Chris Reed knows things about people that he should not know. Find out what the Holy Spirit is saying to him and watch this amazing word of knowledge gift in action!

hello Sid Roth here with Chris read

Chris is a brand-new friend and I am

always owned by people that have very

precise prophetic words especially when

I can check them out and find out it’s


for instance you had a precise word when

you were prophesying over the gentleman

holding the camera right now and he

didn’t tell you because one of the words

you had about him is he checks people

out really well but you asked him if he

knew the name David do you know why he

knew the name David that’s his middle

name now now it’s very important when

you get a word to encourage your prophet

tell them now and I want to give you a

great word of encouragement because I

was asking how then what were the

circumstances they’re giving this gift

that he has it’s a powerful gift and he

hasn’t had it his whole life he wasn’t

born with it so does so to speak but you

told me that God I had you studing will

it william branham in his life

do you believe you’ve got a degree of an

importation by just praying and studying

him I’m curious I have no doubt about it

yeah back in 2011 I started studying

that just felt really led and impressed

to study the Ministry of William Branham

and while studying his ministry I

started having nighttime experiences

where I would literally feel electricity

go through my body and it it happened so

frequently for about a year it was

happening three four five times nights a

week and it was just very real very

profound and

it was started happening so much that I

would be in a dream and I would know it

was coming on me and I remember one time

in particular saying to myself I better

hunker down because I feel felt the

electricity coming through and it didn’t

hurt but you know typically in a dream

you see things but you don’t feel them

well I felt it and I would wake up every

time you know did you feel it was real

by that I mean did you realize you were

in a dream or did you just think this is

happening to me yeah so every time I

would be in the dream it started

happening so much that I actually knew I

was dreaming and that it was coming on

me and prior to that my gift thing was I

seem to have the ability to lay hands on

people may be baptized in the Holy

Spirit but when this started happening

it just shortly after that I would just

be ministering and I would know things

about people at first it was just for

that you really didn’t yeah I mean his

good if you got that his gift was

praying for people to receive the

baptism and the Holy Spirit was a

wonderful gift however the fact that he

pursued this gives some hope to some

people that want this type of gifting

find out who in history you want to have

a similar gift to and start researching

and studying them take you know there

you met another person that I

interviewed so many years ago on radio

and his name was Paul King and I’ll tell

you an interesting thing about Paul I

remember this from the radio interview

he said Syd

I almost feel like I want someone to put

a ledge shield over me when I talk to

people especially friends because I know

what they’re thinking and they smile and

say the right things and I know I can

see in their heart what they’re thinking

I don’t want to see that as God to put a

shield in front of me I mean he was he

was almost pleading when he said that

and when did this gift really start so

to speak so about 2012 was when I would

start to know that I just knew things

about people and at first it was just

like I would look at someone and know

perhaps maybe they had heart trouble but

after that it became even more detailed

even even such things as knowing dreams

that they’ve had the nights before and

there’s several excuse me he just sent

me a video clip where he describes the

dream and the person writes because it

was live I guess writes Rob you know

text is in that’s made and it was a very

precise dream kill magic picking up a

dream that someone else had I have

enough trouble remembering my own drapes

tell me what you might consider is one

of the most amazing words you had for

someone it’s again it’s what you would

consider it may not be the most amazing

but what would you consider so obviously

there’s been several times where I’ve

seen in precise detail not just vague

but precise detail people’s dreams and

then prophesied and one of the other

giftings that’s come with this that I’ve

recently understood too is that a lot of

times the people that I’m prophesying

over it activates in them visions and

dreams after I prophesy to them and and

I mean I’ve had so many so much feedback

in email saying after you prophesied

over me after you prayed over me like

the dreams just went off the chart but

probably one of the more interesting

ones was I was ministering in a church a

few months ago and I was talking to a

man him and his wife were there he and

his wife were there and their daughter

was an unbeliever and I never met him

and I even asked him I’m like you guys

on social media and you know because

people make those connections or think

that that there’s something there that’s

not and so I told him that the Lord was

going to visit his daughter in the night

seasons in her dreams and awaken her to

her to salvation in Christ Jesus say I

don’t want to stop the story but I want

to know something I want to know when

you say I felt like boom boom the

daughter was it something you’ve heard

something you said something you saw

what was it so I saw like a ticker-tape

on the bottom of the television screen

huh I just saw the daughter will have a

nighttime encounter well shortly having

said he you say yeah

and sometimes I’ll see moving pictures

sometimes I’ll see images but anyway

that so I later found out that it

actually started right around that time

the visitations and the dreams and such

and they even confirmed it but the thing

that I saw that really blew me away is I

saw a picture in my mind of Lee Harvey

Oswald which is that’s quite a

connection right right I mean I had no

way of the daughter wasn’t there but I

saw Lee Harvey Oswald the man who was

for killing President Kennedy well

instantly the man just started weeping

and he said my daughter went through a

divorce and was married to Lee Harvey

Oswald’s great-great nephew Wow now well

your little nervous saying his name yeah

I wouldn’t think so yeah so I mean I

mean what if he walked up to you and

says I see Lee Harvey Oswald in your


you could miss it big time you know yeah

and probably if there was one more

recently an Oklahoma City I gave a word

to a woman who was not even a member of

the church I was speaking at she was a

visitor from another church and the Lord

showed me some different names in her

family like grandchildren I actually had

a vision of a bottle of ranch being

poured on a piece of wood and I actually

explained it it’s on video I explained

it and she said well there’s no way you

could know this she said but I actually

live on ranchwood Drive you know and so

the Holy Spirit knows the filter by

which we can process things through and

communicate to us so then I think I got

the number but then I prophesied to her

that it was also that day I prophesied

to her was her wedding anniversary and

from what I understand her husband was

an unbeliever but I prophesied to her

that she was going to have a new wedding

not in the sense of leaving a natural

marriage but that she was going to

encounter Christ in a new profound way

as him the bridegroom she the bride and

this day would be remembered as the date

that set the tone for that upcoming

wedding for that upcoming connection

well what I did know I think that was

like February 29th of 2020 she died on

Memorial Day this year in her pastor who

I later met told me that they played the

word for her while she was dying and her

unbelieving husband was just so touched

he said he called my name and you know

not being not being a believer and now

she so while she’s lying there just had

found out like three weeks before that

she had cancer so it happened fast she

died fast but but quickly she said now I

know what the word meant it was he

prophesied to me and my natural wedding

anniversary but spoke of another

anniversary coming when the bride and

the bridegroom would come together and

that day she passed and went on to be

with the Lord and she understood that

prophecy at that moment

so going back to Paul Cain most either

probably not familiar with them he

probably had one of the greatest gifts

of prophecy that you’ve ever heard him

he had world clay

falling but the truth of the matter is

the gifts and calling of God are without

repentance it was a wonderful gift from

God so matter of fact that’s one of the

dangers of the gifts be careful what you

pray for

because the devil will attack you even

more if you’re walking in that type of

an anointing but I believe it was his

associate that traveled with and what

even four years made a statement about

you and him yes Daenerys my friend

so Paul found some of my things online

on YouTube with me prophesy and

ministering to people and he asked his

assistant Dan I really believe that

there’s someone that has a gift I found

that’s like mine and and I really

believe he’s the real deal Paul said and

I want you to check this guy out he told

Dan this and investigating so Dan and I

were connected and we met and right

before a year before Paul died I went

out to meet him

and precious man okay

I want to put we have a group of people

here by the way this is a regular prayer

meeting and I want to put your gift on

the spot if it’s okay with you I mean

this is that this will be people all

over the world they’re going to see this

I would like you to look at some of our

staff and see if you see a light over

them or direction from God to prophesy

over them and I do purposely you only

met a couple of our staff on my dad and

if it’s someone you met I don’t want

that person prophesied over at this

moment you can do it later brain I want

someone that is a hundred percent strain

to you right can I can I pray first by

the way can I ask you another question

absolutely I’ve noticed you do that

often is it because you don’t really

have anything that you want to pray

first or is it because you want to be

respectful to God well what’s the most

sometimes both sometimes yeah

you know there are times where you have

deeper revelation than others

the important thing is having integrity

and honesty with it and having a sincere

heart and I know I’m nothing without him

so if anything supernatural happens

please don’t look at me put your eyes on

Jesus today

that’s my sincere prayer father I thank

you because you love me and you love

these precious people father as far as I

know I’ve never outside of Sid and the

person videoing this broadcast I don’t

believe I’ve met or no have any contact

or could have any way of knowing who was

here before today and I know that you

know that and I ask humbly for the

assistance of the Holy Spirit that that

like that Christ’s light would lumen my

mind and the Lord that the gifts would

edify it’s never to tear down yes the

gifts can bring correction but there’s

always a redemptive nature to it and I

ask that you would use the gifts you’ve

given to me to edify and uplift and to

show yourself to be Jesus Christ the

same yesterday today and forever and

what you did for others you still do

today the praise you and thank you in

Jesus name Amen and before we put the

person on that the Holy Spirit

spotlights will give that person the

privilege of saying no before they get

on camera okay make it easy on everyone

so just a couple of things don’t tell me

anything okay even if either way I made

that mistake he just got a little hot

but some things and I immediately

blurted it out he said if you hadn’t

said that I would have told you that and

I was so sorry so


so when Jesus sat down at the woman at

the well he said to her go call your

husband she said I have no husband he

said you said well you have no husband

because you’ve had five and the one

you’re with now is not your husband her

response to that by him knowing that

little piece of information she said sir

I perceive you’re a prophet and that

built her faith and she ended up going

into Samaria saying come see a man which

told me all I ever did and I believe

that in Samaria that set the stage for

revival even when Philip went down to

Samaria in the book of Acts chapter 8

one word of knowledge one prophetic word

set the stage for a book of Acts chapter

8 revival and so you know there are

times where I can minister to people and

know things fairly well just based on

the gift of discernment and word of

knowledge but there’s an angel of

revelation an angel that brings vision

and revelation and insight to me and if

it comes upon me it will touch you and

that’s why many people start having

visions and dreams and supernatural

encounters after I prophesied to them a

lot of people like for instance when we

I walked into your office earlier I

wasn’t planning on but I prophesied to

someone online that I never met and I’ve

never met this woman either but I said

oh I’m talking to you and a prophet just

walked in I turned him loose and I think

it was fairly right on it was so precise

this is a woman he knew nothing about it

I already learned the lesson I didn’t

even give a clue and he nailed what she

does for a living he nailed things she

told me she had on her heart to do I

mean it was so precise by the idea I am

big that can go isn’t that that’s not

very biblical I said

so I might speak to you if it’s okay the

lady with the red are you comfortable

with that come on

okay so we’ve never met but Jesus Christ

knows both of us nobody has ever told me

anything about you I had no way of

knowing you’d be here but after I quoted

the John chapter 4 scenario the woman at

the well I saw all the Holy Spirit point

highlighting you out to me and I feel

it’s already on you right now you can’t

manufacture that there’s a few things I

feel like that you have a psalmist

anointing a musical gift but not just

one that learns to songs and plays them

perhaps maybe on a keyboard or something

like that not one that can just learn

the top hit songs at the time but I feel

like that God has even given you the

ability and I think this is gonna

increase to even get the songs

specifically for a church and literally

though the words

that’s what being a psalmist the words

you’ll receive specifically that defines

that house does that make sense there’s

something to do that happen you had a

divine encounter sometime around close

about 12 years ago and there’s no way I

could know this but I see it maybe

around 2008 I don’t know I don’t know if

it’s as something L a lake I don’t know

I picked up something about Lakeland I

don’t know if somebody had ever went to

Lakeland or something but I saw

something also about praise the Lord I

don’t know if he was in praise the Lord

a senior maybe year really Wow so I see

by the way she she’s she’s obeying what

I said

you’re hitting everything so

my staff notes also to I’ll say this to


yeah the Holy Spirit’s on you right now

I see something about a nto ni a I did

know that

her name was told me only God calls me

that today did you all know that was her

name I didn’t know so proverbs 3 and 5

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not to your own understanding

3:5 is significant proverbs 3 and 5 3 5

I don’t know what that means to you what

what 3 March 5th that’s your birthday

okay for you because I want to tell you

something catcher that psalmist

anointing is anya and and i feel like

that’s something i don’t know if

something do with Lakeland I don’t know

if you had anything to do with that

revival there or but I but I feel like

there’s something connected there with

that maybe the Lord will bring it to our

minds or to our memory but the Lord

knows that and and also I feel like that

I want to tell you that the sense of

loneliness that God is going to correct

that he’s going to bring some people in

your life to fill the void of loneliness

and and even a fear of abandonment or

being left alone I want you to know that

the Lord’s hand is upon you and there’s

something there’s something unique and

special about a psalmist anointing that

God is going to God is going to impart

into you right here right now

BBC TV Kiki I pray for at the right now

that your sovereign grace and glory will

fall upon her and that your power would

manifest in her life that she would

visit her with dreams and visions and

manifestations of your glory and let her

know beyond the shadow of a doubt that

you have come and that you have visited

her and show yourself real to her and

visit her and fight for her every day we

praise you and thank you in the name of

Jesus praise God about what he said as

far as pictures the Wonder Woman IPT oh

yeah but what was that thing with the

piano you play the actually even today

something happened to me and I’ve been

crying out for greater anointing and

that it’s been on everyone else but I

wanted a manifestation and I just feel

like something is supposed to happen and

if you can tell I was talking to Donna

today and one of my co-workers at lunch

today that God wants to do something

more in my life in that area Wow so you

were absolutely absolutely did you

actually see something over her when you

picked her yes honestly I saw the word

songs written over her and that’s what

she does she she said worship later but

also this story of the woman at the well

is very special to me because it’s about

worship yeah he said they that worship

will worship me in spirit and in truth

and that has been one of my core versus

sake of the video we’ll pick one more

person and by the way if you catch

something for those viewing us I want

you to say okay also saw something to do

with an apple tree like someone picking

an apple like I don’t know if it’s on

the street but it’s something about like

picking apples I don’t know it’s like

standing in front of a house picking

apples from an apple tree I don’t know

if that makes sense to you or anybody

but I believe that that’s significant

it’s that someone that tomar here

I believe it’s someone I believe it’s

someone here but but we’ll come back to

that in just a second

there’s a couple of things number one I

want to say good morning still on you by

the way a couple of things I feel like

that someone has had a dream recently

regarding a couple of things I feel like

that one somebody in this room has had a

dream recently if one of your children I

think it’s a small child but but just

like somebody stealing the child or you

losing the child and feeling like that

no matter how rent fast you ran no

matter what you did you could not seem

to retrieve the child it was like it was

without outside of your ability this was

in a dream I believe somebody has

dreamed something about a fear of losing

one of their children and I want to

speak to that and just say that is a lie

and if anybody has had that dream I want

you to be free from that now in the name

of Jesus praise God

so I see is there a Dave I think the

name and like a bob or a Dave or

something like that

okay oh nice to meet you well I get

Jackie is there a giant like a binning

jacqueline save it right next day on the

starter so proverbs 3 and 5 IC

revelation 3 and 8 which is I’ve sent

before you an open door which no man can

shut and I feel like that significant to

you and I feel like that’s a word for

you but 3 in 8 I believe is significant

– you’re allowed to confirm anything oh

yeah oh that’s my birthday he breeds

something that’s halfway right so I also

see something to like I really feel like

that you have you are a good father and

you are respected by your children and

by the gen is there like a junior or a


I mean I have a son all right place is

there like a Robert or at Bob see his

junior his middle name is Robert okay

just like my first name is mother this

is not a junior okay but there’s two

generations that have that main Robert

was your father yes my father my

grandfather is that’s awkward Robert yes

Wow so it is a generation Wow

there’s also something to do with like I

want to say it’s not C great but segue

or I’m not quite catching it but that’s

something to do just like right where

you are I don’t know if it’s a house but

I really feel like that the Lord has

given you a a gift an administrative

gift and I feel like that you have the

ability to I don’t know if you’ve ever

done like a media out you know as far as

connected to this ministry doing

interviews and stuff but it’s like I see

that you have he does okay I feel like

that you have the ability to drive in

and speak to people’s hearts and and

they hear you and you when you speak

people listen and yeah there’s another

letter J I don’t know if it’s a woman is

your wife yeah

and is that does she here no no is it

Jane Rajini that’s pretty good second

time I thank you Father for this rich

heritage this rich family and I thank

you Lord because you even heard the

desire of his heart as well and I really

believe that there’s just going to be I

really feel like an increase in

supernatural gifting and and and some

people have the personality they’re more

the quiet reserved type but I really

believe that God’s going to give you

even a new voice of boldness and I thank

you Father for doing that and I thank

you Lord for even down into his back

down into his hip Lord that you’re just

touching him and I thank you for the

anointing that is on his life and I

thank you for the gym the Abrahamic

anointing I thank you that is upon him

to raise up generations that honor you

thank you for your heat can I pray for

you thank you for your healing power for

your sovereign power I did not know him

but Lord you do and I thank you Father

for your grace upon his life and upon

his family and and I thank you Father

for a new fresh awareness and insight

into the things of the Spirit and lord I

thank you for the gift of wisdom that’s

on this man and I thank you Lord for his

administrative gifting and I thank you

for the greatness O God and his family

and what you’re doing Lord in a new and

profound way in Jesus Christ’s name

well I feel like I will continue

prophesy you understand but it’s there

any anything you get for people-watching

I thought about putting someone on the

spot okay thank you Jesus

two seven eight to ten flan drive

there’s some one two seven eight to ten

flan drive and I believe her name starts

with an N and the Lord is just letting

healing flow through your body right now

you’ve been marked by the Holy Spirit

and it’s flowing from the top of your

head down into you feet even into your

joints and healing is coming into you

right now in the name of Jesus Christ

the Lord’s heard your prayer he’s heard

the sincerity of your heart he loves you

don’t doubt that of her I hear you

praying and saying I wonder if the

Lord’s forgotten me you are not gonna

stay stuck in that house but God is

gonna raise you up and you’re gonna be a

testimony for his healing power and

Jesus name praise done

I pray in Yeshua’s majestic name yes a

name that is a strong tower that gets

you into the throne room of heaven every

time you say the name of Jesus every

time in that name I pray father God and

I agree with every prayer that everyone

that’s watching us right now has made

that in Yeshua’s name in Jesus name

we’re praying it in heaven now because

every time we say Jesus we’re in that

high strong

and it doesn’t get any higher stronger

than heaven and you know we’re have a

niche don’t you everyone point up you’re

all wrong you know where heaven is

inside of you the kingdom of God is

within you

god bless