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history is hidden in code in the


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Sid: Hello.

I’m Sid Roth your investigative
reporter and I’ve been so

looking forward to this show
because I have Roy Reinhold here

and he’s one of these people
that have found hidden codes in

the Bible.

I actually asked him to see if
my name was in the Bible.

Roy, how did you get interested
in these hidden codes in the


Roy: Well Sid, I started this
about four years ago.

I was praying one day.

Sid: You’re retired military.

Roy: I’m retired military.

I retired six years ago as a
Navy officer.

And I was praying one day about
four years ago and the Lord

suddenly spoke to me and said,
“Roy, I want you to learn


That came out of the blue.

I’m not Jewish.

I don’t know any Hebrew.

And so I agreed to do that.

He didn’t tell me why.

Then three months later he spoke
to me again and said, “Roy, I

want you to get involved in the
Bible codes.”

And so I’ve been involved with
it ever since, Sid.

Sid: Now briefly describe to me,
what is the Bible Code?

Roy: The Bible Code is where we
take the Tanakh or the Torah,

the Old Testament text and we
take out all the spaces and

punctuation marks, and we’re
left with a continuous line of


We put that in a software
program, some people do it by

hand, and we create matrices or
grids of rows and columns, and

we look for terms that are
displayed in there.

Much like in the newspaper, they
have small little grids where

you’re supposed to find a word
and circle it, it’s the same.

Sid: To kind of whet the
appetite, let’s take one that

you have found or that others
have found.

Let’s say everyone has heard
about the death of Princess


What was found there?

Roy: We have a matrix on
Princess Diana that has about 45

terms and the center term is
“Spencer”, which was the royal

name there.

And it shows Diana, Dodi Fayed,
who she was dating at the time,

Paul the driver, it shows that
they died in a tunnel in Paris,

in an automobile accident,
photographers that are

prominently mentioned, and a lot
of other incidents about the

tragic accident.

Sid: Now if I was to take
another book that was just as

big as the Hebrew Scriptures,
let’s just say a book like “War

and Peace” and assuming it was
in Hebrew, because it would have

to be in Hebrew.

Roy: Right.

Sid: And I was to run the
computer test, would I find

similar things?

Could it be in any book, this
many things all together?

Roy: If you look for one or two
terms in it you’ll find those in

any book, in any language.

What make the Bible Code
different is that we find large

clusters of groupings of terms
that are clustered close

together and that are tied

In another text like “War and
Peace” and Hebrew, what you

find, if you were looking for
like the University of Perdue,

someone had gone there, those
are word pairs.

They should be close together.

In a random sense in a matrix,
it might be University of here

Perdue over here, and you know,
they don’t go together.

But in the Bible Code they’re

And so it’s the arrangement of
terms in a matrix or grid that

shows that the Bible Code is

Sid: So you’re saying to me
though, if I’m understanding you

right, I don’t want to put words
in your mouth.

Roy: Okay.

Sid: That no other book but the
Bible has so many groupings


Roy: Exactly.

It’s the total design of the
whole thing where we have

matrices on events and real

We have matrices on people and
we have matrices about God and

his nature.

Sid: Tell me about another one,
like say, Thomas Edison, the

great inventor.

What was found in that?

Roy: With the Thomas Edison
matrix that was one of the first

large matrices I had ever done
and it was to prove to myself

that the Bible Code was real.

So I went in autobiographies and
found a list of about 75 or 80

terms where it showed Edison’s
wives, places he lived, his

children and over 25 inventions.

And I found them all in a single
matrix that is readable where

you would read the words
horizontally, vertically or


Sid: You found how many

Roy: Over 25 inventions and the
matrix itself has over 75 terms

in it.

Sid: How can this, I mean, how
can all of these people be in

the Bible?

It doesn’t seem to be that big a

I don’t understand this.

Roy: Well it’s the way it is

There’s a very narrow window for
each matrix.

If you have a matrix with a
width of a hundred, then to be

vertical, it would have to be a
hundred or just a few either

side of it to show diagonally.

So it’s a very narrow window for
each one.

And so because of that design
you can have, it’s possible to

have billions of matrices in the

Sid: Is it possible to find out
future events by the Bible Code?

Roy: I think so and I’ve
certainly stated that openly.

But there are other prominent
teachers of the Word of God that

say, no, you’re not supposed to
do them on the future.

I think it’s possible.

The reason is if you can do a
historical matrix then a matrix

on the future that’s going to
happen a year from now is

historical in the sense that if
you look for it two years from

now, you’d be looking back.

So there’s no logical reason why
you cannot look for a matrix on

a future event except that it’s
much harder because you don’t

know what is going to happen.

Sid: Okay.

I know as a fact that you looked
up the Israeli election where

Barak won.

Tell me what you found before
the election.

Roy: Sixty days before the
election, in 30 days, I did, I

had a matrix and developed it
with a couple of other people,

and in both cases, it showed
that Ehud Barak would win the

May 1999 election in Israel.

At the time before the election,
the previous Prime Minister,

Benjamin Netanyahu was heavily
favored to win.

Everybody thought he’d win.

So the Bible Code in these two
different matrices showed that

Ehud Barak would win.

Sid: Just out of curiosity, what
did it say?

Did it say Barak would win?

Roy: Yes.

Sid: It actually said that.

Roy: Yes.

Sid: I think this is so amazing.

What about you?

What if your name was in the

I’m looking forward to the fact
that there is all sorts of

research done on my name in the

I mean, and he found the most
amazing things.

I’m still having difficulty not
believing that it’s there, but

just comprehending that this
book we call the Bible that many

people just have dust on it and
sitting on a shelf is so


We’ll be back right after these

Don’t go away.

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Sid: Hello Sid Roth your
investigative reporter and just

during the break I found out
last week Roy found something.

If you think what he said so far
is mind blowing, listen to this.

Do you remember when you were
back in high school, some of you

may be in high school right now,
and they had the periodic chart

of elements, that long list of
all the little symbols for each


Roy, what did you find in the
Bible Code about the periodic

chart of elements?

Roy: Sid, a couple of, about a
month and a half ago I decided

to look and see if there were a
matrix on the periodic table of

elements, because some of the
critics have said, you know,

there’s wiggle room in the way
you spell words and what you

look for.

So I thought by taking something
where we know there’s no choice

the names are there and we have
little choice in the matter.

And I looked for a single matrix
that has all the elements.

And if you could hold this.

Sid: Sure.

Roy: What this is just the
matrix report and what it shows

is in Hebrew the term, and then
in English and the equidistant

letter spacing that it’s
displayed at.

And in this matrix we have the
entire periodic table of

elements and we have all the
elements from 1 to 109.

So we have 112 separate terms in
this one line.

Sid: Now what you’re saying is
that all of these elements were

found in one grid.

Roy: In one grid.

And not only found there, but
you can read them on it,

vertically, horizontally or

So it’s an incredible
breakthrough for people who have

had a scientific background.

Now did it say in code the
periodic table of elements also?

Roy: Yes.

The center terms here are
periodic table of elements,

right in the center.

Sid: Now what I’m concerned
about, Roy, is some of the

viewers perhaps don’t quite
understand the Bible Code yet.

So I’m going to say it in a
simplistic fashion and you

correct me.

You be the teacher right now.

As I understand it, when I was a
kid I would find simple codes.

I’d have a sheet filled with
words and I’d go like every, I’d

come up with an arbitrary figure
that was the code, let’s say


Roy: Right.

Sid: Every fifth letter I would
write down, I’d go five letters,

I’d write the letter down.

Then I’d go another five, I’d
write the letter down.

I’d find a word.

And then I would find a sentence
and that’s a very simplistic


Is that the premise of this?

Roy: Exactly.

If you look on the example here
on xenon, element 54, it’s at an

equidistant letter space of
minus 1.

So in this case, it’s just
reversed, but it’s every letter.

And you have five letters in a
row spelled there: Qaf, Aleph,

Nun, Vav and Nun.

Sid: You really learned your

Roy: Well I don’t have a Jewish
background, but I’ve learned


Sid: Now are there elements that
you found that no one else has

found yet in the code?

Is that a possibility?

Roy: Well you know, that’s one
of the reasons why I did this


But certainly I haven’t looked
at it.

And there are 115 actual
elements discovered so far, but

any above 109 have a temporary

And so I didn’t look for them
yet, since they had temporary


But there’s something I think
I’d like to look for in the

future to see if I could find
out how many elements God

created or what other elements
we are going to be discovering


Sid: Okay.

I can hardly wait.

Although I have to be honest, I
think I know, you found my name

in the Bible.

But you believe everyone’s name
is there.

Roy: Yes.

I believe that there is a single
matrix on the life of every


We can’t prove it because we’ve
only done 50 or a hundred.

Sid: You haven’t done every

Roy: So we can’t prove that
there is.

But if you do 50 and all 50 are
there then you can kind of

conclude that maybe everybody

Sid: Look, I’m impressed.

I gave you my name.

As a matter of fact, I gave him
my birth name, which then many

years ago I changed, I

My birth name is Sidney Abraham

My legal name is Sid Roth.

But so I gave you that
information and tell me what you

found and perhaps I can hold
this up.

First of all, what are we
looking at?

What is all of this Hebrew?

Roy: This is very interesting.

This is very explanatory for

A matrix is just rows and
columns, so it’s just letters.

Sid: From where is this in the

Roy: It starts up here in the
upper right and goes from Song

of Solomon down to the Book of
Nehemiah in the lower left.

Sid: And, okay, explain this

Roy: A life matrix on a person
is set up very logically.

The center term or the main term
is the last name of the person,

in this case, your last name.

Sid: What does it say?

Roy: It says Rothbaum, which was
your name before you shorted it

to Roth.

Sid: Yes.

Roy: And also here is a clump
of, right in this area, and we

have Sidney, Sidney, we have
your middle name, Abraham, and

we have your Jewish name, or
Hebrew name.

Sid: Yeah.

Incidentally, every Jewish
person has a name and from the

country they’re from, but also a
Hebrew name, and my name, my

Hebrew name is Israel ben Jacov

Roy: And so right here in this
same general area where we had

Sidney Abraham, your first and
middle name, we have Yisrael ben

Jacov David right here in the
same exact area.

Right above that is your date of
birth information.

We have Shalosh Tammuz 5700,
which was September 7, 1940.

Sid: That’s exactly, and it’s,
now you told me something

interesting, that the date of
birth is normally found in the

same section for most people.

Is that correct?

Roy: All the matrices I’ve done
on people’s lives, it’s in the

upper right hand corner,
sometimes maybe down into this

area, but it’s in this
particular area of the matrix.

And in this case it shows above
and below here your date of


It shows [Hebrew], birth.

Sid: Now on this page, and I
don’t want you to tell me.

Roy: Okay.

Sid: Is my death, in your

Roy: Oh yes, it’s on there.

Sid: Don’t tell me.

Roy: Okay.

But your wife’s name is on

Sid: Really?

What does it say?

Roy: It says– Sid: Her name is

Roy: Joyce Thurley and Young.

Sid: Wait a second.

Now give me a break.

Let me give you this chart back.

My wife’s name is an old family

No one I know has that name for
a middle name.

You’re telling me that in the
Bible, written thousands of

years ago, it’s Joyce Thurley
and Young is there?

Roy: Yes.

And not only that, but they’re
crossing, and crossing those, it

says “wife”.

So it’s below your last name and
it shows she’s your wife.

And it was written 3000 years
ago in the Bible, encoded in the

Bible Code.

Sid: Is there any explanation, I
mean, you’re a real thinker type


I can tell.

You’re also a very logical type
of person.

Is there any explanation of why
my name, my wife’s name, my date

of birth, you even found the
name of the organization that

I’m with in there, and the exact
date that it was founded.

I mean, is there any explanation
beyond God wrote the book?

Is there any other explanation?

Roy: Well some people have come
up with some real oddball


But there’s no explanation
except to note that whoever

encoded it knew all these events
long ago, because for example,

it starts at the book, Song of
Solomon, which was written about

1000 B.C.

So we have 3000 years ago that
was encoded underneath it.

So whoever encoded the
information, which I believe is

God, knew the important events
about every person’s life.

Sid: Imagine that.

Three thousand years ago God put
my name in the Bible, in code,

my wife’s name in the Bible, the
name of my organization, the day

it started, the date I was born.

I mean, give me a break, you

Where are you when I need you?

We’ll be right back after this.

Sid: Hello Sid Roth your
investigative reporter.

I’m here with Roy Reinhold.

And Roy, you said that in code,
and this really surprised me,

there are only three places
where you find Jesus the

Messiah, that phrase or Hebrew,
Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, and one of

them had an astounding thing in
their matrix.

Tell me about it.

Roy: Yes.

In the entire Tanakh, the Old
Testament, it’s, Yeshua

Ha’Mashiach is only found three

And I cut off the center part of
to show the audience.

The center term actually says,
[Hebrew], which means, is

translated into English as,
“What is he?

The gift, Yeshua the Messiah, is
it not?

Surely it is.”

Sid: Say that again, will you?

Roy: What is he?

The gift, Yeshua the Messiah, is
it not?

Surely it is.

It’s an incredible central.

Sid: Can I hold that up?

Roy: Sure.

Sid: Tell me about this now.

Roy: It’s an incredible single,
central term of 17 letters long.

Now on a statistical basis the
chances of that occurring are

infinitesimally small.

And what was incredible about
this matrix, as I looked at it

further, is that this particular
matrix, next to it, it says,

“Announcement: I’m coming soon
with love to Israel.”

Sid: Oh my goodness.

It really says that there?

Roy: Yes.

And– Sid: Jesus, get this now.

Jesus the Messiah,
“Announcement: I’m coming soon

with love to Israel.”

Again, skeptics, where are you
when I need you?

Roy: And the matrix goes on to
cover the Second Coming.

That’s why this matrix is so

It covers all aspects of the
Second Coming– Sid: Of the


Roy: Of the Messiah.

It talks about him.

Sid: How does this line up, what
I want to know is how does it

line up what is in code with
what it says in our

translations, in the Tanakh?

In other words, it tells us what
to expect in the Bible.

Does the code also tell us the
same things or different things,

or more things?

Roy: The Bible Code actually
agrees with the prophecies of

the Bible.

And in some cases it amplifies

It gives us a few more detail.

For example, this is only the
center part of the matrix, but

if I showed you the whole matrix
up above in this area, there

would be an area that showed
where the armies of the earth

will attack the Messiah, and
they’re going to use chemical,

nuclear and biological weapons.

Sid: How do you know that?

Roy: It states it specifically.

Sid: Really?

Roy: Yes.

Sid: But they didn’t know about
chemical and nuclear, and

biological weapons when the
prophets, ancient prophets

penned these words.

Roy: No, I don’t think the
people who wrote the book knew

any of that.

Sid: There wasn’t even an
automobile or computer, or

telephone, nothing.



But it states right in there
that nuclear, chemical and

biological weapons.

And they’re going to attack the
Messiah, but he’s going to

render the weapons useless or be
turned back on the armies that

launch them, which his exactly
what, for example, is written in

Zachariah 14, where it talks
about the armies of the earth

attacking the Messiah and the
weapons being rendered useless.

And then there’s another area
that’s really interesting in

this matrix and it talks about
judgment of the people living on

the earth.

And specifically, it talks about
judging of the Jewish people in

the prophetic fulfillment of Yom
Kippur, which is the Day of


And it talks about theó Sid:
What do you mean by judging?

Roy: The Messiah is going to be
sitting there on a throne and

he’s going to judge the people
who are alive on the earth.

They’re going to come before him
and he’s going to judge whether

they’re going to be allowed to
stay and populate the earth or

whether they’re going to be

Sid: Now the Bible talks about a
Book of Life, and in Judaism, on

Yom Kippur, we pray and fast
that our name be inscribed in

the Book of Life.

Do you believe that the Book of
Life might be the Bible?

Roy: Well if I answered it and
said, yes I think it’s a good


But I actually asked the Lord
one day that question while I

was praying one day.

And I asked the Lord, is the
Book of Life encoded in the


Certainly I know it’s not
encoded in the equites and

letter spacing system we’re
using now for Bible code.

And he answered me on it and
said, “Yes, it’s encoded there,

but it’s a different encoding
system and I’m not going to

allow anyone to break that
coding system right now.”

And the reason why would
probably be that this life here

is a testing place and if you
knew your name was in the Book

of Life and you didn’t have to
do anything about it or have any

faith, or read the Word of God
then it wouldn’t be much of a


So certainly, some of those
things are left as unknowns to


Sid: Well I’ve got a question.

I have a question for you and
that is it’s unknown.

We don’t have the way to break
the code, assuming the Bible is

the Book of Life.

But there is a way to know for
sure that your name is in the

Book of Life.

I mean, absolutely know for

I don’t mean just say a little
prayer and have someone else

tell you your name is in the
Book of Life.

I mean, there’s a way that you
can know yourself.

And I’ll tell you because I had
that experience.

I know that I know, that I know.

I don’t hope it.

I mean, being Jewish, no one
told me Jesus was the Messiah,

as a child.

I learned that Jesus wasn’t the
Messiah, is what I was taught.

But I had my own experience.

Whether you’re Jewish or
gentile, whether you’re

Christian or Muslim, each person
must have their own experience

with God.

And there’s no other name give
on to man in which we must be

saved, but that Yeshua
Ha’Mashiach, who is going to

judge the earth.

First, sincerely tell God you’re
sorry for your sins because you

really offended him.

You really sinned against him
and him only.

Ask him to forgive you.

Ask him to cover your sins with
his blood and believe by faith

that he’s coming to live inside
of you, and say out loud, Jesus,

I make you Lord of my life.

I make you Lord over every area
of my life.

I want to know you.

I have a great desire to know

Oh God, become real to me now in
Jesus’ name.


You said that, God heard it and
now believe he’s going to move.

He is going to.