Ross Johnston shares a now word for California and the rest of the United States…

my guest boss Johnston was artificially

inseminated raised by two lesbian

parents Ross if you can make it anyone

can make it what is going to be the

Difference Maker we’ve seen the best

moves of the devil what’s about ready to

happen in 24 the glory of God is the

only solution for where we’re at in

America we are living on the moment of

the hinge of history in America the

nations of the earth if you don’t

understand the story line of God you’ll

never understand the storyline of your

own life all we can do is look at this

one man Jesus and we say you are the

king of glory we pray right now for the

spirit of wisdom and Revelation to

reveal the father Heart Of God we

declare the father’s embrace the heart

and love of the father to become the

greatest reality over your lives if you

would say yes to God today get past the

apathy the disappointment the things

that didn’t go your way and say God I

want everything you have for me I am all

in I’m sold out for you he will take

your life to places that you never could

imagine welcome Holy Spirit go and flow

is there any hope for this Lost

Generation not just the gay community

but the community that’s like you were

gave no thought to Jesus to God has the

Lord shown you something about the

coming greater glory well so interesting

you ask that Sid because when I was

praying into 2024 immediately in that

moment Psalm 24 flashed in front of my

eyes and Psalm 24 talks about the king

of glory and so as I was kind of

pondering this in my heart the Lord

reminded me of a dream I had two years

ago where I saw the state of California

half red half blue which was showing

there was a division among the people

and then all of the sudden I had this

thought what do the colors red and blue

combined to make and they make the color

purple and what does purple signify it

signifies Glory Majesty his presence and

so I believe Sid in regards to the glory

that the glory of God is the only

solution for where we’re at in

California in America you see when the

glory of God becomes manifest every

everything else goes out the door

preference goes out the door

denominationalism goes out the door and

all we can do is look at this one man

Jesus and we say you are the king of

glory and so I believe Sid that the

glory of God will be released in 2024 in

a measure that maybe we’ve never

experienced before today you you lead a

Ministry that does what the gospel says

we’re supposed to do you go beyond the

four walls of the church church we are

carriers of God’s presence and we’re

carriers of the Gospel which is the only

message that has the power to set

somebody free I was in an lgbtq family

that had never heard or spoke the name

of Jesus ever before I’m even thinking

of this incredible testimony where I was

preaching the gospel at a gathering

there was a girl in the crowd who is

literally living a transgender lesbian

lifestyle she did not want to be there a

friend dragged her there she came up to

me and told me the story she said I

walked into the building and as badly as

I wanted to leave I could not leave she

said I heard your testimony Ross and I

heard you share the gospel and

immediately I started weeping and I ran

to the front where God delivered me from

this spirit and literally within a

matter of hours Sid she went from living

a transgender lifestyle to becoming a

born again Christian who is now on fire

for God and in a bible school and so I

share these testimonies to let you know

no it’s really simple would we be

willing to open our mouth and share the

gospel that has the power to set free a

human life and a human soul there was a

a beginning prophetic dream tell me

about that dream well in 2020 many of us

don’t like to remember this but it was a

crazy year in America and in the Nations

and I remember I had just come back to

God because I actually walked away from

him for a few years and the Holy Spirit

said if you don’t stand now you never

will and so I remember I went to a few

Revival meetings I met this guy by the

name of Joel and we started to feel this

burning desire to see California see

Revival because there’s been so many

massive moves of God in the Golden State

and so as we’re in this season a dream

comes to us from a friend from a prophet

and in this dream Jesus appears I want

those type of Dreams by the way where

Jesus appears I do

too and so Jesus appears to our friend

in the dream he brings him to the water

and he says

do you hear the sound of the water and

instantly in that moment Jesus then says

the ground or the battle in California

has been prepared the victory has

already been won and now is the time for

The Rains of my spirit and as soon as

Jesus said this a massive tsunami wave

from the Pacific Ocean crashed over the

shore and he knew in that dream that

that was symbolic of a wave of God’s

presence touching California and all the

way across the nation of America so this

dream comes to us and we say you know

what if we’ve learned anything from our

spiritual fathers of L angle and mondo

Matthews and these amazing fathers in

the faith we’re going to do the dream

and so that’s where it all started for

us in California tell me about the

people that got saved and they were on

the way to a satanic sacrifice yeah so

we heard this testimony after the

Gathering when we do our Gatherings we

do open air warship worship gospel

baptisms healing everything that the

Great Commission tells us to do and I

remember as I was preaching the gospel I

looked to my left and I see this couple

and I knew immediately that they weren’t

with us in the beginning of the

Gathering and so when I preach the

gospel they’re the first two people to

respond and right after that moment

happens somebody on our team comes up to

me and says Ross I just prayed and

talked to this couple right before they

responded to the gospel and they told us

that they were on their way to a satanic

Gathering a Satanic ritual they heard

the worship music they stopped and then

they heard the gospel and said you know

what we’re going to surrender Our Lives

to Jesus and this happened in the

tenderloin District in San Francisco one

of the most chaotic and darkest places

in all of America it was such a

significant moment at these gatherings

how many usually are there so like you

like you asked we started with a few

hundred people at these gatherings and

then when we started you know a few

years ago we weren’t even trying to

start a Ministry said I had never

preached a day in my life they said

who’s going to preach the gospel and I

just lifted my hand and I said I will

why why did you why what why did you

lift your hand I had never had an issue

with communicating publicly but in this

season of 2020 and 2021 where there was

so much tension in America I literally

knew that this was the moment that I was

was born for and I knew that God had

literally crafted me and created me for

such a time as this and so I felt this

pull in my heart to say you know what

it’s time for me to use my voice and so

that’s what shifted everything for me we

had this crazy idea where I like to say

like this S I was like man what if we

shut down Hollywood Boulevard and I was

laughing but God wasn’t and so we showed

up at Hollywood Boulevard in July of

2023 and

2,000 people showed up right there in

front of the Walk of Fame in front of

the Chinese Theater 115 documented

salvations 38 baptism

in the church in California proved that

we are alive we are active and that God

is moving in the Golden State tell me

about your early Family Life yeah so it

starts on day one right Sid I was born

by artificial insemination in the city

of Los Angeles and the reason for that

is my mom was living a lesbian lifestyle

and so I remember I asked her mom you

know how was I born how was I created

what was that process and you know back

in her time she said she went to a phone

book opened it up and found a lab walked

into the lab and said hey I want to be

impregnated I want to be inseminated

they gave her a donor list or a lineup

of about 10 men she chose one they

inseminated her and I was here 9 months

later just out of

curiosity why did she want to have a

child you know it’s really interesting I

actually asked her recently because I I

wanted to know that question as well and

she said Ross ever since I was a young

girl I’ve always had this desire to have

children but she was around 33 years old

and she started thinking oh my gosh you

know my body clock is ticking if I’m

going to have a child it has to be soon

and so that’s what really pushed her to

come to this place of saying listen I

might not have a child the way that God

designed but I’m GNA have a child and so

that’s what led her to ultimately being

inated I only know be by what I read but

I’m told uh there is a propensity in

people that are gay to have huge father

issues in their life um did you have a

father issue by being raised by two

lesbians yeah I mean I always say it

like this said I love my mom she’s been

such a phenomenal mom but when you don’t

walk in the design of God you can’t walk

in the blessing of God and so the

reality is I didn’t have an actual

father ever in the house and so I began

to op operate out of an orphan Spirit

where I had a good life good grades good

in school but yet I never felt like

anybody actually knew Ross like there

was a father void in the depth of my

soul that I had all the way until the

time I was saved I want you to pray um

the biggest need is not just within the

gay community I think the biggest need

is for people that have had father

wounds that is kind of

interfering with their full relationship

with Father God is this something that

you have passion to pray for people

absolutely because sometimes what

happens unfortunately is due to a lack

of a father or not a good father we then

think God is like that right and I say

it like this Sid God is not just a good

father he’s a perfect father and

unfortunately many of us none of us have

experienced a perfect father outside of

God and so let’s just pray right now is

that what you want me to to do s would

you mind if I pray yeah awesome so Lord

we pray right now for the spirit of

wisdom and Revelation to reveal the

father Heart Of God right now and I just

declare over every person watching or

listening that the orphan spirit that

has tried to grip your life would leave

right now in jesus’ name and never come

back and so we declare the father’s

Embrace that even as you’re in your car

in your house wherever you’re at right

now that from the top of your head to

the souls of your feet you would

actually begin to experience the

Manifest presence in love of God so Holy

Spirit be released right now touch

Hearts touch minds and touch bodies and

so we declare the heart and love of the

father to become the greatest reality

over your life starting today in Jesus

name today

you you you have become a normal

believer which many people would call

radical I would call it biblically

normal you’ve become a normal believer

do you

remember or was there a first time you

thought about God you thought about

Jesus uh how did that come into the

picture even yeah well I mean growing up

in our household we weren’t anti-god

it’s just we had never had a

conversation about God I mean I had

literally I had never been to a church

never heard a worship song never heard a

z a sermon I mean zero grid for God and

so I remember I was 15 years old a

friend said hey do you want to come to

church I said absolutely I had nothing

to lose I’m sitting in the back row and

for the first time in my life S I felt

the presence of God now at the time I

didn’t know what that was but now

looking back at it I actually felt the

presence of God I went home that night

and I remember having my first ever

conversation or dialogue with God and

really what I was saying as I I look

back on it now is God please don’t let

me be a good person who reads a good

book and goes to a good church God I

have to know you and so the next week

after I had that moment in my room the

pastor says do you want to give your

life to Jesus I raise my hand become

born again and now I was a Christian and

did your mother have an opinion on that

well it’s really interesting because in

the beginning I was too young to drive

so guess who had to drive me to

church so my mom would drive me to

church go back home and then come pick

me up and you know the thing I love

about my mom she has never once come

against me she’s only supported my faith

and that’s been such an encouragement to

me and so it’s a really unique situation

because when you think of the church in

the lgbtq community you typically think

of this big gap and a ton of tension

when in my case in my circumstances my

mom was never against it she just never

personally engaged with Jesus you’ve

become a a wonderful teacher of the word

I see your passion I see your your heart

for God I feel just like you felt the

presence of God that first time you

walked into a church I feel that same

presence of God on you as we’re talking

right now is there one teaching right

now that is achieving the best results

when you speak absolutely there’s

something that I really feel the Breath

of God and the Holy Spirit breathing on

in this season and what that is is so

many times in our culture and in the

world we live in today we’ve been taught

or sometimes we even believe that it is

normal to rebel against God but I’ve had

this thought beginning to be birthed

inside of me where it’s actually more

normal and it’s in our design to instead

of rebelling against God and obeying the

devil that we rebel against the devil

and obey God and so I always challenge

and encourage people if there’s anything

you could give your life to that’s worth

every single moment of your life it’s

coming into relationship with God and

saying you know what devil I’ve lived

long enough for you I’ve served you long

enough all you’ve done is left me empty

I’m coming home to the father I’m coming

home to the one who loves me and created

me and formed me in my mother’s womb we

hear the word gospel we read the b word

gospel in the New Testament

briefly what if you were to explain what

the gospel is how would you explain it I

like to say it like this when I start

with the gospel if you don’t understand

the storyline of God you’ll never

understand the storyline of your own

life and so what the gospel is it’s the

greatest story in all of mankind where

God creates the heavens and the Earth he

creates man there’s no separation but

then unfortunately one day sin enters

the world and God separates from man not

because he hates you but because he’s

holy and he can’t have a relation

relationship with somebody that is not

holy like himself and so then we see he

sends his most prized possession the one

he loves the most his very own son Jesus

Jesus comes to the Earth was he fully

God absolutely but he was also fully man

he felt pain he felt emotion he felt

every single thing that you and I have

ever felt and one day he was actually

hung on a cross real nails went through

his hands real blood came out of his

body and when he died on that cross he

became the perfect sacrifice for every

single person’s sin and mistakes and so

now when we surrender Our Lives to Jesus

we get free of sin we get free of trauma

we get free of everything that has tried

to grip our lives but not only that the

story didn’t end we know he rose from

the dead and sent his holy spirit to the

Earth and so every single person who

comes into relationship with Jesus

receives the Holy Spirit forgiveness of

sins and has access back to God it’s the

greatest story of all man can well

you’re talking to a lot of people a lot

of Believers a lot of

non-believers uh a lot of people that

just don’t like my Ministry or

watching and that but they don’t know

God the way you know God the way I know

God the way many of my guests know God

could you lead us in a prayer to know

God that each one watching that needs to

know him see there are a lot of people

that believe in him but there’s a

difference between believing him and

knowing him it’s a difference between

day and night it’s a drastic difference

it’s the difference between I believe

life and death here’s what’s incredible

about God he didn’t make us do a crazy

religious ritual to come into a

relationship with him he kept it simple

the Bible says that if you would confess

with your mouth and believe in your

heart that Jesus is Lord and rose from

the dead you will be say and so if

you’re somebody watching and you’re

saying you know what maybe I don’t have

it all figured out maybe I don’t have

the best background maybe I didn’t have

the best family well guess what God

loves you he created you and he sent his

son for you and so if that’s you and

you’re saying I’m tired of living for

myself I’m tired of living for the world

I’m tired of living for everything but

God just say this prayer after us just

say Jesus Jesus I Surrender my life to

you I Surrender my life to you I believe

I believe believe you are the Son of God

you are the Son of God you rose from the

dead you rose from the dead for me for

me and I repent and I repent and I turn

and I turn from all my sin from all my

sins from this day forward from this day

forward I receive you into my heart I

receive you into my heart and make you

my lord and make you my lord and just

say this last thing Holy Spirit Holy

Spirit fill me fill me Holy Spirit Holy

Spirit fill me with power fill me with

power in Jesus name in Jesus name amen

amen you know and you’ve I’m not going

to let you go till you pray one more

prayer there are people struggling with

gender identity there are even people

that know the

truth but there’s such a hold on them

that they go back and forth even though

they know the

truth can you pray for those people

right now the Bible says that who the

sun sets free is free indeed and that

where the spirit of the Lord is there is

freedom I want you to know we’re going

to pray right now but you’re not just

going to be free for today you’re going

to be free for the rest of your life

through the Holy Spirit and so father I

pray right now in Jesus name for any

Spirit of confusion to leave every

person listening and watching and we

declare the spirit of lust I command you

to go right now and I just say let

Clarity and peace and identity come upon

your heart and mind right now in the

name of Jesus would you see who you

really are through Christ so father we


freedom freedom right now from the top

of your head to the souls of your feet

your mind your thoughts your emotions be

restored come into alignment with the

will of heaven right now and so the last

thing I pray is that the Lord would show

you who you are and whose you are in

Jesus name I want you to pray for people

with any kind of pain physical pain in

their body right now awesome well the

Bible says that you receive all the

promises of God by one simp Simple Thing

faith and every person who came to Jesus

was healed and so we declare right now

in jesus’ name we release healing over

every single person watching and

listening healing in your body healing

in your mind healing in your bloodstream

healing in your nervous system healing

in your brain so we just declare the

healing power of the Holy Spirit to be

released right now signs Miracles and

wonders be done in the name of Jesus

Jesus said be healed so we speak to you

and we speak to your body and we say be

healed in Jesus name and while he was

praying actually even before I heard

this there are people viewing right now

that have back BAC K

problems pain if that’s you I’m speaking

to you God himself is releasing his

healing he gets gets the praise he gets

the glory from this if you have a any

sort of pain in your back I uh or

hip uh or neck any pain there especially

I heard backs so clearly but uh it’s

it’s any region in your body stand up

right now if you’re driving please don’t

pull over and then stand up and bend

over move your body shoulder pain it’s

gone I even hear people are being healed

in their prostate area right now in

jesus’ name and I’m seeing fingers like

you have arthritic fingers bend them

you’ll see the pain is gone Ross is

there one thing more that you would have

liked me to ask you and I didn’t ask you

that you’d like to

share yeah all I would say is I truly

believe believe we are living on the

moment of the hinge of history in

America and the nations of the earth and

there’s only sometimes when people look

at certain Christians lives they go man

I want to burn for God I want to do

great things for God and this phrase has

been dropped in my spirit that sometimes

the only difference between somebody

burning for God and somebody not is one

simple word the word yes if you would

say yes to God today get past the apathy

the disappointment the things that

didn’t go your way and say God I want

everything you have for me I am all in I

am sold out for you he will take your

life to places that you never could

imagine all right you just heard the

challenge by Ros by way of God that is

it’s a challenge from God himself at the

count of three I want everyone to say

that yees word yes one 2

three yes