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hello sidroth here welcome to my world

where it’s naturally Supernatural I

wouldn’t want it to be any other way I

love the rarified air of Heaven now I

recently interviewed my guest Paul Cox

and Paul has found that every one of our

natural senses can come in contact and

understand the supernatural realm site

you can see into the spirit hearing you

can hear what the spirit of God has is

to say smell taste all of the senses but

here’s the amazing thing every time he

started teaching me on how the senses

can experience the invisible World it

started happening when people read his

book Heaven Trek yeah let me tell you

something you are in a bigger Adventure

than Star Trek ever even thought

possible Paul you’re a nice Baptist

Minister you’ve never exper erience the

supernatural you love God you love the

word of God and all of a sudden you

start giving a a series of talks on

Deliverance and demons uh and a woman

came up to you what did she say there on

a Thursday night and she said what you

are talking about is my problem well you

know we as pastors we can talk about a

lot of things but doing something is

quite a bit different and she said will

you please pray for me and it was late

at night on Thursday and I said well yes

I’ll pray for you on Saturday at 1:00 so

on October the 7th 1989 at 1:00 in the

afternoon she came in with an

intercessor I started praying I prayed

for about 20 minutes absolutely nothing

happened and then pretty soon she


shaking and I said well what’s going on

and she said well they’re saying and

repeating everything you’re saying

there’s only three of us in the room I

said well who’s repeating everything

that I’m saying she said the the voices

in my head and then all of a sudden a

different voice came out over her and it

was a demon and a demon actually started

talking to me uh we dealt with some

issues from her past it just out of

curiosity was it in just her natural

voice it was in uh through the voice box

but a different voice H and then that

demon left did did this scare you at all

between you in me it was very intriguing

I don’t know scared me but I thought I

don’t know if I really know what to do

because I have read about this but I

have never experienced this personally

yeah you had just recently prayed a

prayer and it was starting to happen

what was that prayer well the prayer was

prayed in August of 1989 so you’re right

about uh two months before and I just

read a book by John White when the

spirit comes with power and it’s a book

about Revival and especially about the

vineyard movement and I said to the Lord

do with me what you want and that turned

out to be the most dangerous prayer of

my life life because my life has been

turned upside down since that PR okay so

what happened with this woman that’s

manifesting another voice not her own

voice so we dealt with a memory she had

never had she had been counseling for 2

years she remembered being molested by a

uh a grandfather U the Lord led her

through some forgiveness the Demonic

left another demon manifested we dealt

with that it left and she walked out

totally changed and where she couldn’t

read the Bible or come to church all of

a sudden she was better and came back to

church uh look Paul you understand

biblical counseling you’re a PhD you

understand these things um why couldn’t

she just have counseling and get free

well you know we have many therapists

that work with us psychologist

psychiatrist and they and many of them

are Christians they agree that um what

is taught is not the complete story that

there is a spiritual aspect to us that

must also be dealt with and that’s what

we learned even though we had a

counseling Center in our church we still

were not seeing some people completely

healed but this seemed to be the missing

piece the missing piece of the puzzle to

help really bring people to Total

healing and and

then a few days later you go into your

office I don’t get this it says in my

notes you had a river in your office

explain well we were dealing with

someone who had dis identity disorder

and the therapist was there and the

client was there and I was there and a

couple other intercessors and I was

praying and this woman’s voice changed

and she looked at me she said Paul do

you want to see her totally healed and

the Lord was speaking through her voice

and I was stunned and I said well yes

Lord I want to see her healed and all of

a sudden I felt electricity come over my

body and whoo like that she

started saying all the prayers were

written on my sheet she couldn’t see the

sheet but she was saying all the prayers

how could she do this I guess the Lord

must know the prayers I think so so she

did that and then all of a sudden I felt

this another whoosh of the presence of

God I had never experienced the presence

of God before I was so shocked I

remember how long had you been a Baptist

pastor um this is 1990 so I’ve been a

Baptist pastor and youth pastor since 71

okay go ahead and the next day my

secretary came and said you need to go

into the

Sanctuary uh Sanctuary was right next to

the uh office where we were and she said

you need to go in there cuz something’s

going on there and I went into the front

of this 500 seat sanctuary and there was

a river of power flowing across and many

of us experienced it you in other words

others on your staff experience this ABS

I had no idea what it was but I liked it

it’s then when you went to La Hoya

California what happened in 199 91 after

I left that church I became an interim

pastor at a Baptist Church in San Diego

and one night in La Hoya in October of

1991 I was on the phone and I started

feeling the same electricity coming over

my head and it kept on increasing and

increasing and finally I told the man I

was talking to I need I need to hang up

I made a couple feet the power of God

hit me threw me to the ground and for an

hour and a half I was unable to move I

was actually plastered against the wall

while the power of God came over me and

again it was just like a river of water

but it was so strong I could not move

what do you suppose God was doing to you

I believe he was given me an anointing

and for what purpose to empower me to do

what he wanted me to do which is to

bring generational deliverance and to

teach discernment you see what Paul has

found is there is a quick Supernatural

way of getting free where you don’t have

to for hours and hours cast demons out

of people it’s so wonderful don’t go

away we’ll be right back after this

word we’ll be right back to its

Supernatural we now return to its


Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with

Paul Cox Paul is a former Baptist pastor

and he had an encounter with the power

of God and when he had this encounter

his life was turned upside down you were

in Argentina and the power of God was so

strong on you what happened when you

went to the ATM machines well this is a

brand new kind of power and it was like

tingling all over my body like someone

had plugged me into an electric socket

and I I was actually hurting from the

power and I went to put my my card in

the ATM machine and took the card spit

the card out in the machine set out of

order so I sent it I put it into the

second machine and spit it out out of of

order I put in the third machine spit it

out out of order I shut down three ATM

machines why why are you shaking like

that as you’re speaking because as we’re

talking about the power of God the power

of God starting to uh become stronger

and stronger and you see our physical

bodies cannot really um handle that kind

of power and so then I jerk or shake and

respond like this to the power of God

but you know the missing ingredient from

Believers is the power of God so uh some

of you may say well I wouldn’t want that

to happen to me are you kidding it’s God

you don’t want God to make you do

something I by the way God doesn’t make

me do it it is my great Delight that’s

right to yield my body as a living

Temple to the Living God that’s right

now Paul you used to spend hours and

hours in Deliverance and have good

results but you found there was a better

way uh in reference to bragging

generational curses explain that well I

was in Argentina again and a propheus

was was sharing and she came she sat

down next to me and I said there’s a

furnace on your head a furnace a furnace

I can feel this fire on her head and

then some months later I was up in


California and the same thing happened

and so I was standing in front of a

small group of people I said I think God

wants to do something but I don’t know

what it is and I stood there and all of

a sudden the fire of God fell and

because with my discernment I can feel

demons leaving off of people I realized

that the Lord was doing a group

Deliverance he actually was delivering

the entire church people started falling

everywhere in the church and the Lord s

sent them through a mass generational

Deliverance which is mentioned

incidentally in Malachi 3 and Malachi 4

it says says well the furnace would come

and destroy the roots and the branches

which I believe are the generational

lines Why would a generational curse

something my great great great great

great grandfather did affect me today

because the Bible says that the sins and

the fathers and mothers can go down to

the third and fourth generation but you

see if something happens a 100

Generations ago and it can go down to

three or four generations but if it’s

repeated the Next Generation then that’s

another three or four generations it

happens the two generations later so

another three and four generations and

so these curses can literally go down

hundreds of generations besides the

Bible says many curses are Everlasting

curses David had an everlasting curse on

his family line of the sword never

departing from his house tell me someone

that uh went through the furnace and the

results oh this is really exciting story

uh we we have a friend of ours and I did

not know this about this until several

weeks later he had been diagnosed with a

terminal brain

tumor his wife had received a word that

he was to go through the furnace they

had never been we had a tent meeting had

never been there before he walked

through the furnace I found out a couple

months later walk through the furnace

what you mean if as I’ve understood this

is there’s discernable heat from God in

a particular place and as he walks

through that particular place it breaks

off gen generational curses is that what

you’re saying I believe it’s the angel

of the Lord because remember the angel

of the Lord stood in the burning bush

yes yes that’s the fire and so I can

feel the fire in fact I’m feeling the

fire right now and people walk through

the fire they actually can feel the fire

many if not most people fall under the

power of the fire and they walk out and

so go back to this person now uh he was

healed the the tumor disappeared and

does this happen often we’ve had many

people healed of different things just

going through the fire well you know

what I believe Paul I believe that when

we come back the fire will still be here

and there will be Mass Deliverance Mass

healing you better you you better call

Se real quick and don’t you dare go away

we’ll be right back after this

word we’ll be right back to its

Supernatural we now return to its


Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with Dr

Paul Cox Paul was a Baptist pastor that

had an encounter for the first time in

his life with the genuine raw almost

violent power of the Living God and I’ve

asked Barbie breath to join us I’ll tell

you why Paul strongest uh s sense is

feeling he can feel things in the

invisible realm Barbie who was on a

previous show and which Barbie has a

supernatural ability to interpret dreams

and Visions but she is a New Covenant

sear she sees things so we have two

major senses uh coming to the Forefront

to find out what God is doing we were

talking Paul about powers and during

commercial break uh you started telling

me there was an angel on the set yes an

angel just showed up and may remind you

the gift of discernment is the use of

the five physical senses to know what’s

going on spiritually and the intent

purpose according to Hebrews chapter 5

is that you would know whether it’s good

or evil so right now there’s an angel

right here and so the Angel’s right

about here so barbarie what do you say

but wait a second how do you know

whether it’s good or evil okay I can

feel bu on my head so I feel good right

here and evil here and this is after

years and years of the Lord training me

that’s a wonderful gift because the

everything in the invisible world is not

necessarily from God that’s

right and is the Angel actually speaking

Barbie what I feel the angel or see the

angel doing is he’s coming to release

the spirit of Elijah he opened up a

portal here and what the portal is doing

is bringing a healing to the generations

where the older generation and the

younger Generations are coming together

and what that’s going to release is

resurrection power because the angel is

here to bring a release for people who

are terminally ill and have no hope and

what I saw was the Angels going to beds

where there are people in beds in

hospitals in their homes who’ve already

been turned away from the hospitals that

are there saying God do you know that

I’m here and what is it that you want to

do and those angels are opening the

portal to release other angels from

Heaven to go to minister Deliverance to

those people and bring a healing in the

generational because the father’s hearts

are turning to the sons and the sons

hearts are turning back to the fathers

and it’s releasing Unity that’s

releasing a resurrection power well you

know what they’re describing right now

is actually in the Bible it’s in the

prophet Malachi says in the last days

that Elijah is going to come and he’s

going to restore the hearts of the

fathers to the children and the hearts

of the children to the fathers now of

course I told Paul of this and Barbie my

spin on that is Paul says the fathers

represent the Jewish people therefore

the children represent the Christians

and he says that if they the two people

groups are not restored there will be a

curse on planet Earth but if the two

people groups are restored there’s going

to be tremendous blessing

so you’re saying to me that the spirit

of Elijah is here to restore and to

bring yes and it goes back to the cloud

of witnesses which would include Abraham

that’s called to bring the blessing of

Abraham to the people we will be blessed

because of him and that generational

thing is coming down to us at this time

because we’ve reached the time of

fullness and the angels have been

released to he from heaven and they are

ascending and descending and bringing

the Jewish people and the gentile people

together for a commanded blessing to

rest and in that the signs and wonders

are going to be released and the

creative Miracles and the resurrection

power and that’s why I saw the Angels

beginning to go out to the Hopeless and

restore hope and bring forth

Resurrection they’re going to resurrect

off their beds you you had a uh a

Heavenly encounter and an understanding

of the last move of God’s spirit what

was that that move has started over

about probably 30 40 days ago this move

of God started I was translated into the

Heavenly Realm by Three Angels and the

Lord took me from Stadium to Stadium to

Stadium all over the surface of the

Earth and I saw where the glory Cloud

just like when Moses went up on the

mountain and spoke with the Lord and the

Lord spoke to Moses I saw the glory

Cloud coming from the top of a stadium

sweeping across the multitude of people

to the other top of the stadium and

people were healed limbs were growing

out eyes were coming into sockets where

there were no sockets and that move of

God has been released on the Earth in

our time it’s happening right now but

what does the angel want to do right now

there’s there’s a message and I believe

Barbie is going to get the message yes

and the message I believe is just

believe and whatever the curses were

that were spoken Paul’s talked about the

deliverance and the angel has come to

release resurrection power so it’s the

resurrection power that’s going out over

the Airways that it’s breaking off death

off of people it’s breaking off cancer

it’s breaking off all kind of terminal

diseases and that it’s being released

right now over the Airways I Feel the

Fire of God on my hands speak so right

now I command there to be healing

released over everybody that’s I break

the curse of death off of you cancer I

command you to go right now and you get

off that bed right now raise up right

now Ms you’re being healed people in in

wheelchairs I see a man in Canada who

has a spinal cord that has been severed

and the Lord says right now create a

miracle is coming to you and that spinal

cord is being fused back in and the

lameness in you is going right now I see

a spirit just lifting off of you as God

heals that creative miracle in your back

heart conditions right now are being

healed all over the Airways right now uh

people with racing hearts hearts that

one side is enlarged right now I just

speak a new heart into you in jesus’

name I just release that healing power

that is come from Heaven and the

commanded blessing going out for

resurrection power and this the spirit

of Elijah Elijah didn’t die and so he

overcame death and right now we the Lord

is overcoming death and you’re going to

be set free as you release your faith

and contact with the Holy Spirit and

he’s going to raise you up in

Resurrection Life Paul what is God


you Lord Jesus in your name I I ask you

release the

furnace if I release the the furnace all

over the world and Lord that you will

burn up according to Malachi 3 and

Malachi 4 burn off the generational evil

and set people free Lord you will

overcome depression and

anxiety Sadness and


hopelessness confusion and Chaos that

you’ll overcome

insanity and

infirmity yes Lord that you will

demonstrate your power and Lord that

your fire will Roar through our

generational lines and set us

free you know during the commercial

break you had me put my hand here and

you said this is where the furnace is

and uh literally when you can’t sat down

at the set Barbie you said I feel heat

yes you remember saying I did I felt

like I walked into an oven sitting in

this area it was like a a tangible heat

that I could send and feel it made my

hand start to to heat up that’s the

exact word in Hebrews chapter excuse me

Malachi 41 it’s an oven it’s it felt

like an oven that I walked into and when

he was speaking the angel I felt said

also that people with multiple

personalities I saw them put their hands

over many people’s heads and begin to

bring a melding together where there’s

been schizophrenia that’s going to be

healed on this broadcast as they go out

that that mind disorders mental

disorders that have been generational

handed down the Bloodlines has been

broken and they’re being healed I saw

the Angel’s hands go over many many

people’s heads and just begin to bring

that uh blending back together those two

hemispheres in the brain perfectly

healed and and I sensed there are people

here that have been hurt and turned off

by religion I’ll just call it for what

it is but don’t get hurt or turned off

over God mhm he’s too good

he loves you too much and there’s some

misunderstandings as to how God’s

kingdom operates but this I know God has

not given up on you I tell you God has

not given up on you I tell you that this

is your moment but choose this day whom


serve choose this day whom you are going

to serve make Jesus your lord ask him to

forgive you of your sins say God I want

that Fresh Start I’m tired of doing it

myself I need your help I need you

God I give up I

Surrender I

Surrender while you’re surrendering to

God God is healing people I heard that

someone’s back was healed did you catch

anything else very quickly I saw a lot

of neck conditions that people who were

crippled from the neck down I saw a lot

of that going out that people are

miraculously from fingers fingers are

being healed the arthritis is going from

your fingers right now I’ll tell you

what you’re just healed all over Jesus

did it all he paid the