Eat, Sleep, Prophesy, Repeat is a guide for believers who want to grow in hearing the voice of God. Established voice and author Tomi Arayomi shares personal revelations and stories of his journey—and how he was schooled in just what the Lord was to saying to him.

My guest says
it’s God’s passion

is not to just speak
to only prophets.

He so desperately wants to talk
to you too, and daily, next.


SR: Now my guest is known for
his strong prophetic anointing.

His prophetic ministry
is recognized worldwide

by many leaders
within governments

including the United Nations,

but his ministry had
a dramatic beginning.

You see, in his culture,
much depended on education,

and he had just failed
an exam

that would determine
his educational possibilities.

I mean, Tomi Arayomi
was completely devastated.

About how old were you
when you took the exam?

TA: About 15 years old
when I took the exam.

Well, that’s a good age

to get completely devastated at.
Why was it even more important?

You came from a professional
family background.

TA: Yes.
My parents were both doctors.

My dad is a gynecologist,
and now he’s a consultant.

My mom is a dentist,
and all my family members,

I came from a family of doctors
and dentists

and lawyers and engineers.
We call it the Nigerian dream.

And so I was definitely set up

for the Nigerian dream
very early on,

so to experience this level
of failure was mind-shattering.

It brought me to a place,

and my twin brother to a place,
of suicidal thoughts.

SR: But both of you,

and this is
the most amazing thing,

had the same dream
on the same night

that totally transformed
his brother’s life,

but Tomi needed
a little more help.

What was the dream?

TA: So in this dream,
I crawled through

– Well, to give a precursor,
my brother and I

both prayed a prayer
unbeknownst to us.

I said, “God, if you’re real,
show me what

You want to do
with my life, or tomorrow,

I’m going to wake up,
and I’m going to kill myself.”

You were really that desperate?

I was desperate.

I was sitting in the backyard,
I’ll never forget it,

of my house,
and I prayed that prayer.

Got into my house,
went to sleep.

My brother and I shared a room,
shared a bed together,

and I fell asleep.
He was upside down.

I was sleeping rightways up.
And I had this dream.

And in this dream, I crawled
through this hole in my house,

and I was very glad to get
on the other side of it.

I was overweight at the time,

and I had a disease
called rickets, a leg disease.

And I was so glad
to get on the other side.

Then I saw myself, or a version
of myself, on a stage.

This version of myself was doing
what I now know as preaching.

Back then, I thought
he was shouting

because I was raised
a Catholic.

And so to see
this experience of this guy,

this version of me
who didn’t have rickets,

who wasn’t overweight,
who didn’t have asthma,

preaching with such boldness,
I was amazed.

I was transported
onto the stage

so I could look closer
at myself,

and people were
just chanting.

And as I was listening
to their chants,

I heard them clearer.
It’s like a football field.

You listen closer,
and they were all going,

“Jesus, Jesus.”

SR: It wasn’t, “Tomi, Tomi.”

And I was furious.

I was like, “This is Tomi
up there. It’s not Jesus.

This is Tomi,” because I wanted
to be a celebrity musician,

so I thought,
“This is the wrong name.”

Then this being of bright light

showed up in the corner
of the room,

and He said,
“My son, you asked Me.

This is what
I’ve called you to.”

I woke up. My brother woke up.
I sat up. He sat up.

And he looked at me and said,
“I had a dream.”

Turned out we had
the same dream

at the same night
at exactly the same time.

He didn’t follow what God said.

His brother followed.
He didn’t.

But one day, a car ride in your
family car changed everything.


My family and I were on our way
back from a late-night journey,

and I was about 15
going on 16 at the time.

And everyone was asleep
in the car

except for my dad,
who was driving.

As we’re driving on this
journey, all of a sudden,

I hear this Voice
call my name, “Tomi!”

But I thought it was my dad
calling me

to ask me about my studies,
so I pretended to stay asleep.

And a flash came over my –

SR: I thought I was the only one
that did stuff like that.

Then I heard the voice again,

but this time,
a flash came over my eyes.

“Tomi!” And I opened my eyes,
and I looked around.

And I said, “Dad, did you
get hit by a speeding camera?”

And he said, “No.”
I said, “But you called me.”

He said, “I didn’t call you.”
So I woke everybody up.

Everybody said
they didn’t call me.

I went back to sleep.

And this time, the voice
called me a third time.

And I said, “Who is this?”
He said, “This is Jesus.

Today, the enemy planned
to take out your life,

but I’m going to save you,

and I am going to call you
into the ministry.”

SR: How clear did you hear
His voice?

It was audible.

I’ve heard the audible voice
four times in my life.

That was definitely the second,

and it almost shattered
my eardrums.

It was that real.

It was like my brother
or my dad calling me,

told me to put
my seat belt on,

told everyone to put
their seat belts on,

and I followed the instruction.

Then He said,
“Yell, ‘Watch out!'”

So I just said, “Watch out!”
at the top of my lungs.

My dad switched lanes.
The moment he switched lanes,

five cars crashed
into each other in the lane

we just left,

and we missed it
by a fraction of a second.

My brother said,
“How did you know that?”

I said, “God told me.”

So it was in the back seat
of the car

I surrendered my life
to Jesus Christ.

SR: And then he starts
moving in the prophetic.

You say that this lockdown
that most people see as a curse,

God has actually used
in what way?

TA: Well, one day,
as our prime minister

Boris Johnson
asked this question

and made this statement,

all nonessential personnel
or businesses have to be closed.

I heard that word,

and it played in my mind
for about a week.

And the Lord said to me,

“Tomi, what is the essence
of the church?”

I was like,
“What do You mean?”

He said, “Well, if salt loses
its essence, what good is it?”

Why should they shut you down
if you’re essential?

So I began to sit down,
and I thought,

“What’s the essence
of the church?”

And a couple of people
and pastors got together

to write a letter to send
before our prime minister

talking about the essence
of the church.

We’re a food bank.
We provide for the hungry.

We’re a community center.
We serve teas and coffees.

And yet the question
kept ringing in my ear,

“What is your essence?”

And then I realized
it’s almost as

if you’re on the mast of a ship.

Let’s say you’re on the Titanic.
It’s about to go down,

and all you have
is you and your phone.

You’re not putting
your phone in the air

looking for your latest score
on Candy Crush.

You’re holding it in the air
to find a signal.

Even though the phone
can play games,

can play music,
it can do so many things,

you discover the essence
of the phone in the emergency.

In the emergency,
you discover your essence.

And I believe this is
a pivotal opportunity

for the Body of Christ
to get back to its essence.

It can do many things,

but the essence of the church
is revelation.

I will build my house
upon that rock of revelation.

People don’t want
to hear about God.

I discovered that people
want to hear God.

And I remember being
in a taxi one day

with a guy called Mohammed.

And Mohammed
was driving this taxi,

and my brother was preaching to
him about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

And we had just come off
a prophetic gathering.

And I said to my brother,
“Don’t tell him about Jesus.

Tell him what Jesus is saying.”

And my brother said,
“Well, you tell him.”

And we had a fight in the car

because I broke
his little preach.

And all of a sudden,
he starts driving faster

because he’s trying to get home
away from us because he’s like,

“Yeah, Jesus is a prophet.
He’s one of our prophets.”

And all of a sudden, I said,
“You know,

Jesus is not just a prophet.
He is the Son of God,

and He wants to share
something with you.

Do you want to know what
He has to say about you?”

He said, “Yes.”

And we said, “God is showing us
that you’re in trouble

because you were selling cocaine

on the side of your
Uber business.

Now you’re in the trouble
with the court,

and God can redeem you
from that court.”

He goes, “Yes.
Oh, my goodness!”

He starts slowing down the car.
He’s like, “Please pray for me.

I can’t believe it.
How did you know this?”

And we’re like, “Well, Jesus
told us. That’s what’s going on.

And you started
this Uber business

to get away from
your father’s company

who wanted you to work there.”
He’s like, “Oh, my goodness.”

The Uber says, “At the end
of the road, turn left.”

He turned right and took us
the long way home

just so we could lay hands
and pray on him.

And at the end, we said,

“When you get back
to your house,

make sure you call out
to Jesus and receive Him.”

He said, “Brothers, I’ll make
sure when I get home, I pray.”

And so we’ve seen how one word
of revelation can transform

anybody because people don’t
want to hear about God.

They want to hear God.

SR: And you know what?

Tomi trains large numbers
of people in an organization.

It’s called, I like
the name, RIG Nation.

TA: Yes.

SR: That’s a good name.

TA: Thank you.

SR: What does RIG Nation do?

TA: RIG stands for
Restoring Issachar’s Generation.

Issachar was the tribe
in 1 Chronicles 12:32

who had an understanding
of the times

and knew what Israel
ought to do.

SR: You know, the very
first time I read that,

I said, “God, I want to have
an understanding of times.

I want to know what Israel
ought to -” I’m Jewish –

“I want to know
what Israel ought to do.”

But that applies, I want to know
what my family should do.

I want to know
what I should do next.

I want to know what’s
going on in this world.

Well, the BBC in England
gets a hold of this,

what’s going on with this man

that prayed for the Issachar
anointing, and what happened?

Well, I had a dream.

And in this dream,
I saw a big ship,

and I knew
it was called Europe.

And all of a sudden,
I saw our then-prime minister

jumping out of this big ship,

and he had a huge treasure
chest of money.

And all of his cabinet members
were all in the water

with their treasure chest.

And I said,
“God, what is this?”

And the Lord said,
“The great exodus from Europe.”

And all of a sudden,
as I saw this vision, I woke up.

I started sharing it
on a program

I did called “The Watch.”

This is going to be
a great exodus from Europe

before the terminology
Brexit came about.

All of a sudden, Brexit,

which is the British exit
from the European Union,

started to become a big thing

that tore apart
the country almost.

But this prophetic word
had already been released

that we were
getting ready to leave,

and people were
preparing themselves

who had heard
this prophetic word.

Somebody from the BBC caught
a hold of this prophetic word,

and they said,
“Can you come on the BBC

and talk about the future
of Great Britain?”

And so I did.

You have made a statement.

I’m going to quote you
right now.

You’ve said that, “The time will
come when governments of nations

will seek the prophets again.”
That’s happening, isn’t it?

Yes. Well, I had recently

– Well, as of 2015,
I released a prophetic word

that a man would become
a president

of the United States of America,
and that man was Donald Trump.

After the release
of that prophetic word,

I received a phone call
from a lady

who is one of the presidents
at the United Nations in Geneva.

And she called me,
and she said,

“Tomi, can you come
to the United Nations

at my special invitation?

I will pull together

I will pull together leaders,

and all I want you to do
is prophesy over them.”

So we went, and she pulled
together a group of ambassadors

and a group of world leaders.
And one by one,

we shared the word of the Lord
with these world leaders.

And there were tears.
There was amazement.

I will never forget,
one woman came in her hijab,

and through her hijab,

you just saw tears
streaming down her face

because people don’t want
to hear about God.

They want to hear God.

And the prophetic
makes Jesus real.

SR: Do you want to know
what prophet Tomi saw

for the next 9 years?

Some of what he saw
has already happened.

What’s next?
Be right back.



>> We will be right back
to “It’s Supernatural!”



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>> We now return
to “It’s Supernatural!”


SR: I would like you to share
a couple of prophecies

that have propelled you
into national prominence.

TA: Well, I’ve already
shared the Brexit prophecy.

A few years before,
I had this dream.

And in this dream,
I saw then-candidate Obama,

and he came in to a kitchen
that I was in.

And as he walked in
to this kitchen,

he pours himself
a bowl of cereal

and he says,
“I’m going to be the president

of the United States
of America.”

And he says, “And people
are going to vote for me,

and they’re going to let me in.

And I’m going to put
policies in the Earth

that are going to destroy
the Earth forever.

And I’m going to get away
with it because I’m Black.”

And I woke up
from the dream terrified.

And I remember my dad –
I was in Wisconsin – He said,

“Who is going to win
the election?”

I said, “Obama.”
And he was so excited.

Everyone was excited,
first Black president

because God was trying to see,

“Are you supernatural,
or are you superficial?”

Well, a few years later, Sid,

I was in the same kitchen
in the same dream.

This time, I received
a knock on the door.

And I said, “Who is this?”

And he said,
“This is Donald Trump.”

He came in to the kitchen.
He sat down.

And he said, “Can you
thank the church in America

for making me the 45th president
of the United States?”

SR: This was before
he became president.

This was before he became.

So I woke up from the dream,

and I called a friend
who owns a television station.

And I shared it
with his television station

and not mine because I didn’t
want to delete the word.

I wanted to resist
the temptation to delete it.

I wanted to publish it
on his channel.

And all of a sudden
as he shared this word,

it went viral all over YouTube.
People started resharing it.

I lost a lot of friends.
I was called an Uncle Tom.

And I kept reminding people
it’s Uncle Tomi, not Uncle Tom.

That word went viral,

and that’s how I got invited
to the United Stations.

And then I prophesied
over some ambassadors there,

and that’s how God
projected me

from the United Nations
into the world.

I’ll tell you, Tomi,

we serve such a big,
wonderful God.

There is a song, “I’ve Got
the Whole World in My Hands.”

God has the whole world
in His Hands.

He certainly has you
in His Hands.

But this, the next
9 years prophecy, wow.

Tell us a few that have
already come to pass

of what you saw
for the next 9 years.

TA: Sure.

So I remember after
the elections in the U.S.

hearing the Lord’s anger
for the first time in my life

in my years of ministry.

And He came up to a big clock
in this vision,

and He started
pulling it forward,

and it accelerated very fast.

And as I saw this vision,
I said, “God, what is this?”

He said, “Tell them
you have 9 years left,

and 9 years will feel
like 9 months,

and 9 months
will feel like 9 days,

and 9 days will feel
like 9 seconds.”

And I will never
forget hearing it.

And I said, “God,
9 years left to what?”

And He said, “Nine years left
to the new crisis

for the global reset.”

And so I came on.
We have a prophetic channel.

I shared it
on our RIG Nation channel.

And I was like, “We have 9 years
left, 9 years to a new crisis.

It will not be COVID.
It will be the climate.”

“The climate, the climate,”
they’ll say. “Give us power.”

John Kerry came out
in a newspaper article,

“We only have 9 years
left to save the planet.”

Boris Johnson,

“We only have 9 years
left to save the planet.”

People started resharing
these news articles with me

because it was verbatim
just as the Lord had said it.

And in the prophetic word,

I prophesied that Netanyahu
would be shaken

and that he would lose his place
in some kind of election.

And I believe God
was shaking the heavens

and the Earth just as He said

He would, to shake things
none of us

ever thought could be shaken.
And why was He doing it?

I said, “God when will
the shaking stop?”

And He said,
“When you are unshakable

because the righteous
are as Mount Zion

that cannot be shaken.”

And I realized that we are
the salt of the Earth,

but in 2020, he’s definitely
the salt shaker.

SR: What is the agenda
behind the scenes prophetically,

the true agenda of all this
emphasis on climate change

right now,
9 years to survive?

TA: The agenda from
well-meaning people

is to create
a new economic structure

and new financial structure.

The agenda from the enemy
is to hasten the time

because he knows
that his time is short.

And he wants to unify
and consolidate power,

consolidate finances,

consolidate resources into
one place of unitary control.

And we’re getting ready
to see the spirit

of the enemy consolidate
financial power back to himself

so that he can choose who eats,
who drinks,

who wears,
what they wear,

where they go and how
they should live their lives.

God showed you an amazing thing

about the United States
of America

and an amazing thing
about a spirit

that we read about
in the Bible called Jezebel.

Tell me about both.

Well, the spirit of Jezebel

is called the depth of Satan
in Revelation 2.

And the Bible says anyone
who overcomes her,

He’ll give authority
over nations

just as he has received
from his Father.

Well, he received it in Psalm 2
where the Father said,

“Ask me, and I will
give you the nations.”

So the Father gives it
to the Son in Psalm 2,

and the Son gives it
to the church

that overcomes Jezebel
in Revelation 2.

SR: That goes in line
with that first word you heard,

that America is given
one more chance

to be the righteous nation

that God has destined
America to be.

Yes, absolutely.

When you look
at the spirit of Jezebel,

the first thing she does
is put makeup on her face.

Why? Because Satan is
the god of this world.

And the word “world”
is the word “cosmos,”

where we get the word
“cosmetics” from.

Satan always gives us
the superficial

over the supernatural.
And so for a season,

Jezebel is willing to dress
herself in anything superficial

so that the church
can lose discernment

and embrace discrimination.
And what we saw in 2020,

with Black Lives Matter
versus All Lives Matter

and vaccinated
versus nonvaccinated,

was the embrace
of the superficial.

It’s all superficial.

And we need
a prophetic reformation

because prophets come,
and they take the makeup off.

And so I believe
when God says,

“We only have one more chance
in America,”

is, do you want to discern,
or do you want to discriminate?

Because when God
releases a leader,

He says through prophet

“I don’t look as man looks.
I don’t look at the outward man.

I’m not looking for color.
I’m not looking for gender.

I’m not looking for race.

I’m looking for a man
or a woman after My heart.”

SR: Now you’re not saying this
is a 9-year countdown

to the end of the world,
are you?

TA: No.

It is 9 years
to the rise of the church

to be everything
that God wants it to be.

SR: Tomi, look in the camera
and pray for us.

TA: Amen.
Father, I just pray, Lord,

this is the time where You want
to release Issachar everywhere,

the outpouring of Your Spirit
on all flesh.

You said, “How can they call
upon the one

they have not heard?

And how can they hear in whom
they have not even believed?

And how can they believe
unless someone is sent?”

Lord, I believe

You have sent me to speak to
that loved one watching today.

Lord, this is a new season.

Pour out Your Spirit.
Pour them out on their sons.

Pour them out
on their daughters.

You said, “The secret things
belong to the Lord, our God,”

but the things revealed
belong to us

and to our children forever.

I release this new
dispensation upon you now,

in Jesus’ Name.