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my guests just like you they had read

the Bible they had heard about miracles

but they weren’t seeing much so they

thought maybe if I go to a foreign

country I’ll see Miracles Gary did you

really think you would see Miracles when

you went to Brazil I was hoping to I I

didn’t know because people had told me

about the Miracles and the signs and

wonders that was happening there and my

desire was to not just read about other

people’s experiences but I want to go

and see it

firsthand okay and Cath I assume that’s

what you wanted to so you’re there in

Brazil you’re sitting were you in the

front row no well actually I was about

to yes I

was all right you’re in the front row

and all of a sudden God tells you to do

something that doesn’t make too much

sense no I know I I had never

experienced uh the presence of God like

I was experiencing at that moment it was

so powerfully upon me and God spoke to

me and he said take your shoes off

you’re standing on Holy Ground and my

first reaction was you know I don’t want

to do that I had on nice clean socks it

was a dirty Dusty concrete floor and I

was really resisting what God was

wanting me to do and just a maybe a

minute later God spoke again it was like

this is a little more serious it was

like take your shoes off and I thought

uh-oh just like curios did you think

that first time was God or did you think

that was pizza well I thought it was God

I thought it was God but so often God

speaks to us and and we just let it pass

we don’t really take to heart what God’s

saying we don’t really respond in

obedience okay so he has to tell you two

times then what do you do the second

time well I thought hey this is God I

think I better do this and so I took my

shoes off and I was standing there uh

just in my socks now Kathy were you

watching this little um uh taking off

the shoes business actually I noticed

that that’s I was standing right beside

him so I noticed that that’s what he was

doing doing but there was such a heavy

sense of the presence of the Lord in the

building it was we were all caught up in

worship okay your shoes are off now what

well I was standing there just

worshiping God and uh tears were

starting to come down my cheeks because

it was so strong upon me because of that

obedience and taking my shoes off

because I believe that if I hadn’t done

it what followed would have never

happened I opened my eyes and on the

platform I saw there was dancers up

there I saw two dancers with three

angels dancing around them two more

dancers Three Angels dancing around them

over to the side there a bunch of

individual dancers they all had a very

large Angel arched over them moving all

around with them now had you seen Angels

like this before no there all the whole

it it just messes your whole Paradigm up

totally totally I mean I was shocked at

what I was saying and I just threw my

head back like that and I looked and

above the platform the whole area was

full of worshiping Angels they were they

were playing instruments they were

singing they were dancing it it look

like they were having a party now did

were they did they look like real people

or or were they like transparent well

they were transparent I could see it was

like I could see right through them they

flowing robes as they were dancing it

was the most beautiful site I didn’t

know what to do with it I thought man

because I had been asking God for an

experience like this and when it

happened I didn’t know how to Happ

I thought oh you know am I going crazy

or what is this it’s like it didn’t and

and so I just continued worshiping God

it was like whoa I mean this is off the

charts and I I kept I kept crying out

God I don’t understand all this but I

just want more of you God I want more of

your presence in my life and as I was as

I was saying that I felt myself getting

bigger and taller 15 feet tall it’s like

I turned into this giant and I was

looking down over the people and they

were all worshiping God and I thought

whoa you know this is really cool all of

a sudden I started going up I went all

the way up into the top of the tent now

this is all new for you is this kind of

scary oh it was really scary when I got

when I got to the top of the tent the

the church meets in a tent that seats

3,000 people so it’s a big tent I was in

the top of the tent looking down over

everybody and I was really afraid I

started resisting like I put the brakes

on and as I did that I started coming

back down and I realized oh man I made a

big mistake I I said God forgive me

forgive me up is better up is better for

sure and right then I switched

directions and I started right back up

and it was like Superman I went right

through the top of the tent way up into

the sky I could I was I had a bird’s eye

view of the whole city I could could see

the top of the tent it was glowing I

mean the presence of God was so brightly

shining from the top of the tent and a

hole opened up it’s like God gave me

Zoom Vision I could see right down

through the hole right down into the

tent people worshiping God now this time

I really got afraid because you know I’m

the kind of guy that likes to have

everything in a box you know I like to

have everything in control yes I was way

out of control I was way out of my box

and I started resisting again I had a

fear of the unknown I had a fear of the

supernatural though that’s what I wanted

I was still afraid of it as it was

happening okay so so you’re you’re

you’re up in the air are are you uh do

you see your wife no I didn’t I didn’t

see my

life as I was

resisting again what God was doing

because of fear I started to come back

down and I thought oh man I realized

that God will take us as far as we’re

willing to go you know I’m the one that

I think I’m the one that put the limits

on how far I went with him I honestly

believe that he would have taken me onto

the throne room had I not been resistant

like that so I came back I came I came

all the way back down inside the tent

and I raised my arms it’s like my arms

were a mile long it’s like they went way

up in the sky and I was looking up and I

was saying God forgive me God forgive me

I just want more you I want more of you

and as I was saying that as I was

looking up I saw Jesus coming down and

he had a a white robe on and his hands

were extended out like this and he came

all the way down and he took me by the

hands and he held me real tight as if to

say I’m not going to let you go and I

was I was completely overwhelmed and

overcome by his presence now all of a

sudden my left hand started to burn I’ll

tell you what hold that thought because

the next day so many people got healed

and I say to you many are going to be

healed that are watching right now we’ll

be right back we’ll be right back to its

Supernatural we now return to its

Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with

Gary and Kathy oats and Gary and Kathy

just want to see what the Bible says

they go to Brazil he takes his shoes off

in a meeting

because spirit of God told him to do it

it’s dirty he’s resisting had he not

done that then the next thing would have

happened he’d literally finds himself

out of his body he sees Angels he sees

Jesus uh he comes back into his body and

what happened next well oh you told me

your hands started burning yes my hands

were burning it’s like my left hand was

on fire and I didn’t feel like I could

take it any longer and it was right then

that Jesus let go of my hands and my

spirit came back into my body now

because my spirit had been in the

presence of the Lord like that when my

spirit came back into my body my body

like it exploded now Kathy what did he

say to you after that he couldn’t talk

what do you mean you couldn’t talk you

do a good job no I was listen I was

completely wasted I couldn’t I was

laying on the floor it’s like I was

nailed to the floor I couldn’t I could

hardly move I was crying and I was

saying God I don’t understand all this

stuff I just want more of you I felt so

little and so insignificant in the

presence of almighty God that it was it

was the most incredible awesome

experience I’d ever I’d ever had okay

next day fast forward what happened next

day uh I got to the meeting early uh the

power of God hit me I was on the front

row I hit the floor and again I could

not move and I was thinking what is

going on because I had difficulty

speaking that whole day I mean I

couldn’t even get words out of my mouth

it was the presence of God was on me

continuously during that time I was

weeping well I was on the floor and I

saw the worship team as they began to to

worship and all of a sudden everything

changed and God took me to a place I saw

a Gold Path gold steps another a PL gold

platform now you have to understand he’s

never had experiences like this before

this is more like the Bible than what is

what what is goes on with most religious

Christians so who do you want to choose

you want to choose what a a a a

phenomena that occurs that’s similar to

the Bible or would you like to uh take a

look at religion they I like the Bible

go ahead well I saw the gold platform

gold steps on top of the this top

platform I saw a very large Throne I

didn’t see anybody sitting on the throne

but to the right of the throne I saw

Jesus standing there he was wearing

different clothes this time and he had a

a scepter in his hand and from his waist

up the Brilliance of light coming from

him was overwhelming I could I could I

could bar to look at it and honestly

said I thought I was going to die in

fact I thought you know maybe I have

died and gone to heaven because it was

that real right then I came back into my

body and I was writhing in agony on the

floor I had a look of Terror on my face

I was screaming but no sound was coming

out of my mouth and Kathy saw me in that

condition right and and and she was

huling you know do something do

something to the other guys around me

and right it scared me and they said you

know turn well you think did you think

he was having a heart attack I I didn’t

know what was happening you have to

understand you know coming into a

foreign country

and then all of a sudden Gary I’ve never

I never known him to be afraid about

anything not one thing in his life he’s

always been positive courageous and to

see the terror on his face it was it was

petrifying to me okay what happened next

well I was they didn’t realize what was

happening to me the reason I had the

look of Terror on my face and was just

screaming and Agony was because I I was

so acutely aware of my sinfulness in the

presence of holy God that it just

brought Terror to me and I was crying

out God forgive me God forgive me and I

felt just the cleansing of God coming

over my life it was just like it’s just

like being thrown under a waterfall and

totally cleansed not just outwardly but

inwardly and on the inside again I we

don’t we don’t realize how far removed

we are from what God created us to be we

don’t realize I mean this isn’t a word

you hear here often sinful we don’t

realize how sinful we are unless God

puts his Spotlight on us right that’s

exactly right well my my my heart of

repentance was met with total

forgiveness from the father and I I was

on the floor this time for two hours I

couldn’t get up I couldn’t move I was

weeping when I when I tried to get up I

couldn’t walk out a couple of people had

to help me I ended up in the very back

of the uh of the church on the back row

sitting there and Kathy was asking me

you know what happened what happened and

I couldn’t even tell her because I

wanted to process all of this and I said

I’ll tell you later I’m okay but I was

shaking and vibrating so much in the

chair I could hardly sit in the chair so

they bring you up on the platform and

what type of Miracles were released when

you were there well I mean it was

amazing they had to carry me up on the

platform in a chair I couldn’t walk up

there myself he couldn’t talk I couldn’t

talk and uh I was with Randy Clark and

Randy at he came over to to tell ask me

to tell what was been happening I

couldn’t speak he had Kathy come up

Kathy told what I had told her and the

place came unglued it was like a tornado

just swept through the place people were

falling they were crying out people were

being sovereignly healed there was such

a strong manifest presence of God in the

place were many people healed oh all

over the place right after that once I

was finally able to talk this was a

little later on uh people came up for


I was able to stand up because only by

the grace of God and I began to pray for

people there was a long line every

person I prayed for was instantly healed

it was like there was a whole different

Dynamic listen Gary Kathy there there’s

the glory that same glory is in this

studio right now did you hear what he

just said every single person he prayed

for was healed don’t go away we’ll be

right back after these words we’ll be

right back to its Supernatural

we now return to its

Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with

Gary and Kathy oats and Kathy Gary had

this marvelous experience but you came

in along by being his wife uh and and

now I understand God has so opened your

eyes when you pray for people you

literally see an angel doing something

and then you do what you see that angel

doing to explain that I do um well it

started right after the situation with

Gary happened it was on that same trip

we were in a large Auditorium and all of

a sudden I started seeing Angels behind

people and it was a night when there was

a an anointing but not a real strong

anointing in the place like and so as I

began to pray for those very people that

I saw the Angels behind they got healed

one right after the other and I did what

I saw the angel do like if the angel

would blow on their head I would blow

isn’t that what Jesus said I only do

what I see my heav father doing that’s

right that’s a that’s a great position

to be in now Gary I have your book open

my eyes Lord which I’ve read tell me why

in your heart of hearts why you wrote

this well said I wrote that because I

wanted everybody to know that the

supernatural realm is available to

everyone you know what I experienced in

the heavens the Angelic

visitations everyone everyone every

person can receive the same thing it’s

available for every one of us and so I

wanted to lay it out there in a very

practical way that everybody could

understand all right tell me one person

that’s read this book and what has

happened to them that Pastor you were

talking about oh well he came to one of

our meetings and when I was talking

about this and he called me six weeks

later he said I was in your meeting I

left disappointed because nothing

happened and he said I’m the type of

Pastor he said I’ve got a big Library

you know I like like to study real

Theologian type guy and he said but I

did what you said I began to spend time

alone seeking the face of God and

experiencing his manifest presence every

day and he said Sunday I got up during

worship time the presence of God came

all over me he said I was trembling God

spoke to me and he said do you want to

see something I said yes he said God

open my eyes and I saw a parade of

angels coming at me he said every type

of Angel worshiping angel healing Angels

ministering Spirits Warrior angels and

he said I ended up on the floor I didn’t

even get to preach that day he said my

life has been radically changed as a

result of that prayer of impartation now

you have have the prayer and you have uh

the what what to do to get intimacy with

God but tell me step by step because um

Kathy you do it just just like Gary what

do you do to receive the presence of God

to soak in his glory tell tell me what

what you do daily well both of us I

think we spend time alone with the Lord

every day uh but it’s just a quiet time

there’s no music going it’s just this

sense of total peace where we begin to

entertain the presence of the Lord and

during that time we’re soaking in the

presence and as we uh consume his

presence so to speak then the Lord

begins to minister more and more

supernaturally it’s just it it’s a whole


world and but don’t you find it boring

just sitting still well no because when

you’re in that state God begins to speak

to you you hear his voice you uh

understand his presence sometimes I just

feel like I’m in the throne room with

the father and the Lord Jesus and we’re

having a strategy meeting and he begins

to show me things that he once done or

uh people that he once prayed for it’s

like there’s this intimacy we’re friends

friends just like I talked to you I

talked to him but you know Z one thing

when I first started doing this it was

really difficult I could not keep my

mind on the on anything my mind was

going a million directions and and it

took me forever but I persevered I I

stayed in there I just I I pressed in

for more of the presence of God I just

kept crying out God I just want more of

you more of your presence I used to pray

and ask God for God do this God do that

give me this give me that and I said

wait a minute I just want more of him

nothing else matters I just want more of

him and as I cried it out God I just

want more of you more of you more of you

and I pressed in for that I begin to

sense the Manifest presence of God not

just like on you know in a in a church

service or Sunday or whatever but every

day at home I started experiencing that

and that’s what that was the difference

now it doesn’t take any time at all it’s

like boom because of practicing his

presence mhm tell me very briefly about

that person with the tumor where you saw

fire coming into their head oh yeah this

was really interesting we were praying

for this man he was in his mid 70s he

had a brain tumor he had had surgery the

doctor said there’s nothing more we can

do for you they sent him home to die he

came to this church with his wife and

they asked us to go in the back and pray

with this man as we were praying for him

I saw a large Angel to my right bring

his wings out and put them around the

man and just it was it was a real tender

moment and as I was looking again at it

I couldn’t believe what I saw on the

other side of that angel was a smaller

Angel this Angel was blowing fire into

the man’s head it looked like a

blowtorch of fire and I stopped and I

said wait a minute I said are you are

you feeling anything is anything

happening right now and he said oh yes

my head my head it’s so hot my head is

like it’s on fire it’s burning up and I

was rejoicing he he said I’m Healed I’m

Healed and I said wow I said I want you

to go back to the doctor and have the

doctor to confirm the healing he said I

don’t have to I don’t have to I’m Healed

I know I’m Healed I said well I believe

you’re healed too listen when you know

it you know it but let me tell you

something just ordinary people once

their eyes are opened they’re seeing the

invisible world I want you to take a

look at this young girl that has just

seen an angel for the first

time what happened there’s Angels

everywhere like in between all of

you everywhere there an Ang in between

every one of you there a face every one

of you oh my

God just keep telling us what you’re

saying this one next to


okay you ready for the impartation

prayer that Gary and Kathy are going to

pray for you right now get ready get

ready Gary pray you can experience the

same thing I believe the presence of God

is right there with you right now in

fact you can sense there’s something

different happening right there in your

room and I want you to know that’s the

presence of God I’m going to pray a

quick prayer for you just as Elijah

Elisha prayed for his servant he prayed

a very simp prayer oh Lord I pray open

his eyes that he might see and instantly

God opened his eyes he saw the armies of

the Lord the angels of the Lord the

Chariots of Fire surrounding the enemy

I’m going to pray that same prayer for

you that God will open your eyes that

you will come into a a relationship with

the father like you’ve never known

before that you will begin to experience

the supernatural Realm of the spirit so

just join me in this prayer right now

father I thank you for every person

that’s listening every person and right

now I ask you to release your angels of

impartation upon

them oh Lord I pray open their eyes that

they might see that they might see

beyond the natural physical world into

the supernatural Realm of the spirit

father impact them powerfully with your

presence remove the scales from the eyes

of their

Spirit Lord take them into a new place


you father bring revelation of who you

really are and what you want to do in


lives and father I pray that you just

release your healing presence right

now now you you you feel that get up do

something begin to uh do something you

couldn’t do before something that caused

pain many of you are being healed right

now as you’re sitting there you’re

feeling whoa you may feel healed need

electricity you may begin to shake or

weeping that’s the presence of God I’ll

tell you Gary I feel the presence of God

all over me my face literally is on fire

and I am hearing that people that have

pains in their back if you’ll bend over

right now I don’t scolioses

anything right now in yeshua’s name in

yeshua’s name in yeshua’s name be healed


whole get a friendship with God God

wants to be your