Troy Black shares 2 warning visions he just received about what’s coming…

i’m meeting with troy black for the

first time uh

face to face uh however i spoke with him

last night on the telephone and i’ve

been following a number of his


on facebook or youtube

and he had one prophecy

that i hadn’t heard coming from anyone

else beyond myself

i don’t even consider myself a prophet

but it’s just one yeah you know i i i

what i call is just i just know

know something i know that i know that i

know that the theology of most

christians is that uh well israel’s a

special place but god’s finished with it

or um uh the jewish people are okay the

way they are uh uh or uh after a

slaughter of jewish people everyone

that’s alive in israel will receive


well the truth is they’re all

half truths misconceptions of the truths

or our stronger word the lies

from the enemy and troy said some things

that for a young man

that had never been to israel

and understood the bible about israel

but didn’t have any particular burden

for israel

but troy i want to take you back just a

moment are you raised in a fine

christian family you got to college you

were totally backslidden you even got to

the point of questioning the existence

of god

which is hard to understand but you were

being battered and that’s the best word

i can describe in college you’re being

battered by demonic sleep deprivation


uncontrollable anger

um and and all of that led to you

after being raised in a fine christian

home for your

god are you really there or sin causes

people to either repent


build up



one night after you started reading the

bible for a while you had what your

heart craved for you had experiential

knowledge of god

what happened

yes sid i just want to say thank you so

much for having me on i’m so excited to

share what’s on god’s heart it’s it’s

the life you know in my blood like when

i when you hear the voice of the holy

spirit it’s it’s like nothing else


what you’re talking about is the first

time that happened to me you know that

when i was in college

i had this experience after like you

said going through this season of being

addicted to pornography being addicted

to other things

just being very angry at the lord very

bitter in my heart against god

and the things of god

where i had all these lies that the

devil was like trying to build up in my

life like is god even there asking me

that question you know or or maybe god

doesn’t care about sin maybe it’s okay

you know all these things where there

were just lies from the enemy but i

couldn’t see them yet at the same time i

had this truth and i honestly believe it

was in my heart based on the things that

my parents had taught me you know and at

that point i was angry at my parents i

didn’t want any you know

i didn’t want anything to do with their


essentially and yet i had these truths i

could not get away from that god existed

you know and that he was a rewarder of

those who sought him and so i had one

more you had one more thing going for

you you had parents that loved you and

were praying for you and now absolutely

that was a big thing train up a child in

the ways of the lord and when they’re

old they will not depart that’s the word

of god i had this song come back to me

when i was in one of my darkest moments

you know i was sleep deprived i was

battling insomnia i had issues with like

like you said demonic

presences at night things that were like

would like keep me paralyzed things like

that and i had this song come back to me

that i at first i didn’t realize what it

was but it was a song that my mom had

shared with me when i was a little kid

you know and it just went like into my

heart into my heart coming into my heart

lord jesus and so i started on this

journey of like opening the bible every

night and i just said i found this verse

jeremiah 29 13 where god says you will

seek me and find me when you search for

me with all your heart and i looked at

that and i kept thinking about it and i


this is it if i do this if i seek god

with my whole heart

then if he’s really there i’m gonna find

him and if he’s not then i’ll know for

sure you know and i i made that decision

i’m not gonna stop until i’ve sought him

with my whole heart and i just started

reading the word every night and i found

other verses as i read it like jesus

talks about he says ask and you will

receive talking about the holy spirit

and so i started to ask not even knowing

really what i was asking for

you know in that moment and i just

started to ask and i found other verses

about waiting upon the lord so i

literally would lay down like on the

common room floor in my dorm suite and

guys would come in late at night and

they’d see me there and they would think

what kind of weirdo is that you know and

i was laying there before the lord with

my bible in front of me on the floor and

i didn’t care i was so desperate for for

anything any hope in that moment and i

just remember one night in particular

when i’m laying there and to my surprise

i start hearing the still small voice of

the holy spirit in my heart it wasn’t an

audible voice that night you know it was

just that that voice in my spirit

but it was so loud and so clear in my

spirit i could not

ignore it and i knew exactly who it was

when i heard it it was god revealing

himself to me

and in that moment the the two main

things he he began to speak about was

number one he told me god loves you and

you know up to that point i thought that

i had lost god’s love because i had not

done what he asked me to do you know i

thought i had to earn that and he said

god loved you god loves you and i

suddenly believed it i was like oh my

gosh when i heard it from his lips and

the other thing he said was because god

loves you jesus died for you to forgive

you of your sins and i believe

at least as far as i know that that was

the night i truly accepted the gospel

for the first time because it was the

the first moment where i truly

understood what jesus had done and why

he did it

and it was the same moment that i was

filled with the holy spirit you know

because from that moment on suddenly it

was like a daily

uh just a daily like hey i i can’t get

enough of god’s voice you know i cannot

get enough of his presence and that

nearness to him that i had experienced

you know i had to keep going back to it

every night and and you know the minutes

turned into hours sometimes but it was

like it was worth it and it was it was

uh it was life-changing the best day of

my life


i wanted you to get to know troy a

little bit because there are many troy

you’re speaking to right now that are

exactly where you’re at

where you were at and they want to get

they want look you wanted to experience

god you just weren’t 100 sure it was

possible that’s what i’m hearing and

there are many like that that are

watching us right now but then in

addition to speaking in tongues you

started hearing god clearly

and you but

the reason i’m interviewing you right

now though

is you heard the heart of god for this


two visions about israel tell me briefly

the visions but more importantly what

they mean to you

yeah so the first vision was a vision of

a military jet

um and this and the second vision was a

vision of an archway a large stone


which i did not recognize when i saw in

the vision

and i i actually looked up the archway


i’m feeling the presence of the holy

spirit so

if i pause that’s the reason why but

oh lord help me okay so when i looked up

the archway i found wilson’s arch in

jerusalem hey it’s bouncing on me now

the holy spirit

you may not have a host soon

i know

all right um i’m gonna stop and pray

real fast for a second lord jesus i just

ask that every person listening would

experience your presence in your glory

in jesus name

and this is what i heard after i saw

that military jet i heard there’s about

to be a military strike against israel

and this was that still small voice of

the holy spirit you know that i talked

about earlier and then i heard the

phrase nation will rise up against

nation and that is a direct quote from

matthew 24 7

at jesus speaking and then i heard pray

for the peace of jerusalem and that was

a direct quote from psalms 122 6

then i heard the holy spirit say pray



i’m about to do in their midst what they

would not believe

if they did not

hear it

and so this when i heard this it sounded

so familiar and i looked it up and i

found habakkuk 1 5 and there are many

verses in the old testament like this

and this is what i believe that the holy

spirit was doing here he was doing what

i would consider juxtaposition so

if y’all don’t know what that means go

look it up in a dictionary but

juxtaposition is uh it’s actually

something that i learned about long ago

when i was studying cinema and art where

you you put one thing up and then you

put up something that seems like it

doesn’t go together

so that you can see

either how they interact with each other

or what the difference is kind of like

the old testament and the new testament

you know like those two things have been

put together and yet we don’t fully see

the story of god’s grace until we get to

the new testament and we see what jesus

did we don’t we don’t see the mystery of

god until we get there

so this is what habakkuk 1 5 says it

says look among the nations watch

be horrified be frightened speechless

for i am accomplishing a work in your

days which you would not believe it even

if you were told so that phrase there is

you wouldn’t believe it even if you

heard it and yet what the holy spirit

spoke to me about israel today about

this time that we’re in is that

they would not believe it if they did

not hear it meaning if they hear it now

they’re going to believe it they’re

going to believe

and here’s something i want to interject

because this has been my ministry for 50

years as a jewish believer in jesus

faith comes by hearing and hearing by

the word of god

and jewish people have not rejected

jesus but there were so much

for lack of better words brainwashing

and spiritual brainwashing uh

and uh anti-semitic stuff done in the

name of the cross that there was layer

and layer and layer on the eyes of

jewish people paul called it spiritual


but what you are hearing and what i have

been proclaiming is

this is the set time for god to favor

zion the spiritual scales are removed

and the only one that can tell jewish

people about jesus christians don’t know


so we’re shouting from the rooftops and

the word of two or more witnesses so

that ever be every word be uh supported

so troy

you had to correct me if i’m wrong

you had

an understanding of israel you’d never

been to israel

but you didn’t have a particular burden

for praying for the peace of jerusalem

before this

no you know absolutely not i mean i knew

based on scripture you know i knew

verses like pray for the peace of

jerusalem i knew about uh romans chapter

11. i knew you know paul talks about

there’s a partial hardening for a time

and then he talks about he he lists and

i actually have it written here

um but it’s the the promise that he it’s

actually a prophecy from the old

testament that he reminds the readers of

and he says the deliverer will come from

zion he will remove ungodliness from

jacob this is my covenant with them when

i take away their sins

and he’s talking about it right before

that he says so all israel will be saved

you know he’s talking about the idea

that god has not rejected israel and i

knew these things from scripture

but you’re right i didn’t have that

burden on my heart i didn’t have that


from the father on my heart but when i

started seeing these things and i

started to listen to the holy spirit

about it god has made it so clear that

this is what is on his heart this is one

of the things

that god is

if for lack of a better phrase in love

with you god is in love with his chosen

people you know and this might be a

crude illustration but when i was in in

high school um i i met my wife who who

is my wife now who i love dearly i met

her in ninth grade

and she uh in tenth grade she rejected

me she said no i don’t like you you know

i don’t want to hang out with you and um

now we’re happily married and that’s all

in the past but what i did after that

was you know what i went and i hung out

with other girls to make her jealous you

know and this is not a perfect

illustration but paul says the same

thing he says

their rejection in the past of jesus

has opened up a door for the gentiles to

know the lord you know it’s for the

gospel to go to the gentiles and this

was god’s plan and yet he says

there is a there’s an element of this

that god is wanting to make them jealous

you know and that is like

why why do you make someone jealous

unless you’re in love with them you know

you love them you want you want them to

know you to be with you and that is what

what paul is saying here and i believe

that’s what god is saying and the next

thing i heard after after seeing those

visions and listening was

that there is a returning to the lord

happening in israel that the thing that

paul the promise that paul is talking

about here

has not only

not only happening starting to happen

it’s been happening

but but we are in that season now where

the the things that god has promised

about the nation of israel

about the people not only there but but

other places in the earth

god’s chosen people

i just hear the holy spirit saying yes

yes yes this is what he’s saying this is

what is on my heart

okay troy

this is what i know

i know that as you are talking about the

great jewish end-time harvest that

actually and maybe you haven’t focused

on this uh those viewing or even try but

romans 11 11 tells us the role of a

non-jewish believer in jesus that was

grafted in to the spiritual seed of


salvation has come to the gentile

to provoke the jew to jealousy

but but troy this presence of god just

so increased as you were speaking about

the great end time jewish harvest and

the job of the gentile is equipped

the only one on earth like esther the

only one on earth that can save the

jewish people

is the gentile branch of the church

and god’s going to merge the two

together so there won’t be the branch of

the church the gentile and the jewish

branch it’ll be the full complete body

of messiah

so troy i want you to pray

that the same heart god is in process of

giving you right now for the salvation

of israel and when i say the salvation

of israel or when god says the salvation

of israel he’s talking about jewish

people in the city that you live in as

well as the nation israel because we

jews have been because of sin dispersed

to the four corners of the earth and we

have gone through double trouble for

what we have done but now is the set

time to favor zion would you pray over

those that want to receive

the heart of esther for the jewish

people the heart of ruth

i want to quickly say but i want to

quickly say before i pray that vision of

the arch that i got the meaning god

showed me was that arch is actually

directly next to the wailing wall a

place in jerusalem where people are

calling out to god night and day you

know and the prayers are being heard

this is the the

purpose of the arch in a bridge is to

support the weight that’s on the bridge

you know

and that was what god was showing was

the prayers

and the support of his children

believers in jesus christ

are in a sense holding up israel and yet

you know paul talks about in that same

chapter romans 11 how the branches don’t

support the root it’s the root

supporting the branches you know and the

root is jesus and in all of god’s

children are the branches

and and so at the same time it’s jesus

who is wanting to work through us give

us his heart his prayers his words for

israel his love for israel so lord jesus

i just ask that you would give us your

heart for your chosen people god that

you would

pour out in our hearts a love for the

nation of israel

for the people all around the world who

you have called your chosen people god

that you have not rejected as scripture


you s you said

lord that the the gifts and the calling

are irrevocable and you were talking

about your people your chosen people so

i just asked god that you would any

conceit in our minds as believers any

arrogance in our hearts that you would

just strip it away lord and that you

would allow

you would help us allow you holy spirit

to have

oh lord to just be given the heart that

you have for your people god

i just thank you for your presence here

i ask that your presence will come into

every room ever every person listening

lord jesus oh lord jesus and i just

ask that if there’s any person listening

and i know this is from you god if

there’s any person listening right now

who is not either not connected to that

root who is a branch that has either not

been a part of of the vine or who is not

getting their life from the vine right

now god that you would just remind them

of your love not only for them god

but remind them of the love that you

want to work through them

for your people in jesus name

in jesus name

amen and as you heard me share

a little earlier

about the sunflower prophecy

i know

that the glory started the greater glory

started in israel

i know that because it started in israel

it went to the four corners of the earth

through the jewish people

and i know

that this

increased greater glory

is going to

come from israel again when that glory


we are going to see

the greatest harvest of souls

it’s to the jew first

that’s the biblical principle in

scripture that paul operated that and he

was an apostles of the gentiles to the

jew first

and then the four corners of the earth

and you and i are witnessing history


to the sunflower