Rejoignez certains de nos orateurs chrétiens préférés sur TBN’s Praise parler de leurs expériences sur la guérison de la douleur dans votre vie. Écoutez T.D. Jakes, Priscilla Shirer et Joyce Meyer discuter de la façon de surmonter les moments douloureux de votre vie et trouver l’encouragement qu’à travers la douleur, Dieu vous guérira et vous révélera des choses sur la façon dont vous êtes censé grandir dans votre difficulté pour Son but.

Jesus came to the jet-samani garden

to prepare for the cross to remember

that the crushing and all that he was about to

experience that the secretions of those

within him were better than the

pressures that oppressed him and I

hope i wrote this book to someone who has

something in them that couldn’t

get it out any other way and i

want them to understand that pressure

turns into power when it’s

God doing the pressure pressure

turns to power

Joseph yeah Joseph what is

better than that he was tested

in his affliction yes sir that’s

it he was tested in his

affliction absolutely and don’t you believe

that the reason why Joseph was

able to be strong and he was able to look at his

brothers and say what you wanted

you wanted it for evil but for

God but God but God had not planned

for the good do I see in

your life that I admire so much is that

you have re kept this goddamn in the middle

of your story absolutely a lot of

people want to get him out

you meant the bad for me and then it

just ends there that’s where their

story ends i think i

think it’s for that God

chose her among all the brothers I think

that’s why God blessed her

because Joseph had the ability

to bless someone who had

hurt him

you see when you start talking about

wine you have to talk about capacity because

the growth is there and Joseph gave

the example of the capacity to be

greater than his situation and therefore to

whom we give a lot we ask a

lot and I really believe with all

my heart when you read the story of

Joseph that his greatest strength was his

ability to love what he had

victimized because when he saw them

he cried it’s true you remember

before he divulged before he

admitted he was c is right he had

to go out and cry his heart was so

tender c is true and i actually

think when he said you wanted it

for bad but god returned it for

good i think he was trying to

comfort him not chastise them you

think you are right yeah and it’s

going to be ok it’s going to be ok it’s going to be ok you

had foreseen the harm but it’s ok God

transformed it and I still got there

when you take your story away from

people who when we hurt

and that you determine in your heart

that whatever you did it doesn’t matter

I still got there you won’t have any

reason to be bitter and that’s it actually

it’s not just

that I got there despite you a in

many ways i arrived thanks to you

thanks to

you because of you i didn’t know but you

want to help me

you trained me you prepared me and i have

this ability because you stretched me

you give us the ability to

reinterpret our past, isn’t it,


than seeing ourselves as victims of a

difficult past, it gives us the grace

to rega rder back and say

oh okay our sovereign Lord was

at work even in that even in that

even in that if God did not spare

his own son yes but there forsaken

for us but the livery for all of us

who am i to think that i am

exempt from any trial

why not me job says the lord

knows the path that i take and when

he has tried me

i will come out like pure gold and maybe i am in the

fire right now

but i’ll come out like pure gold and

i think if you can keep the


of wine with you as you’re crushed

underfoot that’s not my

final form that even if i stain the feet of

those who have oppressed me now this

is not my final form there is

something coming out of me that is greater

than those who hurt me and those coming

out of me you can never leave

stop if you manage to keep this

in mind you will understand why Jesus

came to the garden of jet-samani to

preparing for the cross to remember that

the crushing and all that he would go through

that the secretions of those

inside him were better than the

pressures that oppressed him and i hope i

wrote this book to someone who has

something in him that couldn’t

get it out any other way and i

want him to understand that pressure

turns into power when

God does the pressure it’s true

pressure turns in power

we assume the presence of

pain and the absence of God but what

you are saying is that the presence of

pain can be the best work of

God absolutely

work of God and if you

my wisdom is formed by my mistakes

you only get as smart as

you used to be stupid

i’m pretty smart

oh yeah you know you think about what you’re

trying to tell your kids you’re

suddenly trying to tell them what

not to do because i don’t want to not that

you resume the class I have already r take

the course for you it doesn’t work

don’t try to go that way go that

way and yet sometimes they have to

have their own experience to have

their own relationship with God but and

I think the word is in the process

of be

written through the experiences of our lives

even today

in some way we are the

67th book that we are living epistles

of the bread of men and that God

writes through the situations of our

lives because we are the only

bible that some people will see

so sometimes my testimony is not

so much of what i say but

seeing me survive what no one else

could have survived by this i

know the lord is with me

because he did not allow my enemies to

triumph over me

can I read an excerpt from one of my

favorite authors yes go ahead


if your life is suddenly unstable

and you notice an increase

in the amount of mess and manure

placed on you

pay attention it is a signal from the

Lord for you to look

carefully for areas where your

growth may have stopped the winemaker

applies an additional quantity of


to a plant which

stubbornly refuses to grow

because the disorders of life

serve of vitamins needed for

healthy fruit yes sir yes sir


sir well you are using some pretty

nice language here but this is describing or

some of where some of our

listeners are growing is

smelly growing is a

smelly business it stinks yes growth is a

smelly business yes

growth is a stinky business

birth is dirty

i used to think babies

were born and he looked like baby

gerbert like in the old movies when

we were little where he just came out

and then the baby looked like the

Gerber baby but in real life the

birth is messy the birth

is a business re smelly birth

is a painful affair and

birth is all about

pushing and pushing and the baby is bruised and the

sea is weak and weary because

life is valuable it costs

something and you can’t have no life

without work you see and what makes it

for me what makes it worth is

that the baby and now in the old days he used to

salt the baby to heal him from

the birthing process so that there

was some healing

the one of the things i’m talking about

just mentioning it real quick i

know our time is almost up

it’s the pain of healing

there’s pain after surgery

that’s not the same as before

surgery this n it is not because the

surgery was correctly performed

and effective that the patient does

not feel pain that he is having trouble

recovering that there is recovery pain

and it is not because

you feel the pain that you do

not improve it is true in fact this

pain is an indication that you are

absolutely improving that’s what i’m

telling you yeah anyone trying

to get into sports is that there’s

pleasure in it don’t even talk to me about that ah that

‘s not a good topic oh dear but

but it hurts it hurts because

it hurts because it hurts

because you’re tearing muscle and

as the muscle tears it

expands and every time you go

bulky it hurts to grow in

capacity and so people who become

these bulky people

it costs them something while

many be careful not to

envy them and want to be them i want to

be you i will be next roof

and i’m gonna have your coat you ca

n’t have my coat as much as you did

n’t resist my misery that’s fine

yes we don’t have oh my god i

know this was gonna happen i knew it

we are just below


word you have for someone that i am out there

in in this mess

i want i would like to say

if you are in this matter i have been

physically emotional

spiritual financially

in all aspects of my life i

want you to understand one thing the

lord is digging the earth and he

pull out some clay or put it on

a wheel and start spinning

it put pressure on it and

start pressing it

or put it on a trinket after baking it


whatever whatever stage she

is in she has always been in his


and i want you to know

that whatever state

you are in right now you are

always in his hands amen he loves you

amen he cares of you

and when it’s all over it will take

what seemed like an overwhelming time

to produce something in you that

is so

distinct so fresh so new that

Jesus said I will drink no more wine

until I drink it

with you

in the kingdom of God then s

I have to be

because he told us he said I’ll save

the next verb for both of us it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna

be okay


God told me that people who suffer

hurt people and so most

people if you observe and you’ve

been really hurt by someone they


you because of their pain

and if you realize that then

it’s a bit easier to

forgive them

my dad didn’t was brought up

properly and he had INSEE

at his house which I found out later

and he was not treated well by his

father and his father was a Christian and

yet he was a mean Christian and

that’s not right always a father with the

people around you

and so

he already had faults against him

when he started and that does

not excuse what he did but it is easier


to forgive if you realize

that people hurt you because of

their own pain and then another

chapter of my book that i really

enjoyed preaching this no

parking at all hours message one

day i was driving down the street and

i saw this no parking

at all hours sign and it blew

my face i thought it what

do people do with their lives they park at

the place where he suffers

and they don’t go anywhere else and

I happen to have seen a movie I do

n’t know if you have already seen it is on I

think it’s called the lady with the

van and so it’s actually a

true story it’s the story of a

woman who was homeless she lived in a

yellow van that she didn’t have in yellow and

we kept chasing her off the street

she parked on the street and we did

n’t let her stay long finally she

went to someone’s house and

asked if she could park in

her driveway for a while time because

she had discovered that she could

receive money from the government

every month if she had an address

but el the didn’t have one so he did

n’t really want to do it and it

was actually happening in England but

he let her park there and she ended

up staying there for years


I mean that’s a longer story

but long story short she was

yaws in concert

she had prayed i mean playing in

front of kings of queens and

just phenomenal she

really really loved God and so she

became a no and her mother superior

who was

n’t very nice she was really

jealous of her

gift for the piano and she told her that

God wanted her to give it up because

she was

proud the way she was

treated she hurt so much

by leaving and doing some kind of

depression and then at some point in her life

she ran over a young man in the

street and killed her and so by dint of carrying

the guilt of this murder and

what had happened to her she

found herself homeless and lived in his

van Of course

this part of the story was fictitious

but when she arrives in Paradise the

first person she died in

her van moreover we die where we

park and therefore the first person

she saw

when arriving in paradise was this young

man she

blamed herself for killing all these

years and he said you didn’t

kill me I purposely threw myself under

your car and so I who was

abused I carried the guilt of this

i thought what the hell is wrong with

me for my dad to watch do this to me

and how many people

another person is dysfunctional

and they hurt you

but i mean how many women

whose horny husbands think it must

be my fault

i wasn’t pretty enough or i was

n’t good enough the devil always wants us

to think we’re not

good enough and that’s why people

mistreat us and I do

n’t want to see people stop at the point

where he’s in pain

and he remained for the rest of their life

living a kind of half life as

jesus died so that you are

completely whole and all things

soul health i mean

the things that happen to me and the things that

happen to the others it affects the

way you think that’s why the

bible clearly says that one of the

first things to do is learn

to renew your mind by the word of


the devil has told me all my life what is –

what is wrong with you the first

thing I studied she has justice in crisis

the enemy wants to remind us

daily of everything that is wrong

with us but the Bible says he who

has not known sin he made it

become sin for us so that we

become in him God’s righteousness and therefore the

more you think you are bad the

more you will do bad things

but the more you believe that you are

right with God thanks to the sacrifice of

Jesus the

more you will do good things God does not

expect d never expect us to

do anything without giving us the

means to do so he forgives

us first so that we can

forgive others he is

merciful to us so that we

can be merciful to

others he loves us this ability so

that we can love others and

so he never asked us to

do anything it wouldn’t be

to our benefit so even when

something is difficult God is trying to set you

free from something that is going to be

much more hard if you

keep it to me it was a very

important chapter in the book because you have to

make the decision

to get your life and your driving back

on track and stop blaming everything


on what other people told you

done or what happened to you we

have heard alike

that the point of your pain will either be

your prison or your stepping stone and

day to day what am I to do in sequel

the right thing to do along the way

even when you are in pain can

you talk about it


i think

[Music] i

was literally recently

talking to my daughter who is 30

and whatever question she was

asking me my reaction as i was

answering her

i heard mum’s voice because it

was the same thing this

is a new problem for her but

not for me but one of the things

mum used to say all the time c is

that also going to pass

when you have

a history with God and you know

that the thing that seems the most

difficult for you at some point

you will overcome

it somehow you will overcome it

yourself learn lessons you’ll grow you

‘ll experience God in a

new way

that’s often the next right thing

you don’t have to

i have to keep talking about our

story but i even remember

our grandmother who said this dad has

a doctorate in theology e and our uncle

had a doctorate in sociology he had

a doctorate in sociology and I

said did people ask

you how did you do that how

did you manage to have these children so

educated she told me answered i

just kept doing what it

took to have kids who

were law abiding citizens

and good people and i wasn’t trying

to make it and i think when

people asked mom and dad

about us how do you do that

how do you have four

kids who are still involved in

your church in ministry what he

was doing was the next right thing to

do and for mom was

cooking dinner

from making goulash of putting cheese

on it we don’t know what it was

but it was good because it had

cheese on it and the idea that

it wasn’t necessarily the

specific thing I don’t think you

can correct me that you have keep

in mind it was just that we had to

love god love each other

and be faithful so i think the

next thing to do is watch

where you are and what i was saying to my

daughter today c is that often we

look at the big thing and

think how are we going to get

through the big thing Moses asked the

same question of God when he

stood by the burning bush and said

very well the time has come i

need you to tell pharaoh let

my people

go how am i going to do this and god says

what do you have in your hand so

we often look for a purpose and a

call and what is i’m supposed to

do and how is god going to get me

through this

and we walked with mom

through this season one day after


another giving her what she wanted to

drink trying to put her down comfortable

being there for each other and therefore

the next good thing is not the

next big th thing it’s often just the

next little thing and

because it’s the next little thing to

do it’s usually something

that seems obvious to you to do and it’s

easy it’s right there so I think

if i had to say something to

encourage everyone from my

experience is to stop trying to

get over the mountain and make sure

you don’t trip over that rock in

front of you and keep

moving forward it’s great

it’s incredible it’s incredible a

beast I was about to say that

but I said to myself good I can’t

still say that word that you are a

beast but you are a family

of in a way it’s a fake month

in our family and yeah for those

of you watching and

thinking are they saying dad and

mom you we always call our

parents dad and mom just so

you know i am proud of that dad

you talked about disruption and it

still freaks me out e when I quote you

because you are held Evans it’s me I’m

Tony Evans junior and it makes me feel weird

because you are an excellent


are you a beast the divine reset

often finally I want to say sorry in

divine destabilization

upheavals in our lives are

God’s will God wants to

reset us and he uses

disruption to do so can you

explain this to us

god creates or allows confusion

chaos problems because he is trying

to put things back in order things that are

out of order or take us to a

new level

Hebrews chapter 12 talks about

God running hot in the

physical realm because he wants to do

something in the spiritual realm as well

when there are disturbances in the

five senses of our lives

in the environment of our lives in the

chaos of my society it is because he

shakes things up to put them back

in order

or things have become

d messy either there is a new goal

he is heading towards

so he will allow pharaoh to get

tougher so you can

leave egypt and not

feel comfortable there so he is going to provoke so i

just want to encourage people going

through pain struggle

grief disappointment while his

feelings are real and you

are not there asking god what a new

thing what a new experience i love

job chapter 42 he went through a great

loss i want say that in 24 hours his

whole world collapses his business his

family his employees his children his

health all collapses and he never knew

why the book never talks

about the conversation between God and Satan

but at chapter 42 he makes a

powerful statement he says i

heard about you from louis i went

to bible study i went to church

i went to small group i went

to school Sunday but now

I saw you with my own eyes

alo rs ask God when your

world falls apart to make himself visible

in a new way and he wants to

do it because of those who allowed it to

upset your ease and your

comfortable situation until then

Shalom I hope you liked it this

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our tibiane family god

bless you i am the man of jerusalem