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65 lb is it possible to instantly lose

65 lb my guest walks in what’s known as

the atmosphere of Heaven

24/7 and he says it’s possible for all

of us to walk in that rarified air of

Heaven his name Ryan Wyatt Ryan come on

now that’s a stretch I mean she actually

her pants were stretched when she tell

me what happened about this woman that

lost 65 lbs instantly yeah Sid it was

incredible I was I was preaching and the

glory cloud of God moved in literally a

purple Glory Cloud a little bit bigger

than a human head four of them rolled

into the meeting could you see this yes

in the back there were several others

anyone else see it this yes oh yeah all

all the people in that area of the of

the congregation that were sitting there

saw the glory Cloud it came and settled

over four people this lady was one of

them and the testimony was electricity

was going through her body and uh I

believe she had a thyroid problem and

she uh the fire of God was in her body

after the cloud had left 30 minutes

later she stood up and uh her pants

began to fall because of all the weight

that instantly came off uh another boy

was there the glory Cloud came over his

head that the dentist had accidentally

removed two permanent teeth adult teeth

thinking they were baby teeth so we had

two gaping holes there and when the

cloud lifted from him he stuck his

tongue in those two holes and he had two

brand new teeth in a moment in the glory

of God you know I’m hearing what you’re

saying and I’m visualizing what he

looked like as a teenager I mean you had

did you literally have a purple Mohawk

that was 12 in coming up in the air and

you wear a leather jacket with spikes uh

boots I I mean the whole deal what why

that was the crowd of friends that I

that I slipped into as a as a young

teenager I had the black leather jacket

the punk rocker this the spikes and the

patches and the combat boots and and

yeah and the Mohawk and I I was a wild

man very extreme but but you you were

with a youth group one day and you heard

for the first time I believe in your

life the audible voice of God absolutely

said I was uh 16 years old in the

mountains between Colorado and Wyoming

in the Big Horn mountains and I got

separated from the group it was a god

setup I I grew up in the mountains I

knew how to not get lost but I did and

uh I was out there for hours they went

down to to get Red Cross Red Cross said

there’s a storm coming uh he’ll never

make it you know we’ll come get his body

tomorrow they said there’s no hope and

uh we were at an elevation even in the

month of June where a massive snowstorm

was about to hit did you realize what

danger you were in I had no idea I had

at one point I had fallen into the river

and got so cold I began to how does

someone fall how do you fall into there

was a river that was like a snake

through the mountains winding through

and I I thought I had gotten around one

of those curves I’d take a shortcut and

uh I fell in and it was ice cold uh I I

began to lose feeling in in my my hands

and in my feet I began to enter into the

early surges of stages of hypothermia

and uh I finally got to the point where

I realized I’m not going to make it out

of here alive and uh I was in lukewarm

state with God I I was away from God I

had had a Salvation experience but had

drawn away from him and I finally out of

my mouth as I broke in tears in the

mountains uh out of my mouth came fine

God if you will save me I’ll give my

life to you in full-time Ministry and

suddenly was that a preconceived thought

about the full-time Ministry thing no it

came in in fact it scared me it came out

of my mouth and I thought oh my goodness

what did I just say and uh audibly in

the mountains I heard heard the Lord say

with in this tone he said okay just like

that and uh supernaturally the Lord

spoke to the youth group and told them

where to go they had been looking all

night they had given up they were all in

tears they thought they had lost me and

but when that moment came when I when I

surrendered to the Lord in the ministry

calling my life they found me

supernaturally they got me back to the

fire at the camp uh when we woke uh just

2 3 hours later there was over a foot of

snow on the ground I surely would have

died never would have made it out and

since that time you’ve

had not a normal Christian walk not a

religious Christian walk it’s closer to

the New Testament than what we call

religion why you wh why are you walking

in this realm and most other people are

walking in religion cuz I’m so hungry

Sid I mean I was served the religious

meal but I I can’t I can’t worship the

plastic Jesus uh I I I believe there’s a

real Jesus and I began to search with

all my heart I read the stories of the

of the Miracles the signs and the

wonders in the Bible about the Angelic

encounters about uh the intimate

encounters that that the men of God and

women of God would have with with God in

the Bible and I thought why can I not

have that today of Jesus is the same

yesterday today and forever and I just

began to stir up that hunger A desperate

hunger for God I I never became

disillusioned with the church I never

left the church I believe God loves the

church but in my own private life I just

said God I’ve I’ve got to have you

there’s got to be something more there’s

got to be something more and I’m I’m as

extreme now as I was when I had the

Mohawk you know but now it’s for god

well you you know as I read the Bible

all of these people had encounters with

God and as a result of these encounters

with God they were what the world calls

radical but what the Bible calls

normal let me ask you this question have

you seen a Angels oh yes have you had

Visions oh yes have you experienced the

presence of God absolutely and is this

available for everyone or just some

Superstar like you listen I’m I’m nobody

I mean God can raise up anybody in a

moment every single person who’s hungry

for him they come to the waters and

drink they cry out for God it’s

available for

everyone that means you you’re in

everyone I want you to get normal don’t

go away because there is a present on

presence on Ryan Wyatt that is going to

go right through the screen right now

don’t go away we’ll be right

back we’ll be right back to its

Supernatural we now return to its


Supernatural hello sidroth here welcome

to my world where it’s naturally

Supernatural I’m with Ryan Wyatt and

Ryan sounds exceptional but according to

the Bible he’s normal and he says

everyone he’s on a campaign to make

everyone normal well there was a a very

unusual normal event that happened to

you in a hotel room in Seattle you got

very very hot explain I’m telling you

it’s an event that changed my life I Was

preparing for a meeting like any other

day was going to go in and minister to

people and I said Lord what do you want

to do and suddenly the temperature in

the room changed within a second it got

very very warm I I went to the

thermostat to check it it wasn’t even on

and uh I began to feel the presence of

the Lord coming but it was like an awe

like oh my goodness this is different

than past encounters I’ve had before in

the past suddenly from around the corner

in my room Jesus Christ walked into my

hotel room he was Dripping with oil from

head to toe I saw him in the natural

tangible this wasn’t a vision this was

not a vision I’ve had visions and

encounters with with Jesus in the

Visionary real before this was in the

natural and he was Dripping with oil

from head to toe uh and he came up

towards me and stood next to me and said

the glory of God was was so intense I I

I could barely have the strength to stay

in my chair I was vibrating you know

from the inside out I was weeping

uncontrollably and the Lord spoke to me

and he said Ryan I’m pouring out the oil

of the Overcomers in this hour for those

who will position themselves in intimacy

with me and he said two things to me

that that have really kind of set the

tone for our whole Ministry and this is

why I have a call to raise up a

supernatural generation that are living

in this he said Ryan I’m desperately

hungry that I would have a people who

lay hold of their full inheritance he

took me to Ezekiel

44:28 where God was speaking to the

priesthood and he said I and I alone

have to be your inheritance you’re to

have no other possession in Israel for I

am to be your possession God wants to to

possess a generation and the second

thing he said was Ryan I am desperately

hungry that I would have my full

inheritance in my people and he took me

to Ephesians 3:1 it’s the first time I

ever realized that Jesus Christ’s

inheritance is completely tied up in his

in sons and daughters on the earth and

it says in Ephesians 3:10 that through

the church the manifold wisdom of God

all of who he is his power his glory his

character his love the supernatural

realm of all of who God is is to be put

on display through the church to the

principalities and powers of the air and

this is not for when we die and go to

heaven this is for now when Jesus came

to his disciples and said the Kingdom of

Heaven is at hand it didn’t leave when

Jesus left it’s at hand now these

encounters are available for an entire

generation I have your CD series called

how to bring Heaven to Earth in your

life as opposed to Superstars life

aren’t you interested on having heaven

on Earth Earth in your life when you

were teaching this tell me about the

person with that eardrum I was talking

about how the atmosphere of Heaven is at

hand right now just like there’s

hundreds of movie movies playing in the

room right now hundreds of radio

stations we just have to tune in with

the right receiver I was telling them in

the same way the Kingdom of Heaven is at

hand right now you have to tune in by

your belief by your faith your miracles

in the room angels are in the room right

now the presence of God is here right

now and that woman as I was preaching

she took that she took that word and

took it by faith she had no eardrums she

had a radical mastoid ectomy where they

cut behind your ear they take out all

the inner ear bones eardrops she had an

empty ear canal and it began to pop in

the atmosphere she would feel this

popping and when it would pop she’d hear

something for a few seconds and by the

end of the meeting it popped several

times and God gave her a brand new

eardrum right out of the the the realm

of Heaven that was in the room the realm

of the impossible moved in on her body

and gave her a brand new eardrum right

in that moment tell me one other miracle

that happened at that time that you were

teaching on this I was teaching on this

how to bring Heaven to Earth series and

there was a man uh that was there the

the doctors told him he had a disease of

his spine that was his spine was turning

into a fossil he had had it for 12 years

so much so that he had two little girls

he had never been able to stand up and

hold because of severe pain in his back

they said you’re going to be in a

wheelchair eventually and probably on a

bed and you’ll never walk again within

another couple years and in the

atmosphere I was talking about the Thee

the power of the Lord is present to heal

and he believed it like that woman he

took it by faith and his spine from from

his spine from the his neck all the way

down to his tailbone he said it went

snap crackle pop all the way down he

felt something leave his body for the

first time in 12 years all the pain left

him he went out in the hallway and wept

as he held his two girls for the first

time in his in their in their life he

stood up and held them now you told me

that when Jesus came came to you that he

wants his people to position themselves

for their full inheritance what does

that mean we we’re created as

multi-dimensional people we every human

being has a spirit we’re created to live

in two Realms at one time and every

believer you can either be like an

Elisha or a gesi Elisha looked at it’s

the Syrian Army and he said but there’s

more with us that are with them and he

saw the army of Heaven in between gesi

was ruled by fear he lived only in the

natural realm when we begin to position

our eles as Believers and get out of the

mind not not losing our mind but focus

our mind on Jesus and on his Spirit we

position oursel in that place our

spiritual senses begin to be awakened we

have spiritual senses the same way we

have seeing hearing smelling touching

tasting in the spirit God will awaken

those senses we can experience the

Kingdom of Heaven the realm of Jesus

that’s in the room even right now but

yet most Believers Never experience it

they never tap into it yet a real mature

son and daughter of God is someone who

experiences the supernatural realm the

same way they do the natural you know

when you walk into a room you don’t have

to tell yourself to smell you don’t have

to tell yourself to see you do it

naturally in the same way when we walk

into a room you know there’s words of

knowledge in the air there’s information

about people there’s there’s prophetic

Ministry there’s uh God will give you

insight into what’s going on in the room

what is what’s going on in the Heavenly

realm right now that coexists with us

right now in the natural realm it’s time

for you to get out of the audience

aren’t you bored with the same old same

old that’s because you’re being called

to be on stage this is your moment this

is a mentoring tool to equip you when we

come back Miracles are going to erupt

don’t go

away we’ll be right back to its

Supernatural we now return to its


hello Sid Roth here with Ryan Wyatt and

Ryan you’re doing what the Bible says

you’re supposed to do I’m Jewish you’re

provoking me to jealousy and oh is he

provoking me he told me about a period

where for months the presence of God was

so strong when you would go into

restaurants I mean and you weren’t doing

this on purpose in fact this was

probably the last thing you wanted right

to explain about the glory of God that

was on you and what was happening I tell

you we’ve got to become so hungry for

God that we don’t care what man thinks

and I began to cry out for the glory of

God I was in a restaurant one day and I

was talking to someone very nice upscale

restaurant said and literally The Cloud

of God’s glory rolled into the

restaurant came over my head my eyes

began to get heavy I couldn’t hardly

lift my arms it was the weighty thick

presence of the Lord like when the

priest could not stand to minister in

the temple because of the weighty glory

my speech began to slur my my words

weren’t making sense and I just was

under this heavy Glory I was able to

make it out to walk out of the

restaurant that night thank God but for

two months the Lord destroyed my dignity

he destroyed my pride he wrecked me for

Jesus forever PE people uh uh try and

give me the religious thing I tell you s

I’ve experienced so much of God now for

those that are watching there is a glory

that is available I lived in for two

months it launched our ministry it was

my induction to the glory of God for two

months every day I’d wake up and I’d

just say Jesus and his presence would

come so heavy I’d have Heavenly

encounters EV every day I was carried

out of restaurant after restaurant after

restaurant you you told me that your

dignity was destroyed kidding Dy totally

destroyed and and that let me let me ask


something you’d say I’d never like that

happen to me but how would you like this

to happen to you tell me about that

person with what you called a twig leg

Yeah I was ministering ing uh just

recently this is in the last few weeks

and I was doing a miracle meeting and I

had released an atmospheric healing wave

and we were about 45 minutes into

testimonies we we had had uh dozens and

dozens of Miracles what is an

atmospheric healing wave well you know

there’s there’s you can lay hands on

people they can be healed that way but

then there was a time when Jesus was

ministering where the scriptures said

the power of the Lord was present to

heal it was in the atmosphere and so I

simply decree make decrees release words

of knowledge and and ask the Holy Spirit

to be released corporately and people

healed in the crowd with no one touching

them and there was a man in the back uh

with his wife they come from England and

34 37 years ago in that real he was he

had had a surgery on his back and the

surgeons accidentally snipped the nerve

to his leg completely killed his leg now

34 years later uh all the muscle had

atrophied all the muscle had had just

disappeared it was a twig leg maybe 3 in

there was nothing Medical Science could

do but now that the leg had atrophied it

really was messed up cold to the touch

it would just dangle there it was a dead

leg and uh I I said to the people I said

the Miracles are in the room right now

the holy spirit is in the room right now

take it by faith the Kingdom of Heaven

is at at hand it’s right here and as I

said that I heard his wife scream in the

crowd and uh they they brought him

forward and the testimony was without

anyone touching him that uh muscle began

to explode in his leg brand new muscle

to where his leg grew almost to the size

of his of his good leg feeling came back

into his leg for the first time in 34

years uh he had no no feeling no

movement whatsoever in the leg for 34

years and he walked up to the front I

couldn’t tell Sid that there had been

anything wrong with him he was

completely made whole stomping on the

ground with that leg walking around

creative Miracle right in the atmosphere

are there creative miracles in the

atmosphere right now absolutely would

you pray for them absolutely I will for

those of you that are watching like I

said earlier you know if you have the

right receiver you can watch movies you

could listen to the radio the they’re

going through the airwaves all the time

in the same way right now the Kingdom of

Heaven is at hand it’s in the room your

Miracles the realm of the impossible

it’s in the room right now and Jesus

said to the woman he said did I not say

to you if you would only believe I would

show you the very glory of God right now

I want you to believe the Kingdom of

Heaven is right here I feel the glory of

God right here in this studio and I

believe that as I pray to go right

through that camera lens right into your

home as you’re watching in fact right

now holy spirit I ask you to come I know

you’re already here but I I just release

by faith right now the Holy Spirit

through that TV Camera through that lens

into your home I I release creative

Miracles right now just touch your

television as you’re watching let the

healing power of God come into your body

I decree creative Miracles coming right

now through that television bones

popping back in place those of you that

are scheduled I see people scheduled for

surgeries right now you’re on the books

and God’s going to use you a as a

testimony of Miracles you’re on the

books for surgery you might need new

cartilage in your knees you might need a

heart transplant new organs in your body

some of you you know you’re totally deaf

you’re blind Whatever It Is Creative

Miracles being released right now I

decree it in the name of Jesus bones

popping back in place new bones being

formed being mended cartilage coming

into your body brand new organs being

coming right now I see someone uh with

glaucoma or cataracts in the eyes right

now blindness coming off your eyes I

take authority over every Spirit of

infirmity every over every Spirit of

addiction and bondage that’s coming

against you I break the power of it

right now in Jesus name let the Holy

Spirit come upon you some of you are

going to feel fire you’re going to feel

heat you’re going to feel electricity

some of you may feel nothing but begin

to move your body Jesus is touching you

Ryan when you look at someone in a

wheelchair at a meeting do you sometimes

say oh God I hope they don’t come

forward for me to pray because I don’t

have the faith for them to to be whole

do you ever think that or what do you

think sure in in the natural I think I

think everybody does but you know um

what I believe about the nine gifts of

the Spirit is that the holy spirit is

the gift and if you’re in an intimate

relationship with the Holy Spirit at any

given moment he can give you one of

those gifts and there have been times in

meetings where if you’ll just step out

in faith God will add his faith to your

faith so you find you don’t have it

until you make that step forward you got

to step out you got to believe isn’t

that the same thing for the for you as

the person praying but for the person

receiving I have noticed that people

aren’t healed and they walk forward to

testify that maybe they they felt a

presence of God and as they’re walking

forward they’re healed why is that

uh because they’re tapping into the

reality of the supernatural that’s in

the room the the faith that’s coming and

and people that have listened to this SE

this series how to bring Heaven to Earth

it’s the same thing when people begin to

realize that there are miracles in the

room that the realm of the impossible

that jesus carried is still here when

they begin to realize that then they

open themselves up to the supernatural

power of God to move in but you know

what I think is so wonderful about this

series is there’s a

supernatural presence of God that causes

people people to hunger for God yeah and

isn’t that the bottom line the greatest

gift God can ever give listen you can

ask ask God for gifts of the Spirit for

power but the greatest gift I’ve ever

asked God for is I said God give me a

supernatural gift of hunger because if

I’m hungry enough for God and you can

only be so hungry so uh you can only

stir so much hungry hunger in yourself

but when God gives you a gift of hunger

there’s no end to what he can deliver to

your life well that’s what you should do

right now in other words you have not

because you ask not you haven’t asked or

if you haven’t asked the faith level is

so strong right right now Ryan very

quickly pray a prayer for people to have

hunger for God yeah I’m telling you

there’s nothing like Jesus Christ the

Father the Holy Spirit and he’s here

right now and I just ask father right

now that you would release a sovereign

gift of hunger right through that

television screen right now holy spirit

that you would come and tangibly touch

every person that’s watching let

Sovereign hunger come upon them I ask

God that you would wreck and ruin like

Isaiah 6 every person that’s watching

they would never be able to go back to

normal Christianity that they would be

Supernatural Believers in Jesus name and

and and by the way there’s a Hebrew word

that is the only way you can have the

door to enter the presence of God

so for Hunger the word is Yeshua in

English that’s Jesus he is the way the

only way the only life he is the only

way to God if you will tell God you’re

sorry for your sins and believe that the

blood of Jesus Paid the price for your

sins and washed them away then open

yourself and say Yeshua or Jesus come

inside right now I don’t want to ever be

alone I need you God I hunger for you