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Satanist-Turned-Evangelist Helps You Rise Above the Enemy! Many people, even Christians, deny the devil’s power. John Ramirez doesn’t have that luxury—he experienced the prince of darkness up close and personal. In the impoverished streets of the South Bronx, John Ramirez found “acceptance” from a family of witches and warlocks. These practitioners of dark arts trained him to be a high-ranking satanic priest. However, everything changed when he met his living Messiah. In Unmasking the Devil John Ramirez shares an insider view of how satan operates so you can avoid his traps. You will learn how to: ✅ Discern between the voice of God that points to victory and satan’s voice that leads to bondage. ✅ Close doors of access: entertainment, unhealthy relationships and false religion. ✅ Go on offense with the Word of God and prayer to render hell powerless. ✅ Recognize the spirits that rob God’s people through disunity. John Ramirez says you should embrace life and life abundantly — in Jesus — even as you equip yourself to live in victory and complete freedom. He will help you stop satan’s strategies and take possession of God’s blessings in your daily life. ▶▶Unmasking the Devil by John Ramirez [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3Sk0eQw

hello Sid Roth here and um I’ve been

looking forward to this interview I’ve

interviewed John Ramirez a number of

times John is a high ranking warlock in

witchcraft uh he spent 25 years in

witchcraft uh I want to ask him a

question because I’ve kind of

been struggling with it myself for many

years is Halloween bad for a Christian

to be involved in or is it what most

Christians think just fun and games and

uh you know it in my heart I don’t want

to do anything evil it’s disguises Etc

and then some of these movies like Hocus

Pocus 2 uh is that something a kid

should not see uh most kids that that

whose parents are Christians are seeing


I want to get an Insider

strategy of what is wrong if

anything with observing Halloween but

before we get there I want to know how

you got into witchcraft why you stayed

in Witchcraft and why you got out of

it I I tell you uh 25 years of my life I

was in the highest levels of the highkey

of the Demonic Kingdom demonic the

Shadows of the Demonic that means that

you you did all the ceremonies in your

body all the rituals you did all the

contract with with the devil satting in

his kingdom I got married in Halloween I

had a demonic wedding in Halloween we

celebrated my demonic wedding with uh

warlocks and witches coming to my

wedding which a medium high rank medium

baptizing my my wedding with animal

sacrifices I did that for 25 years I get

into the age of seven and a half I was

recruited from the second having a

necklace fell down hit my feet I put it

in my pocket I went home seven demonic

powers of the dark side the necklace

from there my mom at 8 years old my

parents took me to the witch house to do

my car reading from there I went I went

on I moved up the ranks and 1999 Yeshua

the Messiah interrupted my party at 179

building he knew my address he came to

look for me and uh I I was sitting on my

bed for the first time ever in October

depressed 19 99 not realizing what

something came over me and I turned

around and I started to talk to to theu

I said I don’t want to serve you I’m not

going to be part of your kingdom I’m not

going to be part of any any church or

anything that that has your name on it I

want nothing to do with it in the end I

was falling into deep sleep I was

passing away and at that moment all the

words that came out of my mouth you

bigger than my daddy the devil then you

show me tonight or leave me alone and at

that moment I went to hell I met Yeshua

in hell I met the cross in hell and when

I came back into my body I was a born

again believer in the Messiah one of the

things you told me that kept you in

witchcraft is they planted fear of what

would happened to any witch that left

their practice Yeah if they they

engrafted the tormenting fear on you

that if you to ever leave or think of

leaving or any other the other the

demonic spirits which is demons and

principality or the Devil Himself

willever ever figure out that you are

leaving his camp and you’re leaving his

kingdom you might as write out your will

and pick out your coffin because you’re

gonna die and then they made that real

clear and we saw people that felt that

they wanted to leave and they we went I

went a few funerals of those people that

wanted to leave and they end up dead so

that was engrafted in me and the only

person that pulled me out out of deep

Darkness out of the pits of hell was

Yeshua that pull me out and adopted me

to be in his kingdom I’ll tell you what

we could not be talking about this if it

wasn’t for the blood of Jesus we could

not be talking about this if it wasn’t

for the presence of the Holy Spirit and

I want to acknowledge Holy Spirit we

yield to you have your way not our will

your will not our kingdom Your Kingdom

Come On Earth as it is in heaven now uh

John let’s deal with

Halloween why should a Christian not

observe Halloween you open gateways and

portal to the spirit Realm of Darkness

entrapments setups plots schemes and

wild that the devil takes over your

children take over your family and it’s

so demonic that once you put on a

costume and you put on an outfit you

change their identity for who God called

you to be and once you put that costume

and that identity on that you describe

yourself say you dress like little arier

The Little Mermaid your Marine Spirit

you dress like Casper the Friendly Ghost

you say what am not dressing my kid as a

witch and a devil I’m dressing my cast

where the friendly go you put on a

spirit on your child you change the DNA

of the identity and now the devil has

legal rights and he has he has

permission that you gave him that you

sacrifice you spiritually to the do side

but what if you say it’s just fun and

games and parties and your ridiculous

John Ramirez what would you say well I

tell you know I I lived it for 25 years

of my life I got married in Halloween I

had a demonic wedding with witches and

warlock coming into my wedding baptizing

October 31st and November 1 is the two

death is the month of October it leads

up to October 31st it ramps up to

October 31st because it’s the high

season of the witches and Warlock the

third quarter to finish strong in

December because if you don’t finish

strong in December and with the

ingredients and the recipe and the

Spells and the Mandate and the mission

that the devil gave you from January to

December if you don’t finish and you

have incomplete report card punishment

is coming to your house and that’s I’ve

been there I lost my eyesight in 1997

the devil took my eyesight completely

blind with the commission of the blind

in New York City New York State because

I wanted to take a sabatical from

Witchcraft and I wanted to be a good dad

to my daughter what about certain

movies you watch TV it’s many of them

but there’s one that’s very popular now

it’s called Hocus Pocus 2 what’s wrong

with that I haven’t seen it but it’s

Disney that’s all I know you know it’s

so Dispicable how they dress up the

devil and make it glamorous make it

cultural make it fun make it attractive

make it a fashion thing because I saw I

saw clips of the movie to break down the

Demonic on it and it Hocus Pocus it is a

is a say that you say that you come in

agreement with the devil abadaba open

sesame these words have connation to the

dark side you’re chanting the words

Proverbs 18:21 said life and death lays

on your tongue whatever death you speak

you make a contract with the devil Hocus

Pocus we it aims for young people is a

target it designed for to be glamorous

but the Targets in the contents in the

movie we have a we have a part of the

movie that the that that the young

people uh they the song You Know Come

Little Children the witches are inviting

the little children Come Little Children

they are luring bringing in drawing the

children into into Salem Salem is the

camp of the witches which is a

foundation of Witchcraft a foundation of

the devil’s Kingdom the devil’s camp and

they join the witches there uh you have

one witch with the green dress she had

eyes on the green dress the eyes

Illuminati is a Watchers it’s a spirit

the Watchers the eyes she had we have

eyes on the crown that the guy that owns

the magnet shop he had eyes on the crime

there’s a book with an eye on it right

and then it has a h like a gag thing on

it it’s a tribute to S of the Lambs the

movie Hannibal is a symbol to that you

have a song that play the witches are

back is is a song uh is a tribute to

Elton John and it’s tribute to Elton

John John has uh Elton John has a

Despicable song they say he used a word

profanity stars with a bee the bees are

back and and and all these contents that

are moving up and down the Demonic world

there’s a mockery in the movie uh the

first pitan that made they put the

church in uh in in Salem which is Samuel

skell that they name the school after

him it’s a mockery and so on and so on

in the movie and then the karma The

Witches get in circles smooth thoughts

the smell of death flesh they talk about

these things to put words out there

because these demonic words has power

then you chant them like Ricky Ricardo

and I Love Lucy babal yet where he was

sing that song he was singing the song

to the deity of Sania where he got

crowned with in Cuba so people would

sing them songs and know we is a mimic

of what we worship the Lord Jesus Christ

we worship we sing unto him the devil

wants these things to be contents in

your children’s mind mindsets images in

the mind to the eye gate mouth gate and

ear gate well the devil is not the only

one interested in children what’s going

on in God in Nashville with children in

you I I have a whole I have a whole I

have like this in my iPhone I have

pictures of alter course of children

hungry for God in Nashville in North

Carolina everywhere I go I do alter

course for children the Lord said

everywhere you go you do ultra they

might be small in the outside but

they’re big in the inside because I

deposit purpose on the children and and

he said they’re the on that going to run

my kingdom they’re the one that’s going

to usher in my presence and I I do alter

cour many children declaring and

decreeing Jesus Christ come into my

heart be my Lord and Savior here my pen

write my story uh I I pray over them

you’ll never see a day sickness you’ll

never see a day backslide and you will

hold down to your innocent until God

brings the right person into your life

those are the words that I speak over

these children and they’re from Young

they are dedicated and giving on to the

Lord Jesus Christ before the devil can

put the hands on them now you have a

digital book that we’re making available

it’s called unmasking the devil

strategies to defeat eternity’s greatest

enemy but I would call it an Insider

strategy to defeat the Devil um but I’ll

tell you something this book is does

certain things that very few Christians

understand number one how to close

demonic Doors number two uh things that

you’re involved in that are opening

doors to the devil unintentionally

number three and as far as I’m concerned

the most important thing in your book is

you have scriptures to render hell

powerless that’s a strong statement do

you really believe scriptures from God

would render the devil powerless oh I

mean we we we’ll we’ll strip them down

to nothing the word of God the promises

of God you the arsenals of Heaven the

anointing that God put the holy spirit

in you and know devil no devil be able

to have an opportunity over your life

your purpose your destiny because the

devil knows that God the Lord Jesus

Christ has put treasure in us he’s

trying to break into our house and Ste

the treasure that God put in us uh the

devil can’t create nothing new so he

wants the GI of the he want the five for

Ministry to be part of his kingdom he

wants to steal the gift of prophecies he

wants to steal the gift of of seeing he

wants to steal the gift of the anointing

that he can turn he can corrupt the

anointing and put it and put it into his

camp and do that’s why we got witches

that do what witches to today that do

car readings we got witches today that

do horoscope te crystals we got all

these things that the devil does but

he’s he he still every good gifts come

from above not from the devil let’s just

take one of the things you talk about

that are open doors to the devil and

most people don’t think of this they

know that God doesn’t approve and that

is unhealthy

relationships why is that such an open

because unhealthy relationship brings

brings into your life it bring hindering

delay blockage distraction for what God

has for your life it bring transfers of

spirits into your life are you bad a bad

partnership on a business a bad

relationship with someone that is unolly

unrighteous and and we we come in we

come into try with things you know with

Darkness we come into twine you know the

Bible say what Darkness has to do with

the light we we are separated from the

world we can’t just you know we can’t

just intertwine oursel with things that

Unholy unrighteous ungodly things and

this is a set up from the enemy and we

we fall into these things and now we

have demonic open doors things that you

bring into your house uh there things

that we bring into your house that if

Jesus walk into your house he’d be happy

he’ be pleased things that you watch

things that you hear things that you say

all these things have demonic contents

to it and the devil is really operating

on these things I mean on overtime on

overtime we got trun or treat in

churches today Tri or trun or treat in

Church Trunk or Treat in churches today

celebrating Halloween in churches today

day I mean you have a wi night stand

with the devil and then the next day you

in love with Jesus for those that really

want to understand this realm which

should be every born again Christian

really the digital book is available all

you have to do is go to

sidroth.org warfare that’s s

d.org slw Warfare and it’s available to

you but John I have to I I have to ask


this what happens to a witch that is


someone and when you’re pleading the

blood saying the name of Jesus or

stating the scriptures you have in your

uh Digital Book I I us still got witches

doing witchcraft to me from New York

City from New York City from Miami I got

witches that I have Covenant with I have

co- practices with the ones that I’ll be

BC before Christ uh Cuba and ha Haiti I

got witches still doing witchcraft but

don’t form no weapon form against me

will prosper God has blessed you can’t

curse and then in the Judgment the guard

everything that they try to put on go

right back to them it falls back on them

it falls back in they Camp it falls back

on their heads it falls back on their

situation it it’s like a boomerang a

boomerang right back to them because

what God has covered me with the blood

of Jesus Christ there no weapon

Zechariah Chapter 25 a wall of fire upon

me in me and through me they will never

prosper because if God is with me who

could be against me now have you ever

had a witch come to you and say I can’t

take cursing you it’s to it it affects

it’s too bad in my life well I have I

was in Arizona not too long ago and a

woman got demon possessed you know she

came into the meeting she got so demon

possession was elevating from the floor

I had the video on that and and she was

saying to me uh we hate you we hate you

we hate you you’re traitor you left us

you you left us we hate you I waited 20

years to confront you John Ramirez John

rire and these are demons talking back

to me possessed by this person and I I

got witches that come into my meeting

try to bring me articles or maybe wallet

or maybe they curse the money they put

witchcraft in the money and the Holy

Spirit said don’t take the money don’t

put in your pocket because if you do

then you own it it’s curse give give it

to someone else because it’s meant for

you it’s not meant for someone else they

even curse the money bring it to the

meetings and act like they’re Christian

they’re sit in the congregation to give

me the money yeah you have to be very

careful when someone you don’t know

gives you a gift of any kind


any we discern we need the Holy Spirit

discern discern the Holy Spirit Will

discern this is not for me this is a

witch this is cursed don’t put your

hands on don’t take it don’t receive it

would you just from memory uh State a

few scriptures out loud to any witches

that might be cursing you right now how

would you do that SC give me a a

demonstration my my number one scripture

my number one SC is David David David

David made it clear to the devil that he

said the Lord is my shepherd the Lord is

my shepherd that means I have a

relationship I in relationship with the

kingdom I’m a relationship no weapon

form against me no no curse no Vex no

Voodoo no demonic altars don’t demic

patter cycles of reaping able to hurt me

because the blood of Jesus covered me I

I speak I speak a Heavenly language but

I speak a a spiritual warfare language I

speak Psalms 91 over my life I speak

Psalm 26 seven no matter how they come

at me you can’t bring me down you can’t

destroy me because what God is with me

who could be against me we you need to

understand we need to be in the offense

of of of using the word of God I mean

Psalm 23 is an amazing Psalm I Psalm 23

God prepar a table in the presence of my

enemy Psalms 23:5 he go you know ain’t

nothing the devil gonna do I sit in I

sit in the table of the most high I sit

in Heavenly places with Jesus Christ I

sit in highs of the highs of the heaven

that mean that every devil every witch

every fex every demonic altar every

demonic cult practices spell witches

ceremonies whatever you try to do to me

I sit in Heavenly places I sit in the

highs of Heaven everything else is under

my feet so the serpent is Crush I’ll

tell you what I I think people are

feeling better already just by hearing

you do that uh John there are people

watching us right now that uh been a

Christian their whole life and then

there probably some witches watching us

right now

uh if they say a prayer such as I say at

the end of every one of my

shows with me will they be translated

from the kingdom of darkness to the

kingdom of the son of his love amen I

mean you know I tell witches in Warlock

and that’s what you’re saying I tell

them you don’t have to it’s not where

you start where you finish I tell him

look at my life 25 years of devil

worshipping I did all the ceremonies in

the Kingdom of doctor you couldn’t do

anymore I spent $100,000 in ceremonies

you couldn’t do any more ceremonies I I

was done with all the ceremonies in the

kingdom of darkness from the age of

seven and a half to the age of

35 into the witches House age of eight I

did them all but look what the Lord had

done it’s not where I start it’s where I

finish my last name my last name Uncle s

was full of Witchcraft and my father was

an alcoholic my grandfather died in the

streets of Puerto Rico as an alcoholic

my father got shot the age of 33 for a

woman that was in his he was drunk for

three days and he he lost his life at 33

my name has been redeemed by the Lord

Jesus Christ my name is known all over

the world because the Lord has made a

way he’s writing my story so you can you

can have the same thing God the Bible

said that that the Lord Jesus Christ is

no respected person come and see I was

telling a marriage couple that they’re

about to get divorced he said I don’t

want to be with this man no more he

beats my mom and they were Christians he

beat my mom he get demon possessed he

beat my mom he beats me I said let me

pray let’s try Jesus for 30 days not

religion Jesus Christ they got the best

marriage ever ever today okay let’s pray

right now I’m GNA I want you to repeat

this prayer after me John and everyone

viewing I want to repeat this prayer uh

yes it doesn’t hurt to reaffirm your

faith but I want you to go deeper I want

Jesus to I want you to have your own

experience with Jesus it’s wonderful

that John did it’s wonderful that I did

but this is your time this is your

moment that’s why you’ve been watching

this this repeat out loud and mean it to

the best of your ability dear God dear

God I’m a sinner I’m a sinner I’m so

sorry I’m so sorry I made many mistakes

I made many mistakes I believe Jesus

died in my place I believe Jesus died in

my place and by his blood by his blood

you remember my sins no more you

remember my sins no more more and now

that I am clean now that I’m clean now

that I Am Redeemed by Jesus now that I’m

redeemed by Jesus now that my penalty

has been paid now that my penalty has

been paid I’m free I’m free and now that

I’m free now that I’m free I boldly say

I boldly say Jesus is my savior and my

Lord Jesus Is My Savior and my lord lord

Jesus Lord Jesus come and live inside of

me come and live inside of me give me an

experience with you give me an

experience with you that I will never

forget I will never forget amen amen

hallelujah now I do hear that God is

healing people right now right now I I

hear that people with pain in their back

and neck if you will test you’ll see

that you’re healed and what I’m hearing

in the head they’re probably people that

are getting headaches they’re being

oppressed because of the subject matter

that we’re talking about and I bind

those spirits of Oppression and I

command them to be gone I want you to

pray for some marriages and then

whatever God shows you and so father in

the name of Jesus we break destroy every

divorce devil we break every Affliction

every diso every division in the

marriage our children our families our

bloodline father we curse everything

down to the ru let it sh up and die in

the name of Jesus Christ we pray Holy

Spirit breathe upon our marriage heal

our marriage deliver our marriage let us

compliment one each other not in

competition but compliment one each

other that I’m the head and she’s the

she’s the neck that turns her head we

come together in agreement there power

and G power and unity and I declare over

these marriage and if I pray that if you

ever dedicated your children to

Halloween or you did any despicable

practice or you done anything that is

ungodly I pray that you come to

repentance today and you say Lord I’m

sorry like UNC consistent I’m sorry I I

I am sorry and and forgive me for my

ignor forgive me for my mistakes forgive

me for my for things that I’ve done that

it doesn’t pleasing to you father I pray

in the name of Jesus that you’ll heal

deliver and set us free in Jesus name

amen and you know what amen means so be

it thank you John

Ramirez so