War Room is Priscilla Shirer’s first feature film and now she’s a star. She dished to ET about her overnight success.

what is the number one movie in America

the film about a woman whose marriage

and spiritual life is in crisis has made

30 million dollars in its first 12 days

alone and its star 40-year old

Priscilla shine is in her first film

ever not a bad way to jump into the biz

we thought there’s definitely something

special here so Kevin Frazier flew to

Dallas to meet this week’s number one

box office stock I don’t know where you

are devil but I know you can hear me

tell me about the first day you go in

you’re the lead actress in this movie

what happens I just broke down and cried

I mean I sobbed because I realized how

nervous I was I think it was occurring

to me I’m gonna be in a movie you know

Priscilla’s performance is wrong

powerful and real that’s because in real

life she is a wife and mother to three

boys how does it feel to be the lead

actress in the number one movie in the

country gratitude that I’m grateful that

God let me be a part of this project

that is obviously blessing and touching

so many people so it’s less about the

hoora of being in a movie and more about

the opportunity that it is to be a part

of a movie that’s drawing people towards

spiritual things and towards the

importance of prayer I don’t have time

to pray that much every day but you

apparently have time to fight losing

battles with your hoods

big-name actresses wanted Priscilla’s

role but she was cast because she’s also

a well-known inspirational speaker whose

sermons are filled with passion Herod

couldn’t kill him Nero couldn’t crush

him the New Age cannot replace him and

Oprah cannot explain him away acting on

film is the exact opposite of being in

front of a large crowd

I had to rein in my impulse to project

and do all the things that I normally

have to do what I’m staying in a stadium

or a large church speaking to a group of

people have to do the opposite of that

this is amazing

this is my church how many people are

here on a Sunday

there are about probably between seven

and ten thousand that will come here on

a Sunday I loved being back in church

after filming the movie because coming

here it just feels like home again home

is the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church

founded by her father famed pastor Tony

Evans and like many women she works at

balancing her work her faith and her

family my friends who are over here

behind the camera they will tell you

that most of the time my hair is up on a

bun on top of my head there’s no makeup

on and I’m just doing laundry and

figuring out what’s gonna be for dinner

tonight at the table with my boys and

that’s my priority for now big question

are you gonna have to get will there be

another movie well yeah yeah no come on


if you would have told me I would act

one time in a movie I would have laughed

if there is a project that came along

that gave me an opportunity to still

ride inline with the purpose that I know

has been set before me for my life I

would be open to it