This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Steven Brooks operates in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. He says every true believer in the Messiah can operate in these gifts. There are no rejects! Get ready for Steven to pray and activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit within you.

Is there a supernatural

A world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Hello.

Sid Roth here.


Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

My guest Steven Brooks operates
in all nine gifts of the Spirit

and he says every true believer
in the Messiah can operate in

these gifts.

There’s no rejects.

Every one of you can operate in
these gifts.

And he tells me that when he
prays to activate the gifts that

are within you, they’re going to
be activated.

You want that?

Recently I had just a wonderful
privilege of talking to an

orthodox Jewish woman that came
to know Messiah through a book

that I had written and the only
thing she knew, she didn’t know

the Bible, she didn’t know
anything except the book that I

had written and our television

And so I was trying to explain
to her that some churches

believe in miracles, some don’t
believe in miracles, and you

should have heard her reaction.

Utter shock.

They don’t believe in miracles?

What’s wrong with them?

Steven, you didn’t believe in
miracles at one time.

So Steven Brooks, what turned it
for you?

In fact, you were taught not to
believe in miracles.

Steven: Well all of my life
growing up in church as a young

child I was taught that the day
of miracles had passed by.

But I received a mighty
baptism in the Holy Spirit

when I was college.

It changed my life and I found
out that the power of God is

still available to God’s people

Sid: Now I would like to take
some of the gifts of the Spirit

and have you explain what they
are, maybe give an example.

Let’s take my favorite, the
gifts of healings.

Steven: Yes.

That’s a wonderful gift.

And as the old saying goes, “The
gifts of healing has always then

the dinner bell for the lost.”

In other words, back in the old
days, a ranch hand would ring

the dinner bell and then all the
workers knew that means take a

break, time to go to lunch.

And so healing is still that
dinner bell for the lost.

And when those healing gifts are
in manifestation, people will

come to receive the healing
power of God, and if we can have

them come and receive that
healing power, often times the

lost also want to receive the
healer as well.

So they get the whole package:
physical healing for the body,

which is a restoration back to
healing condition.

The body may be diseased or
injured or a condition of the

body that previously held it
back, coming back into a normal

healed state.

And the gifts of healings are
very, very powerful.

We must have them operating in
the church today.

Sid: I want them operating in
the schools, in your business,

when you’re shopping, when
you’re going to the doctor’s.

I think that this, I like what
you said.

It’s God’s dinner bell.

It gets your attention,
especially if you’re hungry.

And people are hungry.

You’re hungry.

So Steven, there was a moment
when you were touched with the

supernatural gift of healing.

Tell me about that.

Steven: Well before this gift
was given to me, I would always

pray for sick people,
but I would pray

with a prayer of faith.

There was no tangible anointing
or there was no manifestation of

the gifts of the Spirit.

But I would still see people
healed just by praying in faith.

They would connect their faith
with mine and then that healing

would come forth.

But the gifts of healings are
very powerful.

It’s when the Holy Spirit works
through you with a tremendous


And that gift came upon me one
day when I was in the Dallas,

Texas area, and this gift came
on me.

It fell on me like I had put a
garment over my shoulders.

I said, “Lord, what is this?”

He said, “From this day forward
you will operate in the

gifts of healings.”

And a tremendous healing
happened on that very same day

as tangible proof that God had
given me something that I had

never walked in before.

Sid: Tell me about the first
time, the first one that

happened that same day.

Steven: Well I was in Texas that

I was staying at my brother’s
house and my daughter came

running into the house weeping
and crying, screaming actually.

And she said, “Daddy, they’re
all over my legs.”

I looked at her legs, there was
nothing there, but she had

brushed off the fire ants and
she was still feeling their

presence, but they stung her all
over her legs.

She had 28 welts that just broke
out on her legs.

I counted them and these red
huge welts began to break out

all over her legs.

I laid my hands on her legs.

I said, “In the name of Jesus,

And every welt instantly
disappeared, all the pain gone.

She got up and went back outside
and started playing.

Sid: Did it shock you?

Steven: It did shock me.

I had never had this happen
before, ever.

And before that, I would
minister in the gift of prophecy

and would minister in other
gifts, but I never had the

healing gift.

So this was brand new.

So I thought, I’m going to try
it out.

I’m going to go to the next
meeting and I’m going to start

praying for the sick.

And the next meeting I went to I
was going down the line praying

for people, laying hands on
them, and a young woman in the

line, she was 16 years old, she
had wore a back brace every day

of her life.

Matter of fact, she was required
by the doctors to wear the back

brace 22 hours out of every 24.

And she severe scoliosis of the
spine, and I prayed for her, and

I knew the Lord had touched her.

I knew God got her.

She went back to her seat, but
when she walked back to her

seat, she looked totally normal.

And I left the next day to go to
another meeting, but the pastor

called me two days later.

He said, “Steven, when she woke
up the next morning, she got out

of bed and her back was
completely healed.”

And on that same day, she had an
appointment with the doctor.

She went to the doctor.

To the doctor’s great shock, he
verified the healing.

He said, “What happened to your

She said, “The Lord Jesus has
healed my back.”

And it was a dramatic healing.

It was a miracle healing.

Sid: You know Steven, he went
with his wife Kelly to Israel

with us as a guest teacher and a
major miracle happened to one of

our tourists.

She had for, what was it, for 20
years multiple sclerosis?

Steven: She had severe pain with
multiple sclerosis, and Sid, has

always enjoyed to see people get
healed because often times

they’re in tormenting pain.

And to see the relief of that
pain leave and to see the joy on

a person’s face is priceless.

And I remember we were there and
I had ministered that night.

There were some people that came
forward for prayer.

I had laid hands on her and God
instantly healed her.

All the pain left her body and
it was an instantaneous miracle

that happened right on the spot.

That’s been four years.

Sid: I was just going to
ask how long has it been

and he just answered that.

Four years after 20 years of
that type of pain.

I’m going to tell you something.

That is normal according to the
Bible that I read and it’s time

that we started being normal.

When we come back, I’m going to
ask Steven to totally demystify

the gifts of the Spirit.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

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We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: What I love is when these
gifts happen when you’re having

a cup of coffee.

You were in Israel having a cup
of coffee with your wife.

What happened?

Steven: Well I went down to get
a cup of coffee.

I sat at the table.

This was at the Jerusalem bus
stop in a very busy area.

I wasn’t doing anything

Matter of fact, Sid, I didn’t
really want to have to pray for

anybody or have to do any type
of ministry.

I just wanted to drink my latte.

So my wife went in line to get
me a cup of coffee and she got

herself one.

And two elderly Jewish ladies
were there in line and my wife

overheard them talking about how
much pain they were in.

One basically was saying, “My
back is killing me.”

The other was saying, “Yes, I’m
in tormenting pain as well.”

And my wife said,
“Well my husband,

he’s sitting right over there.

Why don’t you go over and ask
him to pray for you.

He’ll pray for you.”

So they came over to my table.

They kind of interrupted my
coffee time.

But I said, “Okay, I’ll pray for
you, but I have to use the name

of Jesus.”

And they said, “Sshh,
don’t say that name here,

you’ll start a riot.”

And they said, “We don’t want
anything to do with that name.”

I said, “Okay.

That’s fair, but I have to use
his name because that’s where

the authority comes from.”

They said, “Okay, just be real

I said, “All right.”

So I reached out to pray for the
first lady.

I felt an anointing, but nothing
dramatic happened.

I just touched her and I said,
“Receive God’s healing power.”

And then I reached over to touch
the second lady.

When I did that, the
Spirit of God came on

me with tremendous power.

My hand from my elbow down to my
fingers caught on fire.

Sid: Now when I hear you say
that, caught on fire, describe.

Steven: It was a spiritual

Sid: I know it was spiritual,
but describe what it felt like.

Steven: I felt flames leaping
off my hand.

Both ladies jumped back.

One of them said, “Dear God,
what is that?”

I said, “It’s the healing power
of God.”

Sid: Can you picture some of you
young people walking up to your

teacher and putting your hand on
them and the flames of God go

right into your teacher?

Forget class that day.

Steven: I had to calm them down.

I said, here it comes.

In other words, don’t be afraid
of it.

Here it comes.

And I touched her also and
they, she began to be like

on fire herself.

She said, “I’m burning up.”

And I said, “It’s God’s healing

The other lady said, “I’m on
fire, too.”

She said, “I thought they spiked
my coffee and put some liquor in

my coffee.”

And I said, “No, that’s God’s
healing power.”

Then they looked at their watch.

They said, “We’ve got to catch
our bus.”

And they staggered out of the
bus stop.

They looked like two drunk

They were overcome with the
Spirit’s power.

I don’t know what
happened to them,

but I know God got
their number.

Sid: And again, this is God’s
dinner bell.

They knew that Steven prayed in
the name of Jesus.

They knew that something
supernatural happened to them

and I believe as they went home
they realized the pain was

totally gone.

Now you said that you want to
demystify the gifts and you said

that knowledge is so important.


Steven: Well the apostle Paul
said, “I do not want you to be

ignorant of the spiritual

And so what that word
“ignorant” means is it means

uninformed or misinformed.

And so I found out that the
better we understand the gifts,

we unlock them in a sense that
now we know exactly what they,

are and they come forth and
begin to manifest so much easier

when we have a proper
understanding of what they are

and how they operate.

The rest after that is a very
easy process.

After that, really all you have
to do is just step out in faith

because they will come forth.

Sid: Now speaking about stepping
out in faith, tell me about the

gift of faith.

This is a gift.

Steven: The gift of faith is
very powerful.

And Sid, we have to understand
it that all nine gifts mentioned

in First Corinthians, Chapter 12
are supernatural.

We cannot pull them down and try
to explain these as like just

basic gifts.

They’re all on a supernatural

And when we keep them in the
place that God assigned them to,

then we see the power that comes
with them come forth and build

up the body of Christ, and reach
out and touch the lost.

So the gift of faith is not
ordinary faith.

In other words, this is not
like, I believe Jonah was

swallowed by a large fish and
then later, three days later, he

went and ministered to Nineveh.

This is a supernatural faith
that comes upon you and it won’t

stay forever.

It might rest for three minutes.

It might rest for three days or
three hours.

Sid: Okay.

Tell me about the person that
had a problem with their feet.

Steven: Well I had this leap of
faith come upon me one time when

I was ministering to
the sick, and I said,

“Somebody needs a miracle.”

And there was a young man.

He was 17 years old and his feet
were as flat as a pancake.

He had no arches in his feet.

And so his mother said, “Would
you pray for his arches.”

I said, “I will.”

And I had such faith come upon

I said, “Take off your shoes.

Take off your socks and anybody
who’s never seen a miracle, come

watch, and when I pray for him,
do not close your eyes.

Keep your eyes open and you will
see arches form in his feet.”

Sid: But wait a second.

What if it didn’t happen?

You realize the faithful of the
whole group would go

Steven: Right if it wasn’t going
to happen, I’m in big trouble.

Sid: For sure.

Steven: But when that gift
comes, it obliterates out.

Sid: You knew.

Steven: There’s no doubt.

There’s no fear.

You know God is going to do

Sid: Okay.

So people are watching you grab
his feet, flat as a pancake.

What happens?

Steven: I took his, I took, it
was the right foot, if I’m

correct, I took in my hand.

And before I could even pray,
“In the name of Jesus”, an arch

formed right in front of

I couldn’t even get out the full
prayer and the arch went …

and a perfectly
formed arch in his foot.

I grabbed the other one.

I started to pray, “In the name
of…” and there went the arch.

It formed completely in his

He stood up and I received the
written testimony of his mother

of this tremendous miracle that
happened in his feet, and now

his feet are normal.

That’s not just a healing.

That’s a miracle.

And the reason it happened
was because special faith

came upon me.

If people want to move into the
gifts of healings and into the

working of miracles, they have
to go through the door of

special faith.

And the power gifts, the
greatest one is the gift of

special faith.

Sometimes I call it super faith
because when it comes on you,

you feel like Superman and it’s
the power of God to do what

you’re called to do, and step
out and do it boldly.

Sid: Okay.

You also operate in, he actually
operates in all the gifts of the

Spirit, all nine.

However, tell me about
the gift of discernment,

discerning of spirits.

Steven: This is a fascinating

Out of all the gifts, Sid, I
used to look at them, I felt I

was beginning to get a handle on
some of the gifts and I would

look at discerning of spirits.

And one day I just set my Bible
down and I said, “Lord, I

haven’t a clue in the world what
this gift is.

Would you please help me
understand it so it can begin to

come forth in my life.”

And many people call it perhaps
a gift of discernment.

But discernment is not
necessarily a gift.

We all should have good

We should all be able to
have what also we call

good common sense.

But this is something different.

This is discerning of spirits.

So it can be discerning of evil

It can be discerning of angelic

It can be discerning of the rim
of God and His Glory or it can

be discerning the rim of the
Satanic world.

But discerning the spirits is
when our senses are opened up,

and God can open it up, and it
can come in different facets.

To be in the Spirit we can hear,
taste, touch or smell in the

spirit realm through the gift of
discerning the spirits.

Sid: And you know I think is so

When we come back, I’m going to
have Steven pray for you for

just a release of the gifting
that God has already put within

you maybe for healing.

But he has the ability to see or
smell when something is evil and

when something good is going on.

I want him to teach on that.

We’ll be right back.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: The Steven, the Bible says
that we are supposed to desire

spiritual gifts.

Steven: Yes.

Sid: What does that word
“desire” mean?

Steven: In the Greek, it
literally means to boiling over.

Some translations say, “white
hot or on fire”.

So God wants us to have the
spiritual gift.

Now some people said, well if
the Lord wants me to have them,

He’ll just give them to me.

But in the Greek, it’s implied
we need to go after them.

Yes, God wants us to have them,
but we have to pursue them.

And when we pursue God and He
sees that we really want these

mighty gifts of the Spirit, He
will release them into our lives

and the church will be built up
and many people will be blessed.

Sid: You know, it specifically
says we should go after


Steven: Prophecy is a tremendous
gift because prophecy, out of

all the nine gifts, I believe is
the easiest gift to have up and

running in your life.

It is so easy to prophesy.

Whether it’s the simple gift of
prophecy for exhortation,

edification or comfort, or even
deeper levels of prophecy, which

begin to appear deeper into a
person’s heart, the gift of

prophecy is so easy to move in

All you have to do is step out
in faith when the Holy Spirit

begins to move.

Sid: I’m going to have Steven
step out in faith.

However, just as we came back
from the break, I began to smell

an aroma.

In Israel, when Steven
was praying for people,

I could smell roses.

It was the most wonderful smell.


If I was to play a little game
with Steven and say a word,

except I know what he’s going to
say, if I was to say the word

“skunk”, tell me what comes to

Steven: Well of course, that’s
not a good fragrance.

Sid: No.

Steven: Now see, when these
gifts operate we can choose or

tell the Holy Spirit how to
manifest them.

It’s as He wills.

That’s how they’ll come forth.

And He’s doing it now for our

Paul said that these gifts are
for our prophet, not our failure

or for our demise.

So they’ll put us over into

And so one time, I was in a
conference and I was a guest

speaker, but there were also
many other speakers.

Now I’ve been to tons of
conferences, Sid, so nobody is

ever going to know where this
was at.

Because when I was ministering,
a speaker went up and began to

minister, that I had never met.

I wasn’t familiar with this

But the moment they began to
speak, the fragrance of a skunk

went over the entire audience.

I smelled the skunk.

My wife turned to me and she
said, she said, “Steven, I smell

a skunk.”

I said, “I know,” but I said,
“I’m not in charge of the

conference, but unfortunately,
something is probably going to

happen here that’s going to
leave a stinky smell.”

And some things did happen that
almost… Sid: I’ll tell you

what. We’re running out
of time right now.

There’s an urgency for you to
pray right now for a release of

the gifting that God has already
put inside of people, and if God

moves you into words of
knowledge please free.

Steven: If you want to receive
the mighty gifts of the Holy

Spirit right where you’re at
right now, lift up your hands.

A new measure of the
Anointing of God’s Spirit is

coming on you now.

Receive the gifts.

The gift of prophecy is rising
up within you right now.

Somebody feels a burning in
their hands.

That is the gift of healing has
now been granted unto you.

Somebody watching me just felt a
mantel come right over your


Those are for the power gifts.

Step out in special faith.

Step out in gifts of healings
and working of miracles.

It’s yours.

There are people watching right
now all over the world who are

smelling roses.

God is giving you the gift of
discerning of the spirits.

Somebody is smelling flowers and
beautiful floral scents.

Lift up your hands and praise
the Lord, for these gifts are

being bestowed on you right now.

And when the Lord gives a gift,
He never takes it back.

It’s yours for the rest of your

Sid: You have to tell me,
very briefly, you have seen

Jesus’ face.

What does he look like?

What did you sense when you saw
his face?

Steven: I’ve seen some beautiful
paintings of the Lord that are

close, but I’ve never seen a
painting that’s got him just as

who he actually really is.

But he is the kindest person
I’ve ever met.

He is so kind.

He is so humble.

He has all of this power and all
of this authority.

He is the head of the complete
church in Heaven and Earth, but

he is so kind and humble.

Sid: You know, did you hear

How would you like your best
friend to be the Creator of the

Universe and his major virtue is
he’s kind, he’s humble and he’s

pure love?

His name in Hebrew is Yeshua, in
English, Jesus.

If you will with your mouth say,
“Jesus,” do this with me right

now, say out loud, “Jesus,
please forgive me for all

of my sins.

I believe your blood washes them
away and now that I am clean,

Jesus, come inside of me.

I make you Lord of my life.”


Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural!

My guest, she’s been a guest
several times on It’s

Supernatural, tells me
she is moving in some

outrageous miracles.

Now hold on to your seats.

Put your seatbelt on.

She tells me now eight breasts
have grown back on women.

You heard me.

Eight breasts have grown back on