of a

post feminist culture and whether we

would call ourselves feminists or not

because we live in a post feminist

culture we are all affected by the

ideals that have been spread by the

feminist movement and of course we

applaud the great many wonderful rights

that have been won oh gosh so many

incredible positive changes that we

appreciate yet at the same time I think

that that it is stolen from us the the

right and the privilege of choosing to

be a woman that is defined by biblical

morals with dignity that if we choose to

submit to godly Authority that we can do

that with our heads held high saying

that that this is what we want to be

this is the kind of person we don’t feel

like we’re a doormat for doing it

we feel like it is the best place of

liberty and freedom that we can stand in

and find as a woman who has submitted to

God’s Authority and biblical authority

in their lives and so yeah I expected

when I was writing these words that

there would be a little pushback not

only like as you as you mentioned from

people who don’t believe in the word of

God but some women who do because

sometimes that word submission some of

those ideals they cause a little chill

to go up our spines even if we believe

in the Word of God because it depends a

lot on our own personal circumstances

and whether there are leaders in our

life that are abusing their position of

leadership so if we find ourselves in an

uncomfortable position as we’re

submitting then it can be harder to read

a truth like the one that I will spell

out in the book and yet God’s Word is

still true and we can pray for our

leaders do you know in the book of

Ephesians where there is so much time

spent on a wife being submitted to her

husband do you know that most of that

chapter is spent on telling men how to

lead their wives the emphasis is placed

on on the men it is not placed on the

women so if they take

their roles appropriately and


and are the leaders that God has called

them to be that I don’t know too many

women who would not love to submit to a

godly husband who is fulfilling well

that role of leader within the home