Priscilla is our special guest for the next week to talk about the “Resolution for Women”series and package following up on the movie Courageous. Priscilla Shirer is the Author of “The Resolution for Women” and she’s a Bible Teacher –Going Beyond Ministries. For your best ministry gift – suggested amount is $25.00 (or $50 for the pair), but any donation is gratefully accepted.

I need to ask my guests forgiveness

priscilla shirer wrote the resolution

for women it includes a commitment to

forgive those I have wronged to clear

the decks and stop keeping count this is

foundational for abundant living but

Priscilla we talk about forgiveness I’m

sure every week on this program because

it’s such a foundational it is issue in

the crystal important yes but before we

skip past it because we’re not looking

at that resolution specifically I wanted

to highlight a scripture because it

jumped out at me as I read your book and

who knows how many times I’ve read this

Colossians chapter 2 verses 13 and 14

this is the New Living Translation

and the the bold that the caps guess

we’re not going to see the caps here

well you’ll hear them he God forgave all

our sins he cancelled the record of the

charges against us and took it away by

nailing it to the cross

that beautiful women we have to let go

of the list yeah right with the last of

have one grievances and grudges and

offenses yes what do you write you say a

wounded heart

cannot open up either to fully love or

to receive love it’s true and we find

ourselves just going around in circles

in our lives and not experiencing the

fullness and the hype and the breath of

relationships as they were meant to be

experienced because we’re just kind of

waddling around in this circle of

unforgiveness in our life and if you

want to change the geometry of your life

no more circles you want to reach out

into the fullness of what God has for

you to experience in life you’re right

forgiveness is a foundational issue that

has to be addressed and I don’t want

anybody to think in the three or four

short chapters that we spend on this

topic in the book that just by looking

at these simple chapters that it can be

taken care of in the blink of an eye of

course the process can begin

but I know that some things that people

have suffered at the hands of other

people a betrayal that wound did you


I don’t want anybody think that I’m

minimizing that but I am praying that

through the book you’ll make a

resolution to begin the journey yes that

yeah to get back not the Lord can put

Christian counselors in your life and of

course the work of his own spirit and

the scriptures to send you on a

forgiveness journey that will

revolutionize your life yeah

right that’s the one we skipped now

we’re ready to make a resolution to live

with the highest standards of virtue and

purity how challenging is that in an

amoral culture that’s sometimes

producing compromise in the church

absolutely lots of us are compromising

and I don’t even think that I even

realized my own compromising that I had

done in my own life several of my

friends didn’t until we looked at this

resolution point when I began the

process of writing this book I gathered

a group of women together so that we

could look at these together and I could

get them to respond to me about some of

these happenings in their own lives I

thought a woman look like this has got

to be have other people’s input it can’t

just be what I think about a matter on

issues that are so wide in their in

their breadth as this one is this book

isn’t these topics are and without a

doubt this resolution is the one that

really stirred people up because there’s

the first part of it that says I will

live as a person of integrity and will

not accept things that are evil in a

justifiable way because see that’s the

trick right that’s the part that got

everybody hung up we wouldn’t

necessarily do anything that was overtly

evil or let that entertain us but there

are these justifiable forms of evil that

we’ve kind of just begun to allow into

our home and into our living space and

into our minds without thinking twice

about it

TV movies video games we’re applauding

and laughing at some of the things on

screen that we can’t even imagine

entertaining in our own life we wouldn’t

want our children seeing it and yet

we’re looking at it or reading it or

engaging with it every day it’s all

really caused myself and my friends to

have to take a hard look at the

justifiable forms of evil that we’ve

allowed in our lives

look at how tough this is this is the

resolution it’s a tough one it’s about

my integrity and here’s the wording I

will not tolerate evil influences even

in the most justifiable form in myself

or my home but will embrace and

encourage a life of purity oh it’s a

full one I know that’s a full deck of

cards there but again God’s Spirit is

the one who empowers us with these

resolutions these aren’t some little New

Year’s resolution that you’re making by

your own power

and by your own mind if it were we’d all

fall short with this one especially with

the culture that we’re all living in but

at God’s Spirit empowering us we can

live up to this little by little as the

Lord points out to us what are some

things that we’re compromising our that

we on that we don’t even maybe realize

that we are that are really beginning to

cause us not to think clearly doling our

spiritual senses to what God has learned

well you say what starts with a sliver

becomes a river isn’t it true that’s a

scary part I think I give an

illustration in the book about I found

out about rat poison that really it’s

only 3% of the substance that is the

actual poison it’s only 3 percent so the

97 percent is something good that that

tastes good to rats but it’s the 3

percent that kills them and so that’s

what happens with many things that we

engage in it’s not the 97 percent it’s

we think we won’t be disturbed by the 3

percent and after a while it kills the

rat it kills the rats and it’ll kill

different parts of our life that we

treasure as well marriages many

marriages have fallen 97 percent of the

marriage was good it was the 3% of just

inappropriate activity or thought

processes that kept the marriage from

flourishing and so what 3% could it be

in our own lives in different areas that

are keeping us from being fully alive

and awake to God’s activity that’s a

wonderful illustration now this may

sound from another era because it is it

is but a wonderful godly wife and mother

Susanna Wesley wife of the Evangelist

John Wesley Reed I see I’ve got good

they’re good at La Masia Martin yeah

just read that now her John Wes it was

actually her son what I think you said

why that that it was her husband there’s

that John wasn’t yes but it is a wife

and mother she was a wife and mother and

John Wesley was one of her boys okay

here is what she said

whatever weakens your reason impairs the

tenderness of your conscience obscures

your sense of God or takes off the

relish of spiritual things in short

whatever increases the strength and

authority of your body over your mind

that thing is sin to you however

innocent it may be in

self so this was her trying to instruct

her son on what types of things he

shouldn’t allow in his life when as he

went off to college I believe and she

basically said to him listen whatever

causes you not to be as attuned to

spiritual things as you should be

joël to the voice and activity of God

those things are sin to you anything

that takes the relish off of spiritual

things I used to have something on my

fridge just a little a little grid to

put that decision through can I ask God

to bless it Wow will it bring glory to

God will it caused someone else to

stumble hmm that’s a good grid just

three things to consider if it’s

something I’m going to do or watch or

participate in and I bet that that

little grid we’d about quite a few yeah

cut you off at the past time and again

but this is what integrity is all about

integrity is all about being the same

underneath as you are on top in other

words what people see about you when

you’re out in public or when you’re in

your church or what they perceive about

the story you tell outwardly is that who

you really are when no one is looking

when you’re at home by yourself

would you be ashamed if some members of

your church just came over and you were

participating in that activity or

watching that show or doing that

particular thing is there anything in

your life you want to remain covered

because you don’t want anybody to know

that is a question of integrity and

that’s what this particular resolution

is all about what if the Christ who is

in you was actually watching with you

yeah yeah mmm would Jesus want to watch

this mmm I think so it’s it’s a tough

one and it’s one we have to decide

individually because the Bible gives us

well here’s a verse that comes right

from that chapter I love this Psalm 102

verses 2 & 3 again in the New Living

Translation David said I will be careful

to live a blameless life when will you

come to help me I will lead a life of

integrity in my own home I will refuse

to look at anything vile and vulgar I

will have nothing to do with them

there’s a man of commitment it isn’t a

man of resolve

yes at a man that is

and applauded the scriptures as a man

who was after God’s own heart and yet we

find in that verse that he said when

will you come to help me in other words

God I can’t do this integrity thing by

myself this is not going to work in this

culture in which he was living King

David in which he was living he was

saying I can’t do this by myself

well you and I certainly can’t either

and we have the gift of knowing that by

God’s Spirit we can he never calls us to

do anything that he does not then equip

us with himself to be able to carry out

and complete that’s the great thing we

have in our relationship with God that

is unique to our faith in any other

so-called faith on the face of the earth

that our God not only calls us to a

particular standard but then empowers us

to be able to reach that standard and so

this resolution to be to be women of

integrity it is a possibility and the

Holy Spirit will begin to convict and

challenge you as you read or as you even

just consider this during our time today

to consider what things might be going

on in your life right now that they’re

not overtly evil but they’re just

something that are dulling your

spiritual sensitivities and you know

what that might be and the Lord will

just encourage you to be able to kind of

bring it down a few notches and control

the time and attention you’re spending

with it

so that you can be in tune to spiritual

things as he would have you to be Thank

You Priscilla yeah you’re welcome I

appreciate it I’ll bet you do too room

for a little change in your life maybe

just a checkup

there’ll be 13 arenas in this book that

um that will challenge you and encourage

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