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outrageous I mean I know I’ve said it

before but I really mean

outrageous can you imagine someone

without an eardrum someone without an


getting their hearing back

medically impossible but in the realm

where my oxygen is the glory of God all

things are possible my guest Matt sawger

Matt I’m going to go back your young

child and amazing Miracle happens to

your mom tell me about that I’ll see

when I was 12 years old my mom became

really really sick and she kept getting

worse for about two years she would go

to the doctors she tried everything you

could think of to try to get healed she

was up to 24 bottles of medicine a day

and by the end she was still bedridden

the doctors couldn’t figure out how to

help her and and I remember the first

miracle that I’ve ever seen in my life

was that of my own mom and uh how old

were you I was 14 at the time okay and

you know my mom had come to the end of

herself she had tried everything else

and then finally one night my

grandmother invites her to a Catholic

Charismatic healing mass why is it we

try everything else before we go to God

I don’t know what is it what we humans

are my sugar that’s a Hebrew word it

means crazy yeah yeah yeah it’s true

sometimes you know sometimes we uh we

see God we should be first he should be

first definitely so what happened to

your mom well my grandmother brought her

to a Catholic Charismatic healing mess

where the priests were filled with the

Holy Spirit my mom had no idea what to

expect she figured she’d go and just get

some prayer she was going to God and as

she came into the church that night she

walked into the back of the sanctuary

and she just crumbled on the floor she

was just crying broken I mean at the

bottom and she tells me the story how

she looked up in that in that church and

she looked up and she saw the cross and

she prayed a really simple prayer in her

heart and she said Jesus tonight I’m

coming to you you see because up to this

point Sid she had been looking for other

ways for healing she had been looking

for the for practical medicine but also

in New Age Realms of

um you know crystals and also anything

she could find that could possibly bring

healing listen she tried it all when

someone’s desperate they try everything

but again why God lasts why not God

first okay and then when she looked up

and she saw Jesus there she she said

Jesus I’m coming back to you everything

else that I’ve tried to put my faith in

or that I’ve tried to see if it was real

I put it all aside and I come back to

only Jesus and when she came forward God

was bringing her on this path really

said God was bringing her on this path

to show her the truth number one that

Jesus was the Healer and that he was the

only way to get to God because she was

trying all these other ways she loved

people she never liked the idea of

anyone not being with God for eternity

in heaven so you know she was very uh

humanistic in her thinking and she you

know if you love God you’re a good

person you’ll get to heaven that’s all

fine and she had a really hard time with

the concept that Jesus was the only way

until she finally came to the bottom and

when that night when she stood there and

the priest went to pray for her before

he could even get his hand on her she

felt this overshadowing this presence

this power this Force come over her body

and literally it it was so strong the

force of it was so strong it knocked her

body back 10 feet through the air ten

feet through the air she went flying

catch her no one caught her no one

caught her they didn’t have they didn’t

have anyone catching or watching she was

just standing there the power hits her

she goes flying 10 feet backwards lands

on the floor with vaults of electricity

going through her body she thought she

died and went to heaven she had no idea

what was happening to her she had never

heard about this never had seen this it

wasn’t happening to anyone else in the

meeting it was a very quiet service but

this force was going through her body

this electricity this current and and as

his power was going through her it was

literally driving out every sickness

that was in her body and when she got

off the floor that night she was totally

completely healed by God and I remember

when she walked home she came home she

walked through the front door and I

looked at her as soon as I saw her I

knew something was very very different

she was bright she was smiling she was

happy she hadn’t smiled in two years she

had this oh this this Shadow or this

Darkness over her but it was gone and

she was bright she was smiling happy

totally healthy totally healed what

happened to all of her medicine she

threw them all out

see through she had a big racket 24

bottles of different medicines and

things she was taking and that week

every pain every symptom I mean she was

radically instantly healed by God you

told me that she was thrust back with

such a force that she literally had

whiplash she had she got whiplash and I

know some people say holy spirit’s a

gentleman you know he’ll be gentle and

nice but the power sometimes the power

is very strong and and the next day she

was in her room praying right and now

you have to understand she doesn’t know

the Bible yet she doesn’t know the Bible

she doesn’t really know what’s happening

she’s all she knows is that she had an

encounter with God and an encounter with

this person called Jesus the son of God

and she had received healing in her body

she got soul thrown back she got

whiplashed in her neck and she was

saying God I’m really glad you healed me

but you hurt my neck when I when I fell

backwards instantly the pain was gone

instantly her neck was healed and she

was fine what effect did it have on you

and the rest of your family the second

that I saw her healed I instantly knew

knowing how to tell me I instantly knew

as a 14 year old kid I instantly knew

number one that I had sin in my heart

that I needed to repent of I just had

this awareness all of a sudden an

awareness came in my heart that I needed

forgiveness I never had that awareness


and I felt it and then I knew that Jesus

was real I knew God was a reality he

wasn’t just some Force floating up in

the universe somewhere he was real he

was personal and he was in our lives and

uh and that week my whole family got

saved or we opened our hearts to Jesus

and we received Jesus the Messiah into

our hearts and into our lives but you

know what’s so exciting Matt Starts Now

contending from the miraculous and he

hid it miracles happen wherever he goes

don’t go away we’ll be right back after

this word


we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Matt so I go to

Matt is a 14 year old boy saw a great

miracle his mother had an incurable

illness medicine doctors could not cure

her and so she Last Resort she tried God

had a major miracle and Matt saw this

his whole life was transformed he

committed his life to God but you did

something very unusual you would go into

your room every night and listen to

worship music why did you do that you

know I think when when Jesus made

himself real to me something happened in

my heart where I became very hungry for

God very quickly and did anyone tell you

to go in your room and listen to did you

have a lot of CDs no I had maybe one or

two to start with I had you know my

little worship tape that I had gotten

and I’d had some of the songs that they

would play in church and I just remember

as a young person Holy Spirit drawing me

and feeling this Supernatural pull to

just get along with God so I’d go in my

bedroom I’d shut the door I’d put the

worship music on and I’d start to sing

the worship songs and I’d pray and I’d

feel nothing I’d be like God where are

you you know so you stopped this

probably after a week no no no I pressed

in even more I said God I mean this

isn’t a natural thing Matt I was you

know what it was it was Supernatural

hunger because I would experience God in

a church meeting but then when I was

alone I wouldn’t feel them but I wanted

to I wanted to I wanted to be as close

as I could be so I would just every day

I would sing I would I would worship and

I remember I did this every day for

about four months this was when I was a

teenager every day for about four months

for hours I’d go in my room worship

worship worship worship worship and then

one day and I remember it like a picture

of my mind I’m standing there with my

hands lifted up and it was like heaven

opened up over me I was singing a song I

had sung a million times before Heaven

opened up over me the glory of God came

into my room the Manifest tangible

presence of God in the air around me I

could physically feel him came over my

body filled the whole room around me and

and it was like something in the spirit

realm broke open and from that moment

forward I would say I I entered into a

relationship an intimacy with the

reality of the person of the Holy Spirit

now you told me that all you have to do

is say the name Jesus and you’re

immediately in his presence yeah and

that’s what that’s what began to happen

I became so open in the spirit that I

would close my eyes and I would whisper

the name of Jesus and as soon as my

focus would go on him I would feel the

presence of the Holy Spirit come down

over me and around me now you also told

me you saw the miracle of your mother

you started praying for people and you

didn’t see many results at first I

didn’t see anything and that frustrated

me we’d be I’d be praying for somebody

no healing no change and I was saying

Lord God there’s got to be the same

power that healed my mom when we first

got saved it’s real so we should be

seeing it every day now still and and I

remember part of this process of

pressing in after God was having a

desire to be so close to him and then

out of it suddenly things started to

change I remember I would pray for

people and nothing would happen but then

all of a sudden it was like the glory or

the spirit of God the glory was just

overflowing in my life to the point

where now would start to touch other

people outside of me so I guess it

increased to the point where you know it

overflowed and then when I would pray

for somebody Miracles started happening

and people started getting set free and

and and and and I remember the first

time somebody fell on the floor and

people watching they’d be like well why

do people fall over you know what are

you pushing them over let me tell I was

a teenage kid I would gently put my hand

on somebody and when that anointing

started to flow and somebody fell on the

floor it shocked me just as much as it

surprised them and I remember thinking

wow what what is that because it was new

for me to see that kind of medicine some

of the Miracles that are occurring under

mats just praying for people it’s

phenomenal tell me about that person

without an ear and without an eardrum

you realize they can’t any doctor would

tell you no eardrum no ear they’re not

going to hear that’s what happened well

over the last five years I’d say we’ve

been seeing these miracles happen

probably thousands of them now and there

was in one service God said he was going

to open up deaf ears so we just started

to pray on mass Lord open up the deaf

ears and the spirit of God started

moving around this place it was maybe a

thousand people there Holy Spirit

started moving around and they brought

my team brought this young 12 year old

girl up on the platform cute little girl

long brown hair as they pulled her hair

back I could see she had no ears on the

side of her head just two little holes

and they said to me Matt this young girl

born with no ears no eardrums she’s Deaf

from childbirth she cannot hear and then

suddenly the power of God came on her

stop for one second to do did you kind

of say hey they oh my God what did you

inside well when you look at it in the

natural you know it’s impossible but but

at that moment I was in the spirit I was

not seeing with my natural eyes I was

looking with the eyes of the spirit of

God and when you look with the eyes of

the spirit of God the impossible becomes

possible all the limitations are broken

off and there was a gift of faith

operating in me at that moment so I

looked at this young girl and the power

of God came on her and instantly she

started hearing a popping on the inside

of her head in both of her ears and her

I the Lord reached into her head and

read created eardrums on the inside of

her head popped her hearing open and she

heard for the first time in her life

listen you’re going to catch a miracle

in this next segment because I’m going

to turn Matt loose and Matt is going to

turn the Holy Spirit loose and guess


you are going to

your goose is going to be cooked

literally if you don’t make Jesus your

Lord because there is no other way there

is no you want you want the real thing

then you must reach out to Jesus you

know I’m talking to you don’t go away

we’ll be right back to it’s Supernatural

we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Matt sawiger

and Matt you’ve got to tell me about the

time you bumped into two angels well Sid

this was right before we started

traveling in our prophetic Healing

Ministry the Lord had commissioned two

angels to our light to my life and

Ministry to help me do what God had

called me to do I was a pastor at the

time it was on a Monday morning and we

were counting the Sunday morning

offering right in the middle of it God

speaks me says get up and start to dance

right now what has that got to do with

counting the offering it has nothing to

do with gotta be over it it has nothing

and my natural mindset but this doesn’t

make sense but it came from down in here

where the Holy Spirit lives and it was

rising up and God said you have to do

this so I pushed the money aside stood

up in the middle room started dancing

around just in worship to God and and as

I did we had there were two secretaries

also sitting in the room now originally

when they saw me do this they started

laughing until the glory Cloud came into

the room

because you could you feel it could you

see it it was a a tangible such a strong

tangible substance of the presence of

God I didn’t physically see it but you

could physically feel it all around came

into the room came over me when it came

over on top of me my body hit the floor

I was thrown to the ground physically my

spirit was caught up in divisions this

visitation lasted the whole day

eventually I was able to sit up on the

floor by this time that Glory had

covered the whole room and as it came

over the two secretaries literally threw

them out of their chairs onto the floor

so it wasn’t just you it was not just me

the whole room came under the influence

of this glory and it was the glory of

God and and as I was sitting there on

the floor and there the ladies are

laying on the floor as well I start to

feel these waves of God’s glory going

over my head and suddenly my spiritual

vision is opened and God allows me to

see into the invisible realm and I sense

behind me an angel standing right behind

me and I would sense its wings and fold

around me and every time it would a wave

of Glory would go over my head crash on

the two ladies and their bodies would

physically bounce off of the floor as

the glory of God would hit them and as

I’m feeling these waves suddenly I

become aware of a second Angel standing

over to my right side an Angelic

presence there are two angels now in the

room one behind me and one over to my

right and the voice of God speaks so

clearly to me and he says Matt the angel

standing behind you is an angel of

Revival and the angel standing to your

right is an angel of Miracles and I’ve

commissioned them today into your life

and Ministry they will travel with you

they will go with you wherever you go to

help you do what I’ve called you to do

and that was just a few months before we

started really praying for the sick and

seeing outbreaks of the Holy Spirit

happen tell me about that person with Ms

oh this was phenomenal this lady had

come to one of our services she had such

a severe case of Ms she was hospitalized

almost completely Paralyzed by it she

came into the service that night and she

said to her children tonight is my night

for a miracle and as she was in the

worship time before any person was even

involved in this she was lifting up her

handsome you know something Matt the

atmosphere is changing you feel that

studio it is have your angels shown up I

think so yeah but she lifted up her

hands see because people are getting

Faith to receive healing as as as she

was in worship had nothing to do with me

God was already performing The Miracle

she was feeling a tingling on the back

of her head then God speaks to me Matt

I’m going to heal women with chronic

fatigue Ms in their bodies I call it out

the lady comes forward God says to me

bring her on the platform because that’s

where I am as she stood on the platform

the glory of God overshadowed her body

without anybody touching her it was not

man it was God doing this Holy Spirit

touched her her body fell backwards

under the power of God

and as she’s laying on the floor the

back of her head goes on fire she feels

this Burning heat and she actually feels

a hand reach into the back of her head

and she can feel the inside of her head

her brain moving around on the inside

when she gets off the floor every trace

of Ms is completely gone out of her body

totally healed heaviness gone pain gone

every symptom gone and I saw is this

unusual for someone to feel surgery

going on inside of them I think this

this was an extreme this was an extreme

healing that God an extreme miracle that

God was doing because this woman was had

a severe severe case of Ms and and it

was very Supernatural I saw her two

years later still totally healed better

than before new haircut new clothes new

job she said to me Matt when God healed

me he not only healed me physically he

he gave me a new job gave my life a

complete makeover tell me about that

woman with the mitral valve problem the

mitral valve we had prayed for another

lady it was in one of our conferences in

New York where we host our Glory signs

and wonders it was in that conference

that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and

said there was a woman with a heart

condition with the beating and there was

some specific things that God had given

me about a heart condition I called it

out this this woman comes forward to

receive she’s standing at the altar the

power of God hits her and then later she

testifies of a total healing that

happened in her heart the two angels

that accompanied that

tell me if I’m wrong but I believe

they’re here right now they’re here I

feel I feel the glory and presence of


pray right if you if you need healing in

your body the power of God is here to

heal you right now actually get up off

of your seat place your hand on the

television screen this anointing is

tangible and transferable and there’s

actually Angelic assignments being

released through the airwaves right now

I can see even angels of the Lord and

the power of the Holy Spirit coming into

your living room someone’s watching from

your kitchen right now you have a

television in your kitchen the power of

God is coming into your kitchen right

now and you are being completely

overwhelmed by the spirit of God I take

authority in Jesus name over that

sickness in your body there’s somebody

right now you’re being healed of a tumor

in your spine in your lower back area

there’s a tumor that’s been there in the

in the back area it’s dissolving out of

your back right now in Jesus name I take

authority over the airwaves of every

sickness infirmity and impression from

the enemy in Jesus name I lose healing

into your body I command sickness to go

pain to go in the name of Jesus father

let that Glory father I pray for a

transferable glory to touch every person

watching right now and that they would

not only be healed but they would know

who Jesus Christ is in their lives

personally as their healer and Savior

and Lord in Jesus name father God I

thank you for it right now in the name

of Jesus every bit of sickness and pain

and disease it leaves your body back

conditions heart conditions Ms multiple

sclerosis chronic fatigue women with

with chronic fatigue and Ms in your

body’s fibromyalgia we rebuke that out

of your body in Jesus name I command the

fibromyalgia to leave I command bad

conditions to be healed in the name of

Jesus I just say receive your Miracle

even if I don’t call it out God’s power

is here to heal something just happened

someone’s ears just popped you now can

hear and someone’s back has just been

healed and in your nose you had

difficulty breathing allergies you’re

clear in Jesus name make Jesus your lord

tell them you’re sorry for your sins ask

them to live inside of you being a

mensch be real make Jesus your lord