When our thinking is wrong, our decisions and circumstances will reflect it. In his book, Kingdom Thinking, Joe Joe Dawson challenges you to confront the negative thought patterns that keep you from living your life to the fullest in God.

How would you like
to learn ancient secrets

from the church fathers
to know your purpose

from your book of life?


SR: Hello.
I’m here with Joe Joe Dawson,

and, Joe Joe, is everyone
from Texas like you?

JD: Unfortunately not,

but I’m trying to get them there
as quick as I possibly can.

SR: I’m sure.

Look, Joe Joe was raised Baptist
but at age 20,

something really changed
in his life. What happened?

JD: Well, I started going
to a spirit-filled church

just to be on their church
softball team,

and they said I had to make
three services in a row

which was a revival service,
and so I went to revival Monday,

Tuesday, and Wednesday,
and then the evangelist said,

“Who wants to be filled
with the Holy Spirit

where there’s evidence
of speaking in tongues?”

SR: Did you go out
the back door then?

JD: No, sir. I had

– I wanted to play softball,
so I had to stay.

SR: Oh, okay.

JD: So everybody in the church
ran to the front but me.

Well, I didn’t want
to look like an oddball,

so I ran up to the front,

and then he went
in his Pentecostal voice

and said that again:

“Do you want to be filled
with the Holy Spirit

by the evidence
speaking in tongues?”

I said, “Sir, I’m Baptist.

I have no idea
what you’re talking about.”

He said,
“Do you want more of God?”

And I said, “Yes, sir.”

He laid hands on me.
Nothing happened.

But the next day,
I was working at a car lot

in the middle of the summer
in Texas,

and the Holy Spirit hit me.
I started speaking in tongues,

so I locked myself
in a car for 2 hours,

and I did say it was the middle
of the Texas in the summer.

Sweat was pouring out of me,

and I started
speaking in tongues

and couldn’t stop for hours.

SR: Were you afraid?

JD: Well, I kind of

was a little bit.

I got bilingual.
I didn’t have to take a class.

I was just bilingual
just like that,

but the thing was,
I felt the power

and the presence of God
on my life,

and I knew that
there was more.

SR: Okay, the most important
message that God has shown you,

you have a passion,

and everyone, that’s you,
understands this. Why?

Because it transformed his life,
his thinking, his marriage,

his business, his health,
everything, everything,

just the way the Bible says.
What is your passion?

JD: My passion is
the Kingdom of God.

For so long, I didn’t understand
fully the Bible

and Christianity
to a full degree.

I would read
all these scriptures,

and I didn’t understand
everything about them,

and I would ask the Lord,

You’ve given me
all these prophetic words.

How am I going to steward
these prophetic words?”

And then all of a sudden,

I just started
understanding the scriptures.

I understand
with a Kingdom mindset.

See, I was trying to figure
out scriptures and messages

people had preached
with a natural mindset,

but we serve a supernatural God,
and God started teaching me

about the scriptures
with the kingdom mindset

and that living
a supernatural lifestyle

should actually be normal,

and we should make
the impossible possible.

SR: Now, you’re a pastor.

You have a congregation.
Can everyone watching us now,

the people in your congregation,
are they able to do what you do?

JD: Yes, sir,

and over the past few months
what I’ve noticed is,

our church
is growing spiritually

as I’m teaching
the kingdom mindset

and things about
the Kingdom of God.

Other people are also
starting to teach this,

and our church as a whole,

we’re getting
a greater revelation,

and it’s just not
our church, Mr. Sid.

All across America
and the nations of the world,

people are going
to start understanding,

adapting to and adopting
the kingdom mindset

because the church world
has to change.

We have to think kingdom.

We have to start stewarding
the prophetic words

over our life,
over our cities, our states,

our nations and our marriages
and our businesses.

SR: Now I’m going
to provoke you to jealousy.

Tell me two recent supernatural
experiences you’ve had.

JD: Okay. Probably
about a few weeks ago,

I was getting ready to walk
into my church one day,

and I literally saw
two angels

pouring like a vase of oil
over our church,

and the Lord said,

“Pray, and get ready
for the supernatural.”

So the next week,
I walked in one day,

and I took three steps
inside of our foyer,

and I go in there
for 6 a.m.

prayer, and the Lord said,
“I’m waiting.”

And I looked at my watch.
I said, “Well, I’m not late.”

And so I walked
into the sanctuary,

and I prayed
for about 20 minutes,

and then, Mr. Sid,
I saw five angels,

and they looked bored.
And so I asked the Lord.

I said, “God, why are
these angels looking bored?”

And the Lord said,
“Because people, for years,

they’ve prayed for revival,
outpouring and awakening,

and they’ve asked for help.

I’ve sent help, but now they’re
not doing anything with them.”

And I said,
“God, what angels are these?”

And the Lord said, “These are
angels of breakthrough,

and they are ready
to be dispatched,

and they are ready
to move and operate

and for the reason
that they were created for.”

SR: And you heard something
from God about what’s coming.

What did you hear?

JD: Yes, sir.
The next day, I walked in.

I got five steps in our foyer,

and I heard the Lord say,
“Greater is coming.”

I dropped everything
in my hands.

I ran straight
into the sanctuary,

and I started praying,

and the Lord was speaking to me
about greater is coming.

Now, that is
for our lives personally.

That is in our churches,

Everything that we have
in our lives,

every area,
greater is coming.

Why is a kingdom mindset
so important?

Because people, their only limit
they have in life

is their mindset.
There’s no limit to God.

There’s no limit
to the Kingdom of God,

but people
are limiting theirself

because of their thinking.

SR: Say this because
it came from Heaven.

Greater is coming
in my life.

Greater is coming
in my marriage.

Greater is coming between my
relationship with my children.

Greater is coming
in my finances.

Greater is coming
in my health.

There’s a presence
of God on that.

JD: Yes, and this is exactly
what I did that day I went in,

and I yelled from
the top of my lungs,

“I’m going to make a fresh
declaration and decree.

Greater is coming,”
then I said,

“Greater is coming to my
personal walk with the Lord.

Greater is coming
to my marriage.

Greater is coming
to my childrens’ lives.

Greater is coming to our church,
our church finances.

Greater is coming
to my personal businesses.

Greater is coming
to our ministries,”

and, friends,
as soon as I said that,

one thing right after
another started happening,

and every single declaration
and decree

that I said,
something happened to it. Why?

Because I don’t have a limit.
Our God is limitless.

The Kingdom of Heaven
is limitless.

Why should we limit God?

With the Kingdom mindset,
receive this word:

Greater is coming to everything
you put your hands to,

and everything
you’ve been called to.


SR: Speaking of greater,

the greater glory
that the Bible talks about

has come into his congregation.
Tell us what’s going on.

JD: I remember a few months ago,

I was speaking, and it’s almost
like a fog was in the place.

Well, the next week
as I started to minister,

there was a blanket of the glory
that started to come down,

and that blanket started
to fall upon the people,

and the longer
the service would go,

the heavier it got,
and then you said, “Wow, Lord.

Is this how things are about
to be in this day and age,

that a blanket of glory
is going to fall?”

And every minister that
ministers in our church says,

“There’s something special here
that I don’t see

in other places.”

It’s kind of funny, but visitors
usually sit on the back row

right by the door,
and I’ve asked some people,

“Why did you just sit on
the first chair available?”

And they said,
“We couldn’t walk any further,”

and said they would walk in,
and they would sit down,

and before service started,
before –

We start off with prayer.

They said, “Before service came,
I got three prophetic words,

and I got a healing,

and God gave me
two people to minister to.”

People are always telling me
as soon as they walk in,

they start receiving
prophetic words.

They start receiving
their healings.

SR: How about businessmen?

They get ideas in the atmosphere
at the greater glory.

JD: Yes, sir.
I’m an entrepreneur,

and we have a lot
of entrepreneurs in our church,

and I tell them,
“If you need an idea,

we don’t deal with good things.
We only deal with God ideas.”

We’ll be sitting there
in service,

and somebody will be like

– And then all of a sudden,
they’ll write it down.

You’ll be sitting there,
and somebody will get it,

and I’ll just point at them:
“You just got it.

You just realized
what the Lord said.”

And one time, I even said,

“I want everybody to pray
that’s a business owner.

God will give you clarity
right now for a business idea.

You’ve been seeking the Lord.

You may have been praying
and fasting.

You will receive the clarity
for your business today.”

And when that day was over,

three businessmen came up
and said,

“I got my answer
in the service today.”


SR: What about the pastors?

Now, this will be hard
for you to believe,

that sneak into the back row
of Joe Joe’s congregation

and don’t listen
to a word he’s saying?

They have a notepad or an iPad,

and they write down revelation
from God for their messages.

That is –
Does it bother you

that they don’t listen
to a word you’re saying?

JD: I absolutely love it
because it’s not about me.

This is the Kingdom mindset,
Mr. Sid,

and people are going
to understand this.

I had one evangelist, and they
show up about twice a year

to our revival services
to get their messages,

and they say, “When I come in,
God gives me the titles,

and I start writing
these messages down

because there’s an open Heaven,”

and when there’s an open Heaven,
they get fresh revelation.

And I tell them, “Our services
are not the best spiritual time

I have during the week.

It’s my private time
with the Lord.”

And then I teach them,
“If you can cultivate this

at your house
in your private prayer room,

you can have a greater
experience by yourself.”

But when they come in,
I teach them

how to create this greater glory
even in their own homes.

And what I’m so excited about,

I actually had him
specifically do this.

Many people talk
about what happens

in their private prayer time,
but they don’t know how to.

I’m going to tell you.
I’m from the school, “Tell me

A, B, C, and I’ll do it.”
He did that.

Are they going to get
the same results

that you get if they follow
your instructions?

JD: Yes, sir, 100 percent.
He’s no respecter of person.

What I do is, I go in
every morning, Mark 1:35,

“Jesus got up early
in the morning

and went to a solitary place
where He prayed.”

Good enough for Jesus,
good enough for Joe Joe.

So I do that every day,
and I’ve been doing it

for about 25, 26 years,

and when I go in there,
He starts speaking to me.

Now, here is the neat thing,
Mr. Sid.

When we lay our lives
down on the altar,

the Lord finds us
simply irresistible,

a fragrance unto Him,

and if people will spend
that time with Him every day,

it will change
the outcome of their life

and everybody they come
in contact with.

SR: They are seeing
miracles that are amazing.

Tell me about the lady that was
paralyzed from the waist down.

JD: I was preaching for
a good friend of mine

right down the road,
and we got into altar,

and a few people had got saved.
People rededicated their life,

and then the pastor
called me up front,

and he said, “Hey, this young
lady, she’s engaged.

She had an accident,

and she is a vegetable
from the waist down.”

They said she would never walk,

never have feeling
and never move her legs,

and the Holy Spirit spoke to me,
and this is very powerful.

The Lord said,

“Just don’t lay hands
and see her healed. Teach.”

And I said, “Okay.”
I said, “Ma’am, they said

you can never have
feeling in your legs.”

She said, “Correct.”
I said, “Right now,

have feeling in your legs
in the Name of Jesus.”

She said, “My legs are on fire!
My legs are on fire!”

I said, “It’s the healing power
of Jesus, but Jesus- ”

and everybody started
yelling and shouting,

and I said,
“Whoa! That’s not it.”

I said, “Move your legs
in the Name of Jesus.”

She started moving her legs,
and everybody started shouting,

and I said,
“Hey, we’re not done.

Jesus didn’t go to the cross
for just that.”

I said, “Now, get up and walk.”
And I said, “Hang on.

You’re wearing
about 4-inch stilettos.

How can a lady
even walk in those?

This is going to be
a real miracle.”

So the pastor and her fiancé
helped her up,

and she took five baby steps.

They said a few weeks later,
she walked in with a cane.

Did you know?
They asked me back a year later,

and the young man who went
with me pointed her out,

and he said,
“Hey, I know that girl.”

And I said,
“That’s the young lady

that got out of the wheelchair.”

He said, “I was the assistant
to the doctors

and the physical therapists,
and they all said,

“This young lady has zero
percent chance to ever walk,

have feeling or to move
her legs again,”

and then guess what happened?

They sent me a picture
a year later.

She was dancing at her wedding.

SR: Ah, that is so wonderful,

but you know what is even
more wonderful than that?

When everyone gets healed.
Tell me quickly about that.

JD: I was preaching

at a conference
for a friend of mine,

and halfway through the altar,
the Lord said,

“I want to heal everybody.”

So I just said, “Hey, God
wants to heal everybody.

If y’all want to start
this party right,

let’s start off with the blind
and the deaf.”

That’s how you start it, right?

And so they walked up,
and one guy said,

“Oh, I’m blind
in my left eye.”

And I said, “Man, you quit
lying in church.”

And so we prayed for him,
and I said, “Read this Bible,”

and we covered up his good eye.

He started reading,
and then the next lady came up,

and she said,
“I’m deaf in one ear.”

And I said, “Are you?”

She said, “I don’t have
anything in my head.”

I said, “Well, that’s what
your friend said,”

but, and so –
I was joking with her,

and so we made her
cover up her good ear.

We walked to the back
of the church

and talked at a regular voice,
“Creative miracle,”

and she heard,
and then guess what happened?

Revival started breaking out.
I sat on the back row,

and then they started
looking for the guest minister,

and I was sitting
on the back row.

I love it because when the end
of healing service happens,

they’ll always find me
on the back row,

and I have them laying hands
and praying for one another

and seeing each other healed.

SR: How would you like
to operate in this Kingdom glory

just like Joe Joe,
even better?

You can.
It starts with one thing, next.



>> We’ll be back to
“It’s Supernatural!”

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SR: Now, Joe Joe says

he flat doesn’t understand

how people can walk and
sense frustration and fear today

because he has heard
what the Lord is saying.

Joe Joe,
what is the Lord saying?

Let’s be realistic.

These people are walking,
many in frustration and fear.

JD: Yes, sir.

I’m going to say probably
four times over the last year,

the Lord has spoke to me loud
and clear in prayer and said,

“I’m doing more
behind the scenes

than you could
ever even imagine.”

I got so excited
when I heard that

because there’s so much going on
especially in the news,

and people are walking
in fear and frustration,

but out of my
early-morning prayer time,

the Lord encourages me
so much

that I am walking in
an excitement and a joy,

and when I go to stores
and restaurants

and different places,

people are scared,
and they’re fearful.

I’m like, “Guys, you’re living
out of a natural mindset.

I have talked
to the Lord today.

He’s not saying anything
that you’re talking about.

He’s talking about,
He’s about to do greater.

He’s about to move
in a mighty way, and

He’s working more
behind the scenes

than any of us could
ever imagine in our nation

and also in our lives and in
the nations of the world.”

SR: Tell people exactly
what you just said,

but make it personal to
the person watching right now.

JD: You know, when you’re
walking through situations

and circumstance
and fear creeps in,

and you’re looking at
all of the natural things,

you’ve got to stop
and remember this:

Our God is a supernatural God.
All throughout the gospels,

it talks about how things
are impossible with man

but possible with God.

They’re easy for Him,
so this is what I do,

and this is what I want you
to start doing.

When something happens to you,

understand it
doesn’t happen to you.

It happens for you.

The devil never goes to battle
where there’s no spoils.

There’s a reason something
happened, and understand this,

that you are going to
gain greater because of it.

So when something
comes against you, say,

“Lord, what are
You really doing?”

Somebody comes against you
and says something about you,

say, “God, why did
they really say that?”

And He will speak to you
something supernaturally

from the Kingdom that doesn’t
make any natural sense,

and it will shift your mindset

and the way that you view
and see everything.

You talk about Kingdom power.

Where does this power come from?
You operate in it.

How can we operate
in that Kpower?

JD: It comes from the Lord.

I love Ephesians 6:10.
It says, “Stand victorious

with your life union
with Jesus Christ,

and let this explosive power
work in you first.”

God wants to do it in you.

Then He wants to do it
through you.

Also, Luke 10:19, it says,

“Behold, I’ve given you
power and authority.”

The reason most people
don’t walk in it

is because they haven’t
truly identified theirself

as a son or daughter
of the most high God.

I know I’m a son of God.

I know what He has
called me to do,

and I’m not going
to fall short,

and I’m going to walk in that
power all the days of my life.

And as you explained earlier,

in Matthew 6:6,

“Your secret place
is your secret.”

Talk a little bit about that.

JD: In my opinion,

that is the most personal
scripture in all of the Bible.

“But you, when you go to your
place of prayer, shut your door,

and your Father who sees in this
secret will reward you openly.”

Eight times, it says, “you”
or “your,”

which means it’s very personal.

Our walk with God is based on
how much time and energy

and effort we put into it.
God wants to spend time with us

more than we want
to spend time with God.

I go in with an expectation.
Now, I’m really excited.

I’m a morning person,
a daytime person,

a nighttime person.
I’m just always excited,

but I go in there and sometimes,
I’ll yell at the top-

– see, my wife says
I don’t have a quiet time.

She says I have a loud time.

And so I go into prayer,
and I’ll be like, “God, whatever

You want to tell me today,
I’m ready.

My expectation
is through the roof, Lord.”

God will not miss
a daily appointment with you,

and when we realize
that the King of the universe

wants to meet with us,

it changes the way
that we view our time with Him.

I don’t go into prayer
looking for the answer.

I go to seek
His face, and when I seek

His face, I receive
His hand of blessing, and

He just starts
dropping things upon me.

I don’t go in
and ask for things, but

He starts giving me different
ideas and visions

for ministries and business.
That’s why we thrive

in everything
that we’ve been called to do.

SR: We all understand
positive thinking,

but there is a positive
thinking in the Kingdom.

It’s called Kingdom thinking.

Why is this so important,
Kingdom thinking?

JD: You know, I was thinking
about what Heaven is like.

I bet there’s no negativity
in Heaven.

I bet there’s no excuses
in Heaven,

so why should we have negativity
and excuses here on Earth?

When the Word says, “Seek ye
first the Kingdom of God,”

that’s what I seek first,

and when I do that, I get super
excited just like Matthew 6:10.

In one translation, it says,

“Lord, manifest
your Kingdom realm.”

I don’t want to miss a thing,

so I’m always looking
for the positive.

Philippians 4:8, it says, “Think
upon the things that are good,

that are noble, that are just,
that are praiseworthy.

Meditate on these things.”
So that’s all I focus on,

how everything in my life
can go right, and I never think,

“Well, what if God
doesn’t come through?”

He’s never failed me, Mr. Sid,
so I always think,

“Oh, He’s going to come through,

and He’s going to come through
in an amazing way.”

SR: Proverbs 23:7 is
very important

in the way
you conduct your life.

JD: It’s really simple.
“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Now, the Bible
talks about King David.

He encouraged himself daily.
Mr. Sid, I talk to myself.

Now, don’t answer back,
but I talk to myself every day.

I wake up, and I say,
“Joe Joe Dawson,

you are going to have
a blessed day,”

and then I start making
declarations over myself

because I think
every single day,

God is going to bless me

physically, emotionally,
financially but also, I say,

“Lord, let me bless somebody
financially today.”

And so I always think
that my day

is going to be
the best day of my life.

SR: Someone that says,

“I want to find
my purpose in life,”

what do you say to them?

I say, “Find your secret place.”

There was a time in my life

when I really tried
to find my purpose

and who I was with the Lord,
and I couldn’t find it,

but when I just quit
all of that,

and I gave up on that,
and I just went after the Lord,

I found everything I was
looking for plus some.

That’s what you have to do:

Find your purpose

by having your own experiential
revelation knowledge of God.

Say this prayer with me
right now out loud:

“Dear God, I’m a sinner.
I’m so sorry.

I believe Jesus died
for my sins

and because of His blood,
my slate is wiped clean.

And now that I’m clean,
I am suitable for God,

the Creator of the universe,
to live inside of me.

Jesus, come inside of me.
Be my Lord and Savior. Amen.”