Felix calls transformational prayer the “Holy Grail of Living” but it shouldn’t take your whole life to learn how! He includes his devotional, Heaven’s Soul Cleanse (digital download), to help you make this change in your life!

i always enjoy talking to rabbi felix

halpert why because i don’t know too

many people that died from a medical


and went to heaven

and was was sent back

and now moves in gifting and

supernatural compassion like few people

i know but before we start i want to

welcome our most important guest

holy spirit roch kodesh

thank you

i don’t assume anything we can’t do

anything without your help and we

promise to you

to you i ask you to show up bigger

than you ever have on any of our

broadcasts let people write their

comments and i felt god

so rabbi felix

uh you died from a medical mistake you

went to heaven

my question to you is

what would you say is the biggest



what you saw in heaven and came back

with on earth

sid i would say two things uh

one is

a reality an extraordinary love for


in it with the depth

that i have never experienced before


every day every moment is a desire and a

burden to see the loss come to faith

um to

have a need to reach them

but not out of not out of a mission not

out of a responsibility it is a

responsibility it’s purely out of the

love of god the love of the father

the same love that sends yeshua to earth

um there’s an incomprehensible depth of



felix yes you’re getting there what i

heard you tell me earlier

discuss this yes the atmosphere of

heaven that love atmosphere describe

that to me

uh heaven is


by the love of god


when you’re there it exudes love

a heaven was created out of love

and love is like a continuous

rain that saturates

every inch every aspect every person the


comes under the reality of the love of


and i got a taste of what kind of love

prompted god to send his son

what prompted yeshua to weep uh

in the face of those dying those in need

those who are desperate for help

um it mobilizes on me when i came back

on a level that i’ve never experienced

love i see in you

yeah i knew you before so i can comment

i see a compassion

way i mean you always had compassion for

people if you’re a believer you have a

compassion for people but it says way

off the charts

uh that’s the that’s the biggest thing i

say and and anyone that would like to

hear this experience which is an amazing


we’ve put it up on the web for you if

you go to


forward slash


you can get that testoid now felix you

also prophesied before you went to

heaven but now you’re really off the

charts uh tell me

no i’m going to tell everyone viewing

right now

you were one of the few i i knew others

but you were one of the few prophets

that said and i remember you telling me

way before anyone knew what was going to

happen that president trump was going to

lose his second run for presidency and

you were

i hate to say this but i will you were

almost dogmatic you were so convinced of


so the thing that excites me even more

than that to be quite candid with you is

uh on july 13th and 14th of this year

you were taken in the spirit above



tell me what happened

well as you said it was july 13th 14th

and 15th uh thursday friday and saturday

and then my morning time with the lord i

knew there was something stirring in me

that seems to be the mode of operende

with the spirit in me that it proceeds

there’s a couple days that precedes a

time that i’m i’ll say i’m going up to


what i’m supposed to hear

and see what i’m supposed to see

um certainly this is new for me since

i’ve returned from heaven um has never

been that way and uh is navigating a a

new lane for me or a new path um and

with with the fear of the lord as well i

want to say

um but i was taken up in the spirit and

i’m sitting in my living room uh 3 a.m

in the morning and then eerie silence

came over the room

it it it overtook the earth quite

frankly because i was now seeing

from a higher vantage point

and i even saw in that moment something

stopped uh something was taking place in

heaven heaven was getting ready to

mobilize something in all heaven and

earth i saw standing still in fact

i saw time stopped and the sands of time

in an hourglass was frozen in ins in

time i i focus on one grain of sand

quite frankly that i saw frozen in times

to spend it in the air where it was


and i looked down and suddenly a lion


uh from the side

uh with us with a sword in its mouth

now if you recall in 57-82

the word was it was the lion’s roar it

was the year of the roar of the lion


part of that word was that in the spring

of 57 82 before they were

excuse me for those that were not aware

of that word um

this is the jewish new york ends every

rosh hashanah feast of trumpets it’s

like the end of september this year um

and the jewish years are numbered

different than our roman

greco calendar uh and the jewish year uh

that will be coming up is 5783

this september but last year you stated

this was the year of the lions roar go

ahead right and that roar was waking up

slumbering spirits uh to to be to review

it real quick it had to do with people

who have lost their mantles and those

mantles are being restored there will be

breakouts of god’s glory happening in

different locations and it’s here in new

jersey it’s happening in many different

places i believe we are in the uh

exponential increase of the latter part

of that 57-82

but this year is strangely perhaps

is the year of the lion with a sword

because it came out from the side it was

carrying a sword and i said something is

changing and i felt the lord say from

this point forth to the blowing of the

trumpet for the hebrew jewish year of


get ready for change i’m about to do

something new


as part of this vision

uh i saw veils being cut god said the

lion is going to slice open cut open

reveal remove the veils

in fact seven veils which ties into what

i’m going to say also and the lion will

the the veils will be cut

for to reveal what has been hidden

uh because it will be a year

of choices

uh a collision of forces

god is going to allow principalities to

be exposed

darkness to be exposed

and and sid three times it was repeated

in this vision that i was in

uh cutting open things for you to see my


uh for you to see my people what you

must see

and they will see the gods behind




political structures and commerce three

times this was repeated

and it was a year

for people to be perceptive


and to cons be concept of conceiving new


because it’s also a year of positioning

these seven veils were over seven


the seven mountains the spheres of

influence that encompassed society

encompassed the world

sphere of family

religion education media entertainment

business government these veils are

going to be sliced open

reveal the darkness

and it will be a time sid where the lord

i believe is saying families will have

to get their house in order

uh churches will need to get their house

in order

ministries will have to get their house

in order

governments will have to get their house

in order

and god is asking a question in this

year after people see the veils removed

and there’s more because it’s an

exciting year

a year of advancement


god asked is this what you want he’s

asking a question to speak is this what

you want

consider in this season the lord says

what you want


what i’m about to show you

so that you choose which one you want

you know for the lord said that remind

them this year is a year of reclaiming

sit position because many have stepped

away from position

their position in the kingdom

their position in their placement in

serving god

i saw senators in compromise right now

what about those in


is that that’s part of it that’s part of

it i’m going to get to that it’s part of


because this is a year

of having to make a decision in fact i

believe that the lord said that 57 84

will be a year of consequences some

might call it a year of judgment but i’m

going to say it’s a year of consequences

for the decisions that are made in 5783

decisions that are made this year

in 5783

will determine what takes place in 5784

and i saw seven disorders

and out of that

a year of consequences

i saw scales people weighing what they


what they should choose


but listen to this two sid which i

i got the word aberrations

that it will be a year of aberrations

uh in the sense that god is going to

bring things about in 57 83 that are

things not normal

unheard of

gravity defying things

i saw the lord put his hand

on the rivers

and made them go in the opposite


he made them swim upstream

which is scientifically possible but god

can do it

as god parted the red sea he caused two

walls of water to stand up and stand


god said to the wind

stand still

stars i saw even incidents where stars

fell fell out of orbit and collided with

one another aberrations things to

unheard of defying things we have never

heard of such a thing

things that defy mind and reason

and god said i will do these things not

in order this year

because my people have become

comfortable with disorder

they have been become comfortable

with the disorder

and so i will do these things that are

earth defying

and i understood this that there will be

great convulsions of nature

unprecedented excuse me unprecedented

weather conditions

unheard of wind storms dust storms

i say be ready

to hear reports from all over the world

of unprecedented

record-setting events

in this vision

with the rivers with the with the

mountains and the veils

i saw a wonderfully one glowing ember

a thriving branch i call it that it

looked like

taking root onto a mighty mighty vine

strung across the earth

that vine was yeshua

and it went deeper than it had ever


it represented the kingdom

rooted in places we have not thought

that the kingdom was

the rooted ember was solid immovable

the kingdom was strong and there are

many people that are going to be seen

who have not bowed their knee to the

gods of this world

then a remnant group in this vision


like new shoots

coming off the vine

in many places in the world

i understood this to mean sid

that the kingdom and the glory are going

to rise higher and higher again there

will be an exponential increase of god’s

glory that began in 57 and 82 the

kingdom is on the move

and a sea of god’s people will arise

but perhaps maybe even more exciting for

myself call to

my people to the jewish people

and yourself your heart for the jewish


i saw jewish salvations

i saw a valley of skeletons that were

began to show life

the skeletons began to have movement

they began to awaken

and god began

to awaken

the house of the lost sheep of israel

out of this valley and it’s very


that in the study of the hebrew

years the study of the new the numbers

there’s always an associated picture

with a numeric value

and often in the most basic study of the

hebrew year and the meaning we add them

up together

and so in this year we have a sum of 23

when we add up 5

plus 7 plus 8

plus 3

it equals 23.

in the aftermath of that sense of the

jewish people that i saw coming to faith

the 23rd thousandth verse

the 23rd



in the tanakh

is zechariah 8 23.

in those days 10 men

from the nations of

every tongue shall take the hold of the

robe of a jew saying let’s go with you

for we heard that we have heard that god

is with you

i don’t believe that’s coincidence

i believe we’re going to see

a mobilization on a level maybe we have

not seen of romans 11 11 where we’re the

heart of the nations and the bible says

the purpose of gentile salvation is to

provoke the jew to envy

and so i believe we’re going to see an

exponential increase in romans 11 11 in

the year of 57 83 i say get ready to

hear the reports

gentiles will take the cloak of a jewish

person and help them make allah yah

i see an increase in aliyah in this year

coming here

well according to even the prophet

you’re quoting from zachariah or there

will come a season which word must be

close to where all nations will turn

against the jew and it could be the

gentile christians greatest mantle

to preserve the jews

for their

encounter with the messiah but what

would i have a question for you what

would the world look like rabbi felix if

we had a million now get this concept a

million paul the apostles

what would this world look like how how

quick a job could it get could we


how many how many a million

a million billiograms

let me tell you something

the glory that you saw and i want you to

talk about that in a minute when they

move in the glory that you saw correct

that glory is going to be so much higher


a million billiograms would be equal to

billions of billiograms every promise of

god is going to come to pass you saw

this glory breaking out in very specific

countries can you tell me about that

yeah let me give you the the

the context of it because on the last


and i shared this with you i remember us

talking about i saw dams breaking open

and i was concerned is this an ominous

sign of some catastrophe that’s coming

but again here’s a number associated

with this vision there was 25 and i

didn’t know what that fully meant at the


and so i sought the lord wondering if

these points you know were catastrophic

occurrences that were about to happen at

different parts in the world or

different parts in the united states

but the lord showed me that these are

spiritual dams

in 25 regions worldwide

that are going to release revival water

soaking up the ground wherever it goes

25 i believe we’re going to hear 25


of what god is doing around the world

and my places he’s choosing

are places that he’s going to bring

forth springs of living water i even saw

artesian wells

breaking open artesian wells deep

springs within the aquifer spiritually

that were places where revival once was


and god is going to restore and bring

water there

but the lord spoke nations

the soviet union

get ready

there’s a power coming to you that

you’ve never heard of that you have

never witnessed a power greater than a

military greater than the armament the

soviet union i see is breaking forth and

a revival at some place there

i saw the czech republic

i saw south africa the spirit like a

gazelle jumping from place to place

doing spring springs of water springing


i saw the united states

i saw kansas as a place where god was

going to do something

on the plains of kansas god is going to

bring forth fields of harvest

something’s going to happen spiritually

san francisco

a city of hills

well you know what flows down from the


that’s where the strength is i believe

god’s going to do something there with

the lgbtq with the gay community

something is going to impact that

community and the power of god and see

them come to faith

i saw the lord touch missouri

get ready

i saw the lord touch native tribes

god’s been stirring the native tribes

for years and years and years and

there’s already evidence of it and god’s

going to now release something in a

greater way as it will be in canada

and believe it or not the arab emirates

i saw

they think they have great wealth which

they do they have all the gold in the

world but what god is sending to them

they cannot purchase they can’t buy it

for all the oil in their land in the

ground what’s god is doing

and so god is

releasing his presence in unheard of

unexpected places even in the mountains

of tibet

i’m expecting god to do something

in the mountains of tibet

and then i heard clearly

tallahassee get ready

tallahassee get ready for something to

happen nevada you’re already hot

but i’m gonna make you hot with the

right heat

and alaska

the furthest removed state in the union

i’ve not forgotten you but i have

preserved you for such a time as this

and island nations will be touched i

believe all these places are going to be

touched by the lord

in some measure we are going to hear

breakouts of what god is doing and we’re

going to hear it and everyone who hears

it every one of god’s people that hears

of what god is doing will have a choice

what how you respond

to awaken the spirit a slumbering spirit

for those who have fallen away to return

for those who have

been weary by just life overall who have

lost a sense of adventure

god says come back to me and go on an

adventure with me in this year

and so i believe that all of what

happens in 57 83

all of the things that are shaken


changing things that are occurring it is

to cause us

his people

to decide what they want

and so be ready for unheard of things in

every sphere of life i believe

now you know to me felix that

god showed you he was gonna deal



with hidden sin


and if



to not deal with hidden sin

what’s the consequence in 5784

the next year

they will go deeper and further away

from god

they will fall further and further away

from the life in him that they once gave

their life to

that what happens when someone falls

away and that does not

uh yield to the the

the conviction of the spirit and they

continue to go deeper and deeper into it


their life will begin to deteriorate


i’m not i’m not uh saying someone’s

spirit their their eternal destiny i’m

not talking about that but what they do

this year

is an awakening that if they do not

respond it will be consequential for


and it will be consequential to 57 85

and so on and so forth and then they

where they go is it fair to say felix

that this coming year

5783 which starts

at rosh hashanah feast of trump it’s the

end this september this year uh it is

going to be

a year

of grace of god

to have the power

to get free of your hidden sins that are

not hidden from god but they’re hidden

from everyone you know

well you know five is from

five is wonderfully the hebrew letter


which means revelation but five is the

biblical number for grace

and but fi but hey the fifth letter of

the number five in the letter hey is

also means a window

uh a revelation into something a window

is opening up for god’s people god’s

removing the blinds he’s giving them

grace they’re in a season of grace where

they have the opportunity

uh to make things right

and to get what we say in hebrew


to return to wisdom in their life and to

bring their life back into right

standing with the righteousness of god

and everyone we speak to that

could be described in as what we’re

saying in this place already know

they already know they’re feeling the

conviction of the spirit as we’re


now this is actually calling out what

has been hidden as we’re speaking

we don’t know the details we don’t need

to know but the fact that this is being

uh proclaimed openly the way it is it is

already a witness of the inner witness

that they have had

to get their life in order

because god let me go one step further

than where you’re at

from what you have told me that god has

revealed to you from the actual numbers

of the jewish year each number

represents words represents letters in

the hebrew language unlike uh

english uh you know there’s a separate

uh alphabet and a separate numeric

system in hebrew it’s all one that’s

where you’re getting all of this from

but here’s what i’m hearing i’m hearing

that starting now really

is the season of god’s goodness

to have the grace which is god’s

enabling power not to get away with sin

but it’s god’s enabling power to

overcome sin and the longer you wait

when you come under conviction the more

difficult it’ll get because the next

year on the hebrew calendar 5784

is the year of


for the decision you made in 5783

and this i know is a fact rabbi felix it

will never be easier for someone to get

free of their hidden sin than right at


minute it’ll be easier now than not now

we’re from now i’m going to say prayer

and i want everyone viewing us to repeat


prayer out loud because there’s

something about the spoken word god

created everything we see with our eyes

from his spoken word you are now going

to create something wonderful inside of

you so that you are in shape for the

greatest move of god’s spirit in history

the greatest harvest of souls in history

beyond your wildest imagination every

gift of the holy spirit is going to be

activated at its fullest in your life

it’s this we have seen the devil’s best

move and i say ha ha ha because now it’s

god’s time for his best move amen i want

you to repeat out loud this prayer mean

it to your ability this prayer will help

you repent

and know that you are a child of god

know that you are in shape for the

greatest move of god’s spirit in history

because if you don’t take this this you

don’t have to do it at this moment but

it will nev this i do know it will never

be easier and next year

from what felix says you know from the

the hebrew letters

is the consequence for the decision that

you’re making right now repeat this

prayer out loud with me

dear god

i’m so sorry for the mistakes i’ve made

you know them

and i know them

and i believe

the blood of messiah

washes them so far away

that your word says

you will remember them no more

you o god will remember they’ll wipe

them out of your book of life

oh god you’re so good

you’re better than good

i ask you oh god

forgive me for every sin that i know and

you know that i’ve done in the past

and give me the power the grace

the supernatural power to overcome those


and lord now that they’re under the


the blood of our messiah jesus

the blood that a messianic jew by the

name of peter said was precious

it was precious

i asked jesus to come and live inside of


i ask you jesus to be my lord

i make you lord of every area of my life

thank you for forgiving all my sins

thank you for living inside of me

thank you for becoming real to me

in jesus name in yeshua’s day i seal

these prayers rabbi felix you have one

prayer that you wanted to pray


father lord of heaven and king over all

father we release this word father as

you have directed

as you are now pushing out

and you lord are pressing in

and that the rains will fall farther

from heaven and as your word says we not

return not

uh to give sea to the sower and bread to

the eater

so shall your word go forth that it

shall prosper and accomplish that which

you intended to do o lord

in this coming season father your people

face two gates

and two doors

and two decisions

of which way they shall go

i pray father that let their eyes be

opened to the disorder that rolls across

the land and let them be so let it be so

distasteful and disdainful that they

don’t want it anymore that they vomit it

out of their mouth and they turn from

their wicked ways and from their apathy

and from their lukewarmness and they

have right perception of the kingdom

we invoke your name father over this

year as the year of the cutting away

as the year of exposing what has been


and father for those who are listening

lord we rest in your hands

of your guidance and your grace

we receive your hand to rest upon the

hearts of your people lord

i pray lord for those who are lost

for those that sid has just prayed for

for those who are listening

for those already that in their spirit

they’re inclined to give their life to

you lord but they have hesitated and to

the many jewish people who have received

the word of truth who have many have

witnessed him in their lives but today

is the day of your salvation today is

the moment of your choice

that only in you lord that they would

find life

find it abundant

to find the life of fullness lord that

you promised

of joy and purpose and destiny

so father we claim every life

that comes alive in the valley of


we claim every life that comes alive in

the valley of dry bones that begins to


and to become active in the god of

avraham yotak and yaakov we speak life

for it is for such a time as this lord

but at such a time as this

so i say lord awaken lifeless bones

return cold hearts

to the burning fire of his ruach

the spirit of god


the coldness

where some have grown cold in their walk

with you lord

and they must have that fire again

lord you have declared five seven eight


as a year of consequences

but five eight seven five seven eight


a year of grace

a year of invitation a year of wooing a

year of drawing a year of mercy a year

of compassion a year of goodness and

kindness no matter what happens on the

earth lord you hair hand is extended to


awaken them

and we claim them father for the kingdom

of god

in yeshua’s name

get ready

for the greatest harvest

the greatest outpouring of god’s spirit

it’s called the glorious glory the

glorious glory and i tell you

that those who want that are watching

this and do something about it start

reading your bible every day start

thanking god every day start to start

thinking about god all the time

i say that you are front and center

stage amen because you are living a

rapid repentance life

to receive

the greatest outpouring of god’s spirit

it’s i’ll leave you with this thought

all hands on deck